Vigil (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

A big fella.
He's got a massive ginger beard.
He's down in the pub all the time! No.
How do you not know this guy? Anyway, see if you see him, ask him to show you the tattoo.
Yeah, I'm not going to do that, so you may as well just tell me.
Right, he wants a tattoo of his girlfriend on his arm.
So, he takes a photo of the two of them from his mum's place down to the tattoo parlour.
Now, halfway through the job, he looks down, and it's his mum that's getting tattooed on his arm.
Shut up! No, I swear, mate! Right, troops, I'm sick of stacking these fish.
One of yous come and take over.
Louis, you're up, man.
Nice, little shoal under us.
Where's Miller hiding, man? He's always skiving.
- Aye, he'll be sitting on his - phone, the skiver.
What was that?! I don't know.
Check the side.
We're fast! The wire's tight.
Boss, we're stuck! I said we're fast.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! It won't stop! Captain, you've got to do something.
Get the bolt-cutters! Went over the side, check the red box.
There's cutters in there.
Where is it? It's jammed, Captain! Cut the wire! We're caught on something! Cut the wire before it pulls us down! Captain, we're stuck! Water's coming in.
It's dragging us! Sir, incoming message from CTF.
Are we close up on the broadcast? Yes, sir.
Is there no intel signal? No, nothing, sir.
Carry on.
Pump two tonnes from M's and O's to C.
We're being dragged under! Guys, hold on, hold on! Cut the wire! We can't! The cutters are gone.
Miller, get up here! Captain! Get the raft off! I can't hold on.
Give us your hand! I can't hold on! Sir, I think I've got something.
Permission to put the sound on loud-speaker? Go ahead.
What is that? I think it's a trawler, sir.
We were tracking one.
Yes, but what's happening to it? Where's Miller? Get the jackets out! Did it collide with something? There's nothing else for miles.
Those are depth implosions.
It's gone down really fast.
Should we go up, sir? How close was it to us? Close.
I'd say less than a mile.
What kind of size trawler? Mid-size.
Maybe six crew.
Is it us? No, sir.
And you can't tell me what happened? It was very sudden.
There's a lot of impact noise.
It's going to take time to analyse We don't have time.
Could it have been another submarine? If it was, we didn't hear it.
Silent routine.
Revolutions two zero.
Officer of the watch, I have the submarine.
Ship control, port ten.
Aye, sir, port ten.
Sir, they won't have had time to radio.
It happened too fast.
Face front.
Do your job.
We have to go up and help.
Cronin, go and get the coxswain.
Shake Kierly.
Aye, sir.
Well, what about the Antares? A whole crew left to drown.
You are unable to tell me what happened.
Without that information, I have to prioritise caution.
Sit down.
We know there'll be men in the water up there.
Hey! Hey! Do your fucking job! You wanted to see me, sir? Yeah, Coxswain.
Get him out of here.
Get Kierly on watch.
She's on her way, sir.
You're going to let them die? Chief Petty Officer Burke, obey your orders! And you'll talk to their wives and kids? Get Burke out of here.
Come on, out you go.
Out you go.
Get him out of here.
Bye, shipwreck.
Kierly, get on this.
Find out what happened, please.
Yes, sir.
What are we doing here? Back to your bunk and cool off.
Chief Petty Officer Kierly, please report to the captain's quarters.
Chief Petty Officer Kierly, please report to the captain's quarters.
What have you got on the sinking? This is the beginning of the event.
That's the trawler's engine signature - low and steady.
And here, it looks like an impact caused by a major hull breach.
But it could also have been an explosion.
I've only had an hour, sir.
This is going to take Sir.
I want you and Burke working on this until you have a definitive answer.
Shall I shake Burke, sir? Please.
Get the doctor! I think he's gone into cardiac arrest.
Casualty, casualty, casualty! MC level three, port side.
16 mess.
Casualty, casualty.
Where is she? Christ.
What happened? I don't know.
I just found him like that.
Come on, mate! Come on, Craig! What's going on? We found him in cardiac arrest.
How long has he been like this? Is his chest expanding? I think he's gone.
Is his airway free? I'll look, do you want to swap? Keep going.
Keep going.
Do you want to swap? Let me at it.
One and two and three and four.
Come on, man.
Come on! Defib! How long shall we keep going? That's it, that's it.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Prepare to return to periscope depth.
Aye, sir.
Prepare to return to periscope depth.
Watch Stand Two, prepare to return to periscope depth.
Cronin, prepare to transmit a message.
Aye, sir.
Amy Silva.
Amy, you need to come in right away.
Have I got time for a shower? Evening.
Sir, who else is coming in? Just you.
Rear Admiral Shaw, this is DCI Amy Silva.
She's my best detective.
I would even say that to her face.
Well, we'll get straight into it, if you don't mind.
I have charge of Britain's four Vanguard-class submarines.
These are the ones with the nuclear deterrent.
HMS Vigil is one of those boats.
Earlier today, one of her crew died of a drugs overdose.
What kind of overdose? They think he snorted heroin.
Snorted it? So is that misadventure or a deliberate overdose? All we know is that he was found dead in his bunk.
Unfortunately, this happened within British territorial waters, so we've had to bring it to you.
Yes, it's been the MOD versus Holyrood all evening.
But the upshot is, the usual rules apply.
We're to look into it.
When's the submarine due back? She's not coming back.
At any given moment, one of these boats is out on active patrol, ready to fire within 15 minutes.
It's been that way for over 50 years.
We're not going to abandon it over one man's mistake and some bureaucratic bullshit.
So, we're to send a detective out to join HMS Vigil.
Me? You'll be on board for three days, finish your paperwork, then they'll let you off on a raft.
A raft? Yes, it's perfectly safe.
Unless you get hit by a tanker.
What's the dead man's name? Chief Petty Officer Craig Burke.
These are his service records and his health records.
Thank you.
I'm Lieutenant Commander Erin Branning.
I'll be the police's point of contact.
And if I need to interview anyone under caution, will I fly a solicitor out to be with them or? Yes, it's a flawed plan, I agree.
Ordinarily, if a crewman died on board, we'd stow him away and get on with it.
But we have our orders.
The crew will, of course, be told to co-operate.
So, take a look around, see what his mates knew.
See if there was any bullying going on Zero tolerance of bullying in the Navy.
You had problems with drugs on these submarines before? We've never had an overdose before.
That's not quite what I asked.
There is no drugs problem on Vigil.
We fly this body out at the same time.
Get an autopsy done.
We could look into that.
And if I need to speak to Superintendent Robertson Can't call home.
You can receive messages, but the boat won't signal unless it's an emergency.
It gives away its position.
Your luggage will need to fit into this.
It's Silva.
Short notice.
No problem.
I'm not going there to assess the Navy's competence.
How are you with confined spaces? Amy will get the job done, don't you worry about that, Lieutenant Commander Branning.
I don't think they'll be rolling out the red carpet.
I mean, that's why it had to be you.
You'll be OK? It's three days.
Yeah, it's fine.
Burke passed a mandatory drugs test in July.
It just .
doesn't fit the profile of a user.
I'm going to need a junior to speak to Burke's colleagues and friends.
Someone who can radio me leads.
Aye, that makes sense.
So, I was thinking Kirsten Longacre.
Isn't she doing missing persons? Yeah, but If I can't send messages back, I'm going to need someone who knows me, and I've got a good shorthand with Kirsten.
Live from Westminster, we hear from both sides on the upcoming Trident Missile renewal debate, and the families from the fishing village Kellan are asking the coastguard to broaden the search for a trawler So, did you volunteer for this? The boat went missing off the coast of Barra Head.
Could you have said no? Well, that didn't come up, so It's three days.
I can do that.
I used to come out here a lot.
Iain's parents live a few miles down the road.
What else do you need from me? Look, anything you can get on Burke.
Any drugs connections.
I've emailed you a police report.
Burke had a fight in a pub near the base.
There were no charges, but could be worth looking into.
And, remember, any messages that you send me are going to be read by a dozen people so So, what? Nothing erotic, then? Do you mind staying at my flat while I'm gone? Your flat, why? Just for the cat.
You know what she's like when I'm away.
What the hell is that? Is that a body? Shit.
Call it in.
I'm a police officer.
I need an ambulance.
Erm, we're on the road not far from the Dunloch naval base.
Each Trident missile costs $66 million and It's fine! Sorry.
False alarm.
Get up now! Westminster's about to spend hundreds of millions more upgrading them If someone swerves to avoid you, they could end up dead.
Leave her alone! You talk about killing people - do you not see the irony there? Amy? We're going to be late.
Dunloch is in charge of the end of the world, and they're lying to us.
So speak to your MP.
It's all falling apart, nobody's doing anything.
You getting run over helps nobody.
Well, it helps me sleep at night! What about you? Names, please? DC Kirsten Longacre.
DCI Silva.
Hello, again.
Welcome to Dunloch.
If you want to follow me, please.
We need to get you briefed and into your helicopter survival suit.
If you're taking your phone on board, you need to remove the SIM card.
Already done it.
Follow me, please.
Look, if you need to tell me anything and you don't want to flag it to the Navy, then maybe just reference things we've done together.
Like what? I don't know.
Places we've been.
People we know.
DCI Silva, this is Chief Petty Officer Matthew Doward.
He'll be flying out with you, to replace Craig Burke.
If you wait here, I'll just check they're ready.
Thank you.
It's not going to be for long.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
You can't say that now.
They're ready for you.
Wait here.
Let's go! Fuel feed confidence check.
Cross-feed confirmed.
Hatches and doors, and we're clear for take-off checks.
Front door is good, all brakes are off.
We're clear on final.
Have you served on Vigil before? No.
But I've trained with a few of them.
My usual boat is Virtue.
Much less trouble.
How's that? No offence, but I'm not really supposed to be talking to you.
Why not? Amy, are you ready to rock, sweetheart? I think it's going to rain.
Have you got your thermals? Poppy! I can't find my hat! Right, you about ready? Do you know what I've done with? Flask there.
OK, let's go.
I've done snacks.
No, no, no, no.
Got games.
You just need your hat, which I've found under my coat.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go! Roger, this is Nine November Sierra.
We are at RV point seven-five degrees, two-two decimal two-six north.
One-one degrees, zero-one decimal five-seven west.
Relative red two-zero at ten knots.
We've arrived.
Coming up on RV transfer location.
So, how long do we wait? RV location two-seven clicks north.
We can stay until fuel's a problem.
Roger, we have visual on boat.
Nine November Sierra, commencing highline transfer.
Arms up, please! She's off comm.
Five, four, three, two, steady I'm going to take you to the door.
Listen, do not get caught under the wire! And, remember, don't move your arm or you'll fall out of the harness.
On three, push out and away.
Do not jump up.
On three.
One, two, three! Go! Line unclipped! Get down the hatch quickly.
Watch your step! Keep moving! Close conning tower, upper lid.
Aye, sir.
Where should I? Wait there.
DCI Silva.
Commander Mark Prentice.
Get your suit off in there.
Coxswain will be along to see you shortly.
Burke's body was meant to be taken off.
Well, too late for that.
Welcome to Vigil.
Officer of the watch, look out.
Chief Petty Officer Doward and civilian detective on board.
Conning tower upper lid shut and clipped.
Conning tower lower lid shut and clipped.
Alter course, ten degrees to port.
Aye, sir.
Alter course ten degrees to port.
Officer of the watch, dive the submarine.
Excuse me.
Elliot Glover, coxswain.
Tea? DCI Amy Silva.
Where's Craig Burke? No, thanks.
He's in the, er He's in the bomb shop.
Well, I'm going to have to examine the body.
Well, follow me.
Does this ship have a doctor? Would you take that for me? Thank you.
It's a boat.
A submarine's always a boat.
And, yeah, we've Medical Officer Lieutenant Docherty.
Well, can you have him come and assist me? Our Doctor's a "her".
We're eight women, 140 men.
You can help to even things up.
Excuse me.
What's the bomb shop? It's where we keep the torpedoes.
You all right? If you're not covered in bruises in the first week, you're not moving fast enough.
How big is this thing? It's about the length of two football pitches and about as tall as four double-decker buses.
All right, I'm going to need a map.
Here, give me your bag.
I'll take that.
No worries.
This is the main event.
Know what's in these? £50 million-worth of nuclear missiles.
That's the real reason there aren't many nuclear wars.
Can't afford to replace these.
Lieutenant Docherty, could you mind assisting DCI Silva? This is our doctor, our surgeon and, God help us, our dentist, if need be, Medical Officer Lieutenant Tiffany Docherty.
Welcome aboard.
How was your flight? Stay there.
Aye, sir.
I got thrown out of an aircraft with my luggage tied to me.
Still, better than Ryanair.
But you're all right? You're not injured? What, me? No.
No, I need you to help me examine Craig Burke.
He was supposed to be flown off.
I'll go get my kit then and I'll see you down there.
All right.
Follow me.
This way.
How have the crew been? It's been tricky, you know, but they're all professionals, they've all got a job to do, so Mind your head.
How well did you know Craig Burke? Reasonably.
I liked him.
Though it'd been a while since we served together.
And what do you do? Coxswain's job is to take care of people.
Welfare, discipline, morale.
I'm a walking HR department.
Do you think he meant to kill himself? Well, he took an overdose, so it looks like it.
Welcome to the bomb shop.
Where's the body? Lads.
We could've put him in the galley freezer, but it's full of food.
The torpedo tube isn't insulated and sea water's about four degrees, so the body should still be in good condition.
Right, now, up top.
Nobody in.
Aye, sir.
Go ahead.
Did you do much work on him? They'd started doing CPR, but he was clearly dead.
Who found him? Engineering Officer Hadlow.
He's new to Vigil.
Been on attack boats up till now.
I'll need to speak to him.
Of course.
Do you have a torch? Will that be admissible as evidence? It'll further the case.
As for the rest .
that's up to the courts to decide.
Without a full postmortem, it's not ideal.
Had he taken any other medication? I gave him a couple of paracetamol about an hour before he died.
I ran into him and he said he had a headache.
Did he present with any other symptoms that fit with a drugs overdose? His pupils were contracted and there was some spittle round his mouth.
There's a bruise with some bleeding.
It's at the base of his skull.
Did you not see that? He was dead when I got there.
Airway was clear of obstruction, paddles failed, CPR failed, no pulse.
I called it, and they moved him in here immediately.
Could that have happened when they pulled him from his bunk? Yeah, probably cracked a few ribs, too.
We worked hard.
Did you train in medicine? I did two years, medical school.
It wasn't for me.
What made you change your mind? Right, you can put him back.
Can you make sure no-one else can access the body? Of course.
I need to see the captain.
I'll see if he's available.
I need to see him straight away.
I think Craig Burke may have been murdered.
But that's absurd.
We found drugs on the body, with a rolled-up banknote.
I've put them in the safe.
I mean, you can see for yourself.
The heroin looks like the type that you cook up before injecting.
Heroin's very rarely snorted, and if it is, they usually use a finer white powder.
Well, perhaps he didn't know what he was doing.
After all, he did overdose.
There's powder on the body, and it's caked around the nostrils, but there's nothing up inside the nose.
It looks like it's been rubbed on.
OK, hold on.
There were at least half a dozen people who tried to help him, including those people who held his nose shut while they were giving him mouth-to-mouth.
So Sir, sorry, I agree with you.
I think the idea of murder is .
is absurd.
There's a head injury.
And he complained of a headache to your doctor a few hours before he died.
And there's bruising around the jaw.
It's possible that an assault could've caused a delayed brain haemorrhage.
That fits with the symptoms that Lieutenant Docherty observed.
I think the heroin might be someone trying to cover some things up.
And do you think someone brought the heroin on board with all of that in mind? There's no privacy on this boat.
You can't beat someone to death in their cabin and get away with it.
Precisely! That's a nine-berth bunk.
I did say there could be a delay between the assault and the haemorrhage.
If you'd have flown the body back for an autopsy, like I requested We received no such order.
With all due respect, Captain, it isn't my job to persuade you.
In my view, this boat is a crime scene.
You need to return to port so that we can start a proper enquiry.
I was promised your cooperation.
I take my orders from the Chiefs of Staff and the Prime Minister.
My duty is to mission, boat and crew, and while you are on board you will obey my orders.
Now, you're with us for three days.
Do your work.
But stay out of our way.
And if I hear the word "murder" spoken outside this room, I'll have you confined to quarters.
I can't have that.
Do you understand? Yeah.
Don't tell me.
You're hungry.
Burke had a fight in a pub.
Do you know anything about that? If it happens on shore, then it's none of my business.
I'm just trying to understand what's going on with him.
When did you last see Burke? Erm, at the end of his watch.
Where did he go? I'm not sure.
Adams had a word with him in the mess.
He's one of our engineers.
He's the guy who gave him CPR.
So, that's who found him? No, that was, um, Lieutenant Hadlow.
OK, I'll need to speak to both of them, and now I need to see Burke's cabin.
That was Burke's bunk.
Is there anywhere else he might have kept? Twat! What the fuck is going on? Sorry, sir.
No offence.
None taken.
This is Gary Walsh, another of our engineers.
This is DCI Silva.
She's here just to look into Burke's death.
Well, there's not much to say, is there? He was a druggie and a shite sailor, and he should've been out the Navy years ago.
How do you know he was a druggie? Well, he OD'd for a start! Christ.
Did you see him take drugs? It's not like he'd be racking up lines in the mess.
Shall we do this another time? He's meant to be sleeping.
Is there anything else you need to see in here? No, I'm done.
I need to see Adams and Hadlow.
I don't understand why the captain doesn't want me to look into this.
How are you feeling? I'm fine.
I'm just Headache? Yeah, actually.
Yeah, it's the low-oxygen environment.
Helps slow down fires.
Look, I think you need some rest.
Let me show you to your bunk.
All right.
It's an automatic disciplinary if I step into the ladies' bunks, so you'll have to put yourself to bed.
Yours is the top bunk.
Try and get four hours.
Where is she now? In the ladies' bunk.
What do you think of her? She's clever.
Once she starts talking to people, it'll be hard to keep her contained.
Well, I think we need to keep her on a short lead, and, um, well, I can sit in on any interviews.
That's not a bad idea.
But, Coxswain, I think we'll let you cover that.
Sir, I really think it should be me who sits in on Those are my orders, XO, and now I need a word with the coxswain.
I'm not going to saddle her with that prick for three days.
You'll keep an eye on her, won't you? We can't afford a scandal.
No, sir.
We can't.
Excuse me! Can we have a word with you? Stop! Stop! Hand it over.
Can't you sleep? No.
It's hard keeping track of time down here.
Your body clock goes.
It's all right.
You can't lose anything on a submarine.
I didn't bring any spares.
You can't carry your own meds.
What's this for? I need to know about any medical conditions.
Anxiety and depression.
What I need is to go for a run.
Yeah, then a dip in the pool.
Listen, if you're struggling, come and see me.
You wouldn't be the first.
Hi, Jade.
I think we met earlier on the road to Dunloch.
I'd love to have a wee chat with you but if you'd like to have a solicitor present I've had my phone call.
I don't need anything else.
OK, then.
So, I gather that you've been arrested for trespassing onto Dunloch base? I've been charged with that before.
It's no big deal.
The report says that you were found in one of the accommodation blocks and that you had a key on you? Yeah, they've taken that off me now.
Well, I bet they have.
Why were you trying to get into Craig Burke's room? You've read my statement.
I have read your statement.
Now, what did it say? It said that he had borrowed a book from you and that you went there to get it back from him.
Tell me, how did you know each other? Drank in the same pub.
What, and he just left you a key to his room, did he? He's dead anyway, doesn't really matter.
Who told you he was dead? Did they tell you HOW he died? No.
Jade, I'm a police detective.
Now, that is totally separate from the Navy.
We do not share information with them.
I'm helping investigate his death.
What, and you know how he died? I do.
All right.
How did he die? What was your relationship? He was my boyfriend.
Nobody knew.
Obviously, my friends, my mates, wouldn't be happy.
Go on, then.
He died of a heroin overdose.
My God.
My God.
Did you know that he used? What? He never took heroin! Addicts often hide, even from their He wasn't an addict! Are you? Are you joking? He wasn't an addict! I spent weekends with him.
We were together every single second.
He couldn't If that's what they're saying .
then it's the Navy that killed him.
The Na Why would you say that? Look at when the Mhairi Finnea went missing.
The Mhairi Finnea? You've not read up on that? No, I haven't.
Everyone knows it's a cover-up.
This is the Navy, yeah? This is what they do.
This is what they do when they have a problem.
My God.
Erm Fuck.
I need to go.
Erm Can I go now, please? Yes, you can.
DCI Silva, Chief Petty Officer Adams.
I'd rather we talked in private.
Best you're going to get, I'm afraid.
Adams, sit down.
I've no time for a long one, mate.
Yeah, go on, then.
All right, fella? No, I'm just a bit under it.
It's all right, though.
What's the question? I gather you were one of the last people to see Burke alive? Yeah.
I saw him in here.
What time was that? I don't know exactly.
10 maybe? Him and me do the same watch pattern.
Did the same watch pattern.
Yeah, I got some scran, and then went and had a kip.
How did he seem? Did you talk? No.
He was a bit off.
If you get a vibe off someone, you don't push it.
Did anyone else think Burke seemed a bit off? Did anyone mention it? Morning.
Hadders said that he'd seen him on 4 deck.
Asked me how he'd seemed.
Who's Hadders? Hadlow.
My boss.
Don't tell him Adams calls him Hadders.
But that's the same person who found the body? Yeah.
Actually, that was the last time I saw Burke, if we're being exact about things.
I went in, tried to help out.
Were you nearby? Yeah, I was sleeping in the next bunk space along.
I mean, people don't normally shout when you're on silent routine, do they? So, when Hadders shouted, I was like, bang, awake.
First one to get there.
You saw Burke on this deck? I, er I was just I was just coming through.
I didn't I didn't stop or anything.
But afterwards you asked Adams how Burke had seemed? Er, no.
No, I don't I don't think so.
What time did you see him down here? 12.
30, maybe.
It was about half an hour before change of watch.
I didn't stop to talk to him.
And I didn't know him that well.
We never sailed together or anything.
What was he doing? He was hanging around.
That's what you do when you're off watch.
People come down here.
It's quiet.
And Burke was definitely off watch? Yes.
He wasn't at his station and he wasn't in uniform.
He was wearing a green fleece.
Where was he standing, exactly? There.
Can we get the lights turned down in here? Do you still need me? Yeah.
Don't go anywhere.
Control room, it's the coxswain.
Could you get the lights dimmed on deck 3? Understood, thank you.
They can only give you a few minutes.
What's that stuff? It's called luminol.
Forensics use it to show up any blood stains.
Is that blood? I, er I need to get some scran now.
Did you see anyone else with Burke? Write these down.
I'll get back to you later No, wait.
When you found his body, what did you see when you entered the cabin? I found him in his bunk.
Was his curtain drawn back? No.
I drew it back.
But everyone tells me how precious sleep is down here.
So, weren't you worried about waking him up? I guess, I thought, if he was asleep is that something you've done before? Gone into someone's cabin and pulled their curtain? It's not forbidden.
I have a drill to prep and I haven't eaten yet.
Write down your questions.
I'll get back to you.
No, sorry, we're not done yet.
You were one of the last people to see him alive.
You're the person who found his body, and yet you can't tell me why you went to see him? I've a tight schedule.
It's change of watch.
I've got to go.
Can't you stop him? He's an officer.
Nothing I can do.
I've looked at the trawler's sound pattern.
It gets pulled down by the nets.
If you listen to this That's the floats on the trawl banging against something.
It's exactly the same signature as the audio you would get from the Antares sinking.
I've cross-referenced it.
Sir, with due respect to Petty Officer Kierly, that noise could easily just be the nets snarling on the trawler as it sinks.
No, it's not.
I'm sure.
The trawler gets pulled down by another sub.
It all fits.
And can you classify the other boat? Not yet.
Message CTF.
We need them to identify that boat.
Aye, sir.
Captain Newsome, may I speak with you? It's urgent.
Carry on.
I've found blood and I have a witness who can put Burke in the same location.
At least one of your crew members has a history of violence involving Burke.
Look, you can't ignore this.
You've been told to do your work without interfering I appreciate that your mission takes priority for you, but there's a line, and now we need to message our superiors.
Where was the blood found? On one of the missile decks.
Did anything unusual happen on the day that Burke died? Was there anything different about his watch? Yeah.
He snorted heroin.
There was certainly heroin powder found around his nostrils.
Why were you on silent routine? Write your report.
We'll send it.
Sir? Two transmissions in one week? Have your report ready to be sent within the hour.
Have navigation move the boat out of the patrol area.
Aye, sir.
Cronin, prepare to send a message.
Aye, sir.
Thank you.
The police officer's arrived.
Should we give her DCI Silva's report? No.
That doesn't exist until the Chiefs of Staff say it does.
Fucking Vigil.
There's going to be some serious changes on there when she gets back.
Yes, sir.
Hello again.
How can I help you? I need to message my colleague on Vigil.
Then I'd like to see Craig Burke's accommodation.
Most of the families live in Kirkmouth, but the singletons all want these.
It's a walk to work.
Here we are.
I'm afraid you'll need to wait outside.
Or I can call you, if that's easier? Is there a reason? This is a police investigation.
I'm hardly a member of the public.
I know.
But still Thank you.
Detective Silva.
Message for you from base.
Thank you.
Slow progress here.
Event at sea.
Could be connected to Burke's death? Same day.
Same area.
Remember my dad's job? Involves one of those.
What happened is the subject of my dad's favourite song.
We listened to it when I taught you Morse.
Dash, dot-dot, dash.
Is an N No, no.
No, an N is dash-dot.
Dash! Dot-dot, dash.
What is that? I love this song.
It's my dad's favourite song.
He plays it every time he gets drunk.
He's from Stornoway.
It was a terrible tragedy, affected the whole of the island.
The sinking of the Iolaire.
It's still a big deal for the trawlermen.
DCI Silva.
You've been ordered to co-operate, haven't you? Yes.
Can you tell me about Burke and the sinking? I wasn't there.
I was called to replace him after he got booted.
You replaced him mid-watch? Yeah.
I need to know why.
In here.
I have to be at a meeting shortly.
How much longer do you need? I'm done.
Ready to go.
Anything to report? No.
Nothing yet.
Thank you.
The day Burke died, a trawler sank.
This is a murder enquiry.
You're obliged to be candid with me.
Be quiet.
Don't accuse me of not being I've spoken to Hadlow and Adams.
Burke should still have been on watch at 12.
But Hadlow saw him in casual clothes.
You dismissed him after you hit a fishing trawler.
Why? Sit down.
WE didn't hit anyone.
As far as we know, another submarine did.
Someone sitting right behind us.
Do you understand what that means? Of course you don't.
You're looking for someone who might have had a punch-up.
We had an enemy submarine tracking us, which oughtn't even be possible.
The entire nuclear deterrent rests on just three things.
The first, you must have viable weapons.
And second, your enemy can't ever know if you'll use them.
Which is why we keep the letter of last resort in a safe, inside another safe, on board this boat.
The final thing is, your enemy mustn't be able to stop you.
So you stay hidden.
If we've been successfully shadowed by an enemy submarine, that is the single most frightening development in submarine warfare in my lifetime.
Burke wanted us to go on top to see if there were any survivors from the trawler.
The mission required we stay hidden.
I made the right decision.
But we're not at war.
That is an illusion.
We have always been at war.
Emergency stations, emergency stations, all hands.
Emergency stations, all hands.
Reactor scram, reactor scram, reduce electrical loads throughout the submarine.
Argh! Emergency stations, all hands.
What's going on? The reactor has scrammed.
Repeat, the reactor What does that mean? Stay there.
This is not a drill.
Reduce electrical loads throughout the submarine and report to ship control.
Thank you.
XO, I have the submarine.
Take us up 50 metres.
Up 50 metres.
Aye, sir.
Where is she? No-one is allowed to drive unaccompanied on this base! Get me the EO.
Full report from engineering.
What's happening? Ship control.
Aye, sir! Off the top of my head, there's 20 different ways you could kill Vigil's crew single-handed.
But nobody talks about it.
Not the skipper.
The submarine is in trim, sir.
Not the top brass.
They only want silence.
Status control.
Close up! There's corruption.
And fear.
There's men who are being killed, and the world's still got no idea.
See, we look like a crew, and that's all that matters to them.
Not what's underneath.
Can you open the gates, please? Just wait a minute.
I'm Police Scotland.
I'm not interested in waiting.
I'm heading home.
Open the gates, please.
Just wait a minute, please.
I've had some of them come at me.
They'll come at me again.
I know that.
EO, situation report.
Captain, I have no idea what caused it.
It's a complete reactor shutdown.
EO, we need that propulsion to keep us at depth.
Yes, sir.
I know.
XO, sitrep.
Reactor scram.
No power to the main engines, sir.
Amy, hold on.
But if they've left me dead, under two miles of water, well, here I am.
And I've got things to tell you.

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