Vigil (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- We have to help.
- Obey your orders.
I have charge of Britain's four Vanguard-class submarines.
HMS Vigil is one of those boats.
Earlier today, one of her crew died of a drugs overdose.
Come on! They think he snorted heroin.
You'll be on board for three days.
Finish your paperwork, then they'll let you off on a raft.
How are you with confined spaces? I'm going to need a junior, someone who can radio me leads, so I was thinking Kirsten Longacre.
We're eight women, 140 men.
Did anyone else think Burke seemed a bit off? Hadders said that he'd seen him on foredeck.
That's the same person who found the body? He wasn't at his station and he wasn't in uniform.
He was wearing a green fleece.
I think Craig Burke may have been murdered.
That's absurd! This is what they do when they have a problem.
Everyone knows it's a cover-up.
We had an enemy submarine tracking us.
The mission required we stay hidden.
But we're not at war.
We have always been at war.
I have no idea what caused it.
It's a complete reactor shutdown.
They've left me dead, under two miles of water, well, here I am.
Can you open the gates, please? I've got things to tell you.
Did you not hear me? You've got no authority over me.
Now, I've said that I'm heading home.
Open the We need to discuss the search you just did.
Oh, I see.
I cannae do it now.
I've got to head home.
I'm cat-sitting.
You need to debrief us.
Am I free to go or not? It will be easier for everyone if we can find a way to co-operate.
So, you're not detaining me.
Gate, now.
I need to get him out.
The tunnel's filling with nitrogen! He'll suffocate.
Come on, Come on! - Ready.
- OK, three, two, one, lift.
Quicker, quicker! Move it! Right, get him on to the bed.
Come on, quickly.
That's it.
Get him laid down.
He was caught in the nitrogen burst.
He'll be all right, won't he, doc? We'll have to wait and see.
You'll be all right, mate.
Emergency battery engaged.
Power restored.
Sir? Report.
What the hell just happened? The reactor was running perfectly.
There was no signs of any problems and then it scrammed.
An emergency shutdown but without the emergency, at least not one that we can find.
I've lost one coolant pump before, but this Can you give us a likely cause? We're checking the coolant pump breakers now, but they seem OK.
I've got all hands on deck but I'm a man down.
Walsh was injured in the nitrogen burst.
Sir, how are things looking on the roof, if we need to run the diesels? - Surface weather? - Wind blowing 40 knots, wave height 20 feet, - low southerly swell.
- Surface contacts? It's very noisy up there, sir.
Maybe four or five merchantmen on.
No, not maybe.
It's four or five.
Determine the facts, then report.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- All drills cancelled.
Cox and brief the crew to secure everything - for surface running in rough weather.
- Aye, aye, sir.
And get rid of her.
If the batteries run out, how long have we got on the diesels? I mean, we'll be getting towed home.
We can't make it back to port.
Prentice, prepare a plan for possible at sea diesel replenishment.
Aye, aye, sir.
- How long have our batteries got? - We're checking them now.
- Maybe three hours.
- Three h? Capacity's well down on what it should be.
They need replacing.
Yes, well, everything needs replacing.
The reactor supplies the power.
We can run off batteries for a few hours, but then, we'd have to use the backup diesels, which means going to the surface and sticking up a periscope.
- Sir, is this a drill? - No, it's no drill, stow for sea.
- Shake everyone in your bunk space.
- Aye, sir.
It's a nightmare staying below the surface at periscope depth.
The exhaust leaves smoke trails and the noise lights you up like a Christmas tree.
- Watch it! - Lads, get this stowed! So, what happens if the reactor doesn't re-start? Then, what, we're in some kind of danger? No, only if the motor gives out.
But we've been running on batteries.
What happens if the batteries give out? Then, we sink, so fingers-crossed, ey? I don't want us anywhere near the surface, not if there's a chance we're being shadowed.
Three hours on batteries means you have 2.
5 hours to diagnose, fix and restart the reactor.
- Carry on.
- Aye, Captain.
Cronin, signals log.
I know Burke was dismissed the day the trawler went down.
Why? You're in charge of discipline, aren't you? I've got less than two days, there's never going to be a better time to ask questions, is there? OK.
Yeah, if an officer puts someone on charge, then, yes, I deal with it.
So, what happened with Burke when the trawler sank? He picked an argument with his superiors, it was a stupid thing to do.
Now, Amy, I've got to crack on.
- Look.
- Hey, there's a no-touching rule, it applies to everyone without exception.
Were you told to punish Burke? No, no.
He died before I had a chance to log it.
- What do you mean, "log it"? - It's all in the duty logbook.
I'm going to leave you here because I can't do my work with you asking these questions, OK? So, just tell me what "logged it" means.
It's where officers report disciplinary matters.
I keep it in my office.
Can I see it? Yeah, it's in the grey file on top of the cabinet.
Keep breathing.
How long was he in there? Aw, I don't know, a minute.
I think he's smacked his head.
No ESB mask on.
I'm not dead.
You can ask me.
Lie still.
I need to take your clothes off.
- It's a tenner for watching.
- And then I need to wash your hair.
- You what, ma'am? - Right, scissors? Right, saline.
Thank you.
Start dripping that into your eyes.
I feel fine.
Yeah, you might do for now, but, in a few hours' time, we'll start to see whether your lungs hold up.
- Good.
How is he? - It's too early to tell.
You all right, Adams? Still not right, ma'am, my vision keeps blurring.
Right, you better get to your bunk No, no, no, no, no.
I need every man that I can get.
The EPM's already tripped once.
Our party has been clear.
We do not want these weapons in Scotland.
Westminster is about to vote on whether we should commission new missiles, a vote we had to force through, by the way, after this government tried to slip this once-in-a-generation decision under the carpet without consulting parliament.
- Longacre speaking.
- Evening, Longacre.
It's Porter.
- You calling from the office? - Sounding a bit judgmental there.
Got a name for one of guys who beat up Burke.
I might need your help getting his file off the Navy.
Have you eaten? - Nope.
- Do you fancy pizza? So you've got a name? Yes, Gary Walsh.
He's Burke's crew mate on Vigil.
Apparently, him and one other guy beat the crap out of Burke at the local pub.
- Oh.
Who was the other guy? - Don't know.
Spoke to the bar staff.
They all knew Gary, but not the other assailant.
They're pretty sure he was Navy though.
Right, OK.
So, "Walsh "Gary.
" Let's see what we've got.
Right, so no disci Ah, amazing, thank you.
No disciplinaries or anything And OK, he has two brothers, one of them Navy as well.
Dishonourably discharged.
There's a flag here for a younger brother, Sam.
A record for shoplifting.
And possession of heroin.
Wait a minute.
Hello? Lieutenant Commander Branning.
This is DS Longacre.
I'd like to send a message to DCI Silva, please, - as soon as possible.
- OK.
Yes? Any news on the reactor? What, were you sent to investigate our mechanical issues as well? I've been through the Cox'n's logbook.
You put Craig Burke on charge the day before he died.
Can you remember what that was for? This annotation references the type of offence.
"Reckless endangerment of equipment.
" He put a full mug of coffee on top of a narrowband sonar set.
You also put Burke on charge on days two and four of the patrol.
You disciplined him more in a week than the rest of the crew put together.
We have standards for a reason.
We have a duty to safeguard lives.
So what did Gary Walsh do on day six? There's no annotation there.
Can't remember.
I just want to know if there's a reason why What do you think I am doing here?! If we run on diesels we will need to refuel at sea, or abandon the patrol, which cannot happen.
Do you have any idea how challenging it is to get a boat this size to rendezvous with a refuelling tanker whilst also trying to remain undetected? Can you even begin to imagine the tactical challenges? No, no, I didn't think so.
Follow me.
Sir, may I have a word? Go ahead.
Detective Silva is interfering with operations.
I explicitly told her to go through the Cox'n, which she has chosen to ignore.
I therefore think we need to confine her to quarters.
There's just one thing to consider there, interfering with a police investigation is an offence.
We are on patrol! You can't just wade in here and start taping off the bloody control room! All right.
DCI Silva, we're on backup power.
Several areas of the boat are unlit.
As much as anything, it's hazardous for you to be without an escort.
Now I won't confine you to quarters, but you will have to have Glover with you if you're going to work.
- Will you put him at my disposal? - Negotiate that with him.
Carry on.
- That means get out of his sight.
- XO, enough.
Cronin, escort DCI Silva to the Cox'n's office.
Aye, sir.
Oh, shit, Cat! Hello? Emergency services.
- Which service? - Police.
I'm a police officer.
Connecting you now.
This is Detective Kirsten Longacre, calling from Flat B, 2 McMillan Street, West End.
I think I've been burgled and they might still be here.
I'm a police detective There are more officers Get off! Let's go, let's go! You have 20 minutes.
- 30 if I ask nicely? - It'll do you no harm.
- Message for you, ma'am.
- Thank you.
"Found witness to Burke assault.
" Oh, eyes up.
"Burke badly hurt.
Gary Walsh is perp.
"Burke not pressed charges.
"Gary Walsh's brother, Sam Walsh, criminal record for possession.
" I need to search Gary Walsh's bunk.
- What you doing, stealing his sweets? - Testing for heroin.
It was Gary Walsh who beat Burke up in that pub.
- Did you know that? - I knew they didn't like each other.
And there's a blank entry under Gary Walsh in the logbook, that anything to do with him and Burke? I don't know, you'd have to ask Prentice.
Yeah Tried that.
You've checked Burke's bunk already, haven't you? Could you? I'm looking for Burke's fleece.
Hadlow said Burke was wearing a green fleece, that's how he knew he was off duty, but Burke wasn't wearing a fleece when we examined him, so - No, it's not there.
- Why is that important? You only get rid of it if you knew it incriminated you, like it had your blood on it, or something.
You can't throw things away down here, can you? Uh, no, not really.
So, if someone's hidden it, it means I'll be able to find it.
Well, theoretically.
I need to speak to Gary Walsh.
Do you have any idea what they were after? I found this USB stick hidden in Burke's room at the base.
Now They tried to stop me from leaving, so I reckon they know I have something.
Admiral Shaw has requested a meeting.
Have you had a chance to look at it yet? I have.
It's videos of Burke, boss.
I mean, he seems to be some sort of whistle-blower .
but I think that's just the tip of the iceberg because all the main folders are password protected.
I'll get Porter to have a look at it.
Aha, well done! Hey Thanks.
What's her name? Um, Cat.
It's short for Catherine.
You'll get yourself checked out before you come in, aye? I will.
- Can you give us five minutes, please? - Sir.
- How are you, mate? Bored out of my mind, but she won't have me moving.
Cox'n, before I forget, will you check in on Chief Adams for me later? - He doesn't look well.
- Yes, ma'am.
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Well, "I'm a very busy man.
" A few days ago, Executive Officer Prentice put you on charge.
Why was that? I don't remember.
Do you remember what your movements were a few hours before Craig Burke's death? Well, I was on watch back aft from seven till one.
I had Adams, Ansell and Khan with me the whole time.
- You didn't leave engineering? - No, I didn't.
At one, I went to my bunk for a kip and I slept till EO Hadlow woke us.
Yeah, why did Hadlow come to wake Burke up? Keep the questions to ones I can do, eh? I'm no' psychic.
Did you ever argue with Burke? He was a prick, end of.
- You had a fight with him in a pub.
- So you know I argued with him.
Don't piss about.
It was a drunk scrap.
Ask me if I killed him.
Did you kill Craig Burke? No.
Did anyone know you were in the reactor area when it shut down? We go and in an' out all the time.
It's not anyone try'na kill me.
I've got everything I need for now.
I'm going to need you to do a drugs test.
How's that? I found traces of heroin in your belongings.
If I've been home before a patrol, then everything's coated in skag.
My wee brother's a junkie, not me.
Are you happy to do a urine test? Are you going to hold the cup for me? Have you got a container for him? - Enjoy the show.
- It's all right, we'll head out.
Don't spring something like that on one of my patients.
- Did you know about this? - No, ma'am.
If his alibi holds, we'll know he can't have met Burke on the missile deck.
But do we need to go through with this? Finished.
Here you go! My best stuff.
Oh, clean it up! - Maybe keep her out of my stuff, eh? - Clean that up and do it now.
You need to drink more water.
Negative for opiates.
He didn't bring them on for his own use.
Why would he bring drugs on board if he wasn't going to use them? You know, you're not doing yourself any favours treating Walsh this way, especially when his alibi's rock solid.
There's history of assault.
He brought heroin on board.
Maybe somebody else killed him, but Walsh was definitely involved.
- Well, your 20 minutes are up.
- Oh, come on! I'm here for less than two days.
- I need your help.
- I need a drink.
Do you want one? You look tired.
Maybe, when you've finished this, you should go and get a shower, get your head down for a few hours.
I don't know why everyone's so scared of me finding out the truth.
This boat's two billion pounds' worth of kit, but it's run by people who are making split second decisions that could kill the whole crew if they fuck up, so there has to be trust.
You can't introduce fear and paranoia into that.
- I appreciate that.
- Ah, no, you don't.
You've only been here less than a day.
Control, I can see debris on the surface.
Sending co-ordinates for rescue vessel Victor Two Charlie.
I'm sorry we've not been allowed to share it with you before now.
If one of my officers reports a suspected murder, I don't expect that to be sat on for 24 hours! Well, you'll have to take that up with the MOD.
I don't care what the MOD thinks, or the Ministry for Agriculture for that matter.
It's not their remit.
It's above my pay grade and yours, too, I imagine.
Look, in confidence, we are getting a boat ready to replace Vigil, but it takes time.
Perhaps DCI Silva could remain on board and continue her investigations until Vigil returns, I'd support that.
How long would that be? Three weeks.
And we'd cooperate, of course.
I know we got off to a bad start, but perhaps we can all do a little better.
We'd appreciate being debriefed when you've been working on this base.
I'll do what I can.
And can we ask you not to call it a "murder investigation" - when you talk to the crew's families? - Aye, no problem.
Are we done? Can you tell us what you know about a trawler sinking off Barra Head? Certainly.
We're assisting the coastguard.
One of our helicopters has spotted debris in the water and we may send in a boat to scan the seabed.
And the cause? - To be confirmed.
- Will you keep us appraised? Certainly, but I do think that this one will end up with Agriculture and Fisheries.
Trawlers do go down from time to time, I'm afraid.
If Amy thinks it's murder, I back her.
I think you're right on that.
It's what the girl at the Peace Camp said.
I mean, I wrote her off, boss, but she just seemed like the type who saw conspiracy theories everywhere, you know? Well, maybe she's not.
I just need to speak to Branning again.
- Go easy.
- Hmm.
Lieutenant Commander Branning? Sorry, there was something I forgot to ask.
Do you know anything about a fight that Burke had in a pub? If you put a request in an email.
This is a murder enquiry now, we need to work faster than that.
That cuts both ways, doesn't it? If you're not prepared to debrief us, - we'll do things by the book.
- We will try to do I'll try to do things better.
Burke and Gary Walsh, they had a fight in a pub down the road.
I wasn't there, obviously.
And it happened on their own time, so it was never a formal matter.
I heard Burke went to the pub to apologise.
For what? Walsh's younger brother was a trainee here.
Douglas? That's right.
He got involved in some bullying and Craig Burke gave evidence against him.
After that, Dougie was discharged.
Did something happen to him? He killed himself.
I was told Burke showed up at Dougie's wake at the pub to apologise to Gary, - that's what started it.
- Shit I heard it was two men who attacked him.
Do you know who the second guy was? What? I was just thinking how weird it is that you two look so alike.
I know.
Everybody says it.
I think it's the eyes.
But she says it, too.
Mind you, I think it's more wishful thinking on her part.
She asked me to marry you.
- What, she? - Yeah.
You were proposed to by an eight-year-old girl? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Listen you know how I feel.
I know.
I think I might be coming round to it.
So we've ground you down with our team effort, have we? Good going, kiddo! JESUS CHRIST! Attention, all crew.
The submarine has reached periscope depth.
High sea state.
All compartments maintain stowage for sea.
What's going on?! We're up near the surface and it's a bit rough.
High sea state We've come off batteries and had to go onto diesels.
Belt up in here, please.
Best stay out the way.
People a lot more experienced than you are getting hurt.
Oh, you've got post.
A message from the shore.
Gary Walsh's brother Dougie was a trainee at Dunloch.
"Burke reported him for bullying.
"Dougie was dishonourably discharged, "later killed himself.
"Second crewman who was close to Dougie also involved in fight "at brother's wake, Engineering Officer Simon Hadlow.
" Shit! - Full SOP's on the way, sir.
- Yep.
Coolant flow, temperature and pressure were all within limits, then suddenly they spiked.
This has never happened before.
- We need to figure out what caused this.
- Sir.
Where's the Cox'n? I don't know.
I'm recording this.
I can't get you a solicitor, but a judge may determine that this can be used as evidence against you in court.
- Do you understand? - There's no way I have time.
Lieutenant Hadlow has consistently tried to avoid my questioning.
Look, I'm needed back.
Just tell me about your relationship with Craig Burke.
I didn't especially have a problem with Burke.
Never argued with him? Not so much as a cross word? No.
But I know you're lying.
You and Gary Walsh beat up Burke at his brother's wake.
You were close friends with Gary's brother and I think you held Burke responsible for Dougie's suicide, so let me tell you how a jury is going to see this.
You and Gary have assaulted Burke once before and I can prove that Gary brought heroin on board.
You were with Burke on the missile deck where I found his blood and it was you who found him allegedly "already dead" in his bunk, so This wasn't me or Walsh, but I can tell you nobody meant to kill him.
How do you know that? If it wasn't you, how do you know what his attacker intended? I can't talk to you about this right now.
Why not? It's not up to me.
There's a chain of command.
- Oi! - What? What does that mean? - Where's Glover? - He wasn't available.
Your orders were no talking without Glover present.
And, Hadlow, just gossiping during a once-in-a-lifetime crisis - that happened on your watch.
- I'm interviewing a suspect.
- I don't have anything else to say.
- Right, you, follow me.
Stay here.
- I will send Glover when he's free.
- I don't take orders from you.
Do you have any id? Do you have any idea how much trouble this patrol is in?! You can't have it both ways! Glover shows up or he doesn't, either way I have a job to do.
Your job is irrelevant to this mission.
- I disagree.
- Sit down.
- Craig Burke would disagree - Oh, fuck Craig Burke! Burke was a treacherous little shit who got exactly what was coming to him! He was a drug addict.
He's done enough damage.
Let me out.
Let me out! Can anyone hear me?! So, what do you do here? - At the camp? - Mm-hm.
From what I can see, you make a lot of sacrifices.
What keeps you going? Er, we make a difference.
If we hadn't been observing them, the Navy would have never admitted they had reactor problems in the submarines.
- There's a whole lot we've figured out.
- Mm-hm.
So, you're kind of like an informal Health & Safety team? They want everyone to think it's safe and it's not.
Is that what Craig Burke thought? You told me that you thought that the Navy had killed him.
- I didn't say that.
- You said something like it.
Come in.
We think he might have been murdered.
- With it covered up? - Maybe.
I found the USB stick he wanted you to have.
He left you a message as well as a folder of files.
If it's mine, you should give it back to me.
What did the message say? What's the password for the main folder? See that? Someone did that to me, trying to steal it, and that's with them knowing that I'm police.
They did a very professional job.
Now, will you look at where you're living? You don't even have a lock on that and, if you did, one good kick would batter it down.
There's 40 people here who would help me out.
That's not enough, Jade! I'm a police officer and that wasn't enough.
Chances are it was MI5 that did that to you.
Do you know what? I seriously doubt that.
I know for a fact they watch activist groups.
There's this one guy I've seen a few times.
He likes wearing this really bad Glasgow hockey jacket, trying so hard to fit in.
Another time, when I was coming back early from a protest and I saw him at the train station, he met someone for, like, 30 seconds and then just walked away.
Tell me that's not dodgy.
If you're worried about that, you should think about who knew - you and Burke were together.
- Hardly anyone knew.
- But it was out there.
- Not really! Even if you told one person, then it is out there.
What was he doing? Was he helping you? - Was he spying for you? - We were a problem for them, and now you've gone and made yourself a problem as well.
Trust me, they won't give a fuck that you're police.
Jade? We need to talk about Sunday's perimeter action.
So, can we? Is she police? I'm dealing with it.
Right I'm happy to stay.
You need to go, now.
I want you to call me if you see or hear anything at all that worries you, OK? Don't look into it.
Just call me.
They'll probably tell you he was a bad guy.
He really wasn't I promise.
- All right? - All right? Tanker dead ahead! Go deep, go deep, go deep! Aye, sir.
Dive, dive, dive.
Drop all masts.
Shut bulkhead doors.
Standby collision.
Brace, brace, brace! Full down with the forward planes, full down with the after planes, full ahead.
New contact.
Marking on sonar.
Zero Three Zero.
Zero Three Five.
Zero Four Five.
Now bearing Zero Eight Five, One Three Five.
We're not deep enough, sir! Let me out! Fuck.
One Eight Zero.
One Nine Zero.
Two Zero Five.
Two One Zero.
Contact clear and opening.
We've missed it.
- How can you not hear a tanker?! - Sorry, sir.
Bow breaker and it was very noisy with the high sea state We nearly bored a hole in its side! Wake up! Ship control, report.
Ship control, report.
- Two up achieved, sir.
- Very good.
Prepare to return to periscope depth.
Aye, sir, prepare to return to periscope depth.
- Let's catch a trim.
- Aye, sir.
There you are! What's? I'm fine.
The boat's coming up, you know? It's We're going to be all right.
Amy? What's going on? Prentice locked me in.
He shouldn't have done that.
Oh, I've got you - Shit.
- I've got you, I've got you.
It's all right, go on, relax.
Take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
Here you go.
It's OK, you're out now.
You're out now.
It's all right.
It's OK.
Just being in there triggered There was an accident JESUS CHRIST! lain! Oh, my God.
I need to get you out.
- Lain.
- Mummy, I can't It's OK, darling.
- Mummy! - OK.
All right, sweetheart, it's OK.
We're going to get you out, OK? OK.
All right, we need to take a deep breath and then, then we're going to open the door and swim.
I'm going to come back for Daddy, OK? Three, two, one I had to make a choice.
Swim, baby.
- OK, baby, wait here.
- Mummy! Please, Mummy! - Wait here.
- Please! Mummy! I couldn't get him out.
You know there's a no touching rule.
Sometimes you've got to know when to break the rules.
Oh, erm - Briefing in 20 minutes, sir.
- Right, thank you.
Right, so What next? I need your help.
- Hey, when's dinner? - Oh, shit, sorry.
It's my turn to cook, isn't it? Tomorrow night? Mm-hm.
I'm going to meet someone.
I've found someone who knows what happened to Craig.
- Can I come with you? - No.
I'm not going on my own.
They want to help us.
They know everything.
Sir, this is all highly irregular.
I'm concerned about the EPM giving out again.
We can't run deep without going to the bottom.
We need to run on diesels at periscope depth until we know what caused the scram.
No, sorry.
Sitting on the surface to double-check things is not an option if we're being trailed by an enemy submarine.
Restart the reactor.
There must be a reason for it shutting down.
Restarting the reactor without knowing why could damage the core and cause a complete meltdown and sink the boat.
Yes, I understand that.
Get it ready.
Aye, aye, sir.
We'll warm it up.
Sir, if I may, I would suggest that we should Mark Prentice, I'm arresting you for obstructing a police investigation, holding an officer against her will and on suspicion of the murder of Craig Burke.
You're not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say will be noted and may be given in evidence.
What in Christ's name are you talking about? Sir, she clearly ignored your orders I'm not here to debate.
I'm arresting you.
Navigator, you have the submarine.
Roger, sir.
I have the submarine.
Have Hadlow inform me when the reactor's about to go online.
- Aye, sir.
- DCI Silva, XO, with me.
Where were you an hour before Craig Burke died? All over the boat, nature of the job.
And the last time you saw Burke alive? I dismissed him from the control room, plenty of witnesses.
- What about Gary Walsh? - What about Gary Walsh? Why did you leave his charge sheet without any annotations? Why were there no repercussions for Walsh? I've already told you this, - I don't remember.
- No, I think you do remember.
I think Gary Walsh came to see you a few days before Burke died.
I think he told you that he'd found heroin in Burke's possessions as an attempt to frame him to get him kicked out, revenge for his younger brother.
You saw through that, but yet there were no annotations on Walsh's charge sheet, no repercussions for Walsh, is that usual for possession of heroin? I don't know what you're talking about.
I've swabbed your cabin.
What will you say when those swabs come back positive for heroin? That it was me who picked up the drugs from Burke's body.
Of course I'm contaminated! For good! With respect, sir, I really think there's a better You called Burke "treacherous", it's a very particular word to use.
Why did you call him that? I didn't call him that.
"Fuck Craig Burke! Burke was a treacherous little shit "who got exactly what was coming to him!" You hadn't served with him on a boat before this patrol.
Why would you call him "treacherous"? He'd been sleeping with a girl at the Dunloch Peace Camp.
How do you know this? With respect, sir, the Admiralty put me on Vigil to solve problems and improve standards.
So you picked on Burke all patrol.
Yes, I disliked him, but I always played by the rule book.
I picked him up on his poor standards.
Commander Newsome, could you ask Hadlow to come and join us? I believe that he witnessed the assault on Burke on the missile deck.
Hadlow's currently overseeing the reactor, I think you'll agree There're plenty who can do that.
It's two minutes of his time.
Officer of the Watch, send Engineering Officer Hadlow to the wardroom as soon as he's ordered the restart.
At least that thing's still working.
- Sir, surely Hadlow is needed back aft? - I I want to hear it from him.
OK, look, this is what I think happened.
I think you hit Burke, he fell, he hit his head and there was blood.
You went back later to his cabin to apologise, or maybe to threaten him, but instead you find him dead.
You panic, you'd already confiscated Gary Walsh's heroin and it was those drugs that you used to plant on Burke's body, and I think we're going to be able to prove that.
Right Is this really how you operate? Is tell tall tales and hope the jury are fucking idiots? Enter.
Did you see someone hit Burke on the missile deck? Uh, I think Uh M-maybe, sir.
But who? I didn't see his face, sir.
And you didn't think to report this to me, after Burke was found dead? No.
No, sir.
I hardly-hardly saw anything.
If you're lying about that, you know you'll be court-martialled and the police will prosecute you.
Last chance.
No, I didn't see anything, sir.
Look, when we spoke, you said it "wasn't up to you".
You said there was a chain of command.
Were you thinking of any senior officer in particular? Was it Prentice you saw? Couldn't say, sir.
Did Executive Officer Prentice speak to you? Did he threaten you or Walsh? That is a ridiculous slur.
On your way.
What the hell was that about? Just helping the DCI out, Mark, as per our orders.
The crew need to know they can be honest with us.
You just asked a junior officer if they saw me beat up a rating! Yes, because I think that is the question DCI Silva wanted answering.
You were fucked last year, but they let you hang on, I was the condition for that.
You are only here because I'm here.
Being married to an admiral's daughter doesn't make you an admiral quite yet and I do think you have questions left to answer.
Lock her away until we can get her off the boat, or I will write the book on your many, many failings.
And, yes, maybe I will get my father-in-law to write the dedication.
That's very florid, Mark.
That's quite the Christ's sake, sir! This is insanity! Look at our situation! We have a dead crewman, a reactor scram and a trawler pulled down right behind us! Those things require your fullest Enter.
And immediate - Is it the reactor? - No, sir.
They're still carrying out pre-critical checks.
It's this.
It's Burke's fleece.
We think it was taken from his body and hidden.
Where did you find it? The DCI asked me to search the most direct route from Burke's cabin to Lieutenant Commander Prentice's cabin.
I found it hidden behind a ventilation duct on that route.
Thank you.
What about Gary Walsh? Yeah, I spoke to him.
He admits trying to frame Burke with the drugs and claims that Prentice took them.
Thank you, Cox'n.
Is that all? - Yes, sir.
- As you were.
You hid this because it has your blood on it.
This isn't something that you're going to get out of.
Yes, I understand that.
Sir, engine room's ready to pull rods.
Very good.
Tell them one minute and I'll be there.
Aye, sir.
You're stood down, the same will apply to Walsh.
I think it's better that the crew know the truth.
I'll brief the officers.
You're confined to your cabin.
I don't need to lock you in, do I, Mark? When you're done, come and see me.
- Kirsten Longacre.
- Can you come and meet me? I'm freaking out a wee bit.
Can you come? Jade? What's going on? I want to talk to you.
I think I've messed up.
Where are you? Um, by the camp.
Don't come there.
- I'll drop you a pin.
Are you far? - Call 999.
It's probably nothing.
No, erm, I was just I was meant to meet someone, but I want to talk to you first.
OK, well, I'm at Kirkmouth Police Station.
I'm leaving now.
Go somewhere safe, OK? Stay around people until I can get to you.
Call Porter.
Are you still at work? Embarrassing you'd assume that, but, yeah, I am.
Do me a favour, try the word "Purity" on the USB stick.
Bear with.
We're in.
Oy, there's a tonne of stuff.
Good, great.
- Where are you? - I'm heading to Dunloch.
Jade Antoniak called and I think she's in trouble.
I need you to send backup, OK? I'll send you a pin now.
On it.
Stay in contact, back up's on its way.
Don't go after Hadlow.
He's just being loyal to his men, it's everything we ask them to be.
Tell me about Gary Walsh.
He, er He came to see me.
Said he suspected Burke was using drugs.
Uh, of course, I saw that for what it was, a clumsy attempt to frame Burke, so I put him on report and had him bring me the drugs.
And I told him that's not how we do things.
Of course, I had no intention of holding on to the drugs, I just, I I hadn't got round to disposing of them.
You didn't think to inform Captain Newsome? No.
God, no.
No, it was a judgment call.
Walsh would've been court-martialled.
I'd have lost a decent sailor for the sake of a bad one.
Why was Burke waiting for you on the missile deck? He asked me to meet him there.
- And you agreed to that? - Yeah, I thought I'd hear him out.
All he wanted to do was break my nose.
He got a couple of good ones in.
And then I hit him back, and he hit his head.
I went back later, to apologise in his bunk room.
- Did anyone see you? - Uh, no.
It was before change of watch.
And you found him dead? He died in front of me.
Um I mean, I must have seen his last few seconds.
I did that.
One punch and I've worked so bloody hard for this job.
I know what I did was wrong.
After Burke was dead, what then? I took the heroin and I tried to make it look Well, you know that.
I You can understand, can't you? Losing my whole career for the sake of one punch in self-defence.
You cost me days.
I know.
I know and Oh, Chri My My wh whole life is the Navy.
You stripped this off him? Yes.
I knew it would be covered in blood, so I hid it.
Tell me exactly what he looked like when you found him.
Uh He was comatose, but still twitching.
Obviously, he couldn't breathe.
He was sweating.
His nose was streaming, buckets of the stuff, and then he died before I could even think what to do.
I didn't hit him that hard! He didn't lose consciousness.
I'm sorry.
There's someone else I need to speak to.
You know what to do with the stuff I've put together.
I'm trusting you there and I do trust you, Jade.
I love you as well.
It's not easy for me to say that.
I should say it to your face more, I know that.
I have nothing else to say to you, DCI Silva.
I need to speak to Adams, it's urgent.
I'll be quick.
You have 30 seconds.
Go on.
- Are you still feeling unwell? - Yeah, I feel ruined.
- What are your symptoms? - Aching, fever.
My eyes keep swimming.
Like the flu, but it never goes anywhere.
- You gave Burke mouth-to-mouth? - Yeah.
- What, have I got a virus off him? - No.
Then what? What's going on with me? I can't discuss it with you.
Can you see the medic and wait with her? - Officer Adams, I need you here.
- Sorry, no chance.
Jesus! He needs to see the medic as soon as possible.
Captain speaking.
Hear this, all crew.
We are all aware what will happen if we fail to restart the reactor.
Our entire mission is at stake.
Despite the risks involved, we have no choice.
Ready to restart the reactor, sir.
Prepare to pull rods.
Did you hear that? If the reactor scrams again, note this is a Command call.
On my head.
Go ahead, EO.
Start pulling rods.
Aye, sir.
Pumps are stable.
Pulling rods now.
Pull group one.
Group one 50% withdrawn.
Group one, fully withdrawn.
Group one, fully withdrawn, sir.
Group two, 50% withdrawn.
Group two, fully withdrawn.
Group two, fully withdrawn.
Pull group three.
Group three 50% withdrawn.
Group three, fully withdrawn.
Group three, fully withdrawn, sir.
Reactor, critical.
Full power is available.
Thank Christ for that.
Reactor level 28% and rising, sir.
Officer of the Watch, secure from periscope depth.
Return to safe depth.
- Roger, sir.
- Cronin.
Returning to safe depth.
Sir, the recon vessel has located the wreck of the missing trawler, the Mhairi Finnea.
- Have them dive at first light.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- I got it wrong about Prentice.
- But he's admitted to it.
He did what he did because he thought he'd killed Burke.
I don't think Burke died of a head injury.
I think he was poisoned.
Jade?! Jade?! J?! Jade?! Jade One, two, three, four, five C'mon! Jade! One, two, three, four J! J!
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