Vigil (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

We are getting a boat ready to replace Vigil.
Perhaps DCI Silva could remain on board and continue her investigations.
You had problems with drugs on these submarines before? There is no drugs problem on Vigil.
I think Craig Burke may have been murdered.
The chances are it was MI5 that did that to you.
They watch activist groups.
I found a USB stick.
Was he spying? We were a problem for them.
Our party has been clear.
We do not want these weapons in Scotland.
The recon vessel has located the wreck of the missing trawler, the Mhairi Finnea.
We didn't hit the trawler.
As far as we know, another submarine did.
How are you with confined spaces? You can't carry your own meds.
What's this for? There was an accident.
I'm arresting you for obstructing a police investigation, and on suspicion of the murder of Craig Burke.
I didn't hit him that hard! I found traces of heroin in your belongings.
Ask me if I killed him.
He admits trying to frame Burke with the drugs and claims that Prentice took them.
You're stood down.
The same will apply to Walsh.
Are you still feeling unwell? Yeah, I feel ruined.
I don't think Burke died of a head injury.
I think he was poisoned.
I've found someone who knows what happened to Craig.
You know what to do with the stuff I've put together.
Jade! I love you as well.
I brought you some coffee.
Thank you.
It should help.
How are you feeling? Warmer.
What's the verdict? Bit of bruising to the back of the neck, no other signs of a struggle.
She was drowned, probably by someone a lot stronger than her.
She said she was meeting somebody but she didn't say who.
What about her belongings? Wallet in her jeans had a fiver and a few cards.
No phone recovered yet.
She shared her location from here, so she definitely had it on her.
I'll find out what network she was on No.
She called me from an app, so there won't be any records.
It's still worth a try, though.
OK, finish up here.
Let's get her across for postmortem.
Quick as you can, please.
This is a coordinated attack, sir.
First Burke, now his girlfriend.
I think we should treat this as one investigation.
I agree.
There's something you need to see.
Now, this is the car that picked up Jade from the police station yesterday.
I've run the plates, and the owner is a guy called Mark Hill.
Do we know him? He works for Patrick Cruden.
Jeez, Holyrood's golden boy? Aye.
That's not your fault.
Commence sending sub vessel footage to CTF.
The diving group found the Mhairi Finnea's hull this morning, sir.
Winches, what's left of the outrigger, and then there's this.
Anechoic tiles.
Ripped from the submarine's skin on impact with the trawler.
They're bagged up and on there way back now, sir.
Engineering's primed to ID the class of boat.
Let's see the Russians talk their way out of this one.
My God.
What is it? You see the discolouration? There's a substance dissolving the dye.
It's the same as we found on Burke's fleece.
So what does that mean? Burke ingested some kind of toxin.
That's what killed him.
Adams gave him mouth-to-mouth, and he's been unwell since.
This was a pre-meditated murder.
Do you think you can narrow down the substance based on Burke's symptoms? I'm not a toxicologist.
But you've got a degree in medicine, which is one better than the rest of us.
Could you at least try? Yeah, of course I will.
I need you to start straight away.
I have a lot of other duties.
Look, I'm not trying to give you orders, but if someone's brought poison on board, there's nothing stopping them from doing this again.
Fine, I'll get on it.
I need to see the captain.
I'm not here to make friends.
Yeah, I can see that.
All right? Hardly anyone knew they were a couple, but Jade Antoniak and Craig Burke were murdered a few days apart.
And Jade called me at 18.
45 last night, and she told me that she was about to meet someone.
She was scared.
And as we know, she was dead by the time that I got to her.
The day before, however, she had expressed suspicions - of the Navy's involvement in Burke's death, and of infiltration within the peace camp by MI5.
Now, there's no evidence for either of these accusations.
But she was collaborating with Craig Burke to gain access to information on Vigil.
And we suspect that it's that information that got her killed.
Over to you for the USB.
There's a mix of operational stuff, but there's also personal stuff on crew.
A couple of things stood out.
This is drug-testing of a hair sample.
Burke paid for it at a private lab.
It's positive for LSD.
There's nothing to ID whose hair he was testing, but if you look at the timing, Vigil just got back from a mission to Port Havers in Florida.
And if you look at the press around that mission, 15 crew arrested by local cops for being drunk and disorderly and, allegedly, high on drugs as well.
What was the Navy's response? They tested the whole crew.
All came back negative.
So Burke returns to the UK and commissions this drug test? And the hair sample comes back positive for LSD.
Contradicting the Navy's results.
The other thing, in terms of Vigil's crew, is a series of photographs.
I've looked through Vigil's HR files and got a pretty solid ID on her.
The woman is Lieutenant Tiffany Docherty, ship's doctor.
There's a man caught in the background.
You can't see much of him, but you can make out a tattoo of a dragon on his upper arm.
Is it Burke? Don't know, sir.
OK, I want this Lieutenant Docherty vetted and we need to look into whatever happened in Florida.
Who's the guy Burke replaced for this patrol? The one who broke his leg? Chief Petty Officer John Deerborne.
He would've been with the crew in Florida.
I could talk to him? Good.
Good, OK.
Get a coded message to DCI Silva.
And let's get straight on to Cruden's office, find out what this, this adviser has to say for himself.
OK, thank you, everybody.
Thank you.
Boss, that's Lieutenant Commander Branning.
Answer it.
Turn on News 24.
A sailor has been found dead on the Royal Navy submarine HMS Vigil, one of four Vanguard-class submarines which carries the UK's nuclear deterrent.
Did this come from your end? Absolutely not.
Burke's family maybe? We've also had questions about a dead activist who broke onto base.
That would not be us.
That is not coming from us.
That's not I thought we had an understanding.
So you very publicly arrested my XO for a murder you now say he didn't commit? Prentice is still guilty of assault and obstruction of justice.
Walsh is guilty of possession of drugs.
What we haven't done yet is identify Burke's killer.
I specifically asked you not to use the word "murder" in front of my crew.
We've just had a reactor scram and an enemy submarine trailing us.
I needed them focused! Your second-in-command cost me two days, trying to cover his own arse, and we're still left with an extremely dangerous person onboard and very little evidence to go on, so if you value the safety of your crew, I suggest you focus on helping me and not containing me.
Don't you What? Sir, you wanted the diagnostics on the reactor.
It's all clear.
No faults.
So run them again.
All of them? Don't make me repeat myself.
Yes, sir.
So, what now? Lieutenant Docherty is researching toxins, but there's still the question of how someone would handle and administer the drug.
You're on a boat with 140 highly skilled engineers and technicians.
If you're asking who's capable, I have to say anybody.
OK, look.
We know that Burke didn't eat a meal the last time he was in the mess.
Of course, we don't know how quick-acting the toxin was, so with my limited time You've got three weeks.
What? Your stay with us has been extended.
Orders from our superiors.
I can't.
I'm not prepared for that.
Those are our orders.
Will you excuse me? Sorry.
Shit! Shit.
I've got him! I want to stay with you.
I know, darling, I want that too, but it's it's not my decision, and they're your grandparents, so We'll still see each other.
You don't love me any more.
God, that is just not true.
Come here.
I am going to be with you for the whole of your life.
I promise.
Walsh's career is over.
You realise that, don't you? Not my decision.
He spent his childhood in and out of care.
You've seen the scars on his arms? His dad used to put fags out on him.
I'm sorry to hear that He's got zero prospects back home.
You've wrecked our mate's life.
He brought drugs on to a Royal Navy submarine to frame a crew member for possession.
Those are crimes, and it's my job is to investigate.
It's not fucking personal.
Burke was up to stuff as well.
Did you know that? What stuff? Look, the sooner I get answers, the sooner I can leave you all alone.
I'd say that's win-win, wouldn't you? What can you do for Gary? We'll say he co-operated.
If it goes to court, the judge will take that into consideration.
Burke had a shit-list.
He told me a couple of weeks ago he had files on all of us.
So, what did you do about that? Did what you're supposed to do.
I took it straight to the CO.
To Newsome? Detective Silva, familygram.
Three in three days.
You're popular.
You reckon? "Burke's girlfriend murdered last night.
"No suspect yet.
" Shit! "Look into Florida.
"Burke went fishing, got a big haul.
"Burke had photo of doc plus another.
"Weak visual on him but he's got my favourite book.
"I hope that makes sense.
"Cat's been asking after you.
"She hopes you're OK.
"So do I.
" Look, I don't deny this area relies on Navy contracts, but consider what we could do with the tens of billions freed up by scrapping Trident.
That's money to reinvest in this community and working communities just like it around the country.
Go ahead, Claire.
Do you have any response to reports that a sailor has died on HMS Vigil? Out of respect for a young man's family, I'll say very little, but I will say that the Navy's silence on this is worrying and I'll be taking it up with the Prime Minister.
Yes? You found us, then? Mr Hill! Thanks for meeting me.
Yeah, sorry it's on the move, you know, it's a busy time with the vote coming up.
The office said you had some questions about an activist? Aye, Jade Antoniak.
She was seen getting into your car yesterday at Kirkmouth police station.
That's right, yeah, it was a favour.
Why were you doing favours for Ms Antoniak? I barely knew her.
We have other friends at the Peace Camp, I did it for them.
Activists tend to be a little wary, don't they? You said "knew her".
So? I didn't tell you she was dead.
We have plenty of friends at the Peace Camp.
Where were you around nine o'clock last night, if you don't mind me asking? I was at my girlfriend's 30th.
The Crown and Thorn, yeah.
I got home around 3am.
For God's sake, don't tell the boss! I'll need to check that.
Yeah, you do what you like.
Look, um, we've got two more of these before lunch .
so I really can't be holding everyone up.
I'd like you to come down to the station this afternoon.
I've got a few more questions for you.
Are you asking or telling? How's 2pm? Sure.
Thanks very much, folks.
That's all I've got time for today You coming? Burke's memorial.
Everyone not on watch is supposed to be there.
I'm not sure I'm wanted, am I? Um We're all, um, here for you.
You know that, don't you? Going soft on me, shipmate? Prick! Craig Burke was a force of nature.
On that we can all agree.
He was passionate, and talented.
Now, I know this has been a tricky patrol, but we come together today to give a valued member of our crew the send-off he deserves.
As many of you will know, a few hours ago, two of our crew members were detained for serious breaches.
I want to clarify that those arrests did not relate to the death of Craig Burke.
That is an ongoing investigation, and your continued cooperation greatly appreciated.
We are, as we were at the beginning of patrol, a professional crew.
Committed to the mission, to each other, keeping Britain safe.
That task remains paramount.
We'll now have a reading.
Mark 16.
Verse 40.
And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome .
bought spices so that they might go to anoint Jesus' body.
Very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb and they asked each other, "Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?" Mummy, I want to stay with you.
Mummy, please.
I want to stay with you, Mummy.
Mummy! Mummy! As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in white robes You OK? Yeah.
Your cook looks upset.
Jackie, yeah, she's taken it pretty badly.
Her son's been in a bad place lately.
What about Lieutenant Docherty? What about her? What was her relationship like with Burke? Can you just stop for five minutes? We're at a memorial service.
Chief Petty Officer Deerborne.
How is it? The ankle? Least of my worries.
It's more the boredom.
Might have to take up knitting.
I wanted to talk to you about Port Havers.
Yeah? The party boat stuff.
You were there.
I went across to Tampa.
My sister lives there.
But you must've heard about it from other crew? Run ashore, bit of skylarking.
You've been stuck at sea for weeks, it happens.
What about Burke? Burke was off his face and smashed up his cabin, saying he got spiked by someone in the crew.
Who'd want to spike him? Take your pick! Listen, we all had to do piss tests, we all got cleared.
He was just trying to shift the blame for what he did, wasn't he? Did the Navy believe him? No.
And with the damage he caused he got kicked off our boat, lost his chances of a promotion.
It's only cos of this he got let back on.
And what do you think happened at Port Havers? Like I said, all the urine tests came back negative.
No, see, John, that's not what I asked.
I wasn't there when it happened.
Whatever you might have thought of him, Craig Burke's family are grieving.
And now a young woman has been killed as well, which we think may be connected.
And I believe if people had talked to us earlier, she might have lived.
She was 24.
This can never, ever come back to me.
Look at Davis.
There was a problem with Davis.
I don't know Davis.
Is he crew? I can't do this.
Please, just tell me that.
I can't! I've got to go, I'm sorry.
I was just about to call you.
Is there a Davis on the Vigil crew list? Bear with.
No Davis.
What's this about? Florida.
Could be a past member of Vigil.
Check US Navy personnel at Port Havers as well.
On it.
And the hair on Burke's drug test - I'm pretty sure that was his own.
He was trying to prove he'd been spiked.
In other news, Jade's bank account and phone records are in.
She got paid a grand a month by a limited company called Ansell Holdings.
I've looked into it, and you'll never guess who the sole director is.
Who? The guy you spoke to this morning, Mark Hill.
What about the phone logs? Any calls last night? No, you were right, she must have been using an encrypted app.
But I've been looking further back, and that's when things get interesting.
Over the past year, there's a pattern of late night calls with one number.
Hill? Nope.
His boss, the MP Patrick Cruden.
If you're interested, he's at the City Chambers right now.
OK, I'm heading in.
I don't think I have anything more to say to you.
Have they told you about Burke being poisoned? OK, I've got a few questions.
I'd appreciate if you could answer them.
If you co-operate, I'll note it in my report.
It'll help.
You haven't lost everything, Mark.
Lieutenant Commander Prentice.
I haven't been discharged just yet.
Well, maybe it won't come to that.
Yeah, right! What's the worst thing about this situation for you? It's that I've let my crew down.
Vigil needs a strong XO.
It's why the Admiralty posted me here in the first place.
I mean, Newsome has some merits but discipline had slipped badly.
That's to do with Florida? Yeah, Port Havers, last year.
The boat went over for missile servicing.
Crew went out, things got out of hand.
Drinking, fighting in the street.
And drugs? Burke created a problem for the Navy there.
He kept insisting he'd been spiked, which created an obvious discrepancy with the official drugs test results.
Implying that the Navy had falsified their findings.
I doubt the Admiralty would have swept that under the carpet.
Far more likely is that the original urine samples had been .
had been tampered with.
How are these tests done? Back at base, there's Well, there's very strict protocol.
I don't know how they do them abroad.
Doctor probably oversaw them.
Lieutenant Docherty? Yes.
You'd have to ask her.
So why didn't the Navy take Burke's claims more seriously? I don't know.
It's just .
I'm trying to think why they might have wanted to avoid more scrutiny.
Did anything else happen with Vigil in that period? Well, if it did, Command never shared that information with me.
And we certainly don't need any more scandals.
I appreciate this.
Well, you're trying to keep the crew safe, and .
well, that's what matters.
Have you got permission to be in there? Prentice is about to be court martialled.
You shouldn't be seeing him without a chaperone.
Amy? Are you being honest with me? Am I being honest with you? About what? Burke was gathering information.
Kierly told me she took it to Newsome.
Did you know about that? For God's sake! Newsome would've told him to stop gossiping.
In fact, I doubt Burke even did it.
He was probably just trying to get a rise out of Kierly.
And the Port Havers drug tests? Yeah, well, most of the crew were relieved when the tests came back negative.
Burke wasn't.
He said he was spiked.
You knew about that.
And you didn't tell me.
I didn't think that it was relevant.
Burke had a whole list of petty grievances.
That doesn't make them all real.
Look, I've helped you.
I've gone over and above.
Now, I can see that you're not coping down here but I'm not the enemy.
OK, Go on.
Ask me.
Ask me anything.
I'll tell you.
Did Lieutenant Docherty have any involvement in carrying out the drug tests? Yes.
Is there anything else you think I should know about her? Like what, for example? I had a message back from my colleagues on land.
Craig Burke's girlfriend was murdered yesterday.
What? I also know that Burke had an illicit photo of Docherty with someone.
Who? I don't know, I can't decipher my colleague's message.
But Docherty has access to pharmaceuticals on board.
She knows how to use them.
She told us that she gave Burke a paracetamol for a headache.
And you add in her involvement with the Florida drugs tests - she has means, motive and the opportunity to kill Burke.
I need to speak to her now.
Yes, come in.
We've studied the tiles from the sink site, sir.
The engineers are unanimous.
And? It wasn't the Russians.
So, no contact whatsoever? No, sir.
Checked all bands, all frequencies on all sonar sets.
Still nothing.
How long? It's been five days.
No ASW contact.
As far as we can tell, there's no-one trailing us.
Sir? Get out of here.
Sir, I have to talk to you.
Carry on.
Sir, am I still facing discharge? Now you know I never planted the drugs? You still brought the heroin onboard, didn't you? Has that changed? What what happened in Port Havers though, sir, that was Are you threatening me? No, sir.
You keep your mouth shut, otherwise discharge will be the least of your problems.
Show me that printout.
Rear Admiral Shaw.
We came as soon as we got your message.
Ray Kohli, MI5.
And this is Laura Michaels.
As far as I'm aware, we are not at war with the United States.
Is that correct? We are not at war, sir, no.
So perhaps MI5 can explain to me why a Los Angeles-class submarine brought down a fishing trawler four days ago, while covertly tracking HMS Vigil? Because, objectively, it's a staggering act of hostility from a supposed ally.
We'll talk to the Pentagon immediately.
Do that.
And while you're there, ask them why we had to send down divers to find out this bloody information! I think we all know the answer to that, sir.
There's still considerable tension because of the incident at Port Havers.
So it's our fault? You're intelligence.
Find out.
We will.
But perhaps we should use the time we have to discuss Craig Burke and Jade Antoniak? Sir, signal from CTF 345.
Jesus! Carry on.
Aye, Sir.
Mr Hill.
It's not gone 2pm? That's not why I'm here.
Where's your boss? I'd like to talk about Ansell Holdings.
Why were you paying Jade? And why use a shell company to do it? I think the two of you were paying her for Trident information and then leaking it to the press.
I think you briefed them just today on Burke's death.
OK, this is ridiculous.
And it certainly has nothing to do with Patrick.
Jade's phone records tell a different story, don't they? If you can't tell me why you and Jade had late-night calls going back a year, well, then maybe I should ask your wife, shouldn't I, Mr Cruden? Did you have anything to do with Jade's death? OK, we're done here.
Mark! Give us a minute, please.
Patrick? It's OK.
It's fine.
I'll be right outside.
It's not what you think.
What do I think? An affair.
It's not that.
She was my daughter.
I had a fling with her mother, back in my CND days.
Jade came to see me last year.
It was hard.
But we were getting there, you know? What about the company? I asked Mark to set that up.
Why? So that I could give Jade an allowance.
My wife didn't know about her.
Still doesn't.
Is it true that Jade was drowned? I'm afraid so.
I understand this must be difficult.
But if there's anything that you think might be relevant to this investigation, I need you to share it with me.
She said she was being followed.
When did she tell you that? Recently.
She'd had her laptop stolen.
She was convinced MI5 had people in the Peace Camp.
Why would MI5 be following her? Because of Craig Burke.
You know about the USB stick.
I can't comment on that.
She told me you had it.
Burke saw himself as a whistle-blower.
A few weeks ago, he got nervous.
He told her he was on to something, some incident in the States.
There were fatalities, a crew member was shipped off to the Middle East.
A cover-up? I didn't get all the details.
But I do know that he was conflicted about it.
Why? Because he had something that showed these boats weren't fit for purpose.
And he thought this could spell the end of it.
He actually said that to you? I asked to speak to him, but he wouldn't.
Everything went through Jade.
Got an update on Davis.
Aye? Sort of.
Go on.
Well, there's no sign of him on any Dunloch HR files, but I did notice something else.
There's this guy in Vigil's crew list from Port Havers.
A few weeks later, he's gone.
Ross Harmison - junior rate.
Probably nothing but Transferred to the Middle East? Bahrain.
HMS Riffa.
How did you know that? Have you looked him up? Tried.
Been told he's on operations.
Right, OK.
Put me through to Robertson.
He's in briefing MI5.
They showed up out of the blue, half an hour ago.
I'm coming in.
Well, thank you for your time.
We'll be in touch.
How much did you tell them? As little as possible.
How are you getting on? I think we're looking at three options, based on Burke's symptoms.
There's a drug called Pilocarpine.
What's going on? My colleagues on land have been investigating the cover-up of some drugs tests.
The tests that were done on Vigil's crew when you were last in Florida.
I think you cheated them, and I'm going to give you the opportunity to be honest with me about that.
What? I don't know what you're talking about I'm tired, Tiffany.
Don't get on the wrong side of me today.
I switched some of the samples.
Whose? I won't give you their names.
I was told to get the samples ready for transfer to the lab, so I switched them for clean urine.
Where did you get it from? I knew the tests were going to happen, so I had a bit of time.
I paid some American recruits.
Did someone pressure you into doing that? No.
I don't believe you.
Why, then? Because they're my friends.
And I knew they'd messed up.
Think about the job.
You're asking people to leave their families at short notice, for long stretches.
You're asking them to put up with loneliness, and boredom, and a total lack of privacy.
When we come alongside, people let off steam.
That's coping, and they don't deserve to lose their careers over it.
I think you're covering.
I think someone told you to do it.
I take full responsibility.
That's a carefully worded answer.
Craig Burke's girlfriend died yesterday.
Were you pressured into doing anything else? Like what? Someone on this boat poisoned Craig Burke.
And you think that was me? Why would I do that? I know about the photo.
What photo? The photo that Burke had of you, with a man.
Was he blackmailing you? What are you talking about? Burke was upset about the drugs tests.
He knew they were cheated and that caused problems for him, but he never mentioned There was never any blackmail.
Please What's this photo? So you like my cooking now, do you? I don't have much time.
That's fine.
This won't take long.
You'll note the date on that drugs test.
What is this? We were hoping you could tell us.
I've never seen this before.
Where did you get this information? It's come to light during the course of our investigation.
Craig Burke left it on a digital storage device.
Was Tiffany Docherty pressured into cheating the drugs tests done in Port Havers? Absolutely not.
But you can see why that might be seen as a legitimate line of inquiry, based on what we have here.
I hardly know what you have.
I've not seen this before.
Does the name Ross Harmison mean anything to you? Harmison was a junior mechanic on Vigil.
Shortly after the boat was in Port Havers, he was transferred to HMS Riffa in the Middle East.
I'd like to know if there was a particular reason for that.
The submarine service isn't for everyone.
Ratings are allowed to apply for a transfer.
Let's talk about Davis Marine, then.
It's a naval services company, based out of US Port Havers.
Now, 18 months ago, there were local press reports of two Davis Marine contractors drowning in the harbour.
I've looked at the dates, and this happened the morning after Vigil's crew got wasted.
What does this have to do with your inquiry? It's a little bit strange, isn't it? Two contractors going for a dip in a deep-water harbour on a Tuesday morning? I've got sources who suggest that these deaths were linked to Vigil, and that a cover-up took place.
Now, we've also been told by multiple sources that Jade thought that the Navy or MI5 was watching her, and possibly knew about her relationship with Craig Burke.
We all know there have been a lot of leaks recently.
Was the Navy concerned that Burke might tell Jade what he knew about Port Havers? Are you suggesting the Navy murdered Craig Burke and Jade Antoniak? We're fact-finding.
Part of our job is to ask difficult questions.
Now, the question is whether the Navy saw Burke as a security risk.
Well, ask yourself this.
If we'd thought he was a security risk, would we have let him back on board? The Peace Camp always think they're being spied on.
It helps them feel important.
I'm confident someone was watching me earlier.
That wouldn't have been us.
The Armed Forces don't spy on the police.
This isn't North Korea.
OK then.
Thank you for your time today.
That's it? We've asked our questions, they've been good enough to answer them.
Aye, but I wasn't That'll do, Kirsten.
So, what are you thinking? I'm thinking she's telling the truth.
Look, maybe we're looking at the wrong person.
In what way? The photograph.
Have you got any idea who she might have been sleeping with? If it was anybody on the boat, then I'm sure I'd know about it.
Walsh? What are you doing? Shit.
Put the gun down.
Shut your fucking mouth.
You've really fucked me, do you know that? I've got nothing left.
I was just brought here to understand why someone died.
I'm not to blame for him dying! No-one's saying that you are.
Prentice planted the gear on him, not me.
He's admitted that.
No-one's trying to blame you.
But Harmison kills whoever, and he what, he gets a transfer out of it? A bit of sunshine and a nice new gig? How's that justice? Gary, mate I did my job.
I nearly died doing my job on this patrol, and who's got my back? Gary, please.
Just put the gun down.
Shut up! Put the gun down, mate.
The point is .
it's not fair.
Fuck it.
Amy, don't.
Gary Stay away from me! Gary, listen to me.
I don't know you well, OK? But I know there's a lot of people on this boat that think a great deal of you, whether you're in the service or not.
No, you don't understand.
No, you're wrong.
I do, I do understand.
I'm not going to tell you how great life is, because I've .
I've been exactly where you are.
Gary, look at me.
I watched my boyfriend die, and it was my fault.
And now his mum won't let me see the girl that we brought up together and that fucking broke me.
Gary, look at me.
No I know something that you don't right now.
Yeah, what's that, then? That there are still some bits of light.
Something or .
or someone will come along and make it seem worth it.
You have to picture it right now.
Because if you do it .
there's no going back.
I think you might consider trying paroxetine.
Is there any chance that you could be pregnant or might become pregnant? I think your records are all pretty recent.
Um, any changes since the crash? Epilepsy, blood sugars, blood pressure all normal? No.
Everything's the same.
Do you want to talk about us signing you off work for a bit? No.
I don't want to stop work.
There is a waiting list for counselling, but I think it might Why does everyone want me to talk? What is there to say? I miss them.
I used to have them both curled up in my bed and now I don't have either of them.
I haven't even got the right to see Poppy, never mind It's not complicated.
I just miss them.
I'll try the paroxetine.
Can I get you anything else? No.
I'm sorry to have to ask this, but back there you mentioned an incident with someone called Harmison.
Was that in Florida? Aye.
It was when we were in Port Havers for missile servicing.
Last year? Yeah.
We docked, and straight away most of us got let off for a bit of shore leave, Harmison included.
Duty watch had the reactor on cool-down for maintenance.
Harmison got back early doors to relieve them, but he was still half-pissed and coming down off God knows what, so he went for a kip.
Didn't notice the cold water hose failing.
Is that serious? Aye.
Aye, it shouldnae happen.
The reactor temperature was skyrocketing, he was fast asleep.
The generators were over-pressurised, we had 70 bar of steam flying round corroded old pipes and naebody had a clue.
So what happened? I was back aft running hydroplane checks.
There were two contractors in the turbine room, local guys.
One of the pipes must've cracked under the pressure, because I heard screaming.
And by the time that I'd got there .
they'd been cooked alive.
So what did you do? I legged it to the manoeuvring room, woke up Harmison, and we called the EO to initiate cool-down procedures.
Thank God we caught it when we did.
A few degrees hotter, and we were looking at another Fukushima.
I'm talking a nuclear meltdown causing a massive hydrogen explosion.
We were that close.
And Newsome knew? Aye, he had to.
All got hushed up pretty quickly.
You know, me and Harmison and the others who were there taken into a room and told to sew our mouths shut.
Officially, they just drowned.
And Burke knew? Aye.
God knows how HE found out.
Then again, he has shit on everybody.
Harmison messed up big time.
But the truth is these boats are on their last legs and naebody wants to talk about it.
There's too much at stake.
Burke talked a lot of shite, but he was right about that.
The medic will see you now.
I'll take you over.
Go and lie down and sober up.
You're a decent man, Gary.
I'm going to make sure you get the help that you need.
Don't be long.
We need to speak to Newsome.
Yes, ma'am.
"Burke had photo of doc, plus another.
"Weak visual on him, but he's got my favourite book.
" God.
We have a situation up here that needs to be contained.
Detective Longacre to Control.
Can you run a plate for me? Go ahead.
I'm heading northbound through the Clyde Tunnel.
Looks like a black SUV tailing me.
Yankee, Charlie, two, zero .
Oscar, Golf, X-ray.
Nothing in the system, Sarge.
Have we got any other cars in the area? Checking for you now.
You're looking at five to ten minutes.
Busy one tonight.
Fuck's sake.
Sarge? Am I sending units? Um Where's the nearest multi-story car park? Er, Renfrew Street.
Right, OK.
Control, I'm heading there now.
Send backup.
Is there anyone there? You can't be in here.
How did he get the photo? Burke stole it from my phone.
But you didn't tell me that.
Why didn't you tell me that? Cos there's so much going on.
It's OK.
I won't say anything.
You should go.
Control, I'm en route, blues on.
I'm one minute out from car park.
What's the ETA? ETA five minutes.
Do not engage.
Repeat, do not engage.
Shit! No.
Come on.
Where are they? Backup four minutes out.
Control, where's that backup? ETA three minutes, at least.
They're supposed to be here now! Do not engage.
Wait for backup.
Repeat, wait for backup.
Right, OK.
I'm on the roof.
I am decamping.
Do not engage.
Repeat, do not engage.
I've backup on the way.
Who are you, why are you foll I know you.
You're MI5.
You need to come with us.
Did you get anything else from Walsh? No.
Everything OK? I'm tired, I I need to get some sleep.
What about Newsome? He can wait.
Are you going to move?
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