Vigil (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Burke ingested some kind of toxin.
This was a premeditated murder.
I specifically asked you not to use the word "murder".
We've just had a reactor scram and an enemy submarine trailing us, I needed them focused.
We're still left with an extremely dangerous person on board.
I suggest you focus on helping me and not containing me.
This is a coordinated attack, sir.
First Burke.
Now his girlfriend.
She had expressed suspicions of infiltration within the peace camp by MI5.
There's this one guy.
He likes wearing this really bad Glasgow hockey jacket.
I reckon they know I have something.
Perhaps MI5 can explain to me why a Los Angeles-class submarine brought down a fishing trawler four days ago while covertly tracking HMS Vigil.
There's still considerable tension because of the incident at Port Havers.
Burke saw himself as a whistle-blower.
Told her he was onto some incident in the States.
Put the gun down.
Harmison kills whoever and he gets a transfer out of it! How is that justice? Gary, listen to me.
I've been exactly where you are.
Do you want to talk about us signing you off work for a bit? No.
I'll try the paroxetine.
Your stay with us has been extended.
I can see that you're not coping down here but I'm not the enemy.
15 crew arrested by local cops for being allegedly high on drugs.
They tested the whole crew.
All came back negative.
There were two contractors in the turbine room.
The reactor temperature was skyrocketing, Harmison was fast asleep.
They'd been cooked alive.
A few degrees hotter and we were looking at another Fukushima.
They're supposed to be here now! Who are you? You're MI5.
You need to come with us.
I switched some of the samples.
People let off steam.
That's coping.
I think you're covering.
I know about the photo that Burke had of you with a man.
Burke stole it from my phone.
Why didn't you tell me that? Cos there's so much going on.
I don't see why things have to change.
Because you keep putting it off.
You said that you were ready! Do you even want to move in together? Stop asking me, OK? I just I just need some space.
If you don't want me here, I can go.
No! I didn't mean that! You're not listening to me! Do you know what? I am listening.
I loved you.
And I wanted to know you.
And you don't even like that about me.
Firing order received on the broadcast.
Firing order received on the broadcast.
Weapons Engineering Officers to the control room.
Weapons Engineering Officers to the control room.
Weapons Engineering Officer's here, sir.
Firing orders received.
In the clear.
Stand by.
Stand by.
Firing orders received.
Firing order received 0100.
Ship Control, bring the submarine to Action Stations Missile for a missile launch.
Adams! Sorry, we're getting the boat to launch depth.
Adams! Action stations.
Action stations.
All compartments close up.
Submarine is going to ordered launch depth.
The firing unit keys have been issued to the SMO.
WEO command, set condition 1SQ.
You all right there? Yeah.
You're hurt, we should get you to the medic.
No, I'm Repeat, launch procedures have been authorised.
Set condition 1SQ.
Take the submarine to ordered launch depth.
Is released for launch.
Commander, at launch depth.
What? What's happening? Better get her out.
What? No! Out of the control room.
Amy, you've had your instructions.
You need to leave the control room.
Instructions? What's wrong with your head? Nothing, I just banged it.
Weapon System in 1SQ.
Weapon System in 1SQ.
WEO, Command, roger.
What did he mean, weapons? Out you go, Amy.
WEO, Command, you have my permission to fire.
What? STOP! Amy! It's just a drill.
It's just a drill.
It's just a drill.
It's just a drill.
Launch drill completed.
Launch drill completed.
Get her to the sickbay.
Carry on, everyone.
Um Amy.
Amy, are you OK? Are you all right? Do you want me on your mind? Or do you want me to go on? I might be yours as sure as I can say Be gone, be far away You made a statement to the Navy regarding an incident in Port Havers.
That's part of an ongoing inquiry.
You'll need to speak to my superiors.
We have.
What happened in Port Havers is highly classified so whoever leaked it to you is breaking the law and compromising national security.
Now, you know that you are obliged to co-operate with us today.
And failure to do so will see you facing charges.
In the best-case scenario, that's your career gone.
I haven't shared my information with anyone.
You met with Patrick Cruden this afternoon.
What was the nature of that conversation? How long have you been following me? Did you discuss Port Havers with him? He was trying to help me find Jade Antoniak's killer.
You haven't answered my question.
He suspects the Navy covered up an incident in Florida, but he doesn't know what happened.
Well, obviously, you're concerned about the information Cruden is leaking to the press.
I assume you were aware of his relationship with Jade.
We're familiar with her.
Was MI5 running surveillance on Dunloch peace camp? We monitor them.
Their activities, who they talk to.
But it's a light touch.
Why do you monitor them? Al the reasons that you'd expect.
Most of them are harmless, but not all of them, especially when they link up with other activist groups.
In August there was a demo which involved three groups and it got violent.
Jade told me you had operatives in the camp.
What were they doing there? You've had plenty of time to ask your questions.
Anything else you can submit in writing.
Let's go.
Whilst we respect your independence That's very gracious of you.
there are issues of national security here.
We need you to keep a dialogue open with us.
We'll be sure to go through all the proper channels.
I had no choice in the matter.
By the time they told me, you were already in with them.
They've been following me since I met with Cruden.
Maybe earlier.
So, what did you get out of them? I asked about operatives in the camp.
They didn't give me a straight answer.
I've got a few ideas, though.
Let's get you home.
We can pick this up in the morning.
Fall out from Action Stations.
Second watch.
Watch dived.
Second watch.
Are you all right? Could you tell the Cox'n I'd like to see him? I'll meet him in his office.
Yes, ma'am.
Your team come up from there.
And then we come down from there.
Actually, can I leave that with you for a second? I'll type it up.
Tea or coffee? Or, I mean, you could try the soup if you're feeling masochistic.
Kirsten Longacre.
I just transferred from CID.
Amy Silva.
I know.
When did they put this machine in? When the clamour for bad soup got too loud to ignore.
I wanted to ask you something, if you don't mind.
I've got my Inspector interview coming up and Robertson said that you would be the best person to help me prep.
Now's not a good time.
No worries.
Can I buy you a hot chocolate? No.
I'm good.
No, I'd like to.
Erm So, what would you say is the biggest mistake people make in their interviews? Yes? Yeah, five minutes.
Thank you.
Thank you, that is all I need.
They said you were waiting for me.
Why didn't you tell me it was a drill? It's our job to complete the test as quickly as possible.
Not to calm you down.
How are you feeling, anyway? Are you OK? I think you should sit down.
Are you having an affair with Tiffany Docherty? What? I think you're the man in those pictures.
And Craig Burke was using them to blackmail you.
He needed information on Port Havers.
On the two contractors.
The accident.
You knew about that, didn't you? I can't I can't discuss that.
He was going to leak it to the press, exposing the Navy's cover-up.
I think he needed your help to do that.
No, it wasn't like OK, if you're not going to be honest with me, we can go to the Captain.
We can have this conversation in front of him.
So now you're blackmailing me, too? So you did help him? So, when did he approach you? Just a couple of weeks before the patrol.
Did you give him any evidence? Any proof it happened? There wasn't any.
Not that I would have given it to him even if there was.
He must have needed something to go to the press.
Otherwise the Navy would just deny the whole story.
And he had that photo of you, so he could have just kept pushing you, asking you for more.
He had the power to ruin your career, your marriage, your family.
The only way that's going to go away is if Craig Burke did.
So Are you implying that I had something to do with his death? You were with him the day of the trawler.
You've lied to me throughout this whole fucking investigation! What! This is This is ridiculous.
I didn't kill Craig Burke! How would I have even done that anyway? Do you know what? It doesn't even matter what you think any more.
Not after that stunt you pulled today in the control room.
Excuse me? Everyone on this boat thinks that you are deranged! It was only me that didn't.
Now you're on your own.
Rough night? I've not slept much.
I've gone through all this footage from the loch-side the night Jade was killed.
So far, not much.
Leave that for a sec, there's something else I want to look at.
Jade told me that she was in a train station on her way back from a protest and she recognised someone.
Now, she thought he was MI5.
And I'm thinking Well, no, I'm hoping that maybe a camera picked it up.
Do you know when? And which station? MI5 mentioned a protest that got violent in August.
You could start there.
That was here in Glasgow.
OK, well, let's look at both ends of the line, Kirkmouth and Glasgow Central.
See if we can spot Jade.
No-one gets it first time.
Well, that's good to know.
Any tips, though? Even just to fill the silence.
Yeah, don't be too nice.
Don't be an arse, but just don't be too nice either, you know? You don't have to please everybody.
Not everyone deserves it.
Spoken like a true misanthrope.
You've sort of got to be, haven't you? It's part of the job description.
Trust no-one, don't get emotionally involved.
Have you ever thought about motivational speaking? A great detective shuts herself off.
She focuses on the work at the cost of everything else.
So, what you're saying, then, is accept total loneliness.
Do you really believe that? Yeah, wholeheartedly.
So you do have a heart, then? Despite what you're claiming? No.
Not when I'm at work I don't.
But you're not always at work, though, are you? Breakfast, ma'am.
Erm, thanks.
I just heard about your son.
Found out this morning.
He's getting out.
That's amazing! They're just letting him go? I think there was new evidence or something.
Anyway, he'll be back home waiting for me.
I can't believe it! I know! I need to get back to this, hen.
DCI Silva, I need you in sickbay.
What for? I need to run a check-up on you.
Captain's orders.
You haven't taken your pain meds.
I told you, I feel fine.
OK, what's going on? Surgeon Lieutenant Docherty, can I have your report? DCI Silva's injury is superficial.
No evidence of concussion.
It's harder to say about the medication.
Sorry, what? It's been brought to my attention that you have a serious medical condition, for which you brought unauthorised medication on board.
Yeah, OK, I don't know what's been said What are the effects exactly of withdrawal from that medication? Trouble sleeping.
Poor balance.
Psychosis is rare, but it can happen.
Do you think that might account for your outburst this morning? I never told you about my medication.
You did mention it.
We're just trying to help you, Amy.
We're worried about you.
That's all.
That's That's kind.
Look, Captain, this is some kind of an attempt to undermine me.
I witnessed your behaviour.
I'd just woke up and no-one told me it was You know I didn't tell you about my medication.
I'm certain of that.
So, Lieutenant Docherty must have told you.
You know these two are having an affair, so this isn't about me.
This is about them trying to make me look Cox'n assures me that there has been no inappropriate contact.
OK, I need to interview the Cox'n under caution.
Craig Burke was gathering information on Port Havers.
He was going to take down the whole boat, and the Cox'n knew that.
He's already admitted to me that Burke was blackmailing him.
Do you have any evidence? That is what I'm trying to do.
I'm trying to gather evidence but you're not giving me the appropriate assistance.
How so? You failed to mention the sinking of the trawler.
You failed to mention Port Havers.
That is classified information which has no bearing on this case.
That isn't for you to judge.
DCI Silva, I can't have you in questionable health, disrupting drills, and making wild accusations.
I think you're unfit.
You're relieved of your duties.
You don't have the authority to do that.
I do.
And you'll stay in my cabin for the rest of the day.
You'll rest and you'll follow Lieutenant Docherty's advice regarding your health.
There is someone on board Vigil who is dangerous.
I am trying to help you find out who that is.
I need your full support right now.
Why don't you? Convince the medic that you are fit for duty, and we'll revisit this.
If you can't do that, I will confine you to quarters for the duration of this patrol.
Yes? Lieutenant Docherty will escort you to my cabin now.
There you go.
Here's Jade.
This is just outside Central Station on the day of the protest.
I've gone through all the cameras in the area and picked up this guy.
That's an ice hockey jacket.
Can we get any closer? She just took their photo.
Did they see her take that? Do we have footage inside the station? Hasn't come through yet.
Not sure what we'd get on that other guy, though.
Can't make out much with the cap.
So, we know her phone is missing.
Maybe someone took it.
What else have we got? We've pulled the local shops, the car park, street cameras Try the car park.
There! That's him there.
Let's get an address for that car.
Car's registered to a Peter Ingles, 44.
Not much on him.
No arrests.
He's home.
He's on the move! There's got to be another way out.
Bring the cars round the other side! Peter Ingles, you are under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Jade Antoniak.
Do you recognise this woman? No.
Are you sure? Look again.
Her name's Jade Antoniak.
She would have recognised you.
What do you mean? If she recognises me, why don't you bring her in here? Maybe she can tell me what this is all about.
What happened to your shoulder? It started bleeding when I tackled you to the ground.
Custody sergeant said you refused medical attention.
I'm fine.
I don't know about that.
See, I think if we had that examined, we would find a wound there.
Made by a pair of scissors about three days ago.
This is all clearly a misunderstanding.
You left blood all over my carpet, Mr Ingles.
You're not getting out of this one.
I'd like to contact my lawyer now.
They're only antihistamines.
I can't force you to take them, but I hope you will.
Coming off antidepressants can be really nasty, so these will help.
I know you want to protect him, but Covering up for him, that's not going to help you.
I'm not.
He's a liar.
He's certainly lied to his wife, but you knew that.
Doesn't it matter to you that you can't trust him? Get some sleep, OK? How is she? Not good.
You could've told me you were going to the Captain.
I was just trying to protect you.
Were you? Yeah, of course.
I need to go.
If you didn't know Jade Antoniak, how do you explain us finding this outside your flat? A digital forensics examination has managed to recover 17 of the 20 integrated circuit card numbers.
They're a match with her SIM.
Was it you she was meeting the night she died? Or did you go after her because you realised that she was onto you? Did you know that she'd taken photos of you and your colleague? Why were you targeting her? You should co-operate.
This, the bloodstains.
See the big picture here.
Mr Ingles, are you an MI5 intelligence officer? Well This has been fun.
What the hell's going on? The man you interviewed isn't Peter Ingles.
It's Piter Vasiliev.
He works for the Russian embassy and he has full diplomatic immunity.
He's a GRU intelligence officer.
Are you saying he's a Russian spy? Yes.
And I'm afraid we have to let him go.
He murdered Jade.
You don't know that.
And he's the man who attacked me.
Him and another.
Kirsten, there's nothing we can do.
We can't let him go! The only thing we could do is talk to the Russian embassy and ask them to waive his immunity.
And we've done that and it's a no.
He'll leave the country today.
And after that the Foreign Office will take it up as an issue.
It's not an issue! He killed a girl who was barely in her twenties! I'm afraid we have no choice in the matter.
If you'd kept us updated on your investigation, like we asked, we wouldn't even be in this situation.
I don't accept that.
We could have watched him.
And maybe even figured out who he works with by now.
Isn't it your job to know that in the first place? Do you have any idea how many Russian intelligence officers there are currently operating in the UK? Our sources gave no indication of him being active in that way.
Intelligence officers with diplomatic cover usually just run agents.
They keep their hands clean.
So, this level of interference is practically unheard of.
Jade Antoniak managed to figure out that something was going on.
I think I have something.
Thank Christ! I found this.
It's an online thread about fishing that Peter Ingles has been posting on from this laptop.
Someone's responded with more.
But these aren't Ingles' personal images.
They're from all over the world.
I think it could be some sort of code hidden in the pixels of the photos.
It's possible We can decode these and look for encryptions in the pixels.
Who were they being sent to? We'll look at the responses but it's likely they were sent on a public network.
How often are the exchanges? A few times a week.
Mostly concentrated over a fortnight, before they stop.
When was the last one? It says here, the 30th of August.
That's the day before Vigil went out on patrol.
Navigation, alter course to the south, head for the shipping lane.
Aye, sir.
We're changing course? New orders.
We need to take additional measures to avoid detection.
Keep the team alert, Cox'n.
No more close-quarters situations.
Yes, sir.
Maintain depth between 50 and 60 metres.
Yes, sir.
God, I don't I really don't do this.
Not on a school night.
Well, I mean, that's good to know.
Cos nobody should be drinking this much whisky.
But it's a special occasion, so Very true.
Actually, on that, here's to fucking up my interview.
God, again.
You look different when you're having a good time.
What? What do you mean? I dunno, it's like your whole face, like it opens up.
My what? It does.
It's lovely.
It's love Um I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.
I'm not.
I did know that.
Erm I did know that.
God, I'm going to go.
Just cos we've got an early start.
Based on the evidence that we found at Ingles' flat, we're convinced that he was responsible for Jade's death.
And given the pattern of messages that he sent, we think it's possible that he was in contact with someone on the boat.
So, you're saying there could be a Russian asset on board Vigil? No, this is I-I don't believe that that's They're all vetted.
Yes, but you have hundreds of sailors.
People can slip through.
We don't have solid evidence of it yet.
We're just trying to establish any possible connection to Burke.
As in Burke was a Russian asset or Burke was killed by a Russian asset? These are the questions.
We think Burke was a whistle-blower.
I can't see the Russians targeting him over that.
If anything, they would encourage a whistle-blower.
Embarrassing us is a win for them.
Unless he was going to be talking about Russian spies in the Navy.
Come on.
This is fanciful stuff.
We have presented an area of concern.
What about you? Is there anything we should know? Look, none of us are used to opening our books to each other but we cannot afford to hold back.
Not now.
Nothing about Russians.
However there are concerns about the trawler that went down off Barra Head.
At the peace camp they're saying it was dragged down by a submarine.
It was.
An American submarine.
We identified it from the tiles that came off when it hit the trawler net.
We have confronted the Americans and they have admitted it.
They'd been shadowing Vigil since she left port.
Why would they do that? They won't disclose that.
And why wouldn't they tell you more? Well, I think in the light of Mr Peter Ingles, they're going to have to give us something.
I'll have the conversation.
it wasn't until after that I realised what happened in the first place and then Sir? Come and have a look at this.
Two seconds, Jack.
Walsh, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be stood down.
Yeah, I know, sir.
I've been coming down to check these padlocks You see, it looks fine.
Then you turn it over.
We used to jimmy locks all the time when I was a kid.
That's been tampered wae.
The RCMS panel is in here.
You could use that to force a reactor shutdown.
Keep this to yourself until I've spoken to the Captain.
OK? Sir.
I didn't mean to wake you.
I just brought you some scran.
That's OK.
Thanks, Jackie.
That's good news earlier.
About your son.
Must be a relief.
Yeah, it is.
What happened to him? He just He made some bad choices.
Teenage stuff.
Got in some bother.
He was in prison? I'm not judging, I I see kids all the time make mistakes.
Sorry, love, I shouldnae be talking to you.
I've left some extra pudding to cheer you up.
Your report said you followed Vigil for "operational reasons".
Were you concerned that Russia might be planning something with Vigil? I have told you what I can.
Well, with respect, you'll have to do better than that.
The Americans were concerned about the patrol but rather than share their concerns with us, they chose to shadow Vigil.
They didn't want to risk their source.
Do they have any idea what the Russians are planning? No.
We'll need to brief Downing Street.
Right, Branning, would you set that up, please? Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Can you call Vigil back without a replacement ready? They won't want to do that.
They need proof of an active threat.
Will you at least inform the Captain? Yes.
But the question is, what can Newsome do about it? If he puts guards on key systems, they'll realise something's up.
That in itself could provoke an action.
If there's a traitor on board, we need a name.
That's how we protect Vigil.
Are you absolutely sure? Yes, sir.
Walsh found that there was clear signs of tampering.
It's the only explanation for the reactor scramming like that.
Sabotage? I've spoken to everyone who was on watch during the scram.
None of the back'afties saw any Say no more for now.
We'll have to investigate without drawing attention.
Yes, sir.
What are you doing here? I was going to ask you the same question.
I came to see the Captain, instead I find a rating outside, guarding the door.
I've been confined to quarters.
Unlike you.
Look the Captain definitely has his faults, but he also has to make some very difficult choices and this is a demanding job.
I'm not sure I trust him.
I think you can.
I appreciate that's a little bit rich coming from me but No.
Cos I know which lies you told and why you told them, so As it stands, you're the only person on this boat that I do trust.
Do you know anything about what happened to Jackie's son? Yeah, that's a horrific situation.
Um He's in Indonesia, he's locked up on drugs charges.
Indonesia? Yeah, and they're very strict.
Long prison sentences, not a lot anyone can do about it.
They execute drug smugglers.
I think he's got a ten-year sentence.
He's getting out.
She found out this morning.
I just I thought she seemed a bit odd.
Well, I'm sure it's not something she's massively proud of.
How long's he been in? Not sure.
Maybe a year? So he was in the process of an appeal? Yeah.
Yeah, I believe so.
I think he appealed last year and he got turned down.
So he's one year into a ten-year sentence and he's just getting out, just like that? That doesn't make sense.
Secretary of State for Defence, Detective Chief Superintendent Robertson, Detective Sergeant Longacre, who are going to update you on their investigation.
Good afternoon.
We've been uncovering a series of coded messages sent between Piter Vasiliev, also known as Peter Ingles, and an unknown associate, whom we have reason to believe might be a crewman on board Vigil.
All right.
What evidence do you have? Their communications stopped the day before Vigil went out on patrol.
And we've deciphered some encrypted data that Ingles had hidden in a series of images.
This is from ERV Services, the company you use to supply the ventilation systems on Trident submarines.
Now, according to them, a code that we found in one of the messages refers to the operation of this bit of kit, the atmosphere management plant.
I should point out that if anyone were able to tamper with this, it would be extremely dangerous for anyone on board.
So you believe this crewman is actively engaged in sabotaging Vigil? Do the messages give any clue as to his or her identity? We're still trying to decode them.
But it could take weeks.
Well, we clearly don't have that long.
How can we be certain this is their plan? There are also two murder victims who we know are connected.
We don't have the full picture, but you can see the implication.
They were killed because they uncovered what the Russians were planning.
Will you call Vigil back? I should say that that is not our official recommendation yet.
The Rear Admiral tells me we don't have a boat ready to replace Vigil for another week.
You are asking me to break the continuous at-sea deterrent.
But given everything that we've discovered, it is something to be considered, no? This might be exactly what they want us to do.
Parliament is taking a vote next week on whether or not to replace Britain's nuclear warheads.
What message would it send out if we were to be without the deterrent while that vote is happening? Minister, if something were to happen to the crew of Vigil, could you live with knowing that you knew there was a problem, and you didn't bring them home? Well there's a lot to consider.
Thank you.
I'll talk to the PM.
First thing? Aye, first thing.
OK, first thing tomorrow.
Shouldn't you be calling it a day? Three new cases this week.
When was the last time you were home by nine? There's a lot to do so OK.
And I don't like going home.
So at least I feel useful here.
But, look, I could, um I could finish up if you wanted to go for a drink or something.
Come on, then.
Watch, stand to, close quarters.
Watch, stand to, close quarters.
Something must have snagged the wire.
All communications are down, we need you on one-deck now.
Yes, sir.
Loss of all broadcast.
Loss of all broadcast.
You see the discolouration? Burke ingested some kind of toxin.
Thank you, Minister, I will.
Sir? Urgent message for Vigil.
She's to return to port immediately.
Get a response on receipt of this order.
Yes, sir.
The comms wire is going to take two to three hours to repair.
Till then we won't receive any messages.
Just get it fixed.
Until then, we're on our own.
Aye, sir.
Carry on.
Why are you out of the cabin? I think I know who poisoned Craig Burke.
I just found this in Jackie Hamilton's bunk.
I think it's connected to her son.
He's just been released from drugs charges in Indonesia.
Believe me, they don't go away overnight.
I need to get this backed up.
We need to speak to her straight away.
You're just going to have to trust me on this.
Ship control, full main broadcast.
Petty Officer Jackie Hamilton to the control room.
Petty Officer Hamilton, please report to the control room.
Petty Officer Hamilton, please report to the control room.
Took the breath from my open mouth Never known how it broke me down I went in circles somewhere Don't let anybody tell you that you don't know how to throw a party.
This is all your fault.
Mine?! No.
Storing up on your summer glow You went in search of someone else And I hear your ship is comin' in Your tears a sea for me to swim And I hear a storm is comin" in My dear, is it all we've ever been? What are you doing? You said you weren't into women.
I like you.
You like me? Tell me that when you're sober.
I will.
I mean, I'll have a headache but I'll still feel the same.
They taught the hand that taut the bride Both our eyes locked to the tide We went in circles somewhere else And I hear your ship is comin' in Boss.
They've sent a message to Vigil to come back.
That's great.
That was an hour ago.
Boss? They haven't had a response.
They should've by now.
What does that mean? Boss? What does that mean? We are in the shipping lanes.
We keep a wide berth of anything that might snag the comms wire, you know that.
Yes, sir.
Sir, it was their bearing and the sea surface.
We didn't hear You sharpen up.
I'm sorry, sir.
Look, it's been five minutes, I should go and look for her.
Bring her to the wardroom when you find her.
For the last time .
Have you seen Jackie? No, but I think the Cox'n went to look for her.

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