Vigil (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

It's me? It's me.
It's me.
This way.
Call Ship Control, tell them to bring the submarine to emergency stations for an airborne hazard.
Go, Amy, quick.
Don't let anyone through this door.
Ship Control.
This is DCI Silva.
Cox'n says to bring the submarine to emergency stations for an airborne hazard.
Where? The missile decks.
Roger, missile compartments.
Evacuate the missile compartment, all levels.
Don EBS in the missile compartment.
Shut bulkhead doors.
Evacuate the missile compartment, all levels.
Clear this deck! Clear the deck! Emergency stations.
Airborne hazard I want you all out! Clear the deck! Up the stairs, clear this deck! Clear the deck! Airborne hazard in the missile compartment.
Shut bulkhead doors.
Right, this level's clear.
Close that door.
Sir, what's going on? Just close the door! Will you pick that up for me? Ship Control, it's the Cox'n.
There's a problem in the galley stores.
I think it's gas.
Jackie Hamilton's dead.
Report to the Control Room.
Roger that.
What did you see? Something got sprayed on her and then she just began to vomit and now she's Shit.
You need to wash straight away.
I have to report all this.
If it's on your clothes, you could end up poisoning someone.
Doward, go to the galley and get me a bag, please.
Isolate the missile compartment.
Aye, sir.
Hadlow, get me visual confirmation that the ventilation in the missile compartment has been shut down.
Yes, sir.
Get the Cox'n to report to the Control Room at the rush.
Stand and watch from a distance.
Don't let anyone come near that.
Call the medic and tell her to meet us at the shower block.
Did anyone see you go in there? Ship Control, Doward here Amy, I know how you speak to people.
Please don't talk to me like that.
Not now.
I need to ask you some questions.
I didn't do anything.
If I'd have wanted you dead, I would have left you standing there.
As soon as you're cleaned up, we need to talk.
Best keep a distance.
You should decontaminate as well.
Shower in your clothes for two minutes, then double bag them.
Do another ten, with lots of soap.
And then come and see me.
Do you think it's a nerve agent? Like sarin? I don't know.
It happened so fast, but it has to be.
I can just about see the top of your head.
You're like an iceberg.
90% of you hidden away.
And are you my Titanic? It feels a bit that way, sometimes.
Do you want to go away this summer? Like, properly away? Yeah, OK.
Do you even want to? I said OK.
What? Nothing! I give up.
What? What have I said? No, you haven't said anything.
You haven't said anything.
Better clean under your fingernails.
In and around your ears.
Rinse out your nostrils.
What happens if I get sick? For a nerve agent, you'd need atropine and pralidoxime.
We don't have either of them.
Can I just say I'm sorry I've been such a prick? OK, that's ten minutes.
I need to check your pupils.
Eyes open.
Look straight ahead.
Windows to the soul? Yeah, we know that's not in good shape.
That's the last time.
I've been thinking about the Navy.
Sorry, did I wake you? Doesn't matter.
Go on.
The Navy isn't making much progress looking for a traitor.
It's on us.
Yeah, but Ingles left us nothing to go on! Not even a phone number.
True, but there has to be someone still in Scotland who knows who Ingles' assets were.
He was here a long time.
He would have built up networks.
Some of them might still be active.
Some of them might even have recruited people.
We've got to keep at it, Porter.
Talk to his neighbours.
Pull CCTV from the shops around his flat, OK? Amy is down there all on her own and she has no idea what's coming.
Get as many people as you can onto that.
I've got to do something first and then I'll be in.
Can I have my breakfast? No, you can't.
So, after I heard the broadcast, I went to the galley crew.
They said that Jackie had just nipped out, so then I went to the galley stores.
So her crew told you she was going to the stores? No, but she was on watch and she wasn't using the heads, so I just assumed she'd be there.
The what? The heads, the toilets.
I checked.
The entire midsection of the boat is sealed off.
Look straight ahead.
This is not sustainable, so I just need the basic facts.
What did you see when you got there? Erm Jackie had the lid off a big tin and there was gas coming out of it.
Is there any chance she could have opened that by accident? I don't know.
It's hard to say.
I don't know.
And after Jackie told you to get away, what did you do? She was scared.
And then I think she said, "Tell Sean I couldn't.
" Hand, please.
Sean's Jackie's son.
And then she started to vomit.
And that's when I went and got the gas mask.
Then when I came back, DCI Silva was already standing there so I got her to safety and Jackie was already dead.
It killed her that quickly? Yes, sir.
Look, I saw she'd passed out.
She'd wet herself, she'd vomited.
There was some foaming round the mouth.
That's the same presentation as Craig Burke.
We think it's a nerve agent, like sarin.
You need to look for delayed symptoms of exposure.
Muscle twitches, a runny nose, you come and see me immediately.
Yes, Ma'am.
Did Jackie manage to contain this thing? There's, like, a box thrown over it.
So we've got nerve gas leaking across the entire missile compartment.
That takes out missile control and the comms wire.
And we can't feed the crew.
Is the storeroom a logical location to set off an attack like this? I suppose you'd never look for it in the galley stores.
She was going to see her son again.
Why would she do something like that? OK, so Jackie knew enough about what was going on to tell you to get out.
She told him to get away.
That's someone trying to save a life, not kill them.
Thank you, everyone.
Lieutenant Surgeon, Cox'n, I'll need you in the wardroom.
I want to reinstate Prentice.
I think I'll need him.
If you have any objection to that, you need to tell me now.
I don't have a problem, but I think you need me.
Are you well enough? Lt Docherty gave me some medication.
It's not a substitute, but it will take the edge off withdrawal.
Yes, I feel fine.
Hello, are you Poppy? Yes.
Is it your birthday today? Yes.
Is that for me? Yes, it is.
Happy birthday.
It's from Amy.
Is she here?! She really wanted to be here.
She's on a submarine.
It's for work and they haven't let her off just yet.
Poppy, you don't answer the door by yourself! Mrs Torrens, hi.
I don't mean to intrude - I was just dropping off a present.
What's all this? Amy's on a submarine.
Is she, now? Come and have some tea, we're sitting out the back.
Thank you, but I can't stay.
Have one for the road.
Come on.
Amy would have gotten you something much better.
This is really cool.
Will she come and see me when she's back? Well, I'm sure she'd love that.
Let me help.
Thank you kindly! Of course.
You might take a leaf from her book, Poppy.
I knew who you were.
Do you want to know how? How? Photos on Amy's phone.
I know her passcode.
We do chat to Amy, from time to time.
I love Amy.
She loves you.
She should come over more.
Why don't you go and play in your room now, Poppy? I don't want to.
Maybe I should get going.
Off you pop.
I need a grown-up word with Kirsten.
Go on.
If we're looking at joint custody, I'd like to know who you are, and I'm sorry to be direct, but she's my only grandchild.
I feel I have a right to ask.
What? I'm sorry? Morag No, I don't know anything about joint custody.
Four months spent talking about it and she's never even discussed it with her partner! Part? Amy and I aren't together.
We broke up.
Well, she never mentioned that.
I know Amy missed Poppy a lot.
I mean, when we were together.
She lost her dad.
We were never being unkind - we just didn't want her going back and forth between Amy and us.
She needed stability.
But then Poppy got very depressed.
Told her teacher that she'd been taken away from her mother.
They're not together.
She doesn't need to hear this.
I really have to go.
Thank you.
No, no Please Say goodbye before you go.
She won't forgive us if you don't.
Of course.
My grandma's so annoying.
Well, people generally are a bit annoying.
I'm sorry it was me here today and not Amy.
That's OK.
She'll come see you as soon as she's back.
Just feels like you're pushing me.
I don't mean to push you, it's just that you said that you'd introduce me and it's been months.
I said I needed some time.
Time?! How much fucking time do you need, Amy? Kirsten, don't.
Are you ashamed of me? What? Are you ashamed of this? Why can't you be honest with me? Stop telling me what I can't do.
You just take everything so personally.
Morning, sir.
We've evidence that Russia is mounting an operation against Vigil.
A plot to sabotage her ventilation systems, force her to the surface, where she's a sitting duck, and they can take her out if they need to.
Does Commander Newsome know this? Don't know.
We ordered Vigil to respond, but we haven't heard from her.
It's been over 12 hours, so now we need to find her.
Harney, you take Audacious north of the patrol area.
Fleming, you take Archer south.
If we find Vigil surfaced, we'll need to be prepared to defend her.
Miller, we need to get your boat out to sea and it has to be today.
Sir, half the scrubbers are in refit.
Take her out under escort.
We know they'll be watching, that's a good thing.
They need to understand that whatever is going on with Vigil, the deterrent remains operative.
Currently, that's not the case.
Thank you.
Ready your crews.
Yes, sir.
What can we tell them? It's a drill, isn't it? It's always a drill.
We now think Craig Burke was killed using a nerve agent.
It would seem that Jackie Hamilton was responsible for his murder, as well as today's attack.
Jackie's dead.
She got exposed when she tried to set this device off.
The missile compartments have been sealed off, but we need to assume that they are being filled with nerve gas.
How's Jackie meant to be doing all that? Jackie's son was in prison in Indonesia on drugs charges, but he'd recently been released, so it's possible she could have done some kind of deal.
A deal with who? Someone who can pull strings in Indonesia and has access to nerve agents.
So, what, that's Russia? China, maybe? Why would that involve Burke? Are you sure that she killed him? I found contamination in Jackie's bunk, which links her to the nerve agent which killed Burke, and we know that he visited the mess just before he died.
So you think she poisoned him then? He wasn't seen eating then, but she could have slipped him something without being noticed.
What we have to focus on now is why the nerve agent is here.
We should assume this is a nation-state attack.
I want the crew focused, so we'll tell them as little as possible - that Jackie's died.
No more than that.
At present, we're not able to receive orders, nor can we fire.
Our enemy has succeeded in knocking out Britain's nuclear deterrent.
Our job is to fight back .
and restore it.
I want your ideas.
Bleach is used for basic decontamination of nerve agents.
My chemistry is a bit rusty, but I'm pretty sure that hypochlorite breaks it down and neutralises it.
It's being sprayed as a gas.
If we isolate the fire sprinklers in the missile decks, fill the pumps with bleach and boost the water pressure, we might be able to get some sort of bleach vapour going.
We can't have the crew breathing that in, either.
Vent it afterwards.
It's a bodge, but maybe it'll be enough for someone to work in there in basic protection? OK, good.
That still doesn't stop the device itself, does it? We still have to work out how we get to it and then get rid of it.
What about the hazmat suits? No, those are kept in the middle stores.
Next to the galley stores in the contaminated area.
OK, what about the deep-diving suits? They're at least in this section.
Contain the device, clean it, flush it out of the torpedo tubes.
I realise, you know, the suits aren't designed for that, but a quick run might do the trick, mightn't it? You'd have to be very fast.
Without being immersed in sea water, there's nothing to cool you down.
How long would you have? I'd say you've got about 15 minutes before you're at risk of heatstroke.
And we'd also need to create some kind of decontamination area for when they come back through the bulkhead doors.
We can rig something up, sir.
Do it.
Thank you, everyone.
Carry on.
I'm glad you're with us, XO.
Thank you, sir.
So what do you need? I'm going to go and see Jackie's crew.
Let me take you.
I'm going to go on my own.
All right, look, I lied about Tiffany.
I didn't behave well there, but if you think I've got anything to do with this You told the Captain that I was mentally unfit.
And now you're telling me what I think.
Amy, I'm sorry.
Do you mind? Please.
I don't need to hear your excuses.
I just want to do my job.
Look, Amy, I'm sorry and I'm trying to help you.
The Captain's got his hands full.
Look, do you think anyone else is going to? Believe me, I'm aware of that.
Did anyone tell you about the RCMS? What's the RCMS? It's a dial that overrides the reactor manually in the event of an emergency.
Now, it's usually kept padlocked and only three people have the key.
The engineers.
But they were all there, so they know that nobody took the key.
Anyway, after the scram, they went over things.
But there were no leaks, no errors.
But then when Walsh looks at the padlock, he sees that it's covered in scratch marks.
They think someone's jimmied the lock, which makes it sabotage.
Remember, it almost forced us to surface.
Now, in the event of a gas leak attack, what are we forced to do when people start to get sick? Evacuate.
Well, surface and evacuate.
So there is a pattern forming here.
Have you told the Captain all of that? Yeah, of course, but he's trying to get the patrol back on track.
But the why of things, that's you.
And we all need you doing that.
So please, just let me help you.
Come on.
All bookings get logged.
Do you know if this guy's a season-ticket holder? All I've got for you is a name.
Peter Ingles.
So At least his name's not Smith or Brown! I, n, g, l, e, s.
Yep, you're in luck.
Peter Ingles is on both our ticket and marketing lists.
Season-ticket holder.
Looks like he's been to quite a few games over the years.
How many years? Five.
Is that his telephone number there? Yep.
Is Mr Ingles in trouble, then? No.
Nothing's going to happen to him.
That there, what does that mean? With a season ticket, you get two free guest passes per year.
That says he used one this season.
Do you keep details of the people that come as guests? No, it's pretty basic.
Could you print me out the dates for the games where he did take a guest? Yep, no problem.
Thank you.
Do you keep CCTV from the entrances? Only for a week.
Are the games recorded at all? Yeah, they're all broadcast live, but your problem's going to be his seat if you're wanting to spot him.
So he's had the same seat for every match he's ever been to? That's right.
Thank you.
Did you get the dates I sent through? Yeah, just came through now.
And a seating plan of the arena.
What's that about? We now know the nine games Ingles took a guest to, and we know exactly where in the arena he was sitting.
And we know what he looks like.
Forget official cameras, people take their own pictures at games don't they? Selfies, bits of video, all sorts.
On it.
Run his phone number as well.
Done it.
Right, great.
I'm coming in.
Were you working in here when the reactor scrammed? Yeah.
Power went down.
Had to change the whole menu.
You can't run the ovens on emergency power.
Was Jackie in here when it happened? Not in that moment.
But maybe a minute later.
Are you sure about that? Could it have been longer than a minute? Maybe.
Busy service, you know? But no more than, like, five.
Do you know where she went? She's the boss.
She don't have to say.
Would she have had time to get from the RCMS back to here? It's more than a minute.
Five, maybe.
But you'd be running all the way.
When she left the galley this morning, how did she seem, like, did you notice anything different about her? I mean, she was different cos of her kid getting out.
She was happy about it, then she's all over the place.
And then she's fucking dead and she won't see him again.
That's the most unfair thing I've ever heard.
Anything else? No.
I was thinking maybe we could get a collection together for her family? That's a nice idea.
Why don't you come and see me about it tomorrow? It doesn't make sense.
I need to look at the scene.
We could move supplies across the hull? We can't risk surfacing.
There's a good chance that's the strategy all along.
Force us up.
Doward, how busy is it up there? Fairly clear, sir.
Nothing for about 40 miles.
What is it? Sir, DCI Silva would like to use one of the dive suits to assess the scene.
I can see how you'd want that, but we only have two dry suits and you're not the priority.
I'd also like to volunteer, sir.
I was down there when it happened.
So I know what I'm looking for.
It would only take one of us to collect the hazmat suits.
I could do that while DCI Silva does her work.
Then we can both dispose of the device together.
I can give you three minutes.
There's just so much that doesn't add up.
Why Jackie set off the nerve gas where she did.
Killing herself in the process.
And we have some questions around the sabotage of the RCMS panels.
We've spoken to the galley crew - we don't think she would have had time to scram the reactor.
I need to assess the scene before it gets soaked in bleach.
I need experienced crew in those dry suits, to neutralise the device.
Yeah, I can assist with that.
And this will be a very challenging environment.
I'm aware of that.
Sir, I can vouch for DCI Silva.
She's capable.
I've been making her life very difficult over the past few days - and so if she's reacted badly to that, then I take full responsibility.
I was just trying to cover my own arse, because .
I've been having an affair with another member of the crew.
I see.
Well, Cox'n.
Welcome to the fuck-ups club.
We'll deal with that when we get back on land.
DCI Silva, carry on.
So there's a pattern here.
Burke gets killed.
The reactor gets scrammed.
And then this device gets set off.
That's three attempts to force this submarine to surface.
The first one worked, because you had to pick me up along with Burke's replacement.
What's a fourth attempt going to look like? Well, Jackie's dead, so But we can't be sure that's the end of it.
Not until we know how and why this happened.
The only way that I can do that is by assessing the crime scene.
And if I don't get access now, vital evidence could be lost.
God, the lives of your crew could depend on it.
Be ready to go by the time Hadlow's set up his decontamination tent.
Thank you.
Remember, Lt Docherty said you had a maximum of 15 minutes before you pass out in your own sweat.
There'll be nobody to come in and pull you out.
I need that device secured and off my boat.
And I need those hazmat suits.
Anything else is a lower priority.
Those are my orders.
Digital forensics are on it.
Geo-tagged posts, matched image searches, going through all the social media networks.
MI5's putting their resources into it.
We've got Drever messaging anyone who's ever posted photos from that part of the arena, asking them to send us everything else they've got.
Are people responding? Yes.
And Robertson's talking to the club as well.
He's trying to get a hold of the details for anyone with seats with a view of F block.
And we've got Ingles once already.
Do we know who he was sitting next to? Not yet.
Forensics reckon they can clean it up a bit.
We found Ingles again on Facebook.
From a game back in March.
Do you recognise the man he's with? That's Ben Oakley.
He lives at the Peace Camp.
He was a friend of Jade's.
Can I help you? Oi.
What are you doing?! Have you seen Ben Oakley? No.
Do you know where he is? That's private property! You can't just smash it in! We have a warrant.
Who were you just messaging? If you know where he is, it's vital that you tell us.
Check all traffic on the loch-side road, north and south.
I want a full search on all vans and check car boots, and follow up with any of Oakley's known contacts.
We've got something.
I'll call you back.
Hidden in the fixtures.
Cat! Do you recognise this laptop? Yeah, it's Jade's.
Any idea why it would be in Ben's caravan? That doesn't mean anything.
I used to borrow it off her as well.
So you know the log-in details.
I need to look at that in connection with Jade's murder.
Two Russian frigates moving into the patrol area.
Here and here.
And these two are Russian research ships.
Famous "research vessels".
The Americans have picked up two Russian submarines, also moving into the patrol area from the south.
What do you think? I'm wondering if they know where Vigil is.
Thanks for that.
Don't mention it.
So what'll happen to you? I'm not sure yet.
Might end up seeing more of the family.
Not before time.
Once I've taken stuff in, can I bring it back out? Only things that can be sealed and then washed down.
Lt Hadlow will be ready for you in about five minutes.
You need to get into the suits now.
I then need to tape the cabin closed when you're out.
I just I need a minute.
Amy, there's not much time.
Come here.
Is that good? So good.
Can you come to my choir concert next week? Yeah, sure.
I've got to get you back.
But you said we'd go to I know, I know, we will next time.
But we've just run out of time.
Why doesn't she like you? What? Who? Grandma.
We get on fine.
She's Just, people are complicated.
And she misses your dad.
But I'm not angry with you.
Well, grief comes out in different ways in different people.
So we've just got to give her some time.
Grandad says you're lonely.
Well, I would like to see you every day, if that's what you mean.
Hey, you don't have to worry about me, OK? Come on.
She likes birds, so If anything happens, could you make sure that my colleague DS Longacre gets that? Yes, Ma'am.
Will do.
Rear-Admiral wants me to get an update from you in person.
We would tell you as soon as we found anything concrete.
Has something happened? The Russian Navy have put multiple vessels right across the patrol area.
What does that mean? It looks like they're hunting Vigil.
Ben? I've got something.
It's big.
It's everything we've worked for, Patrick.
Slow down.
Come inside.
They're going to lock me up to stop me getting it out there.
Look, Ben, seriously, slow down and tell me what's wrong.
The Russian's have got a naval spy in Dunloch.
What? Can you imagine the deterrent surviving that sort of scandal? They'll never be able to claim it's safe again.
And you've got proof of this? Photographic evidence.
But I need to be somewhere where they can't get to me.
Is there anything taken in the station? That's where Jade took her photo of Ingles meeting someone.
It's not on here.
Right, let me check the system logs.
What have you found? OK, so System was last booted up about two hours after she was killed and There you go.
Look at that time stamp.
A bluetooth device was connected, the odds are that's Mr Oakley moving stuff onto his phone.
If the photo you're after was deleted, I reckon he's kept a copy.
Ingles had immunity.
He's not going to kill Jade over a photo of himself.
But he has to have been protecting the person he was meeting.
Someone who serves on Vigil.
They'd do anything to protect an asset like that.
We might have something on one of Oakley's known contacts.
Patrick Cruden.
Oakley made five calls to Cruden's office in the last two hours.
We need to go.
Just let me see who else we can talk to.
Ben, can I see the photo? The guy in the ice hockey jacket, he's a Russian intelligence officer.
Who's that he's with? He's Royal Navy.
That's all I know.
That's huge.
How did you get this? Ben, this is my reputation on the line.
You need to be straight with me.
I was approached by the Russian guy in the photo.
They used to target CND all the time.
And afterwards I kept tabs on him just to see what he was up to.
I think they've got a whole network here now.
Have you told the police? No.
They would just bury it with the Official Secrets Act.
We still have to tell them.
I agree.
But Ben's not wrong.
Look at Port Havers.
We bring the police in as soon as we publish the photo.
So, shall we release it now, then? Yes, but not here.
The Russians will kill anyone they have to, to stop this getting out there.
I need political asylum at a foreign consulate.
I can't see any other way.
So can we please just go?! Boss, we might have a lead on Oakley.
Patrick Cruden was meant to do a live radio interview and never showed up.
His phone is off and his aide's not picking up either.
His office says that none of that is usual for him, so we're on our way to his house now.
OK, we need live cell-site information on all their phones - Oakley, Cruden and his assistant.
We'll send the team their numbers now.
I'd like to acknowledge Jade in the video that goes out with it.
She was a friend.
She gave her life to this cause.
Today would have been a big day for her.
We can do that.
Look, good things are going to come from this.
She would've been proud of you, Patrick.
I think she would have been proud of all of us.
Ben, you're in, my friend.
Thank God for that.
Let's get this video done.
I'll need to edit the photo in later.
Then I can post it all online once I get to the consulate.
You're about to see a photo.
In it you'll see two men.
One of them is a Russian intelligence officer.
The man with him is a member of the British Navy.
Let that sink in.
We have no viable deterrent if it can be infiltrated by a foreign power.
There's no way our government can claim that these weapons are safe and secure.
It's time to get the nukes out of Scotland, and out of Britain, before they lead to catastrophe.
When you come back through, you're going to have to be really careful.
This is a sprinkler pipe.
I'm going to try and bodge it as much as I can so that when you come back through, we can turn it on.
Try and wash yourselves as best as possible.
It's not going to be perfect.
When is that going to be ready? I don't even know if that's going to work.
If it doesn't, we'll have to put buckets there for you to use.
This is bleach solution.
Ideally you clean yourselves with this before you come back in.
Avoid the seams of your suit.
They fall apart.
Assume the device is booby-trapped, so kid gloves, yeah.
We'll clear a run for you from here to the bomb shop where you can flush it from one of the torpedo tubes.
We'll have someone with hazmat training there to assist.
Hopefully the sea water will disperse the nerve agent.
DCI Silva, let the coxswain handle the technical side as he knows the boat.
I think that's it.
All set? Yep.
Good luck.
Believe me, you'll be glad of it.
The suits have basic radio so you can talk to each other.
We won't pick you up out here though, so bang on the door when you need to come out.
Do any of the crew know Morse Code? Yes, I do.
OK, I'm going to find two tones.
High tones for dots, low for dashes.
In case we need to message.
OK, we need to go now.
For Morse code.
Are you ready? Yep.
Clear the passageways.
Start ventilating the fans on fast speed.
Aye, sir.
No-one there.
So why is his car still here, then? Boss.
We're at Cruden's house, he's not here.
I've got a fair idea where they're headed.
There's nothing from Patrick Cruden or Ben Oakley, but it's been nonstop with Mark Hill.
He's phoned 12 different consulates, all of them in Edinburgh.
I'd say that Mr Oakley's hoping to claim asylum.
We need to put people around the Russian consulate.
That's the one he'll be heading to.
You want to make a start? I'll go to the hazmat suits.
How are you doing, Amy? Just looking at the body now.
Let me just shift these and then I'll get back to you.
I've dropped off the hazmat suits.
OK, I'm coming back to you now.
We need to speak to you, sir.
We're looking for Ben Oakley.
I can't help you with that.
Did you drop him off at the Russian consulate? I'm sorry, I might have to deal with this.
I won't be a minute.
Ben Oakley is going to be the guy who got nuclear weapons out of Scotland and I am proud to support him.
I believe he has a photo.
Yes, I've seen it.
That's not Oakley's photo.
Jade took it.
I'm sorry, what are you saying? We found Jade's laptop hidden in Ben Oakley's caravan.
We have evidence that he stole that photo from her laptop, and then we believe that he supplied it to a Russian intelligence officer known as Peter Ingles.
Now, that photo is the reason why Jade was murdered.
See, this is Ben Oakley sitting with Peter Ingles.
The same man that she took a photograph of.
Do you have a copy of the photo Oakley showed you? Was Ingles with anybody else in the photo that you saw? Did you see another man? Yes, but I only saw it for a few seconds.
We believe that that other man is right now on Vigil involved in a plot to sabotage it.
Where is Ben Oakley? At the Chinese consulate.
Mark's dropping him off there now.
It's not Russia, it's the Chinese.
Move fast, we're on our way.
What he did to Jade was monstrous.
I'm so sorry.
I'll bag that up.
Got a note.
A note? I'm just trying to make it out.
"Little Cat, Bali not a done deal.
"One last chance.
"Leave it where instructed "or you'll join Burke.
" There's someone else on the boat.
They left this, it's orders.
"One last chance.
" I think they were threatening her.
I don't think she wanted to be involved any more.
If there's someone else on the boat, then why did they need Jackie? What if they weren't on the boat in the first place? As in .
what if it was Jackie's job to kill Burke so they could fly his replacement out? Do you mean Doward? Yeah.
Yeah, Doward wrote this note.
Threatened her.
I think he's done all of this.
What is it? I feel the heat.
It's just the heat.
Let me check.
Look at me.
Look at me.
We need to get you out.
I didn't see that happening.
OK, let's go.
Hey, hey, hey, Elliot! OK.
This needs to be flushed in the torpedo tube.
Yeah, I know.
Go! No.
Come on.
Lean on me.
OK, stay with me.
Elliot, stay with me.
Elliot, look at me.
We need to keep moving.
They're coming out! Shit.
Start the sprinklers now! Clear the passageway! Stand by to vent.
No, not that.
It's evidence.
He's been exposed.
My God! Jesus! No! Help! Help.

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