Vigil (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Doward, is the device gone? Aye, sir.
Where's DCI Silva? She's gone to shower.
And what about her suit - where's that? I'm getting rid of it.
No, no, don't do that.
I need it.
OK, good job.
Get Walsh to wash you down.
I can stay if I'm needed, sir.
No, no, no.
It's fine.
Get washed down and get out of here.
Come on, arms up.
Might sting a wee bit.
Oh, my God, help! Help, please! I'll clean up here.
You go get a hazmat suit and go and fix our comms wire.
Thank you, sir.
I won't let you down.
Yeah, I don't doubt it.
Best man for the job.
Go on, then.
Help! Ah, ah Aargh! Help! Help! HELP! Sir, they're using sonobuoys to find us.
More and more are being laid all the time, both in front of us and behind us.
They've tried to disable us.
Now they're hunting us.
And we have no intel and no orders until that comms wire is fixed.
Where's DCI Silva? Er, she's getting cleaned-up.
Sir, engineer's asking permission to commence the decontamination? Tell them to go ahead.
Commencing bleach decontamination of the missile compartment, all levels.
There's no guarantee it'll work, sir, so we'll need to limit access.
EBS masks and a limited exposure time for anyone who has to go in.
Yes, sir.
The coxswain requires specialist treatment.
He's deteriorating.
Look at those screens.
We still can't send or receive messages, but even if we could, we can't signal for a Casualty Evacuation.
Not until we have a handle on the tactical situation.
If we don't get him the drugs he needs, I don't think he'll survive.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing? It sounded like he was choking.
Out, out! It's all right.
I've got you.
OK Sir, my eyes were playing up and so I came to get checked.
Well, there's obviously nothing we can do now, so get back on watch and do the best you can.
Aye, sir.
That's it, nice and easy.
Ben Oakley, I'm arresting you on suspicion of conspiracy to murder Jade Antoniak.
You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say will be noted and may be used in evidence.
Do you understand? This is you with the GRU officer known as Peter Ingles.
I don't deny knowing him.
What was your relationship with him? I'll talk to anyone who's opposed to nuclear weapons.
He said he wanted Russia to de-militarise.
Russia can't do that unless we let go of Trident.
He helped out with some things that were useful to our operations.
I suggested a few people he could talk to.
That is it.
You have a photo on your phone of Ingles and a member of the Royal Navy.
I'd like you to give us your PIN so that we can take a look at it.
You've arrested me for something I didn't do.
And that picture is private property.
When did you take this photo? A while ago.
Weeks ago.
Weeks ago? That is odd.
Because this is Jade taking that exact photograph.
You took a copy of that photo and then deleted it from her laptop.
Digital forensics are working on that laptop right now and they'll be able to get your phone open.
I need to see that photo you stole.
I need to be clear with you about what happened.
What is your PIN? Oh, my God.
It's Burke's replacement, the guy who flew out with Amy.
He's the one who's been working with Ingles.
Sir? The police have a name for the Russian operative.
It's the sonar operator, Matthew Doward.
I love you.
I'm going be with you .
for the whole of your life.
I Mm-hm.
You can't even say it, can you? Oh Come on.
Sir? I'm picking up banging in the boat.
Banging? What is? Well, that's Morse code.
Where's it coming from? Somewhere near the bow.
Hey, come on Oh, fucking come on! I can't make it out.
You said it's coming from the bow.
Can you narrow it down? It's marking stronger in the lower decks, sir.
Maybe the fore-ends.
All right.
I'll go check.
What was that? Banging.
Sir, may I go off watch? I'm really not feeling good.
You'll have to wait until your shift's over.
I'm going to be sick.
OK, Christ Get out of here.
Sir, the ballast hull valve's open.
High level bilge warnings from AMS 1, sir.
Ballast hull valve AMS 1 open.
Ship Control, emergency stations.
That's more than a tonne of water a second coming onto the boat.
How does that end up open? It's sabotage.
Put guards on all essential systems.
Aye, sir.
Shut bulkhead doors.
Emergency stations, emergency stations Ballast hull valve open AMS 1.
Make the battle short.
Shut bulkhead doors.
117 bulkhead door shut and locked.
Bulkhead shutdown.
117 bulkhead door shut and locked.
117 bulkhead shutdown.
Shit! No Ah It won't go.
Shit! Go, go.
Yeah, the ballast hull valve's been fouled.
Come on! We can't shut it.
No, no, the tank top's off.
It's buggered! We can't stop the water flooding the tanks.
This is Commander Fleming on board HMS Archer.
We've picked up a sound that may be Vigil in distress.
We have the file ready, sir.
What is that? It's still being analysed, but it's below the surface and it's ongoing.
Five Russian ships have changed course towards that sound.
If they maintain course, they'll converge around here.
Carry on.
What else have we got in the area? The Russians are a lot closer.
Our nearest Type 23 is 30 minutes behind.
What's this? That's the USS Delaware.
This is an attack on us, and as our long-standing ally and under the terms of the NATO agreement, I'm requesting your assistance.
To do what? Delaware's in the area.
Flood them with active sonar and open the bow-caps.
And how do you think they'll respond to the Delaware getting ready to fire torpedoes? I'm hoping they'll shit their uniforms.
They believe they're unopposed.
It's our job to change that perception.
I'll talk to my people.
Thank you.
Sir, we're getting really heavy.
What's our depth now? 200 metres.
That's the weight of the water we're taking on.
Hadlow, what are we looking at? Valve fully open at 200m depth, so the water pressure's about 20 bar.
Unlock the emergency blows.
Sir, I think we've got less than ten minutes.
After that we'll be too heavy to get back up, no matter what we do.
You're not listening to me! I loved you.
And I wanted to know you, and you don't even like that about me.
Kirsten I'm sorry.
Don't go.
Christ! Oh OK.
OK, come on.
Doward He's the reason Burke was killed.
To get Doward on the boat.
Christ Where's Glover? He's unconscious.
Can you stand up? Stand up.
Doward will go after him.
Y-you need to tell them, you need to tell them.
Ship Control, this is Pre Their fucking line's dead.
Right, come on.
We have to go through the missile deck.
Come on.
On me.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's keep going.
Let's keep going.
Come on.
This area's out of bounds, sir.
You know that.
Doward, I've already reported you.
No, you haven't.
I cut the wiring.
What's the point? You've sunk the boat.
You've killed us all.
Newsome's going to surface this boat and we're all going to evacuate.
Well, some of us are.
I need you to run now.
You've got to tell them.
Fucking! Run! Run now! Go! Where is the XO? Depth? 350 metres.
What if we run the hover? If we can get it online, it'll help pump out water, slow our descent? It's not designed for anything deeper than 150 metres.
I know, but we do not have another option.
We are taking on water in tonnes per second and pumping it out at tonnes per minute.
We're going to the bottom.
Anderton, initiate the hover.
Hover initiated, sir.
You can't hide in here forever.
That bleach will burn your lungs.
We need to get the spanner out of that valve! The bastard's stuck hard! Ah, open the valve! Full open.
Are you fucking mad?! Come on, we need to get it loose! If it gets stuck open, we'll sink this boat! Open that fucking valve! Ship Control.
Ship Control, Walsh here.
Yeah, yeah, comms wire streaming.
Reception starting to come in.
The forward bilge tanks are nearly full.
I need to get that hull valve shut.
Sir, communications fully restored! We're to contact base immediately, sir.
They advise caution - a lot of Russian units closing in on our position.
We can't bloody get back up! Sir, they're saying Doward is a Russian spy.
Attention, all stations.
Sonar operator Matthew Doward is a traitor.
He has sabotaged Vigil.
Apprehend him if you can.
Kill him if you can't.
But find him.
Everyone knows what you've done.
Leave her alone! Shut up.
I'll slit her throat.
I'll kill you for this.
Control room, now.
Move now! Fucking come on! It's coming, it's coming.
Yeah, got it! The valve, shut it! Come on! Get in! Sir, ballast hull valve is shut.
Sir, we're still dropping.
The hover won't take much more.
They can't cool it fast enough.
We have to give it more time to pump more water out.
Full ahead.
Then on my mark, full rise on the fore planes, full rise on the after planes.
Wait for my mark.
Full ahead, sir.
Keep your distance.
Sir, the hover motor is smoking.
Keep it running.
Depth? 540 metres.
Ten more metres and we'll hit crush depth.
Captain .
the chain of command is changing.
I'm going to give you instructions, and you're going to execute them without arguing, or I will slit this woman's throat.
You understand? We are going to surface and make contact with one of the Russian vessels.
Emergency surface this submarine now.
Is that an order? Don't fuck around with me! Sir, we are still dropping.
545 metres.
All right.
Team, on my mark, execute my orders.
Ship Control, do not surface the submarine.
Come to periscope depth.
I will not give them the satisfaction.
Matthew Doward, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Lieutenant Commander Prentice.
You're not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say may be noted and used in evidence.
Do you understand? Plot their course over the last hour.
That's where the Delaware opened her bow caps.
And in response, all the Russian units have dispersed from their original positions.
Any more flooding noise? No, sir.
Nothing more.
Well done, everyone.
Get this intel to Vigil.
And if she signals home, I want her 100 miles from anyone when she does it.
I didn't go through Jade's laptop.
She came to me with the photo.
I recognised Peter.
Did she say why she took it? Well, she'd seen him around Dunloch before.
She was convinced he was MI5 and she wanted to make a big story out of it in the press.
So you told Peter about it before she could? No, I I told Peter to be more careful in future, that's all.
I thought that was the end of it.
But then you arranged for them to meet.
He asked to meet her.
He said he wanted to work with her like we did, and that he could tell her what really happened to Craig Burke.
So what happened at this meeting? We met at the place that was arranged.
He was supposed to talk to her .
but he grabbed her, dragged her into the water.
I didn't understand what was happening.
Then he started drowning her.
I just I had no idea he was going to do anything like that.
I ran over.
I would have tried to stop him.
But it was too late.
Did you take her out of the water? Did you try mouth-to-mouth? Did you call an ambulance? I wanted to.
He'd made it look like I was his accomplice.
You can see that, can't you? You could have talked to us.
Jade wanted that photograph out there, to get rid of the deterrent.
You would have covered it up.
I thought if I could at least do that You tried to claim asylum so that we wouldn't be able to arrest you for Jade's murder.
You just ran.
So don't play the hero with me.
I tried to do the right thing.
She trusted you .
and then you sold her out to a man who you knew to be a Russian spy, and then you helped them cover up her murder.
You're going to go to prison for that for a long time.
Come on.
Hey! Hey, it's all good.
They arrested Doward.
The boat's safe.
You're going to be OK.
If he hadn't have heard me in there .
I'd have died.
He did his job.
He did it well.
He'd have known that.
What will your report cover? I'll report my findings on Jackie, Burke and Doward.
I'll give the Crown Office the evidence they need to make their case.
And that's it.
Sir, five minutes till the helicopter arrives.
Sir, we've treated DCI Silva.
And she'll be monitored until she's released.
We have stocked up on atropine and pralidoxime in case anybody else gets exposed.
Adams is stable, not likely to get worse.
And Hadlow, Walsh and Kierly, we've treated for nerve agent exposure, but they're refusing medevac.
But Vanquish takes over our patrol in three days.
We can run on a reduced crew.
Sir, with respect, I want to stay.
Me too, sir.
Me too.
I'll see it through.
Lieutenant Surgeon, I shall defer to your judgment.
Well, it's a risk, but it's only a risk to them.
Carry on, then.
Godspeed, my friend.
I'll see you when we get alongside.
Carry on.
Thank you.
I speak on behalf of the entire ship's company.
Good luck.
Suspect Matthew Doward is detained and requires secure transportation.
Warrant Officer Elliott Glover needs urgent medical assistance for nerve gas inhalation.
DCI Amy Silva to be taken for precautionary assessment.
Welcome home.
Hey, welcome back! How are you? Good.
Erm I just want some answers.
MI5 are in.
They got your report.
They're ready to have a crack at Doward.
Do you want to take a look? Yeah, please.
Maybe you should rest.
No, I really want to see this.
Shall we go through? Yeah, sure.
Matthew Doward, you are here because we want answers about the actions you took on board HMS Vigil.
We have more than enough evidence to convict from DCI Silva's report Are you all right? .
but we'd like your account of what happened.
What do I get if I help you? We can talk to the judge and request a lighter sentence for your co-operation.
We can put you somewhere comfortable, or we can put you in a cage where you shit in a bucket.
So .
Jackie Hamilton? I was told what Jackie was going to do in exchange for them getting her son out.
And the reason that Burke was killed was because he had the same job as you? There's a guy at the Peace Camp - some old-school CND type.
He told the Russians to approach Burke.
They went ahead, made an approach .
but Burke .
turned them down flat.
So now you've got Burke, this mouthy wee guy, knowing crews are being approached and knowing who Peter Ingles is.
Are you saying that's why they chose to kill Burke? It had to be one of the sonar operators, didn't it, to get you on board? But this way, they're getting rid of someone who could identify Ingles as well.
You'd have to ask THEM that.
What was the plan behind the nerve agent? Jackie Hamilton released the nerve agent.
She set it off accidentally.
We know that from DCI Silva's report.
You had threatened her when she didn't deliver it as you'd ordered.
She opened it because she didn't trust you and she wanted to protect the crew.
Your job was to force an evacuation of the submarine, with Russian boats standing by to meet you.
What were you told would happen next? Nothing.
A few photographs and the offer of a tow home.
What?! So he's just? He's saying it was just a PR stunt.
We think Russia's aim was to make the deterrent look bad.
There's a vote coming up on its funding, and if questions were raised about it People were killed for that?! No.
But a lot of MPs want Trident gone but don't want to look soft on defence.
And this This would have given them an excuse to vote against it.
Russia dupes Britain into scrapping its deterrent - that's modern warfare.
You seem relaxed, given your situation.
I think we all know how these things work - one of them for one of me.
And you're confident Russia want you? You don't want a trial.
Me giving evidence .
that's your worst nightmare.
Well, it'll be a closed trial.
And after that, you'll be kept in isolation - no visitors, no phone calls, just you becoming an old man.
We're not going to tell the Russians that we've got you.
And they're hardly going to come asking for you, are they? So, if you think about it .
you don't really exist.
Why did you decide to work for Russia? No comment.
He's a narcissist.
It made him feel special.
Gave him power.
That's all I need to see.
Do you want me to drive you home? I can take you.
I want to see Poppy.
She's missed you.
What? I dropped her off a present.
It was on your calendar.
Come with me.
To see Poppy? OK.
What are you going to say to the press? You're going to have a hard time getting MPs to sign off on new warheads with THIS story breaking.
I just don't think they'll vote for it.
Well, that's certainly what Russia will be hoping.
Are you going to help them? The Russians tried to bury this photo.
People were killed to try and stop this story from coming out.
This was when they had an operative in the field.
The story's over now.
He's been arrested.
Now a victory for Russia would be you telling the world that they managed to get a spy onboard Vigil.
Which they did! Which they did.
So your argument amounts to, "Please let the Navy get away with this"? It's not just about protecting the Navy, is it? It's about protecting Britain.
And how exactly does the deterrent achieve that? The Cold War is over.
Admiral, there are better ways to exert our influence in the world than the threat of mutual distrust.
Yes, so says China, so says Russia, so says France.
We all agree.
Everyone agrees.
But no-one moves till we all move.
All the more reason for us to set an example.
And we should start by owning up to what happened to the five Scottish trawlermen who drowned.
Their families deserve some closure.
Or are you going to blame that on Russia as well? Of course you will.
I think I need to remind you of your own actions.
You had photographic evidence that there was a Russian spy on board a British Vanguard Class Submarine We had no idea that man was on Vigil.
which you choose to hang onto for political gain rather than hand it over to the security services.
Because you would have covered it up, just like you did at Port Havers! We intended to publish then go straight to the police.
You're talking a matter of hours.
So you say.
It doesn't play well, though, does it? And in this game, every second counts.
Minutes before that man was arrested, he killed one of my officers.
How do you feel about that story getting out? I'd like to get this matter wrapped up today if possible.
I don't see how this benefits anyone except Russia.
But it's up to you.
We'll keep it from the press this time.
They're ready for you, sir.
We will get nuclear weapons out of Scotland within my lifetime.
I don't doubt your commitment.
Amy, when I was last here, Morag and Gordon, they mentioned the conversations you've been having about custody, and they thought that I knew.
But you don't need to say anything.
It's just Well, it's just in case it comes up.
They They know we're not together now.
OK, I owe you an explanation No, you really don't need to No, let me just I want to.
Just let me try.
I got scared.
Why? I don't know.
I just Because when it was you and me, on our own, that was Like, I was really happy.
I was happy too.
It's just when we had to be out in the world No.
I know, I know.
I mean, I can see how it changed you.
I could see it happen.
Well, it's like you always said.
I have to put everything in its own little box, so I just put Poppy in one and work in another.
And you I never wanted just the parts of you that were easy.
I know I hurt you, and I'm sorry.
You did hurt me.
I just didn't know how to bring Poppy into this, not when I had so many questions.
Well, how do you feel now? You always made it sound so easy when you said you loved me.
Aye, well, I don't think that should be hard.
I find it hard.
But it doesn't mean that I don't feel it.
I want us to try.
I don't want to go back to the way things were.
I know No, I really don't.
I mean, what if you wake up in 12 months' time and you're back where you started? I don't want that to happen.
You know, when I was down there and I was trapped .
like, all I could think about was Poppy .
and you.
Do you love me? Yeah.
I love you.
Earlier this month, a Scottish fishing trawler, the Mhairi Finnea, went down south of Barra Head, on the west coast of Scotland.
On examination of the wreck, we found strong evidence that the Mhairi Finnea had been dragged down by a Russian submarine that snagged her nets.
This submarine was operating illegally inside British territorial waters.
We believe the sinking was probably an accident.
However, this is evidence of Russian aggression and Russian incompetence.
I think today has to be a wake-up call for a lot of people.
We have in this country to be ready for a new kind of peacekeeping, on the battlefields of tomorrow, which will be under the surface of the sea.
Parliament will shortly be voting on Jade .
I don't want this world to burn.
And I know you don't want that either.
I want it safe .
so we can be in it together.
I got up early today.
It was still dark, but I went down by the side of the loch.
Mum? I saw the sun come up over the sea and birds out flying .
and I thought of how beautiful this world is .
and how much I miss when I'm under the water.
Hey! Hi! Mummy! Hi, darling! Hi! How are you? Are you OK? I missed you.
I missed you.
I missed you.
And then I thought of you.

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