Vigil (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

You need to pack a bag.
Erm, just, uh, just some clothes,
a washbag, a few books
- Dad, what's going to happen?
- You've got one hour.
- I'm ready.
- OK, just give me a second. Wait here.
You are a member of the
British staff under my command!
- You've got to put a stop to this.
- The postmortem
This is not going to end well!
Squadron Leader Russell.
Wing Commander Chapman.
Sorry to interrupt.
How was Dubai, sir?
Yeah, the meeting went well, yeah.
I saw a friend when I was
over there. A doctor.
I've had some pain.
Actually, I've had something
bothering me for a while now.
So I had it looked at.
And now it's the next steps.
Next steps to what?
They found a mass on my liver.
So I need to have it biopsied and then,
if it goes the way they
think it's going to,
then I'd rather
be at home in Scotland for that.
You've got liver cancer?
- There is one thing you can do.
- Anything.
You can take command of the squadron.
I'm going to recommend that
to the Air Marshal.
Thank you, sir.
This isn't on the way to Auntie's.
No, you're coming with me.
What? To Scotland?
I can't leave you here.
Are we coming back?
I don't know. Probably not.
[OVER RADIO]: Bravo Operator,
how long till you're in position?
Closing in now, ma'am.
Less than a minute.
Move off!
- RADIO: Move into position.
- Roger, moving into position.
Let's go. Close in.
On my left, Simmonds.
Come on, pick up the pace. Move!
Quebec Charlie, this is Bravo Operator.
We're in position. Over.
This is Quebec Charlie.
Bravo Operator,
you are clear to tag targets. Over.
I'm going to move to higher ground.
I'll get a cleaner line.
- Do you want us to move with you?
- No need.
- Are we on closed loop now?
- We are.
I'll be handing ops control to Dundair.
Quebec Charlie,
all targets selected. Over.
Keep your heads down, Lawson.
Switching channel control now.
Tango Charlie, this is
Quebec Charlie. You have control.
Roger, I have control.
Here we go.
- Indeed.
- I'm going to go check on the pilots.
this is Air Vice-Marshal Grainger,
I have control of the operation.
All call signs, complete final checks.
Yo! All set, Sam?
There shouldn't be any lag this time.
- All looks good.
- OK, man.
Dixon, do you copy?
Roger. This is Alpha Operator.
Alpha R-PAS in position.
Bravo Operator in formation now.
Charlie R-PAS moving into
Formation Three.
Delta, following in formation.
Stay low. Live fire incoming.
Roger. R-PAS flying overhead.
VL-1 operators,
you may begin your attack.
Firing now.
Delta R-PAS commencing its run. Over.
This is Alpha Operator. Firing rockets.
Sir, trespasser on the beach perimeter.
All operators, cease firing
and stay in position.
- Send a team to the perimeter.
- Yes, sir.
- Is there a problem?
- Not at all.
It's probably wildlife.
- Are we done here?
- Waiting on orders.
Weapons test complete,
we'll move on to phase two.
Navigation check shortly.
No need, Marcus.
I think we can wrap it up here.
We've seen what they can do.
His Highness will be very happy,
they are exactly what our military needs.
If you're sure?
He might even increase the order.
OK, then.
Stage One complete.
I'll tell you what this is, lads.
- It's our checkout girl moment.
- How's that?
'Cos one minute we're in the supermarket,
scanning the bananas,
next minute, we're out of a job.
Long overdue!
I think that was fairly
comprehensive, wasn't it?
And they don't even ask for a cup of
tea when it's over.
As you've seen, the system networks
field operators with remote pilots.
You can launch from the back
of a van if needs be.
And the next iteration will have
full-spec targeting software
as well as 3D situation rendering.
I believe we're on course to deliver
that in a month?
Third quarter, subject to contract.
Very good. Now for the fun part.
The pilots will surrender control
and let the autopilots return them
to the launchpads.
That's just one of several
preprogrammed routines,
aimed at conserving assets.
The idea is,
if a pilot's kit gets damaged,
Lassie comes home all by herself.
It's a famous dog.
All operators, this is Tango Charlie.
Release to autopilot,
set to pad return in
Formation Three. Confirm.
Alpha R-PAS released to autopilot.
Bravo R-PAS released to autopilot.
Charlie R-PAS released to auto.
Delta R-PAS released.
And back they come.
You can operate them from the field
or from the other side of the world.
They can fly a foot off the ground
or at 5,000m.
They are going to change
the way we fight.
We're all done here, ma'am.
We've got to babysit them till
they're safely down.
I don't know, man.
I think they're fucking creepy.
You'd be the expert, Patrick!
Dixon, this is Grainger.
What are you doing?
Unexpected item in bagging area.
Are you lost? Jog on, mate!
He's firing at us! Shit!
- Active fire!
- Take cover!
This is Bravo Unit. Alpha R-PAS
is firing on the ground team.
Men down, medevac needed.
Get security to the APC.
Shut Dixon down. Do it now!
I'm trying to get
back on the system. Over.
Simmonds, stay with us!
Mate, you all right?
I need a medic now!
Come on, mate, stay with me, come on!
- Medic!
- Eliza, what the hell?
I'm trying to find out.
It's Dixon's unit.
We can see that!
Someone's taken over Alpha R-PAS!
Do you read me?
Dixon, get control of Alpha now!!
- Dixon, come in.
- Kader, Barker, Lawson,
does anyone read me?
- Come in, Dixon.
- Come on, you bastard!
Disable your weapons, Dixon!
Dixon, come in.
Force Protection are on their way.
Get out of the vehicle slowly, hands up.
- No, no, don't shoot!
- Open up!
- Don't fucking shoot!
- Come on out!
- It's OK, I didn't do anything.
- Open the door!
Open up now! Dixon, open up!
Open the door now!
This is Bravo Operator.
I've got control of Bravo unit.
In pursuit of Alpha R-PAS.
Gentlemen, everybody down to the
ground floor. Quick as you can.
Quick as you can.
Lawson, take Alpha drone out now!
This is Bravo Operator.
Alpha has been destroyed.
I'm taking Bravo back to pad now.
I'm coming out.
Wait! Wait! Easy! Easy! Easy!
MUSIC: Fuel To Fire by Agnes Obel
Do you want me on your mind ♪
Or do you want me to go on ♪
I might be yours,
as sure as I can say ♪
Be gone, be far away ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh. ♪
You know Billy gets
two chocolate bars in his lunch?
- We're just out of the dentist
and you're already
talking about chocolate?
It can wait.
Please, tell me more about Billy's lunch.
He gave me one of his chocolates
for doing his homework yesterday.
You're doing his homework
for a chocolate bar?
He does know that's fraud?
Does he know your mother and her
girlfriend are both police officers?
- Mum!
- You point him out later
and I'll tell him myself.
- No!
- I'm joking! Give us a kiss.
And stop doing homework for
lazy-arse boys!
DCI Silva.
- What are we looking at?
- Seven confirmed fatalities,
three more in serious condition.
They've got the man
they think's responsible,
they're holding him on site.
What about the press?
Total blackout due to national
security, but that won't last.
We follow the Air Force's lead on safety.
Apart from that, we treat it like
any other scene.
Nothing gets moved, nobody leaves
without our permission.
- Who's on-site?
- Local police are taking statements
but I need you to take them again,
in detail.
Yes, ma'am.
Apparently, the MOD asked for me.
Well, either that's a vote
of confidence or someone's
got it in for the Air Force.
But you're OK with it?
OK with what?
- Oh, come on, I'm not an invalid yet!
- No. What? No!
I'm not talking about the baby,
I'm talking about us working
together on the same case.
It's just I'd prefer someone on it
who's got experience with the military.
Well, it'll probably mean we'll have
to stop holding hands
once we get there, but I appreciate
you raising it, ma'am.
Get in! It's not too late to put
you on maternity leave.
Good morning, ma'am.
Flying Officer Clothier.
The Air Marshal asked me
to escort you to the prisoner.
- Suspect.
- Whatever you prefer, ma'am.
DI Longacre, DS Townsend.
Can you speak to the other pilots?
We need to get a full picture.
- OK.
- Co-ordinate with forensics,
secure the scene.
What about the surrounding roads?
All sealed off and guards posted.
No-one's been in or out.
You can bring a car around here
if you need to take him away.
No, I'll talk to him first.
Hello, I'm Detective Chief
Inspector Amy Silva.
Flying Officer Colin Dixon.
- Have you been assessed?
- What for?
- For your injuries.
- No, I'm fine.
I just need to talk to you.
I'm going to put these on you and
I do have to caution you.
You are not obliged to say anything,
but anything you do say will be
noted and may be used in evidence.
Can you help him up?
- Come on.
- OK.
Look, whatever you've done,
you've still got the right
- to be treated appropriately.
- I haven't done anything.
Taking him inside.
How are you holding up?
They were only here as props.
Imagine being killed for that.
They said you didn't want to come
back to the mess.
Yeah, I'll stay with Simmonds.
- Was he a friend?
- Yeah.
Most of us were
deployed together in Afghanistan.
I'm going to have to ask you
a few questions.
Can you tell me who you were with
during the weapons test?
Five of the British Air Force Regiment.
And you were here with them
the whole time?
Yeah, pretty much.
Patrick stuck a dressing on Simmonds.
Couldn't save him.
Well, another witness told me that
you moved to get a better sightline.
- Is that right?
- I moved from there to there.
What are you implying?
I can't see that would make much
difference, would it?
I wasn't hiding.
It was a better position.
Were you in the line of fire
when the R-PAS started shooting?
Are you asking me if I did this?
I'm just gathering the facts.
- OK.
- I didn't do this.
Well, your colleagues seem to
think you did.
Yeah, I know, because it was my
R-PAS. I know how that looks.
Erm, R-PAS?
Remotely Piloted Air System.
It's what civvies call drones.
I wasn't operating it when it kicked
off. I'd set it to autopilot.
And at that point you couldn't
be reached by comms?
Look, I tried! I honestly did.
I tried but the comms cut out
when it got taken over.
It's on the same system.
There's meant to be a backup radio
but I couldn't find it.
- So, you're on your own in the vehicle?
- Yes. The whole time.
- Doors are locked?
- Yes.
But that was part of it.
Operating in combat conditions.
And what about
when they tried to open it up?
Well, I I went to open the hatch,
but then, er,
bullets started hitting.
Well, they were hitting the team
that was sent to detain you.
So, you say you're on autopilot.
And presumably you can take back
control at any time?
Yeah, but so can anyone who's
on the system.
Once you log in on the main system,
if a unit is on auto or standby,
you can take control of it.
All four units went to autopilot.
So, anyone with a console could have
taken over Alpha R-PAS.
Well, apart from Lawson,
who shot down the R-PAS.
But the other two could have.
I mean, think about it,
if I wanted to do this,
why would I take control of
the R-PAS that I'd been flying?
Is there any way that you can prove
that you didn't take control
back from the autopilot?
Well, innocent until proven?
Not that that stops anyone, does it?
Look, I was in there alone.
All I can say is that
I did the sequence for the test
and after they stopped the demo early,
I went to auto, like I was ordered.
After that, I never touched my
controls again.
- Yeah, why did they stop it early?
- I don't know.
I mean, we were meant to do another
run and they just had us hover,
said we were done and
Look, I've had a boot on my throat
for over an hour
and nobody's told me anything.
And who were the other pilots?
Other than you and
Flight Lieutenant Lawson.
Captain Sam Kader
and Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker.
But they're back in
Al Shawka air base, in Wudyan.
In the Middle East?
Take a seat, Barker.
There were multiple casualties.
Several fatalities.
Friends of ours from
both sides of the partnership.
In terms of people we've worked
closely with, I'm
I'm sorry to have to tell
you that Simmonds
and Davidson both died on the range.
Jansen was injured as well.
He's in a critical condition.
What about Dixon?
What about him?
I got a text about him.
He's got to have
surgery on a shattered cheekbone.
I'm not across everything.
He was sat operating inside an APC.
Do you have something you want to say?
He got the shit kicked
out of him by our own people.
So is that it, then? We're all suspects?
Of course we are, this was our operation.
So get a grip.
There are going to be questions and
there should be questions.
You will answer them honestly
and I'll do the same.
That's how this gets resolved.
Kader, you and Barker both need
to write statements. Separate rooms.
Why separate rooms?
So you can't be accused of collusion.
Do you have the names
of the Wudyanis who were killed?
Colonel Bilali has that information.
It's for him to decide
how to handle that.
- Fuck's sake.
- What?
For fuck's sake!
He's asking about his mates.
You don't think I'm upset?
Of course I am.
But this is bigger than me
and what we do next matters more
than my feelings or yours.
So pull yourself together, last warning.
Further treatment can wait,
then we'll do it in Wudyan.
We all want to be home now.
We'll arrange flights. We'll have
you all back in Wudyan by morning.
Have the police found out who did this?
Nothing concrete.
They'll get answers for us
but they need time.
What's clear to me is this was
someone who wants
to destroy our relationship.
I've spoken to His Highness.
He's minded to end the R-PAS
programme and cut all funding.
- Ali, you can't.
- It is not just about today.
The disrespect shown to him has been
constant, for years now.
Your MPs ignore our reforms.
Instead, they talk to the newspapers
about our human rights record.
You're right, you're right. You are.
Our politicians are hypocrites.
But I do know they want this
partnership to work.
We'll make sure they get the message.
Just, please,
give us time to make things right.
We send our soldiers to fight people
who want to destroy you.
In response, your courts threaten to
ban British companies
from selling weapons to us.
Ali, you know how committed
we are to our partnership.
You want half a billion
dollars to fund the next phase
of this project, yes?
Money spent on a country
who talks about His Highness
like he's a war criminal.
Frankly, you could not
afford for this to happen.
Yet here we are.
Do you know why the demo was
called off early?
I think that was an operational matter.
Well, I'm sure it was.
I'm asking why it happened.
I believe there was a security
issue on the perimeter.
Range security dealt with it and the
feeling was we could wrap up.
It happens a fair bit.
People like to fly their toy drones
into Air Force airspace.
And security dealt with that?
They went to look for the trespasser,
I don't believe anyone was found.
You didn't think to tell us about that?
It's not my decision, ma'am.
As I say, it's not uncommon.
I'd like to see the Air Vice-Marshal now.
- I'll check if he's available.
- I can do that.
DCI Silva? I'm Air Vice-Marshal
Marcus Grainger.
This is Derek McCabe from Alban-X,
the people who made the R-PAS.
You want flight data, right?
So, this needs to go back to the factory.
That's how you'll find out
what's gone on here,
not pissing about taking photos.
Derek wants to remove the flight
recorder from the damaged unit.
I think the unspent munitions need
to be dealt with first.
If you try moving it and it goes
off, you lose all the onboard data.
I assume you have an operating
system to co-ordinate the units?
We do,
we're analysing that data right now.
- Where?
- Headquarters. Outside Glasgow.
OK, well, I need to send a team in.
We're going to need all that data.
We've nothing to hide.
What this is,
this is somebody firing a gun.
We manufacture the gun,
we didn't pull the trigger.
The law's very clear on liability.
Excuse me.
How are you getting on?
OK. I've just finished up with Lawson.
Well, Lawson shot the R-PAS down, so
- Air Marshal Grainger, are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- DCI Silva?
- Fine, I'm fine.
Are you all right?
Your phone, ma'am.
It isn't safe.
I need to to clear this site.
You've got your culprit.
I don't have a culprit,
Dixon is a suspect.
And so are the other two pilots in
Wudyan, so no-one goes anywhere
until they've spoken to
one of my officers.
It isn't my pilots in Wudyan,
I'd trust them with my life.
So if it isn't one of ours,
the system must have been hacked.
Oh, Marcus, come on.
This is a closed system,
you know it's unhackable. It
was your people flying them today.
- Don't try and off-load this on me.
- I now have seven people dead.
Seven families that I need to speak to!
- Oh, my God! Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
'Cos, Amy, I saw the explosion and
then your phone
It just got knocked out of my hand,
but it's OK.
- Is everything all right, Sir?
- Yes.
The video link's ready for you now, Sir.
Who are you talking to?
- My team in Wudyan.
- I'll come with you.
Anything you want moved off the base,
you're going to need
my written permission.
I'm not naive about
the job you've got here,
but there's still a schedule for testing.
We've a multibillion pound
contract on the line.
Both of us are on the hook for that.
I'm afraid seven dead people
trumps your share price.
Make sure nothing gets moved.
There was a trespasser on the perimeter
- during the test.
- OK.
If there's any chance they're still
out there,
we need to find them.
Let's go.
Usually, Derek and I get along but
the bodies are still warm
and he's practically
demanding an indemnity.
I didn't know we had a base in Wudyan.
We're not involved in the war
there, are we?
It isn't a war.
Wudyan is supporting
a legitimate neighbouring
government against insurgents.
We provide them with operational support.
Strictly non-combatant status.
You're not the first to get it
wrong, the reporting
has been very one-sided.
Right. They jail journalists,
though, don't they?
Britain is relatively unusual in not
jailing its journalists.
Wudyan is one of our
most important partnerships.
It's going to be bloody challenging
riding this out.
- Two of them killed on our range
I have DCI Amy Silva with me.
DCI Silva, Eliza Russell,
Acting Commanding Officer
for 109 Squadron
while Wing Commander Chapman
is on medical leave.
How are you, Eliza?
Everyone's in shock here.
We just want answers.
My team's asking for information
about the casualties.
Two Wudyani technicians,
two Protection Force,
and a few others badly injured.
We'll have to see if they pull through.
And you know about Simmonds and Davidson.
Do you want me to speak to the families?
- I'll handle that.
- Simmonds's wife is having a baby.
Let's answer the DCI's questions.
This is full disclosure?
Nothing's under Official Secrets?
Full transparency.
I'm in a meeting.
I don't think this can wait at all.
I'm on a call with the Air Marshall
and a Detective Chief Inspector
from the Scottish Police Force.
Wes is in charge of
the development programme
for R-PAS for Alban-X.
Er, I'm not in charge. Technical lead.
I just finished running
the logs in the warehouse.
If there's any equipment there
that could be used to operate
the drones, that needs to be sealed
off straight away.
No access, no exceptions.
- Er, I don't think we can do that.
- We'll do that.
Are all the controllers accounted for?
Yes. Two in Scotland, three here.
I put the ones that we used away
already. So, yeah, it's all there.
What was it you were going to say?
Uh, so Colin Dixon flew Alpha R-PAS
until he passed it to autopilot
and all four pilots went to auto.
The next pilot to take control
of Alpha R-PAS
was Wing Commander Anthony Chapman.
Er, it's all there in the data.
Login confirmed.
He took control of Alpha R-PAS
and flew it
until Bravo R-PAS shot it down.
Bravo R-PAS was Lawson.
She got back on the system
30 seconds after he got on.
The console camera was on,
but he must have covered it.
And where is Anthony Chapman now?
He flew back here
with his daughter two days ago.
He's having cancer treatment.
He's due to have an operation today.
Are you sure he flew back?
Well, I spoke to him as soon
as he got in. He came and saw me.
Clearly, the system has been
compromised in some way.
We checked the logs in Glasgow.
It's going to say the same thing.
For Christ's sake, the
man's probably on a morphine drip!
Should we end the call there?
It's all there in the data.
You might want to check with
your employer before you share that.
I'm not going to sit
on something like that.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying, as a friend,
make sure you're protected.
Alban-X is going to get sued left,
right and centre.
Don't get caught in the middle.
Where were you when the test went wrong?
Er, are you joking?
I have to do this with everyone.
Don't take it personally.
And you're here now.
I was in the armoury.
Any witnesses?
Well, I actually like to call
them co-workers.
Don't be a dick about this.
Yes. There will be people who saw
me there.
By the way, I don't report to you.
So if you keep on talking to me that way,
you can shove your
questions right up there.
How's that for an answer?
Sorry, just to clarify,
where exactly do you want me
to shove my questions?
The hospital confirmed he's got
a procedure at 4pm.
He hasn't turned up yet.
His address was given as
the Avondale Hotel.
Can you send a team?
Chapman could be armed.
The last known location for the
trespasser was down at the beach.
Security said they've kept eyes on
the road and posted lookouts.
Nobody's been seen. If they've
hidden themselves,
they would have moved north,
along the coast.
Could have a boat stashed?
Aye, well,
coastguard's keeping an eye out.
This will find them quicker than we can.
Room key?
Let's go.
- Armed police!
- Armed police, stay where you are!
- Clear!
- Room clear.
That's him. That's Anthony Chapman.
- Can you make me a copy of that?
- Yeah, no problem.
He's heading off the path.
He's heard the rotors, hasn't he?
He's trying to get under cover.
No, move on, don't stop. We don't
want him to think that we found him.
We'll bring the drone back when
we're closing in on him, OK?
Right, grab me two armed officers.
You have charge of the scene here.
We're approaching last-known location.
He's moving now. He's climbing
a tree. Can you see him?
Aye, I can.
Police! Stay where you are!
Aye, we've got him now.
Do not move!
- Is he armed?
- Er, no weapon visible.
He's got a rucksack.
He's taking his phone out.
Yeah? Yeah, I can see that.
- Don't shoot.
- Drop your phone down to me.
I'm not doing that. It's expensive.
I need you to drop your bag
and your phone to me.
Then you're going to climb down.
At no point put your hands inside
your pockets or anywhere where
I can't see them, do you understand?
It's not illegal to sit in a tree.
We'll talk about that when
you're on the ground.
I hear Nicole's flying back in tonight?
That's right. Not Dixon, he's in surgery.
As you know.
And we're restarting
missions again tomorrow?
Yes. We're under orders.
Unless you're unable to do the job?
I'm good.
Have you calmed down?
Yes, ma'am.
- Your report's very thorough.
- Thank you.
I gave it my best.
Resubmit it. Take this part out.
Can I ask why?
Your opinion on past
operations are not relevant.
Yes, ma'am.
I need to speak to you
about Wing Commander Chapman.
One person reported hearing a heated
between him and someone in the rec room.
Do you know anything about that?
No-one mentioned that to me.
Did he tell you where he was going?
No, ma'am.
OK. We're finished here.
Off you trot.
You OK?
Two more years to serve and I'm done.
- What did she say to you?
- Nothing.
That's the point, though, isn't it?
Business as usual.
- You need to keep your head down.
- Yeah.
We had it coming though, didn't we?
That's the truth.
Firas Zaman. Alan's got the details.
I'm going to take him through.
No solicitor requested.
You can change your mind at
any point, you know?
No point wasting their time as well.
Why were you at the Dundair air
weapons range today?
- Which species did you see?
- Oh, no, I'm not any kind of expert.
I just I like watching
them in general.
And you use a drone for that?
What, binoculars not your style?
There are public rights of way.
I did nothing wrong walking there.
If I missed a sign, I apologise.
- There were a lot of signs.
- Then I'll apologise several times.
When the Air Force sent out a patrol,
you took action to evade them.
I continued my walk as planned.
Why were you filming a weapons test?
That was fascinating.
My little drone only takes pictures.
Theirs, I'm sure they'll kill
a lot of people with that.
Very impressive.
You disapprove of what
they're doing there?
You're a Detective Inspector.
Seems like a very senior rank to
cover minor trespassing.
True, true.
So why do you think I'm talking to you?
Do you think it's unreasonable
we'd want to talk to someone caught
filming mass murder?
As in weapons capable of?
Seven people were killed there today.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
Do you have any contacts
in the Air Force? Or in Wudyan?
I'm from Wudyan.
- And you're a resident here now?
- I am, yeah.
Do you know a man named Anthony Chapman?
I'm not good with names.
Why did you erase your phone?
It was necessary to protect my privacy.
Officers searched your flat under
warrant and came across these.
Now, these are prescriptions
for medicines,
written by Doctor Mohammed Rajab,
in Bahrat Wud.
That's not too
far from the Al Shawka airbase.
Is it?
What are all these doing in your flat?
They're for my various ailments.
And you've got a few ailments, don't you?
I mean, what am I looking at?
Diabetes medication,
an Asthma inhaler.
Stimulants for ADHD.
I mean, this is what,
15, 16 different conditions?
Yeah, and this one
How did your IVF go?
Was it your first pregnancy?
I have no further comment.
I imagine these are all being
used as some sort of code?
Is that about right?
I'd like to go home now.
Firas Zaman, I have reason to
believe you may have been
involved in an act of terrorism.
I'm ordering that you be detained
under the Protection of Freedom Act.
For how many days?
You can be held
without charge for up to 14.
Your right to legal advice is unaffected.
I'm on the side of the angels.
Believe me.
I'm going to read you your rights.
And then I think you should talk to me.
When did Chapman request medical leave?
The first day he flew back.
He asked me for six months to
cover surgery and chemo.
I didn't question it.
Does he even have cancer?
That looks unlikely. He didn't show
for his hospital appointment
and he left the hotel five minutes
after he arrived there yesterday.
There's no sign that he's been
back there since.
Both his phone and his daughter
Sabiha's phone are switched off.
Do you know of anywhere that he
might have gone?
No. Anthony always rented places
His daughter's at a school
outside Edinburgh.
His wife died when she was quite young.
She was Wudyani. He ended up
speaking the language,
made him a shoe-in for the role.
We've tried Sabiha's school.
We're just trying to get in contact
with some of her friends now.
- Did you know her?
- I've known her since she was a baby.
Sorry, I appreciate this must be
difficult for you.
My feelings are irrelevant.
Would Chapman have known that,
once he logged into the R-PAS,
then his login details
would have been recorded?
Yes. He's been our lead
on the VL-1 programme,
he commands the joint squadron out there,
he'd have known he'd be caught.
What is it exactly that the
Air Force are doing in Wudyan?
The Wudyani and British Air Force
set up a joint R-PAS squadron
a couple of years ago. It's part of
a wider deal with the country.
The supply of British-made weaponry,
tech, training and development.
So, you're supporting Wudyan's
conflict with their neighbours?
No, that's not how we'd put it.
We supply expert operational support.
It helps sustain our strategic
position in the region,
that's really the most important thing.
I mean, partnerships like this
are the future.
And these drones that
you were testing, are they?
They're never drones.
That's what you fly down the park.
R-PAS. Are they part of that future?
Alban-X supplies the units,
the Air Force services them and
trains their pilots.
It's a whole ecosystem.
We get favourable terms for our own
purchase of the system.
It'll create 600 highly skilled
jobs in Scotland.
The list goes on.
So our government wants this to happen?
Very much.
The Wudyanis are spending real money now,
investing in our long-term presence.
What happened today threatens that.
So, we have a senior Air Force
officer trying to disrupt
- a key alliance?
- That's exactly what he's done.
Have there ever been any questions
about Chapman's loyalties?
There have been leaks coming
out of the base.
Details about the joint squadron's
work in Wudyan were
passed on to a UK journalist.
Is that journalist's name Firas Zaman?
- Yes.
- We've got him in custody.
He was the man caught trespassing
on the range.
- Firas
- Hello, everyone.
I'm Ramsay.
The guys upstairs told me
to sit this one in.
Hope that's good with you.
- DI Longacre, right?
- Right.
- And you're from?
- London.
So, where did we get to, Mr Zaman?
Mr Zaman is a Wudyani national
and a very keen birdwatcher.
Says you left Wudyan 15 years ago
and claimed asylum here.
A known associate of Mohammed Rajab,
who is currently in prison in Wudyan
on terrorism charges.
Mm. We were just talking about him.
The birdwatching's news to me, though.
Mohammed Rajab is
a human rights activist.
He was sent to prison because
he petitioned for a free press.
He's also suspected to be part of
a terrorist organisation
- called Jabhat Al'huriya.
- They're not a terrorist organisation.
Let's not get lost in the whole terrorist
versus freedom fighter debate.
According to the Wudyani Government,
you're a terrorist,
if you believe in democracy.
Jabhat Al'huriya wouldn't be
the first allegedly peaceful group
to start killing people.
What else have you got?
I've read the preliminary report.
It seems that someone logging into
the R-PAS control system
would need to know exactly
when the autopilot was engaged.
Ideally, what you need is someone
observing the test.
Someone who can make a quick phone-call.
Well, Mr Zaman wiped his phone.
And why would you do that?
I wasn't sure which service
you were from,
but the whole smug schoolboy
shit really gives it away.
MI5, right?
- Have you discussed Anthony Chapman?
- We have.
And Mr Zaman doesn't know him.
You're looking at 14 days, you know that?
I did more than 100 days in Wudyan,
with electric shocks
and waterboarding, sometimes beatings,
sometimes all of those in the same day.
I was in the right then.
And I am right now.
Right about what, though?
Whether or not you saw a chaffinch?
Right, I'll pop you an email
with the rest of what we've got
on this guy.
Lovely to meet you.
And you.
Between you and me,
I think I got the better deal here.
- How's that?
- I mean,
I just have to lie down
in a cell for two weeks.
You're going to have to work with him.
No, I don't think so.
If MI5 want to run things, they will.
So why don't you help me out, then?
Why were you there today?
The weapons they're developing,
- the drones that were tested today?
- Hm?
They won't just be used in Wudyan's
proxy war with our neighbours.
Before long, they'll be
used on the local population.
Peak oil is coming.
When the money stops, this
is how the regime clings to power.
This is the change they're preparing for.
Those drones are tools for repression.
I was told about the test.
I went to record it.
Who told you about the test?
Somebody brave. I can say that.
I won't say anything else.
I'm going to need to formally
interview the pilots.
Could you arrange for Nicole Lawson
to come in tomorrow?
Er, she's been flown back to Wudyan.
I expressly asked that all of your
be available for interview.
we assumed that changed with Chapman.
It didn't.
The joint squadron are wanted
Colonel Bilali wanted to
fly his people back,
so we took care of that.
I thought it was
the least that we could do.
And it didn't occur to you to
discuss that with me?
We're discussing it now.
Excuse me.
DS Townsend would like a word.
He's on his mobile.
She's spicy.
You'd do well
to treat DCI Silva with respect.
Not on principle, out of self-interest.
DCI Silva. What have you got?
Number one, they really hate us
being here.
Yeah, well, don't let them give you
any shit
about needing specialist software.
You just get all the raw data.
It's an arms company.
They've got table-tennis in
their reception.
Of course they have.
So, what have you found?
I've run through all the
video evidence from Dundair.
There's no footage of the attack.
It cuts out when the R-PAS went
to autopilot.
But we did get the GPS data,
the satellite relay stuff.
It gives us the location of where
each console was used.
Two GPS matches for the range
at Dundair, two matches in Wudyan,
where their squadron is based.
And a fifth one, for the R-PAS
Chapman got onto.
GPS for that one is a little
village in the Trossachs,
an hour from Glasgow.
Great. Send me the details,
I'll head straight there.
Good work.
Kirsten, we need to go.
I can tell you're pissed off,
you're taking it out on the corners.
- Oh, shut up. I'm a good driver.
- I'm not disputing that.
- So?
- What?
It's just us now.
What's wrong?
OK, I think you're doing too much.
I'm not due for another two months
and you put me on this case.
I know! That's why I'm pissed off.
It's not your fault.
Oh, right.
So you're having an argument with
let me know if I can help with anything.
Poppy's staying at Louise's. I said
if we were back before midnight,
we'd pick her up.
That's a good pivot.
It was totally seamless.
Can you at least
stay in the car till it's clear?
Ma'am, this is as close as we can
get without the cars being heard.
We'll hike up from here.
- Are your team ready to go?
- Yes, ma'am.
OK. We'll follow on behind.
Keep it muted, please.
Armed police!
Kitchen clear!
- Clear.
- Bathroom clear.
- Clear.
- All clear, all clear.
Check the perimeter.
Looks like Chapman
was here with his daughter.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll call this in, get forensics up here.
Hi. Yes, we have a deceased male.
Likely ID, Anthony Chapman.
Apparent gunshot wound to the head.
I'll send you my location.
Thank you.
OK, they're going to be half an hour.
Shot from that direction, face on.
Maybe he saw something,
heard something, and turned?
The bullet's in deep.
Maybe a high-power hunting rifle?
A lot of those around here.
Deer stalking.
- Ma'am.
- Yep?
The area's all secured. There's
fresh tyre tracks in the mud.
A vehicle's turned around and gone.
We're photographing for treads.
Any signs of Sabiha Chapman?
- No, ma'am.
- Well, she either ran or they took her.
Can you let control know we need to
get a full search under way?
You should start the search.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Anything else?
No, ma'am. We've got it.
Should get back to the car.
Wait for forensics,
try and get some rest.
OK. Sure.
If you're tired.
The question is,
who knew he was staying there?
- Mm.
- If he was hiding out,
that's got to be a short list.
Why log in with his own name? Hm.
Why broadcast his location over GPS?
'Cos he wanted to be found.
- Who knew he was back?
I thought I heard something.
- What did you hear?
- I'm not sure.
Compton, we need urgent assistance.
We might have found Sabiha Chapman.
Area east of where we were parked.
We've found a vehicle, ma'am.
Either the shooter's dumped it
or they're still here.
You should get into cover.
Kirsten, wait.
Be careful.
No, it's OK, it's fine.
Compton, we've found her,
get down here now.
- It's OK, I'm police. I'm police.
- Kirsten, we have to go.
It's not safe.
- Run.
- Go!
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