Vigil (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

This is Alpha operator. Firing rocket.
His Highness will be very happy.
Dixon, this is Grainger.
What are you doing?
Alpha R-PAS is firing on the ground team.
Seven confirmed fatalities.
They've got the man
they think's responsible,
- they're holding him on-site.
- I didn't do this.
Who were the other pilots?
Captain Sam Kader
and Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker.
They're back in in Al-Shawka
airbase in Wudyan.
So, is that it, then? We're all suspects?
Of course we are! This was our operation!
The next pilot to take
control was Anthony Chapman.
And where's Anthony Chapman now?
He flew back here with
his daughter two days ago.
There was a trespasser
on the perimeter during the test.
If there's any chance they're still
out there, we need to find them.
Police! Stay where you are!
Officers searched your flat under
warrant and came across these.
These are prescriptions for medicines,
written by Dr Mohammed Rajab.
I imagine these are all being
used as some sort of code?
Hello, everyone. I'm Ramsay.
I wasn't sure which Service
you were from,
but the whole smug-schoolboy shit
MI5, right?
We did get the GPS data that
the R-PAS Chapman got on to.
There's a little
village in the Trossachs.
- Any sign of Sabiha Chapman?
- No, it's OK. It's fine.
Compton, we found her. Get down her now.
Run. Go!
- No, wait!
- No, we have to keep going.
- No, you go! I can't run any more!
- Get down.
I'm sorry!
If we split up, you two have a chance.
I love you. You talk to him.
You keep him distracted.
Get back, get back.
I'm a police detective!
Put down your weapon!
We've got armed officers coming!
Murdering two police officers
is a whole-life tariff!
- You'll die in prison!
- Come out!
Move back!
Run in a zig-zag and don't stop. Go!
- Did you understand me?
- Stand up.
Stand where I can see you.
Where is she? Last chance!
Stop! Armed police!
Put your weapon down now!
Down on the ground!
Stay where you are!
Do you want me on your mind? ♪
Or do you want me to go on? ♪
I might be yours, as sure as I can say ♪
Be gone, be faraway ♪
Oooh, oooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Oooh, oooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
- ROBERTSON: How's Sabi?
- Suspected concussion, dehydration.
It's a miracle
she stayed hidden for so long.
What did the medics say?
They're going to take her in now.
I'll follow on later.
Is DCI Longacre OK?
Yes, she's fine, sir.
Any concerns?
No concerns.
- Let's get her home.
- Sure.
No concerns?
I'm not concerned.
What about you?
Sore ribs.
Shall we just get you checked out,
just in case?
He's kicking.
Is he?
He was bleeding from his forehead.
You should get a decent sample from that.
You know, you should've
waited for backup.
So should've you.
- Do you think we can go home now?
- You have to.
Robertson pretty much insisted on it.
Ma'am, just found this phone.
Could be Chapman's.
Lab. DNA and prints first.
- Er, Digital gets it second.
- Got it.
And can you please get DI Longacre
into a car and driven home?
- No, I can drive.
- That's my decision.
Yes, ma'am.
Sabiha. DCI Silva.
- Hi.
- How are you feeling?
If I could, I'd let you recover
and not have you answer my
questions, but we do have to talk.
It really can't wait.
Look, just do your best.
Anything that you can tell
me is going to help me catch
the man who did this to you and your dad.
And to you.
Yeah, yeah.
I want him caught.
I, er, didn't even really see him.
I saw Dad get shot. I
I saw he was dead.
And, er, then, I ran and hid.
You must have been terrified.
I didn't know what else to do,
so I just stayed hidden.
And then I heard your voices.
You did really well.
Did you have any idea that you and
your dad might have been in danger?
My dad didn't do anything wrong.
He's a good person.
Does that matter to you?
- What I think of him?
- Yes.
You're worried about
what people will think?
OK, well
Why don't you talk to me about him?
Sabiha, I know that hurts.
I've lost people. It took me
a long time to talk about it.
But these next few hours,
they're so important.
Can you tell me about the last few weeks?
So, you were
staying on the base in Wudyan.
And then you came back really
suddenly. Why was that?
Um, I don't know, um
Dad went to a conference in Dubai
for a few days and
I mostly just stayed in and
watched TV, and when he got back,
he said that we had to come home
for a hospital appointment.
And he didn't go to that hospital
appointment, did he? We know that.
So, what did he tell you
when he took you up to the cottage?
What did you tell your friends?
I didn't talk to them.
You didn't?
See, I have a daughter,
and she has her nose
stuck in her phone all day.
You You didn't message anybody?
We didn't take our phones.
So, your dad asked you to
leave your phone behind?
I don't know anything else.
I'm I'm sorry. I
I just feel
Can you Can you go? I don't
- It's OK, it's OK.
- I just
You're doing really well.
Can we talk about today?
What happened in the few hours
leading up to the attack?
Um Dad was gone for a bit.
How long for?
I don't know. An hour, maybe two.
I don't know where he went.
And he never said anything more
about what you were doing there?
He never tells me
about work cos he can't.
I'm going to show you something.
I'm doing to show you some pictures.
Have you ever seen anything
that looks like this?
- Do you know what that is?
- No.
Did you see your dad store anything
that might be around that size?
Dad didn't do anything!
He's been killed and you're talking
about him like he's
- I'm not accusing him of anything.
- Then what's happened?
Why are you showing me that stuff?
Your dad worked on an R-PAS
weapons programme.
And today, those drones were being
tested in Scotland
and someone used one of them to kill
several people
on the testing range.
Your dad has been identified
as the person
who was controlling that R-PAS.
Look, I'm keeping an open mind.
I want to I want to go back.
I want to go back to Wudyan.
- I'm not sure that's possible.
- Can you stop me?
I've got no-one here.
My mum's family's there.
- I want I want to go back!
- All right, OK.
Let's leave it there for now.
You try and get some rest.
Thank you.
- How are you feeling?
- Sore.
I'll bet.
How's Chapman's daughter?
I don't think she's telling me
everything she knows.
And she wants to go back to Wudyan.
- Can we stop her?
- I don't think so.
Not unless we arrest her.
- We haven't got cause.
- Hmm.
So, state of play?
We've got half the force out
looking for Chapman's killer.
What about the gentleman
we arrested at the Air Force range?
Mr Zaman?
He's not being very cooperative.
We're just going over everything now.
But, as yet, there's no
link between him and Chapman.
Do you have a moment, sir?
We've got something.
We've been looking into the GPS data
that gave us Chapman's location.
And this just came
back from the R-PAS manufacturer.
This line here is the latency signal.
When you operate an R-PAS,
the controller unit sends
a signal up to the satellite
and the satellite sends the signal
back down to the R-PAS.
Right, the time it takes between
sending the signal
and the R-PAS receiving it,
that's the latency rate.
These two were being controlled
from the range at Dundair.
These two were being flown from Wudyan.
The latency rate is
different between the two locations,
because the data has got
longer to travel.
Now, when Chapman logs in
and takes over the R-PAS
that Dixon had been on,
you'd expect
the latency to stay the same,
because Chapman is also
operating from Scotland, right?
It doesn't match.
It matches the latency rate of the
R-PAS being controlled from Wudyan.
Yes, exactly.
So, why does the GPS data
put the console in Scotland?
GPS is easy to spoof.
The latency data,
that's the thing you can't fake.
So, turns out, we can definitely say
that the R-PAS that committed the attack
at Dundair
was controlled from Wudyan?
Yes, exactly.
Chapman didn't do it.
We have evidence that Anthony Chapman
didn't pilot the rogue R-PAS.
It wasn't piloted from Scotland.
It was piloted from somewhere in Wudyan.
Either from the base there, or nearby.
That's impossible.
We can share the data.
The satellite operator's
already verified it.
So, can you explain why
he lied to us about having cancer?
Why he went into hiding?
Not yet.
We need to visit the base in Wudyan.
Can you help us
make the necessary arrangements?
Look, we are effectively
lodgers at Al-Shawka airbase.
It's Wudyani territory.
We provide them with services
as per our agreement, that's all.
We can't mandate them to give you access.
They lost two of their own at Dundair.
Surely they would want to support
the investigation.
Well, they'll want to do it
themselves. They'd insist on that.
I'm sure we can make the case.
There are seven people dead.
It's our duty to investigate
and Al-Shawka base
is part of my crime scene.
We'll have to go through their
formal channels.
- It could take weeks.
- Well, if we can't get the access
we need straight away,
then we can look at alternatives.
It's just I don't really want
to have to apply for a warrant
to arrest the entire squadron.
She's joking, isn't she?
I don't believe she is, no.
Is that legal, Sir Ian?
Our relationship with Wudyan is
quite fragile at the moment.
I can't imagine the Foreign Office
would disagree. Emma?
I've been with the ambassador
all morning.
They're spooked by what
happened at Dundair.
Maybe this would be better
handled by Intelligence.
MI5 has strong links there, don't you?
Seven murders on Scottish soil.
This will be handled by the police.
The men and women that died
were colleagues.
I spoke to some of their families
this morning.
If you think I'm being obstructive,
then you misunderstand me.
I'm saying that we have to be
careful not to cause
an international incident.
One misstep and you'll find you
can't fill your car with petrol.
I drive an electric.
Of course you do.
Ian, I think perhaps you should
share MI5's intelligence,
on the understanding that it never
leaves this room.
We had some information
from Wudyani Intelligence
about Firas Zaman.
This morning, the Wudyanis talked
of a man named Mohammed Rajab.
Now, he was already in prison there
on terrorism charges.
Mr Rajab confirmed his links to
Mr Zaman and to Jabhat Al'huriya.
He also confirmed
the existence of a plot,
er, whose aim was to disrupt
the UK-Wudyani relationship.
Mohammed Rajab.
He's come up in our investigation.
Really? How so?
He's a doctor, isn't he? He wrote
some prescriptions for Mr Zaman.
And Mr Zaman couldn't explain
why he had them.
- We need to see those.
- Of course.
We think they might have been used
as a way to pass coded messages.
Well, we're good at that.
There's an address on the prescription.
A Bahrat Wud.
Does that location have any links
to the Jabhat Al'huriya dissidents?
- We'll look into it.
- Will you keep me abreast?
Of course.
Marcus, I think co-operation is,
is both possible and necessary.
If political capital has to be
spent, then, you know,
now's the time to do it.
We'll have to give them something.
A minister expressing public
support for the Wudyanis,
something like that. Otherwise,
it'll be it'll be very hard.
I'll see what I can do.
I'll make the necessary arrangements.
Thank you.
I'll book a flight tonight.
Would your counterparts be able to get me
an interview with Mohammed Rajab?
One step at a time.
Of course.
It's only for a few days.
I don't understand.
I've been away for work before,
it's been fine.
They have the death penalty
for lots of things there.
Don't believe everything you
read online, Pops.
I'm taking a young girl back
there with me.
She's not much older than you.
I have to get her settled.
They put gay people in prison.
I know, but I have a job to do
and it's really important to me
that I do that job well.
And anyway, Kirsten's got to stay here,
so it's not like I'm going
to be kissing women
She thinks I'm going to be arrested
for attending a wild lesbian orgy.
Well, I mean, I do share that concern.
What's the latest?
Well, we're looking at Chapman for
colluding with a dissident group.
And then they kill him?
Well, he helps them
gain access to the R-PAS programme
and they kill him to stop him talking.
Or he gets cold feet and runs
and they pursue.
I don't know.
I'm going to try and get access to
one of their prisoners.
You'll be careful, won't you?
I'm going to be surrounded by people
with guns.
I'm going to be fine.
You know, while I'm away,
would you have another think about
stepping back from front-line duties?
But, erm, well,
it's very kind of you to ask.
I'm going to miss you.
Miss you, too.
Why are you looking at him?
Just doing my homework.
- Do you know him?
- No.
I mean, I know who he is, but I
don't really know anyone there.
They can't have kept you locked
in your bedroom the whole time.
Yeah, they let me go on all the missions.
I flew the helicopter.
What about your dad?
Did he have friends there
or was it all just work?
Do you ever just talk to people?
No, you don't.
What do you want to talk about?
But at least I know how.
I've been at five different
international schools
since I was six. You learn how to talk.
That's young.
My mum died.
Do you like school?
I'm going to try
and get some sleep now.
Thanks for the chat. It was great.
Is there anything you want to ask me?
Do you think someone on that base
helped kill my dad?
- Is that why you're going there?
- I don't know.
You'll love Wudyan.
Nobody tells the truth there either.
Howdy, pard'ner.
Can I help you?
Yeah, that's the, er, general idea.
I'll help you as well.
We're going to be working together.
What, you've been assigned to?
WE'VE been assigned to each other.
It's funny, I didn't realise you
guys even did counterterrorism.
I just assumed they'd bring in the Met.
Oh, no need for that now that
you're here.
So, I've been er, going over the
you found in Mr Zaman's flat.
Might have something interesting for you.
21, 5, 23.
- The 21st of May.
- Yup.
- That's the date of the attack.
- Exactly.
But if you look at the next one
It's not just the date of this test.
They correspond with every major
test 109 Squadron did
in the last six months.
So, someone on the base is passing
information to a terrorist group?
Looks that way, yeah.
So, where's good for lunch?
You don't need that any more, by the way.
Well, er, they told me to wear it.
The King relaxed the rules.
It's up to you now.
Just a shame that everyone
who fought for those rights
is still in prison.
MAN: Miss Silva and Miss Chapman?
Would you follow me, please?
Is there anything in particular
that you're looking for?
What would he be looking for, hmm?
I don't know, it's, we went through
Security like everyone else.
I'm just trying to be helpful.
That's my moisturiser.
OVER RADIO: Amy Silva.
I believe you have some people
that belong to me.
Sorry you got held up.
I should have seen that coming.
Yeah, felt like we were
settling in for a long day.
The regime love to remind us
who's in charge.
Are you in charge now?
Stepping up in the role.
Dad never picked people
up from the airport.
That's not true.
He always collected you, didn't he?
- What's going on?
- They're tightening up security.
It's full checks on every vehicle now.
DCI Silva, I presume?
- Hi.
- This is Colonel Bilali.
He's Base Commander here at Al-Shawka.
It would be helpful to discuss your case,
- once you've settled in.
- Sure.
Sir, if I can suggest waiting
until today's operation is finished.
We could arrange something for tomorrow.
Today would be better.
My aide will make arrangements.
Oh, Sabiha.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
Take Sabi's bag.
Report back in 20 minutes.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll need to check out Wing Commander
Chapman's quarters before I
Already did it.
Full search. Nothing found.
If you'd like to come with me,
I'll get you briefed.
I'm using Wing Commander Chapman's
office for the moment.
Have a seat.
You need to send Sabi back to the UK.
Colonel Bilali should never
have allowed it.
It's not just that she's an
unaccompanied minor on an airbase,
though that that is a problem,
she's not going to do well here.
She's angry and she's grieving.
She'll act out and this is not a country
where teenage girls
get away with bad behaviour.
Legally she's an adult,
so, really, that's up to her.
But I'll I'll do what I can.
Thank you.
Now, what do you need from us?
Can we schedule the pilots' interviews?
I need to speak to Flight Lieutenant
Callum Barker
and Captain Sam Kader.
I thought Wing Commander Chapman
had been found responsible.
No, that's not the case.
The GPS readings were faked.
Chapman could have been framed.
We found evidence that a group
called Jabhat Al'huriya have
been receiving information
about your weapons programme.
It's likely to have come from here.
I haven't been briefed about that.
Well, I imagine you will be.
So, how do you go about accusing
people of being traitors,
in a way that improves morale?
I'm sensitive to the issues.
I've had experience working
with the military before.
Yes, I heard. A Vanguard-class submarine.
The great unwashed.
Yeah, that's right.
This is different.
We're in plain sight.
I can make Barker available to you.
But Kader isn't Air Force,
so it's more complicated.
- Kader's part of the squadron?
- It's a joint venture.
UK, Wudyan, and the developer, Alban-X.
You need to speak to Colonel Bilali
about Kader,
as he's a Wudyani national.
Um, and the main guy at Alban-X to
speak to would be?
Wes Harper, Chief Software Engineer.
He was on the call with us.
But I'm not his commander.
We're all basically sub-contractors here.
- That's the truth of it.
- For a fee?
Yes, but it's not about the money.
It's about making ourselves essential.
British arms delivered with the
support of the British Air Force.
The Wudyani Air Force would grind to
a halt if we weren't here,
so, believe me,
if you jeopardise these operations,
your visa will be revoked in a heartbeat.
Well, I'll try not to cause
a diplomatic incident.
- I need to speak to you, as well.
- Excuse me?
Just to clarify your movements
around the time of the attack.
Well, you have my report.
If it's an alibi you're after,
then you've half the squadron
to pick from.
Is there anything else?
If anything comes up
about Jabhat Al'huriya
Yes, I'll flag it. I understand.
Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker,
then. Shall we say 6pm?
We were on a night mission till 6am,
so most of the pilots have
got their heads down. I'll have you
shown to your quarters.
I'll let you know when they're available.
I've asked them to find
you a room with a decent view.
We found the owner of the van
used by the shooter.
He took the plates off,
but it'd already been reported
stolen by the time he dumped it.
Arlene Royce, 26.
She's a cleaner,
no record or anything like that.
She got back from visiting
her parents in Fort William,
noticed the van was gone,
called it in straight away.
This is the rifle he used.
This is a Parker-Hale.
It's an old model.
Magazine holds five rounds.
The good news is the owner had the
barrel marked-up with SmartWater.
So, we know exactly where it came from.
The Lochduin estate.
Anyone want to guess where Arlene cleans?
- Lochduin estate?
- Bingo.
Longacre, I think this is one for you.
And Mr Ramsay, too, of course.
In most parts of the world,
if you need somebody shot,
it's better to hire a local
to do the job.
Why risk an operative when you can
pay some random idiot five grand?
Now, the downside for us is,
when you catch them,
they don't know anything.
Someone paid them to do it. Dead end.
Is that what you think this guy is?
A five-grand job
organised on the dark web?
It's too early to say.
That's gold dust, that.
Look, all I'm saying is, if he kills
Sabiha with his second shot,
he's got plenty of time
to get rid of the gun,
drive off and ditch the van.
On the other hand,
he picked a limited-magazine rifle,
his second shot misses
and he didn't have a backup plan.
It's a B-minus grade from me.
What about you?
Well, he tried to kill me and Amy,
so I'm not quite ready to turn him
into a Top Trump card.
is there somewhere I can make a drink?
Yeah, through there.
Captain Sam Kader? DCI Amy Silva.
Sorry, I'm due inside.
We're about to start an operation.
I take it you weren't
part of the mission last night?
What mission?
Oh, my mistake.
I thought the squadron worked till 6am?
Obviously not.
Looks like we're about to go in.
Troops approaching location.
November lead, this is Operations.
- Alpha One to Control. Confirm.
- Approaching Bahrat Wud.
- What the hell are you doing?
- You told me the pilots were asleep.
I had to wake them up.
That happened pretty quickly.
Are you running an operation
against Jabhat Al'huriya?
You said you'd let me know if you
had any engagement
with the dissidents. This is
relevant to my investigation.
We're providing operational support
to a Wudyani mission
to apprehend Wudyani citizens.
I'll need access to anyone they arrest.
I'm sorry, but it's not my operation
and it's not my place to disclose
Wudyani actions.
Are you in Bahrat Wud?
I can't disclose that.
There's no need. I've got eyes.
This house was
identified by my investigation.
Does Intelligence think it's being
used by Jabhat Al'huriya?
For the last time and with due respect,
it is not my place to brief
you on Wudyani operations.
I have to focus on the mission now.
You're welcome to stay and observe.
We've nothing to hide.
But if you keep interrupting me,
I'll have you escorted back to your room.
Area's clear.
ON RADIO: Stand by.
Control from Alpha One Team Leader.
Check exits and approaches.
Moving into position, approaching
from south side.
Ma'am, eyes on all exits.
No vehicles at the location.
November lead, this is Operations.
Surrounding roads clear, no civilians.
Copy that, Control.
Approaching the vehicle.
We're going in.
Ma'am, they've entered the property.
Ground team is inside.
Confirmed. We see it.
Shots fired inside the house.
RADIO: Control from Delta Three,
two combatants located inside the house.
Ground team confirm two
combatants inside the property.
This is Delta 2-1. Movement at the
rear of the property.
- Where?
- Possible enemy combatant.
No clear visual.
How did we miss this?
I said, "Eyes on all exits."
- November lead, report.
- RADIO: Yes, ma'am.
November lead, this is Operations.
Movement seen at the rear of the house.
Unable to provide a full picture.
Combatants on the move in a vehicle.
Toyota Hilux, registration plate,
They're moving?
Where? Come on!
November lead, this is Operations.
Two male combatants escaping
the scene in a domestic vehicle.
Driving at approximately 50mph, on
the eastbound road.
Confirmed. Follow the vehicle, Delta 2-1.
- Roger. Tracking the vehicle.
- We need you to take them out.
you know we're not permitted to do that.
This is your error.
With respect, sir, we can only
act on the intelligence we're given.
No eyes on combat vehicle.
Lost visual on target.
And they're gone.
Excellent work, Squadron Leader.
Flight Lieutenant Barker, how did
you miss this? Clear sightlines!
Those were your orders! If you can't
see something, say something!
Yes, ma'am.
Hodges, take Mission Control.
Barker, you're relieved.
And take the DCI with you.
It's a two-can rule.
The country's dry.
But they're OK with that?
Don't ask, don't tell.
- Er?
- Amy.
You couldn't bring Sam in here.
We'd corrupt him with our Western values.
Is getting pissed a value?
It is where I'm from.
Fire away, then.
So, you were one of the two
pilots that were based here
- during the weapons test in Scotland?
- Yes, ma'am.
Did anything give you
cause for concern before the test?
I mean, the Wing Commander took off.
He was supposed to be running things.
But, I mean, "cause for concern". No.
So, you were on your own in a
cabin during the whole of the test?
No witnesses
if that's what you're saying.
I put everything in a written statement.
Which I have here.
So, at the end of the weapons test,
you were ordered to leave all your
equipment inside the cabin,
- is that right?
- That's standard.
Wes, the Alban-X guy,
comes in, packs it up.
They don't like us handling their kit.
And then I went straight to the debrief.
And you and Captain Kader left your
respective cabins at the same time?
Sam went to the debrief.
I talked with Wes about what happened.
And the debrief was with?
The Squadron Leader.
Eliza. She's a charmer, isn't she?
So, just for clarity, all of your
equipment was left in the cabin?
What are you getting at?
You need training to operate
these R-PAS, right?
And there's only a handful of people
who have had that training
and all of those people are here.
Except for Chapman.
Yeah. Look at what happened.
The R-PAS sprayed fire, no
targeting, barely any manoeuvring.
If someone had been properly trained,
they could have taken out that
observation platform first try.
I reckon they'd read the manual,
more than that
Our boss has been killed.
The unit looks like shit.
People are talking about the whole
programme getting shut down.
Why would we do that to ourselves?
If you want a list of people
that want to attack
the British Air Force or
Wudyan, I can write you one.
But there's no-one here that'd be
on that list! I guarantee you!
Were there any witnesses to you and
Captain Kader leaving your cabins?
Jesus, you're you're serious.
Wes, like I said.
We done?
You all right?
I need to talk to you.
Sorry, can it wait?
I've had a very long day.
I know we're not supposed to talk.
But you have to tell me what happened.
Sabs, even if I knew what was going
on, I probably couldn't tell you.
Shut up! Stop it. They killed my
dad. They tried to kill me!
I'm sorry. I really am. I just
I can't help you with anything.
Was any of what you told me true?
What are you talking about?
Maybe try and get some rest?
It's what I'm going to do.
All right, this is the armoury.
That's a fancier door than
I've seen here.
Well, when you've got ten
years of IP in a shed,
you make sure it locks.
Did you see Flight Lieutenant Barker
and Captain Kader after the test?
Yeah, I think so. Yeah.
So, where did you put the pilot's
consoles after they were used?
Over here.
There's three of them?
Two for the test, one spare.
The other two are still in Scotland.
'Cos you guys confiscated those.
Thank you for that, by the way.
- Are there any others?
- Functional ones? No.
So, the spare one was in here
- when you were setting up for the test?
- Yeah.
- And then when you returned the kit?
- It was still here.
I would have noticed if it wasn't.
What What are you asking me here?
I'm just trying to work out how
someone took control of the R-PAS.
Put those on. They would have had
to have had a console, right?
So, which one's the spare?
Orange tab.
Can you open up that flight case for me?
You know my fingerprints are
all over everything in here, right?
What is it?
Er, it's light.
What the hell?
So, when you say you saw it in here?
I saw the case, I didn't look inside
it. Why would I do that?
You didn't think to check it after
everything that happened?
You ordered us not to come in here.
This is the first time I got in here
since the call.
So, when's the last time you saw
the ACTUAL console?
I I I don't know.
Three or four days before I sent
the kit to Scotland?
Shit, er
Er, there's a camera.
The little black dome.
Right, I'm going to check the tapes.
This is You need to check
industrial sabotage.
There's, like, ten global
competitors who
want to screw us in this market.
OK, which date do I check?
Day of the test?
No. Start with the day
you saw the actual console.
So, that's obviously me.
- Er, I was in here for, like, five minutes.
- Keep going.
Stop there.
There's nothing there.
Go back to 2100 hours.
- What am I meant to?
- Slow down.
Just look at the time code as you go.
Oh, shit! There's, like
13 minutes missing. Can you tell
who erased this footage?
Erm, yeah, yeah, er
There should be a log.
This hasn't come up before.
Wing Commander Chapman.
He erased the tape.
So Chapman stole the kit?
No. Someone else did.
Look at the date.
He was in Dubai on the 18th.
He came back here the next day.
That's when he erased the footage.
About an hour after he got back to base.
And then he flew home.
Booth, where are we on the flight data?
Squadron Leader, I need to talk to you.
- Well, can't it wait?
- No.
So, it's not just Wing Commander Chapman?
It's him and?
And what? Another member of my team?
The console was stolen
while Chapman was off the base.
So, at the very least he was working
with someone.
- He covered up for them.
- No, I can't believe it.
He'd know we'd discover the theft.
He'd know we'd find out what he'd
done with the CCT
He wasn't coming back, was he?
Probably not.
But if there is someone else
he was working with
Then they're still here.
So, I have to assume that
someone on my team is a traitor?
Collaborating with Mohammed Rajab, yes.
There's definitely someone on this
base working with Jabhat Al'huriya.
How long have you
worked at the Lochduin estate?
Five years.
That's depressing.
I mean, they're really nice, but
Any relationships with the guys there?
- As in a boyfriend?
- Hmm.
Well, I mean,
the van didn't look broken into.
So, I wondered
if maybe you kept the keys
Under the seat. Yeah.
And any guy I've gone out
with would know that.
So, I've only been out with
a couple of the guys from work.
There was Sean, but he moved to Spain.
The other guy was Ross.
That was last year.
And did Ross work
full-time at the estate?
Started working the shoots,
then did a bit of everything.
In loads of ways, he was a good guy,
but if he thought someone was
out for him, he'd go off.
He had a row with someone.
Didn't come back.
Was he ex-military?
How do you know? He'd been shot
and everything.
Can we get some details about Ross?
Everything that you've got.
Is he in trouble? Did Ross steal my van?!
Can you tell us where he lives?
DCI Silva.
- Thank you for making the time.
- Of course.
Let's walk. The perimeter is
popular as a running track.
We've had to stop that.
Why's that?
It's not especially secure.
An easy shot for somebody.
And the security picture
seems to be evolving.
Are you sure a dissident
group's behind all of this?
You mean Dundair? An attack
on my soldiers and yours?
If I was to place a bet, I'd suggest
Jabhat Al'huriya
are in league with dissidents
across the border.
Right, and that's the country?
We're supporting our neighbours.
Er, the government is under siege
from relentless dissident attacks.
We've been drawn in.
- Defensively.
- Is the base involved in that?
We conduct operations, yes.
Like the one today?
I'd like to look into that.
You could be enormously helpful.
What led you to raid that location today?
Your intelligence.
Mm, so, look, there's,
there's a prisoner here
who I believe has links
to Jabhat Al'huriya.
Dr Mohammed Rajab? I know it
was his address you were raiding.
If you could arrange for me
to interview him?
I'll do my best to help.
I'd like to see Anthony
cleared of any wrongdoing.
Council have confirmed this is Ross
Sutherland's last known address.
I have to say, if he comes back
here, he's an idiot.
He doesn't know we've identified him.
He stole his ex-girlfriend's van.
He got his gun from the place he worked.
I'd say he's a creature of habit.
It's worth a shot.
This one's already open.
What? What are you doing?
There's another way in.
Just not through the front door.
Are you coming?
Not a fan of heights?
Yeah, not so much.
Right, let's check this over.
Don't touch anything.
Have you done this before?
All right, I'm not going to mess
up your scene.
This because of what happened today?
The mission goes wrong
and this is what happens?
I had no idea.
This is not a common occurrence.
But no prison is immune
from this sort of thing.
So, what did they say happened?
A fight.
A brutal one.
These look like electric shock injuries.
He's been tortured.
They look like burns to me.
No. These are contact points.
Excuse me.
Do you want to write?
There is nothing more
we can achieve here.
Well, can I speak to the prison governor?
I'm afraid not.
That was the
It has been decided that
this meeting was inappropriate.
It could jeopardise him
from receiving a fair trial.
So, please?
If you don't mind.
Toothbrush is still wet.
He's been here in the last 24 hours.
So be discreet.
No marked cars, no uniforms,
and put observations on all approaches.
Assume he's armed.
Forensics will be happy.
Got toothbrush and a razor right there.
You can tell he's ex-military.
How's that?
He's squatting,
but he still made the bed.
Would you like to do the honours?
Where'd you find this?
Under his T-shirts.
Same deal as everything else.
- This guy's not expecting to be found.
- Hmm.
Sabi was a target as well.
I thought she was collateral.
This is DI Kirsten Longacre.
You guys were looking at DNA
extraction from a phone
we recovered at the Anthony Chapman
murder scene. That's right.
Can I get your preliminaries?
Soon as you can, please.
Thank you.
- Backup are here.
They need someone to meet them out front.
Do you want me to go?
No. No, no. No, no, no. I've got this.
Excuse me.
Can you talk?
Er, no, not really.
You can though.
Remember the phone we recovered
at the cottage?
It's not Chapman's.
It's Sabi's.
She told you she didn't
have a phone with her, didn't she?
Are you there?
Yeah, just, um, give me a minute.
Thank you for your help.
It's much appreciated.
You should try to
complete your work here quickly.
Have a good evening.
OK, I can talk.
Look, if you're Chapman,
who do you protect, at any cost?
- Your daughter.
- Right.
So, Chapman went to Dubai on the 18th.
So, if he left his warehouse pass
behind, she could have used it.
He finds out, deletes the footage,
gets her out of the country.
Where's Sabi now?
I don't know.
I need to find her.
My name's Kirsten.
I'm a police detective.
We received a call about this property.
I heard you talking.
OK. So, you know why I'm here, then?
How'd you find me?
Stand still!
If you move, if you call out,
if you touch your phone
I'll break your neck.
We can help you.
If you talk to us, we can help you.
Do you know my name?
Ross Sutherland.
You're a war veteran, right?
I'm just doing my job.
My colleague's coming back.
I know.
So, I wouldnae do anything rash.
Lie down on your front.
Do what I tell you.
No, I can't, I cannae
I'm pregnant!
- I also have a daughter at home
- Shut up!
If you come and talk with me,
that would be the best thing for you.
You know why I'm here, don't you?
Because of Anthony Chapman.
Someone hired you to kill him
and now they've left you here
to fend for yourself.
You don't owe that person anything.
Someone's trying to frame Chapman
for a crime. Are you a part of that?
- That's bollocks.
- No, it's true.
Why? What did they tell you?
Did they say he was a terrorist?
'Cos if they told you that,
- they've been lying to you
- Shut your mouth!
It's not my job to kill you.
That's not legal.
I didn't hear a whistle.
I'll bring one next time.
What are you doing, Sabi?
I'll take you back to the main building.
I've got her! Just drop it!
- Let me go!
- Drop it!
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