Vigil (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

Mr Zaman is a Wudyani national.
His aim was to disrupt the
UK-Wudyani relationship.
Jabhat Al'huriya wouldn't be the
first allegedly peaceful group
to start killing people.
We have evidence that Anthony
Chapman didn't pilot the rogue R-PAS.
It was piloted from Wudyan.
can you explain why he went into hiding?
Not yet.
Get down here now.
Is there anything that you can tell
me that's going to help me
catch the man that did this
to you and your dad?
I want to go back,
I want to go back to Wudyan.
Someone hired you to
kill Anthony Chapman.
Someone is trying to
frame Chapman for a crime.
Shut your mouth!
The console was stolen while
Chapman was in Dubai.
What the hell?
SABI: Why are you looking at him?
- Do you know him?
- No.
Do you think someone on that
base helped kill my dad?
What I want and it's
not going to end well.
Was any of what you told me true?
Even if I knew what was going on,
I probably couldn't tell you.
There's a prisoner here
who I believe has links
to Jabhat Al'huriya.
Remember the phone you
recovered at the cottage?
It's not Chapman's, it's Sabi's.
Where's Sabi now?
I need to find her.
What are you doing, Sabi?
Hey! Drop it!
- Let me go!
- Drop it!
Sabi. Sabi, listen to me. Sabi
Stop! Don't come any closer.
Put the knife down.
You don't want to make this
worse than it already is.
I can't feel my arm.
He did this. He made me do it!
you need to give me the knife.
Look at him. He needs help.
Give me the knife.
I didn't
What did you do?
What did you do?
He didn't do anything to you
and you tried to kill him!
Hey! HEY!
It's his fault my dad's dead!
All of this is his fault!
Do you want me on your mind ♪
Or do you want me to go on? ♪
I might be yours,
as sure as I can say ♪
Be gone, be far away ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
Hi, love, you all right?
AMY: Not really.
Sabi Chapman stabbed Callum Barker.
Oh, shit.
Have you got anything back from
digital forensics about her phone?
I mean, they're fast-tracking it.
They said it won't be long.
- OK, thanks.
- Erm
God, I'm so sorry, I've got to go.
Love you.
Let's go.
Right, I want a lookout request
on Ross Sutherland.
Let's get a picture of him
sent around today.
I want every patrol car to know
what he looks like.
He's to be considered armed
and dangerous.
Let's find him
before he hurts anybody else.
Surgeons think
there could be nerve damage.
He may never pilot again.
I knew it was a bad idea
bringing Sabi back here.
I need to find a way to keep
this squadron together.
You need to find out how this
happened and fast.
OK, I'll speak to Sabi.
Look, I'm going to need someone to
send me all available CCTV footage
from around the base, at the time
the R-PAS console was taken.
Now. No delays.
I've just come from watching
Flight Lieutenant Barker
being prepped for surgery.
Do you want to tell me
why you attacked him?
You said that he made you do something.
What was that?
Did you steal the R-PAS console?
Sabi, what are you involved in?
I I've got to take this.
But you want to think about
giving me some answers,
'cos this doesn't go away,
it only gets worse.
- Hey.
- KIRSTEN: I've got something.
Sabi Chapman was messaging
somebody who's not in her contacts.
Does she mention the R-PAS console?
It feels pretty safe to assume so.
OK, so, this is Sabi from last Thursday.
Now, she says, "Can't you do it?
"I don't see why you need my help."
And then they say to her,
"We told you,
you're the only one who can."
And then later, she messages them
right after the R-PAS console was
taken and says,
"It's done,
I left it where you told me."
I mean, they don't reply to her there.
She tries to get in touch with them
again, but nothing.
Does she mention whoever it was by name?
No, no names.
- I'm wondering about Callum Barker.
Are you thinking this is
why she stabbed him?
I don't know.
Erm, I'll call you back.
You'll be in trouble if you don't.
You've got, like, special MI5 search
engines for people, right?
Oh, we're checking people out
all the time.
Nothing better to do than
spying on your Facebook.
I'll get some of the basement
guys on it. What do you need?
Amy said Sabi Chapman stabbed
Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker.
No clear motive.
I want to find out everything about him,
see if there's something
we need to know.
I'll get them on it.
So who have you messaged
on your phone in the last week?
I told you, I don't have one.
We found it, Sabi.
And we've read your messages.
You asked them
why they needed your help.
Stealing from an air base,
that's quite a big ask.
Why did you take the R-PAS console?
I didn't.
Your dad deleted the footage from
the security cameras in the armoury.
He didn't get to other
cameras on the base.
Look at that.
This is ten minutes after
the console was taken.
What's in that bag?
What's in the bag?!
You leave the base with the bag
and then you return half
an hour later and the bag's gone.
Who picked that up?
Jabhat Al'huriya or Callum?
I don't know.
Why are you protecting them?
After you've given them the console,
the messages just stop.
They've got what they wanted and you're,
you're the one who's in custody.
Oh, for God's sake, Sabi!
People have died.
- If you and your dad
- Dad had nothing to do with it.
Why should I believe that?
Because you've done nothing
but lie to me the whole time.
I was trying to help.
A terrorist group?
The people who live here.
My mum was from here.
He said she would have
wanted me to help them.
Callum said that?
People are being locked up here
for things they didn't do.
They're being killed.
He said I could help,
if I got the console
for Jabhat Al'huriya.
And why couldn't Callum get
the console himself?
He didn't have clearance to
get into the armoury.
And that's why they needed
you, for your dad's pass?
And then your dad found out what
happened and that's why you left?
You think that's why
they killed him, 'cos he knew?
Right before we left, I saw them
fighting, my dad and Callum.
My dad was so upset with him.
That's when I knew it must be Callum.
I came back
because I wanted to talk to him,
but he acted like I didn't even exist.
I only took it because I thought
I was doing the right thing.
I didn't want anybody to die.
SOBBING: But my dad
They killed my dad.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you feeling?
A bit like I've been stabbed.
Yeah. OK?
How well do you know Sabi?
Oh, er, to say hello to. Not well.
She's the boss' kid.
She was.
Were you and Chapman friendly?
Friendly enough, why?
Did you ever message her?
Er, text her, or anything like that?
No. I don't have her number.
What am I going to be texting
her about anyway?
I've reason to believe that Sabi
was coerced into stealing
the R-PAS console that carried out
the attack at Dundair
Hang on
and whoever coerced her was
working with Jabhat Al'huriya.
And you think that was me?
You recognise this?
Do you want to tell me why you've
got a secret mobile phone?
I don't know anything about it.
Well, I could send that back to the UK
and get Digital Forensics
to unlock it for me.
Or you could give me the PIN
and save us both some time.
I didn't message her anything.
What were you arguing with
Chapman about before he left?
Who told you that?
What did you argue about?
He was, erm
We, we didn't argue about anything.
I can't remember.
Did 109 Squadron take part
in the mission at Al Bidbiyat?
I'm not at liberty to talk about that.
Were you piloting that day?
It must have been horrendous.
19 people blown up on their
way home, 12 of them children.
And the press said it was, erm,
an error of intelligence, is that right?
That's the kind of tragedy that
would turn someone against their own.
- No.
- Against their squadron.
I would never
I told you, I can't talk about that.
I don't know what you want from me.
I want answers.
You've got everything
you're going to get.
- You're up early.
- Well, I
I've just been in with Callum Barker.
- He won't tell me anything
- Hang on, hang on
but I think he's got reason to
push back against this place
No, Amy, hang on
I have got someone
who would like to say hello.
Oh, my God! Hey!
Hey, buddy!
- Oh, my God! Is that his arm?
- Aye.
Oh, my God, he's sucking his thumb.
why are you in hospital?
Is something wrong?
Er, no, no.
WHISPERS: Oh, thank you.
I've just had some cramping, that's all.
And you didn't call me?
Well, I didn't want to worry you.
You know, like, the doctor said,
she doesn't know what it was,
but we're fine.
I googled it in the taxi
and I thought I might have an
irritable uterus.
That makes sense. I mean, why should
your uterus be any different
- to the rest of you?
- Ah! All right!
I'm just relieved you're both OK.
Aye, me too. Fit as a fiddle.
WHISPERS: Thank you.
But, erm, I'm sorry, you were
saying, back to your work stuff.
Right, I was, erm I was
going to ask about Sutherland.
Did you get anywhere
with his past addresses?
I wanted, actually, to speak
to you about this last night,
but you had enough going on.
Erm we found him, yeah.
We found him at his old flat.
He was hiding out.
And did you arrest him?
No. I was alone and he escaped.
What? What happened? Did he
Did he hurt you?
No, he didn't hurt me.
I mean, he just, you know,
he just spooked me.
But I'm fine.
Well, you're not fine,
you're in hospital.
Aye, but we don't know that caused it.
And we don't know that it didn't either.
I mean, it's not like you've not
been pushing yourself, taking risks.
You ended up alone with a murderer.
I didn't exactly choose to be.
You've got Townsend to do that stuff.
Of course. You would rather
I was just sitting at my desk.
What are you trying to prove
doing all of this?
I'm not trying to prove anything!
Is this concern coming from
Senior Investigating Officer Amy,
or mother of my child Amy?
Erm, both.
Oh, whatever.
You know, I just wanted you to see him.
I'll call you later.
- Shit.
Where are we on Sutherland?
Er, Ross Sutherland.
Did two tours of Afghanistan,
dismissed with disgrace
after the second.
What happened?
Er, it's not in the file,
but we can try and find out.
After that, he came back here,
did a few different jobs,
lived in a few different places.
I've got officers with armed
backup going to any known
residences, areas he frequented,
checking in on known associates.
He was arrested a few times.
I've requisitioned the interview tapes,
see if there's anything
on them that might help.
Techs have got back to me
about Callum Barker.
Look at this.
Top level, everything appears
to be above board.
Basketball, banter.
However, they matched his IP
to another account,
which is anonymous.
And here are some messages
about imprisoning people
protesting for free speech, LGBTQ laws.
Nothing he says himself,
it all appears to be boosting.
Ah. There's one about military
intrusions in The Middle East.
Can you send all that over to DCI Silva?
You don't want to tell her yourself?
No, she's busy.
Be better if she gets
that as soon as possible, OK?
You got me a decaf.
Because of your
My condition is that
I had a terrible night.
I've got a very long day ahead of me
and so I'd appreciate some caffeine.
- I'll get it, I'll get it
- No, it's too late, I've got it.
Thank you.
I don't have to talk to you.
You'd be advised to.
You've got me locked in here,
as if I'm going to do a runner
or something.
My team just sent me a link to
one of your social media accounts.
There's some pretty contentious
opinions on there.
I'm allowed to think what I think.
You started that account a few weeks
after the attack at Al Bidbiyat.
Is that a coincidence?
Just 'cos I work here doesn't mean
I have to like everything we do.
I didn't do any of this.
Any of what you're saying.
What am I saying?
I looked at your personnel file.
You take the third Thursday
night of every month off-base.
Where do you go?
Nowhere. Around.
What about last Thursday?
I can't remember.
Last Thursday was
when Sabi stole the R-PAS device
and she left it to be
collected by somebody
and whoever that person was,
took it and gave it to Jabhat Al'huriya.
So if you've got nothing to hide,
I suggest you think hard about where
you were last Thursday.
If you want to formally accuse me
of something,
we can get a lawyer in here,
but I'm not saying a word otherwise.
I'm tired. I'd like you to leave.
Hi. What can I get for you?
Erm, flat white, please.
Thank you.
Outside. Don't say a word.
Turn around slowly.
What are you doing?
I ask the questions.
I ask the questions, OK? Just, just
You told me someone framed him.
Because they did.
Chapman had nothing to with Dundair.
The attack was carried out from Wudyan.
No, we have definitive
proof that the R-PAS was being
controlled by somebody in Wudyan.
I mean, it wasn't Chapman.
They framed him and they're
setting you up as a scapegoat.
I did what I had
to do to keep people safe, OK?
OK? That's all.
Chapman was a threat.
Anthony Chapman was just a man.
He was just trying to serve.
Is that what you're trying to do?
Don't fucking look at them.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Whoever convinced you to do this,
OK, they have used you.
If you can just, just tell me
who that is.
Let me help you.
I thought that doing this
would make it better.
It didn't.
I can't make it better, can I?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Whatever this is, I don't want it.
I need to talk to you
about the R-PAS console.
I already went through this with
you after the event.
Yeah, you did.
I need you to go over it again.
The latency of Alpha R-PAS puts the
console here, nowhere near Dundair.
The GPS said it's in Scotland,
but you can mask that.
Latency suggests that
that it is within a
limited radius of Al-Shawka.
A little over 20 miles.
Bahrat Wud. That's where
they did the operation yesterday.
It's in the circle.
Yeah, looks like it.
How long would it take to teach
someone how to operate the R-PAS?
To become an expert?
That's a lot of man-hours.
But to learn enough to be made
something go boom?
It's not long at all.
Uh, you're welcome.
I just thought I should let you
know that I'm managing it.
You're managing your people
being attacked?
I've informed Air Marshal Grainger
that his presence would be
- keenly felt here at the moment.
- He's coming here?
Erm, Colonel.
- I wanted to talk to you
- Can it wait?
I'd like to hear what the
detective has to say.
It's about the stolen R-PAS console.
I have reason to believe
it's been taken off-base.
Wes Harper showed me the limits
of where it might have been taken
and Bahrat Wud is in that area.
I'd like to take a look
at the safe house.
My soldiers have already gone over it.
If there was anything to find,
we would have found it.
I'd really like to look myself.
I'm sure DCI Silva just has boxes
she needs to tick.
Flight Lieutenant Lawson's
heading up there shortly.
You can go with her.
Also, I've been in touch
with the local police,
in preparation of handing
Sabiha Chapman to them.
- She's a UK citizen.
- She's as Wudyani as she is British.
And hers was a crime that she
committed on Wudyani soil.
So when you're finished with her,
I will be taking her off your hands.
Anything else?
You're with me.
Do you mind if I ask you some questions?
Nothing's stopping you.
How do you get on with
Flight Lieutenant Barker?
- Huh?
- Fine.
Are you friends?
I respect him, he's a good pilot.
That's not the same.
You don't like talking to me.
Doesn't matter what I like.
No, actually,
I like knowing what's going on.
You came here, Sabi went nuts,
now Barker's locked up.
Look, I'm just trying to
get answers myself, and then
I can get you all back to some
sort of normality.
Do you know where Callum goes on his
downtime, when he's off-base?
No idea.
Rest of us do whatever,
the beach or the malls or
He doesn't come with us.
What transport do you use?
You're sitting in it.
We each take turns with
it on our days off.
We can do whatever we like with it.
Yeah? Do you recognise any of these?
That's an outlet mall.
That's a hotel. They're pretty lax
with the booze rules.
And this one?
No idea. Not one of mine.
You'd better ask him.
Right, it's go time.
I need to look around inside.
Yeah, that's not a given.
Wudyanis have to sign off on it.
Wait here until I
give you the all-clear.
You could have been killed.
What were you thinking,
coming in here alone?
I needed to look for the console,
and if there was a chance the
Wudyanis wouldn't let me, then
Did you get a decent look at him?
Er, yeah.
Was this him?
Faisal Ghazali? Yeah.
Yeah, he was
Have you got anything sharp?
What is that?
A map.
This'll need translating.
I should get these back to base.
Hey, you know the address
on the car's sat nav?
Could you take me there?
Another time.
If it's a place of interest,
we need to check it out
Yeah, we haven't got time.
You said you wanted answers
and this is how we get them.
OK. But you're not going alone.
I'll give you a shout if I need you.
Hi, it's Detective Chief
Inspector Amy Silva.
I'm working with the
British Air Force here at Al-Shawka.
I wondered if I could come in
and ask you a few questions.
Thank you.
I didn't get your name.
You want to take a seat?
I'm Nader Waheed.
Sorry, I don't wish to sound rude,
but, er, why are you here?
Oh, I'm investigating one of the pilots.
It's just a routine check.
He says he stays here sometimes?
What's Sam done now, huh?
How do you know Captain Kader?
We studied at university together.
Yeah, I stayed longer than him.
He always said he wasn't
"book-learning material".
And would you say
you're still political now.
Why is that relevant?
I'm not actually here to
talk about Sam Kader.
I'm here to ask about Callum Barker.
You need to leave.
Look, if they've engaged in some
kind of criminal activity here
Unless you have a warrant
You could be implicated
if you cover up for them.
I told you, get out of my house.
Can you find Captain Kader
for me, bring him here?
I told you,
I don't want to talk to you again.
I met Nader Waheed today.
He's a friend, that's not a crime
Is that where Jabhat Al'huriya meet?
Please don't do this.
Did Kader take you there,
tell you what they do?
And after Al Bidbiyat,
you were ready to believe
anything they had to tell you.
The same things that you told Sabiha?
That they were your friends,
that, that they
- were just trying to help people
- I didn't say anything to Sabi
And then Chapman finds out that you
were grooming his daughter.
No! I swear, that's not what
we were arguing about.
It's nothing to do with Sabi.
They were arguing about me.
Don't do it.
Callum and I have been
together for the past year.
So why didn't you say anything?
He'd have been locked up.
I didn't text Sabi.
I didn't steal the R-PAS console,
I certainly don't
work for Jabhat Al'huriya.
We went to Nader's house
'cos that's where we can be together.
It's the only place we can be ourselves.
Nader's discrete.
The R-PAS was taken last Thursday.
Were you at Nader's then?
We were both there!
Can Nader confirm this?
He was in the house, he was
on a video call most of the night,
but, yes, he was there.
And the phone that
I found in your room
Is that just so you
can talk to one another?
I can give you the PIN,
you can see for yourself.
And the argument with Chapman?
He knew about us.
Before he left,
he told me that we had to stop.
He was covering for us, but once
he'd left, he said it was dangerous.
You can't understand what it's like,
not being able to live your life.
You can't tell them.
Tell them about me,
if you have to, but not Sam.
I'll do what I can.
Thank you.
If I'm free to go,
I have a briefing to attend.
What's happening?
I know as much as you.
I'll come back when I'm done.
Yeah, OK.
Aye, I'm going to be.
OK, thank you.
There's no sign of Sutherland anywhere.
That guy really knows how to disappear.
He's a regular bloody Houdini.
I've been watching these
interviews with him.
- Throughout all of them,
he's not angry,
he's not violent, not really.
He's messed up.
He got diagnosed with PTSD, but that
was way after he left the Forces.
Did you find out why he was discharged?
Yeah, he was in Afghanistan.
One of his squad-mates gets
injured, he can't run,
he's captured by whoever it is
they were trying to take out.
Sutherland is then ordered to
evacuate and leave the man behind,
but he knows by doing that,
his mate's going to get tortured.
So he decides to take a shot.
Not at the target, though.
At his mate.
He murdered him?
You got the video, right?
I loved Len, we were brothers,
but he was hurt
and he was going to die
and I knew that they were
going to hurt him more,
and they were going to
come for the rest of us.
And I just I thought
I could protect us
and him, all of us.
I just want to go home.
Can I Can I go home now?
Almost makes you feel sorry for the guy.
Where was he living at the time?
A charity halfway house.
We checked it earlier.
He calls it home.
I'd like to check it out again,
see if anybody there has any
idea of where he might have gone.
Hey, er, listen, I'm trying to put
this delicately here.
You went through a hell of a lot in
the last couple of hours.
It's completely fine
if you sit this one out
and let the local team check it out.
It's fine, OK? Honestly.
We'll bring backup.
All right. Let's get to it, then.
Callum's going to be fine.
You missed the nerves and the arteries.
never actually give you his
name, did he?
No, but I knew it was him.
- Sabi
- When we first came here,
he spoke to me about my mum.
His mum had died, he got it.
And then in the messages,
he said how proud she would be of me
helping the people here.
He knew what it was like.
They used you, Sabi.
No, it was him, he understood me.
It wasn't him.
It has to be someone else on this base.
Have you got any idea who that might be?
Can you take me back?
Erm, I I don't think I can do that.
You're not going to leave me here,
though, are you?
Don't don't let them take me, please.
They execute people here. Please.
She's a police officer.
She's not going to say anything.
Somebody will, eventually.
You're scared.
Of course I am.
We always knew this could happen.
We did, did we?
Don't be like this.
What do you want me to be like?
I would rather that you understood
what I feel about you.
Another time, another place
Don't. Please, don't.
Don't, stay, stay, stay
I'm going to go off-base for a while.
It's better this way.
Keeping me on hold like
they charge by the bloody hour.
I didn't know you were coming.
I wasn't.
Until Sabi Chapman stabbed
one of my men.
Sabi Chapman was groomed.
She's going to be a key witness.
I can't have her locked up here.
She committed a crime on Wudyani
soil, it's out of my hands.
She's a UK citizen.
She needs to be tried in the UK.
Apart from Firas Zaman,
she's our only link
to a group that committed a terrorist
act on UK soil.
I think that's worth something.
I'll speak to Bilali.
Make arrangements to get Sabi Chapman
on the next flight to the UK.
Yes, Sir.
Thank you.
They're in air as we speak.
We've had intel that
Abdullah Ghazali is on-site.
Squadron Leader Russell will make
contact before we engage.
It was Faisal Ghazali who
I found at the safe house.
That's need-to-know information.
Well, if he's involved in your mission,
then I think
I very much need to know it.
to Mission Command, holding angle.
Is that Abdullah Ghazali?
We think so.
What's he got to do with this?
Prior to today,
Ghazali was only a smudge of data.
He was vocal about his distaste
for the current regime,
but until you found his son
and those documents,
we didn't have anything tangible to
connect him to Jabhat Al'huriya.
He appears to be their leader.
Have you got my positive ID?
No ID match yet.
Colonel. I thought you were
monitoring this remotely?
I wanted to see the joint
squadron at work.
This is an important
operation for us all.
approaching from northern road.
Where's my PID?
Trying to get a match,
Ma'am, his face is too obscured.
What are they doing?
We knew through Wudyani Intelligence
that rebel forces across the border were
preparing to move arms.
What we didn't have
confirmation on was when and to who.
The information recovered by you
and Flight Lieutenant Lawson at the
safe house gave us that knowledge.
If we can stop Ghazali, we stop
Jabhat Al'huriya from operating.
You're going to take him out?
That man's a key witness.
He's a terrorist.
I thought the R-PAS was only
used for surveillance in Wudyan.
We're across the border.
This operation isn't in Wudyan.
We have different protocols for
situations outside of our country.
Is that what happened in Al Bidbiyat?
12 children using British weapons?
That's not a mission
I'm at liberty to discuss,
nor is it relevant to your case.
The estimate holds.
What's the estimate?
It's fallout.
Loss of life, damage to property
So it's collateral damage.
We don't use those terms.
But you are working out how many
civilians it's acceptable
- for you to kill.
- This is how warfare works.
This is how we keep people safe.
That's it. Grab that.
Have we got a positive ID?
Abdullah Ghazali, ident confirmed.
Are we within the estimate?
Delta 2-1, target's all yours.
Delta 2-1, hold fire.
[ON RADIO]: Children near the target.
Are we still within the estimate?
We're outside.
Let me know as soon as we're back.
WHISPERS: Come on.
Delta 2-1, stand by for weapons free.
Someone's warned him.
- We've been made.
- Target retreating, please advise.
Target on the move.
Repeat, please advise.
Can't take the shot.
It's built up. Too many non-combatants.
It's done. End it.
Both units, stand down.
Somebody told him
what we were doing here.
Find out who.
We'll go in ourselves. Stay on radio.
Yes, Ma'am.
God, it's pretty bleak.
Yeah, it's a charity, isn't it?
They help get ex-Forces get
back on their feet.
- Looks even bleaker on the inside.
- Hmm.
Can I help you?
Are you the manager?
I'm Laura. What can I do for yous?
I'm DI Longacre. We are looking
for somebody who used to stay here.
Aye, you're here about Ross?
I already said to the polis that
was here earlier on
that I, I've not seen him in years.
How did you know him?
Er, well, we both stayed here.
And what was he like?
Friendly enough. Erm
Aye, he was a nice guy.
Just a wee bit messed up.
You know, who isn't?
Do you have any information on him?
I mean, do you know
if he left details with friends,
or a next of kin?
No, we don't keep any of that stuff.
I wasn't staff back then.
I was I'm
Well, I'm ex-Forces myself, so
So, if that's it, I've
I've got rooms to sort and
And he hasnae been back since?
Do you know why we're
trying to find him?
He killed an Air Force officer
a couple of days ago.
He is not well.
Now, I'm worried that he could
hurt somebody else.
I'm worried that he could hurt himself.
Now, I spoke with him.
He needs help.
So, if you know where he is
He said he had nowhere else to go.
There's a room at the top of
the stairs. He's in number three.
Listen, he never told me
what he did, otherwise
I, I would've
He's really riled up, so yous are
going to need to be careful.
OK, thank you.
Suspect's in the building.
Look you're not going to
hurt him or anything, are you?
No. No, just going to talk with him,
see if we can help.
Can you stand back, please?
Armed police!
Hands where we can see them!
Stay where you are!
Show us your hands.
Don't do this.
We need to see you don't have a weapon.
I tried to make it better.
I know, I know.
I know you did.
You were lied to, Ross.
There's a way back from this.
Not for me.
There's no way back.
Stay where you are. Don't move!
Shots fired, suspect down.
We need an ambulance.
I thought he was listening to me.
He knew what he was doing.
Suspect unarmed.
Nothing worse than debriefing
a mission that's gone to shit.
Who warned him?
- It was Barker.
- No, Barker's in the clear.
It had to be someone who was on that op.
Who was flying?
Lawson, Kain and Sadeghi.
But they don't have phones.
There's protocol inside the cabins.
Er, Kader said
he was getting briefed as well.
Yeah, that's right.
He was the standby pilot.
Could it be Kader?
Where did Abdullah Ghazali work?
King Nasser University.
He's been teaching political
science there since 2009.
It's where Kader studied.
I met one of his old classmates.
I've just come from debriefing him.
Where is he now?
He asked for permission
to leave the base.
And I gave it to him.
Hey, I'll see you in a sec.
I'm going to stay on here.
Sam must have told Sabi to steal
the console on Ghazali's orders.
I assume you've more experience
chasing cars than I do.
I was hoping to catch you.
I just wanted to say
I miss you.
And, erm
I'm sorry that
I was irritable before.
I love you.
That's him.
- Don't lose him.
- I don't want him to see us.
Aren't you going to follow him?
Just wait.
That's Ghazali.
We've got to go.
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