Vigil (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Details were passed
on to a UK journalist.
Firas Zaman?
An associate of Mohammed Rajab,
who is part of a terrorist organisation,
Jabhat Al'huriya.
We need to visit the base.
Hey. Hey!
Do you want to tell me
why you attacked him?
You said that he made you
do something. What was that?
He said I could help if I got
the console for Jabhat Al'huriya.
Callum and I have been together
for the past year.
So why didn't you say anything?
He'd have been locked up.
I didn't do any of this.
Any of what you're saying.
- She's not going to say anything.
- Somebody will.
Another time.
Another place.
Is that Abdullah Ghazali?
What's he got to do with this?
Until you found his son,
we didn't have anything tangible
to connect him to Jabhat Al'huriya.
We've been made.
Somebody told him
what we were doing here.
Find out who.
It had to be someone who was on that op.
Kader said he was getting
briefed as well.
Yeah, that's right.
He was the standby pilot.
Where is he now?
He asked for permission
to leave the base.
That's him.
That's Ghazali. We've got to go.
MUSIC: Fuel To Fire by Agnes Obel ♪
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Or do you want me to go on? ♪
I might be yours,
as sure as I can say ♪
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That's a crappy breakfast
for a growing kid.
- Still early.
- No, it's not.
It's nearly lunchtime where she is.
- Whatever.
She's the one that wanted
to talk every day.
Right, OK. Go on.
You can try her again after school.
This is for you.
- See you later.
- See you later.
It's OK, it's just work stuff. Fine.
Have a good day.
Hey, Poppy.
- Out!
Who's taken them?
Right now, we don't know
if they've been abducted.
The car they left the compound in
has been found burnt out, hasn't it?
So, I mean,
either they've been taken or
They're too valuable as hostages,
Kirsten. There's still time.
Did she pass on any leads to you?
No. I mean, we didn't manage
to speak last night.
Wait, if it's tied to Dundair, then
it's likely to be Jabhat Al'huriya,
isn't it? So Amy's investigation
was probably getting too close
and we need to shake out
any known associates
You need to take it easy.
SCD and the Air Force
are working with Wudyani police.
Good people are working round the clock,
they're going to be searching for them.
And I'm going to make some calls, OK?
Yeah, it's a bit short
of getting a flight out
No, nobody's going to be
flying anywhere.
If anything, you should be on desk
duty until your mat leave kicks in.
Is that clear?
Yes, boss.
Are you coming?
Er, I still need to
go over some questions
about the ongoing investigation.
But but I'll-I'll see you
at the office, sir.
15 packs of tea and none
with caffeine? What's that about?
I think you and I both know you're
not going to sit this one out.
I'll make the tea.
- You make those calls.
- All right.
- Ah!
No, please.
Nobody hears you.
You need to calm down.
It's only going to get hotter in here.
We should never have followed Kader
without backup. That was stupid.
What are they doing?
- What?
- Why didn't they kill us?
They've driven us hundreds of miles.
So, what do they want?
Well, whatever it is, we keep
our mouths shut, all right?
I met your son, Faisal.
Did he tell you that?
You know, we could be more help
to one another
if you just tell us why we're here.
Sam Kader alerted you
to the mission yesterday.
Let me speak to him.
Don't worry.
You will.
Captain Kader.
Squadron Leader Eliza Russell.
Kader's a traitor.
You know what your country
does to traitors.
They're not going to get
the opportunity.
That's why you've brought us here?
To keep Sam safe?
You've already done more than that.
My bloody pass.
That ID is useless without me.
Yes. That's why you're still alive.
You think I'm going to help
terrorists infiltrate the base?
You really like that term,
terrorist, don't you?
The code for the key
store in your office.
- No.
- We won't help you with this.
Do you trust your friend to do
the right thing?
She's not my friend.
The code!
Eliza, no.
The code!
- 6-9-5-6-3-3.
- Eliza, no
Whatever you're planning, stop
How could this happen?
We believe Russell escorted
the detective off base.
should not leave this base
without my say so.
What are we doing to track them down?
Your police and our intelligence
services are working on it with us.
Good. We cannot afford another
failed mission like yesterday.
Which is why I've requested that
the operation on the ground
is led by British Special Forces.
I'll need to speak to His Highness.
If we do this right,
we get Jabhat Al'huriya.
Are you trying to sell the situation
as an opportunity?
Instead of what it is?
Which is another British problem
happening in my back yard!
- I understand.
- Do you?
The promises you made at Dundair?
I see very little movement.
It's in process. It will happen.
Nobody wants to see things fall apart.
Nailing these fuckers down
is only the first step, Ali.
Tell His Highness that.
We're putting British troops
into the fight against the people
who'd like to destroy him.
That has to mean something!
I want a trace of her movements
on base, CCTV, her pass
and any memos before she disappeared.
Ah, Flight Lieutenant Barker. At ease.
With me.
We are working on the basis
that Squadron Leader Russell
and DCI Silva have been abducted.
Jesus Christ. After Dundair
After Dundair,
this is tantamount to an act of war!
We'll find them.
- Fit?
- Er, yes, sir.
Mission Controller then.
- Thank you, sir.
- Good.
I'll get you up to speed
after the briefing.
Carry on.
Thank you, sir.
Call it off.
Whatever Sam's planning, it's not
going to get you what you want.
How do you know what I want, Detective?
Air Force have been on high alert
after what you did at Dundair.
Dundair was nothing to do with us.
Good, they're lying about Dundair.
You don't bother lying to people
if you're going to shoot them.
- How's your face?
- I've had worse.
What did Sam take? From your office?
I've got keys to all the secure
areas, including the armoury.
He'll need an ID pass and a key.
What damage can he do from there?
Well, it's an armoury. So there
are missiles, explosives, firearms
How can we stop him from here?
We can't.
He's used my ID pass,
that might raise a red flag.
I mean, how long do you think he's
been feeding Ghazali information?
Well, he's been with us from the get-go.
So, at least a couple of years?
This is his last chance to do
whatever it is he's going to do.
I can't imagine he'll aim for less
than what he achieved at Dundair.
Wudyani intelligence
has CCTV footage of a car
leaving the area where Eliza's car
was burnt out.
It belongs to a Yusef Hadid,
a known associate of Abdullah Ghazali.
So confirmation
that it's Jabhat Al'huriya, then?
Does this get us any closer to
DCI Silva and your Squadron Leader?
We're putting pressure on our
intelligence assets in the area
and there is ongoing surveillance
on all known locations
with links to dissident activity.
So that's a no, then?
Apologies. I have to go.
Let's try not to lose friends here, huh?
Have Wudyani police
shared anything with you?
They're scanning through Zahra CCTV
but it'll take half a day.
Half a d Boss, that's too long!
They know the situation better than us.
Concentrate on yourself.
- And the baby, OK?
- Thanks.
I will.
So they've got nothing?
No more than we'd already guessed.
I want to speak to Firas Zaman.
He knows Jabhat Al'huriya
better than anyone.
He was with them
when he lived in Wudyan.
He's going to know where they are.
Wanted terrorists don't tend to
stay in one place for too long.
Jabhat Al'huriya were barely on the
radar until a few days ago, though.
I mean, they didn't need to move.
Nobody was looking for them.
I need to try.
Sam could have attempted to access
the warehouse at any time.
I mean, why now?
Why why risk everything now?
Dundair was precise, it coordinated
Oh, we have to stop Kader!
Do you think the Miss Marple routine
can wait until we're out of here?
Agh, this is useless!
Go ahead.
Thank you.
It's so It's hot in here.
Thank you.
Do you speak English?
Do you speak English?
We're not bad people.
Neither are we.
I have a daughter,
she's nearly your age.
She likes to listen.
She's good at listening.
That's what you do too, isn't it?
OK. Do you have anything to eat?
Your family's travelled
so far to get here.
It must be hard on you
and your little sister.
She's not my sister.
She's my cousin.
From over Al Bidbayat,
across the border.
The rest of her family were killed.
Air strike.
I'm sorry.
All the bombs are made in the West.
I can see that you believe this
inin what you're doing here.
Please let me use my hands.
It's not like we're going anywhere,
is it?
Ho, Captain Kader?
Think you're moving
in the wrong direction, pal.
I'll head to the briefing
in a minute. You go on.
Have you not heard? Squadron Leader
Russell's been abducted.
DCI Silva as well.
Do they know who's taken them?
I think they're working that out.
When did you get out of hospital?
Last night.
Grainger's already got me on
as Mission Controller.
Not much use in the cockpit like this.
If you're Mission Controller
you should go. I'll catch up.
Look, Sam, you broke up with me.
I'm fine, you're fine,
so there's no need
to be a prick about it.
We can have a conversation.
- Shit.
- Barker.
Intelligence want to ask
the squadron some questions.
- I need you to co-ordinate that.
- Yes, sir.
What were your movements
after the mission yesterday?
Did either of you see anything unusual?
Sorry, sir. I headed straight
to the hospital
and helped Callum back to his quarters.
That's right, sir.
Well, if anything comes to mind
Why did you make me lie?
This has nothing to do with you.
At ease.
As you will know by now,
your Squadron Leader Eliza Russell
and DCI Silva
of the Scottish Police Service
have been abducted by the
dissident group Jabhat Al'huriya.
This is the group suspected of
carrying out the attack at Dundair.
We are all still mourning
the loss of our colleagues there,
but grief needs
to sharpen the blade, not dull it.
Each of you has a crucial role to
play in bringing our people home.
This begins with supporting
the generalised ground search
around Zahra.
Once we have further intel, we
will provide tactical surveillance.
Any questions?
In the absence of your Squadron Leader,
I will be acting as Mission Commander.
Mission Controller
will be Flight Lieutenant Barker.
Right, pilots on standby.
Flight Lieutenant Barker.
Now would be a good time
to get your colleagues in front
- of Wudyani Intelligence.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir?
- One moment.
Security have gone over
last night's activity
- on Squadron Leader Russell's pass.
- Yes.
It was used on the base 15 minutes ago.
- Are we sure about this?
- Yes, sir.
Do you want it blocked?
Yes, and monitored. Come with me.
Listen to me, Faisal.
Once they've got what they want,
I think they're going to kill us.
I have a daughter
He he didn't do anything wrong.
He just
He's just trying to help us eat.
Arms at your back!
Is this going to take long?
Seems to have forgotten
we're in the high-security wing.
Thank you.
If he stonewalls us,
what options do we have?
Do you want to sit down?
I've never been asked to sit
so much till I was pregnant.
It's not 'cos you're pregnant,
you're making the guards twitchy.
So, game plan.
What's your angle in there?
We think Jabhat Al'huriya
helped Firas go underground
before he fled Wudyan, so
So no angle, then?
What have you guys got?
Well, to be honest,
his file is pretty thin
and he's not the most talkative
in his interviews so far.
Oh, God, that bodes well.
Well, everything he's said checks out
and he claims to be innocent.
So either he is,
or he's been very careful,
unlike his brother.
His brother?
Look, any intel that doesn't
pertain to this case,
- I can't really discuss, I'm sorry.
- Of course.
Look, do you maybe
want me to run this interview?
No, I'm going to run the interview.
I'm fine.
It's just that we probably only
have one shot at this, but
Just be careful.
We could have overpowered him.
He was going to help us.
- The He had a gun.
- A gun he barely knew how to hold.
If we can't get through the gates,
we'll have to go through the house.
The little girl's in there.
Oh, it's the same in every war zone.
They're always dragging
women and children into it.
Didn't know this was a war zone.
He's going to do something to them,
to the kids.
Yeah, radicalise them.
When you start carrying a gun,
you're not a kid any more.
Did you make that up?
About having a daughter his age?
No, Poppy's 12.
And my partner's
seven months pregnant.
Well, that boy's not the same
as your daughter,
however you spin it.
We can't trust any of them.
SAM: Abdullah.
[OVER PA]: Security to the
main building. Possible intruder!
Memo, ID?
The Air Marshal gave me this
and sent me here.
It's chaos out there. I need to
pass it on to the engineers
- who are prepping the Preservers.
- I need that in writing.
It's in my bag.
Look, if we can just create a diversion,
I think we could get to the gates.
Well, let's not waste any time
getting you back to your family.
[MAN OUTSIDE]: Abdullah!
Your password to the Alban X mainframe?
Sam, this is a suicide mission.
If you launch anything
from the armoury, it'll backfire.
You have to call it off.
The password.
You have a truckload of weapons.
You don't need to break into an armoury.
So you already have all
the answers, then, Detective?
A repeat of Dundair isn't going
to get you your freedom.
SAM: I need that password.
The password is "spitfire1O9squadron",
all lower case.
The password is wrong!
Don't play with me.
The O is the letter O.
It's not a number. You got that?
Both of you are responsible
if anything happens to Sattam.
What the hell?
[OVER PHONE]: Sattam?
What are you trying to do here, Sam?
You need to trust me and just go.
- Dundair. Was that you?
- No.
I want answers too,
and this is the only way.
- You have to believe that none of this was us.
"Us"? Who the fuck is "us"?
- Are you a fucking terrorist, Sam?
- No!
Where's Eliza? I'm not fucking stupid.
You lied to the Air Marshal.
She's missing.
Tell me what you're doing.
- I'm going now.
- You're not going anywhere!
You know they will kill me.
What about Simmonds? And Chapman?
I'm not letting you go.
I have to get this into safe hands.
They're trying to make it
look like my friends are killers.
They're lying to everyone.
Please. I have to go.
It's OK. I'll be fine.
Hold my hands behind my back.
The cameras. Do it now,
or they'll say you helped me.
Get down! Stay down!
Take it from my pocket. Please!
Hands where we can see.
I just followed him in.
I found the guard unconscious.
- What was he doing?
- I don't know.
I didn't see.
No, no, no! No! Oh, God!
No! Oh, God! Fuck! Oh, oh!
What are you doing?
No, no, let her go!
Stop! Stop, let her go!
I told you what would happen
if you played with us!
No, no!
What do you think you're doing?
Your little password trick
warned them, huh?
The password was an accident!
Undo me.
Sorry! Sorry!
It's open!
- Please.
- Shh.
We need to find a way out of this town.
They had crates full of spent munitions.
I thought they were smuggling weapons?
They're more than capable
of repurposing old munitions.
We'll get our heads straight
and then find a way back to Zahra.
Thank you for coming back for me.
I wouldn't have left you there.
Can you tell her we'll be gone soon?
She must have a phone.
Eliza, your uniform.
Yeah, she wants us to go.
Yeah, I got that.
Telephone, telephone.
Hello again, Firas.
We would have preferred it
had you had a legal rep.
- I have nothing more to add.
- This isn't about Dundair.
We're actually looking
into a different matter.
- So we appreciate your time.
- My time?
I still don't know why I'm here.
No charges have been brought.
I'm just another asylum claimant
enjoying his "safety".
- You're being held under the
- Your Terrorism Act. I know.
Wasting your time while the actual
perpetrators are still out there.
My colleague, DCI Silva,
has been abducted
whilst conducting an investigation
in Wudyan,
along with a British Air Force
Squadron Leader.
There's evidence that
the people behind this
are the dissident
group Jabhat Al'huriya.
Of course!
You go back a long way with them.
Didn't they assist you
in getting out of Wudyan?
Mm, aiding an asylum seeker.
That's despicable.
We want you to tell us
everything you can
about the locations of any
safe houses they had access to.
Now, the Air Force will get to them.
It's only a matter of time.
But if we can get to them quicker,
we avoid the situation deteriorating.
I can't see any of them.
Your phone. Could I?
Make one call?
One call and I'll give it you back,
Oh, shukran, shukran.
There's an emergency number
we're supposed to call.
Who are you dialling?
You want me to answer questions
that will jeopardise
the lives of people whose crime,
and this is a crime in Wudyan,
their crime is to oppose tyranny.
To call for a free press.
To have freedom.
Oh, you talk about freedom and justice
for a group of people
who have kidnapped two women.
You know what happens
if we don't get to them in time.
Now is that justice to you? Two
innocent women's lives in danger?
Are you going to answer that?
Oh, my God. Amy?
I'm OK. We're We're both fine.
Where are we?
There's one of them.
OK, you need to listen to me.
We followed Sam Kader
to Abdullah Ghazali.
They kidnapped us and took us
about six hours'
constant driving from Zahra.
This place, please?
Al Waleed Abd-Al-Aziz Street.
Al Waleed Abd-Al-Aziz Street.
They've found us. We have to go.
There was some kind of checkpoint.
It's a small town.
There are cafes and shops
- Come on, Amy!
- Shit!
They've found us, I've got to go.
Get back.
Get back!
I wouldn't do that. Drop it!
Let's go!
Amy? Amy?
- Did you get the name of the place?
- I got it all.
I'll contact them right now.
Yes, understood.
We're looking for a town four to
eight hours' drive from Zahra
that has a street,
Al Waleed Abd-Al-Aziz Street.
Three towns in that radius
have that street name.
- Balak, Hadaiq and Al'Abad.
- Good work.
Listen up, I need Preserver Pilots
to focus all recon
on three towns,
Balak, Hadaiq and Al'Abad.
Co-ordinates coming through now.
Right, they've got it down
to three towns.
- Shit. Three?
- It's narrowed the search,
but they said it could still take
a good few hours to pinpoint them.
We need to get back in there.
Firas is a dead end, Kirsten.
He's not. He knows these people.
Come on, we've got three towns.
We just need to push harder.
Push with what?
We've got nothing to offer him.
I need all the intel
that you have on Firas.
Whether it pertains to this case or not.
You stay where you are!
Stay down!
Back so soon?
The hostages got a call out to us
and identified Dr Abdullah Ghazali
as their primary captor.
We now have intelligence that DCI
Silva and Squadron Leader Russell
are being held in one of three
locations in Wudyan.
Balak, Hadaiq or Al'Abad.
Now, clearly we want to avoid
any loss of life to the hostages
or their captors,
your friends.
My friends?
Let's be honest, Firas,
Abdullah Ghazali is the main reason
you're being held here.
Do you think that he cares
that you're rotting in here?
Jabhat Al'huriya doesn't belong
to any one person.
You must recognise
one of those three towns.
Balak, Hadaiq or Al'Abad?
Please, Firas.
This can't be good for Jabhat Al'huriya.
- First Dundair and now this
- They had nothing to do with Dundair.
I don't feel well.
We need to finish this.
Nasir Zaman, Iqbal Zaman,
Abdol Zaman and Alaa Omran.
- Recognise those names?
- How dare you?
My brother, his wife, his kids,
they had nothing to do with any of this.
Your brother Nasir is an IT expert,
who assisted you in procuring
multiple proxy servers
with which Jabhat Al'huriya
have been using for years.
Now our security services
aren't obliged to share
that kind of information
with Wudyani intelligence,
that is, unless they think
it could be pertinent
in the hunt for two kidnapped
British citizens.
Imagine living like you.
Free to blackmail in the name
of the British State.
What evidence do you even have?
I have enough.
Enough for Wudyani intelligence, anyway.
To be clear, Detective Inspector,
you are offering me a choice,
which innocents
will I decide to see suffer?
My family or my friends?
Some of them aren't that innocent,
though, are they?
But, yes.
You need to choose now, Firas.
So, Balak, Hadaiq or Al'Abad?
Heads up, everyone.
We have new intelligence.
Focus all assets onto the town Hadaiq
as quickly as possible.
We need Preservers there now.
Yes, sir. They're prepped
and ready to hand on.
We're getting closer. Keep the focus.
His Highness would like to reiterate
that any British-led operations
on our soil in peacetime
need to stay contained.
Special Forces are good at that,
don't worry.
I'm not worried.
This is your op, Marcus.
It falls on your shoulders.
Amy. Stay alert.
- I can't breathe.
- Don't talk.
- What are they saying?
- I don't know.
I think they're talking about
leaving us in the desert.
What does that mean?
I think they're going to kill us.
Get up!
Put your guns down or I'll shoot him.
Put the gun down and we can talk.
You give me the key to that truck
and then we can leave!
You can't take that truck.
I've already called the police.
So they'll be tracking us here.
You have no idea what you've done,
do you?
You leave him!
Amy, let's go!
What's in the crates?
Let him go, you have the keys.
Why kill all those people?
Why do any of this?
We had nothing to do with Dundair.
We only want justice.
We want Britain to take responsibility
for the death of civilians.
Look at him.
He's just a child.
Please Please.
- What was that?
- Isolate it, push in, play it back.
That's a gunshot. Re-route
Preservers to that location.
Do we look like terrorists to you?
Dundair wasn't us.
That man, Chapman, wasn't us.
They are lying to you.
Now you've led them right to us.
That's them. We need positive IDs now.
Yes, sir.
Sir, DCI Silva, Squadron Leader Russell?
It's best if you hang back here.
Just had reports of gunfire
on the southern edge of Hadaiq.
Is the Wudyani Army going in?
British Special Forces
are already there.
There, look. Is that them?
What are you doing?
Talk to me.
The truck? The crates?
Evidence. To save lives.
What do you mean? What kind of evidence?
Each shell casing is from a bombing
in places like Al Bidbayat,
across the border.
One that killed civilians.
Look for yourself.
This is evidence
that your government is complicit.
In all of it.
And now we have to go.
They're loading up to leave, sir.
We need to keep the action
inside those walls
- so let's hurry up with ID!
- We're working on it, sir.
Somebody look up.
Assessment, Mission Control?
One armed man guarding the perimeter.
No ground to air.
Five handguns sighted,
three assault rifles.
No children visible.
- That's a clear image!
- Come on.
We have confirmation.
That's him, Dr Abdullah Ghazali.
Visual confirmation. Prepare to engage.
We need to locate the hostages
before we can go in.
Look up.
Look up!
Alpha team standing by.
IDs confirmed, sir.
Hostages located.
Sending location data now.
IDs confirmed.
She looks OK.
What are they doing?
They need to go in easy,
she's right there.
SOLDIER: Hold position here.
DISTORTED: Oh, my God.
Go, go!
What are they shooting at?
She's right there!
They need to get her out!
- Ma'am, we need to go!
- Stop!
There were children in there!
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