Vigil (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

MAN: What's clear to me
is this someone who wants
to destroy our relationship.
I've spoken to His Highness. He's
minded to end the R-PAS programme.
AMY: So when was the last time you
saw the actual console?
I I I don't know.
There's definitely someone on this
base working with Jabhat Al'huriya.
- KIRSTEN: You were lied to, Ross.
- I tried to make it better.
Stay where you are, don't move!
ELIZA: Have we got a positive ID?
Ghazali ident confirmed.
We've been made.
Somebody told him
what we were doing here.
Find out who.
I'm going to go off base for a while.
That's him.
That's Ghazali.
We've got to go.
You think I'm going to help
terrorists infiltrate the base?
I have to get this into safe hands.
I think they're going to kill us.
Which innocents will
I decide to see suffer,
my family or my friends?
Some of them aren't that
innocent though, are they?
Do we look like terrorists to you?
Dundair wasn't us.
That man, Chapman, wasn't us.
Go, go!
What are they shooting at?
She's right there.
They need to get her out.
DCI Silva.
Can you hear me?
It's all right, you're fine.
What's the status, sir?
OK. I'll let her know.
Thank you.
Air Marshal Grainger
says your intel saved their lives.
Here. Drink.
No, I need a phone. I need
I need to speak to somebody.
No, you need water.
Eight of them, or ten, but they were
- Amy!
- The little girl?
She's fine. She's not hurt.
- What happened?
- What do you mean?
They killed everyone.
Well, they were fired on.
They returned fire.
- No, that's That's not
- You're alive.
They put their arses
on the line getting us out.
Maybe now is not the time.
OK. Clear the building.
[OVER RADIO]: Roger that.
Just going through
the compound now, sir.
That's enough.
No. I want to see it.
I want to see where they kept her.
It looks like a family home.
Terrorists need to eat.
They often use ordinary homes.
Women and children coming and going,
makes it look less like a barracks.
And they can also benefit
from having a human shield
when things like this happen.
How many casualties were there?
Within the expected range.
That's what Grainger says.
You getting this, sir?
That's our missing R-PAS console.
So that's the murder weapon.
I think DCI Silva can come home now.
What do you think?
The next plane out.
Do you want me on your mind ♪
Or do you want me to go on? ♪
I might be yours as sure as I can say
Be gone, be far away ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
This is a classified
post-mission debrief.
I am Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger.
Also with me are representatives
of the security services.
I am speaking with DCI Silva,
who was rescued at 1500 hours.
She had been held
by members of Jabhat Al'huriya,
a terrorist network.
Let's start with any names
you may have heard.
They called him Mutaz.
I didn't get a surname.
What about the other male?
The other male? You mean Faisal,
the one they shot first?
Faisal Ghazali, yes.
He was a military-age male.
I saw him handling a weapon.
Did you know he was
a minor and he was unarmed?
Are you saying that you never saw
him with weapons at any point?
No. I I He had one earlier,
but he hardly knew how to handle it.
Right. OK.
And, erm, what about the others?
Yeah, they had weapons.
But they also had plenty
of opportunities to kill us
and they didn't.
Squadron Leader Russell says
she overheard your captors
speaking in Arabic
and making a plan to, quote,
"Take the women out into the desert
and leave them for dead".
Do you speak Arabic, DCI Silva?
Were there any survivors?
The man identified as
Abdullah is unaccounted for.
His wife is in custody.
Is that it?
Look, I had to calculate, in advance,
how many men I might lose
trying to get you out of there,
how best to protect YOU in the process.
Now, I'm glad you're safe.
I'm very glad that
Squadron Leader Russell is safe.
And I'm I'm I'm grateful
that none of our people died
achieving that outcome.
That's enough for me.
I'm flying back to
Rossealan tomorrow morning.
Once the medics clear you,
we'll get you on that flight.
Do you have anything else for her?
What happened to the
spent munitions they had?
- Sorry?
- One of them, Abdullah,
he said that they were collecting
bomb casings and fragments.
He said that it was evidence that
British weapons had been used
to kill civilians.
Forgive my scepticism.
No, it was real,
I saw the missile casings myself.
If anything was found, I imagine
the Wudyanis will destroy it.
Do not underestimate these people.
They came bloody close to
destroying us at Dundair.
They managed to get a man
onto our own squadron.
They are not amateurs!
Well, I'd like to go over
the evidence connecting these
- individuals with the Dundair attack
- I beg your pardon?
Look, the group that I witnessed
didn't appear technically capable
to operate a highly specialised
military R-PAS.
The type of training undergone
by their known associate,
Captain Sattam Abdul Kader?
Sam Kader was one of a handful
of people who knew where and when
the R-PAS weapons test took place.
He knew how to pilot the R-PAS,
so he could train his fellow dissidents.
He knew there was a vulnerability
in the auto-pilot setting.
And he had Firas Zaman on
the ground so he could alert them
when to activate it.
What's happening to Sam Kader?
I'd like to speak to
He'll be picked up shortly
I've still got some questions for him.
I don't think that we're
getting the whole picture here.
Well, we have the murder weapon.
We searched the compound and
they recovered the R-PAS console,
the one used for the attack at Dundair.
Ask DI Longacre.
She witnessed it being found.
From what I heard,
she did a formidable job getting
the information out of Mr Zaman.
Give her my best.
As MPs prepare to vote
on sending UK troops
to fight alongside Wudyani forces,
campaigners continue their calls to
end weapons sales to the country.
DI Longacre.
- Amy?
- It's me. I'm here. I'm safe.
Oh, God! Oh, my God, are you OK?
Did they hurt you?
They could have killed you.
I know. I'm sorry
God, you must have been
No! No, no, don't apologise.
I'll give you a bollocking
when you're home.
When are you back?
They want me on a flight tomorrow.
Good. Good.
What? What is it?
Did you really see the moment
that the console was found?
The R-PAS console? Aye.
- Where was it?
- Er
it was under a cot.
like inin a baby's room.
- Why?
I don't know.
Talk to me.
They denied all knowledge of Dundair.
Is it possible we're making a mistake?
I got your location from Firas Ziman.
He was right there
on the day of the attack.
Sam Kader has been caught red-handed.
You know, maybe
maybe you're not thinking clearly
Don't. Please don't do that.
I don't need that from you.
I need you to have faith in me.
I want you to speak to Firas again
and I want you to put this to him.
Can you come home, please?
If there's nothing else for you
to do there
I need you.
Poppy needs you.
You've done everything that you can.
I love you.
I'll speak to you when I can.
Ma'am, your personal effects
have been recovered from
the dissident compound.
Thank you.
Do you know where
Sam Kader is being held?
Procurator Fiscal says we either
charge Mr Zaman or we let him go.
Do we have enough to charge him?
No. No, erm,
but I I need to speak to him.
I'll request permission.
You need to do it soon.
Yeah, I I don't think
he's going to be amenable after
I'm not proud of what I did, OK?
But I just did what I had to.
It's OK.
Hey, it's OK.
You got the outcome we wanted.
So, in my experience,
that's what we need to focus on.
I have full access.
We don't have long.
Do they know you're here?
They will soon.
I won't get another chance
to speak to you.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I've never had someone
apologise for kidnapping me.
We were only trying to buy time.
For what?
You have to talk to me now.
What's happened to them?
Abdullah is unaccounted for.
I don't know what that means.
His wife's in custody.
The little girl's safe.
No-one else survived.
Sam, we don't have much time.
Tell me what I need to know.
Were your group responsible for Dundair?
But the R-PAS console
was found in the compound.
Then it was planted there.
I'd have known if they had it.
We didn't keep secrets from each other.
So if that's true, who set you up?
I don't know.
What were you were doing
when they arrested you?
Trying to get evidence.
- Trying to prove it wasn't us.
- What evidence?
As far as I know, we've been
given everything there is.
There's a recording of the attack.
I found it.
Wes has a first-person recording of it.
His computer, in the armoury.
Why has Wes got a recording?
Are you saying he's involved?
I don't know. Ask him.
But my friends had nothing to do
with any of it.
So you were trying to download it?
I did download it.
So where is it?
It's not my choice to make.
Then whose choice is it?
Do you mean you gave it to somebody?
It was Callum that found you.
Did you give it to Callum?
Will you give him this?
- DCI Silva.
What are you doing here?
I'm interviewing a suspect in my case.
He's not your prisoner.
Step outside, please.
What did he tell you?
Nothing much.
I didn't expect him to talk.
He apologised for kidnapping me.
Mm, mm-hm.
That's it? Nothing else?
Can I collect the R-PAS console?
It's a key piece of evidence.
Unfortunately, it's also
a key piece of evidence for us.
So we need it for his trial.
Will you make him available to me
for further questioning?
Not my decision.
I gather today is your last
day at Al-Shawka?
- Thank you for all your hard work
- I haven't made any plans to leave.
In case the picture changes for you,
I'll say goodbye now.
- Not now.
- It has to be now. I'm sorry, I
I spoke to Sam.
Yeah? Fuck him.
- He lied to me as well.
- I know.
I don't know anything else.
What are you doing?
I think you can help me.
I can't.
Sam thinks what
he was doing was the right thing.
I don't condone that
but, despite everything he's done,
I believe him.
He asked me to give you this.
Are you saying he did nothing?
Cos I caught him! I caught him.
He leaked information to journalists
and he has ties with the group
that we've been investigating,
he admits all of that
Yeah. Well, there you go.
I knew Simmonds
and Davidson.
I'm not forgetting them.
He denies all involvement in that.
- What about his mates?
- Same.
He's not going to get a chance
to explain things to you.
- You won't see him again.
- Stop talking.
Was he telling me the truth?
Can you help me?
What did Sam say I could help you with?
Nothing. He
He wanted that to be your choice.
He gave it to me
just before they arrested him.
I haven't opened it.
Thank you.
Callum, I'm sorry.
I want to see it.
Uh, R-PAS main camera AV files.
Alpha. The date's right.
FPV recording, first-person view.
Oh, that's the one.
We definitely haven't seen this.
- Why was it being withheld?
- I don't know.
Must've kept it off the main network.
Are you saying Wes sat on this?
He didn't say anything to you?
That's Simmonds getting hit.
Hey, play that again.
They've got the Air Marshal,
Colonel Bilali, and Derek McCabe
in their crosshairs.
How are you not taking that shot?
If you're terrorists, you don't
leave the top brass standing there.
They made it look like they're
targeting the platform,
and then make sure they miss.
Why does Wes have this and nobody else?
I don't know.
Whoever took control
during the attack must have stopped
the video feed transmitting
to the main network.
So in order for Wes
to have a copy of this,
he had to have access
to the pilot's video feed.
Or piloted it himself.
I'll kill him.
No. You can't get involved.
You're not going to help Sam
by screwing up this investigation.
You don't tell anyone
that you've seen this.
You don't tell anyone it even exists.
I need to pick this up with Wes.
I have to make a call.
Amy? Everything OK?
Er, yeah, sorry to wake you.
Oh, no, I don't care about that.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
I Do you have your laptop with you?
I've just sent you a file.
Can you see what I mean?
They missed on purpose.
But close enough to make it
look like they were being targeted.
They killed soldiers on the ground.
They didn't spare any of them.
What are you thinking?
This came from Sam Kader.
He says Jabhat Al'huriya
didn't do any of this.
Sam came back here to get evidence
to prove their innocence.
Why would he risk his life
if he didn't truly believe that?
What about the controller they found?
He says they'll have planted it.
Who's they?
I don't know, but this
came from Wes Harper's computer,
so he can tell us that.
So what, you're saying Alban-X?
But why on earth would they
have done this to themselves?
Could it be the Wudyanis?
No. No.
Come on. No.
No, you think it through.
Look, who else
stood to gain from Dundair?
It gave Bilali the green-light
to take out Jabhat Al'huriya.
Yeah, but he didn't need
an excuse for that.
No, but we led them to
uncover the entire network.
Now look where we are.
The UK and Wudyan have got
a new shared enemy.
There was a British MP
apologising to Wudyan on the news.
Exactly. And then there's
the Alban-X deal.
McCabe's lost all bargaining power,
so he has to take worse terms now.
Win-win for Wudyan.
All they have to do is pay off Wes.
Amy, you can't go around making
claims like that without evidence.
Yeah, well, they want me to go home.
I think you should listen to that.
I don't think I can.
I think we're being sold a lie
and I think they're going to
execute Sam Kader for
something that he hasn't done.
I don't know if I can do this.
What, what do you mean?
I don't know who I'm turning into.
Hey, hey, I
Hey, I'm sorry, I ju
I think this is all too much for you.
No, it's not that, it's
What I did to Firas Zaman
I thought I was a decent person.
- You are!
- I would have tortured him, Amy,
- If I'd thought that it would save you.
- Hey.
Hey, come on.
Come home, please.
I will. I
I just, I can't,
not until this is finished.
I'm sorry.
All right. All right, OK.
What do you need from me?
- For the case?
- Mm-hm, yes.
Look into Bilali, look into
Wes Harper and look for connections.
I'll do that.
Stay safe, OK?
I will.
And you.
What's happened?
- Oh!
- Is it Mum?
No. No, no.
She's fine.
I just I just miss her.
That's all. Come here.
Come here.
She'll come home soon.
She'll be home soon.
DI Longacre, isn't it?
It is.
Derek McCabe, Senior Vice President
at Alban-X.
We're just here to make sure
the press conference goes smoothly.
Will you be briefing the press
alongside Marcus?
How far along are you?
Erm, 30 weeks.
Oh, that's lovely.
Watch that you get enough iron.
My wife's pregnant with our third.
Oh, please.
Just got one final point to work out.
Ready for your close-up?
Welcome back, Marcus.
Mr McCabe,
can we have you look over this?
No, this won't do.
There was no hack.
There was a theft.
Paragraph two, can we replace
"the terrorists hacked the R-PAS"
with "stole the R-PAS"?
Hacked makes our technology
sound vulnerable.
Stolen makes it sound like
our security was lax.
Look, Kader's in custody.
It's been in the news.
Shall we just tell it like it is?
We can't name names.
Not while the investigation is ongoing.
What did the minister say?
MCCABE: It's time to draw a line.
The Wudyanis are charging Mr Kader
and what's left of his accomplices.
Credit where it's due.
If they're charging them,
let's name them.
It's not a British investigation
any more, is it?
Seven bodies at Dundair.
And Anthony Chapman.
Yes, I know that.
What I mean is
it's out of our hands now.
We need to focus on repairing things.
Our line remains:
the investigation is ongoing.
Maybe not worth you
going on camera just to say that?
Your call though.
I can handle that side of it.
Any more business?
Aye, I've got a few questions.
What's the status of the R-PAS
weapons programme in Wudyan?
Erm, I'm not sure how that's relevant.
Well, can I ask if Colonel Bilali
receives any kind of compensation
as part of the deal?
You'd have to define compensation.
And, er, that's one for the lawyers.
Your lawyer's here.
One of many. This isn't my field.
We'll get back to you.
Thank you for your questions,
DI Longacre.
- Now can we get on with this?
- I'd also like to ask about Wes Harper
and his employment at Alban-X.
I'm going to suggest we side-bar
that. We have a press conference.
That is the sole agenda item for today.
MCCABE: Anything you need,
you'll get it.
Today is about wording.
So let's crack on with that, yeah?
Please, please.
Come on, come on.
You scared the shit out of me there.
What do you need?
What is it you're doing?
Just, you know.
No, I don't.
Just doing my job.
You know we asked Alban-X
to share anything that might be
relevant to the Dundair attack?
- Yeah. I know.
- And you feel like you've done that?
There's no data that you can think
of that we might not have seen?
OK. I'm going to need to
take those hard drives.
There'll be analysed by my colleagues.
I don't think you can do that.
I'm not debating it with you.
This is millions of dollars'
worth of classified data.
You're going to need a court order
and, until you get that,
I'm going to keep on doing my job,
thank you.
- You worried about what I might find?
- No.
- No, I'm not.
- I've seen the footage.
I don't know what you're
talking about
The recording that you have
of the attack from the R-PAS,
after it went to auto pilot.
Do your colleagues at Alban-X
know that you're sitting on it?
Yeah, OK, that is enough.
Enough! OK, I'm talking to McCabe.
OK, well, let's do that together.
I'd love to know what
he thinks about this.
Yeah, with Bilali, there's nothing much.
A minor royal. Hence the job.
If he's been bribed from Alban-X,
it's hardly unheard
of in the arms industry.
Yeah, nothing really stands out.
OK, what about Wes?
- Yeah, Wes Harper is on 400k a year.
- Hmm.
They would have had to have paid him
a hell of a lot to make it
worth his while.
Mind you, the Wudyanis
aren't short of a few bunts.
Can you pull up his accounts?
Already did it. They were clear,
but he'd have done everything
in crypto, right?
Can we trace that?
It's complicated.
Right, with crypto, you can see
every transaction that's ever been
made on a public
ledger called Blockchain.
The tricky part is matching
the accounts to people.
It's completely anonymous.
Now if Wes is smart, he'll have
kept his account number
highly confidential,
on an offline hard drive.
- Like I do.
- Of course you're a crypto guy.
IN AMERICAN ACCENT: Keep the faith
and buy the dips, baby.
OK, wait, so if you can see all
the activity an account has done,
does that mean if we found
the account that paid Wes,
we'd be able to see all
their other payments?
Yeah, but, like I say, we still
wouldn't know who was behind it.
If Wes is getting paid off by
the people who planned Dundair,
isn't it likely that the same people
paid Sutherland to kill Anthony Chapman?
Right. Paid from the same account.
I mean, we've got
Sutherland's hard drive.
That's already one piece of the puzzle.
you see what you can find on that.
I'm going to go and speak to
Firas, now we've got clearance.
What's going on?
There's no fire.
Wes Harper locked me in.
He's taken evidence with him.
- What do you mean? What evidence?
- Can you call the gates?
This is Squadron Leader Russell.
Has Wes Harper gone through
security today?
Well, if he comes back, detain him
and let me know straight away.
He's left the base already.
I'll talk to Bilali,
get him picked up
Erm, no, talk to the police directly.
Is there a problem?
I just want everything to go
through official channels.
Thank you.
We're being asked to either
charge you or release you.
The R-PAS controller used to
commit the attack at Dundair
was found at the location you gave me.
Gave you?
You threatened my family.
The mother of my child was in danger.
But I have thought about
what I did and
it was wrong
and I regret it.
This is how apologies work
with people like you.
You flatter yourself
that you have reflected,
then you apologise
and you feel wonderful.
And the next time you do it?
More reflection.
Wesley Harper.
Do you know him?
Why are you here?
You got what you wanted.
My friends in Wudyan are dead.
The ones that aren't dead
will be soon enough.
I am your terrorist.
What else could you possibly want?
See, now that is a good question.
Because everything's been
tied up now, hasn't it?
I mean, I could go home,
I could put my feet up,
nobody would bat an eye,
because we have people in custody,
we have evidence and Wudyan
will take care of the rest.
Hmm. Justice will be done.
So if everyone thinks that this case
is over,
why do you think I'm here?
Are you looking for my forgiveness?
My partner thinks
that your friends are innocent.
Is she right?
Listen, we know that Sam Kader
was feeding information
to Jabhat Al'huriya.
We know that he tried to steal
information off a computer
belonging to Wes Harper,
because he thought it would
help exonerate his friends.
What's happened to him?
The Wudyanis arrested him.
You know he'll be executed?
He was
a good man.
And you have his blood
on your hands. More blood.
He was caught breaking in,
and not by us.
I'm sorry.
I thought I could protect him.
You tried.
I see that.
Firas, I'm not
asking for your forgiveness.
I know I won't get it.
But I do want your help.
Not because you owe me anything,
but because my partner and I are
the only two people left who think
that Sam might be telling the truth.
I mean, we are the ONLY two people
who can do something about it.
When I escaped Wudyan,
I was so thankful not to be dead,
I put Britain on a pedestal,
this great liberal country.
Here I could say
"fuck the King" all I liked.
I started to see that
this freedom I was enjoying
wasn't the whole picture.
Every single week, like clockwork,
a plane takes off from
an Alban-X airfield in Scotland,
not far from here,
it stops in Cyprus for fuel,
and then it lands in my home
country, where my family live.
You know what that plane is delivering?
Alban-X-made weapons.
Used on civilians, just across
our border, like they're nothing.
To me, they're our brothers and sisters.
We collected evidence
to use in your courts.
They're saying the case to ban the
export licence is going to collapse.
Because we're terrorists now.
As soon as you were caught at Dundair,
it made every one of
your contacts a suspect.
See, Sam should have known the risk.
Do you know what he said
to Mohammed Rajab about it?
The prescriptions were code,
OK, we know that.
Mohammed's message said
this test was important.
He said I had to film it.
When did you get his message?
A week before the test.
He posted the prescriptions
a few days before that.
A week and a half before the attack.
- Are you sure about that?
- I am.
But he was already in custody.
And could anyone else have sent you
those messages apart from Mohammed?
No sign of Wes so far.
The Wudyanis have everybody on it.
Are you all right?
Wes had video footage from the R-PAS
that carried out the attack.
That can't be right.
The live feeds were off.
I was monitoring.
There was no video after
they went to autopilot
No, I've seen it.
So either Wes was the pilot or he
knew the attack was going to happen.
Sorry, erm, I'm I'm just trying
to get my head around this,
so, if what you're saying is right,
why on earth would he record it?
So, how did you see this footage?
I spoke to Kader.
What, they let you talk to him?
- You shouldn't have done that.
- Well, it's a bit late.
Then you watched this stuff
on Wes' computer?
No. Kader had made a copy of the data
and I managed to get a hold of it.
I think it's a possibility
that Jabhat Al'huriya had
nothing to do with Dundair.
The people that abducted us
and held a gun to your head?
They're innocent?
No, not Not innocent of everything.
I'm sorry, but this is insane.
The footage that I saw,
it showed the people on
the observation platform
being deliberately spared.
You think it's Bilali?
That's why you wanted me
to call the police about Wes,
instead of going to him.
What's the relationship
like between Wes and Bilali?
Jesus Christ.
Do not go there, Amy.
You will destroy us.
Hey, how are you doing?
I just spoke to Firas.
Was he pleased to see you?
Over the moon.
So we know that Mohammed Rajab
was communicating with Firas
through those prescriptions.
- Yeah.
- Well, Firas
just told me that
the message telling him
about Dundair came in a week
after Mohammed was arrested.
- Shit.
- Aye.
So it can't have come from Mohammed.
No, Bilali had Mohammed in custody.
They wanted Firas Zaman
to be at Dundair.
And they wanted us to find him because
he leads us to Jabhat Al'huriya.
I've got to go.
Colonel Bilali wants to know
why you missed your flight?
- You know I'm not going.
- You don't have a choice.
There's a Hercules leaving
from Rossealan in an hour.
You have to be on it. We both do.
Those are the orders.
- I can't leave now.
- This is exactly the time to leave.
Trust me.
If you're right about Bilali,
you can do something
about it from the UK.
If you try something here
Is there anything on Wes yet?
I'm afraid not.
Are they even looking for him?
Amy, I have tried my best.
But these are orders.
It's not a suggestion.
You have to be on the plane.
Can you give me a few hours?
Hold the plane back.
- Three hours. No more.
- Right.
Check this out.
Looks like you were bang on the money.
Come on!
My guys just linked this crypto
account back to Sutherland.
Look at what he got paid.
£50,000, the day before
the Chapman murder.
I guess he's not an idiot on five
grand, more like an idiot on £50k.
Look, the same account
that paid Sutherland
transferred half a mill
to a new account a few days ago.
And another five mill
minutes ago.
That's him, then.
That's Wes, I'm sure of it.
He's on the run.
He's getting paid off.
Well, if that is him, it's good news.
He's currently trapped inside Wudyan,
- looking for a place to hole up
- Yes.
with the same account paid for
rented office space in Zahra
six months ago!
OK, send me that address.
I've got to get that to Amy now!
Hey, still no sign of Wes,
think he's gone to ground.
Yeah, I've got good news
for you on that.
- Really? What?
- Office space in Zahra.
I'm going to be sending you
the address now.
We think he's just been paid five mill.
Er, I've got to go.
DCI Silva.
I hear you're flying out any minute now?
So I'm told.
You're welcome to visit any time.
His Highness is truly grateful
for the work you've done here.
I take it relations between
Wudyan and the UK have improved?
Very much.
It's what Anthony would have wanted.
He loved this country.
Firas Zaman also claims
to love his country.
Well, I suppose he might well
believe that.
Things are relative, after all.
We want to extradite him.
I'm confident your government
will be minded to help with that.
Safe flight.
Hey. Erm, I need a favour.
- OK?
- Thanks.
Don't walk back too quickly.
You're sure I can't drive you back?
No, no.
You're better off
staying out of this, trust me.
So what are you going to do
when you go back without a car?
I've got a long enough walk
to figure it out.
Keys are in the ignition.
And I need to ask you something.
Do you think there's any chance Sam
gets out of this if you're right?
I don't know.
Good luck.
Hello? How can I help?
English? Ich spreche
auch Deutsch? Francais?
English. I've got a meeting.
- Erm, but
- Your name?
Actually, I think that's him,
he's come down to meet me.
- It's all good.
- Uh.
- Salam alaikum.
- Marhaba.
- Hands.
- Uh How did you fi
Hands. Shit!
Shit. What is this?
Turn around.
I told you not to move.
What did you just do?
It's called a degaussing machine.
It generates a magnetic field.
It's the only sure-fire way
to completely destroy data.
- Gavin Hudgens?
- And it is done.
You got nothing now!
While you get five million
for your trouble.
You don't give a shit.
There are seven bodies in Scotland.
Eight if you include Anthony Chapman.
Sam Kader and his friends.
What does that break down to?
Half a million per corpse?
That is not on me.
Spoken like a true arms dealer.
You've got nothing on me.
- I got footage.
- Stolen evidence,
with no proven link to me?
- Good luck with that.
- Get on the floor.
- 'Cos I'm arresting you.
- Oh, get fucked.
One more time.
You're going to shoot me, huh?
I doubt it.
You've got no alibi for Dundair.
You've got the means to organise it.
Of course you didn't
check inside that case.
You'd already collected the console
after you'd groomed a child
to steal it for you.
That is nuts. That is nuts.
Expecting someone?
No, no, no.
Wes, get out here.
I need a clear shot.
Don't even think about it!
Or I'll shoot you too.
- OK, OK.
- You're still a suspect.
OK, OK, all right.
He was at the compound,
with Jabhat Al'huriya, after the raid.
Wait, wait, what? What the fuck?
I think he planted the R-PAS console.
He was part of the rescue mission?
He was dressed as a paramedic.
What do you know about this?
Who is he?
No, no, we need to get out of here,
like now!
He won't be alone.
- Is there another way out?
- Yeah, there.
- Amy just sent it.
- Oh?
She wants us to find out who he is.
OK, well, send it over,
I'll send it to my guys,
- see what they can dig up.
- OK.
Two Wudyani citizens have been
arrested for their role
in the terror attack
at Dundair Weapons Range.
We also have reports
that a third British man,
suspected of murdering the British
Air Force Wing Commander
Anthony Chapman, is in critical
condition from injuries sustained
while resisting arrest.
The cases are believed to be linked
and the suspect is being charged
under the Terrorism Act.
Talk to me. Tell me everything you know.
Er, no. Uh-uh, no, I'm sorry,
but I need immunity first.
You're not in a position to negotiate.
Oh, come on!
All right, I had nothing to do with it.
OK, well, you can believe me or not.
But I was told to make sure that
the consoles wouldn't transmit
any video once they went
to autopilot, that's it.
- Who paid you to do that?
- No!
Should I just pull over
and chuck you out?
OK! All right!
Look at who benefits.
What's that supposed to mean?
King Abdulrahman is on his way
to the UK right now for talks.
Yesterday I was asked
if the army had enough room
for a shipment of
300 Mirrorstone missiles.
That's ten times what we usually stock.
The UK is about to join Wudyan's war.
So you're saying that Dundair
was an excuse to go to war?
So who is behind that,
the Wudyanis or someone on our side?
You sure the guys who pulled you
out were Special Forces? Huh?
Yes! Yes, they were British.
So that would have to be
Special Forces, right?
If the man you killed
came in with Special Forces,
then he's working with Intelligence.
That's how it works over here.
It's an open secret.
Are you sure?
There's no-one else it could be.
- Hi.
- Hey. Did you get the picture?
Aye, I just got it.
OK, don't put it on the system.
Don't share it with Ramsay.
I already did.
F Shit!
What's going on?
I went to that address
that you gave me. Wes was there.
But that guy in the photo, he
showed up and he tried to kill us.
But you're OK?
I shot him.
Oh, Jesus.
Look, I'm coming home.
Wes thinks he's connected
to The Intelligence Services.
He thinks that someone's trying to
drag Britain into Wudyan's war.
It was Ramsay who got us that address.
You know, don't you take
any chances with him, OK?
Talk to Robertson.
I'll be home soon.
- I love you.
- You too.
All good?
Aye, all good.
I spoke to Thames House.
They haven't got anything yet
but give it a few hours, yeah?
OK. Great.
Hey, it's Amy.
I need your help.
Leaving in seven minutes.
Better be right about this. Move. Now.
Let's get you home.
Are you not going to handcuff him?
He's not under arrest.
He's a witness.
Strap in.
OK. Well, I'll be sitting up front.
I'll come and check on you
once we're up in the air.
Ah. Ugh.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Where am I going to go?
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