Vigil (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Alpha R-PAS in position.
They are going to
change the way we fight.
I think there's a possibility
that Jabhat Al'huriya had
- nothing to do with Dundair.
- The people that abducted us
and held a gun to your head?
I have reason to believe
the stolen R-PAS console
has been taken off-base.
Why does Wes have this and nobody else?
- They missed on purpose.
- I think we're being sold a lie.
Wes is on the run.
I think he's just been paid five mill!
You've got nothing on me.
Wes thinks he's connected
to the Intelligence Services.
See, it was Ramsay
who got us that address.
Yeah, don't you take any chances
with him, OK?
Someone hired you to kill
Anthony Chapman.
You don't owe that person anything!
Can we get some details about Ross?
In lots of ways, he was a good guy.
If he thought someone was out
for him, he'd go off.
HARPER: The UK is about to join
Wudyan's war.
So, who is behind that?
The Wudyanis or someone on our side?
You'd better be right about this. Move!
I need to go to the bathroom.
- Eliza
I'm OK. I'm OK.
He jumped me.
He tried to grab my service weapon.
INTERCOM: Squadron Leader Russell,
we need you to report immediately.
Do we need to divert?
You need to talk to them.
The intercom.
Are you all right?
You need to brief them now before
they do something stupid.
This is DCI Silva.
Squadron Leader Russell
has been shot and injured.
The man who attacked her is dead.
I have the weapon.
INTERCOM: Place the weapon
in front of the cabin door.
Sit with both hands above your head.
Do you want me on your mind ♪
Or do you want me to go on? ♪
I might be yours,
as sure as I can say ♪
Be gone, be far away ♪
Oooh, oooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Oooh, oooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
What do you think?
The bullet's gone right through.
You should be OK.
Have an ambulance meet us in Rossealan.
Yes, ma'am.
Hold that.
You're going to need to keep
pressure on that.
Can you get me back to the seat?
No. You shouldn't really move.
I'll take my chances.
I'm not spending the next
six hours looking at him.
Kirsten Longacre.
It's Ross Sutherland.
Where are you?
I'm finding the truth out for myself.
You need to listen to me, OK?
You need to leave this with the police.
If you start asking questions,
these people are going to kill you.
Now, you need to come back in
and talk to us.
I'm doing it my way.
Tell me who hired you.
You know I'm not doing that.
I'd be giving up a good man.
Let me prove it to you, then.
I mean, I can show you
everything that I've got.
Look, I can come to you, on my own.
Just tell me where to go.
I need to take your statement
while it's fresh. Just
take me through it, step-by-step,
in as much detail as you can.
Er, I was in the cockpit
with the pilots,
there was knock on the cabin door.
I went to investigate.
I asked Wes what he wanted.
And he went for my service weapon.
My My side-arm.
It discharged,
the bullet went in my leg.
I managed to get control of the weapon.
But he he tried to come back at me
so I fired a single shot.
And then,
you arrived a few seconds later.
I, um, I know
there'll be questions asked
about why I allowed Harper
on the flight.
I want to make it clear
I only did that to help the police.
And I regret not following
proper procedure.
That's all.
Interview terminated at 15.46 GMT.
Sorry, but I'm not losing my job.
It's your statement. You're free
to say whatever you like.
Provided you think it's true.
You should be in hospital.
Forget about that. Just
Just show me what you've got.
It's not just Chapman who was framed,
this whole thing was bullshit,
right from the start.
This is from the drone that they
claim was hacked by terrorists.
The highest value targets
they could possibly have.
They missed them on purpose?
They killed seven ordinary squaddies,
but left the top brass untouched.
Did they tell you that you'd be
helping them stop terrorists?
'Cos this isn't terrorism.
It's an excuse to send in troops
and sell more weapons.
Parliament vote on it tomorrow.
That's what they've used you for.
I trust my guy.
Why are you protecting people
who you know have manipulated you?
Well, if he's lied, I'll kill him.
If he's who you say he is
then I'll do what I do
and I'll hand myself in tomorrow.
Leave it to me.
Are you going to go meet him now?
Ross, are you meeting him now?
Do you know this guy is?
No. Who is he?
One of the people who rescued us
from the compound.
He's also the guy
who tried to kill me and Wes.
- He looks dead.
- He is.
I shot him.
First time?
- Is that everything?
- I'm just trying to
SIGHING: I'm still trying to figure
out who sent Sabi those messages.
Well, presumably, it was Kader.
No, it wasn't him.
It had to be someone who knew where
she was vulnerable.
Someone who could manipulate
her emotionally.
Well, half the squadron knew
her mum was dead.
I don't see how that would help
eliminate Kader.
I don't remember telling you that
that was in the messages.
No, that
I'm just saying using her mum's death
is the obvious thing
that anyone would try.
That's all.
Wesley Harper's dead.
Eliza Russell's been injured.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Where's she being treated?
She's flying in with DCI Silva.
Now, we have a few questions
about the crew who rescued them
from the dissident compound.
This is a sensitive area.
I don't doubt it.
A day later, one of those men
tried to kill DCI Silva.
Do you know who that was?
Let me have the conversation.
I'll be in touch.
This is going in the wrong direction.
Yes, sir.
Have you talked to anyone?
Who do you think I am?
The police must've been on you.
I haven't said anything.
I believe you.
Oh, my God
INTERCOM: We are approaching
Rossealan. Prepare for landing.
Why was Wes Harper on my aircraft?
He wasn't under arrest.
He wanted to cooperate.
- So, I took the decision
- This is not your aircraft!
I thought if he went through the
main airport then he'd get arrested.
Wes Harper entered the country
through passport control,
so, technically, he's still there!
What do you propose we tell them?
Or are you going to get diplomatic
status for his corpse?!
I suppose, you could tell them
that one of your officers shot him.
Let me know where they take you.
I'll need to debrief you.
Yes, sir. And again, I'm
I'm so sorry for my part
in this situation.
This aircraft is due back
in use tomorrow.
Uh-uh, it's a crime scene.
We need every aircraft that we have.
- Why?
- Not your concern.
- Are you sending troops to Wudyan?
- Again, not your concern.
Have a couple of officers
stationed at the hospital.
They should be discreet, but I don't
want Eliza Russell going anywhere.
Yes, ma'am.
VOICEMAIL: This is DI Kirsten
Longacre. Leave me a message.
Hey, love, I've just landed.
Looks like I'm going to be stuck
here for another couple of hours,
but then I'll be home.
I love you.
The bullet that went through
Squadron Leader Russell's leg
didn't make it through the deck.
It ricocheted and lodged
in that crate right there.
The bullet that killed Mr Harper
went through him and out there.
That's why we saw the fault light.
Bullet damaged some of the wiring.
You saw the fault light straight away?
- Same time as we heard the shot.
- The first shot?
Yes, ma'am. The second shot came
after the warning light.
The black box will back that up.
The bullet went in my leg.
I managed to get control of the weapon.
But he he tried to come back
at me so, I fired a single shot.
The first shot killed Harper,
cut the wire, triggered the alarm.
The second shot was self-inflicted.
She lied. Call that in. No delays.
I want her arrested for murder
and placed under armed guard.
You're coming with us.
DCI Silva.
Yeah, I'm her partner.
What is it?
Oh, my love
I'm here now.
I'm here.
Anyone going to tell me
where we're going?
I guess that's a no, then
Oh, darling
No, don't move. Don't move.
Yeah, I'm here.
Love, you're OK, you're OK
Our baby's OK.
Who did this to you?
He shot Sutherland.
And me.
Sir, we have an ID on the shooter.
Got it.
It's Derek McCabe.
Alert Interpol,
get him on the watchlist.
You tear his house apart,
pull his office apart. Let's go.
It's just gone past eight.
Any word on McCabe?
No missed calls, so probably not.
You should go.
I spoke to Robertson.
I told him
that I might have to step back.
It happens all the time,
people get sick and they hand over.
- You're not sick, though.
- I want to be here.
I'm going to be OK.
We both are.
I read your notes.
On the case?
Your medical notes.
You lost 20% of your blood volume
before the ambulance even got to you.
Will you do something for me?
Catch them.
If you can't do this
because of you, then OK.
But if any of this is about me,
if I get a say in it
that's what I want.
And what if this was
the other way round?
I'd be locking that door, wouldn't I?
- Tying myself to the chair.
- Exactly, so
It's this way round, though, isn't it?
Can I see your phone?
Hey, hey.
Hey Here, here.
They killed seven soldiers at Dundair.
They groomed a teenager,
murdered her dad
when he tried to protect her.
They made Ross Sutherland
think that he was a hero.
That's what this means.
Alban-X's share price up 21%
since the Government announced
a vote on joining Wudyan's war.
I really don't want to be bringing
our baby boy into this world
knowing that those fuckers
are running it.
Go on, then.
I love you.
How did Russell go missing
in broad daylight?!
I ordered an armed guard!
She was taken before they arrived.
And what about McCabe?
- Gone. Took a private flight.
- Are you serious!?
A couple of hours after
Kirsten was found.
They disabled the transponder
so we don't know where he's gone.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
Because you had enough on your plate.
So, tell me, how's Kirsten?
Yeah, she's already telling me off
for being a smartarse.
But her and the baby
are going to be fine.
That's what matters.
Eliza being taken from
under our noses, that
that takes some planning.
So who knew she was going to hospital?
But I did mention it
when I spoke to Sir Ian Downing.
You know what this is, don't you?
This is Russell and McCabe working
with the Intelligence Services.
Dundair was a false flag to build
a case for escalation.
They had me running after
Jabhat Al'huriya.
And they certainly didn't put
Ramsay here to help us, did they?
They are going to war.
Grainger admitted as much to me earlier.
I hear you, but where is your proof
for all of this?
I don't have it yet.
Hello again.
I'm sorry about what
happened to Kirsten.
I believe my latest suspect's
gone missing?
Any ideas?
If I think of something,
I'll let you know.
So, what's next for us?
I'm just building my case
against Eliza Russell.
Anything I can do to help?
I'll let you know.
How are you doing?
It can't be easy in here.
I spoke to the psychologist.
They're worried about you.
I just keep having dreams about him.
The man who killed my dad.
His name was Ross Sutherland.
And he's dead now.
I'm I'm still trying
to understand some things,
like why Ross Sutherland
found you at the cottage.
Did your dad mention it to anyone?
Eliza, maybe?
No. He was really paranoid.
He didn't tell anyone.
- Sorry.
And the phone that you had hidden,
- you didn't switch it on just to check messages?
No. Dad said everything had to
be kept switched off.
You told me that there were
no devices at the cottage,
except for the one we found.
Dad had an iPad there.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
Yes, ma'am.
Townsend, Chapman had an iPad
at the cottage.
Sutherland might have hidden it
on site somewhere.
We're going to have to check
the area again.
- OK, on it. I'll send a full team.
- Yeah.
Hey, we are going to sort this out.
You shouldn't be in here.
- This isn't a public building.
- I'm looking for somebody
who's wanted for murder.
I have reason to believe
they're in this building.
I don't need a warrant. I just need
you to step out of my way.
You do that again
and I'll put you in cuffs.
- You can't come in here
- Where's Eliza Russell?
Either you tell me
or I search the place.
- I said, you can't come in here.
- OK.
Lie still, otherwise I'll arrest
you for resisting an officer.
- MAN: Security breach!
SHOUTING: Security breach!
- Hello, everyone.
- What are you doing here?
Me, I'm arresting Eliza Russell
for murder.
What about you? Actually, don't
answer that. I couldn't give a fuck.
I've left my handcuffs at reception.
Shall we pick them up on the way out?
We have an agreement that we can
hold her here.
I'm not asking your permission.
Can you slow down, please?
She'll be made available to you
when we're done.
When will that be, hmm?
Long enough for Parliament
to approve a small war?
- Nothing to say?
- You just have to trust me on this.
Not a chance.
What the hell is this?!
She assaulted one of my men.
I hardly touched him.
He was obstructing an officer.
That's very serious.
The Government has decided what
is most serious.
National security. The Wudyan question.
That's not a real question, though,
is it?
You've already decided.
You're getting ready to go to war.
Hello, everyone.
DCI. Chief Superintendent.
So, where is Russell, then?
She's helping us
put the picture together.
Actually, she's under arrest.
We're just going over the small print.
I'm not contesting
there are grounds for an arrest.
But we have precedence.
You'll get Russell when we're done.
I'm not sure I agree.
I've spoken to both pilots, they
have confirmed DCI Silva's account.
So does the black box.
Russell fired first,
and then she lied about it.
We're not disputing
there's a case to answer.
And who did she do it for? Derek McCabe!
DCI Silva has got some things wrong,
but on this, I think we have to
we have to back her.
Go and get Russell.
If you haven't charged her by the
end of the day, we'll take her back.
Thank you.
Do you know where McCabe is?
He's wanted for murder.
I don't know anything, sir.
Come on.
Sir, this is bullshit!
Come on.
If I got confused about which bullet
went where, I'd just been shot!
Forgive me for making a mistake, but
I didn't murder Wes.
Did you pilot the R-PAS that
killed seven people at Dundair?
I told you,
half my team saw me in my office.
You did tell me that.
I've since been back to them
and no-one saw exactly
what you were doing at the time of
the attack.
I don't know what to tell you.
I was running
the operation on my headset.
You'd handed control over to
Air Marshal Grainger, at that point.
Did you send Sabiha messages
encouraging her to steal
- the R-PAS console?
- No.
You manipulated a
vulnerable young woman.
- I didn't.
- When we spoke on the flight
you knew details about those messages
that only the sender would have known.
That is not what happened
and you know it!
Tea break?
Excuse me.
When was the last time you were
in contact with Anthony Chapman?
That would be when he came to say
goodbye at Al-Shawka.
Just before he left.
Recognise these?
We recovered them
from Anthony Chapman's iPad.
Ross Sutherland did his best
to get rid of it for you.
It took us a while to find it.
These messages
were exchanged between you, and Chapman
after he got back to the UK.
Let me draw your attention
to this one in particular.
Where he asks you to check the imagery
of the R-PAS consoles at Al-Shawka.
He says he was concerned that
one of the units had gone missing.
To which you replied, "Jesus.
I'll get on that straight away."
Did you do what Chapman asked?
Did you check the inventory?
No, you didn't.
Instead, you had him killed.
Because if Chapman had have lived
and found out what happened at Dundair,
he'd have been on the phone asking
why you didn't act on his concerns.
I didn't just sit on the messages.
I checked the armoury.
No, you didn't.
The armoury has CCTV.
You're not on it.
You're going to have to do
better than that.
You know, there's one thing
that I don't understand.
Why you had to kill
so many people at Dundair.
You needed us to come and investigate.
I understand that.
You needed us to find Firas Zaman
and the messages on
Sabiha Chapman's phone,
everything that led us
to Jahbat Al'huriya.
But we would have come and
investigated one single death.
Why did you have to kill so many people?
Technical Sergeant Khalil.
He has three children
under the age of ten.
His name His name is Joel.
His friends are running
a marathon in his name.
This is Lance Corporal Simmonds.
I believe you knew him personally.
You shot him in the guts
- and let him bleed out.
- Shall we stop?
You fired that machinegun
until the ammo ran out.
I think you enjoyed it.
You don't know anything about me.
I know you're a traitor.
A liar.
A murderer.
And a coward.
19! Look at him!
I know they mattered! They all mattered!
But it had to look REAL!
Anything else and they'd have swept
it under the carpet!
They'd have called it an accident!
It had to be something that
they couldn't ignore!
Chapman sent you a text
and you ignored it.
Because it was you who piloted
the R-PAS at Dundair.
- Eliza
- Yes.
I'd hidden the console so that when
I transferred to Grainger
I was able to pilot it.
And the text messages sent to Sabiha?
Yes, I sent those.
Did you hire Ross Sutherland?
I met him in Scotland.
And Wes Harper?
I killed him.
He'd worked it out. He was already
starting to blackmail us.
Why did you do any of this?
I understand why McCabe benefitted.
His share prices have gone up.
He's got a deal on the line, but you?
Was McCabe paying you?
- I did it for the money.
- No.
I don't believe that.
End the interview.
Interview suspended 13.31.
Suspect still in custody.
I'm going to tell you
the one conversation
that you're never going to have.
That's the one
where our Intelligence Service
and their counterparts in Wudyan
sit you down
and tell you how the world works.
So, for the record, sure
I did it for the money.
Why not?
I'll be out in a few years.
They are so much smarter than you are.
And they matter more than you.
I'm sorry I couldn't come any sooner.
But I wanted to see how you're doing.
- Is that the only reason you're here?
- Look
that photo DCI Silva sent you.
The guy dressed as a paramedic,
at the compound.
When I told you
we had no idea who he was,
I wasn't being entirely honest.
And that wasn't my choice.
Did you know it was connected to McCabe?
That's who Sutherland went to meet.
If I had known about McCabe,
I could have warned him.
You didn't tell me
you were going to meet Sutherland.
You blaming me for not trusting you?
I'm going to make this right.
A full confession.
Off the record
she indicated she had
support of our Intelligence Service.
- Do you believe her?
- I don't know. I don't know that
- I can trust anything she has to say.
Sorry, sir. I've got to get that,
it's Kirsten.
No, you sit there.
Thank you.
Hey, love.
We've just charged Eliza Russell.
She admitted to flying
the R-PAS at Dundair.
She admitted to everything. And it
was her that hired Sutherland.
Sutherland never mentioned a woman.
It can't be Eliza.
Sutherland was worried
he'd be giving up a "good man".
It was someone he thought
he could trust.
It doesn't sound like McCabe.
I think it has to be someone else.
Why has Ramsay just arrived?
Talk to him.
Kirsten trusts you but I'm I'm not
convinced she's right.
You made that pretty clear.
I believe this is your watch.
The guy who tried to kill you
and Harper in Wudyan?
He's a contractor.
His name's Portsmore.
I'd be fired for telling you that.
We've been scrambling ever since
you sent us his picture,
trying to figure out who hired him.
That's why we grabbed Eliza Russell.
I don't think Russell and McCabe
managed everything on their own.
They had help.
It wasn't us.
I promise you,
if Sir Ian Downing was involved
he wouldn't have briefed us
to find out what Eliza knows.
Eliza confessed to everything.
one thing that Kirsten is sure
she didn't do.
Hiring Sutherland.
Well, maybe she's covering for someone.
- McCabe?
- She had no reason to cover for McCabe.
He's already implicated.
Did you tell Eliza that McCabe was
wanted for murder?
We never told her. Why?
When they brought Eliza in the room,
it was Grainger that told her
about McCabe.
What are you saying?
That's why he wanted to be there.
He needed to tell Eliza that McCabe
was blown and so was she.
He was telling her to be
a good soldier. It's him.
It's Grainger.
We need to understand how Grainger
and Sutherland were connected.
You looked into him. Who knew him best?
Well, the only person we met who
seemed to give a crap about him
was his ex-girlfriend.
- Got her details?
- Yeah.
What can I do to help?
Well, whoever put this together
knew that Jabhat Al'huriya was
gathering evidence against Alban-X.
Did your lot brief Grainger about that?
I don't know.
The thing is, as soon as
you start requesting those files
they'll be locked away.
Then we can't work through
official channels.
You know what that means, don't you?
You know my record was spotless
before I met you lot.
Right, when do we do this?
Parliament votes on joining
Wudyan's war tomorrow.
Hi. Arlene?
- Yeah.
- You met my colleague, DI Longacre.
Has Ross done something else?
Ross Sutherland has been murdered.
I I really need your help.
Listen, I need everything
you have on the Dundair case.
Take a while.
Let's get to it.
Start with briefings
on Jabhat Al'huriya.
Are you authorised for these?
Police warrant.
Not on the system.
I have it right here. OK?
I need to take it to them now.
Hey, and the, er, Air Force emails
as well.
You know, those only just came in.
NEWSREADER: Tomorrow a decision on
whether to send troops to Wudyan
is being debated in Parliament.
The Defence Secretary
spoke in favour of the motion,
citing the proven threat to
British security.
It follows a terror attack
earlier in the month which left
several soldiers dead on
a Scottish weapons testing range.
I haven't found
the warrant reference yet.
Call me if you need the court's number.
I can't really hang around.
Thank you, mate.
Amy, tell me you didn't forge
a warrant for Ramsay.
I'd rather not answer that question.
Requisitioning classified files!
I have orders to arrest you
and Ramsay both,
under Section 7 of the OSA.
Tell me what you're doing.
Well, I think
it might be better if I don't.
Look, we both know they can't
afford for this to get out there.
They're going to bury it all.
I'm sorry, I just I can't let
that happen.
You understand what this might cost you?
Yeah, I do.
I'll hold them off until
the end of the day.
Thank you, sir.
If I was you,
I'd turn the phone off now.
Thank you, sir.
What happened at Dundair
was an attack by terrorists
who had a single aim.
That aim was to shatter the partnership
between our two countries.
Instead, today, we stand united.
In grief, yes
but also in our determination.
All clear.
They aimed to weaken us, confuse us,
divide us,
and prey on us!
Instead, now they will be rooted out
and hunted down.
Our two nations cannot be cowed!
Cannot be bullied into submission!
When we are threatened
that threat will always be met.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I'm arresting the Air Marshal
for murder.
There's a warrant out for you
and for Ramsay.
I'll have you arrested.
Go ahead.
- Air Marshal Grainger!
- Stop.
Let's talk in private.
When we first met, you told me
that British politicians undervalued
the relationship with Wudyan.
There was a court case at the time,
that threatened our ability
to sell them weapons.
That would put your operations
in jeopardy.
Not my operations. Britain's.
Until last week, there was no appetite
to get involved in a border conflict
in Wudyan.
Certainly not in Westminster.
And yet, tomorrow they're
going to vote on whether to send
British troops there.
- Because the situation changed.
- You changed the situation.
You and Derek McCabe and Eliza Russell.
The three of you conspired to
push us into conflict.
You needed a fall-guy,
so you selected Jabhat Al'huriya.
- Well, that's absurd.
- They were nobodies.
You told me that yourself.
They weren't extremists.
What they were doing was collecting
evidence against Alban-X.
Turning them into terrorists
made their evidence useless.
The trial falls apart
and then an attack at Dundair gives
you your rationale for escalation.
It was you that spotted
Firas Zaman on the radar, wasn't it?
Are you saying that he didn't trespass?
Oh, no, he did, but only because
you made sure he'd be there.
And how did I manage that?
Intelligence briefed you
on the coded prescriptions
sent to Firas Zaman.
You exploited that to get him
to Dundair.
I'm hearing a lot of accusations
and very little evidence.
That photograph mean anything to you?
I don't recognise him.
His name's Ross Sutherland.
I spoke to his ex-girlfriend.
She says you do know each other.
He was a wreck after
he was thrown out of the Army.
You helped him and he looked up to you.
You manipulated him
into killing Anthony Chapman.
And then when you thought
that he would be a problem,
Derek McCabe murdered him.
Do you recognise him now?
You knew where
Anthony Chapman was hiding.
DCI, you've had your shot.
Clearly you fell short.
Sir Ian?
Excuse me.
So, the prodigal son returns.
In handcuffs.
I came here of my own volition.
Your actions have brought
humiliation to this department.
Grainger's going to go down for this.
I've been with him and DCI Silva.
She's got nothing substantial.
I have, though.
DCI Silva hears it first.
Don't negotiate with me,
you little shit!
Is that your final decision, sir?
- What the hell's this?
- Left leg.
Ian, what the hell is this?
I have the same question.
I'd like to hear it answered.
You were briefed on Jabhat Al'huriya
about seven months ago.
Using information we got
from bugging Firas Zaman.
I'm briefed on all sorts of things.
So what?
The briefing was on October last year.
The messages to Sabi began in November.
Yeah. I
I see it.
In the days leading up to Dundair,
you sent Anthony Chapman to Dubai.
- That's right.
- Did you arrange that meeting?
I did.
Is it possible that someone else
could have told Chapman to go
to Dubai before you
got in touch with him?
Maybe you had to ask someone's
permission to set the meeting?
I'm an Air Vice Marshal.
I don't have to run things past anyone.
So, you sent your email to Chapman
at 3.35pm UK time.
You were in Scotland that day.
And on the same day in Wudyan,
Sabiha Chapman receives
a message from someone that
she believes is sympathetic
to Jabhat Al'huriya.
The message tells her that
her father's going away for work
and that now would be her chance
to steal the R-PAS console.
And that's a whole hour and a half
before you send
your email to Chapman.
So, you set the meeting.
You say that Chapman's the first
person to hear about the trip,
yet Sabiha Chapman knows about it
before her dad.
So how is that possible,
unless you ordered that message
to be sent to Sabi?
This can't be right, can it, Marcus?
I didn't want anyone to die.
But the bigger picture is
hundreds of thousands of lives.
That is the nature of defence.
You make sacrifices but you do it
because your eyes
are on the fundamentals.
You sound like Eliza.
She's a good officer.
She told me
that intelligence were involved.
- Did she do that to protect you?
- Yes.
She has guts.
That's one word for it.
If you insist on taking this forward,
you will do irreparable harm.
We are a small, failing island.
We need allies.
We need friends and we need to show
those friends some fucking respect,
instead of dragging them through
the courts, wagging the finger!
You know that's true. Back me up!
I'm not sure that I can.
If we ban exports of weapons to Wudyan,
what do you think will happen?
Peace on Earth? No!
The Wudyanis will simply go to China
and Russia to get what they need
and we will have alienated
one of the world's
most important oil producers!
If you think the last few years
have been bad in Britain,
what'll it look like if people can't
heat their homes, fill their cars
with petrol and factories
are closing down everywhere?
You murdered your own people!
I see the world as it is.
I see what is coming for us.
Somebody has to make decisions.
Our politicians won't or can't!
I've done my job
and I've done it well!!
So have I.
I think we can all agree
mistakes were made.
Lucky for you Ramsay was there
to catch them.
I'd say he's enjoyed his fair
share of luck.
As have you.
I'm recommending that Sabiha Chapman
and Firas Zaman
are released without charge.
The alternative's two very
high-profile court cases.
Yeah, I support that.
And we're going to need some
concessions from the Wudyanis.
The trials of Russell and Grainger
are going to be in
closed court for national security.
Erm, McCabe won't be
a problem for us either.
There'll be no reporting.
So, I don't see any risks to
Wudyan interests, or ours.
Unless I've missed something?
Sam Kader got 30 years.
I need you to persuade Wudyan
to commute his sentence.
It's it's in their interests.
- That's not how this works.
- It is.
We both know it's exactly
how this works.
Two years is a long time to wait.
Two years is nothing.
A closed court?
Well, yeah.
The families of the people who died
at Dundair should know the truth.
The truth will come out eventually.
Just not while we're alive.
He might be able to
read about it though,
when he's an old man.
You know, the most important thing
is that we made our choices
for the right reasons.
Isn't that what Grainger will be
telling himself?
Probably, yeah.
We did everything we could.
- Look.
- Aw.
Can you see
just how long his legs are?
That's mum's fault, isn't it?
It is.
And I've got to give birth to him!
It's going to take weeks!
Shall we take you home?
Marcus Grainger and Eliza Russell
before I pass sentence,
we will hear a victim impact
statement from Firas Zaman.
Your Honour, I'm sorry that
it is only my voice
that you will hear today.
These proceedings ought to be public.
With Sabiha Chapman,
you robbed a girl of her father.
And the people you killed at Dundair
their families aren't here.
They should be.
And my friends
Jabhat Al'huriya.
They wanted the freedoms
you enjoy in Britain.
For that, you made them
into something they never were.
Zealots and murderers.
Those were your crimes.
Not theirs.
You will want to say
this man is a bad apple,
this woman went rogue.
But I put it to you
this manis your hero.
Your country's hero.
Your relationship with the regime
in Wudyan is better than ever.
Your soldiers might not be
taking part in their war
but this year you'll sell them arms
worth £800 million.
The money will help fund
your schools and your hospitals.
The hospitals on Wudyan's border
will keep on filling up
with schoolchildren.
Smile, Air Marshal.
You won.
Eliza Russell,
for the crimes of murder, terrorism,
attempting to pervert the course
of justice
and conspiracy to commit high treason,
I sentence you to life in prison,
the minimum term for which is 30 years.
Marcus Grainger, considering
your standing in the military,
and your role as the instigator and
controlling mind
of this conspiracy,
you are sentenced to life imprisonment
with a minimum term of 45 years.
Which means it's unlikely
you will be eligible for parole
within your natural lifespan.
Hey, love.
It's done.
I'm coming home.
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