Virgin River (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Rumor Has It

I don't know if it'll be all right ♪
But I know it's gonna be all right ♪
No matter where you're standing ♪
If you're gonna fall ♪
You're still on top of the world ♪
No matter where you're standing ♪
If you're gonna fall ♪
You're still on top ♪
[MEL] Hey.
[JACK] Hey.
Ricky said I'd find you out here.
Well, he's a great kid, but not
so good at keeping a secret.
Oh, I'm sorry. Do you wanna be alone?
Nah, it's okay.
Are you sure?
I can go.
- No.
- Oh.
I thought you'd be getting
ready for the picnic tomorrow.
Well, maybe later.
I haven't seen you
around in a couple days.
Aw, just
trying to sort some stuff out.
Having twins is a big deal.
What am I gonna do?
What if I screw everything up?
You know, I promised Charmaine
that I would support her no matter what.
And I will, but I'm starting to realize
I have no idea what
that actually looks like.
Does she?
I'm pretty sure she wants
us to live together.
And if I agree to that,
then she's gonna think that we
might have a future together.
And knowing how I feel,
it just doesn't seem fair to give
her a false sense of hope.
But now that we got
twins, I mean,
it's gonna take twice the manpower
to take care of them.
I know I can't do it on my own, so
Ugh. Man, if I If I want a shot
at actually showing up
for my kids, then
I don't see how we can't live together.
You know you live in a community
that comes together
when people need help.
So you're not gonna be alone.
You just need to learn
how to ask for help.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
So I'd ask if the fish are biting,
but I'm assuming that the pole
needs to be in the water.
No, technically speaking, that's a rod.
- Oh, the rod.
- Mm-hmm.
I didn't say a stick thingy.
Shouldn't it be in the water?
Yeah, at some point.
That's generally how it works.
It's supposed to be relaxing, right?
Well, yeah, there's nothing better.
What, you want to have a go?
- Yeah.
- All right.
I can show you.
Okay, so you take the rod.
The rod, yes.
First thing you do, you want
to take this thing off here.
All right? And that's gonna
let the line run free.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
So give me your left hand.
- Right here.
- Yeah.
You're gonna take your finger,
and you wanna hold the
line against the rod here.
- Right there. Got it?
- Yeah.
- Okay?
- And then I just put my hand there.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Then bring it back Watch the tree.
Okay, and now you're gonna whip
it forward towards the water.
- Right. Okay.
- That's where the fish are.
- Right. [LAUGHS]
- Okay?
And as soon as it's to the left of you,
you're gonna let go with your finger.
- Okay.
- Okay?
You're good to go.
- [MEL] Whoa!
- Oh!
Now you're fishing.
- [LAUGHING] I'm fishing!
- That was easy.
- Yeah.
- Huh?
You know what this means, though, right?
Well, if I can learn
how to fish, then
Oh come on.
I think raising a couple of twins
is a little more challenging
than casting a reel.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm sorry, are you minimizing my
first fishing-related experience?
I wouldn't dream of it.
Better not.
You're feisty.
You wanna go again?
Yeah. Okay.
- [JACK] Take this guy off.
- Take this off.
- [JACK] Oh, hold the line.
- Oh, hold the line.
[JACK] Yeah, that's it.
- [JACK] Hey.
How did it go?
Well, tonight's special
at the bar is trout,
I'd say it was a success.
I got you chicken noodle
soup and crackers.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I tried calling you.
Yeah, well, reception's
pretty spotty at the river.
You know that.
How you feeling?
- Better.
- Good.
Did you go alone?
Yeah, I did, and then,
uh, Mel stopped by.
How thoughtful of her.
All right, I
I don't want to play any games, so
if there's something you
want to say, just
come out and say it.
Are you and Mel dating?
Are you sleeping with her?
I think it's better for everyone
that we don't discuss Mel.
Did it happen while
we were still together?
I'll pretend you didn't ask me that.
Okay, so you started having sex
with her after we broke up.
We did.
Charmaine, I don't want to hurt you,
which is exactly why I don't want
to discuss my personal life.
You're right.
And thank you for being honest with me.
- I would never lie to you.
- I know.
Well, I gotta help Preacher
set up the grill for tomorrow.
Since I can't go to the picnic,
do you think maybe afterwards
you can come over here
and spend the night?
Just one night.
Look, I thought about it, okay?
- And?
- And it's a bad idea.
Nothing's gonna happen, Jack.
I think it's important that we
maintain certain boundaries
so there's no confusion
about where we stand.
I understand.
I'm glad we cleared that up.
[DOC] Whenever I watch
musicians warming up,
I get all knotted up inside. [CHUCKLES]
It's like I'm 13 again and
preparing for a recital.
- [LAUGHS] What instrument did you play?
- Violin.
[DOC] I wasn't very good.
My mother was the musical
one in the family.
Flute, but she could play
a little bit of everything.
She introduced me to all the
masters: Bach, Mozart, Chopin.
Music, it got us through
some pretty tough times.
- [MURIEL] Mmm.
- Do you want a program?
- [DOC] trailblazer.
You didn't happen to
grab a program, did you?
Oh, I forgot my glasses.
Oh, that's okay. I'll help.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
Here we go. We'll do it together.
Uh, "The Four Seasons.
Violin Concerto in E major "
[JO ELLEN] Look at that.
I said look at that.
What? What am I looking at?
Doc is here with Muriel.
You know what that means.
Yeah. That Hope got out
of this boring concert.
Are you guys closed?
Um Hi. I was just about
to head over to the picnic.
- You're Lizzie, right?
- Yeah.
Hi, um, do you need something
now, or can it wait till tomorrow?
I'd rather do it now.
Okay. No problem.
Anything I tell you is private, right?
I'm 19, in case you're wondering.
Yes, anything that we talk about
is completely confidential.
Good, because if my aunt
knew why I was here,
her head would burst into flames.
[CHUCKLES] Well, hopefully,
that's an exaggeration.
It's not.
Yeah. Fair enough. Come on in.
I could be your rain ♪
I could be your nighttime ♪
I could be your day ♪
I will always chase you ♪
But you will be the one ♪
That never got away ♪
I could be your river ♪
I could be your sea ♪
I could be your mountain ♪
You could climb on me ♪
If I ever get lost ♪
And you never came for me ♪
Be my stars above ♪
We could be in love ♪
We could be in love ♪
We could be in love ♪
Welcome to the 33rd annual
Virgin River Community picnic.
To all the first-timers in the crowd,
thank you for joining us.
In keeping with tradition,
this event raises money for a
Virgin River family in need.
The town has overwhelmingly decided
that our friends, the Hamiltons,
will be the beneficiaries this year.
They were hit hard by the storm
last month and could use our help.
Don't forget to find your
partner for the egg relay.
It's for all the marbles.
Now let the fun begin!
So, I heard Nancy and
Charles are paired up.
Now we have got to practice.
We have it in the bag,
just like every year.
Charles just had a
double hip replacement.
Yeah. Now he's got the
hips of a 40-year-old.
Nancy is a retired gymnast. Now come on.
I find it adorable you get so
competitive about something so silly.
Look, we won this seven years in a row.
It's a legacy. It's my legacy.
Fine. Give me a minute
to make my rounds.
Okay. I'll meet you down
by the river. Don't dawdle.
[JO ELLEN] Hope?
You and Doc seem very, um friendly.
- Why wouldn't we be?
- Well, I thought with the divorce
Doesn't mean we're not friends.
Oh, I am so relieved
to hear you say that.
Well, when I saw Muriel all over
Doc at the Vivaldi concert,
I just felt terrible for you.
Those two were canoodling
just like teenagers
all the way through the first concerto.
You know.
No, Jo Ellen, I don't.
- Oh, Hope. You're not jealous, are you?
- 'Course not.
It's just that canoodling
doesn't sound like Vernon.
Well, if you don't believe me, ask Nick.
He was right beside me.
Excuse me.
Did Paige leave you an extra
key for the bakery truck?
- Just the one. Why?
Lizzie lost the key. I swear, that girl.
We're up and running, but
I won't be able to close up.
You know, I think Paige might
have a spare key at her house.
I'll go take a look for it when
things slow down a bit here.
You're a sweetheart.
[JACK] Hey.
Thought maybe you'd changed your mind.
Uh no.
No, I just had some business
at the clinic I had to attend to.
Hey, Preach.
- Hey. Glad you could make it.
- Thanks.
Is it just me, or are
people staring at me?
Well, can you blame them? Look
at that dress. You're a knockout.
It's not the dress.
Oh, it's the dress.
Trust me. Right, Preach?
Is it the dress?
- Yeah.
- It's the dress.
- You look nice.
Thank you.
No, I don't think that, you know,
Ricky's grandmother is ogling my dress.
[JACK] Come on. Think you're
being a little paranoid.
People around here are just a little
friendlier than you're used to.
- Oh, people are friendly in LA.
- Oh, really?
- That's a point you want to debate?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, go.
- I'm gonna go check in with Hope.
- Yeah.
You know you could just
go over and talk to her.
I've I've tried.
Every time I do, I just get tongue-tied.
Some girls think that's cute.
I don't want her to think I'm cute.
Oh, no, trust me,
it's not a bad place to start.
Come on. Just be yourself.
I'll try.
- Go on.
- Right after I finish this burger.
And so Oh. Thank you.
- Hey, Hope. Can I do anything for you?
- Hi.
[GASPS] Perfect timing.
It's impossible to find
good help these days.
So, I need you to take the donations,
log the amount, their name and email,
then put the money in
one of these envelopes,
seal it, and place it in the lockbox.
Okay. Are you accepting
checks or just cash?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I would like to donate
to the Hamilton fund.
- Do you take credit card?
- You know what? Cash or check only.
- Sorry.
- Right.
Oh, my gosh. I love your necklace.
Oh, thank you.
There's a little hole-in-the-wall
vintage store in San Francisco
that specializes in Chanel.
Oh, that sounds like heaven.
Name's Jamie, by the way.
Jamie. Mel.
It's nice to meet you.
Thanks for the donation.
Did you just move here or
No, I own a restaurant in San Francisco,
and once a year, I spend a month
somewhere remote to clear my head.
Um, you know what?
You should go by Jack's Bar.
Their chef, Preacher,
is insanely talented.
Hmm. A bar?
Oh, I know. I thought
the same thing too.
But I swear, he's an
undiscovered genius.
- I will try it.
- Okay.
Is my hair, like,
sticking up, or is my
Nope. Hair's perfect.
- I don't get it.
- [JAMIE] Beats being invisible.
- Sorry, I should let you go
- Okay.
- but I hope to see you around.
- Yeah.
Nice to meet you. Bye.
Excuse me, I'll just be a second.
Ah. Mel, dear.
- Hi, Jo Ellen.
- How are you?
I'm doing great. How are you?
I am so proud of you for being here.
[LAUGHING] You know I'm not
the only person who volunteered.
You know, I just want you to know,
I'm on your side.
Thank you.
If I see Hope, I'll tell her.
- Yes. Keep the change.
- Thanks.
- Uh-oh.
I gotta track down a
bouncy castle? [GROANS]
Man the truck.
- Uh, you can't leave me here alone.
- You're not alone.
There's a line of customers
to keep you company.
You know what I mean.
Oh, it'll be fine. The ovens are loaded.
All you need to do is
listen for the timer.
Aren't you breaking like
a million labor laws?
You're not even paying me for this.
This is a charity event, which
means we're all donating our time.
So quit whining, and don't
burn the croissants.
Hey! Did you get Steve's
text about the
- I'm on it.
- Good.
Oh, and have you seen Preacher?
Jack's working the grill alone.
He had to run over to Paige's.
I swear it's like herding cats.
Why can't people just do
the jobs they're assigned?
Oh, by the way. Doc's looking for you.
And I'm looking for
somebody to help Jack.
Hey, there you go. Enjoy.
- Oh, hey, Lilly.
- Hi.
- How you doing?
- I am great, thank you.
Can I get you a burger or a hot dog?
You know what? I think
I'm gonna have a burger.
All right, coming right up.
Where's Chloe?
Uh, she's in her stroller having a nap.
- Lydie's looking after her.
- Yeah.
A nap sounds pretty
good right about now.
Oh, I'm too excited to sleep.
Why's that?
I got an offer on my farm.
I didn't know you were selling.
I wasn't, but I got this really
generous offer in cash.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You're the first person to know.
We're not losing you, are we?
No, no, I'll just get a smaller
place closer to town.
So who's moving in?
Emerald Lumber.
The buyer's a lumber company.
Yeah, yeah, apparently,
they want to diversify their business.
You don't really have any
trees on your property.
It's true, but Brady assured me
that they were gonna restore
it to its former glory.
- Brady?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he's representing the buyer.
You know, I was really nervous at first,
but since you and Brady
are such good friends,
I figured it was like
doing business with you.
So wish me luck.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Ricky.
- Hey, Mel.
Uh, this is from my grandmother and me.
She wrote a note to the Hamiltons.
She was wondering if you could
include it in the donations.
I certainly will.
- Great, thanks.
- Thanks.
Wait, Ricky. Can I ask you a question?
Um, so, people keep coming up
to me saying they're on my side.
Do you know what that means?
Yeah, they mean they're on your side.
Yeah, but my side in what? I
Uh, ah
I don't think I should
be the person to tell
Ricky, please. It's driving me crazy.
My grandma heard from her
hairdresser in Clear River that
that you, um
you had sex with Jack to steal
him away from Charmaine.
Just so you know, okay, me and my
grandma, we are totally Team Mel.
- All the way, one hundred percent.
- You're Team Mel?
- Yeah.
- Is there a Team Charmaine?
- Well, uh
- My God.
Ricky, are you telling me the
entire town is talking about this?
- Probably not the entire town.
- Oh, my God.
Uh, oh, I'm getting a call.
I should probably take that, so
It's not my dress.
- What?
- There are teams, Jack.
- For the egg relay.
- Oh, no, for us.
There is a Team Charmaine
and a Team Mel.
Yeah. Apparently, everybody
thinks that we slept together.
We did sleep together.
No, but you and I are the only
ones that know that, right?
- Jack?
- Uh
Oh, Jack.
Look, Charmaine asked me
yesterday point-blank.
What was I gonna do, lie to her?
- Yesterday?
- Yeah, when I got back from fishing.
Wow, she must've been up
all night working the phone.
She seemed okay with it.
- It's why I didn't tell you.
- Yeah, she's obviously not okay with it.
- [LAUGHS] Obviously.
- It's not funny.
No, it's not funny.
- It's ridiculous. The whole thing.
- I noticed there's no Team Jack.
I wouldn't care if there was.
I'd be kind of flattered.
- Would you?
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
What can I do?
[SIGHS] Try muzzling your girlfriend.
Come on, Paige, where are those keys?
[SIGHS] Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I wanted to thank you
again for the concert.
It was a lovely evening.
- Well, it was, wasn't it?
- Mm-hmm.
And and by the way,
have you seen Hope?
Yeah. Last time I saw her,
she was screaming at a group
of children by a food truck.
[GROANS] She knows we're supposed
to practice the egg relay,
but, oh, she can't be bothered.
Well, you are the team to beat.
Well, might not be this year.
You know, actually,
I could use some tips.
Are you entering?
Yeah, if I can find a partner.
Well, looks like I might have the time.
Um, okay. First, we should
talk about the transfer.
That's the most important part.
Okay, and what's that?
When I run to one end,
then I have to pass the egg
from my spoon to yours.
- Okay, could we try it? All right.
- Yeah. Okay.
- So run, run, run, run
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I got it.
- I got it.
Thank you.
Where have you been?
- Working!
- I've been waiting for you.
Vernon, this event isn't going
to run itself. Hi, Muriel.
He was just showing me how
to properly transfer an egg.
- How enlightening.
- Look.
Now that you're here,
we need to practice.
- Muriel, will you excuse us a moment?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
You should do the egg relay with Muriel.
- What?
- It's perfect. The entire town is here.
All eyes will be on the relay.
If you and Muriel are partners,
people will think you two are a thing,
and no one will suspect
we're back together.
No. No, absolutely not.
Come on. Just this one time.
Yeah, but her transfer
is slow as molasses.
So what? It's just a game.
Not to me, it isn't.
Damn it.
[RICKY] You need some help?
God. Yes. Do you know what to do?
Yeah, I do work at a bar. Remember?
Oh. Yeah.
Hey, I'm taking a break. Cover for me.
- Uh, yeah. Sure.
- Thanks.
Do you want to be my partner?
- What?
- In the egg relay.
I don't know what that is.
It's a relay race where you
have an egg and a spoon and
I've just always wanted to do it,
and I've never had a partner, so
All right.
Okay. Great. I'll, uh,
meet you by the stage.
I want a stuffed pony.
I'll, uh, take the stuffed pony.
There you are.
I'm Lizzie.
Okay, everyone. The egg
relay is about to start.
You have five minutes
to find your partner
and get yourself to the starting line.
Where's Lizzie?
Uh, she took a break.
Oh, child's allergic to work.
Um, thanks for helping out.
Do you mind if I go?
The relay's about to start.
No, great. Go ahead.
[PREACHER] Hey, Connie.
This This is the only key,
so so please don't lose it.
You seem a little upset.
No, I'm, uh, I'm good. Thanks.
You can trust me, you know,
with whatever's got you so upset.
I hear what people say about me.
That I'm a gossip.
Nosy Parker.
But when it comes to serious matters,
I can keep a confidence,
so if ever you want to talk about
what happened with Paige and Wes
you know where to find me.
Birth control.
[JACK] Hey.
I've been looking for you.
Look, I understand why
you're upset, and I'm sorry.
It's fine.
You know, she asked you a question,
and you told her the truth.
You have nothing to
apologize for, really.
Well, I know right now it seems
bad, but trust me, by tomorrow,
they'll all be gossiping
about somebody else.
Jack, everyone at this picnic could
be a patient of mine someday,
and if they all think that I
stole Charmaine's boyfriend,
who's gonna trust me?
Without trust, how am I
supposed to do my job?
But that's not what happened.
It doesn't matter if they believe it.
Well, I'll talk to her, okay?
No, no. No. This is between
me and Charmaine.
And she's not my girlfriend.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Will you do something for me?
Be my partner?
- What?
- Be my partner. Come here.
If the teams could please get ready.
I'm all yours.
- Let's win this thing, huh?
- Yes.
You really want to do this?
Might as well give them
something new to talk about.
- Well, that's the spirit.
[HOPE] On your mark, get set, go!
- [BRADY] What is that?
- [LIZZIE] Must be that stupid egg race.
I need a beer.
How old are you?
- Twenty-three.
Mm-hmm. You got any ID?
Do you?
I've been drinking since I was 13,
so I don't care.
But people around here probably do.
Then I'll get my own beer.
- [MEL] Ah! Oh!
- [JACK] Go, go, go, go, go, go!
- No!
- Go, go, go!
[MEL] You dropped your egg!
We won? We won!
We won!
And the winners are Jack
Sheridan and Mel Monroe!
Thank you! Thank you very much!
It wasn't it wasn't you.
We did it!
[HOPE] And you get all the marbles!
Thank you.
[MURIEL] Whoo-hoo.
- Hi.
- Everything okay?
Uh-huh. I'm just looking for Vernon.
Well, he left about 20 minutes ago.
He said he was heading home.
Oh. Okay.
Thank you for letting me know.
- Is he your ride home?
- He was.
Well, I'm sure he'll be back to get you.
He's upset with me.
I MC'ed the egg relay,
so I had Muriel partner with
him, and they lost the race.
Well, did he say he wanted
to partner with you?
Yes, but honestly, I didn't think
it was that important to him.
Hope, when people say something,
it usually means they want to be heard.
It wasn't intentional.
Well, I bet he knows that.
I hope so.
You want a ride?
I don't want to bother you.
Hope, I wouldn't ask if
I didn't want to do it.
- It's very nice of you. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Look, I got a few more boxes to get,
but I can meet you back here in ten?
I'll swing by the bakery truck and
grab us some sodas for the road.
Nice car.
What do you want?
Lilly just told me about the
offer she got on her farm.
Why do you care?
Is Calvin behind Emerald Lumber?
It's a legitimate offer.
She thinks you're gonna
to turn the farm around.
Really? Huh.
Wonder where she got that idea from.
She said you told her.
Well, she's mistaken.
Look, I don't appreciate people
I care about being lied to.
So you might want to
rethink your sales pitch.
Charmaine, you can think
whatever you want about me,
but I have done absolutely
nothing to you.
In fact, I've gone out of
my way to be nice to you.
Yeah, sleeping with Jack
was real sweet of you.
That doesn't give you the right
to spread rumors about me.
It's not a rumor if it's true.
Accusing me of having sex with
Jack to take him from you
is a straight-up lie.
It's my opinion.
I'm gonna make this
really simple for you.
From now on, keep my
name out of your mouth.
But you're not gonna win this.
Jack likes to take care of those
who need him the most,
and you know who that's gonna
be? Our babies. That's who.
And what with twins, you could imagine
how much time and energy
that's gonna take.
Charmaine, this isn't a competition.
I fully support Jack becoming a father.
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.
You know, no matter what happens,
I'm gonna be by Jack's side because
I only want what's best for him.
Can you honestly say the same?
You're fired.
I don't want you anywhere near me.
It's not a problem, okay.
I only agreed to treat you
because Jack asked me to.
- Hey.
- It's official.
- You lost your marbles.
Oh, I was wondering
where my sanity had gone.
Yeah, well, see,
it's just one more example
of why you can't live
without Jack Sheridan.
I went to see Charmaine.
- How'd that go?
- Mmm. Not great.
Yeah, but at least I said my piece.
And you feel better?
No, not really.
Well, my mom says you can't
control what other people do,
only how you react to it.
Well, your mom sounds
like a very wise woman.
Ooh, she's a firecracker.
She'd love you.
Maybe you'll get to meet her someday.
Yeah, maybe.
- Hi.
- Sorry I didn't call.
It's okay. Come, uh, come in.
Uh, Jack, this is, um,
Mark's sister. Stacey.
[JACK] Oh.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah. And you are ?
Oh, um, I left something, and Jack
was nice enough to bring it over.
I should probably get going.
- Oh, don't let me chase you off.
- No, I gotta close up.
Good to meet you.
Thank you.
That's the hottest
lumberjack I've ever seen.
Uh, no, Jack owns the bar,
and we're just friends. It's
No judgment here.
Gosh, Stacey. How did you find me?
I went by your old house.
They had your forwarding address.
Oh, right.
It's been a long time.
Since the funeral.
I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch.
I don't blame you.
Mom didn't make it easy.
- She's hurting.
- No.
She's a narcissist.
[LAUGHS] Yeah. Yeah, she is.
Weightlessness, no gravity ♪
Were we somewhere in-between? ♪
I'm a ghost of you,
you're a ghost of me ♪
A bird's-eye view of San Luis ♪
[DOC ON VOICEMAIL] If this is an
emergency, dial 911 immediately.
If not, you know what to do.
Come in.
Oh, hi.
[JACK] Hey.
If you need anything,
I'll be on the couch.
Are you gonna be spending
the whole night?
I will
with one condition.
What's that?
No more gossiping about Mel.
I mean, just leave her alone.
I can't believe she sent you.
She didn't.
She didn't.
She'd probably be upset if she knew
I was even talking about this.
Jack, I have to be able to
share things with my friends.
- I know.
- Do you?
Because it seems like the only
thing that you care about is Mel,
and I'm the one who's stuck
here, pregnant, sick in bed.
All I'm asking is that you keep
the personal stuff between us.
'Cause getting the whole town
involved doesn't help anyone.
I can't control how
information is spread
or how people are gonna feel about it.
All right, I'm asking you
to put a stop to it.
Thank you.
Well, I'm gonna go to bed.
It's been a long day.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Beside the hook, the hammer lies ♪
And fumbling round in the smoke ♪
Spending time chasing ghosts ♪
Hold me down, hold me down, child ♪
Hey, I I was gonna sleep
on the couch tonight.
Is that okay?
I'll get you some blankets and a pillow.
So, you want to hear something crazy?
I got engaged.
Well, how did it happen?
His name is Paul. You don't know him.
We work together. Well
technically, he's my boss.
Uh, wow.
I'm glad everything worked out for you.
This is the ring that he bought me.
Oh, wow.
Wow, that's That's really beautiful.
Um, why aren't you wearing it?
It doesn't feel right.
You know the ring that Mark
gave you for your engagement
was our grandmother's.
Mimi practically raised us.
I know you you guys
loved her very much.
When Mark was planning
to propose to you,
he asked me if he could
give you her ring.
I never could say no to him.
I'm sorry. I'm not [CHUCKLES]
I'm just not sure, um, what
what you're getting at.
Well, now that Mark's gone,
I'd like the ring back.
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