Virgin River (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Can't Let Go

- Hey, are you okay?
I'm just I'm just freaked out.
I run in a climate-controlled gym.
I think just being with
all this fresh air is
making me feel light-headed.
Okay, well, try to take deep breaths.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And we'll just walk the rest of the way.
- Okay?
I just don't know how you can stand
living in the middle of nowhere.
[SCOFFS] It's called nature.
[CHUCKLES] You sound like my brother.
Mark was always trying to get
me to go "hiking" with him,
and I'm like, "No, thanks!"
Yeah, I'm surprised you
wanted to come out here.
I needed to talk to you about the ring.
And Mom said you weren't coming
back for Mark's memorial.
Oh, just a small dinner at the
house of friends and family.
- I thought you knew about it.
- No.
No, wasn't invited, but
wouldn't be the first time.
Well, in Mom's defense, maybe she
thought that you wouldn't come.
Mark told us that you
guys were fighting,
like, a lot before he died, and that
he was unhappy.
He said that?
Not word for word, but we all
knew things weren't going well.
Well, yeah, we lost a child, and
then we couldn't get pregnant again.
So we were struggling,
but we still loved each other.
Don't take it personally.
Mom never liked any of the women
that Mark brought home.
Excuse me!
He didn't just bring me
home. We got married.
Okay. So, if Mark was alive,
do you think you guys
would still be together?
[MEL] Wow.
[JACK] Lonergan!
Just hang in there! Okay?
Everything's gonna be okay.
Come on, hang on.
Please don't leave me!
Ain't gonna happen. Hear me?
I don't leave men behind.
Jack, wake up. Please wake up.
Jack, wake up.
- Uh, something's wrong.
- What is it?
My heart, it it's racing.
Okay. [GROANS]
I'll call Doc.
Hang on. It's okay. It's okay.
Oh, I'm so scared.
- It's okay, hon.
- Whoo.
Connie! Hello!
Keep your knickers on, woman!
- [MURIEL] Well, good morning.
Can I get a glazed doughnut
and a coffee, please?
It will please me in about five minutes.
the lookout for a missing person,
Florida Police Detective, Wesley Logan.
If located, notify Missing Persons.
Hope! Good morning!
Connie, coffee!
I wanna thank you.
Well, for allowing Doc and I to
spend so much time together.
Connie! I know you're in there.
It really is quite incredible.
I mean, we have so much in common.
In fact, tonight we're going to
a dance class in Clear River.
- You're going dancing?
- Yes.
Actually, I'm on my way
to pick up a new dress.
[MURIEL] Oh, there she is!
Thank you. Thank you.
Here you are.
And thank you for everything.
Sounds like Muriel and Doc
are officially an item.
Sure looks that way.
- What are you up to?
- Just trying to order coffee.
You know you lie about as
well as you play canasta.
Coffee coming up.
[JACK] Hey.
How is she?
Well, she's having heart palpitations.
But as soon as I get her blood
work back from Grace Valley,
we'll know more.
You know, she doesn't
want Mel treating her.
Yeah, she mentioned that,
but I want her as relaxed as possible.
So for now, I'll just have Mel
weigh in from a distance.
Okay, good.
You look like you could use some rest.
- Meaning?
If I'm gonna be blunt,
you look like hell.
- Thank you.
I slept on the couch.
Got a lot of stress lately too, huh?
No, I'm fine.
Just trying to focus on Charmaine.
I'll call you.
Oh, an apology?
A bear claw.
I accept your bear claw.
You know, I think the
two of us should go
and do something you want to do.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
We could go to a River Cats game?
That's a four-hour trip.
Maybe something musical?
Oh, I'm I'm attending
a dance class tonight.
That could be fun.
Well, no, it's Muriel's idea, and
she invited me to join the class.
Oh, that's right.
I ran into Muriel. She's very excited.
Apparently, you two
have a lot in common.
So that's what this was all about, huh?
Not at all!
I feel bad about the egg relay
and wanted to do something nice.
- But if you prefer not to
- Don't try and turn this around on me.
No, you want to come to the class, come.
- What about your date with Muriel?
- It's not a date.
It's a group class.
[SIGHS] Look, I got
to get to the clinic.
- Hey.
- Here we go.
- Thanks.
All right. I'm gonna head home,
have a shower, and be right back.
But aren't your friends coming in today?
Yeah, Preacher can entertain them.
When was the last time you saw them?
Three years back.
You're going.
Well, what if you need something?
Well, then I'll
I'll call Hope or Doc.
I want you to be happy,
Jack. I really do.
Are you sure you'll be okay by yourself?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
Go. Have fun.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. I'm new here.
I gotta check with Preacher.
Hey, uh, table three
wants to pay by check.
Yeah, they're regulars.
I'll take care of it.
I heard something on the police
scanner you need to know about.
I can't talk right now.
Tonight, my place, after closing?
- Hey, Connie, this is my sister-in-law
- You, my friend,
are in some very hot water.
Um I'm sorry. I don't know
what you're talking about.
I'm talking about you writing
a birth control prescription
for my teenage niece,
without my consent.
Maybe we should step outside.
You bet your bottom
dollar we'll step outside.
- I'll be right back.
Give me one good reason
I shouldn't report you to the AMA.
Well, I am a nurse, not a doctor.
Don't take that tone with me.
Okay, Connie
[SIGHS] Lizzie is 19,
which means she's an adult
with the right to privacy.
So I cannot discuss her case
with you without her permission.
Well, maybe that's how you
do things in Los Angeles
Not Los Angeles.
It's called HIPAA,
and it's a federal law.
I don't care what you call it.
Lizzie's still a child, and I ripped
that prescription to shreds.
You know an unplanned pregnancy
would be far worse for her.
My niece didn't come to Virgin River
to be corrupted by some big-city nurse
who's handing out birth
control pills like Tic Tacs.
Okay. Well, I think
Lizzie's being responsible.
I'll be talking to Doc about this.
I believe it's time for you
to shill your loose moral
code somewhere else.
Okay. Well, you go ahead and do
what you feel you need to do,
and I will do what I am charged to do
as Lizzie's healthcare provider.
You stay away from my niece, missy.
I mean it.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, did you see my sister-in-law Stacie?
[JACK] No, sorry, I just walked in.
You want a refill?
I would love one. Thanks.
Well, that was sweet of
her to pay you a visit.
Oh, yeah, super nice.
She asked for my engagement ring.
Uh, yeah, well, it was
it was Mark's grandmother Mimi's.
Still, it's a pretty bold ask.
Yeah, I thought so, right?
What are you gonna do?
Well, I don't know.
I don't know, you know, I don't
want to fight with her about it,
but I
I can't imagine just giving it to her.
Well, I would definitely
give that some thought.
[PREACHER] Hey, Mel.
[MEL] Hey!
Jack, the guys are almost here.
- Oh.
- [MEL] The guys?
Yeah, some buddies from the
corps. Sort of a reunion thing.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just tweaked my back.
I slept on Hope's couch last night.
Oh, right, that was,
uh, really nice of you.
Well, Charmaine promised to
stop gossiping if I stayed.
I don't like that she's using
me to manipulate you.
It's only manipulation
if I'm not aware, right?
I still don't like it.
Can we go?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, gotta go.
Remember, manipulation comes
in all shapes and sizes.
Oh. That's a nice slogan.
We should get matching hats.
- [LIZZIE] Hey.
- Hey.
So what happened to you?
- Egg relay?
- Oh
Right. I totally spaced.
Look, I came over to
invite you to a party.
I met some girls from Dinsmore.
They said it's gonna be a rager.
Uh, yeah, I'd Yeah, sure. I'll go.
- Give me your phone.
- Okay.
Pick me up at nine?
But meet me down the street.
My aunt has me on lockdown.
And you can handle the booze, right?
I don't know anywhere
that would sell to me.
Hey, dumbass.
You work at a bar. Tequila!
Sheridan! Middleton!
Fall in!
[JACK] Oh! It's about
It's about damn time!
Hey, hey!
Okay, all right!
Hey, we would've been here sooner,
but the newlywed had trouble
saying goodbye to the missus.
- You got married?
- Yeah, it was a Vegas thing,
barely managed to fly the folks in.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks, Top.
Congratulations, man. Happy for you.
Yeah, so this guy's heading
down the aisle again!
[MEN] Ooh.
Man, we're dropping like flies.
Only two of us still roaming free.
Yeah, something like that.
[MAN] So where's Brady?
He's working here, right?
Ah, not anymore.
So what do we got lined up?
Oh, hammer down some single
track, a pickup full of beer?
- Two of my favorite things. Let's do it.
Let's go. Let's roll!
Fellas, I'm gonna hang back,
make sure the new hires are all set.
- Preach, c'mon, man.
- [PREACH] Yeah, whatever.
- Talk to your boss, man!
- I knew it!
Hey, Preach. Preach.
Listen, I'll tell them about Charmaine.
Just not yet.
Yeah, copy that.
Hey, I need to talk to
you about Charmaine.
I know! She fired me,
and I am fine with that.
Look around. You see any
other nurse practitioners?
Neither do I.
So listen up, she has
a slight arrhythmia.
Oh, do you know the cause?
No, her blood sugar is a bit low.
So I'm going over to Grace
Valley to drop off a sample.
We need them to do a full panel
so we can figure out
what the heck's going on.
Are you thinking fasting hypoglycemia?
Well, you know, carrying
twins along with her HG,
- it could be gestational diabetes.
- Yeah.
But, uh, when the results come in,
I need you to get her started on
whatever treatment is warranted.
Oh, why can't you go?
Because I've got a
couple of house calls.
I can do the house calls.
No One of 'em is Charlie.
Right, male doctors only.
Yeah, afraid so.
Damn it, Charlie.
As I went down a sad man's road ♪
I never had no place to go ♪
I joined the devil on my right ♪
All right. Let's just drop in here,
and we'll take a washboard
back to the river.
Uh, isn't that where Preacher
blew out his knee?
Yeah, but he just choked
right before the log drop.
Keep your momentum up.
You'll be all right.
Hey, I'm okay with the bunny hills, man.
Yeah, copy that.
All right, that leaves you and me.
Ah. No can do. My boss will kill
me if I come back in a cast.
No, seriously, just follow me.
[CHUCKLING] Isn't that
what you said in Iraq?
That sounded a lot
funnier in my head, man.
[MAN] What the hell, Zeke.
[MIKE] Don't be a dick.
Yeah, I'm sorry, man.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
All right, we'll take the lower ridge.
Thanks, Mel.
[MEL] You're welcome.
Well, your wrist has healed up nicely,
but I still don't like your
cholesterol numbers.
Well, I don't care for them much myself.
Okay. Well, take your
medication, okay, Bert?
I'll see you in two weeks.
[HOPE] Vernon!
Now the old Hope would
ask what you're hiding.
But the new Hope
Still dying to know?
Curiosity is not a crime.
It's a sign of intelligence.
I'm, uh, I'm looking at
pictures of my husband Mark.
You're married.
That explains the ring.
No. No, he, uh, died almost a year ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I know how hard that must be.
Thank you.
Is that why you're here?
Yeah, every time I turn around,
I see something reminding me of him.
My second husband, Evan,
passed away a few months
after we got married.
I was devastated.
For almost a year, I kept expecting
him to walk through the door.
Yeah, I had I had the same thing.
I thought moving someplace
new would help.
Did it?
Not as much as I hoped.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
So, couldn't find anything you liked?
Oh, quite the opposite.
The food is outstanding.
Who is your chef?
Oh, folks around here call him Preacher.
Huh. Well, I own a restaurant
in San Francisco,
and I might just have to steal him away.
Is there any chance I could
get an introduction?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
- Nice to meet you.
I see you like to keep a
low profile. I'm Jamie.
- Where did you learn to cook like that?
- Marines.
I don't believe that for a second.
Well, a Marine never lies, ma'am.
Ooh, I hope that's not
in reference to my age!
Absolutely not.
Okay, good. [CHUCKLES]
So, you just passing through?
Actually, I'm staying at one
of the riverside cabins.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's really nice there.
Hey, would you like a glass of
Barolo to go with your filet?
Do you guys carry Barolo?
It's my private stash.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Just give me a minute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I think I messed up an order.
Yeah, I'll help you out.
I'll be there in a sec.
- Okay?
- All right, thanks.
Blue 42, hut!
- Go.
- Here!
- He's going deep!
You got it!
- Oh!
Oh, come on.
You had him! You were
supposed to have him!
[MIKE] Whoo.
Oh, man.
I'd say we earned these.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You all right?
Yeah, good.
You know what Zeke said
earlier, he wasn't thinking.
Oh, no, don't sweat it, man. I'm not.
Don't worry about it.
Who's that?
She's the nurse.
That's Mel?
Oh, you you like her.
- Nah. We're just friends, man.
- Woo! Oh, okay.
Okay, if I were you,
I would lock that down.
Yeah, it's a little
It's a little more
complicated than that.
What do you mean?
Her husband died a year ago.
And, um
Charmaine's pregnant.
Yeah, it's twins.
I didn't know you were still seeing her.
Well, we're not.
We broke up about a month ago.
What can I do? I mean
And I care about her, but
she's not the one.
if you need anything, you know
you know I'm here, right?
- Thank you.
- [MAN] Hey, guys!
Come look at this. You gotta see this.
There's a dog here. Come here.
[JACK] Oh, hey, uh
for now, let's just keep
this between us, yeah?
Yeah. Understood, man.
What's up?
Who's this?
We just found him down by the lake.
Hey, buddy. He's adorable.
Figured he might be able
to keep you company.
Look, if he's too much
for you, we can
I can find someone else to take him.
Oh, no! He's not going anywhere.
- You look like you're feeling better.
- Well, I am now!
I mean, gosh, it's like I've
won the family lottery.
I mean, first twins,
and now the cutest little
puppy I've ever seen.
What should we name him? Hmm?
My boss wants you to stay off the 101.
I know it's longer, but take SR 299.
There's a detective sniffing
around town asking questions.
It's probably Mike Valenzuela.
You know him?
Yeah, we served together.
Me, Jack, Preacher.
He's in town for a reunion.
Jack told me just before I quit.
You got nothing to worry about.
I'll keep an eye on him.
Listen, I know there's more here
going on than just logging.
I ain't risking going back to jail
unless I know the whole story.
You're better off not knowing, kid.
Read me in or cut me loose.
That's not what I signed up for.
I thought you signed up to
make a crap-load of money?
Yeah, I did.
One kilo of Fentanyl
costs me 5,000 bucks.
Once I cut it, I turn around and
sell it to suppliers for 300,000.
That's a whole lot of profit.
Now once the business is on its feet,
I'm considering early retirement.
I'm getting tired of hopping
around here on one leg.
But I need someone to take over.
For a healthy share of
the profits, of course.
[PREACHER] What's going on?
Wes is a cop.
And they're looking for him.
Was Paige hiding from Wes?
I've gone over Wes showing up
at Paige's house a million times.
[CHUCKLES] Christopher was
so excited about seeing him.
But when Wes went for
a hug, he flinched.
It was just for a millisecond.
I thought maybe I imagined it.
You know, Connie, you didn't
you didn't do anything wrong.
Just let it go.
I can't.
when I was growing up,
there was a family.
A father, a mother, and a little girl,
who lived in a big, beautiful house.
Everyone thought they
had the perfect life.
The father had a violent temper.
Especially when he drank.
He beat his wife.
Even put her in hospital twice.
But the little girl was too
scared to tell anyone.
What happened to her?
One day, she came home from school
and found the police waiting.
She thought the father
would finally be taken away
so he wouldn't be able to
hurt her mother anymore.
And was he arrested?
for killing his wife.
The father died in prison.
And the little girl?
She never forgave herself
for being too afraid to get help.
Connie, I am so sorry
that happened to you.
No child should have to
grow up without a mother.
And I'm damned if I'm gonna let
that happen to Christopher.
Paige told me it happened
right after they got married.
The family said that
she should leave him.
She never did.
She thought that he would change
So tell me about Jack.
Uh, he owns the bar.
Well, I know that.
I meant, are you guys together?
No. We're just friends.
Did you hook up?
Come on. He's gorgeous.
How could you not?
If you did, I won't tell anyone.
There's nothing to talk about.
You did.
I knew it!
You knew it?
Yes, today at the bar,
the way he was looking at you.
I mean, it's obvious.
No, he's just like that with everyone.
I mean, he's just a really good guy.
would you ever consider remarrying?
Jack or anyone else?
I don't know.
I'm sure you will.
And when you do, whoever
you marry will give you a ring,
why not let Mimi stay in our family?
I'm a part of Mark's family too.
I know, but I'm gonna have children.
And you, you'll have no
one to pass it on to.
- I'm not trying to be mean.
I just want you to
understand my point of view.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
- Mel, I
- No, no, it's a work thing.
Just stay and finish dinner, okay?
Where's Doc?
He asked me to give you the
results of your blood work.
I don't want to be here, and I
know you don't want me here,
but this isn't about us, okay?
Okay. So, what's wrong with me now?
[SIGHS] Thankfully, it's just
a bout of low blood sugar,
compliments of your HG.
- And what about my heart?
- Only a symptom.
It's treatable, but you're gonna
need to monitor your sugar levels
until you deliver.
Eat more small meals every
three to four hours,
and if you start feeling
off, drink some juice.
- Jack surprised me with him.
- Oh.
Yeah, we still haven't
figured out a name yet.
Was it your birthday or
No, I think Jack just felt guilty.
You know, he's not around as much,
what with his buddies in town and all.
I'm sure he does feel guilty.
Don't forget to drink your juice.
Well, good news!
You and I are gonna be paired
up for the entire class.
Oh Oh, I thought it was
a rotation kinda thing.
Well, it is. Unless you're really
good friends with the instructor.
- [DOC] Oh.
Oh, and by the way, I also convinced
him to start with the salsa
just to, you know, heat things up.
What is Hope doing here?
Oh, uh, probably trying something new?
Hope I'm not crashing the party.
- Oh, not at all.
- Well, you are.
Uh, it's such a shame because you
see, we're already all paired up.
Oh, don't you worry.
Hi, my name's Hope. You're with me.
- But I'm the instructor.
- You look like you can multitask.
- Let's do this, slim!
- Okay.
Ladies, we start by stepping
back with your right foot,
replace with the left,
forward with your right foot.
Yes. Stay connected.
- Okay.
- We got this.
with your partner.
Nice. See? Oh, you
[INSTRUCTOR] Beautiful.
Beautiful, people. Vamos.
[MURIEL] You're doing great, Doc.
- Muriel
- [MURIEL] Yes.
- extraordinary.
- Oh, thank you.
The rhythm, the style, the connectivity,
your partnership is sublime.
[MURIEL] Thank you.
- Ms. Hope
- Yeah.
you have excellent skills.
But salsa is not a solo endeavor.
- A couple must work together.
- Yes.
In unity.
Thanks for the tip.
Back from the top!
- Yeah, I missed that one.
- Yeah.
- [MIKE] Nice.
We missed you out on
the trails earlier, Preach.
It just means I'll be fresh for
the kayaks tomorrow morning.
- There you go.
- Yeah.
- Where'd you guys ride today anyway?
- Mm.
I wanted to do Executioner
Yeah, but we decided to live instead.
Come on. You guys used to be so
damn fearless, man. What happened?
Life happened, man.
You know who was fearless? Lonergan.
No, seriously.
I went home with him once.
His family farm was out
in the middle of nowhere,
and there is nothing to do.
But he's got this old
clapped-out Yoshimura
Yeah, yeah, totally sweet.
Totally sweet.
So, um, so we went out riding
and he revs it up for a jump.
And I'm like, "There is no
way he's gonna make it."
But he hits it perfectly.
Soars like 40 feet in the air.
I mean, it was awesome.
Until he landed it on
top of a chicken coop.
What happened?
We had fried chicken for dinner.
[MAN] Yeah! Yeah, you did, huh?
I remember going back there
after he died, talking to his parents
One of the hardest things
I've ever done in my life.
[JACK] Anyone else need a beer?
No, I'm good.
I'm good.
All right.
[LIZZIE] Well, that
party was a total bust.
Aren't you pissed at your parents
for making you live somewhere so boring?
Well, um, my mom passed away,
and my dad left when I was a baby, so
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
On the bright side,
at least there's no one around
to be disappointed with you.
I guess.
you have a girlfriend?
Why not?
You're cute.
I don't know.
There's a reason for everything.
At school,
it's like I'm invisible.
Everyone just looks right through
me like I don't even exist.
Like they don't even see me.
I'd shine a light up to space ♪
I see you.
Then my soul could be ♪
Strong enough to see your face ♪
[JACK] Hey.
What're you doing here?
I'm just on my way back to town.
- Thought I'd say hi.
- Hi.
You wanna sit?
So, where are your friends?
Oh, they crashed out.
- Big day?
Yeah, it was.
Did you have a good time?
Well, I
Just feels different this time around.
Is that a good thing or bad thing?
I'm not sure.
I see Stacie's car is still here.
- Is that why you're out here?
- Yeah.
Ugh. She is still asking
for my engagement ring.
And what do you want to do?
You know, before Mark died,
we had a really rough year.
But I'm starting to wonder if it
was more than just the last year.
Well, I don't know any relationship
that's happy all the time.
No, but
if Mark hadn't passed away, then
maybe things would have ended.
Yeah, or maybe you guys
would have pulled through.
Well, this morning, when I
brought up giving back the ring,
you told me to give it some thought.
Well, I meant
- think about it.
- Hmm.
And don't get pressured into
anything. It's a big decision.
[MEL] Mm-hmm.
I thought you meant that
I should give it to her.
I think it's wrong to assume that
if you felt you were
ready to part with it
that that would somehow mean
that you're over him.
And grief never comes straight at you.
It just
It's circular, right? It's
It just hits you when
you least expect it.
So if I can't bring myself
to give up the ring
Keep it.
It's yours.
He gave it to you, right?
You're a really good friend.
You know that?
What's going on?
Oh, I heard you talking to your friend,
and you're not giving me the ring back.
you know, I loved your brother
more than anything in the world,
- and even if I find love again
- If!
If you find love again.
Mark's barely dead a year,
and you're up here in the woods
sleeping with some bartender.
The ring symbolizes the love
that we had for each other,
and it's just as important to me today
as it was the day that
he put it on my finger.
I I'm sorry you don't understand.
Mark would have wanted
me to have the ring.
He would have wanted
it to stay in our family.
You and I both know that's not true.
After we got engaged,
Mark told me that you threw a fit
when Mimi gave him the ring.
He said that you kept hounding
him about giving it back,
but that Mimi told him not to
because she considered me family.
Mark would tell me to stand my
ground, so that's what I'm doing.
[JACK] Ricky!
Uh hi.
Did you take that bottle from the bar?
I, uh, I thought you'd be
Look, I'll pay for it. I
All right. Go home.
- Please just let me explain.
- No, just go home, Ricky.
And leave the car.
You're not driving.
This is the calm before the storm ♪
This is the sea between the isles ♪
And this ain't the time ♪
To chase the dawn ♪
This is the time to count the miles ♪
[MAN] Hello?
Yeah, hi, is this Mr. Lonergan?
Hi, uh, my name is Jack Sheridan.
I was
I was Christopher's first sergeant.
Look, I know this is
a long time overdue,
but I just want to say that I'm sorry.
You know, as first sergeant,
it was my responsibility
to make sure that my platoon
came back in one piece, and
I failed.
And, I Christopher
was a good soldier.
And I told him everything
would be okay, and
it wasn't.
And he deserved better.
I just
hope that one day you will find
it in your heart to forgive me
for not bringing your son home to you.
Well, I'm Tim Lonergan, Chris's brother.
Hey, I, uh, appreciate you reaching out,
but my parents are deceased.
I was a shadow on the screen ♪
Now I'm the lights behind the scenes ♪
Now I'm the wolf that's yet to howl ♪
Yet to break out and yet to run ♪
Yet to be outdone ♪
Now I'm the lights behind the scenes ♪
Now I'm the lights behind the scenes ♪
Now I'm the wolf that's yet to howl ♪
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