Virgin River (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Breaking Point

You're doing great, Anne.
You're doing great.
- [PANTING] I can't!
- Yes, you can.
No! It's too much!
- Okay, just focus on your breathing.
- [ANNE] Okay.
Okay, you remember, right?
In and out. In and out.
I know how to breathe!
- [MAN] I love you so much!
- [ANNE] Stop talking! Just stop talking.
What's the FHR?
[DOC] Uh, holding steady. One four zero.
Is the baby okay?
Oh, he's doing just great.
Okay, Anne, with this next contraction,
I want you to take a deep breath,
give me another big push, okay?
- Here we go. He's crowning.
- Okay.
You got this. Okay?
Okay. Okay.
With this next contraction,
give me another deep breath
and one last big push, okay?
- Yeah. Okay.
- He's almost out.
[DOC] Here we go. Here we go.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, you did great. That's
a lot of baby to deliver.
You're tellin' me.
Is he healthy?
He is perfect.
Here you go.
Hi, baby.
Oh you're so sweet.
Hey, thank you for everything, huh?
Well, it was a team effort.
Sorry. Late start. [CLEARS THROAT]
Hey, don't worry about it.
Listen, if you're having
trouble sleepin',
I've got a herbal supplement that
Preach, don't don't go there.
Just lookin' out for you, man.
- I'm good. Thanks.
- All right.
Listen, this morning, I gotta
head over to the clinic.
Should be quick, about half hour tops.
Everything okay?
Yeah. Charmaine and I are
puttin' together a birth plan.
- Take your time. I can cover.
[MAN] Mornin', fellas.
[PREACHER] Sheriff.
[JACK] Just starting your
day or you ending it?
Ending. Up all night.
Just got back from the morgue.
Found a body out near Aldergrove.
Any idea who it is?
Won't get the coroner's
report until later today.
Anything you want is
on the house. Right.
- Much obliged.
- Yup!
Yeah. What can I get ya?
Coffee'd be a good start.
Yeah. Yeah, I'll get that started.
All right.
Boy, you had some good
skills in there, missy.
[LAUGHS] Thank you.
So, you got up at 3:30 a.m.
You wanna take the rest of the day off?
What about you? Aren't you tired?
I haven't napped in 70 years.
I'm not gonna start now.
Did Hope tell you to
go easy on me today?
She did mention that
today might be tough.
Just so you know, I am
exactly where I wanna be.
She is just concerned.
You know, she was widowed once too.
Yeah, she told me.
I can't say I know what
you're going through, but
I do know it can't be easy.
I've officially made it through
one year without Mark, so
[EXHALES] that's something, right?
Sure is.
The thing is
ugh, I've spent so
much time feeling sad.
I'm finally starting to
feel like myself again,
and I just don't want any setbacks.
That is an admirable goal.
Just don't be too hard on yourself.
I won't.
So, what is on the schedule?
Jack and Charmaine are coming
in to talk about their birth plan.
You know, in my day, the only
plan was to pack a suitcase
and drive to the nearest hospital.
Hey, Hope, how you doin'?
- More importantly, how are you?
- I'm fine. Thanks. Um
So these are the things that
Connie dropped off for Chloe.
You don't have to put
on a brave face for me.
I am not being brave. I am working.
Distraction is key.
Why don't you go home and watch a movie?
Look. Honestly, I'm fine.
I know I'm early. I just was
so excited, I couldn't wait.
Lie down.
- Tucker and I have an understanding.
- I see that.
uh, you're welcome to use
my office for your meeting.
Oh, great. Thank you.
- We can wait for Jack in there.
[SOFTLY] Thanks.
The first anniversary
of her husband's death,
and you couldn't give her the day off.
Mel told us both that she wants
this to be a normal day.
I don't care what she said.
Mel isn't like me, she's sensitive.
Talk about stating the obvious.
I think she should be in bed, under
the covers, with the lights off.
You're not in charge, Mel is.
She's an adult. And we need
to take her at her word.
I'm not going to meddle, but for
the record, I disagree with you.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time.
Now, I was thinkin' we should
go to an early dinner tonight.
You were up before the sun.
Why don't we eat in?
Hope. Come on. We've been
sneaking around long enough.
I understand why this is hard for you,
but, you know, I'm sorry about that.
But if we're gonna do this, we need
to do this right out in the open.
Do I get to pick the restaurant?
Anywhere you want.
Within a five-mile radius.
Did you ever hear the phrase
"happy wife, happy life"?
Well, sounds like I'm a
glutton for punishment.
[JACK] Preach, I'm out.
Here's the vendor checks.
- All right. Thanks.
- Yup.
Hey, Jack.
I just wanted to say that I'm sorry,
but it wasn't my fault for
missing the shift last night.
I had car trouble.
Yeah, no, I I heard from Preacher.
- What kinda trouble?
- Got in a car accident.
You okay? Was anyone hurt?
- Yeah, just a fender bender.
- Where?
- Eureka.
- Okay.
Well, I'll come by later,
I'll take a look at the car,
and I'll check in with Lydie.
I'm sure she's all shook up.
She wasn't there.
What, you were by yourself?
I was with Lizzie.
So, Lydie gave you permission to
take her car to Eureka with Lizzie?
Not exactly.
Oh, okay, so you stole
a car, you crash it,
and you miss your shift?
Am I missing something?
I didn't I didn't steal a car.
Did you get permission?
Come on, Ricky.
That's stealing.
I I'm gonna pay for all the damages.
What's goin' on with you?
Come on. You're stealin'
liquor from the bar.
You're taking your grandmother's
car without asking.
You're missing work.
This isn't like you.
I just said I was sorry.
I have to say that I think you're
spending a lot of time with Lizzie,
and I'm not sure that
that's the best idea.
She's got nothing to do with anything.
You didn't get in any trouble
before she showed up.
Listen, all I'm saying is
I don't wanna see where she
leads you next, you know?
Have you ever even had
a conversation with her?
I've never known you to make
up your mind about someone
without even giving them a chance.
That's not what I'm doing, okay?
This is about you. I care about you.
Look, I'm just sayin', you know,
your experience with
women is a little limited.
- Yeah, 'cause you're the expert here.
- Excuse me?
You got your ex-girlfriend pregnant,
and you're in love with someone else.
I don't think you're in the position
to be handing out advice
on women to anyone!
Hey, that was way outta line.
What the hell was that?
Not sure what's taking Jack so long.
Can I get you some more water?
Oh, no, thanks.
If I had any more, I would
literally float outta here.
I think we've got some bagels in
the kitchen. I can make you one.
Oh, no, thank you.
Jack and I are going for
breakfast after this.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Got held up leavin' the bar.
Have a seat. [CHUCKLING]
Hey, did they find anything
out about that body?
- [JACK] No, not yet.
- What body?
They found remains out near Aldergrove.
How How did you know about that?
Oh, um
Well, we were by the river
near where they found them.
Yeah, we were taking a walk.
When was that?
Uh, last night.
Oh. You and Jack were
together last night?
- You lied to me.
- What?
When you came over to look
at the nursery furniture,
you told me that you couldn't stay
because you had to go to the bar.
I honestly don't know what
you're talking about.
Yes, you do. Preacher was slammed.
"What is this, National
Question Jack Day?"
- No, you're right. I did say that.
- So you didn't go to the bar.
Well, I was going to, but I just
But you were with Mel.
Well, yeah, but that was later.
Look, Char, I'm sorry. I mean
Are you are you sorry? Or are
you just sorry you got caught?
You know what?
We can actually just reschedule
this for another day.
I'm fine with that.
Of course you'd agree with her.
No, I just think it's better we do
this when you're not so upset.
Well, I'm upset because of you.
And you know [SIGHS]
I came here for a birth plan, and
so I'm not leaving until I get one.
And if you want to make up a
reason to leave again, go ahead.
So sweet of you to
deliver Connie's gifts.
Everyone's been just so generous.
Of course. And besides,
any excuse to see Chloe.
- She's a doll.
And she's getting so big.
- She'll be crawling before you know it.
- Yeah.
So how's it been having
Tara staying with you?
Oh, I don't know what I did to
deserve a daughter as lovely as her.
Just been an incredible help with
the baby and everything, really.
Oh, I was so proud of you
for reaching out to her.
A good friend once reminded me
of the importance of having
faith in the people you love,
so thank you.
Hey, Sugar! Come here.
Come on. Look what I got.
- Ooh.
- Do you wanna give her a carrot?
- That's her favorite.
- Sure.
- There you go.
- Sugar, whatcha think?
- Ooh. Delicious. Yeah.
- Look at her. She's gobblin' it down.
Gotta save some room for supper.
[HOPE] She's so pretty.
So, how are things with you?
Living every day like it's my last.
I heard something strange.
Oh, really? Do tell.
I heard that Doc and Muriel are dating.
You know, I heard the same thing.
- Yeah, well, I don't buy it.
- Why not?
Because Doc's been in love with you
since the day you moved to Virgin River.
know about the day
So, you wanna tell me the real story?
Oh, it's complicated.
I don't wanna bore you with the details.
You know that Buck and I were
high school sweethearts, right?
Well, until he died,
I had no idea how it felt
to have my heart broken.
And I know you've had more than
your fair share of heartbreak,
but I gotta say somethin' here.
Um, I would give anything
for just one more afternoon
with the love of my life, and
yours is just a few blocks away.
I don't want you to miss your chance
just 'cause you're playin' it safe.
Now the trick is you need to
be in sync with the kitchen.
Once that food is plated,
it should be on the table
within 60 seconds.
Here you go.
You're not gonna say hello?
Hey. I am sorry, it's, uh,
it's been crazy today,
and we're a bit shorthanded.
- Hello.
- Hi.
[JAMIE] I was hoping I'd see you.
- [PREACHER] Why's that?
- Preacher!
If you'll excuse me,
I've got some business to take care of.
- Did you hear?
- About the body?
There's no reason to believe it's Wes.
Well, there's no reason
to believe it's not.
It's all right.
Even if they do find him,
there's no way to connect you.
I wiped down the car.
Good, no fingerprints.
There might be fibers
from your clothing,
but there's nothing
we can do about that.
- Didn't have a lot of time to react.
- I know.
So, if, um, if someone asks you
about Wes, what's your plan?
If the body in the morgue is his,
and they trace it back to me
I'll tell the sheriff I killed him.
That's crazy.
I won't give them Paige.
That's fine, but don't you
take the fall for this.
Only ten percent of
felonies end in conviction.
Ninety percent of those are
because the suspect confessed.
If they haul you in,
there's only one thing to do.
Absolutely not. Okay.
Out of the question.
- Jack.
- No, I don't care what I did,
I'm not having a doula deliver our twins
at your house in some kiddie pool.
Well, at least I'm being
honest about what I want.
Can you back me up here, please?
Aren't twin births generally riskier?
For the most part, yes, they are.
And those risks are ?
Twins are more likely
to be born premature,
and there's a greater chance
that at least one of the babies
will be in a breech position,
or on their side,
and in that case, you would
have to undergo a cesarean.
Come on, Charmaine. What
happens if you need surgery?
The hospital's almost two hours away.
Well, did you know the
infection rate of home births
is less than half of
those in the hospital?
- Where'd you hear that?
- The Internet.
There are undeniable advantages
to delivering in a hospital.
Access to emergency care
being first and foremost.
But if Charmaine is anxious
being in a hospital,
that's something you need to consider.
So, you know what? I'm gonna
take Tucker for a walk
and give you guys some time to
figure out what you wanna do. Okay?
[MEL] Thanks.
Come on, bud.
Hey, Lizzie?
Hey. Uh
I just came here to pick up
the pies Preacher ordered.
So, you didn't get fired
for missing a shift?
No, but Jack is super pissed at me.
Whatever. He'll get over it.
- I guess.
- I'm serious.
My aunt is mad at me 24/7,
and I'm still here.
Yeah, but Jack's not like
Connie. He's mostly cool.
I get it.
- How about I make it up to you?
- What? Like free brownies?
I had something more fun in mind.
Oh. Uh
You you don't have to do that.
Maybe I want to.
Preacher needs me back at the bar, so
So come back later.
Yeah, okay. Uh
Hey, aren't you forgetting something?
The pies.
- Oh.
Joey! Hey.
You sound out of breath.
Oh, I just finished a class.
Oh, what'd you take?
Flow with Marina.
Oh, I miss Marina.
How is she? Is she still single?
I heard she's hooking up with
the studio owner's husband,
so she may not be teaching
here much longer.
Well, that's some juicy gossip.
I know, right?
How are you doing?
I made it through 365 days.
Oh, honey, you should
not be alone today.
No, I'm not. I'm at work.
And I'm okay. I'm
I mean, I miss Mark, and I'm
thinking about him, but
I'm not sad.
Well, maybe that means
you're on the other side of it.
The other side?
Grief. Maybe the worst is behind you.
Well, how do you know
when you're done grieving?
I think it's when the memory of
someone brings peace instead of pain.
I was thinking about him
yesterday, sailing.
Remember that trip where he made
us call him Captain Monroe?
Aw, he could be such a dork.
I think you guys were drinking
margaritas at breakfast.
Yeah, I remember, and
I was asleep by lunch.
- Um, let me call you back, okay? Bye.
- Okay, love you.
Hey, uh, I didn't mean to interrupt.
It's okay.
So did you lie to Charmaine?
Well, not on purpose.
- It was an excuse.
- For what?
I went by her house, and there
was baby furniture everywhere,
and I guess I just
I wasn't prepared.
You know? I didn't wanna
hurt her feelings.
You know, I'm sure if you just told
her that, she would understand.
I don't want her to think
that me freaking out
means I'm not committed to
being a dad, 'cause I am.
I know.
Look, whether I'm ready
or not, it doesn't matter.
I just want my kids to
grow up with a dad.
They will.
Look, she is not listening to me.
Can you talk to her?
I just wanna make sure
she's fully informed
before making a decision.
Sure. Of course.
- Thank you.
- Can you take Tucker?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Good luck. [GRUNTS]
Tucker, come here. Come on.
We'll let the ladies talk it out, huh?
Yeah, you don't have to
worry about any of that.
[PREACHER] Here you go.
Hey, Hope. What can I getcha?
I'd like to reserve a booth.
Okay, for
Dinner. Two people. Five o'clock.
Well, I think it's safe to say you
don't need to make a reservation.
I wanna make sure we have a booth,
preferably toward the back.
Oh, is this official mayoral business?
What's with the third degree?
Well, it's just that this
dinner seems important.
I'm having dinner with Doc.
So why the intrigue?
You guys eat here all the time.
It's more
intimate than usual.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Hmm.
- But it's not a big deal,
so I'd appreciate it if you kept
your "reallys" to yourself.
I think it's about time you
and Doc got back together.
Well [SIGHS]
Yes. We are giving our
relationship another try.
- Well, I think that's great.
- Why?
Well, it's obvious that you
care about each other.
We fight like cats and dogs.
Or like an old married couple.
We tried that once. It didn't work out.
Well, you know, some things
need time to marinate
before they're ready to grill.
You got any other food-related
metaphors up your sleeve?
Just the one.
Well, thanks for the pep talk.
[PREACHER] See ya tonight.
I'm so sorry. I had no
idea you had a stillbirth.
Look, I'm only telling you this
because I just wanna give
you a different perspective
so that you can make the best
decision for you and your twins.
I still haven't gotten
over losing my daughter.
I don't think that I ever will.
I don't wish that on anyone,
which is why I want to make sure
that you take every precaution.
You know, I'm a nurse.
I'm a midwife. My husband was a doctor.
We knew the risks.
We did everything right,
and I still blamed myself.
I think if I had done
anything unconventional,
I never would've been
able to forgive myself.
So, what do you think I should do?
I think that we should find
the safest option
that still allows you to feel secure.
I also want you to know
that I went to the river
last night looking for Jack.
I just I wanted to make sure
he was okay after the guys left.
he didn't tell the truth
until I called him on it.
How am I supposed to trust him?
He's their father.
When the twins are born,
you're gonna want his support.
What are you doing on the porch?
Oh, they're still inside
working on the birth plan.
And Jack pawned the dog off on me.
They've been in there long enough
for Charmaine to actually give birth.
Anyway, I came to let you know
that I made dinner reservations.
Oh, where?
You want to go to Jack's?
But might as well rip off the Band-Aid.
People are gonna talk, let 'em talk.
Well, actually,
I made a reservation myself.
The only other restaurant within
a five-mile radius is Curly's,
and you hate that place.
I may have bent the rules.
Hey, Hope.
Uh, Doc, can you join us?
- Oh, uh, be right there.
- Great.
So, should I tell Preacher
we'll take a rain check?
Thank you.
I think you can leave
your umbrella at home.
[HOPE] Okay.
Oh, Tucker, it's you and me again.
All right. [CLEARS THROAT]
So Charmaine and Jack have
agreed on a birth plan,
and we'd like your input.
[DOC] Okay.
Okay? So Charmaine will
deliver here at the clinic
with you and a doula present.
That's a good idea. A doula
will counteract your anxiety.
And there will be an
ambulance on standby
to take Charmaine and the babies
to Grace Valley if necessary.
So what do you think?
Well, I I'd rather deliver at
home, but I can live with this.
Looks like you have a plan.
Uh, if you'll excuse me,
I've been up since 3:30,
so I'm gonna take a break.
[MEL] You're welcome.
Hey, Mel.
- Thank you for talking to Charmaine.
- Oh.
But we really could've picked
another day to do this.
Oh, no, I'm glad we got it figured out.
Well, I just think you should've
been focusing on yourself today.
You know what? I got to deliver a
beautiful baby boy this morning.
So that was pretty great.
It can't have been easy dealing
with me and Charmaine.
You know you're one of the
reasons I'm still standing?
What do you mean?
I wouldn't have lasted more
than two days in Virgin River
if it wasn't for you.
So thanks.
- Well, this is lovely.
- Yes.
Why the change of heart?
Well, I thought it might
make you feel better
if we took baby steps.
If I'd known earlier,
you could've saved me
a whole lotta stress.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Fancy.
Well, we're here.
We might as well do it right.
To us.
To us.
Now this place has great shellfish,
so if you are in the mood
for lobster, go for it.
I didn't know you spend time in Arcada.
- Oh, I don't.
- So, how'd you find this place?
Oh, someone recommended it.
You've got to be kidding me.
[LIZZIE] Have you tasted
this stuff? It's really good.
[RICKY] Hey! Stop eating that!
We gotta make more of these!
- Stop!
- Stop what? Hmm?
- You're getting dough everywhere!
So I'm not gonna be the
one who cleans that up.
- Stop!
- What?
Hey, if you throw another
piece, you're gonna be
- You'll be You'll be in
- What?
- You're gonna be
- Huh?
- What?
- You're gonna be in big trouble.
Ooh. I love big trouble. [LAUGHS]
No, no, no! Ah!
[GASPS] Oh, my God! No, you
didn't. I just washed my hair!
- I tried to warn you, I
- You are so dead!
Ooh, ooh, ohh, heartshaker ♪
Whoa, heartshaker ♪
Ooh, ooh, ohh, heartshaker ♪
Hey, Jack.
Hey, Sheriff.
Any word?
Our John Doe is a fellow by
the name of Leo Kavanaugh.
Ring any bells?
Can't say I recognize the name,
but that's definitely the
guy who attacked Mel.
We pulled prints off the knife
he used, and it's a match.
I'm glad you ID'ed him. Now we just
gotta figure out who killed him.
You mind if I keep this?
No, go ahead. I got plenty of copies.
- Thanks.
- Sorry. Give me one sec.
- Sure.
So, any suspects?
Well, nothin' yet, but it's
only a matter of time.
Dogs are tearing up the woods.
If there's anything up
there, we'll find it.
- Menu?
- That'd be great.
Thank you so much for
asking me to join you.
You've got me believing in karma.
Mmm. And I'm so glad you took
me up on my recommendation.
I mean, isn't The Shell fabulous?
This is one of my favorite
restaurants of all time.
My dermatologist is
just down the street,
and I'm usually here at least
two, three times a month.
Today, however,
I decided to treat myself
to a little post-appointment shopping
and thought, why not dinner out?
I think dermatology is a waste of money.
There's nothing soap and water can't do.
Oh, Hope, no! You have
been terribly misinformed.
I mean, consistent dermatological care
is why no one would ever guess
that you and I are close in age.
Uh, check, please!
Excuse me. I'm suddenly feeling queasy.
I have a fabulous idea.
I am taking a wine tasting cruise,
and why don't you both come?
Oh, uh
What's your itinerary?
Well, we start in Seattle.
And then we'll travel down the coast
to San Francisco and then back.
- Sounds very nice.
- Mmm.
Now, I remember you said
you used to live in Seattle.
- I did.
- Well, I'm gonna be staying
right near the Bell Street Pier
the night before the cruise takes off.
Do you have any suggestions?
I do have a friend
who lives in that area.
I mean, I could perhaps ask him
for some recommendations if you'd like.
Oh, that would be amazing. Thank you.
Something wrong?
Oh, I think I need to get
these glasses checked.
- Can you make out these bottom two lines?
- Sure.
Let's see.
Oh, well, it is pretty fine.
Go on, dust your shoulders off ♪
Keep it moving ♪
Yes, Lord, tryna get some new ♪
In there, swimwear,
going to the pool ♪
Come now, come dry your eyes ♪
You know you a star ♪
You can touch the sky ♪
I know that it's hard ♪
But you have to try ♪
If you need advice ♪
Let me simplify ♪
If he don't love you anymore ♪
Just walk your fine ass out the door ♪
I do my hair toss ♪
Check my nails ♪
Baby, how you feelin'? ♪
Feeling good as hell ♪
Hair toss ♪
Check my nails ♪
Baby, how you feelin'? ♪
Feeling good as hell ♪
Feeling good as hell ♪
Baby, how you feelin'? ♪
Feeling good as hell ♪
Woo, girl, need to
kick off your shoes ♪
Got to take a deep breath ♪
Time to focus on you ♪
All the big fights ♪
Long nights that you been through ♪
I got a bottle of tequila ♪
I been saving for you ♪
Boss up and change your life ♪
You can have it all, no sacrifice ♪
I know he did you wrong ♪
We can make it right ♪
So go and let it all
hang out tonight ♪
'Cause he don't love you anymore ♪
So walk your fine ass out the door ♪
I come in peace.
I need your help.
Should've never gotten in
the middle of this Lilly thing.
- Calvin sent you?
- No.
I'm here for me.
You messed up the deal.
I want you to fix it.
Lilly deserves to know
who she's dealing with.
And it was your job to tell her?
- She's a friend.
And you're always such a
good friend, aren't you?
She's not selling the farm to Calvin.
You wanna know what I think?
I think me being successful
on my own is killing you.
[CHUCKLES] What, so your
definition of success
is working for a drug dealer?
Admit it. You hate the fact that
I'm making more money than you.
What you're doing isn't work.
It's a felony.
Calvin wants me to take
over the business.
Did you hear about the body
they pulled out of the woods?
That is how Calvin treats
the people that work for him.
[CLEARS THROAT] You don't know that.
I can't prove it, but I know it.
We'll find another farm.
Yeah, go ahead.
If you don't care about your
life, then why should I?
- It wasn't him.
- Told ya.
Yeah, well, there is
still a team of dogs
combing the woods for
evidence as we speak.
Preacher, these woods have swallowed
more bodies and more evidence
- than even we can imagine.
- Yes, still!
It's not like they brought in the FBI.
It's a small-town sheriff
with limited resources.
Okay, but in the military,
we learned to always have back up.
To be prepared for the
worst-case scenario.
Then we move to Plan B.
What's Plan B?
Just in case, and as I said,
the chances are slim.
We build you and Paige an alibi.
[JACK] Doc!
Mel here?
Oh, uh, no, I told her she could
come in later this afternoon.
Oh, I bought her a latte. I wanted
to say thank you for yesterday.
No. You're welcome to
leave it in the kitchen.
Oh, no, I'll take it over to her
while it's still hot, but thanks.
Doctor Mullins.
Oh. Uh-huh.
Um, yeah, I will need an early check-in.
And, um, also transportation
to the Bell Street Pier.
Lonely caverns built
on fragile frames ♪
Full of broken crowns,
forgotten names ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
Hey, Mel, it's me.
Desperate roots ♪
Lay starving at my feet ♪
Hey, what's wrong?
To fall asleep ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
It was forwarded from our house in L.A.
[JACK] Hey.
Hey, it's okay.
It's not okay.
I was wrong. It's not gonna be okay.
It's not. It's just not.
Among these catacombs ♪
Will I lie alone? ♪
Just my flesh and bone ♪
Among these catacombs ♪
Born of remnant souls ♪
Will I lie alone? ♪
Just my flesh and bone ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
Don't leave me here ♪
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