Virgin River (2019) s02e08 Episode Script


Hung high and dry ♪
Where no one can see ♪
If there's no one to blame ♪
Blame it on me ♪
Storm in the sky ♪
Fire in the trees ♪
If there's nothin' but pain ♪
Put it on me ♪
I know that you'll never ♪
Feel like I do ♪
I will burn down the city ♪
And string up the noose ♪
And you'll watch in wonder ♪
Storm in the sky ♪
Jack? Hey. Hey, what happened?
I just had a little run-in
with a wrecking bar.
Jeez. Here. Come over here,
and I'll take a look at you.
Ah. What were you doing
with a wrecking bar?
Trying to turn my upstairs
storeroom into a nursery.
Really? How's that going for you?
Oh, great. Trying to baby-proof the bar.
That sounds like an oxymoron.
Alrighty, let's take a look.
Yeah, that's a pretty nasty gash.
You're gonna need stitches.
Can't you just use a butterfly bandage?
Come on. You're tough.
You can handle it.
That doesn't mean I'm a
fan of cutting needles.
All right, this is gonna
sting a little bit.
So how are you?
Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.
Yeah, I'm sorry about the other morning.
I was
I was tired and let my emotions
get the better of me.
Oh, you don't have to apologize.
Still, you shouldn't
have to take care of me.
It was perfectly understandable.
This just isn't me.
Before everything that happened
with Mark and the baby,
I hadn't cried since my dad died.
You feel like I'm judging you?
I mean, I would.
No, you wouldn't.
You still think I don't understand?
Understand what?
That there's no timeline
for getting over the loss
of someone you love.
[DOC] Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
So, what do you want to
do for dinner tonight?
Heaven help me. I just
made you breakfast.
That you picked up at the bakery
truck, which was very nice of you.
You're welcome.
You know what I miss?
I miss all those dinners
that we used to have
when we lived together.
You mean the ones where'd I
slave over the stove all day
and then spend hours cleaning up
while you relaxed after
a hard day at work.
I have evolved.
I'll clean up. I'll
I'll bring dessert.
What would you even want?
Your lasagna.
Do you have any idea how long it
takes to make lasagna from scratch?
No, I don't know.
- A couple hours.
- More like six.
Well, it's not like you
don't have the time.
Did you really just say that?
Come on. Don't get all riled up, Hope.
I'm just saying,
you make the best lasagna
in town, in the county.
But if it's too much for you,
we can just eat at the bar.
After I get my hair trimmed,
I'll make your lasagna, but you,
sir, are pushing your luck.
Ooh, I'm gonna make it worth your while.
- If I have to clean even one dish
- You won't.
Scout's honor. See you tonight.
You need to keep it clean and
dry for the next few days.
Any discharge, swelling,
or bleeding, let me know.
And just come back in a couple weeks,
and I'll take the stitches out.
- Okay.
- You're all set to go.
What do I owe you?
You can just take it off my bar tab.
Oh, good morning, everyone.
Uh, we will get to all of
you in just a few minutes.
Uh, Beverly, you can come in.
What happened to your leg?
Wrecking bar ricocheted
off some shelving.
You know, that sounds like a
metaphor for you and Mel.
Yeah, I swing, she deflects,
I get clobbered.
Sounds about right.
Yeah, might be time to put
that wrecking bar down.
Anyway, we, um, still on for today?
I don't think so.
You know, I got four walk-ins,
and it's not even 9:00 a.m.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
You should take Hope.
She knows the most about this area.
Doc, I'm not sure I'm ready
for Hope's assistance.
I know. And do what you want, but, uh
she is the best negotiator in town.
The answer is no.
You don't even know
what I was gonna say.
I am not gonna let you
implicate yourself
by involving you in some fake alibi.
Too late. It's already been done.
I'm just here to tell you
to come to my house tomorrow, and
wear something you can get dirty.
What are you talking about?
I'm what they would
consider a credible alibi.
We're not related.
We're not friends, and
you don't work for me.
- I consider us friends.
- Yes, we're friendly.
There's a difference.
The police will never suspect
that I'm covering for you,
which is the best line of
defense for you and Paige.
It's either the flu or food poisoning,
but we'll know more once
we get your swab test back.
Well, it could have been
Jo Ellen's oyster stew.
- Oh?
- It was so bad.
I had to sneak out to get
a real meal at Jack's.
So how is Jo Ellen feeling?
Oh, no, she's she's fine.
No, but I swear that woman's
got a cast-iron stomach.
Doc. I think I got a wicked
case of indigestion here.
Charlie, come here. Sit down right here.
So get rest and drink plenty of fluids.
If your symptoms persist,
come back and see us, okay?
I appreciate it. I should have
gotten that flu shot like you said.
Well, I think we still have some,
so come back tomorrow,
and I'll take care of you.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Jeb.
- Hey, Doc.
With the volume we're seeing,
my instinct is were looking
at food poisoning.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly. We need
to know what they ate and where.
Okay. We'll get everyone
to list their food intake
- within the last 24 hours.
- Yeah.
No, no, you, uh, you do
the intake on Charlie.
I'll take Betty back.
But if I do the intake,
shouldn't I do the exam?
- No.
- What? Okay.
Why are you saddling
me with the paperwork?
Because in an outbreak like this,
it's much more efficient
for the same person
to ask the questions, you.
And the same person to
treat the patients, me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look annoyed.
Everyone's always asking
for coffee refills.
I need a break.
Come on. [GIGGLES]
I love this place.
- I wish I could do that.
Well, you could always
hide out in the bathroom.
That's so gross. You know how
many germs are in a public toilet?
- No, and I don't want to know.
- 34,000 units of bacteria.
Hey, if you want me to
kiss you, like, ever again,
- stop talking about toilets.
- Roger that.
And you know way too
much about bacteria.
I, uh, want to be a medic.
- You mean doctor?
- No. Medic. In the Marines.
That's cool.
Anyway, I brought you a check.
This week's bar order.
Oh, thanks.
So, is this the only
reason why you're here?
[CHUCKLES] Okay. Well, uh
- [LAUGHING] I'm just messing with you.
- Wha
Oh, God, you're so serious.
- No. No, I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.
- So, do you wanna come over later?
- To the truck?
No, to my house.
You mean Connie's?
Yeah, that's where I live.
She has an errand to do in Shelter Cove
and won't be home till super late.
Or we could go to my house.
My grandmother will be there.
That's the whole point
weirdo. To be alone.
Won't Connie freak out if I
come over and she's not there?
Eh, that's half the fun.
What's the other half?
Take your time, enjoy it ♪
[MURIEL] Okay, can we get back
to what I was saying, please?
They are acting like newlyweds,
and I am telling
No, the very minute that
I showed interest in Doc,
she wanted him back.
It's as if she was saying, "Well,
if he's good enough for Muriel "
I see we've gone back to
using the third person.
- Well, it is true, Connie.
- I'm very happy for them.
I wonder whether they wanna
use the B&B for their reception.
What are you talking about?
Hope's not gonna get married again.
- Well, how do you know that?
- Technically, they're still married.
- [CONNIE] Right.
- Maybe they'll renew their vows.
Don't bet on it.
- Why not?
- Because right now,
she's not responsible for making sure
that Doc's got clean underwear.
- You know
What's so funny?
- Um
- Well, we were
Oh, um
- Yeah.
- Chickens.
We were just discussing
whether or not you and Doc
will resume your married life.
Gee, I wonder how that came up.
Well, you're obviously not trying
to keep your relationship secret.
I never thought I'd say
this, but Muriel's correct.
- Yes!
- Vernon and I are together again,
but no one's talking
about resuming anything.
Mmm. That's what I said.
Otherwise, you can kiss
your freedom goodbye
and say hello to becoming
his personal secretary.
- Says the woman who's never been married.
And personally, I love
doing things for Nick.
Pressing his shirts,
packing his lunch, making
his doctor's appointments.
Vernon and I aren't in any rush.
We're taking things day by day.
Well, that's smart
because you don't know
if it's even gonna work out.
- Muriel!
- Oh, jeez.
What does Doc want?
All men Doc's age want a wife.
Married men, they outlive their
peers, and married women.
- Is that true?
- Oh, yeah, direct quote
from the Journal of Epidemiology
and Community Health.
That sounds made up.
I don't believe that.
It's more believable than the
conversation we're having.
- Ladies.
- Hi, Jack!
- Oh, hey, Jack.
Hello, Jack.
[JACK] Hey.
Um, Hope, I was wondering
if you might be available
to drive over to Stanton with me.
I'm heading over to Shelter Cove
if you need a ride. It's on my way.
Thanks, but I was looking to get
Hope's opinion on something,
- unless you're busy.
- Nope. I'm totally available.
- See you gals later.
Bye, Hope.
I have to say, I do not understand
what men see in her.
- [JO ELLEN] Why?
- Hope's a natural beauty.
Oh, yes, well, so am I.
The only thing natural about
Muriel is her big head.
- [MURIEL] I heard that!
Well, I found the common denominator.
It's Jack's.
Oh, God.
- Yeah.
- You're sure?
Every single patient
reports eating at Jack's
in the last 24 hours,
and there's no other commonalities.
Do you know the culprit?
It appears to be the beet salad,
but there's a lot of ingredients,
so I haven't identified the source.
Jack and Preacher should close
the kitchen while we figure this out.
Yeah, I'll go over there
and talk to them.
No, there are more intakes
that need to be done.
So call the bar and tell
them to stop service,
and you'll come over later to explain.
Why can't you just do the intakes?
Because we have a system,
and I don't want it interrupted.
No, this is you treating me
like your assistant again.
You know what? If you were my assistant
and you spoke to me like
this, you would be gone.
- [MEL] Hey.
How many people are sick?
A dozen so far.
- Is Jack around?
- No, he's not, uh, picking up his cell.
Are you sure that we're the source?
The berry-beet salad
appears to be responsible.
Wow. This is unbelievable.
It should be over in a day or so.
I just You know, I can't
understand how this happened.
Preach, look, I know how dedicated
you are to your kitchen.
I'm sure however this happened
was completely out of your control.
- Do you want me to try Jack?
- No.
No, this is my problem.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
- Hey.
- Doc said you'd be here.
Oh, are you sick?
What? No, I decided to take you
up on those birth control samples.
Oh, okay.
Did Connie have a sudden
change of heart or something?
No, and she never will.
Right. Right.
Well, I'm happy to give you samples,
but you really should
have a pelvic exam first.
You said that wasn't necessary.
Well, it's not required.
Look, all I need are the pills.
Okay. Well, come with me to the clinic,
and I'll go over the proper
usage and side effects.
This isn't brain surgery.
Can't you just put them in a bag?
Oh, my gosh. Look, just come with me.
[HOPE] There's water
damage under the sink,
and God only knows what calamity
awaits in the crawl space.
Well, I can assure you the
inspector found nothing of note.
[SIGHS] Bedrooms are small,
and the HVAC is on its last legs
and a wood-burning stove.
What's he supposed to
eat for dinner? S'mores?
Well, I thought it was
charming. [CHUCKLES]
- Uh-huh.
[HOPE] Let's see.
Oh, no.
Hmm. That's not good.
Okay, look, I'm authorized to take
an additional ten percent
off the asking price,
but, I That's really
the best I can do.
I'm just
So, you like the place?
It's a gem.
Doc was right. You're good.
Thanks for driving the price down.
You're welcome. So you gonna buy it?
Well. The room above the bar
isn't exactly kid-friendly.
Are you
- What?
- Nothing.
I promised myself I wouldn't ask
you any personal questions.
All right, you just
saved me ten percent.
What were you gonna say?
Are you buying the house for
you or for someone else?
Right now, I'm focused
on the twins, you know?
I want them to
live somewhere comfortable and safe,
and if that means they go back and
forth between me and Charmaine,
or we all live here, I don't know.
You're open to that?
Living with Charmaine?
Well, best way to spend time
with my kids, then I have to be.
Oh, I thought you didn't
feel that way about her.
Well, I don't, but
Well, you know, dads don't
always get a fair shake
when it comes to custody.
I want to spend as much
time with them as possible.
Can I say one more thing?
Go ahead.
I know I'm not one to talk, but
recently I've come to the conclusion
that you need to go after what you
want even if it's a rougher road.
Yeah. This is not about
doing what's easy.
Hope, I was with Mel
the morning after the
anniversary, and
I mean, she was destroyed.
Look, I have to come
to terms with the fact
that she isn't ready for
anything but friendship.
- And she may never be.
- She'll get there.
- Eventually.
- Well,
I can't keep hitting my
head against a wall.
- I gotta take this, do you mind if
- We drove separately. Go.
Okay, and thanks for
Well, your temp is 103.
What was in that salad
that got me so sick?
We don't know yet.
Well, how come?
Well, there's 250 bacteria,
parasites, and viruses
that can cause foodborne illness.
[GROANS] I knew I should have
ordered the mashed potatoes.
[DOC] Drink lots of fluids and rest.
Uh, Bert, you can head on in,
and Doc will be in to
see you in a minute.
How's it going?
Well, Bert and a few
of the other patients
are reporting shortness of breath.
- Whoa.
- Mm-hmm.
That is not a symptom typically
associated with foodborne bacteria.
It could be a delayed response.
Well, why don't you research pathogens
like mycoplasma, streptococcus,
things that affect the
respiratory system.
Okay. I need to finish these intake
forms and the food logs first.
You haven't finished yet?
It's a lot of paperwork.
What are you doing out there?
I'm taking notes and logging
each person's activities
over the last 24 hours.
Do it faster.
What the hell is the matter with you?
I'm working as fast as I can,
and you're here barking orders at
me like some short-order cook.
This is why I didn't
want you working for me.
Excuse me?
Here we are in the
middle of an outbreak,
and all you care about
is how nice I am to you.
- No. You're being unprofessional.
- You are being overly sensitive.
Actually. I'm sorry.
Let me rephrase my last statement.
You're being an ass.
And if we didn't have a
room full of patients,
I would walk right out of here.
Who's next?
You pass anyone on the way up?
I can't take any chances
of someone coming by here.
You got it.
This is a bad idea.
Nobody knows I'm here.
Calvin has people everywhere.
I think I can help you, Spencer.
Oh, really?
Look, if Calvin finds out that
I ratted him out, I'm dead.
My family is dead.
And if you do nothing?
Look, guys that work for Calvin
don't seem to live too long.
And this isn't just about you.
I mean, think about Maxine and your son.
I don't know.
I mean, if Calvin even thinks
that I'm talking to you
You trust me, I'll make
sure you're covered.
What do you wanna know?
Did Leo work for Calvin?
He was only on the job
for a couple weeks.
Calvin put him on security detail.
So what happened?
He got strung out on the product.
So Calvin's moving hard drugs?
Is there a connection between
the drugs and Emerald Lumber?
No, no, I'm not saying another word
until I know that Maxine
and my kid are safe.
Until Calvin's behind bars,
they're never gonna be safe.
You know that.
But you help me, I swear to you, okay,
you and your family will
make it out of Virgin River.
Any stylist will do. I just want a trim.
I don't have a lot of time.
Hi! Hope!
Oh, hello. I thought you
were still on leave.
Oh, I'm just working a
couple hours a day.
Well, nice to see you.
Actually, you're coming with me.
Cut and color on the house.
- That isn't necessary.
- Oh, come on.
A chestnut base would really
update your entire look.
I don't need an update, just a
quick trim. Emphasis on quick.
All right.
So, how are you and Doc?
News certainly travels fast around here.
Well, I did live with you.
We thought we were being discreet.
I have a sixth sense
about relationships.
You know, you're very lucky.
It's not always easy finding love,
especially with a man
as dependable as Doc.
I suppose.
Well, yesterday Jack and I sat
down to go over our birth plan,
and I found out he lied to me.
He said that he was at work,
but he was with Mel.
Oh, well, I don't know
anything about that.
And so I ended up calling my aunt
because I just needed to vent.
And now I have this really
big decision to make,
and I can't tell anyone,
and it's killing me.
- I'm sure you'll live through it.
- I really wanna tell you.
But you have to swear not to
tell anyone, especially Jack.
Don't. I I can't be involved
in anything relating to
Jack's personal life.
Oh, it's fine. It'll
be our little secret.
No, really.
Things between Jack and me are
finally getting back to normal.
I can't be a part of any gossip.
My aunt has invited me and the twins
to move to Portland and
live with her and my uncle.
- Oh, good God!
- And I'm seriously considering it.
- No, no, no, no, no!
- But I am.
Charmaine, I can't know this,
and now I do know this,
and I can't un-know something
that I already know.
I need to get going.
But I haven't even cut your hair yet.
It looks great. And if anyone
asks, I wasn't here.
[MIKE] Hey, brother. What's up?
[JACK] Mike, I think I made
some headway on Calvin.
- How so?
I got a guy who will testify that
Calvin had Leo Cavanagh killed.
But Calvin didn't pull the trigger.
Well, no, he gets other
people to do his dirty work.
In that case, I may have a go-around.
You ever heard of RICO?
Isn't that a mob thing?
Yeah. It's used to prosecute
illegal backdoor activity.
All we need is to prove that Calvin
is running a criminal enterprise,
and then we can target his assets.
Your guy, how inside is he?
He's all the way in.
Then he's our man.
Yeah, but there's a catch, buddy.
He's got to remain anonymous.
He's worried about his family.
All right, let me talk to the DA.
They're ultimately in charge,
but the intel sounds
worthy of a deal to me.
Let me know what the DA
comes back with, will ya?
Yeah, I'll be in touch.
Thanks for helping me out with this.
- You got it, brother. Talk soon.
- Yup.
[JAMIE] How many people are sick?
So far, about a dozen.
And any word from Mel on what caused it?
Says it looks to be the beet salad.
Well, I don't understand. All the
ingredients came from your garden.
Yeah, it doesn't make any sense.
I mean, I test the soil once a week.
Did you check with Ricky and George?
They said they followed protocol.
Did anything change this week?
Something had to have.
Actually, I think it's my fault.
I know I said I followed protocol,
but I'm not sure
I double-washed the lettuce.
- Ricky.
- I've got a lot on my plate right now.
Hey. Hey, what's going on?
I'm not sure if I washed the lettuce.
Ricky, I don't think you're to blame.
- I'm not?
- There's a chance that this outbreak
might not be food-related.
- Really?
- Yeah, we had another symptom come up.
Shortness of breath.
Okay. So what does that mean?
[MEL] Well, we don't know yet,
but whether someone washed
or didn't wash the lettuce
is not the cause of it.
I'll be in the kitchen.
So, what do you think?
Uh, if it were me,
I'd look for an outlier.
A new food supplier, a new employee,
rival restaurant in a neighboring town.
You think something was
done deliberately?
Knowing how meticulous Preacher
is with his food, it's possible.
Nah, we're a small town, and
that kind of thing doesn't happen
in places like Virgin River.
The restaurant industry is dog-eat-dog,
no matter where you are.
So you always have to be
looking out for yourself.
I didn't have time to make the lasagna.
You're just gonna have
to deal with leftovers.
- It's okay.
- I was planning to cook,
but there was an incident at the salon.
Oh, don't worry about it.
The clinic was so busy,
I ended up eating a late lunch.
Are you telling me that
you're not hungry?
I'll have a banana.
So if I had made the lasagna,
you wouldn't have eaten it.
I would have rearranged my entire
day, canceled my plans, then what?
Well, considering you didn't,
I would say your complaint is moot.
That's not the point. You were
being cavalier with my time.
Why Why are you deliberately
trying to pick a fight with me?
I'm not!
I've had an extremely stressful
day, and you're agitating me.
You know, for most people,
a house walk-through and a hair
cut would be considered a day off.
You have no idea what I'm dealing with.
Yeah? And what is that?
Charmaine told me
she's thinking of moving,
and she made me promise
not to tell Jack.
I can't believe that you are
back to gossiping about Jack!
I'm not!
I told Charmaine I didn't
wanna know anything personal,
and she told me anyway.
Yeah, I find that hard to believe.
You really don't believe me?
You know, all I know is
I don't have the energy
to put up with any
more of this nonsense.
Good night.
Oh, don't tell me you
brought your homework.
No. Actually, I brought
something better.
I got, uh, Red Vines,
chocolate bars, peppermint patties.
What? No popcorn?
I know you like extra butter.
You're sweet.
What do you wanna watch?
Uh, I heard Stranger
Things is pretty good.
You've never seen it?
I don't have a lot of free time. I
I can't even with you right now.
Where are you going?
To my room. We need to
start your education.
Uh, yeah. Do you mind if I, um,
grab some water really quick?
- My mouth feels dry.
- Are you okay?
I'm fine. I just need a cup of water.
Okay, grab a glass and meet me upstairs.
My bed is way more
comfortable than the couch.
Okay. Um
- Oh, hey, Preacher.
- Hey, Howard.
Um, the sheriff asked me to stop by.
Oh, he's not here right now.
Well, I can wait.
Uh, it'll be a while.
Abandoned vehicle was
located up in Dinsmore.
Hunting party found it up the
mountain under some brush.
Surprised a lost vehicle
rates so high on his agenda.
Normally it wouldn't, but it's
registered to a missing person.
Oh, okay.
Catch him later.
- All right.
- Have a good night.
Yeah, you too.
Excuse me?
Hey, it's George, right?
Sorry it's so late, but my hands
are pretty much on fire.
Ooh. Yeah. Come on in here.
Like an itch?
[GEORGE] Feels more like a burn.
Like a burn?
Okay. Why don't you have a seat?
Um, I've got a topical cream
that will bring down the
inflammation, okay?
Do you have any other symptoms,
like a fever? Nausea?
Well, I had some stomach cramps
last night, but they went away.
- That was fast.
- Yeah.
- It's really just the rash.
- Mm-hmm.
Hurts like a motherf
Did you have the, uh,
berry-beet salad at Jack's?
Can't stand beets.
Did you do any of the vegetable prep?
Like I told Preacher,
I'm a waiter, not a cook.
So, how long have you
been working there?
I don't know. Um
About a week.
- Why?
- I was just wondering.
Do you like working there?
Meh. It's a job.
All right.
Well, I'm gonna have you sit tight
because the cream needs to absorb
before I can bandage your hands.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
[JACK] Mel?
Hey, Jack, can you come
down to the clinic?
What's going on?
There's something
I think you need to see.
Uh, yeah, I'll be right over.
[MEL] Thanks.
Hey, Carlos, thanks for calling me back.
Of course. What do you need?
Well, I've decided to move
forward on the house.
Ah. Your timing's off.
How's that?
Another buyer made an offer,
ten percent over asking.
Ten percent. Okay.
Look, I don't I don't
think I can swing it.
You could rent out the upstairs room
as a source of additional income.
I hadn't thought of that.
Do you think I'd make enough
to cover the difference?
I might have someone
who'll pay top dollar,
but just let me confirm before
I give out their information.
Okay, keep me posted.
- Sure will. Bye-bye.
- Yup.
What are you doing?
I was really into that.
I'm tired of watching TV.
Okay, what do you wanna do?
I don't know, just hang out.
Do you have a fan in here?
It's feeling really stuffy.
It's not hot outside.
You know, maybe it's the humidity index.
I do not know what you're talking about.
- This better?
- Yeah, that's great. Thanks.
Come over here.
Come here.
You look cute.
You look really pretty.
Thanks. Let's do one more.
[LIZZIE] What do you think?
You look good. I I look weird.
No, you don't.
Wanna go lie down?
Uh, I don't think we should.
Why not?
I've never had sex before.
Who said we're having sex?
I'm so sorry.
I thought with the kissing and the
bed and the wanting to be alone.
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to assume.
You probably think I'm a freak. I
I won't blame you if you didn't
want to hang out anymore.
If you're a freak, then I'm a freak.
What do you mean?
What do you think I mean?
You'd be my first too.
- Whoa.
- But don't tell anyone that.
- Embarrassing. [CHUCKLES]
Do you want me to leave?
No. The best part's coming up.
[CALVIN] What I hear
is you blew the sale.
We can get another farm.
Okay, the county's full of them.
Your buddy Sheridan had a hand in it.
He's not my buddy.
I brought you here
because I thought your
connections to Virgin River
could be a help to us.
So far, that hasn't been the case.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Let me take another run at Lilly.
Okay, I know I can turn her around.
No. It's too late for that.
See, if I don't feel I can trust you
You can. I swear.
Just tell me what I need
to do, and I'll do it.
I need you to show me I can trust you.
- How?
- You'll see.
Hey, hold on.
- Hey.
- Set him down right there.
Hang on.
See, Brady, you're either on the team
or you're not.
- Spencer's not.
Go on. Take it.
Come now, child, the day is long ♪
Hide not yourself from me ♪
Angels sing the final song ♪
Silence will turn to sleep ♪
- Hey.
- Hey.
One of your servers
just came in. George.
What, has he got food poisoning too?
Well, no, he has a rash on his hands,
and he has some of the symptoms
that the other patients had,
but they went away immediately,
and he didn't eat the salad.
What are you saying? You think
You think George deliberately
contaminated our food?
Well, I don't know. Jamie
said look for the outlier,
and he hasn't been working
for you long, right?
Well, about a week. What's his motive?
I don't know, but his
story doesn't add up.
All right, I'll talk to him.
He was just here.
Well, there's your motive.
Well, I guess that's
his way of telling me
to stay out of his business.
- [SCOFFS] I'm gonna call the sheriff.
- No, no, don't.
This is between me and Calvin.
Inside the heart of everyone ♪
There lives infinity ♪
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