Virgin River (2019) s03e05 Episode Script


[JACK] When did you start
thinking about a baby?
[HESITATES] After the accident,
I didn't think that
I could get pregnant.
So I just kept telling myself
that I didn't need to be a mom.
But every time I see
Lilly with Chloe, I
My heart aches.
And how come you didn't
say anything until now?
Well, because, you know, we'd
just started dating, and you
[SCOFFS] you have twins on the way,
and I just I know this
feeling isn't gonna go away.
I feel like I owe
it to myself to try.
Well, it's hard to
argue with your feelings.
I should've just kept
the baby thing to myself.
- I just
- No. Hey, hey. Come on.
- No. Listen, you did the right thing.
I wanna know what's going on
in that beautiful head of yours.
Yeah, well, right now, it's
mostly filled with regret.
Just because I want to have a baby,
it doesn't mean that you
have to feel the same way.
You know, I mean, I
I totally understand if you don't.
[JACK] I should, um
- I'll need time to think things through.
- Yeah, of course. I Of course.
- Hey.
- Hm?
I'm glad you told me.
- We should probably get some sleep.
- Yeah.
I love you.
I love you too.
- [JACK] Night.
- Good night.
"Why, you're nothing
but a great big coward."
I am a coward. I, uh
[INHALES] Wait, what's my next line?
"I haven't got any courage at all."
"I haven't got any courage at all."
"I even scare myself."
- I can't do this.
- Oh, buddy, come on.
You just gotta keep practicing.
You are gonna be great on stage.
I'm gonna look stupid. And
everyone's gonna laugh at me.
The kids at camp giving you a hard time?
Just Sam. But everyone
thinks he's awesome.
Hey. If he's hurting you,
you need to tell a grown-up.
He's not hurting me. He's
just acting like a jerk.
Okay, well, then you gotta
stand up for yourself.
And how do I do that?
The next time he is being mean,
you look him straight
in the eye, and you say,
"Psshh. Whatever, man."
- Then you walk away.
- That'll work?
[LAUGHS] Oh, you betcha.
And when I get home tonight,
we will practice these lines
until you got 'em down pat.
If you still wanna quit,
well, you can.
- Hm?
- Whatever, man.
- Oh! Whatever, man!
[CONNIE] Okay, you two.
- Playtime is over.
- Oh.
Yeah, time to skedaddle, or
we're gonna be late for drop-off.
- [CHRISTOPHER] Race you to the car!
- [CONNIE] Woo-hoo!
- Thanks for taking him this morning.
Well, ever since Lizzie moved out,
I've got extra time on my hands.
I appreciate your help with Christopher.
Mm. Honey, when it
comes to raising kids,
I believe that it takes a village,
and I'm more than happy to do my share.
- Thanks again.
- Mm-hmm.
Is that a dark roast I smell?
It is. I just made a fresh pot.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
So have you, uh, talked to Hope today?
No, no, I spoke to her last night.
Power is spotty in Port Royal. It's
not easy to get in touch with her.
Well, at least you know she's safe.
[DOC] Yeah.
I won't feel better
until she is back home.
You miss her, don't you?
Yes, I am looking forward to her return.
I swear your heart grew three
sizes since you gave Hope a ring.
Gosh! Now do we get to
discuss your love life?
No. You're right.
Let's not go into that.
by the way, I, uh, need for you
to cover for me this afternoon.
Ah! Isn't that interesting?
Not particularly.
Well, you need something from
me, and I need something from you.
And what do you need from me?
To know why you're interviewing people.
Well, technically, you don't really need
to know that information to do your job.
If I'm not informed on the
inner workings of this office,
then how can I be
trusted to cover for you?
Look, I was planning on telling you,
so this is not me just giving in.
Uh-huh, okay.
I am interviewing physicians.
Because I think we
could use the extra help.
I mean, I don't think you're gonna
be able to handle another doctor.
I mean, you barely tolerate me.
That is not true. I think
we do quite well together.
Uh-huh. That's only because
I am very accommodating.
That's a misuse of the word "very."
Oh, come on. You and I both know
the second another doctor comes in here
and tries to change anything,
you're gonna have a fit.
I will have to adjust.
Okay. Well, if you do
decide to hire someone,
I don't think you're going to, but
if you do, it directly affects me too.
I understand, and I'm sorry I
didn't recognize that from the start.
Thank you.
Look, I have another candidate
coming in later this morning,
and if you would like, we
can do the interview together.
I would love that. That'd
be great. Thank you.
- Oh. I'm sorry.
Oh. You know what? Do
you mind if I take this?
Go ahead, go ahead.
[MEL] Hey, Joe.
- [MIKE] Huh?
- Oh, you leave any in the river?
[LAUGHS] Yeah, a few.
Um, hey, if you can clean 'em
up for me, I'll split my haul.
- All right. You got yourself a deal.
- All right.
Man, being on that river
with the sun coming up
[WHOOPS] it just gets
me through the day, man.
Hey, next time you should come with me.
Yeah, maybe.
Okay, what's going on?
Well, something's spinning
around that head of yours.
Nah, it's just relationship stuff.
Tell me now or tell me later, 'cause
I'll get it out of you eventually.
Mel told me that she
wants to have a baby.
Well, how do you feel about it?
I love her, you know?
And I don't wanna
disappoint her ever, but
I'm having a hard time wrapping
my head around having two kids,
let alone three.
I mean, the thought of it
literally gives me chest pains.
Yeah, I I don't
know what to tell you.
You're you're in a tough spot.
[MIKE] Um If you need
anything, just, you know
Oh, yeah, the second I saw his
face, I wanted to take it back.
Well, what did he say?
[MEL] He said he was glad I told him.
- So, then it's fine?
- No, no.
There's a difference between
"I'm glad you told me"
and "I am so glad you told me,
because I feel the same way."
- Well, he was probably just in shock.
- No, I don't know.
I'm worried I scared him off.
Jack doesn't strike me as
someone who scares easily.
Think about it. He's having
twins, his house burned down,
and now his girlfriend says
she wants to have a baby?
That's a lot.
Oh, damn it. You weren't
supposed to agree with me.
- I gotta go. I'll call you later. Okay?
- Okay.
- Love you.
- I love you too.
[MEL] Okay, bye.
There you go.
- [LIZZIE] Hey, Lydie.
- Hello there. Did you have a good sleep?
I did. Thanks again for
letting me stay with you.
The shower in the guest bathroom rocks.
Oh, you mean the
bathroom? There's only one.
And I'm so happy you like it.
- The water pressure's killer.
- Isn't it?
I would've showered this morning,
but there wasn't any hot water left.
Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry.
It takes forever to
get the conditioner out.
Yeah, I'm sure it does.
So, um, what can I
get you? It's my treat.
Oh, that's awfully nice of you.
Um, I would like, uh,
a half a dozen gingersnaps and
a couple of oatmeal muffins.
So, um, when do you think
you'll be going back to Connie's?
We're not really speaking
to each other right now.
Oh. But I'm sure something
could be done to make amends?
I don't know. We're
both really stubborn.
But family is so important.
Actually, I kind of feel like
you and Ricky are my family here.
Is that weird?
- No, it's a lovely sentiment.
[LYDIE] Thank you.
- Miss Sheridan?
- Yes.
This is Annie from Dr. Fisher's office.
The doctor's refilled
your Xanax prescription
for an additional 30 days.
[RELIEVED] Oh, thank you.
You'll need an appointment
if you want another refill.
- Okay.
- Where should I call in the prescription?
Um, Dixon's Pharmacy over in Eureka.
- Is that the same location as last time?
- Yes.
They should have it
ready in a few hours.
Thank you. And please thank Dr. Fisher.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Char, what's up?
I just came by to let you know
that Todd booked a luxury
birthing suite for me.
Oh, great.
It's not great. It's incredible.
I've got a personal chef
and a dedicated photographer who's
gonna do my hair and my makeup.
As long as the twins are looked after, I
don't really care about the rest of it.
[SIGHS] Well, Todd cares
about me and the twins.
All right, that's not what I meant. I
Sounds a little over the top,
but if that's what you and
Todd wanna do, I'm cool.
Look, Jack. I know you
have a problem with Todd,
but we need to figure out a way
to work this out for the twins.
I don't have a problem with Todd.
Oh, okay. I'm glad
that you feel that way
because he wants to have lunch with you.
- When?
- Today.
[SCOFFS] I can't today. I
got a private party coming in.
Gotta be here for that. The
Lumberjack Games tomorrow.
Can't you meet him for a drink?
- Why doesn't he ask me himself?
- He's gonna call you.
I thought it would be better if
I came and gave you a heads-up.
- Well, I can't today. Sorry.
Jack, if you refuse his
invitation, he's gonna be insulted.
[SCOFFS] Okay, I think
I can live with that.
'Cause it's just gonna make things
harder for you in the long run
but, you know, it's
it's totally your call.
All right. Have him call me.
Thank you.
You got a new car?
- Yeah. Isn't it cute?
- [JACK] Mm.
- Todd got it for me.
Super cute.
- Preach, I got more supplies out back.
- All right.
- I'll take that.
Take the top one? Okay.
What's the ETA on Curtis and the guys?
Well, last I heard,
they were heading over
to Big Lagoon, tracking a massive elk.
Curtis says they should be in by lunch.
All right, good.
How big's the party this year?
I'd say five, give or take.
All right, well, I was thinking,
these guys usually spend more on
one meal than we make in a week.
Yeah! Ain't that the truth?
And since you're the one who
brought in Curtis' business,
it's only fair that you should
take 50% of whatever we bring in.
Oh, unless 50% is not enough?
No. No, I'm just, uh, I'm surprised.
Doesn't that put you in a bind?
No. No, the bar's having a solid month.
And I think we should sit down and
talk about that partnership thing.
Just map out what that might look like.
Yeah, yeah, if that's
something you're open to.
Yeah. I think it could be
good for the both of us.
I was not expecting this.
[BRIE] What did you expect?
[BRADY] That you
wouldn't return my text.
Yeah. Sorry about the other night.
I just had to get out of there.
nothing to do with you.
Then I was I was gonna call you,
and then it just felt awkward, and
[BRADY] Hey.
You don't need to explain yourself.
It's cool. I'm just, uh
I'm glad we got together. [CHUCKLES]
Um, can I ask you a question?
I don't picture you as
the suit and tie kinda guy.
Yeah. I had a meeting
with a loan officer.
It was for my company.
Oh. How'd it go?
[INHALES] Not great.
I have a bunch of trees
that can't be logged,
so I need to make up for the loss.
But apparently, I don't have
the capital to secure a loan.
- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know.
They said I should look for a co-signer,
but that's easier said than done.
Well, if I had the money,
I would co-sign you.
- You would?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
And this is based off
of what information?
Well, I mean, you seem like a good guy.
- Uh-huh.
- And you're very competent in bed.
Whoa, back up.
- "Competent"?
Is that your attempt at a compliment?
Okay, I'm sorry.
How about, um, proficient?
- Proficient?
- Or capable.
And you have excellent abs.
Remind me never to
use you as a reference.
So, what made you choose,
uh, family medicine?
My mom was a surgeon.
I wanted to follow in her
footsteps, but I'm a people person.
And, I mean, as you both know,
when you're a surgeon, your
patients are mostly unconscious.
But I do have to ask you,
why leave a prestigious
post at Johns Hopkins?
I'm tired of assembly-line medicine.
I wanna create an intimate,
holistic experience
at an independently owned practice.
Solid. Solid answer.
Would you, uh, like to see the place?
Very much so.
Good. Mel, you wanna show
Dr. Hansen the clinic?
Sounds good. We can
start in the exam room.
- Okay.
- All right.
Awesome. Thank you.
Hey, Grandma.
Hey, I brought you a snack.
Oh. Awesome. Thank
you. Did you see Lizzie?
I did. We had a nice chat.
Oh. What'd she say?
That she's really enjoying our shower.
Sorry. I know it's kind of a lot.
I'm really happy to have
her, but only temporarily.
Hm. Well, how temporary?
I think you should talk to Lizzie.
Help her find a way back to Connie.
Well, you could talk to her.
Ricky [SIGHS]
if you're gonna be
in an adult relationship,
then you have to be able to
handle conflict like an adult.
[SIGHS] So that's a no. Okay.
Hey, Allison. Two usuals at
my table, please. Thank you.
So, Charmaine tells
me you're an ex-marine.
No "ex".
In the marines. There's no "ex".
Oh. Like, uh, fraternities?
I got you. Sorry about that.
- Thanks.
- [TODD] Lagavulin.
- Distiller's edition.
- [JACK] Ah.
This scotch is actually
finished in sherry casks.
Yeah, I'm aware.
Oh, so you can appreciate a good scotch.
Well, I own a bar, so
I've had my fair share.
Well, collecting rare scotches
is actually a hobby of mine.
In fact, I just bought an 1824
M series single malt Macallan.
- Guess what I paid for it?
- Four grand.
- [TODD] Good guess.
- Well, it's not a guess.
I'm impressed.
[TODD] A toast.
[JACK] To?
To you.
Becoming a father. Twice.
Listen, I know Charmaine
pushed you to come.
It's important to her that we get along.
there's something I wanted
to offer you, face-to-face.
All right.
I want you to understand.
I love Charmaine, and I would
do anything to make her happy.
Well, I'm
I'm sincerely happy for the both of you.
That's good to hear.
If I were you, I'd be relieved she
found someone to take care of her,
so you don't have to.
I'm perfectly capable of
supporting her and the twins.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
But I'm offering you a free pass.
Look, Charmaine and I talked about it,
and we both think it's best for everyone
if I were to legally adopt the twins.
I'm sorry, did you just
You say you wanna adopt my kids?
Just hear me out. It's the
cleanest way for everyone involved.
There's no dragging 'em back and
forth. No real dad versus stepdad.
And I'll foot the bill.
think of the cash you'll save
by not having to pay for college.
Come on, man.
It's a win-win.
And you don't think it would be
psychologically damaging for them
to grow up wondering
why I abandoned them?
Not if we don't tell them.
The fact that you would even consider
starting a relationship with my children
by lying to them.
Oh, and don't think for one second
that I would ever give them up
for a little extra cash.
They're not for sale.
Thank you so much for coming in today.
It was my pleasure. I look
forward to hearing from you both.
So, what'd you think of Dr. Hansen?
- Oh, I liked her.
- [MEL] Yeah?
Even her holistic approach?
Yeah, I think she'll be a
excellent doctor for Virgin River.
Oh. Great.
I mean, I completely agree.
Well, if you do decide
to hire her, I just
I was thinking maybe you
should bring her in gradually.
- Two, three times a week till
- I don't think that's necessary.
I think it would make the
transition smoother if she
[SIGHS] I just I
can't do this anymore.
What? I don't understand. You just
Please, no more questions.
- Doc, what's going on?
I'm retiring.
- Should I come back later?
- No, no. Uh, Bert, just follow me.
- Is everything okay around here?
- Uh, yeah. It's business as usual.
- Hey!
- Hi!
Are you picking up those
pies Preacher ordered?
Yeah. And, uh, I need
to talk to you too.
- Okay.
- But if you're busy, I can come back later.
- There's no one else here. [LAUGHS]
- Right.
Actually, I wanted to talk
to you about something,
but I didn't wanna say
anything around Lydie.
Oh, uh, okay. Go ahead.
- You go first.
I've been talking to my Grandma,
and she thinks she thinks that
Just say it, weirdo.
She thinks you should work
things out with Connie.
She doesn't want me to stay?
No, it's just that she thinks
that family is important
I get it.
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
I think we should get our own place.
we should what?
We could get an apartment,
maybe rent a house?
A cute little cabin with
a big fireplace? [CHUCKLES]
I I don't think I could do that.
If it's about money, my
dad's still supporting me.
And I've saved up 'cause there's
nothing to do around here.
Moving in together is a really big step.
You don't wanna live with me?
Like I said, it's a really big step.
- You know what? Forget I said anything.
- Wait [SIGHS]
[PREACHER] It's all
fresh, and it's tasty.
- Hey.
Coconut curry soup?
That sounds good. I'll take that to go.
- Is Jack in
- Yeah.
- [JACK] Uh-oh. What's wrong?
- Doc is retiring.
- What?
- [MEL] Yeah.
- Why would he do that?
- I don't know!
Bert came in and interrupted us.
I was just I literally had no idea
that he was even considering retiring.
Maybe it's just talk.
No! He's interviewing
doctors to replace him.
[JACK] Oh.
Well, then, I guess he's serious.
You know, it [INHALES SHARPLY]
The fact that he's
retiring isn't the issue.
It's that I thought we
had gotten close enough
to talk about these things,
and I'm just, you know,
I'm disappointed that he
doesn't feel the same way.
I mean, look, we both know
Doc's a very private person.
I'm sure this has nothing to
do with how he feels about you.
You're probably right. [GROANS]
- You want me to talk to him?
- Oh God, no.
No, don't say anything to him.
No. I'm just [GRUNTS]
I'm gonna tell him he caught me
off-guard, and I want
what's best for him.
Thanks for your help.
Well, I didn't really do anything.
You let me talk it out.
Oh, by the way,
I'm gonna go out for
drinks with Brie after work.
Oh. Well, good. I'm glad
you guys are getting along.
Just call me if you
guys need a ride home.
Okay, great. Thanks.
- Have fun with your party.
- Thank you.
Hey, Doc. Everything okay?
- Yeah, I was in the neighborhood.
- Oh. Uh, just a sec.
Just put Chloe down.
Oh. She being fussy?
Keeps me on my toes.
Uh, is this about Hope?
Please tell me she's okay.
No, she's fine. I just wanted to
drop by and see how you were doing.
- Oh.
- I haven't seen you in a while.
We saw each other at Jack's yesterday.
I meant at the clinic.
Oh. Right. Well, um,
I've been really busy.
I just figured maybe we
can make an appointment.
It's been a while since you've
had your blood work done,
and, you know
Did Mel tell you?
About what?
That I have cancer.
You have cancer?
- [LILLY] You didn't know that?
- No, I had no idea.
Tara mentioned that you had
been feeling a little low.
Now, tell me,
what is the diagnosis?
Pancreatic. Stage 4.
I told Mel in confidence.
No, I promise you.
She never said a word.
- Lilly, I'm so sorry.
Now, I assume you have an oncologist.
Yeah. Over in Grace Valley.
Okay. Now, who is it?
If you're not happy, I have an
in at the MD Anderson Center
Actually, um,
I'm choosing palliative care.
I don't want the people I love
to have to watch me suffer.
No, no, of course.
But have you considered vaccine therapy?
No, Doc. I have to do this my way.
I can understand that.
Lilly, I want you to know
you're not alone.
- Okay.
- Hope and I, we love you.
Please don't say anything to Hope. Okay?
I don't want her to cut her trip short.
Lilly, you're her best friend.
She'd wanna be here to help you.
No, I think it's better
if I tell her myself!
You know Hope. She
wouldn't want you to wait.
[SOBS] I'm just not
ready for any of this.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- What time is it?
- Hm. After five.
- Oh, I should go.
Mel's meeting me at Jack's.
Yeah. I'll, uh [KISSES]
I can give you a ride.
Just give me a minute, huh?
You're still in bed.
Yeah, well, I was thinking
we still have some time, so
If you're not too tired?
Do I look too tired?
- Wow! Look at this.
- [PREACHER] Hey, you finally made it!
Sorry we're late.
- Don't worry about it. It's all good.
- Nice.
What you got for us this time?
- Man, we have got locally caught halibut.
- Nice.
Fresh Dungeness crab. Plus the finest
Kobe beef from HyÅgo Prefecture.
Did you get the Château de Beaucastel?
Yeah. I got a whole case in the back.
Sounds like we're
gonna be here all night.
Yeah. So, hey, listen, fellas. Let
me get you started with some drinks.
- All right? Okay.
- Thank you.
- Love this place.
It's perfect.
- Hello?
- [PREACHER] Hey, Connie.
- Can I talk to Christopher?
- Oh, yeah, sure.
- It's for you.
- Oh.
- Hello?
- Hey, buddy.
Preach! I worked on my lines in
the car on the way back from camp.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, wow. That is awesome.
When are you coming home?
Yeah, it's, uh Listen, it's gonna
be a It's gonna be a late one.
So, you know, Connie's
gonna put you to bed.
But you said we'd practice tonight.
Yeah, I know, and I am
really sorry, but I've got
an important table, and they
came in late, so, it's just
You lied.
Hey. Christopher. I didn't
I didn't lie.
Sometimes things happen
that are out of our control.
You know I'd be home if I could.
Honestly, it looked like it exploded,
like, right there. It was brutal.
Promise me you won't tell Hope.
Well, if that's what you want,
I will respect your wishes.
- Thank you.
- But, you know, with terminal illness,
I think you you need
to consider both sides.
What do you mean?
Look at it this way. I mean,
you'll be giving the
people you love time.
Time to process your illness,
to express their feelings.
- To say goodbye.
So there will be no
regrets after you go.
Hey, Doc!
Hey, Tara.
Oh, you should stay for
dinner. We have plenty.
I'll leave you two alone.
I'd like you to stay in
case there's questions.
Well, yeah. Do you wanna talk inside?
[LILLY HESITATES] I'll lose my nerve.
What's wrong?
[SHAKILY] Uh, Tara
- Mom, what's going on?
[SIGHS SOFTLY] I have cancer.
[SLOWLY] Okay. Uh
Well, how bad is it?
Pancreatic. Stage 4.
Well, how soon can you start chemo?
My illness is terminal.
There's nothing they can
do for me at this point.
No, there's something they can do.
There's something they can do. Doc?
A clinical trial?
Pancreatic is one of the more
aggressive types of cancer.
At this late stage, it's inoperable.
And I just wanna spend whatever
time I have left with you and Chloe.
But you look normal.
I haven't been feeling that well lately.
Yeah, but I thought Chloe
and I were tiring you out.
- I should've done more.
- No, don't.
- I should've helped more.
- Don't! This is not your fault.
Oh my God. I'm so sorry I'm
putting you through this.
I'm sorry this is happening to you.
Whatever you need, I will
take care of it, okay?
I just I don't want you to keep
changing your life on my account.
Oh, I don't care about me.
I'm worried about you.
I love you so much.
I love you too,
sweetheart. I'm so sorry.
[LILLY] I'm so sorry.
[LILLY] It's okay.
- Yeah, it's okay.
- Oh my God.
- It's okay, baby.
- Hello, Julia.
- Hello.
So how'd the interview
go with Dr. Hansen?
Uh, very, very well, thanks.
- Yeah.
- That's great.
She has another offer,
but, lucky for you,
she wants to come to Virgin River.
[DOC] Oh, I see.
Well [SIGHS]
just give me some more
time to consider my options.
Unfortunately, you're going
to need to decide by tomorrow,
or you're gonna lose her.
No, I can't. I cannot make
a decision that quickly.
[JULIA] I'm sorry, Vernon,
but this case, it requires
a quick turnaround.
[JULIA] Goodbye, Vernon.
More, more. [LAUGHS]
- I'll get you some more.
- You killed that one.
They're eating food faster
than you can make it!
Yeah, and drinking
like fish. Lucky we got
another case of Beaucastel in the back.
It's gonna be a hefty bill.
Yeah, and they don't seem to care.
- What are you gonna do with your share?
- I don't know.
Thinking about taking Christopher
somewhere. Maybe Disneyland.
Uh-huh, that'll be nice.
Yeah, he's been having a tough
time, so he could use some good news.
Well, how much longer
till Paige is back?
Hey, Doc. I got some
fresh rainbow trout.
- I'll take it.
- [PREACHER] All right!
For someone on the brink of
retirement, you don't look too happy.
What was that?
I heard you're retiring.
Yeah? Where'd you hear that?
[DOC] Ah. I see.
Well, for your information,
that piece of news?
That was given to her in confidence.
Don't blame Mel. She was hurt,
and she wanted some advice.
I don't care. My business
is a private matter.
She had no right
discussing this with anyone,
anyone, outside of my office.
All right, be reasonable here.
I'm sure this wasn't your intention,
but she felt sucker-punched.
You know what?
I didn't come here to get lectured
on how I should run my practice.
And you just let Preacher
know, cancel my order.
Hey. What's wrong?
I don't know. Why don't
you ask your boyfriend?
Whoa. What happened?
Come here.
I told him you're upset he
sprung his retirement on you.
Oh God. I told you not to say anything.
I know, but I protect the
people I love. I'm sorry.
You're making it really hard for
me to stay mad at you right now.
- Then don't be.
- Uh-uh.
Fine, just don't say
anything else to him.
Okay. I won't.
But just so you know, in the future,
if anybody ever hurts you in any way,
I'm not gonna keep my mouth shut.
- Jack.
- I'm sorry. It's who I am.
Yes, I know that, and as I
have said on numerous occasions,
I am a woman who can
fight her own battles.
- I know.
- Okay?
This is gonna be interesting, isn't it?
Well, lucky for you, I can't
go back and forth on this now
'cause I gotta go get Brie.
All right. I think she's upstairs.
By the way, you look really beautiful.
Thank you.
- Hey, cancel Doc's fish, will ya?
- Copy that.
Those guys still eating?
Yeah. Curtis and the guys
want sandwiches for later.
Throw one on for you?
Oh man, that sounds really good.
There you go.
[MEL] Hey, Brie?
[DROWSILY] Hi. Sorry. I must've
fallen asleep. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh.
- Come in.
[MEL] Yeah, no problem.
Oh, nothing. I just haven't seen
a waterfall braid since Mandy.
- Oh, who's Mandy?
- Jack's ex-wife. [CHUCKLES]
[BRIE] Oh, you didn't know about her?
- [BRIE] Oh.
- No, I didn't. [SIGHS]
I am so sorry. Jack is gonna kill
me when he finds out I told you.
[HESITATES] It's okay.
I won't say anything.
[SIGHS] That would be great.
- Are you okay?
- Mm.
We don't have to go out.
Yeah, I'm fine. [CHUCKLES]
Okay, 'cause you look a little pale.
- I'm ready. [CHUCKLES]
- Okay.
All right.
Oh. You know what? I forgot my purse.
Oh my God, Brie!
Brie? Brie?
Can you hear me?
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