Virgin River (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Take My Breath Away

What are you doing out here?
It was that bad?
No! No, it wasn't.
I'm just a really light
sleeper. Thank you.
If I was snoring so loudly,
why didn't you wake me up?
'Cause you've been so stressed
out, and you were just dead asleep.
So instead of waking me
up, you sleep in your car?
I mean, I didn't do a lot of sleeping.
That's it. Tonight I'm
gonna check into the B&B.
Don't be ridiculous. I'll get earplugs.
No. I don't want you to feel
uncomfortable because of me.
Wait, am I making you feel that way?
You're not. You've been incredible.
It's me. I just
Well, I've never lived with someone.
You have.
So what can I do to convince
you that I want you here?
I don't know.
I just feel like I'm encroaching
on your space, you know?
But you're not.
It feels like that.
Come on. So it's normal for
you to just sleep in your car?
What's normal is when
you're living with someone,
there's a give and take.
But next time I'm snoring,
will you just wake me up?
But you should know,
when it comes to you,
I don't care about personal space.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Like now?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I miss you too, Vernon.
Oh, I am just so glad
that you are in one piece.
How is your Aunt Nancy?
The hurricane didn't kill
her, but I almost did.
Wow! Why? What happened?
First of all, she refused to evacuate.
Luckily, her neighbor Pete came over
and offered to let us
stay in his safe room.
I wasn't sure the three of us were
gonna make it back to his house.
Why not?
Because while we were
pushing my aunt's wheelchair
through 100-mile-per-hour winds,
she had a fit about leaving
her bird feeder behind.
She kept demanding
that we take her home,
and at one point, accused
us of kidnapping her.
Oh, well, it sounds like we owe
Pete a big old bucket of gratitude.
But I think I need to stay for a bit.
Nancy's got a yard
full of branches, and
she's refusing to hire help.
Do you want me to come down
there and give you a hand?
No, no. The airports are a
mess. I'd worry about you,
and my heart's had about
all the stress it can take.
Okay, listen, as long as you are
not putting yourself in harm's way,
you can stay as long as you want.
There is one thing I need you
to do for me in the meantime.
Yeah, you name it.
Send out the Virgin River Quarterly.
Got it. And how many are there?
You're kidding me?
And I need them mailed out ASAP.
Wh what is the rush?
This edition has a last-minute reminder
about the upcoming Lumberjack Games.
Well, couldn't I just
put up some flyers?
Vernon, all the money we
raise goes to the food bank.
We need the whole town to show up.
I wanna be clear. I am not equipped
to take over running the
Lumberjack Games in your absence.
Don't worry.
Carol Fleming's in charge this
year. I'm just a figurehead.
Although give a welcome
Hey, Hope?
Where's Jimmy?
They brought him in this
morning. He's in a holding cell.
- Have you questioned him?
- Not yet.
But I have the interview room
booked for this afternoon.
Well, I wanna see him. Face-to-face.
You know I can't let you do that, Jack.
He hasn't asked for a
lawyer yet, but he might,
and I don't want him walking
free 'cause I broke protocol.
All right, Mike, let me talk to
him, and I'll know if he's our guy.
Jack, I got this.
You know I'm right.
Yeah, I do, but my hands are tied.
Look, I'll call you
after the interview, okay?
Sure. Thanks.
Hey, Preach. Uh, listen.
I've got an errand I
gotta run this afternoon.
I need you to cover, okay? Call me back.
Hi, I haven't been able to reach you.
I even left a message on the
clinic's answering machine.
Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
The reception out here
is less than stellar.
Hey, Joey, are you okay?
Joe, talk to me.
The hearing to finalize
my divorce is set.
Oh, honey.
- I thought you wanted this?
- I want the divorce.
I do. I just I
don't wanna be divorced.
And you know what the worst part is?
I am gonna be alone
for the rest of my life,
and he's already got a girlfriend.
Well, I thought that was just
a, you know, midlife crisis?
Yeah, well, he took this one to Maui.
How do you know that?
Because there's a million
pictures on Instagram,
courtesy of Ariel, who was born in 1995
and lists "glassblower"
as her occupation.
- For real?
- That is not something I could make up.
Ugh. Okay, the first
thing I need you to do
is stop looking at Instagram.
He wants her to meet the kids.
I mean, my kids.
I just don't think I can face him alone.
You don't have to. I I'm
gonna come to the hearing, okay?
And afterwards, we'll go and drink
lots and lots of sake at Roku.
I will be by your side the entire time.
Okay. Thank you.
- God, I feel like such a wimp.
- No.
This is a big change.
But it's what's best
for you and the kids.
Oh, listen, Bill's here. He's here
to pick up the kids. I gotta go.
Sure. Yeah.
Just hang in there, okay? I love you.
I love you too.
Hi, Dr. Mullins. This is Julia. I
know you said not to call this number,
but I left a message on your cell,
and I still haven't heard back.
Unfortunately, your two
o'clock interview had to cancel
but is still very
interested in the position.
Please call me to reschedule and
so that I know you got my message.
- Cord wrapping.
- Yes.
- Good Lord.
- It looks good.
Well, bakery truck is being serviced,
so Lizzie's joining us today.
How lovely. Nice to see you, dear.
- Do you knit?
- No.
And I don't wanna learn.
If you can assure me the rumor
that you and Ricky went
to a motel is false,
you are free to leave.
I told you, I was at a friend's house.
Now, Connie, if Lizzie says she was
with a friend, then I believe her.
- Oh, I wish I could be so naive.
- Ugh.
I'm going to the bathroom alone.
I'm the only person keeping
her on the straight and narrow.
Connie, honey,
do you know what happens when
you hold on to a horse too tight?
It bucks.
- Doc! Hey.
- Oh!
Well, hello, ladies.
Hey, Lilly, thanks again for
driving your phone over last night.
I was just so glad she was
able to get hold of one of us.
- Mm.
- She'd been trying all day.
Sounds like the storm
made a mess of things.
Indeed. In fact, she's gonna
spend another week or two there
to help her aunt clean up.
Now I have to get the
newsletter out all by myself.
No. We can help you with
that. Won't we, girls?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Sure.
We will take shifts at your house,
and that way, you don't have
to cart everything around.
Well, now, you're sure I'm
not asking too much of you?
Oh, she's sure.
Don't mind her. That's
what friends are for.
Thank you. Thank you, ladies.
- You haven't returned my texts.
- What are you doing back here?
Connie dragged me to the sewing circle
'cause the bakery
truck's being serviced.
So, is your friend Parker still in town?
Oh, I get it now. That's
what's bugging you.
No. It's weird that he
dropped by without telling you.
That's just Parker. He's spontaneous.
- Mm-hmm. You guys are pretty tight?
- We went out for a while.
Yeah, what's a while?
I don't know. Like, three years?
Chill. We are just friends now.
Does Parker know that?
Anyway, do you wanna come over later?
Connie has to pick up Christopher,
then helps Preacher with dinner,
so she won't be home till late.
Uh I gotta study.
You just graduated.
Yeah, I need to research which
college classes to take, so
Whatever. If you don't wanna hang out
Okay, okay.
How about I swing by
after my shift today, okay?
How will I ever begin to thank you?
I got this.
- All right, Red Label.
- All right.
And, uh, sorry I was late.
It's just that Christopher
refused to go to camp.
- I hope you won the battle, buddy.
- Yeah, I feel like I'm losing the war.
- Yeah?
- I do not know how single parents do it.
Please do not tell me that raising
a kid is harder than it looks.
Oh, no, man. You, my friend,
are gonna be fine, all right?
Just, you know, my situation is unique.
Come on, I got two of them on the way.
- There's no way that's gonna be easier.
- Ah.
Yeah, I can't argue with that.
You wanna see if that's Christopher?
So what happened there?
She have a thing for you?
No, man. Not like that.
Hey, sorry, man. I didn't
mean anything by that.
Well, actually,
she recommended me to a chef
friend of hers in San Francisco.
He offered me a job.
I accepted.
- You took another job?
- Yeah. Yeah, I did.
But then Christopher came
in the picture, you got shot,
so I bowed out.
I didn't know you were
unhappy, man. I mean
Well, I wasn't, but after you
turned down the partnership offer,
I decided to keep my options open.
Oh, Preach, I I had no idea that
being partners was so important.
Hey, I'm the one who brought it up.
Yeah, but I thought you were just
trying to help me out, you know?
You know, don't worry about it, Jack.
It's your bar. It's your business.
Yeah, I will be there as soon as I can.
That was Christopher's
camp. I gotta pick him up.
Yeah, yeah, you go.
We can talk about this later.
Don't worry about this afternoon.
- We'll manage.
- Thanks.
Just give me the bottom line.
Well, pine beetles have
infested half the lot.
And the rest, it's
just a matter of time.
So, none of these trees are salvageable?
Pretty much.
Damn it. There's gotta
be something we can do.
There's not a lot of options.
Well, Calvin didn't pay
for proper lot inspections,
and the company isn't insured.
So I'm on the hook for the whole thing?
You could try and sell. You'd
have to disclose the infestation.
I'm not selling the company.
I'll figure something out.
I just I need more time.
Clock's tickin'.
Thanks, man.
Super helpful.
What did you do?
It's just a little paper cut.
Oh, hold on. I have a
first aid kit in my purse.
Oh, really, all I need is a tissue
so I don't bleed on Hope's table.
Hm. And you know I've always said
that doctors make the worst patients.
- Oh!
- Let's see.
- Ow.
- Oh.
You know, when I was in my
twenties, I dated an ER doctor.
Do you know he actually finished
his shift with a broken arm?
You know, when an ER is busy
and you don't have enough staff,
you can't just walk away.
Oh! I never thought of it that way.
Okay, here we go.
- And that, sir, is good as new.
- Nicely done.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
There she is.
- Hello?
- Hey.
Oh, hey!
Okay, what needs to get done?
Well, plenty. Unfortunately,
I am due back at the clinic.
Go ahead and go. Muriel and
I can handle the rest, right?
Of course. We'll finish up here.
Oh, thank you both so
much for all your help.
Oh, it's nothing.
Muriel, I'd still be trying
to figure out that printer
- if it wasn't for you.
- Aw.
Just here to work.
Me too.
- Hey, I'm gonna take five.
- All right, yeah.
If you're trying to
butter me up, it's working.
Oh, I know your weakness.
- Wow, that's good. That tastes homemade.
- 'Cause it is.
how's the job search going?
You want the truth?
Uh, yeah. That'd be good.
I'm not looking.
Why not?
I don't know if I wanna
go back to practicing law.
You've wanted to be a
lawyer since you were a kid.
Yeah. I didn't know
what I signed up for.
Which is?
Working for a firm that
doesn't care what happens to you
just as long as you win your cases
and bill the clients
a crapload of money.
Wish I could help.
You are helping me by
letting me stay here.
- Hm.
- The rest I have to figure out on my own.
Ooh, spoken like a true Sheridan.
- Independent to the bitter end.
- Oh yeah.
Speaking of bitter,
how's Charmaine?
I get the feeling that her and Todd
are gonna limit my time with the twins.
What makes you think that?
She came by here after the fire.
Said I didn't have to
worry about housing.
That I could "visit" whenever I wanted.
Oh, no, you cannot let that stand.
Custody is all about precedent.
Yeah, I know, I did some research.
I'm thinking about hiring a lawyer.
I know a great family practice
attorney over in Eureka.
She owes me a favor.
I'll call her.
Thanks. Appreciate it.
By the way, I am so happy
you and Mel are dating.
- Oh, are you now?
- You know she's way out of your league.
- Hey!
- I'm just kidding.
But don't mess that up.
I'm trying not to.
Uh, what do you mean, "trying"?
Second night of living together,
I found her sleeping in her car.
I mean, I've heard you
snore. I don't blame her.
Come on! It's not
something I can control.
We know how good you are
at things you can't control.
So what am I supposed to do?
Look, Mel loves you
because you don't pretend to
be somebody that you're not.
And out in the dating world, that
is pretty hard to find. Trust me.
Well, let's hope it's enough.
You're overthinking things.
You need to get out of your own way.
Christopher, buddy, we can't
keep doing this every day.
I don't feel good.
What you got? Stomachache?
My chest hurts, and I'm cold.
Well, you know, if you're really sick,
we should have Doc check you out.
So we're gonna drive to the clinic.
Just to be clear, we're gonna
drive to the clinic right now.
Okay, then.
Tara. I didn't expect to see you here.
I don't have an appointment,
but Mel said I could wait here.
Oh, of course, yes.
You know, coincidentally, I just
saw your mother over at Hope's.
That's actually what I
came to talk to you about.
My mom hasn't been herself lately.
How so?
Well, she's sleeping,
like, 12 hours a day,
and she's still tired all the time.
Well, have her come in,
and I'll do a full workup.
That's the thing. She refuses
to see you or any other doctor.
- And how are you feeling?
- Perfectly fine.
I'm just worried about her.
I will call your mom, and I
will convince her to come in.
But she can't know that
I came to see you, okay?
- You know how private she is.
- Yeah.
Well, tell you what, let
me figure out what I can do,
and then, meanwhile,
you keep an eye on her.
I will.
Thanks, Doc.
You bet.
- Bye, Mel.
- Bye.
Thanks for covering for me earlier.
Hope had a project she
needed me to finish.
I heard.
So, anything to report on your end?
Uh, yeah.
Uh, your two o'clock interview canceled.
The message is still on the machine
if you wanna hear it for yourself.
- Thanks for letting me know.
- Mm-hmm.
That's it? Really?
You're not gonna
explain what's happening?
I wasn't planning on it.
Okay, are you hiring someone new?
I am considering it.
Hey, guys. Hey.
Are you having a hard time breathing?
It started right when we drove up.
Before that, he said he was
cold and that his chest hurt.
Christopher, why don't you
and I go into the exam room,
and we're gonna figure this out, huh?
Yeah, I don't know. I think he
may be trying to get out of camp.
Uh-huh. It could be anxiety.
- At his age?
- Hm.
I I know he misses Paige, but
Do you have any idea
when she'll be back?
Okay. Don't worry. We're
gonna figure it out.
Mel! I need you in here.
He's hypoxic. Get me the BVM, please.
- What's happening?
- He's not getting enough oxygen.
- Has he been in water recently?
- Uh, yeah, the camp has a pool.
Christopher, I'm gonna place
this mask over your mouth, okay?
Christopher, the mask is
gonna help you breathe, okay?
I want you to take slow, deep breaths.
Try to follow my count.
One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi.
Three Mississippi.
- You're doing great, buddy.
- Four Mississippi.
Now, Christopher, you went
to the pool today, right?
Did some water go down the wrong way?
- Yeah, he's having a laryngospasm.
- Okay.
- Larson maneuver?
- Yes.
Hey, you're gonna be okay. I promise.
What's going on?
Stress on his lungs is causing
his vocal cords to spasm,
blocking his airway.
Here we go.
Good, good, good. It's working.
Here you go, buddy.
Very good.
All right.
You're gonna be okay.
He's okay.
Gonna check in with Deputy
Howard. Be right back.
Hey, why don't you grab me a
Coke from the kitchen first?
Otherwise, I might be too parched
to speak clearly. Know what I mean?
Well, hey there.
Look who's out and walking around.
Guess that nurse of yours has a
pretty good set of hands on her.
I'm just lucky you're such a lousy shot.
If I'd pulled the
trigger, you'd be dead.
That's some big words coming from
a guy who's chained to a bench.
You know they can't hold me, right?
If they had any evidence at all,
I'd be charged already, wouldn't I?
- You been on a bender?
- Blowin' off some steam.
Why? Feeling anxious?
Nuh. Just got a lot of time on my hands.
What with being, uh, recently
unemployed and all that, you know?
I'm sorry about that.
I wouldn't worry about it.
I'm sure you'll find a job in prison.
Hey, G.I. Joe.
You know Calvin knows you're
responsible for that raid, don't you?
- Good.
- Yeah.
When Calvin finally
takes you out, then, uh,
you know, I'll be more than happy
to take care of your girlfriend.
Shut your mouth!
Hey! Jack!
Back off!
What the hell are you doing?
- He threatened Mel!
- You're not supposed to be here.
What, you want me to sit at home,
wait for the shooter to turn himself in?
Okay. Look, right now,
Jimmy doesn't have an alibi,
but there's nothing
tying him to the shooting.
Please. He's threatened
to kill me multiple times.
That's not enough for a conviction.
He's been up to
something. I can feel it.
Hey, hey. We're cross-referencing
with neighboring law
enforcement agencies.
It takes time. A lot
of these small towns
haven't digitized their systems yet.
Okay, well, until then?
Go home.
Try to calm down.
I will calm down
when whoever tried to
kill me is behind bars.
So, how many do we have?
Okay, so that leaves
Oh, please, math is not my strong suit.
That leaves 1,079.
There you go. We're getting there.
Unfortunately, I can't stay much longer.
I've gotta go feed Chloe her dinner.
- By all means. Yeah, I can do the rest.
- That will take you all night long.
Yeah, I don't mind.
It's for a good cause.
I know we can't help who we love,
so I say this with total kindness.
I think you're barking
up the wrong tree.
What do you mean?
I've known Doc and Hope
for nearly 20 years.
While they've had
plenty of ups and downs,
they've never left each other's side.
You think I'm trying to
steal Doc away from Hope?
Well, from what I've heard,
you've been doing an awful lot
for him since Hope went away.
Listen, I know that everyone
thinks I'm on the hunt.
"Oh, don't leave your
husbands alone with Muriel."
But I'm not a home-wrecker.
It wasn't that long ago
that you made it clear
you had your eye on Doc.
I didn't realize how complicated
their relationship is.
I know.
Doc is spoken for.
Then why pay him so much attention?
Truth is, I don't have a
lot of good friends here,
and we have a lot in common.
We both love classical music,
and good wine, board games.
I suppose I simply
just enjoy his company.
This isn't just about Hope, okay?
I want what's best for you too.
As long as you realize that Doc
is completely devoted to Hope,
you'll spare yourself a
whole lot of heartache.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey. You on your way home?
Ah, I'm stuck at work. I
might be a couple more hours.
Aw, you gotta be exhausted.
Yeah, a little.
You sure you don't want
me to stay at the B&B?
Even if it's for one night? I
don't want you to get run down.
What? I worked the graveyard shift
at the hospital for two years.
This is nothing.
- You're sure?
- Yes.
Besides, I'm looking forward to
coming home and having you there.
I love you.
I love you too. Bye.
- How you doing?
- Hey.
Um, Doc's with him. I,
uh I just needed a minute.
- Yeah. Of course.
- Yeah.
His breathing has stabilized.
He nodded off. I didn't
have the heart to wake him.
- Poor little guy.
- I don't understand what happened.
It appears he suffered from
respiratory dysfunction,
connected to a small amount of
water that aspirated in his lungs.
He said he was swimming
with some bigger boys,
and he got dunked a couple of times,
and I think that was the source
of the delayed respiratory issue.
He, uh,
never told me that.
You were smart and brought
him in before damage was done.
I thought he was bluffing.
Well, you know kids.
They're so hard to read.
Well, maybe he should
be with someone else.
- Someone better at this.
- Christopher loves you.
- He trusts you. That's what matters.
- Mel's right.
Don't beat yourself up. You're
doing a great job, Preach.
Well, thanks. Both of you.
I don't know what I would've
done if something happened to him.
I know. He's gonna be just fine.
And he's gonna cue off of you,
so when you go in there, make
sure he knows everything is okay.
Christopher's breathing is
strong. No sign of pulmonary edema.
That's good.
But I would like to monitor him
for the next couple of hours.
Okay. I can stay if you wanna go home.
Oh, I appreciate that.
You want some coffee?
No, thanks.
If you're thinking of
hiring someone else,
don't you think I should be in the loop?
I'm not adding anyone to the staff.
Okay, what does that mean?
Look, I don't have the energy
to get into it right now
but it's not your position
that I'm looking to fill.
Hey. Didn't think you were coming.
I had to help Jack with something.
- I'll get the next one.
- Don't worry about it.
I can buy my own drinks.
You know, a guy can buy you a
drink without any strings attached.
They can, but my way,
there's no confusion.
Hm. All right.
We'll do it your way.
Wow. That was easy.
I thought there'd be, you know,
at least a little bit of pushback.
No. I don't sweat the small stuff.
Okay. What about the big stuff?
Well, uh, let's just say
I won't start the fight,
but I'm not afraid to finish it.
I like it.
Here's to not taking any crap.
To not taking any crap.
Hey, I was, uh, I just gonna
Connie saw us together at the
bar and freaked out on me again.
Are you going somewhere, dear?
I was hoping I could stay
with you guys for a while.
I'm home.
Hello there.
What you doing in there?
Uh, just trying to figure something out.
- Okay.
- What flower do you prefer?
Rose or jasmine?
I guess I slightly prefer jasmine.
That's not what I thought
you were gonna say.
- Hold on one minute.
- Oh
Um, should I start dinner while
you're doing whatever you're doing?
No, no. I got it handled.
Just one second.
You drew me a bath.
Well, you sounded like
you needed to relax.
Oh, you are the sweetest,
most thoughtful man.
Well, you are a remarkable woman.
Are you gonna get in with me?
Hm, no, I got a few
details to attend to.
- Details?
- Mm.
The only thing you need to
focus on is you. Get in there.
Okay, then.
Hey, what's the word?
We had to let Jimmy walk.
Damn it. Why?
- He got himself an alibi.
- He probably paid somebody off.
It's the Trinity County
Sheriff, so I doubt it.
Jimmy was in their drunk tank
the night that you got shot.
You're just finding this out now?
Yeah. It's like I told you,
a lot of these small towns
are still on paper systems.
And in this case, the
Trinity clerk was out sick.
And they're sure it was Jimmy?
Yeah. I'm sorry, man. I
I thought we had our guy.
Okay, what's next?
We keep looking.
All right. Hey, listen,
man, I gotta bounce.
- Talk soon.
- Yeah.
So Dr. Petersen agrees
with Dr. What's-His-Name?
Dr. Wesley. And, yes,
they both say it is AMD.
What's Petersen's plan for treating you?
He said the best way to treat wet
age-related macular degeneration
is something called anti-VEGF therapy.
I've never heard of it.
They inject a medication into
my eyes to shrink current vessels
and prevent further growth.
He says it is 90% effective.
Are there any side effects?
Infection, uh, retinal
detachment, stroke
Stroke? That's not a side
effect, that's a death sentence.
Get a second opinion.
Hope, Dr. Petersen
is the second opinion.
Then get a third! There's
gotta be a better treatment.
Honey, it won't make a difference.
I have AMD,
and I'm not gonna sit
around waiting to go blind.
Darn it! I knew I
shouldn't have left town
until we got this under control.
- I'm coming home.
- No, you're not gonna do any such thing.
There's nothing you can do
here you can't do from there.
And there's only one thing I do want,
and that is to keep my
diagnosis between us.
You you hear me?
What is all this?
Oh my God.
This is exactly like the one
that Joey and I had growing up.
I can't believe you remembered that.
After the fire, you were
totally there for me.
This is my way of saying, "I love you,
and I appreciate you."
You make me so happy.
I have
one more surprise.
How in the world
Well, I had a little help.
Brie actually helped
me with the tea lights.
- That was her idea.
- Oh my gosh.
She's so sweet.
I am blown away.
That's the reaction I was looking for.
Push us off?
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
- Wow.
- Uh-huh.
Come on! You're cheating.
- How? You just watched me throw.
- I don't know. You are. You're cheating.
All right.
See? That's why I wanted to play pool.
You'll get it. You're
holding on for too long.
You gotta release earlier. Okay?
So, first, hold it like this.
And then
- Come on! Now you're just showing off.
- Ah.
I love this song.
- Let's dance.
- I'm not a big dancer.
Come on. Just one song.
- Yes!
- Please, God, no!
Thinking I can see through this ♪
See what's behind ♪
Got no way to prove it ♪
So maybe I'm lyin' ♪
But I'm only human, after all ♪
I'm only human, after all ♪
Don't put your blame on me ♪
Don't put your blame on me ♪
Take a look in the mirror ♪
And what do you see? ♪
Do you see it clearer ♪
Or are you deceived? ♪
In what you believe ♪
'Cause I'm only human, after all ♪
And you're only human, after all ♪
Don't put the blame on me ♪
Don't put your blame on me ♪
Oh ♪
Some people got
the real problems ♪
- I thought you said you couldn't dance?
- Oh, I never said I couldn't.
think I can solve them ♪
Lord, heavens above ♪
I'm only human, after all ♪
I'm only human, after all ♪
Don't put the blame on me ♪
Hi, do you remember me? I'm Stella.
I used to be Don's assistant.
Oh yeah. Hey.
My parents live in Clear River.
- What are you doing here?
- Um, visiting.
I swear this is like
fate, 'cause I wanted
to tell you that you were right about
I'm sorry. I gotta go.
I'm only human, after all ♪
I'm only human, after all ♪
Don't put the blame on me ♪
Don't put your blame on me ♪
You're awfully quiet.
I was just thinking.
You know this morning,
when we were talking about
being real with each other?
How would you feel
about me having a baby?
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