Virgin River (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

Be My Baby

I like the name Katherine.
- Well, that's pretty.
- Yeah.
Or Indiana.
- For a girl.
- Or a boy.
- Hmm.
- Or we can name him after you.
- Jack Junior?
- Mm-hm.
Maybe JJ for short.
- I like that.
- Hmm.
We also have to consider Mark.
As a name.
If that's what he wants.
[ominous music playing]
- What's Mark doing here?
- Well, the baby might be his, remember?
Hey, Jack.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey.
[coyotes yipping, howling]
[theme music playing]
Uh, so, like I said in my e-mail,
our situation is unique.
About five weeks ago, I had two embryos
implanted via natural cycle FET in L.A.
I've had fertility issues, so I didn't
even know if I could get pregnant.
Uh, we had broken up.
But then, we got back together, and, um
So, the embryos?
They're mine and my, um
Her husband's.
My husband's.
Who's not you.
Is your husband aware
that paternity is in question?
No. He died a little over a year ago.
Yeah. We like to keep things
as complicated as humanly possible.
We can resolve this using a non-invasive
paternity test, also referred to as NIP.
Right. Yeah. What do you think?
Well, I'd like to just focus on you,
you having a healthy baby.
That's all that matters to me.
Mom and baby's well-being
is the number one priority.
- As a specialist in high-risk pregnancy
- High risk? As in?
Higher complications
before, during, or after birth.
Given Mel's history with infertility
and her intrapartum death,
she'll need additional screening,
advanced testing, extensive monitoring
Wow, you barely touched
that incredible breakfast.
The eggs smell weird.
Remember, the neurologist said
your sense of taste and smell
might be compromised for a little while.
- Here, have some toast.
- What's the point?
If I can't stand eggs,
I'm not gonna magically enjoy toast.
Honey, recovering
from a brain injury takes time.
You've been home a couple of days.
Just go easy on yourself.
I have no energy. All I do is sit around.
How much easier can I go?
Right. Okay. Now, that's
what this cane is for, for your balance.
- I'm not an invalid.
- Correct.
But your proprioception is impaired.
English, please.
Your brain is having trouble sensing
where parts of your body are.
They're in the same place
they've always been.
All right. Good conversation.
Vernon, where did
that hydrangea come from?
Oh. Tara brought that by
before you came home from the hospital.
Is Lilly mad at me?
- Why would you ask that?
- She hasn't come over.
I've called her twice,
and she hasn't called me back.
What did you think of the doctor?
I liked her.
She's great. I just didn't realize you
were gonna be in the high-risk category.
Well, sweetheart,
I mean, I had a stillborn.
Yeah, I know. I think just hearing her
say all that really brought it home.
I mean
Sorry. But it's gonna be fine.
- Oh, and how do you know that?
- Well, I don't, but, um
I don't know. I just feel calm.
It's like my body knows
that this pregnancy is different.
Oh, great. I'm glad one of us
feels like everything's under control.
I just think
we should choose to have faith.
- Okay, that's all we need?
- Yeah.
And maternity clothes because last time
I blew up like a balloon.
- [chuckles]
- I'm gonna ask Jo if she has any left.
I didn't think we were supposed to tell
anyone until after the first trimester.
Oh, well, I mean, that's not a rule.
It's really just a personal choice.
Well, you know, our situation is
It's a little complicated,
and there's bound to be questions,
so, I just thought maybe we would
keep this between us just for now.
Okay, so, you don't want me to tell Joey?
She's my sister. I tell her everything.
Could you wait a little bit, like a week
until after next week's appointment?
Give me a little time
to get my head around it.
I can I can do that.
Wow, that was easy. I was expecting
more back and forth.
You really are relaxed, aren't you?
I am.
You're literally grinning
from ear to ear right now.
We're having a baby.
- Hell yeah, we are.
- [chuckles]
- Morning. Hey.
- Hey.
You know, it helps if you turn it on.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
How's Hope doing?
Not well.
She doesn't remember me
telling her that Lilly had passed away.
- When did you tell her?
- When she was down in South Carolina.
Her subconscious must have buried it.
She asked if Lilly was mad at her.
- [Mel] What did you say?
- [sighs]
I panicked. I told her, "Oh, well,
we'll talk about Lilly when I get home."
- Do you want me to talk to her?
- No, it's gotta come from me.
I just don't want anything
to impact her recovery.
I don't know. Maybe we should lie to her,
just until she gets better.
I think you should be honest with her.
Right now she depends on you,
and if she finds out you lied,
it might destroy her sense of security.
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
If you wanna go home,
I will cover for you.
Oh, thanks. Jo Ellen is at the house.
And besides, I wanna be here
when Dr. Hayek arrives.
I can't believe
you hired him over the phone.
His dad and I went
to medical school together,
and I've known Cameron
since he was in shorts.
I'm not trying to give you a hard time.
I'm not. He was nice on the phone.
I don't remember being late
on my first day. I'm just saying.
[Cameron] Actually, I'm right on time.
Ah, there he is.
Cameron. We have been talking about you.
Dr. Hayek. This is Mel Monroe,
our nurse practitioner.
Please call me Cameron.
And it's nice to meet you in person.
- You, too.
- How was your drive from San Diego?
Not bad. I spent the night in Big Sur,
and I wouldn't mind living there.
- I hope you feel at home with us.
- Thank you.
Now, I cleared a little counter space
here in the exam room for your computer.
- If you need anything else, let me know.
- That should be fine. Thank you.
Once you're settled, we can
discuss logistics over a cup of coffee?
- Mm-hm.
- Sounds good.
I'll get the rest of my stuff.
- I look forward to working with you, Mel.
- Uh, same.
- Well, I'm offended.
- Why?
When I first arrived,
I was greeted with a shotgun
and asked to leave the premises.
Uh-huh. My memory of those events
is vastly different than yours.
Oh. Uh-huh.
And also, FYI, I still don't
technically have counter space.
- Gee, how can I make this up to you?
- I don't know. I have to think about it.
- Mm.
- Mm-hm.
[door opens]
I just need to get
the Wi-Fi password, please.
Ha! I got no idea.
Listen, anything regarding
the 21st century, just ask me.
He doesn't know.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
So, what kind of software
do you use for scheduling?
Um, we're more of like an analog office.
So, that means?
You're gonna need a pen.
- Right.
- [Mel] Yes.
Ooh. Going somewhere?
- I have a job interview.
- [Jack] That's cool. With who?
Oh, you expect me to believe
your lawyer called
and you had nothing to do with it?
She's your friend.
Maybe she wants to work with you.
- Come on.
- I mentioned that you're available.
Oof. You are a bad liar.
Well, I wasn't sure
that you'd wanna meet with her.
Well, why wouldn't I?
With everything that happened with Brady,
wasn't sure you wanted
to stay in Virgin River.
If I moved every time
a guy screwed me over,
- I'd be living out of a suitcase.
- Aren't you living out of a suitcase?
- Seriously?
- Sorry, couldn't help it.
- Well, next time, try harder.
- This is good. I like this banter.
- And that means?
- Just want you to stay for a while.
Really? Why?
What do you mean? Can't a brother
wanna spend time with his sister?
Yeah. Brothers who aren't you can.
I'm trying to change that.
I'm really enjoying
getting to know you again.
You mean that?
You're not saying it to be nice?
You're my sister. I don't have to be nice.
- See, I can't tell if you're kidding.
- Well, that was a joke obviously.
But no, look, I'm serious. For real.
Look, I love you.
I would very much like it if you stayed.
I love you, too.
- Kick ass.
- Obviously.
Those eggs are innocent bystanders, man.
- You wanna talk about it?
- No.
Well, I'm not very good
at taking no for an answer. So, come on.
I haven't heard back from the private
investigator for a couple of days.
- [Jack] Oh, something'll turn up.
- Yeah.
Trust me. Steve's good.
As soon as he knows something, he'll call.
I just Thinking about Vince
with Christopher is making me crazy.
I feel so damn helpless.
Still no word from Paige?
No, Sally was my only contact.
Obviously, she's working with Vince.
Still can't believe she played me.
- She must have been paid off.
- Either that or she was coerced.
Well, I'm surprised you're not getting
more out of the sheriff's department.
Mike says their hands are tied.
Vince is Christopher's uncle.
So, without Paige, his claim
to guardianship is stronger than mine.
- Well, who else knows about Christopher?
- Just you, Mel, Mike, Sheriff, and Connie.
Everyone else thinks
he's back east with Paige.
So, what if we go public?
Get the local news station involved?
No. No. The PI says that any publicity
will just push Vince deeper underground.
But if he feels anonymous,
well, eventually he'll be careless.
- Making him easier to track.
- Yeah.
Hey, listen. I'm sorry I wasn't
straight with you from the beginning.
Come on, man. I get it.
You were protecting Paige and Christopher.
Going forward, just keep me in the loop.
I might be able to help.
What if Christopher thinks
I'm not even looking for him?
Well, he knows you love him.
He also knows you're
not gonna stop looking till you find him.
Now, I would have taken
that trash out, eventually.
Hope is taking a nap, so I just tidied up
a bit, and now I'm heading home.
I can't thank you enough
for all you've done.
- Takes a village.
- Yeah.
Oh, um How was your visit with Hope?
I was hoping that she'd
be back to her old self by now.
We played three rounds of gin.
She didn't try to cheat.
That's the thing
with traumatic brain injuries.
The normal symptoms, you know,
memory loss, fatigue, and headaches
they directly impact personality.
- What do her doctors say?
- Wait and see.
All right, then.
Oh, oh, oh.
Whatever happened
with that young man, Denny something?
Now, I don't know who that is.
- You didn't get my message?
- I must have missed it.
While you were at the hospital with Hope,
a young man checked into the B&B,
said he was looking
for his grandfather, Vernon Mullins.
Well, I can't be his grandfather.
I never had any children.
Well, that's what I thought,
but he seemed so sure of himself.
- Anywho, see you later.
- See you.
- Hi.
- Hi, Lizzie!
- Hey, Lizzie!
- Hey, Doc.
Whatcha got there?
I made potato soup
and corn fritters for you and Hope.
Oh, thank you. That is very sweet.
I wish there was something
I could do to help.
What? This is plenty.
And you got a friend in town.
Parker? Oh, he left last week.
I could have gone with him, but I've
decided to be on my own for a while.
Good for you.
Oh, and if you have some spare time,
Hope's roses are on death's door.
I've been watering them,
but I think they need fertilizer.
- Okay, and if you want, I can pull weeds.
- That's wonderful.
And everything you'll need,
you'll find in the gardening shed.
Oh, and I have to pop over to the clinic
this afternoon.
- Could you keep an eye on Hope?
- Sure.
Thank you.
I had no idea you were a garden pro.
I'm not. That's what Google's for.
[both laughing]
- Oh, hey. Uh
- Oh.
- You look nice.
- Oh, thanks.
- I just had a job interview.
- How'd it go?
- She offered me the job. So, it went well.
- Oh, that's great. Congratulations.
Well, I'd have to commit to a year.
So, I'm not sure I'm gonna take it.
Brie, I'm sorry about the mess with Brady.
I know he told you that I have it out
for him, but I was doing my job.
It's fine. I don't blame you.
I know how it feels
to be blindsided by someone.
Did one of your ex-girlfriends
shoot your brother?
Uh, if you ever wanna hang out,
just talk, or just whatever,
you know, I'm around.
I thought you were going to L.A.
I was, but then, the sheriff asked me
to stay on. So, I'm gonna be here.
- What made you wanna stay?
- I like it here. Air's clean.
People are nice to each other.
It's beautiful.
[cell phone ringing]
- Oh. Sorry.
- Oh, no. Go, yeah.
- Hey, grab it.
- Yeah. Sorry.
- I'll see you around. Bye.
- Mm-hm.
Come on. I'm open.
[inmates chattering]
- You're looking like crap.
- Jimmy.
Heard you were in here.
- You hear that from your police friends?
- They ain't my friends.
You ain't got a lot of friends in here.
A lot of guys got swept up in the raid.
They're blaming you.
I had nothing to do with the raid, Jimmy.
If you'd taken care of Spencer
like you were supposed to,
the feds wouldn't
be coming down on us at all.
- You got a point?
- No.
No point.
[man] You know that guy?
Sort of.
- He's a psycho.
- A lot of those around here.
Yeah, well, Jimmy's a little punk.
He ain't gonna do nothing.
You look outnumbered to me.
- Oh, Mel.
- Hi.
So, listen, inquiring minds wanna know.
Is this new doctor as cute as they say?
Right. Who is "they"?
Selma Linton said
that his smile was dazzling.
Well, Marge Cooper says he's dreamy.
Marilyn Brown called dibs.
Well, that's just ridiculous, isn't it?
Marilyn is married.
Cameron, though, does he have a wife?
- Uh, I don't know. I don't think so.
- [Jack] Does who have a wife?
Doc hired a very attractive doctor
to fill in at the clinic,
so he could spend more time with Hope.
It's about time you got
a bit of competition, mister.
Well, I wasn't aware a lack
of competition was a concern, is it?
I'm just saying, you know,
you might wanna stay on your toes.
Right. Um
- Would you help me get my lunch order?
- Yeah. I got something to show you.
Excuse me, ladies.
I have to get back to work.
So, after I dropped you off this morning,
I went by Kings Pharmacy.
And I got you some
extra prenatal vitamins. Very important.
A few books on high-risk pregnancies,
blood pressure cuff. That's for you.
And the FT 300 Fetal Doppler.
After 12 weeks, we can monitor
the baby's heart rate whenever we want.
- Isn't that cool? And look at this.
- Jack
We should check this place out.
Fetal Maternal Center's
one of the top-rated
neonatal facilities in the country.
Yeah, it's a very prestigious clinic.
Jack, this is so sweet.
Thank you for picking up all this stuff,
and, you know, researching clinics, but
But what? What?
If you're stressed out about me
having a high-risk pregnancy, it's okay.
- We can talk about it.
- I know. And I would talk to you about it.
This is just me doing my homework.
- Okay.
- Look, we got this.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
- What?
- Just like looking at you.
- Have I told you how beautiful you are?
- Not since this morning, so
- Oh, well, we need to fix that.
- Yeah.
Let me tell you more.
What are you doing to Amy?
I told Doc I'd fertilize the roses and get
rid of some of the weeds. Who's Amy?
- I didn't know she had a name.
- They all do.
Josephine, Meg, Beth.
Aren't those
the sisters from Little Women?
Finally. Somebody gets it.
So, do you need me to get you anything?
Um, I'd like for you
to drive me over to Lilly's.
Sure. I'll call Tara
and see if she's home.
- No, I just wanna visit Lilly.
- At the cemetery on the farm?
Why would we go there?
Well, because that's where Lilly is.
What are you talking about?
What happened to Lilly?
Nothing. Lilly's fine.
You stay here. I'll wash my hands,
and then, we'll figure it out.
[cell phone ringing]
Yeah. Doc Mullins here.
It's Lizzie. You have to come home.
What? Lizzie, what happened? Is Hope okay?
She asked me to drive her to Lilly's,
and I mentioned the cemetery
because I assumed she knew Lilly died,
and then, I freaked out
and told her Lilly is still alive.
Okay, easy. Don't get worked up.
I'll be on my way right now.
So, what do I tell Hope in the meantime?
You tell her that Vernon is on his way,
and he will drive her
wherever she wants to go.
[indistinct chatter]
[Mel] Hey.
- [Cameron] Hey.
- Picked up some lunch.
- [Cameron] Oh, thanks.
- Mm-hm.
I don't think we have time to eat.
Is it always like this?
- You mean a waiting room full of women?
- Yeah.
No, they're all here to meet you.
Professionally speaking.
No, no, no. Personally speaking.
Because you're new,
you're young, you're nice-looking.
I've only been in town
for less than a day.
Here's how Virgin River
was explained to me.
The Internet is slow,
but the gossip is fast.
- So I'm the gossip.
- Mm-hm. Why don't you eat your lunch,
and I'll figure out if these ladies
need medical attention.
No, no, no. Just enjoy your lunch.
They came to see me,
and I wouldn't wanna disappoint anyone.
[cell phone ringing]
Jo. Hi.
You've been dodging me for a week.
What is going on?
Well, I left you a message.
I can hear it in your voice.
Is it Jack? Are you sick?
- No, we're both fine.
- No, you're not. I can tell.
Do you need me to come up there?
Of course not.
That's Don't be ridiculous.
Tell me what's wrong.
I can't.
Mel. Please. You're scaring me.
I'm pregnant.
- You're pregnant?
- Yeah, I'm pregnant. [laughs]
And I don't know who the father is.
How is that possible?
Well, like you suggested,
when I was in L.A.,
I went and I did a round of IVF,
and then I came back,
and Jack and I got back together and
Well, I mean, however this happened,
Mel, honey, this is incredible.
I know. It is, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
How are you feeling?
I don't know. I'm still in shock, I think.
I mean, you know, first of all,
I didn't think I could get pregnant again,
and then, you know, everything is
so crazy with Jack and IVF and
Well, nobody
deserves this more than you.
I mean,
you have wanted a baby for so long.
Can't believe it's finally happening.
Hey, what's up?
I ran into Brie right after her interview.
She said she got an offer.
- Oh, good for her.
- Yeah.
You guys talk about anything besides work?
- What, you mean did I ask her out?
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
- And?
I said if she wants to hang out,
you know, I'm around.
That's it?
That's the best you got? "I'm around"?
I don't know what it is, man.
I got no game when I'm with her.
You don't need game with Brie,
just be yourself.
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
[Mike] Thanks.
So any word on Brady?
Yeah, he requested a bail hearing,
but, I mean, the courts are backed up.
He's not getting out soon.
How much is bail?
Five hundred K.
Oof. That's steep.
Yeah, 'cause he shot you
and left you for dead.
Don't tell me you're having doubts.
Look, Brady is Brady. But he's not dumb.
Driving around with a gun in the Jeep.
Come on. It doesn't track.
Jack, the gun was a match.
- Something's not sitting right with me.
- Yeah, 'cause you're a good guy,
and that level of betrayal just
You can't wrap your head around it.
Well, maybe.
[car door closes]
- What happened after we hung up?
- She wanted to come inside and lie down.
- Did she say anything else about Lilly?
- All she said was that she was tired.
Isn't that weird?
I am so sorry. I totally freaked her out.
No, no, no, please. Don't.
You did the right thing.
You called me and you kept Hope safe.
That's all that matters.
- [plates clattering]
- Easy, big fella.
How's it going?
There's a raccoon stealing our silverware.
Oh, yeah. That is Bandit.
He comes and goes.
[Ricky] What are we gonna do about him?
Cayenne pepper, hot sauce,
gallon of water,
and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.
- You can't poison Bandit.
- Relax, Ricky. It's a spray.
- They don't like the smell.
- I should take that to boot camp.
- Keep the guys from messing with me.
- What did Jack say about you enlisting?
He He didn't say anything.
Because I haven't told him.
Ricky, how do you think he's gonna feel
if he finds out from somebody else?
- I hadn't thought about that.
- Quit procrastinating. That's an order.
[chuckles softly] I'll deal with Bandit.
But there's not enough water pressure.
So when can you take a look at it?
That will be fine. Thank you.
Hello, Charmaine, nice to see you.
Hi, so my aunt
wants to throw me this baby shower,
but the country club is booked
until the end of the end of the year.
- Okay.
- So could we have it here on your patio?
- How many people on the guest list?
- Fifteen to 20.
Not a problem.
Oh, that's so great.
I love your garden and your courtyard.
Oh, thank you.
Nick and I are quite proud of it.
Speaking of proud,
you must be so excited about the twins.
I am. Super excited
and super stressed out.
I mean, like, there's so much to do
and I have total baby brain.
I don't even know
what color blue to paint the nursery.
[gasps] Does that mean
you're expecting boys?
Oh. Uh
- Yeah.
- Oh! Jack must be thrilled.
Jack doesn't know yet. We just found out.
So please don't say anything to Jack
or anyone else.
- Mum's the word.
- Thanks.
- Did you sign your contract?
- Not yet.
Jack, I know you want me
to go to college, but this is what I want.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner,
but I didn't wanna disappoint you.
You don't have to explain yourself.
You're an adult.
It's time you make your own decisions.
Wait, you're not mad?
I'm not mad at you.
I'm proud of you.
You're following your own dreams.
Something I understand.
You gotta promise me one thing.
When it's time for you to go to boot camp,
I'm driving you and Lydie to the bus stop.
That'd be awesome.
Proud of you, man.
Hey, make sure
you spend time with your grandma.
She's gonna miss you.
Thanks, Jack,
for being cool about everything.
Um, have you seen Gloria Gold's chart?
Her blood test results just came in.
- Anemia?
- Yeah, you're good.
She was textbook,
but thanks for the compliment.
- Thank you.
- Man, today was great.
- What?
- Are you always this positive?
Oh, it's genetic.
My mom is an event planner,
and my dad is the most
optimistic person you'll meet.
Mix the two together,
and this is what you get.
Makes perfect sense.
How about you?
Are you a pessimist or an optimist?
I would say half optimist, half realist.
- Which means?
- Which means I'm a hopeful control freak.
There's a lot of debate going on up here.
I like it.
Okay. Try this. At the end of every shift,
I like to ask whoever I'm with
what the high point of their day was.
Okay, um, the high point of my day
would have to be
when I convinced Mrs. Tilden
that psoriasis is not contagious.
[both chuckle]
What about you?
When you said I was attractive.
Oh, wow. You're Okay. I didn't say that.
You said I was nice-looking,
but we all know what that meant.
You're delirious,
and you need to take a break.
Actually, I was about to go for a run.
Oh, the Blue Creek Trailhead is
right next to the B&B.
That's my favorite.
- Oh, you run.
- Mm-hm. Every chance I get.
- Maybe I'll see you on the trail sometime.
- Yeah.
- Good night.
- Good night. See you tomorrow.
[bird squawking]
[groans] Where's Lizzie?
- Connie took her home.
- Oh.
Oh, my head is killing me.
- [groans] Can you bring me some aspirin?
- Of course.
[water running]
Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
You got it?
Vernon. When did Lilly die?
How did you know?
Lilly was the queen of sending cards.
No matter how mad she was at me,
she would have sent at least one.
I had forgotten about that.
- Every occasion, whether good or bad
- My favorite was Groundhog Day.
- Who does that?
- Oh, only Lilly. Lilly.
It wasn't just the card.
The look on poor Lizzie's face
when I asked her about Lilly.
It takes time to heal ♪
Please tell me what happened.
When you were in South Carolina,
Lilly was diagnosed
with pancreatic cancer.
She wanted to tell you in person,
and I respected her wishes.
Then one day,
I went out to visit her and Tara.
Tara was making dinner,
and Lilly took a nap.
And while she was sleeping,
she suffered a stroke.
She never woke up.
She died peacefully. I promise you.
She didn't suffer.
And the day of your accident,
you were on your way home for her funeral.
And on your way here from the airport
[continues indistinctly]
Close my eyes ♪
Kaleidoscope of blue ♪
It takes time to heal a wound ♪
It takes time to heal all wounds ♪
It takes time to heal a wound ♪
It takes time to heal a wound ♪
Some things are too great
To understand ♪
[Jack] Got it.
Yep. All right.
We'll get back to you. Bye.
- Hey. Aw. Thanks.
- For you.
So how was work?
Work was good.
Um, listen so I told Joey.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
I was talking to her on the phone
and she started to panic,
and I didn't want her to worry.
I couldn't do that to her, so I just
- It's okay. I get it.
- Okay.
Well, listen, I promise that we will
not tell anyone else until we are ready.
Well, I'm gonna hold you to that. Okay?
In the meantime, I was thinking
maybe we could fly down to L.A.
- Okay, why?
- I just spoke to that clinic.
See if they were taking new patients,
and they are.
I thought we could do a consult.
Okay. Um
Well, I think that in the future,
if we end up needing additional care,
then sure.
But for now,
I'm really comfortable with Dr. Lorton.
I just don't feel like I can sit back
and wait for something bad to happen.
Look, Mark and I,
you know, we we did everything
by the books.
We had the best prenatal care.
And we still lost our baby.
So if I focus on "what ifs,"
then I'm not gonna be able to function.
I get it.
I don't want that to happen to us.
- No.
- I'm just trying to support you.
I know.
I know. And that makes me feel loved.
And that's all I need right now.
- Nope. Sorry, we're not interested.
- Sir, I'm not here to sell you anything.
Rose Miller gave me your name.
Look, you've got the wrong Vernon Mullins.
The only Rose Miller I ever knew
died 40 years ago.
- Where'd you get this?
- She said you might not believe me.
She wanted you to have it.
Rose is alive?
Mm-hm. She's my grandmother.
And I'm your grandson.
[vehicle approaches]
[engine turns off]
[car door opens]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I need you to see something the PI sent.
What's wrong?
- What am I looking at?
- Just keep watching.
- Who is that?
- It's Vince, the guy who took Christopher.
["Salt and the Sea" playing]
So it wasn't Brady.
- What?
- Brady didn't shoot me.
Vince did.
I'll be your friend ♪
In the daylight again ♪
How you doing?
Couldn't be better.
It's tough in the beginning,
but you'll get used to it.
Well, it's not my first stint, and
I don't plan on being here much longer.
You might be right.
There we will be ♪
You earned this.
[man] Come on.
Next time you come at me,
I ain't gonna be so nice.
Jimmy's my cousin, you son of a bitch.
[guard 1]
Inmates, on the ground! On the ground!
[guard 2] Secure the yard!
[guard 1] Inmate down. Secure the yard.
[guard 2]
We need a medic stat. We need backup!
From the destruction
Out of the flame ♪
You need a villain
Give me a name ♪
I'll be your friend ♪
In the daylight again ♪
There we will be ♪
Like the salt and the sea ♪
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