Virgin River (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

Father Knows Best...?

Okay, is number two clear yet?
Dispatch, we are 1097
at St. Joseph Hospital.
Time is 18:47.
Inmate number 89012-011.
Alert the Watch Sergeant
inmate is heading into surgery. Over.
Hey. What's the word?
Um, nothing yet.
- I'm gonna see what I can find out.
- All right.
Hey, what the hell happened in there?
Jimmy tried to get rid of Brady. It was
actually Jimmy's cousin who shivved him.
Mike, we gotta get him out of there.
Brady is not your problem, Jack.
I'm telling you he is, okay?
Brady didn't shoot me.
Then who was it?
I'm pretty sure it was the guy
that took Christopher.
Wes' brother? Vince?
Preacher's PI turned up
with some security footage.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
I told you, Jack, the gun was a match.
- I'm telling you he's innocent.
- Okay, how bad is he?
No one knows yet.
Okay, so, he has a lacerated kidney,
the cut was deep,
but luckily it missed the renal artery.
Is he out of surgery?
Not yet.
- But he's gonna survive, right?
- Yeah, they think so.
It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
The nurse told me that she's gonna text me
when he's in the recovery room.
I just need a minute.
I think we're going to get some air. Okay?
Babe, you can't blame yourself.
Well, I read the situation wrong.
I should have known Brady
wasn't the one who shot me.
You know, you've told me Brady
has made some really poor choices, right?
I mean, you said in Iraq,
if it wasn't for him
Brady's crime
was being an impatient kid who
just didn't follow orders.
He didn't mean for Lonergan to die.
I know, look, all I'm saying is
he has a history
of being impulsive, right?
And he was working for Calvin. I mean
If I believed him,
he wouldn't be lying there right now.
- Jack.
- It's true.
You didn't put Brady in jail.
The evidence did.
Hi, Jo Ellen.
Yeah. Oh.
Okay. Yeah. No, I'll let him know.
Okay, I'll tell him. Thank you. Bye.
What is it?
Your dad just checked into the B&B.
My dad is at the B&B?
Jo Ellen called to say
that he wanted you and Brie
to meet him at the bar in the morning.
- Why wouldn't he just call me directly?
- I do not know.
Christ, can this day get any worse?
Well, you know, we could be held up
at gunpoint again, and kidnapped and
Don't. Don't even go there.
It's true. It could be that
or I could be pregnant with triplets.
Wow. I can't believe you just said that.
Now you're just being mean.
- You're horrible. Horrible human being.
- No. I'm not. I'm just being silly.
Come on, it'll be nice
to get to spend time with your dad.
Oh, okay.
- What?
- Your optimism is cute.
Hey. How's Brady?
He's not allowed visitors,
but I'm gonna try and see him anyway.
Okay, good.
Speaking of visitors, Dad's in town.
He checked into the B&B last night.
Yeah, I know. He called me.
Wait, you knew he was coming?
No, I was as shocked as you are.
Why isn't Mom with him?
I don't think
Dad's ever taken a trip without her.
Well, maybe something's up with him.
Why would you even say that?
Dad always acted like he was above us,
including Mom.
You're just saying that
because you and Dad didn't get along.
You should see how sweet he is to her.
All I remember is arguing.
You lived with him like 20 years ago.
Anyway, we're supposed to meet him
in a couple of hours at the bar,
and since Mom's not here to referee,
that's going to be your job, okay?
I've been here all night.
I'm not leaving until I see Brady.
This is my only chance
to talk to him alone.
Oh, come on. So I'm gonna be on my own?
I'll take him off your hands
as soon as I can.
You seriously owe me one.
I know. You're the best.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I missed you this morning.
Aw. Well, I woke up at 5:00
and I couldn't go back to sleep, so
How was your run?
It was amazing. It's gorgeous outside.
Oh, good.
You sure it's safe?
What do you mean? Running alone?
No. The baby.
No, no, no. I
It's fine,
because I ran before I got pregnant.
- What do you mean?
- They don't want you to do anything new
- like powerlifting.
- Oh, right.
What about power-walking?
I heard it's even better than running.
- Jack.
- For the knees.
- No.
- Back.
I just don't want you
pushing yourself too hard.
Honey, if anybody is being careful,
it's me. Okay?
I'm not questioning your judgment.
Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.
So, what's on deck for today?
Um, I'm gonna stop by
and visit Hope after work,
and we sent her flowers.
- That's very sweet of us.
- We are very sweet people.
Tell Hope I'll visit her
as soon as my dad leaves town.
- Okay. What time are you seeing him?
- 10:00.
Well, maybe I'll stop by and say hello.
I mean, he was so sweet to me
when you were in the hospital.
- Was he now?
- Yeah.
- Oh, honey.
- What?
Your shoulders are really tense.
Yeah, my dad tends
to have that effect on me.
Well, a hot shower for two might help.
- Oh. Yeah? Think that'll do the trick?
- Mm-hm.
I think so.
You know, heat therapy's
proven to be very effective
for muscle spasms.
Oh, okay.
Well, who am I to argue with a nurse?
Mel and Jack
sent you some flowers.
That was very nice of them.
You want to call them and say thank you?
If you could take care of that,
that'd be great.
Honey, isolating yourself is not healthy.
I think we need to ask your neurologist
if you can move up to
No. No more doctors.
And if you keep pushing,
that'll include you.
Okay, fine. What do you want me to do?
Well, Jo Ellen called,
she said that the sewing circle
is meeting over at Jack's.
I'm not ready for that level of chitchat.
You will be so much happier
surrounded by all your friends.
Just give it an hour.
Thirty minutes.
Twenty-nine minutes and not a second more.
Oh. And by the way,
you should probably get ready.
They're expecting you over there
in 30 minutes.
What if I said no?
I hadn't even considered it.
No visitors.
I'm the patient's attorney.
Unless you have clearance
from the Watch Commander,
you're not getting in.
Is your Watch Commander aware that
inmates have the right to establish
Health Care Directives?
I have no idea.
My client has not been given
any such opportunity,
which is in direct violation of
California Penal Code 2604.
Subsequently, the hospital and the prison
assume legal liability for willful neglect
to provide a basic standard of care,
as designated by the Eighth Amendment
of the US Constitution.
- Lady
- You can either let me in
so I can secure
my client's medical directives
or I will contact the hospital CEO,
the prison warden
and the press who will be happy
to camp out on your front lawn
until you can offer up an explanation
for participating
in this miscarriage of justice.
If I let you in, will you leave me alone?
Yeah, it would be my pleasure.
- Hey, how are you holding up, bud?
- Hey, you know, surviving.
Hey, would you mind if I take off
for a few hours this afternoon?
A buddy of mine from the veterans group
suggested an Aikido class
could help me with stress.
Sure, yeah, whatever you need.
We're partners.
You don't need to ask for time off.
I appreciate it.
Hey. Whatever happened to you proposing?
- Oh, we decided to wait.
- Oh.
So she turned you down.
For your information,
I never officially asked.
Man, whatever gets you through the day.
All right.
- Hey, Mel.
- Hey, Preach.
My love, for you.
Thank you.
- So, is your dad here yet?
- No, he never showed up.
- Really?
- Oh, damn.
Spoke too soon.
Come on.
Mel, good to see you.
You're looking luminous.
Aw, well, thank you, Sam.
I'm so happy to have you visit.
Hi, Dad.
So this is the famous Jack's Bar?
You've not been here before?
Between teaching and publishing
for the university, my time is limited.
So, what do you think?
Eh. You should repaint the outside.
It's looking a little dingy.
- Thanks for the tip.
- You're welcome.
So what brings you to town, Dad?
Just checking in.
Really? Because I've lived here for
over seven years. You've never checked in.
- I'm also here to see your sister.
- Yeah. Well, that tracks.
Your mother and I,
we just don't understand.
She had a prestigious job,
then to suddenly up and quit
Sometimes people need a change, I guess.
Your mother will be crushed
if she doesn't come back to Sacramento.
We used to have dinner
two, three times a week.
Without her visits, the house is empty.
Well, you're going to have grandkids
running around soon, so
- The twins.
- You're pregnant with twins?
I'm not pregnant with twins.
You got Charmaine pregnant?
Uh, you know, why don't you grab a booth
and I'll get us some coffee, huh?
Oh, my God, I am so sorry.
I thought your parents knew.
No, I wasn't that psyched on telling them.
We've been busy. I got shot.
You got pregnant.
That's not funny. I feel sick.
Don't worry about it. I can handle my dad.
You sure you don't want me to stay
and help smooth things over?
- It's fine.
- No, I can.
It's fine. Really.
- He was gonna find out at some point.
- Yeah, but
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Oh, jeez.
Look, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance
to talk yesterday.
I totally understand.
You need to take care of your wife.
I didn't want you to think
I was upset with you.
Not at all. You seem like
a pretty straightforward guy.
Plus, I sort of dropped a bomb
in your lap.
Whew. Two, if you count me.
Well, I
I definitely count you.
You know what? I just I don't understand
why Rose's sister lied to me.
She told me that Rose had passed away.
I asked the same question,
but Grandma wouldn't talk about it.
Did she say anything? Anything about us?
That you met in college,
but you guys broke up
when you went to med school.
Well, no, actually she broke up with me.
She sent me a letter
telling me she had met someone else.
That was the last I heard from her.
I'm pretty sure
she was pregnant with my dad.
God, why wouldn't she tell me?
Maybe she didn't want to get in the way
of you becoming a doctor.
Like, I came here a few weeks ago,
but when I found out
your wife was in the hospital, I left,
because I didn't want to burden you.
And I get that from my grandma.
What made you return?
I'm taking a year off
from college to travel
and I wanted to meet you
before I left the country.
I called the hospital and they said
your wife was no longer a patient.
I hope that was okay.
Without a doubt.
No, I'm glad you came back.
- Aunt Connie thought you might like these.
- Oh!
Uh, Lizzie, this is my grandson, Denny.
Denny, this is the lovely Lizzie.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Oh, excuse me.
Uh, I'm sorry to cut this short
but do you mind sticking around?
We can have dinner?
That'd be great.
And in the meantime,
maybe Lizzie can show you around?
I would, but I'm not done with work.
Oh, go ahead, Lizzie. We're not that busy.
That woman has the hearing
of a mouse-eared bat.
- So, you want to hang out?
- Sure.
Okay. I will call you later, Denny.
You kids have fun.
So, what do you feel like doing?
Would you be willing to wear
a life jacket?
Hey. Hi, there. Sorry.
I'll be right back.
Am I happy to see you.
Female, 25 years of age, unknown gestation
and she's currently
eight centimeters dilated.
Okay. How long has she been in labor for?
I have no idea. They just got here.
Okay. Have you delivered
many babies before?
- Not since I was an intern.
- Ah.
- Is there a chart?
- There's no reported prenatal care.
She said something about
living in a camper outside of town
- and that she doesn't have insurance.
- Can we get some help?
Hi. Hey. Hi, there.
My name is Mel Monroe.
I'm a nurse and midwife and I'm here
to help you deliver your baby, okay?
Okay, what's your name?
- Lee Ann Carter.
- Lee Ann, nice to meet you.
Do you mind if I take a look? Okay.
I'm her husband, Ben.
She says she's having trouble breathing.
Well, her pulse is solid,
so it's probably the pain.
Sometimes pain can induce panic,
which is why her breathing is shallow.
Lee Ann, I need you to start taking
some slow, deep breaths, okay?
I can't, it hurts.
I know. I know it does, honey.
All right, just watch me. Okay, just go
Excellent. You got this.
I'm going to take a look. Okay?
She's 10 centimeters dilated
and fully effaced.
- Okay.
- It's time to start pushing. Okay?
- What do you want me to do?
- Hold my damn hand!
I would just do what she says.
All right. On your next contraction,
I want you to give me a big push. Okay?
Okay, here it comes.
And you're sure the twins
are definitely yours?
Are you gonna marry her?
No. She just got married to somebody else.
So, you're gonna let another man
raise your children?
No, we're going to co-parent.
What's that supposed to mean?
The kids will go back and forth
between me and Charmaine.
Well, that doesn't sound fair to them.
No, it's not ideal, Dad, but, you know,
I want to be in their life, so
Just not full-time.
If it was up to me,
I would be with them 24/7.
Well, then you shouldn't have
let Charmaine marry somebody else.
- Dad, I'm not in love with her.
- Not all marriages are based on love.
- Are you talking about you and Mom?
- Of course not.
You should've married Charmaine
when you had the chance.
I'm sorry but entering into
a loveless marriage wasn't the answer.
In life,
you don't always get what you want.
And for the record,
Sheridans finish what they start.
Well, where are you going?
To cool off.
We've barely left the shore.
- Uh, that's because you're not pedaling.
- Hey, this was your idea.
If it were up to me,
we'd be eating fries right now.
Okay, if we make it to that buoy and back,
I'll buy you all the fries you can eat.
- Okay, you're on.
- Okay.
Okay, random question for you.
If you had to pick between
24 hours of sunlight
or 24 hours of moonlight,
which would you pick?
Mm. I'm a night owl,
so I'd pick moonlight. What about you?
- Really?
- Yeah.
My first year of college,
I never scheduled a class before noon.
Lucky. Sometimes I get stuck opening
the bakery truck and it's a nightmare.
Oh, how early?
We're supposed to open at 6:00,
but I'm always late.
- You ever get in trouble?
- No, people around here are cool.
- So far no one's complained.
- Mm. Makes sense.
- Everyone I've met has been super nice.
- So you think I'm nice?
Well, you don't know me
and you offered to show me around.
That's pretty nice.
I figured it'd be better than working.
So you'd rather pedal boat
with a stranger than work?
Depends who that stranger is.
If he's a serial killer, then no.
So to be clear,
you're not into serial killers.
- Correct.
- Anything else I should know?
Not at the moment.
- How come?
- Because, like you said,
we're strangers.
I'm not just gonna tell you
my whole life story.
I gotta get up, gotta see the country ♪
Here you tell me ♪
Oh, hi, there, stranger.
Good to see you up and at 'em.
I may be up,
but I don't know about at 'em.
- Coffee, please.
- Yeah.
- Did you get the flowers that we sent you?
- Yes.
I don't I don't recall what kind.
Oh. Still, you look great.
You look a lot better
than you did in the hospital.
How would you know that?
Well, Mel and I visited you.
More than once.
How much do I owe you?
Come on, your money's no good here.
You know that.
Oh. Funny way to run a business.
You're gonna be Kate
in Taming of the Shrew.
You know my off-off-Broadway Kate
garnered rave reviews.
That performance was 30 years ago.
Act your age.
Well, like Joan Collins,
I believe that age is just a number.
And I believe I'll win the lottery.
We all have our fantasies.
Whose team am I on?
You can be on my team.
Can I do that for you?
Just give me a minute.
Sorry, I'm late.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- Um
- We invited Tara to be part of the group.
She plays cards and her cross-stitch
is impeccable.
Why would you ever wanna hang around
with a bunch of old ladies?
What? It's It's just a question.
Being with you makes me feel closer
to my mom and I miss her a lot.
We all miss her, dear.
We're just so happy
to spend time with you.
See, this is why
I didn't want to come today.
One wrong question
and we're all crying about Lilly.
I told Vernon I wasn't ready to go out,
but did he listen to me? No.
Tara, I'm sorry if you feel like
I was being rude. It was not my intention.
No, that's okay.
- Let's just play, yeah?
- Yeah.
Actually, I I want to go home.
I shouldn't have come.
Don't. It's all right.
You won't know if you like it
unless you try it.
I think I'm in the wrong class.
This class is for beginners.
Okay, then.
Now, let's begin.
- Onegaishimasu.
- Onegaishimasu.
Now, let's partner up. Henry.
- What's your name?
- Preacher.
Henry, you'll be demonstrating
for Preacher.
- Why do I get the old guy?
- Henry
- Fine.
- Thank you.
Okay. So, how does this all work, huh?
This class is only an hour, right?
All right.
- What's wrong?
- Sometimes babies are a little bit shy.
It's all right.
Okay, one more big push, okay?
- I can't. I'm too tired.
- Hey.
Lee, look at me. Look at me.
Just one more.
You got it.
Keep going.
Okay, good girl. Okay.
It's a girl.
Why isn't she crying?
Any response?
- Do something!
- BVM?
Here you go.
Why isn't she breathing?
Create a central line.
Come on.
All right.
Stop compressions.
I thought we had forever ♪
Marking time of death as
No! No!
- Is that? Okay.
- It's another contraction.
What's happening?
Another baby is coming.
How's it going?
Well, I'm in his room.
- But he's still unconscious.
- Okay.
How'd it go with dad?
Did you find out why he's here?
Yeah, they wanna know
when you're coming home.
Mom's using Dad to do her dirty work.
She's been bugging me about coming back
to Sacramento for weeks.
Well, she wants to know.
Well, I'm an adult.
She doesn't need to know
everything I'm doing.
All right, you can tell Dad that yourself
when you see him next
because we're no longer on speaking terms.
Uh-huh. It took less than 10 minutes.
I think that might be a new record.
All right.
Well, as soon as I talk to Brady,
I'll deal with Dad for you, okay?
If you don't,
I'm gonna invite Mom up for a visit.
- You wouldn't.
- Bye.
Hey. Who's that guy with your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
- Did I miss something?
- We sort of broke up.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, it sucks,
but it was kind of my fault.
It was totally your fault.
- Thanks, Jack.
- You're welcome.
Well, if it was your fault,
why don't you fix it?
- She's on a date with somebody else.
- Quit being such a wuss.
Women want someone
who will fight for them.
If you want her back,
make her an offer she can't refuse.
- Wasn't that a line from The Godfather?
- Yeah.
But it works.
Mr. Sudder.
Staff Sergeant Gomez.
- I thought we should talk.
- Tell me I got into
- the Officer Candidates course.
- Sorry, still don't have any openings.
So, now what?
Maybe I should reconsider
joining the Navy.
I mean, I could still get
into the Raiders as a doc.
If I were you,
I'd sign a general contract.
Get your basic out of the way
while you wait for a spot at Quantico.
If I do that,
when would I leave for boot camp?
Phase one, MCRD San Diego
starts in less than two weeks.
- Can I think about it?
- Absolutely.
But a good soldier follows his gut.
Takes action.
The ambulance is on its way.
Can I hold her sister?
Of course. Of course.
My sweet Daisy.
What happens when we go to the hospital?
An OBGYN will check on Mom
and a pediatrician will examine Iris.
You'll also meet with a social worker
who will register the stillbirth
and counsel you on end-of-life planning.
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
You did everything you could.
I'll let you two have some time. Okay.
Thank you, Henry.
You look familiar.
- Have you ever used a headhunting service?
- No.
Oh, that's my other job.
I teach Aikido between client meetings.
It sounds like, you know,
a tough schedule.
That's my own fault.
I love teaching and I love recruiting.
I couldn't pick between the two.
If you enjoy what you do,
it doesn't feel like work.
So, is this your first class?
What gave it away, huh?
My outfit or the fact
that a 13-year-old dropped me?
Well, in Aikido, age and size
have nothing to do with strength.
Yeah. Well, that was obvious.
You'll learn to be successful.
Your inner energy must be harmonious
with your outer self.
Yeah, well, I was a Marine.
So, harmony wasn't exactly their priority.
Then Aikido might be
a welcome change for you.
The class on Friday is mostly adults.
I hope to see you again, Preacher.
- Brie.
- Hi!
- What are you doing here?
- I need you to know.
Jack's memory came back.
He knows you didn't shoot him.
- I told you I was framed.
- I know.
And I'm so sorry I didn't believe you.
It's just
I've been burned in the past.
I have a really hard time trusting people.
You don't need to explain yourself.
No, I do,
because I haven't been honest with you.
What do you mean?
You remember when you told me
you were falling in love with me?
I didn't say anything
because I was too afraid to tell you
that I was already in love with you.
Then last night happened and I didn't
think that I would get the chance, and
You don't need to cry.
I'm right here.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I'm gonna get you home.
I promise.
I love you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just wanted to call and find out
how things are going with your dad.
Uh, he lectured me on the importance
of the nuclear family.
Oh. So it was bad.
Yeah, well, he walked out
in the middle of the conversation.
Jo Ellen said he's leaving town
in the morning.
It's gonna be really hard to patch
things up once he's back in Sacramento.
Yeah, but I'm not the problem here.
Oh, no, no.
Babe, I didn't mean it like that.
Do you wanna have a relationship with him?
If it's gonna be like this, no.
I don't think I do.
What if you could patch things up?
I just
If I can't have a relationship
with my own father,
what kind of a dad am I gonna be?
Oh, no matter what happens with Sam,
you're gonna be an incredible father.
You know, this is about
what you want from him.
- A little respect would be nice.
- Well, go and tell him that.
You know,
if he doesn't come around then
at least you know you tried.
Well, he's pretty stubborn.
Oh, so that's genetic.
You're funny.
All right, look, I'll give it one more
shot, but after that, I think I'm done.
Well, that's fair enough.
You okay? How's your day going?
Um, it's good. I delivered a baby.
You don't sound very excited.
No, I'm just tired.
When you get home from Hope's,
try to get some rest.
Yeah, I'll do that.
Anyway, I love you.
I love you, too.
I've lost my damn mind.
It's like my mouth is no longer connected
to my brain.
Words come out before I even have a chance
to think about what I'm saying.
Hope, I am so sorry
that you're going through this.
I don't understand what's happening.
Well with TBIs, sights, sounds and people
can all trigger really strong
emotional responses.
I saw Tara this morning.
I made her really uncomfortable.
It's okay. You haven't had much time
to process your grief over Lilly.
That's no excuse. I was downright
um, unsocial.
Listen, everybody knows what you're going
through and no one is judging you.
I'm judging me!
How long is this going to last?
They don't know,
but with time and therapy,
you will get better.
So, until then
I should just crawl under a rock.
No. It's
Look, it's not like
flipping a switch, okay?
The process is just going to be gradual.
- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.
Yes, you can, Hope.
You are one of the strongest people
that I have ever met in my life.
Help me get my life back.
Hey. Yeah.
Jo Ellen said I'd find you here.
Can I sit?
Look, I know you don't approve
of my choices,
but that shouldn't mean
that we can't have a civil conversation.
I just don't understand why you
always have to go against the grain.
What does that mean?
You had a full academic scholarship
to Berkeley
and you threw it all away to play soldier.
I wasn't playing anything.
I enlisted to serve my country.
Well, you could have at least gone back
to school after your tour ended.
You could've become something.
I did become something.
I own my own business.
You have a brilliant mind
and you're wasting it serving drinks.
Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.
I'm living the life that I want. I don't
know why you can't understand that.
When I was growing up,
my father insisted
that I follow in his footsteps.
If you didn't wanna teach,
why didn't you push back?
In those days, respecting your parents
meant doing what you were told.
I enlisted because it was my dream,
not because I didn't respect you.
I thought you enlisted to get back at me.
- Back at you for what?
- We never agreed on anything.
My decision had nothing to do with you.
I wanted to be a Marine since I was a kid.
Son, at 18, you didn't have the experience
to understand consequences.
I was trying to protect you.
I didn't need protecting.
I needed support.
My job was to make sure
you didn't ruin your life.
When you have your own kids,
you'll understand.
When I have my own kids,
I will support them no matter what.
So you can honestly say
that you're satisfied with your life here?
I can.
And I wish that you could accept that
there's more than one way to live a life.
You're not the first person
to tell me that.
Well, that might be something
to think about.
I hear you.
But do you understand me?
I'm trying.
And I would like you
to meet my wife, Hope.
Lizzie said she has a big personality.
Yeah. Oh, she is a character,
but she's got the biggest heart
you can imagine.
Do you think she'd be okay with me
being here?
Of course.
And as a matter of fact,
if you wanted to stay around Virgin River
for a little while,
I mean, we could get to know
each other better.
- Really?
- I mean, if that's something you want.
Yeah. Yeah, I'd really like that.
Do you need to run that by your parents?
Actually, my mother died
when I was a baby.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Thanks, but my dad and my grandma
raised me.
Ah. Are you close to them?
To my grandma, very.
And your dad?
Best friends.
That is wonderful.
It sounds like he takes after Rose
and not me.
What do you mean?
Oh, Rose was She was sweet as pie.
But I am what some people call
a curmudgeon.
Well, you seem perfectly nice to me.
Maybe this is too soon.
Maybe it's just too forward
but do you think your dad
might want to meet me?
He can't.
Yeah. Oh, no. I understand.
If he wanted to see me,
he probably just would have come with you.
No, it's not that.
He died last month.
Oh, God.
We have company.
- Oh, hi.
- Apologies for showing up unannounced.
Jack insisted my being here
wouldn't be an imposition.
- Absolutely not. We have plenty of food.
- That's very kind of you.
- I'd like to wash my hands. Excuse me.
- Door on the right.
- So, I guess things went well.
- Well, a lot better than this morning.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no. Shh.
Thanks to you,
everything's out in the open.
I think there's a shift between us.
- Does he know about my pregnancy?
- No, no, no.
I think one pregnancy at a time is enough.
Don't you?
That's perfectly reasonable.
I will not say anything.
- Go and relax.
- Really?
- I'll finish prepping. Yeah.
- Okay. Thank you.
Just got a text from Brie.
She's just now leaving the hospital.
Said, "Go ahead and eat,"
she'd get here as soon as she can.
We can put her food in the warmer.
In the meantime, you want wine?
Does a bird have wings?
How's Brady doing?
Excuse me?
I warned him
something like this might happen.
It's a shame,
but prison is a dangerous place after all.
- Ah. My family's waiting for me, so
- This will only take a second.
I want you to tell your boyfriend
to get Emerald Lumbers' side business
up and running.
You know he's incarcerated.
Just tell him Calvin says as long as
he plays ball, everyone will be just fine.
Yourself included.
Have a nice evening.
Mom wanted to hire a plumber,
but no, Dad insisted on fixing it himself.
Wait a minute. Did you even know
how to fix a dishwasher?
Two minutes in, the pipe breaks,
the whole kitchen's flooded.
In my defense,
the plumbing in that house was crap.
What did your mom say?
She thought it was funny.
About your mother. Um
I was hoping to tell you
and Brie together,
but obviously that's not gonna happen.
Tell us what?
This isn't ideal.
Um, you know, if you need some privacy,
I can go outside.
No. Whatever you got to say,
you can say with Mel here.
Well, in that case
Your mother wants a divorce.
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