Vis a vis (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

They'll come for you

1 Maca.
We don't have the money.
If the judge lowers the bail, - and the mortgage - Darling, we'll prove you're innocent.
Mum, I don't know how the case will go, but I could be here for seven years.
I have to get used to it.
As you said, Dad: no one commits fraud unwittingly.
Your brother said you were in tears on the phone.
- Are they bullying you here? - No.
- Don't worry.
- Zulema Zahir.
It's tough here at the start, but I feel better now.
I have to tell you something.
Something wonderful.
You're going to be grandparents.
Who's the father? Simón.
I know what you're thinking, but it doesn't matter that it's Simón's.
I want this child.
It's just, I don't know how to explain, because Well, this child's in me.
It's inside my belly, and I'm inside here.
Yet somehow it makes it irrelevant that I'm in jail, because I don't feel alone.
The child is with me.
Do you understand? I was looking forward to meeting you, no shit.
How's it going? I'm your daughter's friend.
- A good one.
- Go away.
We've hit a rough patch, because I ratted her out to get third grade.
But she screwed it up for me.
I told you to leave.
To your table.
I'm going.
It was a pleasure, future in-laws.
Does that lesbian want to be with you? No way.
She's crazy.
She's not right in the head.
She's my cellmate.
Great at ruining things.
So are you going to congratulate me? Of course, my darling.
- Of course.
- Congratulations.
Wrap it up.
One minute left.
The newbies are here.
La Pantoja's coming.
Darling, La Pantoja.
- What's going on? - Nothing, an inside joke.
Someone says La Pantoja's coming.
We're joking around.
I love you very much.
So then.
There's one coming.
We're losing her, Encarna.
We're losing our girl.
I'm going to the toilet.
Wait for me in the car.
- What are you doing? - I'm with the Civil Guard.
You're Zulema's lawyer.
So it's highly likely you know where Hanbal Hamadi is hiding.
If I knew where Mr Hamadi was, don't you think the intelligence services would too? In Germany, France, Spain? No one knows where he is.
That's his trick.
Always moving.
If you don't mind.
LOCKED UP by minouhse Fabio, what did you do with Valbuena's drugs? - They're here.
- Jesus, Fabio.
We're exposing ourselves too much.
I should've flushed it away.
Imagine if the Governor or Inspector Castillo found it.
- What then? - Hello.
What's new? Seen any tits? I'm off to do the rounds.
Don't go near my family again.
And don't ever talk to them.
Got it? You don't look like your mother.
The daughter turned out better looking than the parents.
I've screwed you over.
You've screwed me over.
We're even.
Can we call it quits, please? This is such a pain.
Please say yes.
In a couple of months you'll be totally unbearable.
So hormonal that no one will put up with you and you know it.
Is that a "Yes, girl, sit down and eat with me?" No.
It's a "Let's see if you behave, girl.
" Right.
Your dad was nice, just like a policeman.
Get out of here.
- Go.
- OK.
Remember when Román and Maca were babies.
I'm going to give a bag to Maca.
It'll cheer her up, you'll see.
I feel bad.
Our daughter tells us she's expecting and we act like idiots.
What did you expect? A banquet? No, but we could have said how happy we are.
Are you happy about it though? Are you happy that Maca's sitting in jail and pregnant by the same jerk who put her in there? At the trial, when they see - that she's pregnant - Forget the trial, Encarna.
It makes no difference what state she's in.
They won't have mercy or give her leave.
There's hundreds of pregnant prisoners.
Maca's just like any other.
Her child will be born in prison.
Grow up in prison.
We'll see the child, but maybe once a week during visits.
It's going to live behind bars for years.
Surrounded by criminals.
You know who's going to play dad? The lesbian with the hair.
A nutcase looking after our grandchild.
So please, let's not pretend to be happy grandparents.
- I've got what you asked for.
- What? The morning after pill.
I don't want it.
I've decided to keep the baby.
I went out of my way to get it, it's a prescription drug.
I hid it up my snatch, and now you don't want it.
I did tell you.
Fine, you don't want it.
But it'll have to be used somehow, right? Want to know what the instructions say? Taking the pill after the first seven weeks may seriously damage the foetus.
That's terrible.
A baby with no legs or a beachball for a head.
Imagine taking it by accident.
You're going to pay now.
I'm sick of you.
You're staying here.
Someone will come for you.
Go wherever they say.
Remember this name.
Manuel Osorio.
The court order came to tap the phone booths.
Where's Zulema? On her way back from seeing her lawyer.
Back to her cell.
I'm intrigued by the Ferreiro family.
They're like something out of a probiotic yoghurt advert.
Yet they've dived in, headfirst, into the Egyptian thing and the money.
Why are you so sure? What the hell are you doing? Cutting the barrels off a shotgun.
I can see that.
I'm asking why.
Maca said to leave things as they are.
You have a new family to care for, you should focus on them.
Dad, please listen.
This is not how to get Maca home.
You couldn't be more wrong, son.
This bullet is from a Glock 37.
The same type that punctured my side.
Where did you find it? In the yoghurt house.
Bullet entry and exit holes in the sofa.
No blood traces that I could see.
The Egyptian moves around in a campervan.
It's his way of being everywhere.
But the police don't know.
I called dozens of campsites and found twenty campers of that type.
When we find it, we can get the money back and get Maca out.
The way I see it, there are two ways that bullet got into the house.
The first is, they had the money, and the Egyptian got in and stole it.
The second is, they didn't have it but they knew where it was buried, because Macarena knew.
- I knew you wouldn't stop.
- What are you saying? You know I'm methodical, and I have a good memory.
I did the exams for the property registration office.
I memorised the campervan's number plate.
Well, there's another option.
They shared the 9 million with the Egyptian.
The Egyptian doesn't share or negotiate.
Have you forgotten about the forest? First shoot and shoot again.
I really don't think they have the cash.
Are they are mad enough to go after him? If they get near him, they don't stand a chance.
That'd piss me off, because Leopoldo's a nice guy.
And they're treading on the toes of the biggest son of a bitch in Europe.
Ferreiro, come with me.
Where to? To the visiting room.
Didn't you request a private visit with a Mr Manuel Osorio? Yes.
You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.
He's a friend.
Osorio won't touch you.
He has a gift for me.
50 grams of coke.
They won't frisk you after a private visit.
But, please.
I hope they don't catch you, for your own sake.
I like you.
Something to tell me? Yes.
I'm having a visit to get drugs.
I don't want to do it, I swear.
But if I don't, Anabel will kill my baby.
She's seriously crazy and she'll do it.
So tell me, what can I do? You tell me what to do.
Something to tell me? No, nothing.
Macarena, be careful.
Here, they'll give you trouble first, then it's over and your life is ruined.
If someone's blackmailing you, tell me.
I can help.
No one's blackmailing me.
I requested a private visit.
Because it's tough being alone.
And I need affection.
Is this Manuel Osorio your child's father? No.
It's complicated.
What? If you don't believe me, or you think I'm going for drugs, or something weird, no problem.
Just wait and you can frisk me yourself.
Open up.
I met him online.
I wanted to ask a favour.
My lad bumped into a campervan.
He says he didn't leave a note or anything.
If I gave you the number plate, could you track it for me? Yes, it's B4903LS.
Yes, a campervan.
Thanks a lot.
I owe you one.
Say hi to Mar and the girls.
Let's catch up one day.
OK, great.
Thanks again.
Can he find it? He'll put it into the Civil Guard search list.
- He'll call when he has news.
- Then what? - Then what? - Then what will we do? I don't know.
But last time he chased us.
Now we're going after him.
Are there cameras in all the rooms in the prison? Except in cells and bathrooms.
It's forbidden by privacy laws.
Shit, yes.
There goes Zulema towards the phone booths.
And what about the phone Zulema is calling? Has it been traced? What's the plan? Telecommunications have traced the phone's latest movements to the southern outskirts of Madrid.
All stations in the area are awaiting my orders.
As soon as someone answers, we'll get the precise location.
There she is.
I hope she leads us to her boyfriend this time.
Nicolás, activate the tap.
Pay attention.
We can't miss it.
But what's she doing? Has she noticed something? No.
They must have agreed to speak later.
She's killing time.
We can't miss it.
When the phone rings, we can surround the location.
I'm in charge of the body search.
Governor's orders.
My office.
How does it feel when you're on it? You know that feeling when you're on a rollercoaster.
It certainly messes you up if it explodes in your stomach.
Your heart rate goes up.
That's when you start feeling good.
The inside of your body speeds up.
But at the same time it's paralysed.
Fear and guilt disappear in this enormous release of tension.
And then suddenly that's it.
It doesn't matter, you're OK.
You realise that you're dying.
Literally dying.
And then the love comes.
But you're scared.
It's so intense, I love it.
Then I wake up covered in shit.
I'm slipping.
It's not all bad here.
They get methadone, give chats.
But there's also some people who are much more important here.
The guides.
They watch you, stop you taking drugs.
They motivate you.
Between you and me, they're wankers who have no idea what they're doing.
Just go along and take some more, right? I have to say, you had me intrigued, Macarena.
After your boss lied to you, and got you pregnant, you have a conjugal visit.
Then this guy appears.
This old timer.
Where is it? Don't waste my time.
The Governor specifically demanded greater vigilance with regard to inmates that traffic.
So tell me where you're hiding it.
Unless you would prefer me to frisk you.
Very well.
Look at the camera.
Say your name.
And put everything you have on the table.
My name is Macarena Ferreiro.
That's all of it.
Open it.
Macarena At the end of the day, I don't care who asked you to carry the coke or why.
Trafficking is a serious crime, you know.
Especially if we consider a single mother, possibly doing seven years, who is also a repeat drug offender.
Do you know what could happen to the custody of your baby if this got as far as social services? No.
Please not my baby, no.
It's incredible how life can change, Macarena.
Just to think, a few days ago, you were here begging me.
Begging me to kill your child.
Now that you want it, we have to take it away.
- No.
- Yes.
- No, please.
- Yes.
Anyway, don't worry.
The good thing about this is that at least it will have a new family.
No way.
- And a new mother.
- No.
- Yes - No.
- Yes - No, please.
Incredible how life can change in a matter of seconds.
I'll do whatever it takes so this goes no further.
- Yes.
- Please, Macarena.
Do you think I look perverted? Do you really think I'd take advantage of your weakness? Macarena, please.
I don't want a relationship based on extortion or anything.
Come on, I'm not crazy or stupid either.
I know we won't fall in love.
But some might say that over time some type of affection develops.
This is what we'll do.
Don't cry.
We'll forget about the cocaine, OK? We'll start a relationship from scratch.
A courtship.
As if we were a couple.
Little by little.
Starting with a kiss.
Let's see you open your mouth.
Very good.
Get out.
Have we located the Egyptian? We're getting close, Inspector.
Just a couple of minutes.
What the hell's going on? Inspector, he's surrounded.
It's very close to you, in the vicinity of Cruz del Sur.
I repeat.
The signal.
One moment.
It's in Cruz del Sur.
In the car park.
- That's impossible.
- Hello? Don't mess with me.
What's the bitch saying? It's an odd call, because I don't know exactly who I'm talking to.
We have a precise location.
The mobile phone is in the prison car park.
Deploying the team.
Although I can imagine.
Firstly, I'd like to publicly say how humiliating, degrading and disgusting it is to feel watched, spied on and controlled, Above all, it's illegal without a court order.
Do you have one? No.
Do you recognise a blue Ford with number plate 33221ABW? That's my fucking car.
A phone was left in the passenger seat.
How profoundly despicable it is to open an inmate's post.
Abort the operation.
False lead.
For fuck's sake.
He's been ahead the whole time.
Pissing himself laughing at us.
March 12th? What happens then? Sister, in two days my Prince Charming is getting me out of this shithole.
Fucking rats.
Here's one from both of us.
A big kiss.
Sole doesn't know what to say anymore.
Look at her.
Here in prison.
I've been looking for you.
How was Osorio? Did you get it? Yes, he gave it to me.
But now Sandoval has it.
Anabel, keep calm.
I didn't drop you in it.
And the drugs? Nothing? Look, I just did what you asked.
That's all.
Now you have two very nasty problems.
Sandoval and me.
And I'm far worse.
They think I have the drugs and that I have a problem, get it? No.
About the money, we can sort it out.
I can speak to my dad and he'll lend me it, OK? No use being a daddy's girl with me.
If you harm my business you endanger yourself.
I've sold it myself.
I can't deny it.
I don't want to talk about it, it's not about being weak.
Me? No.
I've never touched that shit.
I don't like junkies at all.
They can all die for all I care.
Just a line, now and again.
Once or twice.
Crystal meth.
But not heroin.
It's the worst, man.
Have you ever seen a junkie? You've seen Tere? Maybe I'm a junkie.
I don't know.
They're not people, they're zombies.
The living dead.
Anyone in here would do it.
I swear.
It's impossible.
What a shame.
Business is business.
Lollipops gross me out.
But I still had a business selling them.
What can I say? What do you want? I came to see you.
They say you're losing power.
That Blondie's pushing you around.
Is that right? I don't have to answer to you.
I pity you.
You think you're someone you're not.
Remember when you arrived? Remember our agreement? You're here because of me.
You traffic because I allow it.
Since you fucked things up with my assistant, I have to make my own bed.
- Do you want to do it for me? - No, I don't owe you anything.
Make sure this is the last time.
Or I'll stop liking you here.
- Has the game already started? - Yes.
No, not yet.
Do you want a beer? Go on, yes.
What's up, Palacete? Here you go.
- Night shift, right? - Yes, that's right.
Maybe a line or two will do you good.
What are you doing? Have you lost your mind or what? Because of the coke? It was in your locker.
- Do you want one? - No.
So much the better.
More for us.
You know, I don't think I'm going to.
This shit makes me violent.
- All yours.
- I don't want it.
- I'm not taking it.
- No.
Let's make something clear, Valbuena.
I respect personal use.
That's something to be respected, right? But traffickers break my balls.
And if you're not consuming, you're trafficking.
So you snort that fucking line right now.
Or we report you for trafficking and for blackmailing inmates in exchange for coke.
All of it.
Well done.
You'll be watching those inmates like a hawk tonight.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Get out, Angelito.
- Open the glovebox.
- I'm coming.
No, you stay here.
Don't worry.
I've done this before.
Open the glovebox.
Give it here.
Let me go! That crazy bitch.
We have five minutes until they see something's up.
Let's not waste time.
I'll talk to you like a friend, Macarena.
Tell me, how are you making an even bigger mess of this? It's like someone in quicksand, sticking their arms in to get their legs out, and sinking to the bottom.
What do you mean? Why are you so stubborn, Macarena? What are you doing? - Stay still.
- No.
I like you, Macarena.
But I can't allow other inmates to think they can keep my money and not pay for drugs.
Get it? Oh, so pretty.
And the price? The price for you, because you have no money? Your pretty nipples.
Imagine it all goes to plan.
You go there, point the gun at him and he gives you the money.
How do you know he won't go to the house, and kill Mum, Lucía, Lidia, you and everyone else tomorrow? Are you going to kill him? - No.
- Don't worry.
They won't get infected.
It's iodine.
No, please.
I'll pay.
I swear.
- Really? - I swear, please.
Of course.
How much time do you need? A week? Four weeks? Or even better.
Pay me on the first Tuesday of every month for a year.
I could give you a dinner set when you're done.
I'm sorry, Macarena.
But your nipples will show others that you don't mess with me.
Get behind the wheel.
Leave the motor running.
If you see anything strange, keep going.
Don't look back.
Sorry, Macarena.
You won't be able to feed the baby.
I'm really sorry.
Hey! Take it easy, scissor hands.
Leave my friend alone.
She's your friend? She's my friend, too.
But our friend owes me 3,000 euros.
As you know, debts must be settled.
I guess you're right.
Debts must be settled.
An advance.
You'll get the rest.
You have my word.
Take it.
No one likes a bad ending.
Take it.
You're crazy, Leopoldo.
You'll ruin us all.
That bastard is capable of coming here and doing you all in.
You'll be grandparents.
We can't leave Maca there, Dad.
We don't have the money.
Don't move.