Vis a vis (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

At 5 o'clock pm

1 I'm a member of the police force.
We suspect there is an international criminal hiding in this caravan.
We Dutch.
Passport? Open it.
Thank you.
We've been following this caravan for weeks.
It was a special operation but we lost track days ago.
We rent this morning.
Contract with last customer and agency.
Did you see the last client? No.
Did you not find any papers, books or clothes? Get down! LOCKED UP by minouhse Thank you.
Goodbye and sorry.
Why did you say we're police? I'm a Property Registrar.
You're a retired policeman.
Why did you come in like that with a shotgun? I'd been waiting fifteen minutes.
I thought the Egyptian kidnapped you.
What was I meant to think? I'm sorry, you're right.
I should have told you.
What was I thinking? It's getting to both of us.
Blondie, are you masturbating? It sounds like a shy orgasm.
A little one from within.
One from within.
I wonder which finger.
A bit of fingering's harmless.
That nutcase wanted to hack off my nipples.
Don't complain.
You're a fucking nuisance.
You know how much you owe me? I'm going to pay you.
If you try to hurt me again, in a way that affects my child, I swear, I'll do much worse to you.
I don't care about anything now.
Blondie, next time this bitch tries to hurt you, tell me.
Me too.
Don't worry.
Make room for me.
That's it.
Keep still.
Come on.
Spent so much time in a box, now you can't even walk.
Do you know anything about your appeal? Simón's whereabouts are unknown.
What a bastard.
I don't have any emails or WhatsApp messages.
Not even a photo to prove we were together.
You've got a baby.
You've got DNA.
I'd say that proves something.
- Of course.
- Exactly.
Why didn't I think of that before? How could you think, with Zulema then me, hitting you.
Curly, I think I can get out of here.
Carry on, a little bit more.
Yes, Zulema? Get in my bed.
Hug me.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
- All right.
- I can't.
Don't do anything.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry, it's fine.
- Shall we go to sleep? - Let's sleep.
Come on.
Tomorrow at five in the afternoon, you'll be free.
Thank you.
At five in the afternoon.
At five on the dot.
A boy brought the white sheet.
At five in the afternoon.
Wounds burning like suns.
At five in the afternoon.
The rest was death and only death.
At five in the afternoon.
It's the 4th of October.
Please be reminded that in Cell Block 2 an analysis will take place this week, with gynaecological check-ups.
Good morning.
I'd like to speak with the Governor.
She hasn't arrived yet.
Take a seat.
Thank you, Valbuena.
Inmates are advised that today is the last day to register for the office IT course.
What's wrong? Can you put your sandwich away? - I think I'm going to be sick.
- Oh, sorry.
I've done a double shift, sometimes I need to refuel.
Of course.
No, I'm sorry.
I've been nauseous all day.
Why do you have two shifts in a row? There was an error in the shift rota.
And I didn't feel like going home.
Are you OK? Yes.
No, you're not OK.
Can't you go home? Word may have spread.
Things with my wife just You're not in love anymore? Something like that.
Good morning.
- Miranda.
- Yes? Inmate Macarena Ferreiro wants to talk.
She says it's urgent.
Come in, Macarena.
Take a seat.
- What is so urgent? - I've spoken to my lawyer.
I'd like to request a DNA test.
If I can prove my child is Simón's, I can show he committed perjury in the preliminary hearing.
I'd have a chance to get out.
Well, this is great news Macarena.
That shouldn't be a problem.
We'll sign a permit so you can have the test done.
- Go on.
- Excuse me.
- How are you? - Fine.
I won't be running any marathons this year, but at least I can walk.
- How have you been? - Fine, thank you.
I'm a bit closer to getting out of here.
- I'm glad, for you and your dad.
- Thank you.
So, Ferreiro Governor, could you sign my permit? Sandoval needs to do it.
I'll call him.
Valbuena, get Ferreiro.
- Governor.
- Ferreiro, wait outside.
They'll come for you.
Do you know anything about Yolanda's money? We think the Egyptian has it, and he'll use it to get Zulema out.
What are you doing? Dad.
Dad, we need to forget this.
Look at yourself.
You're obsessed.
Don't go round in circles, Dad.
We've got a big problem.
We won't find the Egyptian.
I'm telling you, - it's better that we don't find him.
- Why? Why is it best not to act, when he has stolen the family's money? When your sister is innocent but in jail? When she's pregnant, yet they're abusing her? Should I just sit and twiddle my thumbs? I'm saying that he's a murderer.
If Interpol have searched for four years and can't find him, I don't know how we'll get to him without getting killed.
- What are you saying? - Nothing.
These were in your pockets.
I went to the police firing range.
Since when have you been shooting? Since I've been stressed.
Since my daughter's been in prison.
You're depressed and on medication, so I go shooting.
Dad, stop.
Where is the family's money? - It wasn't safe so I hid it.
- Where? Buried in the forest.
I didn't take it to the bank.
And this? Why have you cut off the barrels of the shotgun? Is that for shooting at the police firing range, too? Look, Leopoldo.
I don't know what you're doing.
Whatever you're doing, do it alone, away from the house.
I'm meeting Maca's lawyer this afternoon.
He's requested a ten thousand euro advance, for lawyer and solicitor fees.
I said we'd all go.
I'm going to get some fresh air, it's impossible to breathe in here.
If you're not here at five o'clock with the money, I'll call the police.
Then I'll file for divorce.
Monday we have fish, Tuesday lentils, Wednesday pasta, Thursday rice, Friday green peas No, fish again.
This is really messed up but look how funny it is.
Cut the crap.
What? We're just singing.
Nothing wrong with that.
It'll be a long process.
First, the amniocentesis test, then the appeal, Simón's paternity test.
Simón has disappeared.
But this is what justice is for, Dad.
It will work, you'll see.
I wanted to ask if you could do me a favour and bring some money? Money, for what? You need to pay for everything here.
- There's nothing in the prison shop.
- Stop messing around, Macarena.
Why do you need money? Do you owe someone? - It's for a debt that I have.
- What debt? How much? - For 5,000 euros.
- 5,000 euros? It's a debt I have, and Zulema paid the first instalment.
I don't want to owe anything, especially not to her.
Why did Zulema help you? She's your enemy.
I suppose she doesn't feel threatened, her boyfriend has the money.
By the way, I heard Inspector Castillo talking.
He thinks Zulema will escape with the money, and I believe it.
I saw her boyfriend in the woods.
- I saw him there.
- The Egyptian? You saw the Egyptian in the woods and you didn't tell me? - What happened? - Nothing.
He gave me a message for Zulema.
It was something like - "tahiri" - Wait a second, Maca.
Say it again.
"Tahiri Nafsek.
" "Nafsek.
" OK.
Don't worry, darling.
We'll visit you tomorrow and I'll bring the money.
- I love you lots.
- I love you, too.
- Your brother sends his love.
- Me too.
- What's that, Arabic? - Zulema is going to escape.
If we can guess when, we'll get the Egyptian.
What did Macarena tell you? Dad! What's this about seeing the Egyptian? Zulema Zahir's lawyer has asked the judge to change her statement.
There will be a hearing at court.
Now? After almost three years? We think Zulema Zahir will use her transfer to escape.
The note she received makes reference to a quote from the Qur'an.
"When the time comes" "the sinners will be in despair.
" What does it mean? According to Intelligence, it's about the final verdict.
To tell Zulema that he'll help her escape on her way to the trial.
If the Egyptian has the money, he'll be armed.
Hit men will intercept the prison van en route to court.
They'll be tough characters.
The trial is next week and the judge will be informed.
I need comprehensive surveillance on Zulema: her calls, her surroundings, her meetings.
You can count on it.
Have you seen anything different in her? - No.
- There have been a few clashes.
She had an an inmate was beaten up.
It's been tense since Yolanda's death.
I don't think there will be any incidents.
Zulema's smart.
If she plans to escape, she won't want to cause trouble.
- Palacios.
- Palacios.
I came for my clothes.
There's a crease.
Iron it again.
- I'm not your servant.
- Zahir, if you have your things, go.
I won't because they're not ironed properly.
Lighten up, Palacios.
- No, because you'll start.
- Start what? I don't have servants.
This is your job, right? Or what is? Madame? Monsieur? Drug trafficker? Whore? I hear your mum sold your virginity for a thousand euros.
Seems expensive to me.
Be careful what you do.
I wouldn't advise making enemies of your rivals.
I'm going to get a can and join your mouth and arse together, I'm going to make a big hole.
How ladylike.
How are you going to be my rival? Clown.
You should get a bodyguard.
Tere, go to sleep.
Your chat is over.
Morales, come to the laundry room.
Palacios, here.
What's happening here? - What's going on? - No, it's nothing.
- I burnt myself.
- Zahir! Please leave.
- Palacios.
- Palacios.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Be careful down there boy, it's really dark.
Leave some crumbs in case you get lost.
It won't come to that.
Oh, everything fits.
Look, you're not the first to get lost in the caves.
There are hostages there, three from last year.
You're serious.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I don't find vagina jokes funny.
- Have I done something? - No.
- I heard you last night.
In my bed.
- Heard what? - I heard you masturbating.
- So? What do you mean, "so"? Do you think it's normal? It's disrespectful.
We were sleeping and all of a sudden I woke up, - and you were touching yourself.
- Do you never do it or what? Not next to somebody.
Definitely not since being in here.
Are you sick or something? You're the one who's sick.
It's not normal to me.
Have you always been like this, or just since you've been here? It's the most bizarre situation I've experienced.
What do you mean bizarre? If it was you, you would have turned me on.
I wouldn't be able to sleep, you'd have me climbing the walls.
You were there with your arse in the air, you've got to be joking.
- Macarena Ferreiro.
- Macarena Ferreiro? - Careful, she's a virgin.
- Can you shut up? No, I'm not a virgin.
Actually, I'm pregnant.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Hello I must do the paternity test as soon as possible.
My lawyer is sure it will have a lot of sway in court, and could help reduce my bail.
That's great news, Macarena.
I'm very happy for you.
However, as your doctor I must warn you.
Amniocentesis is a very invasive test.
Especially given that you're 11 weeks pregnant.
It could be risky, it's not recommended to do it so soon.
- When is it recommended? - Between 16 and 22 weeks.
I'll show you.
Here's your tummy.
This is your baby and this is the amniotic sac.
Quite a big needle is used, which goes through the abdomen, and the placenta.
Then we take a sample of amniotic fluid.
Do you know what could happen, if the amniotic fluid sac breaks? The baby would die.
That is why it's not recommended.
I can't recommend a test that puts your baby's life at risk, at least not for now.
When am I allowed to do the test? Macarena, pregnancy is a happy time.
You'll see how quickly time passes.
How long until I can do the test? If you don't do it, I'll go to a judge.
Can you read? Look what it says here.
Head of Medical Services.
If I were to report that your pregnancy is of high risk, I wouldn't be able to carry out any tests on you.
You'd have to wait until the baby is born.
End of.
The gynaecologist has finished the smear tests.
I was just on my way.
Thank you.
Do what you need to.
You've understood nothing.
Not one little thing, stupid girl.
You're mine now.
You'll do what I ask, when I ask.
But not like that.
Get out of my sight.
We're meeting Mum in four hours.
They said 30 minutes.
It's been an hour.
Mum thinks we're taking ten thousand euros from the family for the solicitor and the court, but that's impossible.
Maybe we should say that the family's money has been stolen.
She doesn't need to know anything.
Understood? She's ill and on medication.
She's got enough on her plate.
Really? It's like you don't care.
Of course I do, son.
Why don't you do anything? Why are you just sitting there while Mum's threatening divorce? While the family's being destroyed? It's not my fault.
I didn't put Maca in prison.
I know you didn't.
But you want to get her out.
Maca told you to forget about the Egyptian and you don't care.
What Maca wants, what Mum wants, what I want You don't care.
Chips, kebab and beer.
That's 12.
- Do you speak Arabic? - Sorry? - Do you speak Arabic? - Yes, of course.
What does "tahiri nafsek" mean? We were watching Homeland and they didn't translate it.
Maybe there was a problem with Tahiri nafsek It means, ''Purify your soul.
'' - Thank you.
- That's 12.
50, please.
I'm preparing the church for Sunday.
I always used to do it as a child.
I like it.
It's the only place in prison where you can be alone.
I saw you in the doorway of Sandoval's office.
You were naked.
What? Are you spying on me? It's my job.
From time to time, you get these surprises.
I'm being serious.
What happened? I had a check-up.
I don't believe you.
Is there a problem with Sandoval? No, I don't have a problem with Sandoval.
You were in a hurry to leave and didn't get dressed, right? What's wrong? Macarena, what's wrong? - Do you really want to know? - Of course.
That man's a pervert.
He humiliates you.
He'd throw a pillow on the floor for you to suck him off.
He's the prison doctor.
He seems normal to me.
We eat together every day.
He didn't say he shoved his tongue down my throat? He didn't say that? That he's so disturbed he thinks I belong to him? He wants to keep me here.
He doesn't want to do the DNA test.
So that I don't get out.
That bastard is going to ruin my life.
I've got a chance to prove I'm innocent.
- He's delaying it.
- Why haven't you said anything? Because the whole prison is on his side.
I can't do anything.
If I say something, he'll take my child away.
He said so.
OK, calm down.
I'll help you.
Macarena, you will do the test.
And you will get out, I promise.
Thank you.
I know I started it, but I don't know what happened.
It's difficult to have physical contact here.
We shouldn't do this.
Especially as we're being watched on camera.
I love ladybirds.
They always come to me.
I had fourteen dogs at home, in a small flat.
My husband was an absolute idiot.
Sole, look! Excuse me.
I got this from the lawyer.
Can you explain what it means? Let's see.
Habeas Corpus.
What do you know? Without exceptional circumstances that amend criminal liability, we regret to inform you that the habeas corpus… What's that? Give it to me, you don't know either.
My lawyer knows.
Oh, look at the ladybird! So pretty.
I know that you need to request credit in advance.
Yes, but listen to me.
I've been a client for years.
No Well, but I have my salary deposited with you! OK.
I'll come by the office now.
See you shortly, thanks.
I'm going to Why do your children dress up? Girls? They're children.
They enjoy it.
Does your wife dress up too? Sometimes, when she plays with them.
She likes it too.
When you goof around, do you dress up too? Fabio, I've got lots of work to do.
It's hell when the gynaecologist comes.
I don't even have time to eat.
Macarena Ferreiro came to see you this morning to request an amniocentesis test.
She ended up naked in your office.
What's going on, Carlos? Macarena came to see me.
She wanted to do the test but I declined it.
It's too early.
I left my office.
When I got back, she was totally naked.
Fabio, this woman has serious problems.
She really does.
Look, she came to see me on her second day here.
She asked for some corticoids.
She's allergic to polyester, so I gave them to her.
She started to strut around.
She took off her trousers to put on the cream, then she tried to seduce me.
That's why I asked for her report.
Read it yourself.
Her crime is related to the same pathology.
She admitted being in a relationship with her boss, and that led her to commit the embezzlement with him.
He testified before the judge that the relationship was made up.
But that's what her boss testified.
Yes, but the pathology is there.
You have it here: personality disorder.
In her head, she's an angel.
In reality, she uses and manipulates everything that gets in her way to get what she wants.
If men are a little older, so much the better.
Why are you so sure? Fabio, I'm a doctor.
I know the symptoms.
They are people who always change their mind.
She asked me for a pill to have an abortion, then had a change of heart.
Now she wants to keep the baby and asked to change block.
Today she's back to request an amniocentesis test.
It's a very complex test that puts the foetus in danger.
She sees enemies everywhere, Fabio.
- Yes, and? - It's a chronic condition.
It's not an episode, nothing like that.
That's why I asked Social Security to send me a report on her psychiatric history.
I'm absolutely sure this has happened to her before.
This episode isn't a first for her, Fabio.
Well, before jumping to any conclusions, don't you think we need to wait for her psychiatric history?