Vis a vis (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

Dad's garage

1 María Prieto Telles, 25 years old.
I knew nothing about Zulema's plan to escape from prison.
I needed Zulema and sometimes, Zulema needed me.
Everyone needs protection in here.
When they tell me to do something I don't ask questions.
She asked me to do it, so I did my job.
And I did it.
Get out.
LOCKED UP by minouhse I have to say that Doctor Sandoval doesn't understand how urgent this test is for me.
I've just received the results from the smear test.
Look, it's a bit uncomfortable to talk about but I feel obliged to ask.
Have you had sexual intercourse with any of the other prisoners? Me? No.
Not with any of the prisoners, or anyone else.
- Back to the DNA test - Macarena, don't lie to me.
I've already told you Dr Sandoval will handle the test.
We want to help you.
But you have to do your bit too.
- I'm telling you the truth.
- Are you sure about that? Well you've tested positive for HPV and trichomoniasis.
They're both sexually transmitted diseases.
That can't be right because I get checked and I don't have those.
It must be wrong.
When we assessed your pregnancy, you didn't have them.
So I assume you've contracted them afterwards.
There are two inmates with exactly the same infections as yourself.
And you share a cell with one of them.
I don't want to get into what goes on in the privacy of your cell, but you must look after yourself, especially in your condition.
Listen, we're going to start your treatment.
But there are things you need to do.
Do not use the same sex toys as the other prisoners.
Avoid oral sex, and if you're touching each other avoid contact between fluids from one person to the other.
Relax, don't worry about it.
It's These things happen.
We went to Morocco.
It's actually the only trip we've ever been on.
We look good, don't we? Fucking hell, that was only four years ago and look at me now.
Hey, if you saw me before I came in here, you'd be asking yourself which fatty ate her? Tere, he's going to love it, you know.
You're going to look hot.
- Smoking hot.
- On fire.
He'll get a hard-on as soon as he sees you.
- Cool.
He'll take an eye out - Not an eye.
Both of them.
- Both of them.
- He's going to blind you.
Who knows what state he's in.
At the Topas prison he was taking everything he could get.
Then in Alcala de Meco, he was really bad.
Now, I just don't know.
You're going to look amazing and that's going to help him get off.
That's what I want, to show him we can still get off.
Right then, where do I start with this face? How about your monobrow? Fuck.
If your eyebrows are like that, what are you like downstairs? Fucking hell, Tere.
It's not ready for a bikini I can tell you that.
Relax, it's not a conjugal visit.
We'll sort it out next time.
This way, darling.
I can't see anything.
Look for the brown eye shadow.
They're not here.
I didn't get the money.
- And Mum will be back soon.
- Grab my glasses.
May I ask what you're looking for? "Moral beauty and the cleansing of the soul's vices in Islam.
" Right.
Don't you get it? Mum is going to call the police if we don't give her 10,000 euros for the lawyer.
"The purpose of praying is to free both the body and the soul of worldly vices, to prepare yourself to enter into heaven, and be worthy of being with God.
Cleanse your hands.
Do not go unholy.
And God will forgive you.
" What is it? A sacrifice prayer? "Cleanse your heart.
Assalaamu alaikum.
Visit the pious.
Assalaamu alaikum.
Visit relatives and engage in Jihad.
Cleanse your soul.
Do so through prayer and through fire.
Because after the fire you will arrive in heaven.
" And what does it mean? Is the Egyptian going to burn down the prison or something? Keep going.
Is he going to start a fire to get Zulema out? Keep going! Hello.
- Is something wrong with Macarena? - No, she's fine.
I just want to talk to you for a second.
- May I come in? - Yes, of course.
Come in, please.
I need assistance in the laundry room, please.
There's been a serious accident.
- What happened? - She's moving.
Prepare the morphine and call an ambulance now.
No, it must be payback for Yolanda.
Come on.
- You look amazing, Tere.
- You look gorgeous.
You should always look this good.
I think Smoky Joe's going to propose.
You look beautiful.
Your boobs are perfect.
- Beautiful, beautiful.
- The lipstick suits her really well.
Oh, girls.
Fuck fuck.
I'm not well, girls.
Don't worry.
I'll redo your makeup and you'll be ready to go.
Teresa, babe, don't worry.
We can fix it in five minutes.
- Sugar? - No, thank you.
- We've got sweetener too.
- No, thank you.
That's great.
- Milk? - No, black is fine.
Thank you.
Look, Leopoldo.
You asked me to look after your daughter.
But some things just don't add up.
And in a way, they stop me from I mean The initial psychological tests that are given to all of the prisoners show a a certain personality disorder.
- Unstable behaviour.
- Just a second.
So, is she mad or something? A prison officer is accusing Macarena of behaving inappropriately.
He says Macarena might have a psychiatric record.
- And I need to know.
- Which officer is it? The same one that made her give him fellatio? Dad.
What do you want? Records or something? Look.
A happy fourteen-year-old girl.
Do you want her school reports? Well, here they are.
Straight A's.
I have the university ones, too.
The school psychological records too.
What the fuck do you want? Dad, calm down.
Please, calm down.
It's Fabio, isn't it? OK.
Fabio, my sister is a completely normal girl.
But, do you know what it is? When it's her word against an officer, hers doesn't mean shit.
They won't believe a word she says until she shows up dead like the poor girl that was burnt.
And that she's there because a bastard tricked her.
- How do you know? - How do I know? Because I went to see Simón.
I pointed a gun at him.
I told him to tell me the truth and he did.
And you can turn me in if you want, but don't show up here again and tell me my daughter is lying.
Look, you can relax.
I would have done the same.
What is it? They've burnt Zulema with an iron.
You have to come here now.
- Who? - I don't know.
This morning she was mouthing off at Anabel.
But we don't know OK, I'm coming.
I have to go back to the prison.
What are you reading? Now then! You've got one too.
What an ugly little creature.
You take it easy, Blondie.
We're a family now.
We've got second-cousins you know, down there.
Last night did you keep touching me? Well, it's a single bed: either I touch you or I fall off, you know.
I'm asking if you kept touching me downstairs.
What would you prefer? Yes or no? I'd prefer you not to, but I think you were.
You have to stick your finger in pretty deep to pass on an STD.
Hey, relax.
We were sleeping together and your hand was in mine.
So relax.
What are you on about? I was asleep.
You said we were going to sleep but you kept moving closer.
And I thought you were awake.
Then I realised you weren't so I finished by myself.
No worries.
- No worries.
- What? "No worries"? Do you know how I feel? I feel violated.
You feel violated? OK, you feel violated.
Let's talk about you then, OK? You ask me to move into your cell, then you kick up a fuss about harassment.
Then you say we're friends.
I'm amazing.
And then to top it off you fuck me over for the fucking third grade interview.
- Hey, that was the police thing.
- Shut up.
Shut up, man.
Last night you were hugging me and touching me.
And when I touched you, you loved it.
- You loved it.
- You intrusive bitch.
You make up these little excuses just to get what you want.
You're unbelievable.
- It's just non-stop lies.
- You liked it, you liked it.
You liked it, Maca.
And don't give me all that "I'm not ready, I'm not ready" shit.
You've got a problem between what you like asleep, and what you want awake.
So make your mind up because I'm getting sick of you.
And if I gave you the fucking fungus, then I'm sorry.
What do they mean they've burnt Zulema? Why? What happened exactly? I saw her mouthing off at Anabel this morning, in the laundry room.
They've been at it for weeks.
It was an attack for sure.
They didn't attack her.
She burnt herself.
It was the message from the Egyptian.
"Cleanse your soul.
" He was telling her to burn herself.
And she has.
OK, but why? No.
The question isn't why, but where.
Hello, you've reached Getafe Hospital.
How can I help you? It's the head of health care at Cruz del Sur prison speaking.
We have a prisoner with severe burns.
I need you to send me an ambulance immediately.
The prison is here.
From there, they could take her to three hospitals.
This one.
This one.
Or this one.
But for severe burns, they would only go to the burn unit at Getafe Hospital.
The patient is severely burnt, I would say second or third degree.
Abdomen and back.
She has an IV line.
What should I give her? The ambulance will take Zulema from Cruz del Sur on this road.
The Egyptian will be waiting somewhere.
But where and when? The journey will take about 45 minutes.
At five.
At five in the afternoon, the Egyptian will be somewhere on this road ready to take her.
PAINT AND BODY SHOP SAN MARTÍN DE LA VEGA Inject morphine for the pain.
Cover the burns with damp, aseptic gauzes to avoid infection.
The ambulance is on the way.
Look, if all those politicians gave back the money they took from the public after all, then there wouldn't be a recession.
Look at them with their cheek, with their suits, their briefcases, Spain is still here but they've taken everything.
They'll go to sleep and head out again the next day.
That way, everyone's a prisoner, everyone wants to be in here, even me.
Because they're not like me and they don't work like I do in here.
We should be getting out of here, and they should be coming in.
They have their private place just for them, away from the riff-raff.
This is full of riff-raff.
We're poor, so we get mixed up in it and fucked over.
And now any scoundrel who wants to move his family on gets stuck here.
Do you think if one of them needed a heart like I do, that they wouldn't get it? They can pay for it! The doctor might say, can you take care of something for me You don't think so? From Cruz del Sur to Getafe, on the quickest route, this road, they'll have to go through San Martín de la Vega.
And what's there? A bridge.
They can block the road there.
- How much did you give? - 30 milligrams.
Hold on.
They're here.
I'm coming with you.
Chief of Police.
Miranda, I'm here.
I'll get changed and go up.
Thank you.
I'm almost certain it was Anabel.
They've been clashing for a while.
I guess this wasn't part of the plan.
We don't know.
Look through the surveillance footage.
Check where Anabel was when they burnt her.
Where does that leave your theory about her escaping on her transfer to court? Maybe that's what she wanted us to think.
Zulema's ambulance will be escorted by two police cars.
That's standard procedure.
And another officer will go in the ambulance.
But how is one man going hold them up on his own? The Egyptian won't be alone.
There are hitmen in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, South America.
With 9 million euros he can hire the best there is.
And arm them to the teeth.
He'll need something he can get quickly on the black market.
- That's the easiest one to get.
- That's madness.
If everything you're saying is true, it's absolutely impossible for us to get close to him without him taking our heads off.
It's over.
- I'm calling the police.
- Not yet.
Fabio, how's it going? I've been going over and over what you told me about Macarena.
- You know what I think? - What? I think you're a fucking pervert and you don't want to do the DNA test because you don't want her to leave.
Calm down a bit, pal.
I am not your pal.
Give me one reason not to put you in front of a judge right now.
Look, if you let go I'll show you.
And afterwards I might accept your apologies.
Macarena Ferreiro.
Her pathology.
Paranoid personality disorder.
Fortunately the smear test results just arrived.
Do you know how to read? She swore blind that she hadn't had contact with any of the prisoners and that she never would.
However, she has HPV and trichomoniasis.
Just like Vargas and just like Kabila.
What a coincidence, how did they all get it at the same time? Being lesbian isn't a crime, is it? No.
But repeat drug trafficking offences? This time cocaine.
- My name is Macarena - Isn't that a crime, Fabio? She concocted a visit with a boyfriend who was actually bringing her drugs.
When I found out I thought it'd be a good idea to record it.
I swear, Fabio, I thought about reporting her.
But straight away I realised that for re-offending she would get several more years in here.
But above all else, that if it got to Social Services they'd take her son away, you know.
That's why she tried to seduce me when I threw her out my office naked.
So I would give her the video, you know.
I think I was right to keep it.
Here you go.
Do what you want with it.
Give it to Miranda if you want.
Fabio, did you really think I was trying to take advantage of her? That I'd leave her naked by the door? Actually I didn't.
I'm sorry for doubting you, I really am.
Don't worry.
In a way she tricked me too.
Four, two.
Go ahead, pretty woman.
What? Did you get all dressed up for your boyfriend? Leave me alone for a second, Valbuena.
I'm in a good mood.
I've told you, I wouldn't do you even if I was high as a kite.
Sit down.
How's it going, Tere? You're gorgeous.
- Have you had your teeth done? - Yes.
Right after I left prison.
I'm living in a flat with a social worker.
And I'm I'm doing my exams.
- Just like you wanted.
- I'm so happy, you're doing amazing.
We'll see.
So anyway, nothing's like it was before.
Look at my nails.
Not a fucking thing.
When I get to third grade, I'll fix my teeth too and we'll go to the opera.
If you don't want to go to the opera, we'll go to a rock concert.
What's wrong, darling? Have you turned gay? The social worker says if I want to stay clean I have to let go of everything from my old life.
- I have to make a fresh start.
- Well then, no worries.
We'll make a fresh start.
What are you into now? Pop? No, Tere.
We won't make a fresh start.
I will.
Smoky, please.
My name is Alfonso.
Alfonso, listen to me.
I'm clean now too.
OK? We can make a fresh start.
What is it? Have you got a thing with the social worker, or what? It's not that, Tere.
Don't fuck with me.
OK, well listen to me Look, one thing Just wait there a second.
I've got six months left, at the most.
I've got like four gigs lined up, you know.
We'll get out, we'll start afresh.
We'll talk, we'll see what happens.
Alfonso, honestly, - I'm truly sorry.
- No, don't say sorry.
- Nothing's wrong.
- I'm sorry.
Sweetheart, wait.
Come on.
What do you want? Please, don't do anything to me.
Please, no, no.
We just want to tell your baby a bedtime story.
Once upon a time, there was a very bad girl who waited on the roof for Santa so she could steal his toys.
But she forgot that those toys were for all of the other kids, and that if she stole them, no one else would get anything.
And that they would get angry.
Very angry.
Do you get the moral of the story, Blondie? If Dr Sandoval gets angry, so do his girls.
No! No! NO-O-O! Take this as your first warning.
You won't get any more.
That's for damn sure.
Dad, please.
They are international hitmen.
They'll be watching the convoy, and we have a trick up our sleeves.
- The element of surprise.
- The element of surprise? They'll definitely take more than two cars.
They'll need that to cover the road as it passes through the bridge.
There'll be a couple of hitmen in each car.
The cars will be low-key.
But powerful.
And when the ambulance arrives, the Egyptian will be in control of everything.
They'll be wired up and he'll give the orders.
Ready to go.
And how do you expect us to get the Egyptian out of there? Four, one.
Some of the prisoners threatened to give me an abortion.
- I think it was Sandoval.
- With a coat-hanger? - Yes.
- Right.
That's customary in here, you know.
Look, Ferreiro.
Try and leave me out of your paranoia.
Your mind games.
And your lies.
- What are you talking about? - What am I talking about? - What lies? - Whichever ones you like.
Which one do you want to talk about? The coke you're shifting? The lesbians who you fuck and all of the STDs you're picking up along the way? Or your old lover, the one you met on the internet? Or should we talk about all the guys you try to seduce? Your boss who you stole from.
Or what about Palacios' phone? I've seen the video.
Carrying drugs, even in the roof of your mouth.
Nothing to say? Fuck.
You are a stupid bitch.
Listen, I won't say anything about the video.
I owe you for saving me from the shootout in the woods.
But as of now, I don't owe you a thing.
You are a prisoner and I am a guard who is sickened by you.
Don't ever forget that.
Four, one.
The Egyptian won't be at the bridge, he'd be too exposed.
He'll have found somewhere far away where he can control everything.
Ready to go.
And once the police are shot down, all he needs to do is open the ambulance, and shoot the officer at point-blank range.
I'm sorry.
I need you.
Are you going to run off again? Leopoldo? Román? Is anyone here? Ready to go.
What the fuck's going on? Salaam alaikum.
Hanbal, can you hear me? Hanbal, are you going to answer me or not? Hanbal? Hanbal, can you fucking hear me? Hanbal! Oh my God, Tere.
Oh my God! Please help, please! Get Sandoval.
Call the infirmary, just get anyone, please! Tere, please darling, oh my God.
Tere, no, no! Everything's OK, sweetheart.
Everything's OK.
Everything's OK, sweetheart.
What the fuck do we do with his phone? Do I throw it or what? Shut up, you prick! Shut up! What are you doing, Dad? What's wrong? Watch out, Dad! Watch out! Dad, what's the matter? Is it your heart? Grab the tablets in the glovebox.
I can't find them.
I can't find them.
Shut up you son of a bitch! Shut up! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you! They're not here.
They're not here.
- Dad, we need to go to A&E.
- No.
We need to go to A&E.
OK, great.
That's great, Dad.
- That's it.
That's it, Dad.
- We can't go there like this.
Knock him unconscious.
Knock him out.
Motherfucker! I swear the next is one is going straight in your head.
- Doctor? - She's been very lucky.
There are no damaged nerve endings and the burns haven't reach deep tissue.
It looks bad but it's not serious.
And does the prisoner need to stay here or can she go back to prison? No.
She will definitely have to stay in the burns unit for a few days yet.
We need to treat her at least three times a day to start with to avoid any potential infections.
Try not to move, OK? Sure.
Get out.
We know you did this to try and escape.
You really think I'd do this to myself? Yes.
Especially after we questioned María Prieto, aka Casper.
She told us you forced her to burn you.
What did you expect? That she would confess and increase her sentence? All these years and you still don't see the lies that the prisoners tell you.
I am going to see to it personally that you do every last fucking hour of time you have left.
I sense some hard feelings.
You shouldn't have gotten too close to the Chinaman, they're always the first to break.
Don't you watch films? Listen to me, you bitch, there are two patrol cars at every single door of the hospital, six officers on this floor and three at your door.
Your prick of a boyfriend shouldn't try anything stupid.
Mr Castillo, you're even more handsome with that limp.
Can you describe the symptoms? His left side hurts and he's talking strange, like he can't think straight.
- We're going to take him in.
- He has heart disease.
He had a bypass.
Relax, Dad.
Relax, everything's going to be fine.
Get him out of here, to the garage.
Let's go.
Román, darling, this is the fourth time I've called without an answer.
Call me back as soon as you can.
I'm worried sick.
Anabel Vilaroch Garces, 37 years old.
Procuring and coercion.
Selling drugs.
Yes, I had nothing to do with Zulema Zahir's alleged escape.
I've never had a run-in with Zulema.
She gets on with her life and so do I.
You need to have your back covered, but I have my group of friends.
I'm not the leader of any crew whatsoever.
I haven't caused any injury to Zulema.
If I had helped her she'd be burnt from head to toe for sure.
Yes, that's a joke.
Of course.
Sit down.
So Zulema took Macarena's debt because she was going to escape.
She's a clever bitch, isn't she? Well until she pays me what she owes, you're going to be mine.
I'm not Zulema's anymore, I'm free now.
You're going to be mine.
And do you know why? Because it's better to be with me than with St Peter up there.
Isn't that right, Angelito? Right, let's see what I can do with you.
Look at me, open your mouth.
You see? Now everyone knows you're Anabel's.
You're safe again, darling.
I'll come and find you if I need anything.