Vis a vis (2015) s01e14 Episode Script

Grey cat

1 May I? I thought you gave up after the bypass.
That's why I want one.
First, I want to tell you how sorry I am that we couldn't do more for your daughter.
How is she? I don't know.
I've been in here over 24 hours.
You know how this works, Leopoldo.
Are you recording? Yes.
The judge made his summary private, which means that neither you nor your family, can make any kind of declaration or reveal any information related to Hanbal Hamadi or Zulema Zahir.
I know exactly how all this works.
Until we've questioned the rest of your family, you and your wife will remain in the State Security Office To avoid us agreeing common alibis and witness statements.
Can we get on with it, please? I'd like to get out of here as soon as possible.
Very well.
The day your daughter was kidnapped, you told me you had the Egyptian.
When Maca gets out of this cell, I'll tell you where the Egyptian is.
My daughter had been kidnapped and was bleeding to death, - I'd have confessed to anything.
- OK.
That's why Forensics went to your house and turned it upside down.
Did they find what they were looking for? No.
They didn't find anything.
Unfortunately, there had been a fire.
They're still investigating whether or not it was deliberate.
Yes, I know.
Clearly, no burnt corpse was found, and we couldn't get a valid DNA sample after the fire.
That's why when the judge asked me what you could be charged with, I told him I didn't know.
Salaam alaikum.
Maybe kidnap with grievous bodily harm, maybe murder.
Maybe misappropriation of 9 million euros.
But all I have, is that on February 20th, you received three multimedia files from a prison officer's stolen phone, Palacios.
And that the antenna source for that phone is in Cruz del Sur.
So, why not tell me what happened from the beginning? LOCKED UP by minouhse - How are you today? - Better.
I saw a cat this morning.
- It was there.
- A cat? Maybe it was a reflection, or a shadow or your imagination.
You're still suffering the effects of post-traumatic stress.
What's that? They're preparing for Mass.
It's Sunday.
I like it.
It reminds me of school.
Macarena, I know what you went through was terrible.
But you're OK, and that's good.
Your body was not harmed, especially your organs.
Do you know what that means? That you'll be able to have babies whenever you want.
I swear, when I couldn't hear your baby's heartbeat it broke my heart.
It's really very strange because nothing like that has ever happened to me in my career, ever.
I know that you must feel vulnerable and empty right now, that's normal.
But I want you to know you can count on me, for anything.
I'm going to be right by your side.
For whatever you need.
I mean it.
I'll tolerate you trying to rape me, but don't try to be my friend.
And much less mean it.
What a nice surprise.
- I want to talk to you.
- Of course.
Hello, sweetie.
Looks like she's cross.
Are you going to the office? It's Sunday.
The suit? I have a meeting with a man who's only free today.
Are you in love with me, Román? Of course I'm in love with you.
We're getting married.
That's something people do for love.
Or for money, but not in our case.
Of course he isn't in love with you, Mum.
That's obvious.
Be quiet, Lucía.
Go and play over there.
Further away, Lucía.
I don't think you're in love with me either.
Why do you say that? It's obvious.
You've cancelled on the wedding menu tasting several times.
You haven't even opened the email I sent you with the invitations.
Román, you only pick up one in ten of my calls, not to mention that I can't even remember, the last time we made love.
You're right, darling.
You're absolutely right.
But I've been very stressed.
I have, Lidia.
Besides, you know the garage burnt down.
You're very distant.
You don't even come and see Lucía.
I was coming to see her today.
I was, Lidia.
Believe me.
- She has a birthday party.
- Perfect.
I'll pick her up.
Just tell me where she'll be.
In your dreams! If you want to cancel the wedding, tell me now.
I don't want to cancel anything, Lidia.
I want to marry you.
- It's in two weeks.
- I know.
I know it is.
Darling, I have to go now, really.
We'll talk later, OK? I'll see you later, lovely.
I'll be picking you up.
Send me the address.
Yes, my daughter found Yolanda Montero's SIM card in jail, and sent me the photos.
Why did you deny it when I asked you? Because they'd kidnapped my son.
There was real danger.
The Egyptian attacked me as I left the DIY store in Collado Villalba.
I'll get the security camera footage.
- What happened next? - He drove for about 30 minutes.
When he stopped and opened the boot, I managed to escape.
I suppose he left the car in the wasteland where you found it later.
Why didn't you report the abduction? We went to report it.
But we thought we were putting Macarena and ourselves in danger.
We have work to do, we need to buy another spade.
Then you decided to give him what he wanted and keep quiet.
Not exactly.
Let's just say he turned up at the house for it, armed to the teeth.
Since this happened to Maca I've been suffering with depression.
And I take sedatives.
I'm not sure what happened.
You seem to know more than me.
It's a miracle I'm alive.
Were you ever in possession of the money? - Never.
- Never.
How did the garage catch fire? - There were two cans of petrol.
- Why were they in the garage? - For the lawnmower.
- For the lawnmower.
The containers burnt within a few seconds.
I don't know why.
When I noticed the fire, I used up all three extinguishers.
I think you used up the extinguishers, when you saw that the fire was spreading to the house.
May I go now? - I'm meeting a client.
- It's Sunday.
Yes, but this customer couldn't do any other day.
- Do you have anything to add? - No.
As far as I'm concerned, your interview is over.
I need you to be available at all times.
Of course.
It all looks very nice, Sole.
Thank you.
Thank you, Father.
Eternal grace be with you, dear.
How are you, Maca? What made you start believing in God? I needed someone to forgive me for what I'd done.
Well, that isn't really what I need.
Do you know what prison is? It's a branch of hell.
We're all in here because we made a bad decision.
- Some worse than others.
- Yes.
I could have got divorced, but instead I killed him.
And when you kill someone, you start rolling down the slope to perdition.
You roll downhill like a snowball.
Getting bigger as you go.
Just like that.
And you can't stop.
You only stop to aim and pull the trigger again.
Becoming more of a bitch, more of a loser.
But you have to stop.
And you have to forgive, and break out of the vicious circle.
When are you going to let us liven up Sunday Mass a little? - Whenever you like, Sole.
- Really? Mari Carmen, play us something lively, make it a good one.
I want to see Zulema.
Very good! Of course I'd like to fall in love.
I miss love, and falling in love.
I'm not sure I'd like my happiness to depend on another person, all of the time.
If I fell in love right now, I'd be so happy.
It's like when you believe in God, it's something to hold onto.
Falling in love is almost like a drug.
When I'm high, I don't have room for anything else.
It's like the only really good thing you've got in here.
Loving and being loved back, otherwise it's shit.
Being in love is like a kind of freedom.
I had a friend, let's put it like that.
When I'd been in here about two years, they were the few happy moments I've had in here.
A nice man to admire me, tell me I'm pretty, love me, - and caress me.
- She wants fucking Richard Gere! To kiss me, full on the mouth.
This is getting me going.
That's enough.
If the Egyptian had the money, something doesn't add up.
Why did Zulema want to kidnap your daughter? She thought I'd kidnapped the Egyptian.
She'd lost contact with him.
He had disappeared and it seems they were planning an escape.
That's all she told me.
It's all I know.
That's where things start to smell a bit fishy.
This bullet was shot from your gun, and was found in your garage.
How do you explain that? That bullet was fired years ago while I was cleaning a magazine.
Speak to the ballistics specialist.
The fire wiped out any traces of gunpowder.
So we can't find out when it was fired.
It's as if someone knew how to fuck up the forensics.
Román! Listen to me.
Burn the garage.
Did you hear me? Burn it, now.
And put the sprinklers on, and memorise word for word what you and your mother will tell the police.
They'll be there in 15 minutes.
What the hell's wrong with the fucking sprinklers? I don't know.
They started up and won't switch off.
So turn off the bloody mains.
Get a fucking move on! Any footprint or trace of blood will be fucked now.
Fucking hell! I thought you'd killed the Egyptian.
I was on my way to charge you.
But you were saved when we found this.
It's a security camera video, from the P-29 industrial estate.
Do you recognise it? It isn't far from where you live.
The guy you see there is Karim Hamadi.
The Syrian.
The Egyptian's uncle.
Hitman, drug trafficker and a general, all round bastard.
Strange, isn't it? Seeing him call into a print shop.
But there he is.
Anyone can find themselves in need of a photocopy, even on a Sunday.
His car's not bad, is it? That day, he picked up the Egyptian, who'd been hidden there since Friday.
He spent the weekend in this warehouse, recovering.
He did some first aid on himself, courtesy of the firm, had something to eat and called France, where the Syrian had come from.
He had a leg wound.
Was it a bullet? An accident? We don't know.
But if you thought you had problems, they've just got much worse.
Karim and Hanbal.
That bastard's alive.
And that's the only reason I'm not putting you in jail.
But listen carefully.
I'll be requesting 24 hour surveillance for you.
If I find out he's approaching you, or that you talk to him, or if I see anything strange in you or your family, I'll destroy you.
Very well.
Anything else? Well, just out of curiosity, who's got the money? Macarena Ferreiro has asked to see Zulema Zahir.
What did you tell her? That she's in solitary and not allowed any visitors.
But she insisted.
She says she needs to speak with her.
This is madness.
Macarena, you can still change your mind.
Do you think she wants to hurt Zulema? No, I don't.
Shall I get a female officer to frisk you? You can do it yourself.
There are times when victims have to confront their attackers, in order to overcome their trauma.
You've probably seen it with victims of terrorism.
Or abuse.
This behaviour is a direct consequence of the post-traumatic shock she suffered after the kidnap, and losing her baby.
I fear she may be having a psychotic episode.
A serious one.
A psychotic episode? Just because she wants to see Zulema? OK, you can turn around now.
Not just because of that.
To give you an idea, this morning, I went to check on her and she said she'd woken during the night, and there was a cat looking at her.
Ferreiro isn't well.
You mustn't approach or touch her.
You only have four minutes.
I'd already diagnosed bipolar disorder, but I'm afraid that this is much more serious.
From the symptoms, I'd say this is paranoid schizophrenia.
Made even worse by this episode she's having.
I've never noticed any strange behaviour in her.
I'm a psychiatrist, Miranda.
Macarena, are you quite sure you want to do this? I don't think she'll do anything to Zulema.
The problem is that she may try and harm herself.
Suicidal tendencies are very common with this condition.
Let's keep her under observation.
Keep her in the infirmary a few more days until she's better.
In my opinion, she should be transferred urgently to the secure psychiatric hospital in Alicante.
- That's what I'd do.
- No.
No, Carlos.
Let's wait.
I told you that if anything happened to my baby, I'd fuck up your life.
But I've realised that I don't want to stop being who I am.
So I want you to know that I forgive you.
I'll show you where you can put that spoon, you bitch.
Let me finish, please.
Now, all I want is to be able to move on, with no hard feelings.
And be at peace.
And not rise to your provocations.
At peace.
Macarena, please.
Macarena, clean yourself up a bit.
Palacios, could you leave us alone for a moment? Please.
Macarena, would you mind telling me what's going on? Why did you let her humiliate you like that? And Sandoval? Why did you slap him this morning? Fabio.
Is everything all right? Ferreiro? - What's happened? - What you'd expect.
Zulema hurled mashed potato at her, - and it went all over the place.
- It doesn't matter.
I came here to forgive her, not looking for trouble.
I have no interest in that woman now.
So, are you OK? Yes, perfectly fine.
- Shall I wash it for you? - You can keep it.
Thank you.
Governor, a cat has got into the prison.
I saw it in the early hours, and later I heard it meowing on the roof of the chapel.
Very well.
We'll look for it, OK? Those bastards have taken the car.
Why didn't you come sooner? Why? Very good, Sole.
You can get dressed now.
Can you manage? Tell me, Sole.
Are you taking all your medication? Yes, and running as much as I can, and doing plenty of walking.
What's the reading? 25 percent ejection fraction.
Only 25 percent? You could say this little car is struggling with hills a bit.
Isn't there a treatment that could help with that? Not as far as I'm aware.
But I'll speak to your cardiologist, nevertheless.
Sole, I'm afraid that if no transplant organ becomes available, things will get more serious.
Do you understand? Back home, there are cars that have been going up hills since 1950.
And they're still going strong.
But then, they have great motors.
Don't wait up for that transplant.
I won't.
See you later.
- Bye, Sole.
- Bye.
I think we need to talk.
What about? I've put you in danger.
I haven't been honest with you, but there's a good reason for everything I've done.
I know.
You did what you had to do.
If only I'd done my part too.
What part? I thought I'd killed that man, but I'm useless.
I couldn't do it.
If you'd been here, it would have gone to plan.
What would have gone to plan? I'm sorry about what's happened, but I'm not a killer.
That man will be back.
I don't mind what happens to me.
But he's going to come after our children.
You started all this because of them.
You can't stop now, half way through.
I know you won't.
If you ask me to, I'll kill Zulema.
Thanks, but no thanks.
Why not? Because you'd get many more years and I'm getting fond of you.
Oh, good.
If that's the reason, OK.
But don't think for a minute that I can't handle that bitch.
I'd make short work of her.
Besides, I've forgiven her.
You've forgiven the crazy bitch who killed your child? Yes.
What's happening here? What? What's happening between us? What do you want to happen? What are our options? Let's see There are lots of things we could be.
We could be good friends, we could be good friends who fuck, or we could be girlfriends, which is like the other options, but cooler.
OK to what? Let's be that.
But I warn you that the lesbian thing is a bit beyond me.
It doesn't matter.
We're not in a hurry.
The thing is, I've never done that.
You've never done what? You know, I've never done that and I've never even thought about it.
You mean you've never eaten pussy? Yes.
That doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
I saw a cat this morning, in the infirmary.
It was looking at me.
Really? Yes, but they all think I'm delusional.
It is a bit weird.
Maybe Sandoval turns into a cat at night to pounce on cats on heat.
There it is.
Maca, what are you doing? Will you get down from there? Get down for God's sake! Ferreiro is climbing onto the roof.
An inmate is climbing onto the roof.
She's within range.
Come down now, or I'll put you in fucking solitary.
Fucking Arab bitch.
Fucking Arab bitch! Fucking Arab bitch! We're neighbours now.
You poisoned Macarena.
And you didn't tell me.
Fucking cow.
You forgot, did you? You set the fucking thing up so that the blonde would miscarry, and you forget to tell me about it? We don't have to tell each other everything.
We're not girlfriends.
We're not girlfriends? Zulema, you know what? Children are sacred.
If you were in here, I'd beat your fucking head in.
Don't you have anything to say? OK then, well I do.
You're a lying bitch.
I've lost all respect for you.
Every last shred of it.
You can't be forgiven by God.
God can't forgive what you did.
And Zulema, I'm going to testify against you, I'm going to tell them everything.
So don't ever speak to me again, because as far as I'm concerned, you're dead to me.
How much is there? 7,300,000 euros.
There's more than 1,500,000 missing.
The Egyptian must have used it to prepare Zulema's escape.
To pay for the hitmen, the weapons and all that.
OK, so we'll take the million we need for the bail, and we'll return the rest.
Let's get this settled now.
Son, what's wrong? Lidia came to see me this morning.
She thinks I'm not in love.
She called me to say that she won't marry me.
All this will be over soon.
- You have to pay her more attention.
- More attention? When can I pay her more attention, Dad? While I'm kidnapping assassins, shooting them down, burning down my own house to conceal evidence, or while I'm stealing money to pay for my sister's bail and sort out her life, while my own life is falling apart? How long is it until the wedding? - Two weeks.
- Two weeks? Macarena.
We think you're suffering from post-traumatic shock.
Not only from losing your baby, but because of recent events: the kidnapping, your father's stroke, and the violent episodes of which you've been a victim.
What does that have to do with the cat? It has to do with the fact that the cat only exists in your imagination, Macarena.
A psychotic episode can cause visions, fantasies, negative thoughts.
I don't have negative thoughts.
I saw a cat and wanted to catch it to prove it existed, all right? Yes.
Fabio? No, no one else saw the cat.
- Does that mean I'm crazy? - No.
It doesn't.
But you entered a secure area where there were marksmen, who give one warning, then shoot.
And you didn't heed the warning.
Did you think I wanted to escape over the barbed wire or something? I don't know, Macarena.
I don't know what you were thinking.
I don't know if you're chasing ghosts, or if you really wanted to commit suicide.
Nor do I understand what's going on with Zulema.
What is obvious, and this is what the doctor says, is that something inside your head is not working properly.
You're suffering from post-traumatic shock, aggravated by a psychotic episode.
All that worries us, Macarena, is that you may try to harm yourself.
All that matters now is that you get better.
You must go to a hospital where you can get specialist help.
Dr Sandoval recommends that you are transferred to the Secure Psychiatric Hospital in Alicante.
- You want to put me in a madhouse? - No.
Yes, Governor.
You want to put me in a madhouse.
I am not crazy.
I am not crazy! And you know it.
You know it.
Why aren't you telling the truth? Why are you lying? Why won't you let me live my life? Why won't you let me live my life? I'm not crazy, and you know it! You're lying! Tell the truth, you bastard! Tell the truth here and now! Tell them what a shit you are! It's OK, Macarena.
It's OK.
I want the money.
Of course, you'll get your money.
But we can come to an agreement.
You stole money that belonged to our family.
We only need one million.
- You can keep the rest.
- Tell me one thing, Leopoldo.
How much is my ankle worth? You destroyed it.
And what is the price for your son shooting me? I'm very sorry about all that.
Listen to me carefully.
I was ahead of you before, now I'm behind you, and that's worse.
So either you give it all to me, or I leave you with nothing.
And I'm not just talking about the money.
Listen carefully! We have the money, so we set the terms, you bastard! Hanbal.
I don't think you've understood.
Now I'll show you what I'm made of.
What was that about? Do you know what you've done? You've threatened a killer.
Do you know what that means? Do you know what that means? You've forced his hand! You're an idiot! For fuck's sake, Dad! What else can he do now? Blow up whichever one of us he gets to first? You, me, your mother, your sister? For fuck's sake! Shit! I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me, I'm sorry.
Forgive me, I'll call him back.
Here! The number you have called It's turned off.
We'll find the Egyptian and we'll give him back all the money.
We'll end this nightmare once and for all.
But how the fuck are we going to find him now, Dad? I don't know.
For now, get this car away from here.
Castillo has ordered surveillance.
In a couple of days, we'll have two cops tailing us night and day.
Where shall I take it? Take it back to where we found it.
Welcome aboard.
Wait, look.
Do you wish to return to your point of departure?