Vis a vis (2015) s01e15 Episode Script

I'm going to be a good girl

1 What's wrong, Maca? They sedated me.
I feel like a zombie At least they didn't put you in solitary.
Maca, what happened? I saw the cat.
And now they're saying that I'm crazy.
You saw it too, didn't you? Sandoval says that I'm suffering from shock.
Post-traumatic stress.
They want to put me in the Psychiatric Penitentiary Hospital of Alicante.
I don't remember ever having liked it here, not even for a single day, but I don't want to leave.
But there are loads of women here nuttier than you.
Ones who've drunk bottles of detergent, and pulled their hair out, yet they're still here.
Sandoval doesn't have it in for them though.
And this morning I gave him a slap.
Now he's saying I'm having hallucinations, and that I want to commit suicide.
That guy is a fucking son of a bitch.
No, no! - I'm going to kill him! - No! No, Curly.
Son of a bitch.
Please, listen to me.
Please promise me you won't do anything.
- Maca - I'll get out of this, I swear.
They're going to lock you up and sedate you.
You won't even know where the fuck you are.
- My God - No, please Curly, calm down.
Hey, Curly Come on, love.
Here you go.
Lie down properly, come on.
Oh, good God.
How has it got to this, Macarena my darling? It's the route the Egyptian took to the bridge where we kidnapped him.
Maybe his hideout is at the starting point.
Where are you going? Dad, what are you doing? Dad! - Fuck.
- What's wrong? Nothing, I was supposed to pick up Lidia's daughter from a party.
Leave it.
It doesn't matter.
Let's go.
LOCKED UP by minouhse Why does Sandoval dislike Ferreiro so much? Fabio, Macarena must have gone mad, given everything that has happened in here.
I think Sandoval is covering himself by ensuring her safety.
So much so that he's hell-bent on putting her in a madhouse? Don't bullshit me, Palacios.
We've seen crazy bitches eating cockroaches.
OK, but they're destroying that girl in there.
I think she would be better off in a more suitable centre.
- Yeah? - Well, yes.
Look I myself have gone days without sleeping.
It's not every day you get kidnapped by crazy women, and she I understand she has been affected, I do.
But it's not about that.
It all seems fishy.
Fucking fishy! I think Sandoval is an oddball.
Yes, Sandoval is very strange.
We've already discussed that.
You have to leave him be and not obsess over things, OK? Fine.
I will try to take a calmer approach.
Isn't it your round? Fuck, it is.
- Bring some coffees on your way back.
- Sure.
Hey! Listen up! There is a cat in here.
A cat.
Macarena has seen it and they want to put her in a mental hospital.
So we must find that cat.
Hey! I need you to find that cat.
Chocolate, shut your fucking mouth.
300 euros for whoever finds the cat.
Come on! I want everybody looking.
Didn't you hear me? Shut your mouth! - What are you doing? - I'm allergic to fucking cats.
I'm looking for it so you can take it away.
There is no fucking cat so stop stirring up the hornets' nest.
Understood? Meow! Meow! Yes.
- I would like to speak with you.
- No, I'm busy.
I'm in the process of organising a holiday to Alicante.
- Do you like it? - It'll only take a minute.
Look, listen to this.
The patient, who had already been diagnosed with a personality and bipolar disorder, is currently suffering from PTSD, as a result of a violent kidnapping during which she was poisoned, and lost her growing foetus.
Her previous symptoms have worsened with psychotic outbursts and hallucinations.
- I haven't seen any cat - With a severe state of depression - Strange behaviour.
- I want to apologise - Suicidal tendencies.
- for this morning.
For slapping you.
the transfer to a Psychiatric Penitentiary Unit.
But I have learnt my lesson.
And for having tarnished my reputation, what about that? Even Fabio doubts me.
I'm sorry if I have damaged your reputation.
I'm really sorry I almost lost my job because of your bullshit.
if someone has questioned your professionalism because of me.
You think coming here with an apology and a little smile will fix everything, right? You think that's your only punishment? How else do you want to punish me? An exemplary punishment, a punishment, I don't know One that will make me feel like calling you soon to bring you back from Alicante.
- What? - Two.
Macarena, get dressed and get out of here.
Where do you think you're going? Pss, pss, pss! Pss, pss, pss! Pss, pss, pss, pss, pss! Pss, pss, pss! Now you have two options.
Report me for assault, which I will counter with another report of instances of sexual abuse, rape, harassment, and the whole fucking criminal code.
Or two: shut your mouth, and don't touch a single hair on another inmate's head again.
Because next time, I'll kill you in an alley.
Get out.
Your lawyer is waiting for you upstairs.
Saray, you're going to leave without looking me in the eyes.
Saray, look me in the eyes.
Valbuena, let me go and speak to her, for God's sake.
- Saray! - One minute.
You can get me in trouble for this.
Do you know that? Let me speak to her and I'll owe you a favour.
Stay there.
I don't want God's forgiveness.
You bitch! You bitch! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you! You bitch! In 20 metres, turn left and you will have arrived at your destination.
That's the car from the video the police showed me.
That's the Egyptian and his uncle.
- Shall we get out? - No.
It's too dangerous here.
Let's follow them until we get somewhere more crowded.
- You're losing them.
- Dad, we're in his damn car! May I? What have you done? What the fuck have you done? Look I'd have gone to the infirmary, but I'd have had to beat the shit out of you and call the police.
- Tell me what the fuck you've done! - Do you trust me? Yes or no? Of course I do.
Then shut the fuck up and get some bandages from the first aid kit.
I told you strange things happened here.
And they do.
Nothing? Have we not found Mr Pussycat? What pussycat, Sole? What pussycat? There is no fucking cat here.
This is a prison.
Macarena saw it.
You need to have faith.
In what? In this fucking system that is going to throw Macarena in a madhouse? Or in your fucking God who works miracles? Because if He does work them, He should perform one.
Or two.
Miranda, I want you to see something.
Sit down, please.
These images are from 5.
38am yesterday.
In the infirmary.
Pay close attention.
- A cat - Indeed.
We were gaslighting her.
No, we were about to send her to that hellhole in Alicante, but as a sane person.
- I'm going to speak to Sandoval.
- Wait, call him on his mobile.
He had something to do and he left.
- How is it going, Miranda? - Carlos.
Fabio and Palacios have just discovered from the security tapes - that there was a cat in the prison.
- Really, look - That's great! - Please, Carlos.
We were about to send that girl to a psychiatric hospital.
You know what, Miranda? Psychiatry isn't maths.
OK, well I assume you did what you had to do.
Out of good judgement.
I'll call the prison institutions.
Luckily we caught it just in time.
See you later.
Bye, bye.
Doctor! - What has happened? - Call someone! Someone come urgently.
Dr Sandoval has had an accident.
Fuck, they've stopped.
They've spotted us.
I'm going to give them the money.
- I'll go with you.
- No.
You stay in the car, son.
Run, get in! I've been told you want to speak with me.
Yes, but alone.
Of course.
Do you want a razor blade too? Fabio, please.
Give us some alone time.
Nothing is going to happen.
It's your call.
I'll be right outside.
- What do you want? - How many? - How many days have I been here? - Ten days.
Is that it? Lying down, sitting, standing, restless.
And I wanted to tell you I made a mistake.
I'm sorry for the pain I've caused and sorry for the kidnapping I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It got out of hand.
I'm asking for forgiveness.
I just wanted you to know.
Where did you get the gun from? It was smuggled in three years ago, through the kitchen by a fruit supplier.
We made him do it.
Since then it has been hidden behind a tile in the bathroom.
I will testify to everything in trial.
I've lost.
And I know how to lose.
How do I know you're telling me the truth? Because I'm giving you my word.
And I've never given you that before, have I? Please, please.
Lucía's absence is the most bitter of pills that you will ever have to swallow in this lifetime.
God tells us not to lose strength, not to give in to despair.
He gives reassurance, knowing that she's now in His presence.
The Lord has decided Lucía's time on Earth has come to an end.
Such small coffins shouldn't exist.
It's not right.
We aren't to blame for this, son.
Do you think I should tell Lidia that I know who ran Lucía over? Would it help? At least she wouldn't spend the rest of her life asking herself who killed her daughter in a hit and run.
Do you not have respect for anything? We have just buried a girl.
I'm truly sorry, Román.
Well, if you're sorry, fuck off.
- We are here to protect you.
- Protect us? Like you protected Lucía? She was leaving a birthday party and some son of a bitch ran her over.
- Is that how you'll protect us? - Calm down, son.
Fuck off, Castillo.
Hello, Miranda.
- Zulema has left solitary.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
- Where did that wreath come from? - From the cemetery's florist.
LUCÍA, HANBAL HASN'T FORGOTTEN YOU I don't know what bullshit you told the Governor to get released, but to me, you're still the same bitch you've always been.
I don't know what you're up to, but tread carefully because I'm not going to let you out of my sight.
Just because you see me in the same light, doesn't mean I haven't changed.
Of course.
The Virgin Mary revealed herself to you and made you a good Christian.
Santa Zulema.
Something like that.
Zulema is returning home.
Two, two.
Saray! Zulema.
That woman shouldn't be here! All of you know she killed a baby.
We should beat her to a pulp.
Slaughterer! Slaughterer! Slaughterer! This is your audience.
The child will die.
Are you OK? It's just a nightmare.
Everything is fine.
You had a nightmare.
It's over.
It's fine.
It's over.
Come here.
Come here.
Nothing bad is going to happen to you, relax.
Come, lay down here.
You are so pretty.
What's wrong? Come here.
We have to take it slower, OK? What's wrong? - I'm having a mental block.
- It's over.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine, OK? Fuck, mate.
It's going to piss it down with rain.
Add a bit more of that product to see if it unclogs.
Stop, it's not flushing.
Fucking hell.
The shit they must have put in here to block it.
What should we do? My shift finished ten minutes ago, so I'm going home.
- You can carry on if you want.
- No, no.
I'm out of here.
- I'm going to do a patrol.
- Of course.
The maintenance guys will come in tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Four, two.
What's going on? - Lucía - What about Lucía? Lucía had an accident, Maca.
- She passed away.
- No, no The official version is she was run over in a hit and run, but it was no accident.
The Egyptian ran her over in front of me.
He did it for revenge.
Shit, fuck.
- Hello? - Hello, Palacios.
- It's Carolina, Fabio's wife.
- Carolina, how are you? I'm well.
Listen, is my husband around? - He didn't come home last night.
- Well As far as I know, he didn't have a night shift.
In all honesty, things haven't been great between us lately He has never spent a whole night out without telling me.
So I'm a bit worried because he's not answering the phone.
OK, I understand.
Sorry, you must think I'm crazy.
I'm sorry for bothering you with this.
No, not at all.
If you knew my mum By now, this case would already be in the hands of the FBI.
Let me check something, give me a second.
Look Carolina, his car is still here in the car park.
He hasn't left the prison.
I'll look for him and when I find him, I'll tell him to call you, OK? Yes, that would be great.
Thanks a lot.
Listen, how about you come round to ours one of these days? Definitely, we'll have dinner.
See you.
Thank you.
- Calling watchtower.
- Yes.
- Have you seen Fabio around? - Hello, Palacios.
We haven't seen him all morning.
His shift finished at 10pm but he didn't leave.
He hasn't left the prison.
I've looked for him everywhere.
I've searched the prison inside out, Miranda.
Who was the last colleague to see him? Last night, the toilets got clogged up at the end of the day.
Fabio and I were trying to unclog them with an iron bar, but we couldn't.
Afterwards, I went to do my round, as per usual, and he told me he was going home.
The turnstiles show he hasn't left.
In fact, his ID card suggests he is still in the prison.
I've checked the four security cameras from Cell Block 2, but there's no sign of him.
It's as if he were swallowed up by the ground during the power cut.
How long does it take for a generator to come back on? Approximately five minutes.
Beforehand, there didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary that could've suggested something unusual were to take place.
I don't know if this is relevant but his wife called me, and told me that they were going through a rough patch.
He couldn't have evaporated and Fabio isn't one to do anything stupid.
We're going to organise a thorough search: cells, toilets, workshops, rooftops, communal areas.
Any lead is valid.
Miranda, you have an urgent call.
Yes, speaking.
Macarena Ferreiro, report to management.
Macarena Ferreiro, report to management.
Where is Maca? Where is Maca? Maca, Maca! Listen to me, let go of the rope.
Attention: Macarena Ferreiro, report to management immediately.
Governor, I have Ferreiro here.
Come in Macarena, please.
Take a seat.
Is something the matter, are you OK? So First and foremost I want to apologise to you for all the beatings you have been subjected to recently.
So, as compensation, we have some great news for you.
Dr Sandoval has done something for you.
As a result of my erroneous diagnosis, I almost sent you to a psychiatric hospital, Macarena.
I know an apology isn't enough, so I was thinking of how I could help you.
When you had the abortion, I took blood samples and amniotic fluid, and sent them for analysis.
When I got the results, I personally took them to the tribunal.
This morning, the Assistant Judge called to summon you for an urgent hearing.
Apparently the DNA is a match with the samples collected at Simón's house.
This proves he lied at the trial.
Macarena, it's very likely that after this hearing, you'll be able to leave without bail, pending the trial.
I think this is great news.
You're very close to being released, Macarena.
You deserve it.