Vis a vis (2015) s01e16 Episode Script

The turtle principle

1 Stand still.
Keep in line.
What the hell is happening? Maybe it's a drugs raid.
They wouldn't have brought us out to the yard for that.
We'd be lined up in the corridors.
They're looking for something else.
It's thanks to you I'm still alive, hang on to that thought.
I've been at death's door many times.
Five or six seconds longer hanging from that rope and I wouldn't be here.
Do you know what I was thinking when the blood stopped flowing to my brain? That I deserved it.
That I deserved to die.
I just want you to know that you don't have to worry about me any more.
I have another gift for you.
I don't want anything from you, nothing at all.
You'll want this.
You just don't know it yet.
LOCKED UP by minouhse At 12.
03am Fabio comes out, and two minutes later, he goes back in.
At 12.
15am the power goes off.
The emergency generators didn't start.
They were checked, and found not to be working.
So, check if it was a coincidence, or if it was premeditated.
Go on, Palacios.
For eight minutes, the security cameras didn't record.
And when the power returned, he wasn't seen on any other camera, - but he hasn't left the prison.
- Could they have rigged the cameras? - No.
- To get out of the place, do you have to swipe your ID card at the turnstiles? Yes, and go past four guards.
No one saw him, and his card was last swiped yesterday, when he came into work.
No, he hasn't left Cruz del Sur.
And have you searched everywhere? Yards, cells, corridors? This is all we found when we searched.
They were hidden in communal areas.
I found this, stuck with duct tape, under a piece of furniture in the TV room.
- What the hell is it? - I don't know.
A saw.
These mad women could use it to cut up a body.
Palacios, please.
And what about that stick and the drum? That's the rod we use to unblock the toilet.
It was in the cell block control room.
And hydrochloric acid we use for unblocking.
That acid could make a human body disappear.
- I'm not sure, but let's keep calm.
- Fabio disappeared 12 hours ago.
And those bitches could have cut him up and dissolved his body.
You'd need fifty drums to dissolve one body.
What is clear, is that Fabio isn't playing hide and seek.
Do you know if he had any problems? Not with me, obviously.
What's wrong, Doctor? Have you been kick boxing? No, I fell down the stairs last week.
It seems that he was going through a rough patch with his wife.
Yes, I know about that.
Artiles, call Forensics.
What the hell are we painting in here for, Dad? We're staying at home, with two police officers at the door protecting us.
We're staying safe.
No one will be safe until that bastard is dead.
Ferreiro, you have an emergency hearing at the courts this afternoon.
Yes, very well.
Thank you.
That was Macarena's lawyer.
I might go home this afternoon.
How come? He says he has proof that Simón lied in his statement.
And that we were in a relationship and he was the father of my child.
That's great, isn't it? They may lift her bail.
What's wrong? Why aren't you happy? Now that I'm about to get my freedom, I feel I don't deserve it.
What are you saying? You have to get out of here.
If you hadn't turned up in the toilets, I swear I'd have killed her.
You wouldn't kill a fly! Do you think you're a hardened killer, or something? I told you I'd kill her, didn't I? I'm a murderer.
- You are not a murderer.
- Yes, I am.
Listen to me, you are not a murderer.
You're a good person, the best person I've met in here.
You're getting out of here, you're going home, and you'll be happy.
- Am I really a good person? - You're a wonderful person.
I think I should know.
And that's what I think.
And I'm very happy for you.
Even though it hurts me, I'm happy.
It hurts me, because I know that as soon as you leave, we'll be over in a couple of days.
But, that's OK.
I had plans for us, you know.
Silly plans, like walking around the yard together, watching a film but even though they're silly things, with you, they're amazing.
But I'm very happy for you.
I'm going to miss you.
I'll miss you too.
Thank you.
You're leaving as a virgin after all.
Excuse me, girls.
Is Sole here? No, I think she's in the bathroom with Tere.
Could you go and find her? I need to speak with her about something.
It's urgent.
- Leopoldo Ferreiro? - Yes.
Who is this? This is Zulema Zahir's lawyer.
My client asked me to speak with you.
- Why? - She wants to propose a deal.
Security forever for you and your family, in exchange for a small sum of money.
How do I know you're not going to kill me? I'm a legal professional, not an assassin.
Even if I wanted to, I can't meet you.
- I'm under 24 hour surveillance.
- I know.
That's why I've sent you a clean phone.
I'll wait for you in an hour at number 20, Ventura Arcadio Street.
I trust you'll know what to do.
We've just had a call from the National Transplant Organisation.
A compatible heart had been found for a recipient, but then, hours later, there were complications.
There was an infection, and it had to be rejected.
This is the situation.
That heart has to be transplanted as a matter of utmost urgency to the next compatible patient on the list.
Soledad Núñez Hurtado.
Sole, did you hear that? A new ticker! A new ticker for you! What what do I have to do? Nothing.
Relax and take two of these tablets.
They're on their way here to take you to La Paz Hospital.
What are the chances of it going wrong? In your case, about 30 percent.
Taking into account your state of health, we know full well that we have to do this.
It isn't a matter of choice, because the prognosis is much worse if we don't.
Don't worry.
You have to go ahead.
It'll be fine.
It's a sign of life.
A new little ticker.
Ten minutes, girls.
Tere, the tablets.
- Ten minutes.
- Who'd have thought it? Girls, give me a minute or two to get my head round this, please.
All right, let's pack a case.
Why think about death? It's going to happen, and you won't get a warning.
But from what I've seen on the TV It gives me the shivers! You can see the heart in a little fridge, covered with ice, just like a sangria.
The heart doesn't last long, it goes bad quite quickly.
So they have to work quickly, it's like a marathon.
I only hope that they were a good person, although, it isn't their soul.
So I'll have a heart that's packed up like a picnic.
Where the hell is Fabio? You have five minutes to tell me what happened to him, or I'm going straight to the police, because you didn't get those bruises falling down the stairs.
OK, Antonio.
Calm down.
I haven't a fucking clue where Fabio is.
I swear.
So why did he mess up your face? - Because he fell for an inmate.
- That's a lie.
I told him to end his ridiculous romance or I'd tell the Governor.
I'm not judging him, you know? We spend our days stuck in here, surrounded by these girls.
He's a married man.
He's a married man and we even know his wife.
I told him nicely, but he lost it, he got angry, we got into a fight and he assaulted me.
You know how he struggles with his temper.
Why didn't you report him? Because he's an old friend.
Like you.
I have my code of honour.
If I'd reported him he'd have been fired in a flash.
Besides, that girl, Macarena Ferreiro, is about to be released from here.
Take away the source of the problem, and the problem goes away.
Please, can we keep this between ourselves? Yes, don't worry about that.
The coast is clear, Dad.
What do you want? My client, Zulema Zahir, wants to guarantee your safety for the rest of your life.
She has destroyed our family.
She has ruined us, one by one.
How is she going to settle that? Let's say you've caused each other mutual harm.
My client only wants the money.
Clearly, she understands your needs, and you can keep the million euros you need.
A million and it's all resolved.
How much is a little girl's life worth? I'm not here to discuss moral values, I'm here to offer you a deal.
What's the deal? You'll get the Egyptian, in exchange for the money.
You can decide what to do with Hanbal.
It's a gentlemen's agreement.
The Devil takes care of his own.
What have you done to your hair? I cut off my pony tail.
I'm leaving the ring.
Have you said sorry to Macarena? I'm saying sorry to you.
I don't forgive you.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
- That's what I taught you.
- Yes.
- And do I deserve that? - Yes.
Come with me.
Do you have anything? They cleaned this morning.
We have hair samples, but nothing of interest.
Well, let's look under ultraviolet light.
We need to know if there are any traces of blood.
How the hell did you lose him? Román went for a coffee and escaped through the bathroom window.
- Fuck! - Fuck? You told me to be discreet and carry out remote surveillance.
Castillo? - Are these blood stains? - It looks like it.
What do you think? This is probably where the attack began.
The perpetrator was right-handed.
I think there was a blow to the head.
The victim was crouching, as shown by the blood splatter.
Probably facing the toilet.
Miranda, Fabio went to his locker to get his torch.
- Then he came back here.
- The torch? And he always secures his locker, so he must have been in a hurry.
The torch isn't with his things.
Where is the Egyptian? He has a hideout he always goes back to.
It's in Los Ballesteros.
Between Ciudad Real and Toledo.
- It's an old factory.
- How do I know all this is true? Because Zulema no longer wants anything to do with her former lover.
He killed a little girl and that has made her think.
The factory is in ruins, but in the basement there's a rusty old door.
The door is closed.
Hanbal is in there.
We pounce on him, tie him up, cuff him, and put him in the boot.
Then we go straight to the police station.
Is that clear? OK, let's go.
Don't do anything stupid.
Don't even think about shooting.
I'll assume all responsibility, you and your mother won't be involved.
Is that clear? Crystal clear.
Encarna, what is it? It's two hours until Macarena's hearing.
Will you make it? Yes.
Don't worry, we'll be there.
Let's go, we mustn't let that bastard get away.
Assalaamu Alaikum.
Zulema, we agreed you wouldn't call me on this number.
Is there a problem? Not at all.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
- Is the phone tapped? - Hanbal, the phone is tapped, the post is vetted, life is tapped, the police are behind us.
Run before I catch you, run away and play, we'll all be dead one day.
That's our life.
Why did you call, Zulema? To tell you that the Arab Spring was a load of fucking shit.
And that we're on our own.
And that what was forever yesterday, may only be for an instant today.
- I've done all this for us.
- Have a think.
What are we? Tell me, what are we? We're both heartless wretches, with no future, that's what we are.
Freeze, drop the phone.
Drop the phone! Drop it! Get on the floor, you bastard! Don't move! I hope they finish me off, because I swear, I'll find you and kill you with my bare hands.
It's not your fault, it's mine, my love.
Goodbye forever.
Move! Move it! - Yes.
- Do you have the money? - Yes.
- Good.
Oh, Sole, you'll be able to dance, run, make love.
You'll be able to live longer than Fidel Castro.
We weren't expecting this.
It's all going to be fine.
Do you think there's hope? Sole, the transplant heart has been in the hospital for four hours, and even though the transplant was called off for the other recipient there isn't enough time to get there by ambulance from here.
That can't be right.
What if they keep it on ice a bit longer? Can't they do that? I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
Don't be downhearted.
Because you're next on the list and they could call again in two weeks.
No, the thing is, with this one, my quota's up.
Why do you say that? People drop like flies in this country, honestly, in accidents, at work Really, people are dying every day.
You talk such nonsense, sweetheart! No, the thing is my heart's like a clock going tick tock, and now And now what? It's stopping.
But girls, it happens to everyone.
Dying isn't a disease.
- Governor, I have to talk to you.
- Sorry.
I couldn't stop her.
It's Sole.
Where are you going? This isn't the way to the police station.
- We're not going to the station.
- Turn around, Román.
The only way to end this is to hand him in.
I'm calling Castillo.
What are you doing? Román.
You're making a mistake, son.
He killed our little girl.
Román! Román! Yes, one of our inmates, Soledad Núñez.
She's been on the waiting list for more than seven years.
Are you saying that you won't operate because of the traffic? Or did you realise at the last minute that she's an inmate, so she's not worth it? 35 minutes? Very well.
Listen to me, I'll make sure she gets there in time.
Yes, have the second patient on the list prepared in case there's a problem, but we'll be there.
- Miranda, what are you doing? - Get Sole ready.
We have 35 minutes to get her to theatre, or we can forget it.
Help me.
Sole, come quickly! Spain's statistics are encouraging, and fill us with hope.
I'm referring to the figures given by the National Transplant Organisation.
Spain recorded a historic statistic last year: 4,360 people donated organs, giving many people a second chance.
Today, we're going to name one of those cases: Soledad, who is currently being transferred urgently from Cruz del Sur prison.
I don't believe it.
Well, believe it, because it's true.
Soledad is serving a sentence for murder, and will receive a heart transplant.
Miranda, Governor of the prison, can you confirm this? Yes, that's right.
The inmate is serving 20 years for the murder of her husband.
Some of our listeners may be asking why give the organ to a woman convicted of murder? That's one of the great aspects of the National Transplant Organisation: they disregard the CV, the colour and the race of the organ recipient.
We're all entitled to a second chance.
Now you'll all have to believe in God.
I do believe, Sole.
I've seen it for myself.
Oh, don't go.
Come with me, please.
I love you so much.
Macarena, you have to leave for the hearing now.
Are you ready? Yes.
You have fifteen minutes, OK? God, I forgot how uncomfortable skirts are.
- How do I look? - Come on, Ferreiro.
You look great.
Have you put your make-up on to see me off? No! I always look like this.
Every day.
- You're wearing lipstick.
- And I've done my nails.
Macarena - you're going to be late.
- Shit! I've stained your shirt.
Is it stained? I can't go in front of the judge like this.
Go to the laundry for some stain remover and dry it with the iron.
- Just a minute.
- I'll be right back.
Run! Trust you! You shouldn't be here.
What are you doing here? What the hell were you doing crouching down here, Fabio? For fuck's sake.
I won't say anything.
- Good God! - I haven't seen a thing.
- You're coming with us.
- No.
Shoot me in the head.
Go on, do it for your girlfriend.
Do it for Lucía.
She died so young and innocent.
Because of you! Román! Román! Listen, either you come, or you stay here dead.
Did you want something, Inspector? The laundry.
If you do it, you won't be able to live with yourself, son.
Don't you see, Dad? I already can't live with myself.
We haven't lost everything.
Think about it.
- Let it go, son.
- No! Let it go, son! Keep still, you bitch! Keep still or I'll bite you in the neck! Keep still! Keep still! Keep still! Or I'll break your neck.
- Please.
- Keep still! Let's go.
What's that? They wash all the bedding on Thursdays.
Why? Fucking hell, come on! Kill me, Dad.
Kill me! I'm not going to let you take the blame, and do 4 or 5 years in jail for this bastard.
Drop the spade.
Let go of the spade.
Keep still! Listen to me! You're getting into the hole.
Come on! Let's go! Go on! Fuck! In you go, Blondie.
They started planning the escape 11 months before.
Every Thursday, the inmates took advantage of laundry time, stretching and folding the sheets, for one of them to sneak behind the washing machine, and work on the hole.
The only thing the staff could see on the security cameras was a group of inmates folding sheets.
The washing machine was always in the same place.
Zulema chose three inmates, and managed to get them placed on laundry duty.
Is it this way? - What the hell are you doing? - I'm fighting for my freedom.
Those were the ones she promised a share of the money.
You promised me freedom.
- And you'll get it.
- What does she want? You get the Egyptian in exchange for the money.
Freeze! - Do you have the money? - Yes.
A civil engineer couldn't have done a better job, from a technical perspective.
They broke up 65 centimetres of concrete, but came to an obstacle that was harder to overcome: wrought iron.
This won't work.
It's impossible.
Do you think iron is stronger than human willpower? That's why Zulema relegated the exit plan via the hole to being a plan B.
We don't have a plan A, or a plan B.
- Keep moving.
- That's it.
Come on.
They made some tools and stole others.
They were hidden in communal areas.
And one day after Zulema was placed in solitary, they finally managed to break the iron.
Plan B became plan A.
Keep an eye on her.
Get moving, for God's sake.
But Zulema was in solitary.
I've lost.
I know how to lose.
They put stones and teaspoons in the spin dryer to cover up the noise of smashing the concrete, and they disposed of the rubble down the toilets.
Thus, they achieved two things.
One: to get rid of 3 square metres of dirt without raising suspicions.
And two: to block all the fucking toilets in the prison.
This is disgusting! It's horrible, come on, move! And that's where they found the first stumbling block in their escape plan: Fabio.
Watch your back because I'm not taking my eyes off you.
His frustrated police instinct backfired on him on this occasion.
He spotted the rubble remains and realised something was going on.
That's when they smashed his head in.
Come on, let's go.
Fabio, no.
Going to stop for a fuck now, are you? Get moving.
You bitches! No, please.
Zulema! I'll get you! There's something I don't understand.
What was Macarena playing at? Zulema, we've made it.
We're out, for Christ's sake! We're on the fucking outside! We're out, for Christ's sake! We're on the fucking outside! We're on the fucking outside!