Vis a vis (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Two guns for one monkey

1 Zulema! I'm going to get you! I'm going to get you! Fuck, let's go! We're fucking out! The fence! Up! Come on! Let's go! Here it is.
Let's go! I'm not coming.
When I'm safe, do what you like.
Now get in the fucking car! Get in! Come on! The gun - Take off that shit now! - Come on, undress! Take off your clothes, come on! Let's dress like girls.
Take it off.
Come on! Blondie, come on! Come on! For fuck's sake! Go and get her! Fuck that bitch, come on! Start the car! Macarena! Stop! She's dead.
What a pity.
You just killed her.
You only had to wait.
30, 40, 50 minutes and then leave.
Now you're screwed.
- Look.
- Come on, let's move! You decide.
Are you coming or staying? - You have 5 seconds.
Tick tock - Come on! Tick tock LOCKED UP by minouhse Hi, honey.
I'm here with you.
It's OK.
You've given everything.
You suffered an assault and you lost a lot of blood.
That's why you're here.
But don't you worry.
Don't worry, everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
I missed you so much.
Well, it looks like you're completely awake.
I'm glad to see that there are parts of you unharmed by the beating.
I want a separation.
Send patrols to motorways A4, A5 and A6.
I want extensive surveillance in airports, train and bus stations.
I want to see the escapees' photos everywhere.
Make their faces appear on tonight's news.
Martínez, call the judge.
Ask for a warrant to tap their families' phones.
Castillo! The car used in the escape has been found abandoned in an open field at kilometre 53 of Badajoz road.
Activate all cameras on the A5 like it's Big Brother.
Come on, move! Motherfuckers! This way, please.
Who knows where the fuck they are now.
Let's go.
If any of you start acting like a moron, I'll sprinkle you with gasoline and set you on fire.
Is that clear? Relax, bitch! None of us want to go back to prison.
- Buy me some sweets.
- I heard you.
Where the fuck are you going? Didn't you hear Zulema? I've been wanting to pee for hours, and I'm not going to wait any longer.
- So I'm going to the toilet.
- You're a pain in the arse.
Do what you want, but don't make me come looking for you.
Or are you going to break my neck too? Murderer! Let's see Oh, I have a mind like a sieve! I know you don't accept €500 notes, but I've left my credit cards at home.
This is all I've got.
Very good.
And Keep the change.
Goodbye! What the fuck are we doing here? I don't know.
Do they know anything? I don't think so.
- In the toilet.
- She's just dumb.
Come on! Come on, please! Who's that? Come on, Dad, please! - Pick up, please! - Pick it up.
Hello? Hello? What? Are you coming to pee with me too? To pee and to poo.
- Come on.
- I'm coming.
We're wasting our time.
- Calm down.
She didn't show up at court.
Neither did you.
What's going on? I've called you more than 15 times and you haven't picked up.
- We had to - We've killed the Egyptian.
- Please this isn't the place to discuss this.
Can they catch you for that? Don't worry, Mum.
No one will look for that bastard.
And they're not going to find him where we buried him.
Thank you, God.
Thank you, God.
Thank you, God.
Excuse me.
I've asked you here to update you on the events of the last few hours.
Your daughter has escaped from prison together with four other inmates.
The escape was led by Zulema.
They escaped through a tunnel, like in the fucking movies.
It doesn't make any sense.
Macarena was going to meet the judge.
Her case was going to be revised.
I guess she won't be released.
Watch this.
We just received this tape from a CCTV 3 hours ago.
During the escape, Macarena had a fight with one of the inmates.
And she killed her.
I'm sorry.
- One more.
24 times three, 72.
- I bet you this seafood I have here - that they're here in 48 hours.
- You're such a pig! - It's already taken.
- 47 then! You girls value Zulema so little! No one digs a hole for 5 months for a few hours of freedom.
I value the cops! They've caught my husband and brother-in-law 20 times.
It's true, ain't it? But your brother-in-law doesn't have €9 million in his van, Antonia.
Don't underestimate Gypsy's power.
I think they'll never be found and the bank will keep everything.
I say they don't reach 23 hours.
They'll be here before the day is over.
Do you want to bet? But don't do it with your heart, zebra! It's not good to mix business and cunnilingus.
Come on, beauty, no one escapes when they're about to be released.
So Macarena will come back.
All right, drama queen.
Let's bet on something else.
How will Sole come out of the operating room? I say in a bodybag! You're an arsehole, Anabel.
- Warden, the workers are here.
- Take them to the laundry.
Tell them to fill in that damn hole at once! Do you know what you have in your cells, Ms.
Aguirre? Scum.
To put it bluntly, they're bitches.
Do you think that scum like poetry? So far this year, you've spent €5,300 on books.
Not even Camilo José Cela spent that much on his damn library.
It's the only investment we've made.
That and the gym remodelling.
I do think they need to read, being inside those walls for so long.
The walls where they dig holes to escape? Relax, they don't bite.
- Look who's coming.
- What a body! Hey, sexy! - No, ma'am.
No? So you have these two here to start your training.
What are you doing? Stay back! Let him touch me, I'm going to drain him out! Tell me.
What will I tell the investment group I'm representing? In your prison, they kill each other and escape, but they read poetry.
Do you know why the private prison model works in developed countries? Because management is effic Because no civil servant can slap a bitch.
Or put her in a hole and beat her until she behaves.
I'd let you mess up my hair with that ram, sexy! Unless you're afraid of the jungle she has down there.
In my opinion, - the mistakes made - The mistake was to let a catechist run what she thought was a girl guide camp.
That doesn't make you incompetent, Ms.
- It makes you totally stupid.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me, if you'd let me, I'd like to say a couple of things.
First, I demand respect and good manners.
Otherwise, there will be no difference between what you say and that "scum".
Second, as a member of the managing committee I must assume that I have vetoed all the harshest, and most restrictive measures proposed by Ms Aguirre.
I'm the only one responsible for trying to rehabilitate them through trust and therapy.
You can only hold Miranda responsible for paying attention to me.
Nothing else.
Very well.
You are dismissed from the managing committee.
As for you, Miranda, you have a month to take new measures.
I advise you to choose a team with enough balls to deal with this.
- The food! Huh, Palacios? So you see a hot guy and you're wet like whores on heat? Do you want me to take out my ram and kick your arses? - Nothing.
- You're disgusting.
You laugh with these bitches, but you don't like being the target? - I'm asking you a question! - Let's all calm down! Come on! Move your arses! The party's over! What's wrong with you? They're all nuts.
We've been a step behind the escapees the whole time.
They've changed cars at least four times.
They entered Portugal at 18:45.
They were recorded at the motorway.
2 hours later, they were caught on CCTV at the port of Peniche, to the north of Lisbon.
The Egyptian doesn't seem to be with them.
If he was the one who planned the escape, why didn't he pick them up? Why didn't Karim the Syrian show up either? According to Interpol, he hasn't returned to France.
More importantly, where the fuck is he now? Antonia! Cruz del Sur prison, hello? This is the picture from the port.
It's the last lead we have.
They took to the sea in a Zodiac boat, probably to reach international waters.
What's their plan once they get there? Go somewhere with no extradition treaty.
They could be picked up by a freighter or a damn dinghy.
Right now, they could be in Guyana, the Caribbean or the Middle East.
The world is too big.
I'm too old to keep on playing with that bitch.
Let's pray that they make a mistake.
Come on everyone! Keep on working.
Assalamu alaikum.
Assalamu alaikum.
Our transport should already be here.
They left Libya 2 days ago.
They made their last contact from Ain Salah, Algeria.
Relax, there must have been some mishap, but they'll come.
I want them here now.
Or send another convoy.
It's the least you can do for what I'm paying you.
Is something wrong, Zulema? Nothing.
We're tourists now.
Four friends having a blast before they catch us.
That's awesome, huh? Some joints, some beers - I'm not thinking about sex.
All of you will remain at a 50 m distance.
So you can't go to the village, talk to people or use a phone.
If any of you make a mistake, you're dead.
Is that clear? Perfect.
Enjoy your holidays.
I've sold the love of my life.
I've sold the love of my life.
When you've sold the love of your life in order to be free, you realise you're swimming in a puddle of mud.
And you sink Slowly.
It sounds harsh.
But so was Nagasaki, 40,000 dead in seconds? Prison kills you slowly, day after day.
Do you know why? Because here, all time is dead time.
All of it.
I'm coming, bitch! Hey, Blondie! What's wrong, pussy? Come into the water! - Come on, Blondie! - Come on, pussy! - Let's go, Blondie! Sorry, I wasn't able to come earlier.
- Alive.
- No.
I'm under observation.
- I can't.
This is what I can have.
Corticoids, anti-inflammatories, anti-my arse, every 8 hours.
If I don't feel dizzy or suffer any blackouts in 48 hours, - then I'll be free to go.
I told my wife I wanted a separation, so it wasn't the best place to stay.
You choose.
If I win, I'll buy some muffins.
It's too much pressure! - The nine.
- All right.
I guess I'll have a beer too.
- But a small one, please.
- OK.
You've just left your wife and got out of hospital, but you look OK.
- You look happy.
- I am.
I want to go back to Cruz del Sur.
I'll be discharged in 2 days, but I have nothing better to do.
What's wrong? I'm hanging by a thread, Fabio.
The escape has put me in a very difficult position.
I was torn apart worse than ever before at the board.
Do you know what I thought while I was being crucified? Of how much of a bastard you are.
All the times you talked about the free transit, the summer camp - My management has been awful.
- Come on.
Look on the bright side.
Now they play the piano, they read poetry Yeah.
From now on, things will change.
I'll listen to the people I should have listened to from the beginning.
Thank you.
No, no, I mean it.
Please! What you did was very generous of you.
- But very unfair.
- Miranda, I was sick of the managing committee.
All the directives and paperwork Stop screwing me! Now I'll have more time to look out of the window.
I enjoy that.
What can I do? What would you do if you were me? I'd toughen up the security protocols.
All of them.
The free transit is over, Miranda.
You're right.
Those women must understand the seriousness of an escape or a fight.
For all of them.
Ready for locking the cells in Block 2.
What are you doing? Why are you locking us up now? What's wrong, bastards? Shut up! Shut up! Night walks are over.
From now on, and until toilets are installed in your cells, those of you who want to piss will have to squat down.
We should restrict all their liberties and privileges.
- We should establish a curfew.
- Exactly.
And forbid all outside communications until further notice.
Increase security: more cameras, more registers Yes! Do you know what can be very effective to know what's really going on down there? Putting our eyes and ears among the inmates.
We can pick those inmates who are natural leaders, and give them some power.
- Good.
- Name them sentinels.
I love that.
Do you know what I'd do? I'd pick those who are mostly ignored as sentinels.
Those who have always been neglected.
They could serve as watchdogs.
Trustworthy and unyielding.
Those armbands I just gave you make you my sentinels.
We need a head of security.
- Yes.
- Fabio.
He's a strict person.
What do you think? Fabio is perfect.
But? You know the "but" better than I do.
Fabio is difficult to handle and control.
You don't need someone who flies solo or undermines your authority.
You need someone who executes and doesn't think.
I'm the new head of security in Cruz del Sur.
That means I won't allow any more bullshit.
The most effective way to instil fear is to give a monkey two guns.
You have the authority and responsibility of seeing that rules are enforced.
There are lots of bitches here.
You don't know who he's going to shoot, nor why or when.
As sentinels, you'll get special benefits.
But you'll also suffer exemplary punishments if you blow it.
And do you know why? Because it's a monkey.
A monkey doesn't think.
- I don't want to be a sentinel.
- Shut up.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
Starting today, each area will be watched over by a sentinel who will answer for everyone.
Fear is the only form of control, Miranda.
The only form of control.
Who'd ever have dreamed I'd be on holiday with you? Explain this to me.
Why did you come to the laundry? Because Curly kissed me and my shirt had a lipstick stain.
What a bitch, Curly! - What a bitch! - She didn't mean to.
- Of course.
Curly knew that we were going to leave.
I went to her to say goodbye.
I think she did it on purpose.
You're totally twisted.
That doesn't make any sense.
But that's no surprise coming from you.
- Let's see.
You were going to be released, right? Yes.
So you thought you'd wait for Curly outside, as if she was the love of your life? Maybe I would.
A posh girl like you! You're not even a dyke! No way! I know it, Curly knows it, it's known even in China! That's why Curly sent you for the escape.
That way you'd have more chances of going back to prison.
So you could be together.
Come on, don't be like that! It's all right! Your ship has sailed, that's all.
If you miss the fish you were eating, I have a clam for you here.
Just out of the sea, very fresh.
Someone's coming.
Cover your breasts.
Sit down, please.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I've gathered you to explain the new measures we'll be taking, such as the appointment of Valbuena as head of security.
I'd like to hear your suggestions to improve inmate discipline.
I have an opinion.
But I'd like to communicate it in private, because it concerns a partner.
Valbuena, to be precise.
You can say what you want, no problem.
- In fact, I appreciate your honesty.
- All right.
I don't think Valbuena is the right choice for head of security.
I'd like to know why you think that.
Why? Because he has no authority, he only knows how to use force, he's mediocre and hung-up, and he's not the brightest person.
What an outburst! - No, but anyone could do better.
Since Fabio is positioning himself, I also have an opinion about him.
How could a guy who doesn't follow the rules be named head of security? - Who has sex with inmates! Valbuena, that's a very serious accusation that you'll need to prove.
All right.
- No.
- They're on me.
- Yes.
- No, thanks.
- No, no Gypsy! - Yes, a beautiful gypsy! Yes! - "Cheli, I love you" - Saray! - "Cheli, I adore you" - Saray, stop! I'm going to introduce you.
Casper, Mustafá, just do your bit.
- Saray! - For the beers.
- Talk to her! Cover your breasts.
And you do the same.
- Go away.
If you're horny, go and jerk off.
Fuck! God - Miranda, please.
I knew there was surveillance.
That's what I'm telling her when she looks towards the camera.
What kind of a person are you? Do you or don't you have a relationship with Macarena Ferreiro? - I want an answer! - The answer is no.
Watch out, because those inmates must have received help from an employee.
If you have a relationship with one of them, all the odds are against you, mate.
Shut up! I'll have to take disciplinary action! Miranda.
All of us have made mistakes in one way or another.
But it's time to move on.
If we keep fiddling with our shit from the past, we're not going to achieve anything.
I propose burying those mistakes once and for all, and leaving them there forever.
Mistakes like my own abuse of authority.
Like my own negligence.
Or my false diagnoses.
Otherwise, we're not going to take control of this prison, believe me.
All right.
They've found the convoy that was supposed to pick you up in the desert.
Their left hands had been cut off.
They bled to death.
Traitors have their left hand cut off.
Do you know who it could have been? I need you to set up another convoy right now.
No, I'm resigning.
I appreciate my hands.
May Allah protect you.
- Do you think you could come here, and look down on us as if we were your servants? I'm going to show you who's in charge here.
Don't move, or I'll cut your throat.
The party's over.
Let her go! Let her go or I'll shoot you.
Now stand up slowly.
Drop that.
Drop that! Kill him.
Kill him! Leave! What the fuck are you doing? Give me that! Why the fuck didn't you shoot? - You should be thankful to me.
For letting that son of a bitch live? And what would we do with his body? Would we leave it in a hammock to get a tan? Don't touch my stuff again.
We may never be rid of the pain, but the fight is over, sister.
I won't ask you to avenge your nephew because I know what you'll do.
You'll chase down and kill whoever betrayed him.
Until they're all dead.
I'm a mother of seven.
If someone betrayed us, we'd have to fight back.
For them, and for our honour.
That much is true.
I'm asking you to bring back my son's body.
Find him and bring him home.
So that he can rest in peace.
I'll bring him back, and we'll bury him and pray for his soul.