Vis a vis (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

The Mare

1 This piece of shit isn't working.
What do you need? I need a phone card.
Mine's used up.
For 40 euros, I'll give you a brand new one.
- Come on, it's for a friend.
- I don't care if it's for Lady Di.
- The dead pay too.
- I'll give you 20.
And if she's dead, I auction the bed, not you.
All right.
So, let me know then.
Cardiology, please.
Hello, I'm calling about a patient.
Soledad Núñez.
Yes, I'm a relative.
I know you can't give out information over the phone.
I'm her daughter.
All right, can you just tell me if the transplant went OK? - All right, but - I shit on your family's graves! Hello? They've hung up, Antonia.
Well, at least I got that off my chest.
Besides, they won't tell you anything.
Tere, call your sister, and ask her to pass by the hospital.
My sister's back on heroin.
- What? - And coke.
- And speed.
- But she can walk, can't she? I'm phoning the hospital again.
What the hell are you doing? I'm making a call.
We're not doing anything wrong, they're her cards, I'm watching.
Communication with the outside is forbidden until further notice.
- And where does it say that? - It's the new security rules.
So you can forget about the old rules.
From now on, to call outside inmates will have to make a request in writing, stating the reason for the call, and always in the presence of an officer.
All privileges must be rescinded, - and concessions too.
- When they lose everything, they'll be happy with scraps.
I'll comply with your new rules in 5 minutes, better still, in one.
Because right now, I'm calling to see if Sole's out of her transplant.
It's for Sole, Valbuena.
Put the phone down.
Put me through to Cardiology, please.
These are low voltage electro-shock weapons.
Highly effective for reducing all forms of aggression.
You will carry them on you as a deterrent.
They must only be used in the most violent of situations.
Don't they teach you to read in the jungle? What does this say? Head of Security.
Put the phone down.
- Put the fucking phone down.
- Come on, Curly.
Or do you want a shock? Put the phone down.
Stop pissing me off and put the fucking phone down.
Put it down, girl.
No shocks please, Valbuena.
It'll make my hair go frizzy.
I love it when you fight back, but that's two strikes, so watch it.
Crazy girl.
LOCKED UP by minouhse - Hello, Estefanía.
- Hello.
They've stopped us contacting the outside.
Because of the escape.
So I suppose, if they're letting us talk, they must be recording us.
Hello, Inspector Gadget! Hi there! Estefanía.
I'm here because of Macarena.
I understand you're her best friend.
Do you sleep with your best friends? - OK then, her girlfriend.
- Her girlfriend.
I have no problem with that.
In fact, I'm glad Macarena has someone in here.
- Estefanía.
- Curly.
I need you to tell me what you know about the escape.
Why did Maca go just when she was up for release? I think it was a case of bad luck.
I think she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She was really happy.
So I imagine that they forced her.
OK, Inspector? Macarena didn't want to escape.
My phones are being tapped.
As are my family's.
She won't call us, but she may call you.
If she calls you, or contacts you in any way, you must convince her to hand herself in.
It can still be sorted out.
Of course it can be sorted out.
- If she calls I'll tell her, OK? - Thank you.
Leopoldo, will you go to La Paz Hospital, please? Ask about a patient called Soledad Núñez.
She had a heart transplant and we're waiting to hear how she is.
I'm in a very tricky situation.
I don't think I can go.
Yes, you can.
Then call me.
- I'll see what I can do.
- All right.
If she does come back, - take good care of my daughter.
- Consider it done.
And if we ever get out of here, and we go on holiday as a family, say to a beach or something, I'm telling you now that I'll be sleeping with your daughter, OK? Whatever anyone thinks.
Take care, Curly.
You too.
Has anything happened? When you said things could be sorted out, you meant the escape, didn't you? Come on, father-in-law.
- Don't leave me like this.
- Of course I meant the escape.
Come on, Fabio.
They questioned me for 3 hours about relationships between a prison officer and any of the escapees.
What could I do? Lie to the police? You did what you had to do.
Everything's fine.
Why have you left Carolina? Because she was shagging the gas man.
At least that would be a good excuse to leave her without you questioning me as if I were a kid.
For God's sake! I've been thinking about it for 11 months.
So I did what I had to do.
The love is gone, simple as that.
- The love? - Yes, the love.
And? She is blind.
And you're her travelling companion.
So you'd better find a way to get the love back.
I have a call for Fabio, it's his wife.
Put her through.
Your wife.
- Carolina.
- Fabio, it's Macarena.
Fabio, you're alive.
My God, I didn't think you'd come out of this alive.
- How are you? - Fine.
What is it? Sorry, I didn't know who to call.
My family's phones aren't safe.
You were right to call me.
It's not a problem.
I'm not in Spain.
I didn't want to escape, Fabio, but they didn't leave me any choice.
I tried to return, but it was impossible.
I know.
Don't worry.
That girl was chasing me.
I don't even know her name.
I don't know how it happened.
She got hurt.
I saw her fall to the ground bleeding, we left her there.
I didn't want to hurt her, I didn't mean to kill her.
I swear I didn't mean to kill her.
I don't know if this makes me a murderer, but I swear, I didn't mean to kill her.
I don't know what to do.
Tell me.
- I need you to help me.
- Just a minute.
This is a private conversation.
Listen to me carefully.
Hi, Mum.
They've made me group leader.
My mother and I don't speak, but if we did, she'd be really proud of this.
And I've been clean for 22 days.
That's right, Tere! It's too soon to celebrate.
One step at a time.
22 days.
It's no fun being a sentinel.
It's dangerous.
Everyone's got something stashed away, in their cell, and they've got us sniffing around, like hunting dogs.
If they want to know what's going on, why give us armbands? No one will do anything in front of us.
What's the point? It's just a stick to beat us with.
They've taken us for fools.
It makes no sense.
Those in charge of this prison have placed their trust in you to be sentinels for your fellow inmates.
It's a responsibility and an honour.
So I want you to step up to the plate.
The three rules for being a good sentinel are: seeing, hearing, and telling me everything.
- Everything.
OK, Tere? - No, nothing.
The thing is, Valbuena, you're asking us to be snitches.
This could be a bummer for us.
Am I right? Do you think it's a bummer to be straight? With truth on your side, telling things as they are? The truth is the truth, Teresa, whether we like it or not.
Aren't I a bastard when I want to be? Am I? Or not? Come on, speak up.
I want you to speak honestly about me.
Come on.
Well, the inmates do call you Little Willy.
Little Willy.
It's just a nickname.
That's OK.
That you come in high on Fridays.
With your pupils as big as a cat's.
So I go out on Thursdays, what's the problem? That you roam around the showers to get a glimpse of tits or fanny.
That you suck up to the Governor.
That you get off on shaming us because you've got a complex.
That's what they say.
- A complex about his dick.
- That's enough, for fuck's sake! The next one to speak will get it.
We're not here to give opinions, or to be honest.
We're here to keep fucking order! So right now we're going to have a drill for searching the cells.
Let's go.
- Little Willy.
- What an arsehole.
I don't know if he's on steroids, or he's always uptight.
He should get laid, or smoke a spliff, so he'll relax.
Casper? What did you say? What? I didn't say anything.
Oh sorry, I thought you were talking to me.
- What's happening? - I don't know.
Casper? I don't know whether to run for it.
I could take a chance while they're asleep.
- No, you can do better than that.
- What? Hand Zulema in, we can try and do a deal with the judge, say you killed that girl in self defence, or get a reduced sentence.
Special prison privileges.
- Do you understand? - But Fabio, how can I do that? I'm in no position to negotiate.
I've been kidnapped.
I'll do it, Macarena.
Give me your location and I'll take care of it.
Casper, open the fucking door or I'll break it down.
- That phone you stole? - I can bury it in the sand, or throw it in the sea.
No, you can do better than that.
Don't get rid of that phone, or Zulema will know that you've snitched on her.
- When I'm back inside, I'll be dead.
- Exactly, that's why we need Zulema to find that phone.
So she'll understand why the police have turned up.
There's no way she can connect you to that phone.
Casper, open the fucking door or I'll break it down.
What's happening? What? - Who were you talking to? - No one.
I was in the shower.
It isn't mine.
Zulema, I swear I didn't know the phone was there.
What's happened? You have 5 seconds.
We're leaving.
Come on.
We're going to 222.
Come on.
Move it.
We've chosen a random cell to simulate a search.
From now on, you have the right and the duty to search your friends' cells.
I'm training you just like hounds, so you'll sniff out the foxes.
There's nothing in there.
What's so funny? Sorry, Valbuena.
But prisoners haven't hidden stuff in mattresses for 20 years I'm sorry.
So, since you have a PhD in Methadone, - where would you search? - I'm just saying, we're not stupid.
We wouldn't keep stuff in places where the officers would search, in the bed, or with clothes or books.
I said where would you look.
Not where wouldn't you look.
I don't know.
In the seal of the toilet, in a loose brick, in chair legs, since they're usually hollow, in the laundry carts.
We should put that back, because this is just a drill.
What are you talking about? Good morning! Zulema.
Come over here and sit down.
Come on.
Sit down.
If you're armed, please leave your weapon on the table.
No sudden movements.
Take it out by the tail with two fingers, so that I can see it.
Nice and slowly.
There's money for us all here.
You could do whatever you wanted.
Get those horrible tattoos removed from your legs, get a gastric band fitted, start a new life on the beach, anything you wanted.
In truth, it's no more than I deserve.
After 30 years of chasing bastards, I've earned it.
Talk to your people, and to the Arab police.
Bribery is part of the culture.
We can sort this out here and now.
No one need know.
To be honest, it's a tempting offer.
But I'd pay not to have to see my wife in a bathing suit.
Even though I adore her.
What will I find in there? A white woman.
29 years old.
Killed by a shot to the head with an exit wound.
She committed suicide.
Zulema, you always do this to me.
It could have been a nice quiet extradition trip, and now it's the courts, crime scene, for fuck's sake! Come on, up there and turn around.
What the hell are you doing up there? I was told to clean all this.
Yes, you jungle monkeys, you never miss a chance to climb, do you? What kind of twisted Nazi documentary did you escape from? Who the fuck do you think you are to speak to me like that? Clean this shit up.
- Come on! - It's already clean.
You've missed something, darkie.
The floor here's covered in piss.
I love it when you fight back.
My father loved horses.
He bred them in Huesca.
He taught me that the best mares were the wild ones, because you had to spur them on, tame them, but in the end they gave you the most satisfaction.
Mop the fucking floor, darkie.
Who the fuck was Casper going to call? It was you.
What are you up to? We're trying to watch the soap opera.
This is much better.
You can't do this, not the TV.
Tell me, whose side are you on? We're the good guys.
You know that, don't you? Go on, keep watch.
Get ready.
We're nearly there.
Hello, girls.
Here I am.
I was in surgery for 11 hours.
There were complications and they say things got a bit ugly in there.
And I think they're right, because guess who I saw in there: my dear departed husband.
You should have seen him, dark as they come.
You know I don't know how things work in heaven, but that surgeon who operated on me here on earth, who cut me open like a sow, he seems to have taken good care of me.
Well He even said I could live for years.
But first I have to make sure that my body doesn't reject this new organ, then I have to eat fruit, give up smoking and drinking, and do exercise.
So I'll have to pass my MOT.
It won't be easy.
I miss you all, girls.
We miss you.
I love you all, and I'll see you soon.
Very soon.
Can you hear my new heart: boom, boom, boom.
Gorgeous! Silence! Who the hell put this video on without authorisation? Whose phone is this? Is it yours? - Or yours? - No.
Teresa, come here.
Who was it? You're the sentinel.
Tell me who the hell it was, or you'll take the punishment for her.
It was Curly.
I'm really sorry, it's my job.
They make calls, they sell drugs, they escape, they kill each other, they send text messages.
We're not in control of this prison.
- And we're not going to be.
- Well, not overnight.
There's impunity down there, Governor.
Because there's a total lack of respect.
- Really? And why is that? - Why, you ask? Because there's no fear.
They can't be allowed to do whatever they like, without having to pay the consequences.
That's your responsibility, Valbuena.
You're the Head of Security, but it seems nothing has changed.
If you feel we're asking for more than you can deliver, I'd rather you said so now.
It was my mistake and I'll put it right.
So get on with it.
This is a clear example of what can't be allowed to happen again.
Lock up that inmate and punish her.
Do whatever it takes.
We won't ask any questions.
I've been in here for a fucking hour.
- Why have you locked me up? - It's your lucky day, darkie.
You get the gym all to yourself.
Lay a finger on me and I'll report you to the police, the judge, the press.
I'll fuck up your life.
I'm just taming the mare.
I won't do anything that you won't be crying out for.
You'll be caught on the fucking cameras.
- Yes, there are cameras.
- And you're being filmed.
Except that they're off at the moment.
These devices are great.
They don't leave any marks.
At worst, you might bite your tongue.
Get the fuck up.
What do you want me to do? Strip off.
I've got all night.
Are you stripping off, or do you want another charge? Let's see some moves then.
I want you to turn me on.
Take off your fucking pants.
Kneel down, with your arse in the air.
It's time for a little ride, let's hear you neigh.
It's the Chief Jailer's job to rule with an iron fist, preventing drugs and contraband, searching inmates, discipline.
- Understand? - Affirmative.
We're going through a critical time at present.
After the escape, we need to rule with an iron fist.
Just tell me how far to go.
I'll do whatever you want.
I've been in the military.
2 years in Bosnia and another 2 in Iraq.
This doesn't scare me.
- Why did you leave the military? - A disagreement.
It can't be easy being a woman in the army.
I punched a captain.
I was demoted and then dismissed.
- I understand.
- The van's about to arrive.
Miranda, what do you plan to do about the barbecue? I wasn't sure if you'd be coming or not.
Did you mention it to Fabio? Are we going as a team? It's hard for me too, to forget everything and start from scratch.
We all have to make an effort.
That includes you.
You're right.
Home sweet home! Don't you have a hug for your prodigal daughters? Cruz del Sur has pressed charges against all three of you, for attempted assault, murder, failure to assist and vandalism, which will be added to the escape case.
If you weren't already feeling at home here, you'd better start getting used to it.
Let's go.
Everything, including your pants.
Feet on the yellow line.
Hands on the wall.
Legs open.
You lot, strip off.
Check the blonde one well, she hides phones in any gap.
That phone wasn't mine.
They've seen my fanny in Customs, in Morocco, in the Court cells.
My fanny's like the entrance to the underground.
When can I see my family, madam? Why are you calling me "madam"? - I don't know your name.
- That's because I haven't told you.
Because I'm not interested in your name, 599.
Do you know why? Because I don't want to be your friend, or your confidant.
I am the Chief Jailer, I'll be making sure rules are followed, timetables are adhered to, and inventories are carried out.
From now on, there are new rules: there's no more free movement between cells, no more toilet trips in the middle of the night, you'll have a toilet in every cell, and you'll learn respect and discipline.
And of course, there's no more holes in walls.
Yes, Chief.
You've been assigned new duties.
Separated and monitored.
Zulema Zahir, cleaning.
Macarena Ferreiro, cooking.
Saray Vargas, nursing.
What do you mean nursing? I'm not even a nurse.
You don't need to be.
You only have to clean up the faeces of the disabled inmates.
And their vomit.
Feet on the yellow line.
Hands on the wall.
And relax.
A barbecue at Sandoval's place? Whose brilliant idea was it to invite me? Miranda asked that you be invited.
- She's keen to do some teambuilding.
- How nice.
If you don't go, there'll be questions about what's going on between you.
- Do you want to go there? 2-2.
- What for? You can tell her.
If you need to save your arse, you can throw me to the lions again.
I've said I'm sorry.
Can't you put yourself in my shoes? That would mean shitting myself, and I can't do that.
We've missed you.
- Sorry about that bump on your head.
- Three veterans and a newbie.
Don't worry about it, I have some 30 years to get my own back.
Let's go.
Normally, you'd go straight to solitary, but the Governor insisted that you go straight to the normal regime.
Why the act of charity? She wants you to feel the love of the other inmates.
Thanks to you, their lives have got much worse.
Bastards! Bitches! See how they're looking at you? - How are they looking at me? - With hatred and fear.
You're no longer the girl whose boss tricked her over the company accounts, your uniform says you're dangerous.
- You're a murderer.
- Bitch.
You're now one of the prisoners to be approached with caution.
I bet that turns you on, doesn't it? Vargas, Zahir, Palacios.
The others with me.
Where's Curly? She wasn't in admissions.
The new rules mean no information can be given to one prisoner about another.
Cell 225.
Ferreiro, you know which is your bunk.
Cristina Marquina, you take the bottom bunk.
How come? That's Sole's bunk.
- Where's Sole? - Soledad is in the hospital.
In that case, the cell is full.
You can't put anyone else in here.
When Soledad returns, she'll get another cell.
- Shelf your belongings.
- Wait, Fabio, you can't do this.
Sole will be back in a few days and this is her home, so please take the new girl to another cell.
- Go inside.
- Stay where you are.
This is all I'm asking of you.
My people, in my cell.
Cells closing in 2 minutes.
A toilet! A fucking toilet! So I can shit on the graves of everyone! Great! So now we can all have a shit here, in full view.
Cell 234.
Inmate Cristina Marquina, take the bottom bunk.
Are you having a laugh? No way.
You can take Bambi here to another cell.
In you go.
Stay where you are, Bambi.
You heard Saray.
Find another hole for the newbie.
It'll be healthier.
Listen, open your fucking mouth once more, and you'll get a month in solitary.
OK? If anything happens to the newbie, I swear on my mother's life, your head will be in that toilet for 10 minutes.
Was there anything else? Come on, get inside.
Make up the bunk and put your stuff on that shelf.
Can I go to the bathroom, please? I don't feel well.
Use this one.
There's no time to go outside now.
Don't even think about shitting.
Cells closing.
- What's that? - It was just delivered.
It's for Zulema Zahir.
What's in there? It stinks.
Let's see.