Vis a vis (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

The Little Hen

1 What the fuck has happened at our house? Go, go.
Don't stop.
I'm getting out.
Stop here.
That son of a bitch must have taken the Escorial motorway.
No, I didn't see his fucking face.
I want roadblocks and patrol cars at all motorway access points, and check driver's licenses, even for bikers.
Disable the traffic cameras too.
He's injured, he couldn't have gone far.
I'll call you in a bit.
You and your fucking lies.
You lied to me, Leopoldo! That bullet was for you.
- And it hit my partner! - I didn't know anything.
I swear to you, I didn't know anything.
Don't swear, you bastard! It was a clean shot, fuck! I'm going to lock you up, Ferreiro.
I won't stop until they throw you in fucking prison.
LOCKED UP by minouhse What happened to your eyebrow? I hit my head on the garage door.
It's age.
- I'm becoming clumsy.
- Dad, don't lie to me.
If you've come to lie, I'd rather you hadn't come.
I had an argument with Castillo, and he threw his phone at my head.
Dad, I have to ask you something.
And I want the truth.
Where is the Egyptian? You had him in the garage, back at home.
What's happened? What happened to the dog? He escaped.
He was injured, the poor thing he ran away.
Did you kill him? Yes.
Does Mum know? Your mum tried to kill him too.
And your brother, when he ran over Lucía, he went for him and tried to bury him alive.
We've never been a very normal family but we can't come back from this.
You've met Curly, right? She told me.
I like that girl.
She has character.
She told me that if we went on holiday, you'd sleep together.
So as to make things clear.
- I don't know how Mum will take it.
- Your mum is already over it.
Dad, listen to me.
Someone called Karim is coming after you.
- He has already come.
- What? 3 days ago, he killed Castillo's partner.
We've changed phones.
This is mine, unregistered.
Your mother's and brother's end in seven and eight.
Dad, you need to run away.
You need to disappear.
Get a caravan and leave.
Don't call me, don't write to me.
- Please.
- Time's up.
I brought you a cake.
They have it in reception.
I assume they'll give it to you.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Please, break it up.
Come on, darling.
Come on.
How old are you? Have my blood results come back yet? 4-1.
If Sandoval hasn't called you, then no.
All yours.
A registered fax has arrived from the court.
Today, the Penitentiary Judge and the court magistrate will be coming to take a statement on the deaths of Prieto and González.
- Why did they call you? - Citation.
Haven't they given it to you? The time's come for us to sit before the judge, Saray.
I love trials.
Especially my own.
All those people listening to your stories.
They're so respectful of your little stories.
It's touching.
And I love getting dolled up, wearing lipstick, sitting classily before the witness stand, looking at the judge.
Swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Like you're having an orgasm when you answer: "Yes, I swear".
Saray, today is a big day.
Today, we're playing for our futures.
All on one card.
Like Russian roulette.
Only our gun doesn't have one bullet, it has at least three.
Make sure our friend Macarena doesn't tell the truth, because otherwise you're going to be fucked for the next 30 years.
Good morning.
Today, I have everything.
Can I help you? If you don't put the sheets on properly, you get a strike.
On the third strike, you get a write-up.
And on the third write-up, you get thrown in the hole.
Put like that, perhaps it sounds like a blessing to be isolated from so many bitches, - but trust me, it's not.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
"Quid pro quo".
What? - Ah, you haven't heard that.
- No.
"Quid pro quo".
Now I need you to do something for me.
I want you to be my hen.
What is that? Well, it's the person who brings in the eggs for me: hash, heroin, cocaine.
Like my hen with the golden eggs.
We'll start with this small ball.
Is that heroin? The Chief is carrying out searches and she has her eye on me.
I need you to take this until I find somewhere to keep it.
That way, you pay for my phone cards and legal fees.
You owe me a lot of money.
I'm sorry, mate.
I appreciate your trust, really.
But I refuse to get caught with that.
I don't want problems.
Don't worry about it, sweetheart.
No, it's fine.
Really, it's no problem.
I'm going to pull you by the ears since it brings good luck.
Rubbing the hump of a hunchback brings good luck.
Like a black guy nailing you against the wall.
But if he gets you pregnant, it's no longer good luck.
That's the lottery, a Christmas pregnancy.
- What type of cake is it? - I have no idea, - but it's for everyone.
- A year older, eh? It's good to be alive, even if it's in prison, but we'd be better off on a beach.
You're going to catch hepatitis, mulatta.
Love is stronger than gossip, isn't that right, Gypsy? Sit down, go on.
I know that you'd rather be drinking a G&T on the beach, but you're here.
So between us we got you a present.
But there was no paper to wrap it.
Grab a chair, Maca.
You're going to fall on your arse.
You're scaring me.
Wow, what a surprise! I'm here.
- How are you? - I'm well.
With a new heart.
And they say it runs like clockwork, it's from a blonde measuring 90.
You can already see it in me.
You can! You're very pretty.
Break it up! Blood is falling from above, Chief.
Attention we have a 53 on the Cell Block, Unit 2.
Inform Sandoval.
There's an injured inmate.
She's slashed her wrists.
Fatima Rubio.
Armed robbery.
Trafficking and consumption of hashish and heroin.
She cut her veins with a blunt object.
The wounds were quite serious, but we treated them quickly.
I want her to undergo therapy.
We can't afford to have any suicides right now.
I think that girl was only interested in going to the infirmary to be administered codeine, painkillers and tranquillizers.
But my obligation is to give her the benefit of the doubt.
If she was properly suicidal, she would have used a private toilet.
- She had withdrawal.
- Attempting suicide in the cell block doesn't mean she didn't actually want to die.
Those girls know that a clean cut of the wrists has a medical solution.
You have to cut either vertically or in a zigzag in order to die.
Here's everything we found in the last search.
They have nothing left.
Since they don't suck the silicon from the tiles, they're fucked.
So this fake suicide means that we're doing something right.
We need to know what's coming: withdrawal symptoms, self-harming, fights, attacks.
They attacked Ferreiro with a used needle.
What did the needle carry, Sandoval? I have no idea.
I'm awaiting the results.
I want a list of all the inmates that tested positive in the last drug test, for traces of any drug.
The majority of these girls have no idea what withdrawal symptoms to expect.
They became addicts in prison, and whenever they've needed a fix, - they've been able to find one.
- Well, they won't any more.
We'll support them with therapy and with their inmates' testimonies, but in Cruz del Sur we're going to put an end to drugs.
Back to work.
How's your wife? She's still in hospital.
Everything's wrong, you know? What can I say? The sudden pregnancy Stress Raging hormones.
Listen, if you need anything, whatever it may be, I'm here for you.
Do you have toilet paper? I forgot mine.
Since I've been here, I haven't been to the bathroom once.
It always happens when I travel.
Fuck! - What the fuck are you doing? - Let me see your fingers.
Perhaps before, you thought you had a choice.
But the truth is, you don't.
You're going to keep this for me, that's final.
Anabel, please.
I don't even know how to.
OK, it's really easy: roll the ball in a condom, and put it inside you.
In the vagina, arsehole, or wherever it fits.
Come on, take it.
Don't you trust me? I suggested you be my hen because I trust you.
Oh, fuck! You didn't get it.
Once again.
You owe me 3,000 euros, so put your hand in.
Put your hand in again.
I said put your fucking hand in.
Don't run, don't exercise, don't eat spicy food if you don't want to go to the toilet and search your shit for my drugs.
If you get a face-to-face, cancel it to avoid getting frisked.
If they find it on you, you're fucked, darling.
You're going to do it, aren't you? It's easy.
With a bit of spit it'll go in quickly.
Don't even think about going to the infirmary.
I'll give you ibuprofen later and the pain will go away quickly.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Has your mum not visited? No, she's away.
The first couple of years, they always come.
But from the third year onwards, everyone forgets about your birthday.
But of course, I have a friend who never forgets.
How nice.
Who is it? Cucumber Fernandez.
This guy here.
For baptisms, communions, weddings he never lets me down.
Look how smooth he is No, Antonia.
I'm into something different.
I'm trying out being a lesbian.
I'm seeing how it goes.
Ah, my princess! I'm going to tell you something.
A woman, a real woman, isn't satisfied with this.
You have to eat, girl.
And you, don't laugh! You can fit two courgettes and two potatoes inside you.
Fuck, another bad one.
All the greens are rotten.
How disgusting! Well, if it's rotten, go to the pantry and get another box.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey! Bring me the chicken.
I heard that it's your birthday, right? - Congratulations.
- Thanks.
I've planned to celebrate it with friends.
A certain penitentiary judge is coming, you know him? I'm going to celebrate big, testifying against Zulema.
I know him.
I was just with him.
Answer the question.
They hit me over the head and I lost consciousness.
When I woke up, I was in a tunnel.
That's where I saw Zulema Zahir, Saray Vargas, Maria Prieto and Nerea González.
It must have been one of them that hit me.
And Macarena Ferreiro? Macarena Ferreiro was taken against her will.
She was a hostage.
I saw them drag her through the tunnel.
They're going to put you on a witness protection programme.
Zulema doesn't need to find out.
If they charge me for the murder of that girl, the robbery, the escape In short, with my record, perhaps if I'm lucky I might leave here at the age of 50.
- Well, a happy mature woman.
- No.
Castillo is going to testify that it was in self defence.
That's the deal.
Those women hate me.
They stabbed me in the neck with a needle.
Yes, I know.
But that was my fault.
How was it your fault? I told Sandoval's wife that her husband abused you.
Your stabbing was a warning to me.
They stuck a needle in my neck, and now I don't know if I have AIDS, Hepatitis C or bloody Ebola.
What do you mean, "a warning to you"? Can you explain to me what I've got to do with you? Well I dont know The man must have sensed that we have a certain friendship.
I don't know - Especially after seeing that video.
- What video? In the chapel He must have thought that you were my Achilles heel or something.
Your Achilles heel, me? Fuck's sake, he could have attacked your wife with a needle.
- Sorry, I didn't mean that.
- Don't worry.
Anyway, my wife and I are no longer together.
Why is that? I left her.
Shouldn't we go down? They're going to start worrying.
My deal with Castillo, thanks to you, is your saving grace.
Macarena Ferreiro never collaborated with the police.
Are you sure? In the reports, it clearly states that Macarena Ferreiro's adequate collaboration helped catch Zulema Zahir, and the rest of the escapees in Morocco.
There's a mistake in the transcription.
I signed that report without having read it closely.
I was the one who wrote the report.
I was led to believe that Macarena made the call to a prison officer.
- But that's not what happened.
- What happened then? Macarena Ferreiro stole a mobile phone from a petrol station.
We saw it on the security cameras.
When we turned on that phone, we were able to trace the escapees via GPS.
- No call then? - As regards the call that lady made, or whoever she made it to, I know nothing.
As for the death of González, has your investigation shed any light on the possible causes? I can only comment on what I saw on the CCTV.
Ferreiro had a fight with González, and headbutted her, breaking her neck on the digger.
In that case, the prosecutor will accuse Ferreiro of homicide.
Also, I understand that your request to put this lady on a witness protection programme was also a mistake.
- Shit, boss! - You're alive.
Man! How are you guys? Funny.
Very funny.
I've patched up my side, but thank God that son of a bitch left my legs intact so I can kick his arse, as soon as you catch him.
- Do you have a minute? - Yes, Commissioner.
Let me catch up.
Do you have the security footage? Yes sir, but we haven't spotted any suspects.
Fuck! You didn't find him at the roadblocks either, and he came out of there bleeding like a pig.
Forensics has the DNA traces.
They're checking for matches with the database.
Can I have a word? - Go ahead, tell me.
- In private.
Of course.
Head to my office, please.
Bring me the footage.
I'm sure he escaped by road.
I didn't hear any helicopters scooping him up.
- Do you know what day it is today? - Yes, April 13th.
Today is the day you become my assistant.
I want a list of phone calls made by the Ferreiros in the last 15 days.
SMS, WhatsApp, every fucking detail.
I also want the calls made or received by Zulema Zahir before the escape.
Go to Cruz del Sur and get the phone registers.
Then locate the phone towers with the order Andrade will grant you.
For fuck's sake I'm coming.
I'm all ears.
I have a problem and I need your help.
16 years old.
Kidnapped in Moraleja.
- Kidnap or disappearance? - We don't know.
- Boyfriend? - A 17-year-old student.
- Problems with the parents? - Exemplary family.
Drugs? Not according to friends and teachers.
If you want me off the case, tell me to my face and don't make up porky pies.
You've been after the Egyptian for 4 months.
Two agents have died and you've been shot twice.
You're becoming obsessed with this case.
I'm fine, but if you want, I can take up Tai Chi every morning.
Fine? You threw a phone at Ferreiro's head outside his front door.
- Anyway, I need you on this case.
- Which case? The one involving the teenager who ran away from home? - That's the case you want to give me? - Look, I'm trying to help.
Well, if you want to help me, order an unmarked car to follow the Ferreiros.
Do you not realise that you're distorting reality? The Ferreiros are the victims.
You have no evidence against them, and I don't want them being hounded.
Well, I'm not going to stop pursuing the Egyptian.
If you take me off the case, I'll take unpaid leave and go to Torrevieja.
What time is the funeral? He was a good man.
I'm sorry.
Hurry up.
The judge is arriving.
But are they testifying too? All of us together like a clan.
Happy birthday, Blondie.
If we stick together, everything will be fine.
- What are you talking about? - I'm talking about how Casper's suicide was a shame, but nothing could've been done.
She was going to do it sooner or later, you know? The girl had a problem.
It wasn't suicide.
I saw something else.
What does it matter what you saw? We are friends.
And friends help each other.
We wish each other happy birthday.
We escape together.
You fuck up my escape, and I don't kill you.
You fuck up my escape, and I don't kill you.
You killed Casper with a shot to the head.
I had no motive to kill Casper.
You were the one who tricked me.
You were the criminal mastermind.
You were the one who killed Nerea.
How many years do you think you'll get, roughly? Let's see the Nerea headbutt was filmed.
Macarena, but I can still help you.
In exchange, all you have to say is that Casper blew her own brains out.
Go on, say it with me: "Casper killed herself, what a shame.
" What a shame.
- I have no reason to do that.
- Yes, you do.
You do, because that girl and I are the only two witnesses.
And if we don't lie for you, you're going to get 30 years for murder.
30 years.
I'm telling you there is sufficient evidence to order his arrest.
Trust me.
That man has enough money to skip the country with his family.
Put the phone down.
Do the words "flight risk" mean anything to you? You caught Zulema thanks to Macarena.
If it wasn't for her, you'd be plastering her fucking picture all over bus stations.
So go back to the court and change your statement.
You don't have a fucking clue what's going on, do you? Zulema Zahir made a call to an unknown number the day before the escape.
That call was registered at a phone tower in a small town in the province of Ciudad Real.
Los Ballesteros.
You know what? On the same day, at the same time, Leopoldo Ferreiro's wife left her seven missed calls, and five to her son.
Registered at the same phone tower.
We sent a team to search the area.
What do you think we found in an abandoned factory? The Egyptian's bloody hideout.
And surprise! Leopoldo and Román's fingerprints were everywhere.
Do you think they were playing cards? Because I think they killed him, but not there.
Did they find Macarena's prints? Answer me! No! Then I don't give a fucking shit about your investigation.
We had a deal.
And you broke it.
I didn't have a deal with that girl.
You had one with me.
And now they're badgering her inside.
I don't give a shit about the deal! I have two corpses on my desk because of that family.
And you don't want to know, because you have a thing for that bitch.
You massive cunt.
My wound is bleeding.
Your word doesn't mean shit.
Miss Vargas, do you know the reason why Maria Prieto, alias - Casper.
I nicknamed her that.
- Casper wanted to take her life? She was really unhappy, but I think that the main reason was loneliness.
Because when we got out of here, she was really clueless.
I had my plan, Zulema had hers.
Casper was very over-reliant.
Sorry? Yes, she was very seasoned as in she clung onto us.
So, do you think that the state of mind of the deceased could have led to her suicide? Well, in my humble opinion, Your Honour, I do, yes.
Did you see or hear how she died? No.
I didn't see it, because Casper was having a shower in private, and there was nobody there, otherwise we would have stopped her or something.
But I heard her.
Yes, we heard her.
We were there, the three of us on the porch, in the cool air.
Suddenly: bang! Then we came in, and there was the girl, bleeding to death, She the poor girl had shot herself in the head.
I have bad news.
Castillo testified that he managed to catcht you by himself, - not because of your call.
- What? - You promised me a deal.
- There is no deal.
What do you mean, no deal? You promised me self defence, and that I was going to enter a witness protection programme.
Castillo has betrayed you.
And me.
No, Fabio.
He hasn't betrayed you.
I'm the one who's going to testify against the biggest bitch I know.
I'm the one she's going to kill.
And if by chance she doesn't, it doesn't matter, because I'm going to spend the rest of my life here.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? Sorry for what, Fabio? Sorry they killed Casper because you made me pin the phone on her? Sorry for that? Sorry for going to Sandoval's house, and telling his wife that her husband is a rapist? Because thanks to that I'm infected.
And now I don't know what I have.
You know what? I'm starting to get a bit pissed off with everything.
So what? You want me to slit my wrists? Share your infected blood? Is that what you want? Because if it is, I'll do it.
I wish everything had worked out, but it hasn't, and I'm in your debt, Macarena.
Macarena, I don't know if I'll be able to protect you and your family, but I swear from this moment on, that's what I'll devote myself to.
Your dad and brother were with the Egyptian when you escaped.
Castillo knows, and he'll arrest them shortly.
I'd have warned your dad, but the phones are tapped.
I have a phone.
I know where to call him.
Good, call him then.
They have to think about defending the family, because they'll be accused of murdering the Egyptian.
I'll be back in a minute.
He killed him, didn't he? Yes.
Mr Hernandez comes up to me and tells me that I have 22 unjustified absences, I haven't accounted for them, I hand reports in late - As if reporting your every move.
- Exactly.
So they suspended me for 60 days with unpaid leave.
- They're the ones losing out.
- What does it matter, Mum? Food's ready.
Move up a bit.
Tomorrow we should go shopping, before we leave.
Where are we going? Your mum wants to go to Lisbon.
We've never been.
We can have bacalao.
I'm on board, Mum.
- Hello.
- Dad, it's me.
Karim isn't the only one after you.
What happened in the moments leading up to Nerea González's death? I tried to escape and she followed me, she harassed me.
She wanted me to escape, so they forced me to.
In the video it's clear that you headbutted her.
She was following me, shouting: "Come back or I'll kill you".
"Come back or I'll kill you.
" She hit me several times in the stomach.
I was not myself at all.
She grabbed her by the hair as if she were a dog.
And she said that she'd kill her.
Then Macarena started running and Well, we all thought that she was going to kill her right there.
We all thought it, didn't we? When we heard the shot, we were outside the cabin.
All three of us.
We came running in, and we found her there.
With a bullet to the temple.
The gun was on the floor.
She'd killed herself.
If Macarena hadn't headbutted her, dI know, beyond doubt, that she would've killed her.
She did it in self defence, Your Honour.
Life is unpredictable.
I'm sorry, Blondie.
I couldn't get the cellophane.
It doesn't matter.
You're the best gift that I've received all day.
What's more, the results of my blood test have come back I'm clean.
And healthy.
And juicy too.
Why would your dad have told us to go to Badavoz? So that we can wait for him there.
Your dad isn't coming back.
We need a car.
I've come to tell you where the Egyptian is.
I killed him, and I know where he's buried.