Vis a vis (2015) s02e05 Episode Script


1 Ferreiro, we've been walking for more than half an hour, and I'm starting to get sick and tired.
I hope you aren't messing me about.
I think it was over there that I left the car.
You think? At the station, you were very certain.
The Egyptian is buried in the province of Ciudad Real, in a game reserve.
I want the exact location.
Even if you've killed the world's biggest son of a bitch, you'll still serve the same sentence as if you'd killed the king.
The coordinates match the signal registered at the phone towers in Los Ballesteros, Ciudad Real.
Great, how did you get there? I entered the farm, and I drove, I don't know, about 15 minutes down a gravel road.
I think it was a game reserve.
I got out of the car and I picked up a sawn-off shotgun.
I loaded two rounds.
I went to the rear side of the car, took the Egyptian out of the boot, and made him walk, I don't know 150 metres.
I forced him to dig his own grave and I killed him.
You're telling me you did all that on your own? - Who helped you? - I've already told you, Castillo.
I killed and buried the Egyptian without anyone's help.
I had him handcuffed and dragged him with a tether, tied around his neck, like a dog.
You'll find all this in the grave.
Where is this grave exactly? It's there.
That's where the Egyptian is buried.
LOCKED UP by minouhse We always say the same thing, let's grab a drink with the newbie, then everyone has their own problems, their lives you know.
I prefer it that way.
In a small group.
Around here, word is that you're having a fling with an inmate.
Is that what they're saying? Well, you've been misinformed.
Look The fling lasted 5 seconds and was over.
And for 5 seconds they've filed a case against you and demoted you? Was the inmate Ferreiro? I heard she's innocent of the charges filed against her Is that right? - Yes.
I think so.
- Then If they've labelled you an inmate fucker, filed a case against you and you think she's innocent, why don't you continue with the fling? Will we ever know? I'll give your advice some thought.
I want you to look for any scrap of proof, a hair, a drop of blood, falafel crumbs, or a broken pinkie nail.
Have you searched the area properly? Can we get any security camera footage? Castillo, you need to see this.
What the fuck is that? Given the humidity and rugosity, this plastic is less than 24 hours old.
Let me help you.
With handcuffs, it's hard.
The people? Valbuena is an idiot.
He'd probably electrocute himself with a taser just to see if it works.
- Miranda? - A textbook victim.
Always waiting for the next son of a bitch and the next problem, and she looks like the type who'd keep a dildo in her drawer.
Palacios? He still doesn't know that he's slipping up because he's gay.
He's probably in love with you.
- Fuck off.
- Yes Seriously.
And Sandoval? He's the cleverest at the prison.
And the most shady.
It seems you're not his biggest fan.
I don't think he'll invite me to his next barbecue.
If you want to tell me something, I'm trustworthy.
You're the only one who came for beers with the newbie.
- You've won me over for life.
- There's nothing to tell.
Only that if you get the flu and you go to his office, staple your underwear to your arse.
I told his wife as much when she was a few months pregnant and she was hospitalised with a panic attack.
I need to learn to count to three before doing anything.
You are who you are.
I'm the same as you.
Have you got yourself into a lot of trouble? 2 years ago, in a demining drill, I was pushing a type of wheelbarrow, and the captain did the spoon to me.
The spoon? - Do you know what that is? - No.
Get up.
Act as if you're pushing a wheelbarrow, like this That's the spoon.
I had two options.
Take him to a military court, or crack his fucking face open with the butt of a rifle.
And so I hit him.
There are rules that are really good, but not all of them.
You need to know how to tell them apart.
Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.
Girls, how many of you take heroin? How many of you started with a joint? I want to help you beat this shitty addiction.
In order to do so, you have to give it your best.
Even if it seems impossible.
You're going to feel horrendous body pains.
Vomiting, diarrhoea, fears, anxiety, even panic.
But nothing I can tell you now is more important or more efficient than what one of your inmates who has been through it can tell you.
Isn't that right, Tere? OK.
So, I was hooked on marijuana, coke, speed, heroin, amphetamines, crack.
Tere, let's get straight to the point.
Sure, sorry.
Withdrawal? OK.
Well, I had withdrawal symptoms.
Lots of them.
I can tell you about the first major withdrawal I had, which was when my mum caught me using.
That was in the toilets.
In Vips.
- Because I wasn't getting up.
- You mean high? No.
I wasn't getting up from the toilet.
I'd taken a huge dose of heroin, my mum came down after 45 minutes and caught me with a needle in my arm.
So she took it off me quickly, put me in my room, and locked me in.
First comes the vomiting.
At the beginning, I remember that when they came in to clean, I'd escape.
I escaped twice, so they stopped coming in to clean.
My mum used to take me down to the pool of the complex, so that I would do some exercise, to One day, I was floating there, and people started getting out of the pool, shouting at me and stuff Thing is I'd shat myself.
It turns out that with the withdrawal, and the yoghurt, you get diarrhoea without even realising it.
Thing is Fuck.
My mum had to pay a hefty fine, and she threw me out of the house.
She threw me out of the house.
And I've only spoken to her twice.
Thanks, Tere.
Relax, breath.
How do you think your life has changed since then? I started scheming in order to get free drugs.
Taking drugs from one place to another, hiding it in joints or in my bum.
Very few people realise that this is lethal.
The consequences of just a single bag breaking, or exploding inside your body, are irreversible.
Your body absorbs them.
I double wrapped them.
The body absorbs them in a few minutes, and the blood carries them to the liver where they destroy it.
It does the same to the heart and the respiratory airways.
Not me, not anyone, will be able to do anything to save your life.
So, are you training a bit? I have a present for you.
It's a little gift, it's chocolate.
Take it.
It's one of the few things that they haven't banned here yet.
Don't mention it.
Thank you for not reporting me.
It was your word against mine, you had everything to lose, but Nevertheless, it was thoughtful of you.
I didn't want to cause any drama.
And well, it's not like I was a virgin.
You have a sense of humour, eh? Sorry if I overstepped the mark a bit.
If you need anything that is within my power Yes.
Yes, I was going to ask you for the abortion pill.
I can ask Sandoval for it, but I think he'll ask me for an explanation.
If you want, I'll ask my sister to buy it, and you can meet her to pick it up.
- Or you can go to the medical centre.
- No.
It's fine.
- Tell your sister I'll meet her.
- OK.
Blackie! What must you have done for Valbuena to get a chocolate from him? You're so nosy.
I got it for you.
As a welcome gift.
But you've ruined it.
But I can't eat this, babe.
Can't you see that I've quit that? But not to be rude And also because, all this exercise is making me feel dizzy.
Enough! Let's throw him in a reservoir.
Your dad says that corpses always end up floating.
I'll tie rocks to his neck, but we can't leave a corpse decomposing in the boot of the car.
- What if we burn it? - Where? Where are we going to burn it, Mum? And the teeth always remain Shit! Don't shout at me, Román.
Do me the favour of not shouting at me.
What if we pull his teeth out? What the fuck are you doing? I was smoking a cigar.
I turned on the showers because of the smoke.
- I'm going back to my cell - Do you think I'm an idiot? Fine, yes.
It was a joint.
Yes, it's a joint, mate.
I'm looking at it.
With heroin and speed Fuck.
Look mate, I'm a sentinel and I have to nick you.
Did Anabel give it to you? Anabel doesn't give out anything for free, you know.
Fucking hell! You're carrying her shit aren't you? - I'll throw it in the toilet.
- No, not the toilet.
You need to give it back to her.
Because next time it won't be your hands.
Shit, I'm a sentinel and you're getting me in shit, going to the toilets.
For fuck's sake.
Don't suck that! What are you doing? Give it here! Give it here! What did the doctor say earlier? Fuck.
What's up? Why are you doing this? It's the only way I can forget why I'm here! We were in a car, we'd stolen it for a laugh, to pass the time.
We'd done it before and nothing had ever happened.
If there was something valuable, or money, we would keep it, but that was it.
We didn't want to hurt anybody.
We didn't know the child was there.
He shouldn't have been there.
We got out of the car and left him there.
I thought I didn't think at all.
I just ran.
And they found him dead.
He died from heat stroke.
I don't know, mate.
I'm really sorry.
Strip search.
Stand up.
Hands on your head.
You, over there.
Look straight ahead.
Add more water to the clams.
They're drying out.
That pan, Curly, the oil is burning Take the chicken, and add a lot of salt so that it doesn't taste dry.
Move from there, dummy.
If you burn my kitchen, I'll fucking kill you.
Fuck off, I don't want to see you again.
What the hell is going on here? Shithead here is destroying my kitchen.
Maybe if you weren't shouting so many orders at me You think you're bloody Chicote.
Valbuena, get rid of her.
I'm not rising to this.
God gave you hands to open the clams, not cook them.
Don't shout at me in this fucking shitty kitchen, I don't give a fuck.
You think you're Miss Universe.
Stop messing about and shut up.
- Come on, man, let's go! - Don't speak to me.
That's enough from you two! Fancy cleaning the junkies' arses in the infirmary instead? Because you'll find cleaner arses there than your shit kitchen.
I'm going to give you a write-up.
On the second one, you'll spend winter in the hole.
Understood, Chicote? What about her? She's the one who burnt the paella dish.
But it's your responsibility.
Come on, move your arse.
Let's go! Have you spoken to your sister yet? First I need to request the call and for it be approved.
What have you given him? You haven't sucked Valbuena's dick, have you? Kabila To my office.
Get off me! Open your mouth, open it.
There it is! Lay her down, she has something obstructing her airways.
I need a sharp tool, a razor, knife, whatever.
Emergency, the doctor needs a sharp tool, a knife Bring it to the cell block toilet urgently.
- There it is.
- What is that shit? You fucking prick, Tere! The worst thing isn't that you abused the authority given to you.
The worst thing is that you abused our trust, to promote exactly what you were supposed to prevent.
That can only result in the most serious of punishments.
You'll remain in solitary indefinitely.
We've examined 8m³ of ground under the microscope.
We haven't found a thing: not even a hair, a nail, organic remains Everything wiped clean.
Except this.
How is it possible that the shotgun slugs are clean? Someone poured five jugs of HCl on the scene of the crime.
Whoever took the Egyptian's corpse, they were professionals.
No plant life will grow in that area for the next 20 years.
We have no body, nor proof, nor any evidence to present to the judge.
I told you that Leopoldo and I once worked together on a couple of cases.
We were friends.
My name is Leopoldo Ferreiro, and I confess to the murder of Hanbal Hamadi, the Egyptian.
As I see it, it's illogical for him to confess to a murder without a corpse.
What are the theories? The first one is that Ferreiro wants us to believe that the Egyptian is dead.
They both agree to disappear, so perhaps they fabricated all of this to deceive us.
Even Jalapeño's death could be a smoke screen, to make us think they were shooting at the Ferreiros.
It's a twisted plan, but a plan nonetheless.
The second theory: someone has taken the corpse, and Leopoldo doesn't know about it.
Karim, his depressed wife, his son the registrar, I don't know.
In all honesty, Ferreiro looked surprised when no corpse was found.
The third theory Are you taking notes? - Yes, sir.
- Well, write: the third theory is that I don't have a fucking clue what the third theory is.
We're going to follow all possible leads.
We're going to expedite the 72 hours of custody incommunicado, and we're going to catch Ferreiro contradicting himself.
Understood? Is there any chance that he survived the gunshot? I shot him at point-blank range.
Two shots to the chest with a 12 caliber.
Is it not possible that he climbed out of the hole alive? I killed him.
- Have you spoken to your sister? - She didn't answer.
I left her a message.
I'll try with the work phone.
- Fine, whatever, but now.
- Whatever, but not now.
- You could visit Family Planning.
- No, I don't want problems.
Hurry up.
How's it going Quimico, what's up? Have they still not caught you? What do you mean: "who is this"? It's Estefi, mate.
I'm still here, I'm still here.
Listen to me.
I need you to do me a favour and give something to my sister.
We'll see, Mum.
We'll wait until it gets dark and then drive up to the mountains, somewhere remote.
Like the mountains of Toledo, and we'll bury him.
We'll bury him.
Agreed? Even if we have to dig all night.
Will that make the corpse disappear? No.
Does it stop an animal digging it up? No.
I wish your dad was here.
Given his ample experience in disappearing bodies, of course.
Whatever we do, Román, the body has to disappear forever.
Your dad's freedom depends on it.
Let's get some more jugs of acid.
It's the only way.
Tell me something that doesn't make me feel stupid every time I go to pee and look in the mirror.
I'm sitting here telling you that I killed a man, and that's not enough for you.
You have shotgun slugs.
You have a confession.
A hole.
- Evidence.
What more do you want? - Nothing.
Just a minor detail.
Where the hell is the body? You should read adventure books.
They help you to escape.
Finish up, we're closing the library early.
We're doing inventory.
Come on.
Your dad has confessed to the Egyptian's murder.
- What? - Keep reading.
Last night, they took him to dig up the corpse, but there wasn't one.
Someone had taken it.
Keep reading.
A colleague at Homicide told me.
- Do you know who could have done it? - No.
My mum and brother? That's what I fear.
And aren't you going to report it? Fuck, but what the fuck are they going to do with a corpse? Well, I don't know, considering the state of decomposition.
I imagine that they'll try to avoid it dismembering.
They are sinking little by little, up to their necks.
They are sinking, and once they realise, it'll be too late to get out.
They're going to end up in prison one by one, and I won't be able to do anything.
I won't, they're going to get more years than me.
The funniest thing is that there was a moment when I believed everything was going to be resolved.
The judge was going to review my case.
I was going to walk free.
And we would go back to being a normal family, with normal problems.
But no.
Are you taking Moby Dick or the Count of Montecristo? Moby Dick.
Hey, I have a question.
Do you know the best way to dispose of a corpse? Fuck.
It's Lidia.
What do I do? Should I answer? Answer.
Hello, darling.
How's France? How's the investigation going? I'm here.
I'm at the airport.
Come and pick me up.
I can't right now, my love, I'm I'm taking my mum shopping.
Lidia? The Egyptian killed my daughter in front of you.
You were following them.
You saw it all and didn't tell me anything.
Come right now, or I'll talk to the police.
Antonia, you're to prepare me a special diet plan.
Sandoval's orders.
Write down everything you need on this piece of paper.
- Then we'll see if they approve it.
- Of course they will.
- Is everything OK? - Yes, very good.
I hope you haven't grown fond of him because he's gone, he's gone.
Do you want a coffee? - Yes.
- Yes? Right, a coffee.
Very well.
- How was your day? - It was good.
I was with a crazy girl who's a lot like you, but crazier.
Do you want sugar? - One or two? - One.
Oh, the coffee smells so nice.
- So nice, was it for Valbuena? - Yes.
I'll make another one.
I've given it up completely, but mate, look.
Finish washing up.
Come on.
Can you tell me what the hell you're planning to do to Valbuena? Kill him.
You want me to tell you something new, don't you? That's right.
Because generally someone who repeatedly says that they are a murderer turns out not to be.
Do you want me to tell you how someone feels when you put a gun in their mouth so that they confess to a crime? So that they say they killed and buried someone, and dragged them along like a dog.
Are you telling me that the Egyptian is still alive? We're going to let Mr Ferreiro leave due to a lack of evidence.
Inform Judge Andrade and a relative, and tell them to bring his personal belongings.
They killed my daughter in front of you.
In front of your dad, and you haven't told me anything.
Karim killed a policeman in your house, while they were waiting to kill you.
Your dad has confessed to killing and burying the Egyptian, and you haven't told me anything.
I call you up and you tell me that you're out shopping with your mum.
I can tell you when and why I started lying to you: when the people harassing my sister threatened to kill us for 9 million euros.
After that, I continued lying to you.
I continued while we tried everything we could to escape hell.
And that bastard ran over Lucía.
I lied to you, Lydia.
In order to avoid causing you more pain.
One always expects a judge to know what to do, to do the right thing.
But I don't know what to do with you.
I don't know what to do with all this.
Tell me something, Román.
Did you ever put my daughter in danger? - Knowingly? - No.
My pain will never be as heartwrenching as yours, but it was enough to drive me to murder your daughter's killer.
Are you OK? Yes.
Take me home.
Want to know how it feels after killing a man? No.
Don't tell me anything.
A little pill in a glass.
Is that your plan? Does getting the victim to poison himself here sound like a bad plan? There's no motive, no one knows what he did.
Does that sound like a bad plan? What did he do to you? He raped me.
He raped me while making me neigh like a horse.
He electrocuted me to make me do as he said.
He washed me like an animal covering its tracks.
Then he offered me a chocolate, as if it had all been a prank.
No one will try him for all of that.
So I'm going to do it.
I've made up my mind.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Listen to me closely, Curly.
If we're going to kill that arsehole, we can't do it in the heat of the moment.
The most important thing is not to get caught.
Forget that pill, and that bullshit.
Trust in a friend.
What experience do I have, other than killing people? Leopoldo.
I've come to collect you.
Let's go.
Are you here to pick up your father-in-law? I'm a family friend.
Leopoldo, wait for us outside for a minute.
You have him.
Leopoldo Ferreiro, with that harmless face, has killed a man, tortured and buried him.
Now I don't fully know why, but he has also dug him up.
- Yeah? Are you sure about that? - He confessed it himself.
That's why you're letting him walk, right? Instead of looking for the bastard who pulled the trigger, you're hunting the Ferreiros, and when a Ferreiro gets killed, you'll end up in a loony bin for doing your job like an arse.
Like an arse? My job is to go after murderers like Leopoldo.
And if he is? So what? If I can kill fucking Bin Laden before he walks in and kills five people, I'll pull the trigger.
- I'm not waiting for the order.
- Frankly, I don't understand.
If you continue hunting the Ferreiros, you'll end up finding me.
Try sitting me before a judge and accusing me of the same thing as them.
Who the fuck do you think you are? The fucking human shield? Idiot! - Castillo.
- What? The tracking device has been activated on Ferreiro's car.
- Anything else? - The missing girl.
Her family have just received a ransom demand.
- The kidnapping has been confirmed.
- For fuck's sake.
Where is the Egyptian's corpse? I don't know.
Good afternoon.
You left the airport without security.
I'm sorry.
It was a mistake due to a personal matter.
It won't happen again.
I'm sorry.
It's my fiancé and his mum.
Open the door.
What was all of that? They've provided security for the case.
As you well know, I'm now leading the Karim investigation.
The Syrian.