Vis a vis (2015) s02e09 Episode Script

The Baboons

1 You'll use the toilet in the cell, until the doors are opened.
Breakfast is at 8am, showers are at 9am, and workshops are at 10am.
Are you chewing gum? Shall I get you some crisps as well? I'm OK.
Just keep your foul breath off me.
Spit it out.
A week ago, Amaia Jiménez disappeared 300 metres from her home.
Two days later, it was confirmed that she'd been kidnapped.
In a letter to the family they demanded 200,000 euros, or they'd get their daughter back in a shoe box.
The poor girl was unlucky, she came face-to-face with the Monster family.
No! We still don't know if they're siblings, a consanguine married couple, or a pair of baboons running loose.
02321, 02580, 02642, checking in.
What are you looking at? Shut your fucking mouth or I'll shut it for you.
Move it.
LOCKED UP by minouhse Forensics have gathered plenty of information from the place where she was last seen.
Then we checked security cameras in petrol stations, motorway toll areas.
Finally, the inquiry led us to the province of Soria.
On a piece of land out there, miles from anywhere, there was a vet living with his wife.
He'd been a suspect in a similar case 9 years earlier.
We watched the house for a few days.
He hardly went out, the blinds were always closed, - and there were no clients calling.
- So we decided to go in, but we got quite a surprise.
The son of a bitch had dug out a tunnel below the house, which led to a shed 600 metres away.
That way, he avoided surveillance of any kind.
But inside the house, we found traces of the girl's DNA, and personal effects, which was enough to incriminate the couple.
But the girl hasn't been found.
Help! The bastard came and went via that tunnel to avoid surveillance.
That's how we know the girl is somewhere else.
But where? Help! How do we know the girl is still alive? Inside the house, we found bags packed with food and water, so we surmised that the kidnapper wasn't going to see her daily.
We think the girl still has food and water.
But we don't know for how long.
What can we do? The accessory to the kidnap was admitted to Cruz del Sur this morning.
The life of that girl depends on us getting information from her.
Cell 234.
- In you go.
- Are you kidding? First Bambi, and now these two half-wits.
- Great, bring your cast-offs here.
- Speak for yourself, you bitch.
Where did you get that hairstyle? From the elves of Lord of the Rings? I'm the elf from fucking hell.
How do you like that? - And that's Saray's bunk.
- Well, now it's mine.
You can discuss it with her later, she's quite chatty.
Number one or number two? Is it a poo? When can I go back to my cell? That will depend on when Vargas comes out.
And as long as you're sharing a cell, you must watch her at all times.
Go with her to the canteen, to the workshops, the showers and the yard.
Wipe that expression off your face, the Conduct Committee places a high value on prisoner involvement in the anti-suicide programme.
Why do I have to be Saray's minder? That's a question for the Governor.
And no nonsense from you, understood? Ha, that's what you think.
Macarena, here we are, just the two of us.
All alone.
When you're cold at night, you can get into bed with me and I'll warm you up with the fire I've got down below.
I love your sense of humour and your refined style.
- Are you checking out my bottom? - Of course! You'll have to be kind to me, now that you're my minder and I'm on the verge of suicide.
I'm really crazy! Maybe I could turn a blind eye, while you hang yourself with your knicker elastic? Yes, you'd like that, wouldn't you? But I won't.
And you won't need to go anywhere with me, because I don't intend on committing suicide.
I'm not going there.
Now that I'm in love and I know she loves me back.
Yeah You'd better move aside, or I'll move you myself, - one way or another.
- You and whose army? Did I tell you how I met Curly? Look Saray, we don't need to be friends.
- No, but I'm going to tell you.
- Go ahead.
The first fucking day in prison, we were both stark naked, and the Chief said to us: "Feet on the yellow line, hands on the wall, bottom in the air".
Before I knew it, wham! I had the Chief's finger in my arse.
I turned to one side, and then I saw her, Curly, smiling at me.
You don't get that, do you? You don't get how that's romantic.
A posh brat like you doesn't get it.
But when I saw her there, smiling at me, it was like she was saying: "My darling, just hang on a few minutes, then we'll have the rest of our lives.
" You'll never click like that with Curly in your entire fucking life.
And watch out with all the boxing, you're looking more like Sylvester Stallone every day.
- It wasn't the boxing, clever clogs.
- So what was it then, smarty pants? Zulema and I exchanged a few words with Anabel's girls.
Off to the bathroom, move it, and stay within eyeshot.
Let's go.
- How's it going? - Fucked.
I heard about your fight with Blondie.
So you're breaking skulls with her now, are you? - Best mates now, are you? - Yes, we're inseparable.
First I steal your girlfriend, now your mate.
What do you know about stealing? You're pathetic when you pretend to be hard, and Curly's with me now.
So get used to it.
With you, how? In what way? Because you almost killed an officer? I heard that bastard will lose a testicle.
You must be ecstatic about that.
If that's how you say "I love you", what do you do for Valentine's Day? Go on the rampage with a Kalashnikov? No.
But I'll tell you what I don't do: I don't sit playing with my pubes when I find out that a fucking bastard raped her.
Here she comes.
I don't know what that fat cow is taking, but she never gives up.
I've come for a civilised talk.
And is putting a wire into my eardrum - and perforating it civilised? - No.
That was in the heat of the moment, but no one likes to lose a bet.
That's in the past.
Are we friends? Stay where you are.
A little something, as a gesture of goodwill, for my ex-cell companion.
I'm a business woman, and conflict isn't good for business.
If you want me to lend you Bambi one day, you only have to ask.
Remember what I told you when we came back after the escape? What? That you're no longer afraid.
Now others fear you.
So, you should be afraid too.
We've been questioning the husband for 2 days.
He hasn't said a word.
He's a monster, with utter disregard for that girl's life.
He was fooling us all along, first with the tunnel, and then by planting false clues for the investigators.
Although he appears to be acting alone, we're sure he needed his wife to carry out the kidnapping.
That's where you come in, Doctor.
Her psychiatric report leaves no room for doubt.
Her IQ is below 50, she shows no empathy, no inhibitions, and she has a distorted view of reality.
- And what does that mean? - That we're dealing with someone who's incapable of differentiating between concepts as basic as right and wrong.
Listen, Susana, it's just the two of us here.
No one is listening, no one is watching, no one is judging.
I only want to know where the girl is.
Do you understand the seriousness of the situation? Traces of the girl's DNA have been found in your house.
We know she was there.
She's a textbook case of psychological subjugation.
Her mind's been totally erased.
It's as if her brain had been removed.
Her husband has had so much influence over her that she'd struggle to decide which pants to wear - unless he told her.
- Do you think she'll cooperate? I doubt she'll even talk to anyone.
Right now, you're accused of being an accomplice to a kidnap, and of concealment, but not murder.
There's still time for you.
I know what's going through your head: "What will my husband say?" The only thing that can break her mental block is the very thing that caused it: her husband.
Don't you have anything to say? - I'm hungry.
- Fucking hell! Listen to me! I'll tell you what your husband is doing.
He's pinning this on you and in 5 or 6 years he'll be out, and you'll be rotting in here.
What will you do without him? My husband told me you'd say that, that you'd try and separate us.
He said that.
He knows everything.
With the greatest of respect, I don't give a shit about that baboon's brain.
She may be stupid, but she's playing games and we're running out of time.
The important thing is to find the girl.
How can we do that? Subjugated personalities need someone to follow, a leader who'll tell them what to do.
Being separated from her husband, who was her authority for so long, she's likely to search her immediate circle for someone to look up to, someone to follow, someone to trust.
Do you smoke? I did, but my husband won't let me.
He hates smoking.
Your husband isn't here.
What a paradox.
You're going to have more freedom in here than outside.
Men are disgusting.
Did Anabel send you? Get out.
Anabel didn't send me.
I need your help.
I can't help you.
Get lost.
- Get out of here, I said.
- I've become a slave.
Anabel sells me to the other prisoners.
I go from cell to cell like a whore.
She's been worse since Valbuena confiscated her drugs.
She hits me, and humiliates me constantly.
I've refused a visit from my parents.
I can't look them in the face.
Do you know what you have to do? Fight back.
- You expect me to stand up to Anabel? - No.
If you stand up to Anabel, you'll end up with your head down the toilet.
What do you see? Me.
Well, I see the slowest gazelle in the savannah.
The one who's last to run when the lions attack.
Do you know what's important in here? Being the second slowest.
Because then, someone else gets eaten by the lions.
What can I do? Fight back.
Fight back against those bitches who pay to have you between their legs.
Make yourself unwanted.
If you don't earn money for Anabel, she'll sell you.
- But that's horrible.
- No.
It's better to belong to one person than to everyone.
What the hell are you doing in here? I'm on a case.
So I don't need a neon sign proclaiming I'm undercover.
Don't look at me or speak to me.
Someone could have told me that an old friend was coming in.
Yes, and they could have told the caretaker and the cleaners.
You're forgetting that you're just a fucking prison officer.
The Police don't have to keep you informed.
All right.
I just wanted to say that whatever you've been told about Zulema is true.
And more, so don't take her lightly.
You love to dramatise, Fabio.
But not all the prisoners will be that dangerous.
I heard you'd got involved with an inmate.
That's bad, Fabio.
Cheating on your blind wife.
Did you do it in the prison? Or did you take her back to your place when she was out on release? Don't piss me off, Helena.
Get out of my way, then.
Check the girls finish their breakfast, and let the Police do their work.
There are lines we can't cross.
Her life should not be put in danger.
- I'm responsible for what happens.
- Don't worry.
I'm very experienced in these situations.
Progress on the case will be reported by visiting Dr Sandoval.
- That sounds reasonable.
- I have a back problem.
I'll go and see him when I need painkillers.
OK? Neck pain is usually chronic.
It requires treatment, so - it'll be normal for you to see me.
- Very well.
All I ask is that when I'm out there, I'm treated the same as any other inmate.
That's the only way I'll get Susana to trust me, and tell me where the kidnapped girl is hidden.
If you don't want me to slice off those lovely nipples, you know what you have to do.
All right.
Come on, dear.
Anabel! What do you want? Bambi.
- Come on, darling.
- No.
- Come on.
- No.
I won't.
I said let's go.
Move it! - That'll be 20 euros.
- 20 euros? Has she got gems on her tongue? She's got a tongue like a lizard.
You'll be back for more.
And if not, you can always use your fingers.
You'd better do a good job for 20 euros.
You bitch! How's it going? Just when I thought you couldn't be more of a bastard, you do this? What's the idea, bringing in Helena undercover? An americano, please.
Who are you, everyone's hero? Every day a new cause! First Macarena, then the Ferreiro family, and now Helena.
When will you accept that you can't change the world single-handed? Cut yourself some slack.
And don't fuck up another case for me.
How can you be such an idiot? Fuck up another of your cases? Not telling me could have fucked it up.
When Zulema finds out there's someone undercover, she'll go straight for her.
That's why you're going to keep quiet and let her work.
- She doesn't need your help.
- What's all this shit about? Is it about Zulema or that new one, the one who looks retarded? My name is Susana.
They say that, well that we kidnapped a girl or something.
Not at all.
I haven't done anything.
I don't see many people.
My house is outside of the village.
It's sort of on the outskirts.
It's in a lovely spot.
I'm always with my husband.
My husband hasn't been to see me.
When will I get out? I don't know.
I really don't know.
Help! Help me! Shall I tell you what I think? What's really pissing you off is having Helena so close.
You fucked her and chucked her.
And now you can't bear to see her mug, day in, day out.
You've got quite a few exes in your closet, haven't you? How many corpses have you left in your wake? Chino, Jalapeño, both good police officers who trusted you, and now they're six feet under.
Are you going to add Helena to your long list of failures? We're police officers and that comes with a risk.
But what the hell would a security guard who spends his days patrolling a basketball pitch know about it? What do you want? I'm having breakfast! It's important, sir.
It's Encarna Ferreiro.
The bodyguards say she's gone out alone, in her husband's car, which we fitted with a tracking device.
And what's so remarkable about that? The car is currently parked very close to the mosque on the ring road.
So either she's embracing Islam, or she's having a conversation with someone linked to Karim or the Egyptian.
She's only 19! And she'll be spending over 15 in here.
A slave with years ahead of her.
She's nice and toned.
Feel free to touch.
Come off it, everyone in here has used her.
And you're selling her because she bites, she nearly bit Asunción's fanny off.
I'll give you 200 euros.
Go and eat your mother's pussy.
Offers from 1,200.
Did you hear me? 1,200.
I didn't punish her for biting, so she has no marks on her.
But whoever buys her should whip her well and teach her a lesson.
1,200? Come on, who'll bid higher? This girl has a cavern down below, for smuggling stuff in and out of prison.
Stand still, she's checking before she buys.
1,600 going once, 1,600 going twice, - 1,600 - 2,000! - I assume you have the money.
- Your assumption is correct.
And I assume that you trust me.
No? Now that we're friends? Who'll bid higher? 2,100? In that case, sold for 2,000 euros.
She's all yours.
Thank you.
Come on, to the shower.
And stop your blubbing.
Encarna! She isn't here either.
- You saw her this morning.
- Yes.
She didn't say where she was going.
Dad, like I said, everything was normal.
She made breakfast and said she was going shopping.
It isn't ringing.
Why did you let her go out alone? She wasn't alone.
She said one of the bodyguards was going with her.
That's not true.
The bodyguards are outside in the garden.
- I just saw them.
- What? She's taken the Egyptian's ashes.
Why would she do that? Castillo, I need your help.
My fucking life.
My fucking life.
The things I have to do.
Here you are.
Sheets, towels, napkins, soap and condoms.
- You can go in now.
- Wait a minute.
They can keep the condoms.
My fella and I are planning to bring lots of little gypsies into the world.
You mean you want to have a child in here? Of course.
The miracle of love.
And I'll bring it up in here.
And in 2 months, bam! I'll be moved from here.
- Well, good luck with that.
- Well, thank you.
And don't panic if you notice the concrete moving, Chief.
Hey! Can I come in, lovely? Not living here doesn't mean you have to knock on the door.
Besides, no one says no to the new bad girl on the block.
I heard you had a punch up with Anabel's bullies.
And that you bought Bambi from her.
What are you up to? That depends.
What do you like? Good girls or bad girls? The good bad girls.
And what about the others? So so.
Sole's boyfriend came to see her again.
So they're at it non-stop.
So that means that we have the place to ourselves, just the two of us.
What's got into you? - You drive me crazy.
Is that OK? - No, no tickling.
- I'm very ticklish.
- Well, look out then.
Oh no you don't! Stop it.
You've been very patient with me.
With all my fears and hang ups.
My outbursts.
But that's all over now.
I know that you want a relationship without hang ups.
With plenty of passion.
That's what I'll give you.
From now on, you start Dr Maca's treatment.
Don't worry.
- Trust me.
- OK.
Do you want me to stop? Don't you dare! A mother can never be prepared for her son's burial.
It's the worst possible thing.
As a mother, I know that.
I hope that having your son's ashes will bring you some peace.
Do you believe that your God is just? Yes.
I'm sure that Allah is, and that your niece and my son are dead, and that it wasn't our fault.
War is for men.
Only women can make peace.
You've kept your word, and I'll keep mine.
I beg you, whatever happens, don't let your people harm my children.
You westerners think we walk around all day with explosives strapped to our bodies.
You're wrong.
We are also fathers, mothers, children.
We also know what it is to feel pain and fear.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
What's this? Hanbal's ashes.
I only hope that, one day, your God and mine will forgive us.
Did you cremate my son? There's no body to wash and watch over.
He'll never be able to enter paradise.
You look gorgeous.
Thank you.
Why don't you let your hair down? Aren't you going to play? Come on, play.
Play something.
Or we'll have a child like a church mouse.
That's right.
Come on, that's it.
That's it.
Nice and lively.
My cousin just told me That in the district of Triana There's a stall with lovely flowers Sold by a Cuban beauty I've heard the stall will be covered With garlands and daisy chains And pretty fairy lights, It'll be just like a beacon I'm Saray, Saray, Saray! Hear this song I'm singing There's no more time for sadness Hear this song I'm singing, It comes straight from my heart.
Hear this song I'm singing, It comes from deep inside! Lima 3.
Keep a permanent watch on the exit at the east side.
Lima 4, watch the security perimeter.
Keep me posted of any movements.
Kilo 2.
Keep a permanent watch on the main exit.
- Kilo 3.
Your report, please.
- Good.
- Have you checked the camera? - It's ready.
Get a visual on Mrs Ferreiro, so we can see her all the time.
And don't even think about acting alone.
We don't know who's in there, Karim, the Egyptian, or Bin Laden's grandmother.
Let me speak with Encarna.
I can call her, and get her to come out without your intervention.
It wasn't me who caused this circus.
It wasn't me who killed a terrorist, buried him, dug him up, and walked him across town to meet his holy mother.
Visual on Carrión entering the mosque.
- There's Encarna.
- That's the Egyptian's mother.
Fuck me, some company Encarna keeps! Listen everyone.
Rana Sabad is inside.
There's every chance that Karim Al Said will also be in there.
Or in the vicinity.
If so, he won't be alone and he'll be armed.
Rana Sabad's presence is confirmed.
Secure the perimeter.
The men's prayer room is upstairs.
Let's swap veils.
- Why? - Do as I say.
Julia, what the hell is happening? Prayers are over.
- They're leaving.
- We're going in.
Pipiolo! You stay here.
Up against the wall! Against the wall! Rana Sabad is wearing an orange veil.
Rana Sabad is wearing an orange veil! - I can't see her.
- Find her! Visual on the target! Visual on the target! - Rana! - No! I met her over 20 years ago.
She was married to a very good friend of mine.
I didn't know it was her until a split second after pulling the trigger.
When I saw her eyes, and she was looking into mine, it seemed like an eternity.
And in that moment I knew that I'd killed her.
I tried to shoot her in the arm to immobilise her, but she made a sudden movement and I hit her in the chest.
I shot her in the heart.
I'd had two previous dealings with those people.
On both occasions, they'd fired first, killing two of my men.
I thought my young partner was going to shoot.
I shot first.