Vis a vis (2015) s02e10 Episode Script

Bon Apetit

1 14 HOURS EARLIER Can't you sleep? Payuni? I get it, without Curly you don't sleep very well.
If she was here, I'd fall asleep quickly.
After making love, I'm shattered.
Saray, you're not getting me involved with your affairs.
Curly is with me.
She had a mental block and we got over it.
What kind of block? A mental block? That's what she told you? Shit, well if she had a block, I got rid of it.
You know the lift in the kitchen? We almost made it hit the floor.
I went for her like a hurricane.
If she had a block, I melted it between her legs.
You've tried, but you didn't get her.
It doesn't matter.
I got her, and that's it.
- Enough, Saray.
- Ask her.
Sexual fantasies of a gypsy, chapter eight.
Yes, yes.
Uh, I melted the polar ice caps between her legs.
- Well, yes.
- Moaning with pleasure.
Get dressed, you have a meeting.
A meeting at this time? Aren't you going to tell me? Your dad and brother have come.
And my mum? I'm sorry.
Your mum has died.
I don't know if anyone knows what a vegetative marriage is.
Well, I had one.
Then the misfortune came.
My daughter was cheated and unfairly sentenced.
We became the targets of international hit men.
We started to live in prison meetings, being grilled by the General Director of Security.
Coming up to retirement, I had another idea.
Surviving the death of my wife is something that I'd never imagined.
I've always contemplated violent deaths as a police officer, but never as a victim.
I always wondered how the families would feel, whether I'd be able to deal with something like that.
On Monday night, Encarna gave me the answer: being defeated is not an option.
LOCKED UP by minouhse It was an accident.
Did she suffer? She didn't suffer, she didn't even know.
Don't get depressed, Dad.
Nor you, Román.
I don't want the pain to destroy us any more.
We need to stick together.
Of course, darling.
Of course.
Mum covered up? I can't imagine that.
What's happened? My mum died.
Can you turn the light off? Who was that? They're not satisfied with hurting him, but they take the mick right in front of him.
- He'll do something.
- What do you mean? What would Valbuena do for Vargas to attack so violently? - I'll find out.
- Who was it? Who the hell was it? - Acting like a clown again? - It's not like that.
It's not that, Valbuena.
They gave me something that doesn't agree with me.
Guard! Guard! Someone vomited in my cell.
Disgusting! - She's vomiting! - She's been ill all night.
- Has Sandoval arrived yet? - Yes.
Tell him to come.
There's a problem.
The judge has granted you a special 24-hour allowance to attend your mum's funeral.
I'm not going to object.
Can I decline? - Decline what? - Going to the funeral.
Of course you can.
But you should think about it.
Do it for your family.
OK, I'll go.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
We have a problem, Miranda.
There are 22 prisoners with diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps It's getting worse.
What is it, a virus? It could be food poisoning.
Salmonella or worms.
I don't know.
I'llneed to carry out blood tests, to eliminate a few things.
For the moment, they'll have medicine and a bland diet.
Of course, do what you need to do.
Someone once said that, to know who your real friends are, you need to go to jail with them.
But today I'll add that the best way to know your real family is to be knocked down without mercy.
My family, far from cracking, stood up.
Encarna did everything with strength.
Through weakness, she found courage, bravery and strength to get through the impossible.
She taught us that giving up isn't an option.
You're going then? I'm really sorry.
Can I do anything for you? No.
- Whatever you need, OK? - I know.
You did it with Saray in the lift, right? - What? - She fixed your switch.
- What switch? - Don't worry.
Tell me the truth.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what happened.
Curly, I wanted to help you with Valbuena.
I wanted you to be yourself.
I wanted to love and look after you well, but I didn't know how to.
Hey, I'm the one who needs to look after you.
And now my mum My mum isn't here.
I'm alone.
I feel really alone.
But I know I love you a lot.
Everything is really strange.
But then I don't know how to feel, or how I should feel.
All I do is lose things.
You can't be alone here.
OK, say goodbye.
Take your time.
When you're ready, we'll go.
I don't know how many times I can say I'm sorry.
You've said it enough.
- I was wrong about you.
- Don't worry.
- Everything's fine.
- No.
Everything's fine.
All I want to do is say goodbye to my wife.
As normally as I can.
The security will be discreet.
- I organised it all.
- We're all screwed then.
Macarena, I'm sorry.
Are you OK? If I eat this, I'll throw it back up.
I'm not surprised.
My shit looks better than that.
Is there a problem? No, not at all.
Eat your breakfast.
- Nobody eats this.
- You don't like what they cook? Is that it? Do you want to throw it away? Exactly.
Hey, sit down right now! Come on, everyone back to their seats.
Come on, for God's sake.
- Don't think about it.
- I'm not eating this today.
You eat it.
What's wrong? I haven't been cooking since 7am for you to throw it in the bin.
Who do you think you are? - The Queen? - Shut up, Antonia.
Sit down or I'll shock you.
Sit down, for God's sake.
You don't even take notice.
You told me.
And what? You told me too.
I didn't take notice of you and I ruined my wife's life.
Well, it seems neither of us can fix that.
But someone has died.
That can't be solved either.
Come on, we need to look after the living.
Are all the entrances covered? Yes.
- How many cameras do you have? - Four.
Two inside and two outside.
- A gunman? - One, on a roof in front of the cemetery.
I'd get those kids away from there.
What are the kids doing here? Get them away.
Go and play elsewhere, boys.
It's a sacred place, a bit of respect wouldn't go amiss.
You bitches, what's wrong? Is it my fault everyone's ill? Is it my fault? Do you think I want to poison you? - Stupid cows, what were you thinking? - What's wrong, cousin? This is what they bought me from the market.
Even dogs wouldn't eat this.
- Hey.
- For God's sake.
And this.
Can you believe I have to cook with this shit? It makes you feel sick, it stinks.
You bastards! I have to cook every day with these scraps, this shit! What did you think? What would you do? What would you do if they made you cook rotten waste? Well, cooking rotten waste is what I do.
I cook rotten waste, for God's sake! Whatever, it's not my fault.
Not my fault.
What's going on? Antonia.
Get your things and go to the kitchen.
I'm not going in that kitchen again.
Be careful, this could cost you dearly.
Tidy up and go to the kitchen.
- I told you to tidy up.
- What? Listen to me.
I've also had to face authority, I've learnt that if you do it alone, you face the problem alone.
You have 5 minutes to tidy up and go back to the kitchen.
If not, this goes on your file and you'll lose all your benefits from achieving third grade.
Tidy up.
Can I have a drag? - I didn't know you smoked.
- Me neither.
I didn't imagine my first day out of Cruz del Sur like this.
Of course.
Your first day would be like in the films.
When they leave, they get drunk and go to a strip club.
I'd prefer that a thousand times over.
Even dancing on the bar and slipping money in thongs.
It doesn't seem like our life.
My mum died in a shooting after meeting a dealer.
I'd love to do normal things.
Have a beer, go for a walk, dance.
I'd dance all night.
But no.
We don't do normal things.
What are you doing today? We're going to scatter Mum's ashes in a lake.
A special place for her.
We always went camping there when we were younger.
We're going with you.
We will maintain a respectful distance.
Thank you.
Everything's fine.
Karim isn't here.
Attention, all inmates.
Go immediately to the canteen.
I repeat, go immediately to the canteen.
What is this? What's wrong with you? Go to the canteen.
Didn't you hear? Everyone to the canteen! Or there will be serious consequences.
Are you staying here? You're not going in? - Go, shit.
- Hold on, Tere.
Go in.
Soledad Núñez Hurtado.
Stop messing around and go to the canteen.
I said go to the fucking canteen.
You're going to shock me? Let's see how you explain that you electrocuted an inmate who's just had a transplant.
Go on, give me a shock, if you're brave enough.
Then you'll see what I do.
Not even God can move us from here.
Right? - Yes! - Nobody! - We're not moving.
- Let's see.
Get up! Fucking get up! This could last 5 minutes, or days.
It depends on you.
We don't want to cause problems, we want you to listen.
Very well.
Is there anyone who doesn't want to lose benefits? Or the possibility of third grade? I'm hungry.
There we go, Joan of Arc making friends.
ENTRANCE FOREST TRACK We've covered 20 km, nothing unusual.
Nobody has followed the Ferreiros.
At the police checkpoint on the bridge, nobody can get through without us knowing.
0% beer? Is that how you'll get a career? Go with Julia and block the road from the other direction.
But go quickly! Hey.
We've had a difficult time.
And I'm sorry if I've messed up in any way.
Not again.
It's fine, mate.
You haven't messed anything up.
If we infiltrated Helena into Cruz del Sur, it's because we're desperate.
We got the kidnappers, but we don't know where the girl is.
Helena is the best, she won't back down.
You know better than me.
An expert in criminal psychology.
If you lose the match, you'll have a shower.
Thank you, but no.
She'll replace the suspect's husband.
She'll treat her bad, and then she'll win her over.
Of course you're going.
People don't like your smell.
She'll find out where the girl is.
She's alive.
That's why she's with Zulema.
We needed someone to scare her.
Helena was there to defend her.
- You understand? - Of course I bloody understand.
Stop justifying yourself.
We've already insulted each other.
That's it, everything's fine.
I can't deal with you, mate.
Hey, I've had a long journey, cut me some slack.
When life went backwards and things went wrong my marriage got stronger, my family got stronger.
The pain united us like never before.
Although we've paid the cruellest price possible, I must say that in these past months we've felt more alive than ever.
Despite everything, we have faced adversity.
As Encarna said on Monday Quitting is not an option.
Goodbye, Mum.
I love you.
See you soon.
Have they told you what they want? They say they want to talk, and for you to listen.
At the moment, the protest seems peaceful.
If they want to speak, we can speak to them.
Speak to them? Don't fall for the trap, Miranda.
With a firm hand, they'll drop the protest.
Otherwise they'll do as they please.
Are you sure? But if we use violence, won't they respond with violence? I don't know.
Go, please.
I need to think.
Miranda, can I offer you some advice? I'd be grateful.
You'll be knocking on heaven's door and I won't be there I sincerely swore that I'd wait first and forgot about dying I forgot to repeat a thousand times that I spend every night thinking about your arms searching for your kiss, stealing your breath I forgot to repeat a thousand times I spend the nights lost in bars, looking to die and to see you again Now the tequila is finally finishing I feel the taste of your spice, my love, I hold your photo Your absence is killing me - You're a ghost.
- Me? The first time your mum and I came here we'd been together for 6 months and we got married.
What's happening with your wedding? Is there going to be one? We're getting married.
I chose a nice date.
It's already booked.
- Which date? - October 12th, the day of Pilar.
- Oh no.
- What? I wanted to go away that weekend.
I wanted to start the dance with you.
If we don't start dancing now we might never be able to.
thinking about your arms searching for a kiss stolen by your breath If there's a God I'll spend every night trying to forget you lost in the bars looking to die and see you again It's been 8 days since the disappearance of Amaia Jiménez, whose kidnap was confirmed by police.
The arrest of the suspected kidnappers has left the police in a conundrum.
They're not revealing where the girl is hidden.
The key question is: how long can Amaia Jiménez survive in the hideout? - Leopoldo? - It's me.
I was bored here, I thought: "Let's see what he's doing.
" So your first 24 hours out and you're already bored? Well, the day has gone quickly.
We scattered Mum's ashes, walked in the forest.
We had a barbecue because I was sad But - I'd like to do something else.
- Do something else? Do things normal people do? That'd be nice.
What do you suggest? I don't know.
Go and have churros and chocolate? Go and dance? - Would you take me to dance? - Of course.
Shall we meet? Sounds good.
OK, I'm going now.
Of course.
A crisis is an opportunity to change things, but above all to be more united.
Attention, please.
I know this is a peaceful protest, and that's why, to avoid using force, I'm asking you to go to your cells of your own free will.
They're giving you a challenge.
A challenge isn't always won with force.
It's won with intelligence, with ingenuity.
That's what we'll do, Governor, when you listen to us, and treat us with dignity.
They have given us shocks and mistreated us, they have humiliated us We have to eat stew that even pigs wouldn't eat.
We've waited long enough, but this protest this protest means "enough".
- Enough! - Enough! Enough! Enough! - Enough! - You won't move us! OK! Fine.
Soledad Núñez, I see you can speak for everyone.
Come to my office.
We'll sit down together.
You will explain all your requests.
I'll see what I can do.
That's good, right? You've got this.
Sole! Sole! Sole, Sole, Sole, Sole! Take care, little sister.
And you.
Just so you know, Mum thought a lot of Fabio.
I won't say more.
What are you doing now? Getting away.
Disappearing until the police do their job.
That's it.
Take care of yourselves.
And you.
Take care, my daughter.
The first thing you need to know is that we've designated five inmates as leaders of the riot.
What do you mean, riot? What riot? But if you This is a peaceful protest.
We're just asking for decent food, because we were poisoned.
Sole, you know as well as I do, the poisoning was a regrettable one-off.
You also know that the food here has gone downhill, and it wasn't exactly the Ritz standard before either.
I would like to spend more money on food than security, but it's down to your actions.
You also shape this prison.
Sometimes more than I do.
Now we need to be relentless with security control.
We're going to report this and open a file for the ringleaders of the riots and violent acts.
They'll lose their right to reduced sentences.
Antonia Trujillo.
Put cherries on the turkey, because it's not sung It's not sung Antonia will lose her benefits.
Her expected leaving date is 2017 on third grade.
Instead, her sentence will end in March 2020.
I eat for all the bad Saray Vargas.
I'll invite you to dinner when I have third grade Saray's sentence will be extended by 18 months, and she won't be eligible for third grade until 2021.
What do you want me to do? I want you to go out there and say you've negotiated better food.
For 3 or 4 days, we'll make an effort so they think you've achieved something.
But try hard, there are no more challenges, Sole.
No more negotiations.
We will go all out to screw them over.
- What do I say we've agreed? - Whatever you can think of.
That we've changed from margarine to butter for breakfast.
Whatever you want.
I've come to inform you of what we've achieved.
Because we've achieved things.
Forget about margarine, as of tomorrow, we'll have real butter for our breakfast.
The disgusting bread they give us, the jellied meat, that's finished.
They promise us haddock once a week.
No more of that mayonnaise-like paste.
- Antonia, the excuses are over.
- Don't worry.
Give me a sway, a sway Give me a sway, a sway All the crap has gone and now we can have fun Now we can have fun Give me a sway, a sway Inspector Castillo, it's Tango 1.
Come in.
Inspector Castillo, it's Tango 1.
Come in.
- Tango 1, what is this? - A vehicle got through control.
It broke the fence at full speed.
Shots were fired.
They're armed.
They were followed from the cemetery.
Inspector Castillo, all units active.
A car has gone down the forest track.
We're going after it.
I want all cars in this direction.
Send air support urgently.
FORBIDDEN ENTRY NO EXI - Did you hear that? - Yes.
Hold it.
Román! Román, go! It's Karim! He's coming for us! - Go, go! - I'm going, I'm going! - Put your foot down! - I am! But this piece of shit won't move.
Go faster! No! Dad! Castillo, a car has got through.
My daughter is behind them beeping the horn.
We're leaving.
We're on our way.
Stop! I'm not leaving you like I left Mum.
If we don't stop, they'll kill us both - and then your sister.
- I'm not stopping.
- Stop.
- No.
No! It's our only chance, surprise them and bombard them.
Stop! - No.
- Stop! No.
No! Dad, no.
Go, son.
As fast as you can.
Please, Dad.
Son, go.
Trust me.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Macarena! Put your hands up.
Throw the gun to the floor.