Vis a vis (2015) s02e13 Episode Script

Getting your fingers burned

1 You're going to get a write-up.
Both of you are going to get a write-up, you hear me? A write-up for both of you.
There's going to be a talk in the gym, because we're going to establish a lesbian prisoners association.
I think it'll interest you, now you're one of us, right? I'm not part of any group.
I'm with Curly and that's it.
I'll pass on associations and movements like those.
In a different life, I think you and I would've got on well.
Or we would've had sex one foolish Sunday.
You would've needed to really drug me.
I don't like big women, hoodlums or crazy ones.
You won't anger me.
I come in peace.
I've come to talk.
You know that I'm crazy about Curly, and I couldn't love her any more because it would hurt.
This dyke association thing doesn't interest me.
I just want to sit with Curly for half an hour to make my day better.
Why are you telling me this? Because I don't understand why you're with her.
How far do you want to take it with Curly? Because you aren't comfortable.
- It's not in my nature.
- No, you like those fuck boys.
What do you want? For me to offer you Curly? No, man.
If you want, we can share her.
You can have her every other day.
If she comes to you with trembling legs, you'll have to accept that she was with me earlier.
What is this? You two talking without hitting each other? No razors, no pulling each other's hair? It's this one.
We're going to have a threesome and I'm the last to find out? We're having a serious conversation.
- Really? About what? - Yes.
The Lesbian Association at Cruz del Sur.
- Huh? - Take it.
There's a meeting this afternoon and everything.
LOCKED UP by minouhse We're closing the cells.
Here are your clothes.
And here's Sandoval's report to take you for a check-up at the hospital.
Who chose these clothes? Your cousin, the raggamuffin? Have you forgotten how going undercover works? You can't wear a uniform.
OK, but first, let's go for a beer.
- Sorry? - We can't keep having petty fights.
Now we have to work under the same roof, I'm saying we need to talk.
So you won't mind if we stop somewhere for a beer on the way to the hospital.
Come on.
Let's go.
I don't tend to go for beers with my exes.
I'm afraid you won't have a choice.
Are you joking? I'm sorry, but I'm not.
Those are the rules for a transfer.
- Shall we go? - Let's go.
Are you having trouble sleeping? It's just that A prison officer told me that my husband Cesáreo is coming tomorrow.
Ah, I'm really nervous.
I'm desperate to see him.
We never spend this much time apart.
Come on.
Come up here.
"A codependent person "confuses the obsession and addiction that they feel for the other person "with an intense love that can conquer all.
A feeling that has no reason to be reciprocated.
" Better? Are you cold? Yes.
You remind me of myself.
When I was young.
I was born in Cairo.
I got married at 17 to the most handsome man in the world.
I fell in love with him.
My Cesáreo is also very handsome.
And clever.
People think that just because he rears pigs he isn't intelligent, but he is.
Certain things "With constant help, the codependent tries to make their counterpart feel "a need for their presence.
"They believe that, by feeling needed in this way, they'll never be abandoned.
" He must be struggling without me, because we're very connected.
It's as if we share the same brain.
Like I do with Razi.
Until I got pregnant and everything changed.
He left the house and I never saw him again.
He left me alone and penniless.
I was a minor.
And the baby? I lost it.
Me too.
But Well, the best thing is that we're together now.
"When not feeling the same love back, "the codependent may hurt themselves or even someone else.
" Men aren't as strong as us.
I hope that Cesáreo never betrays you.
He'll never do that.
He adores me.
I used to think that.
- When are you going to see him? - Tomorrow.
Tomorrow? I don't want you to lose sleep because of me, but Tomorrow they'll turn you against each other.
- Do you think? - Yes, that's what the police do, look for contradictions, make you fight; they're bad people.
But I have a friend who's a policewoman.
She owes me a tip-off as a favour.
If you want, I can ask her about the investigation of your case.
So that you can be more at ease.
Now it's time to sleep.
Good night.
Now what? You've got me where you wanted me.
What did you want to talk about? Look, I know I hurt you, I know, but the past is the past.
And we can't go on fighting like cats and dogs.
Do you bring many prisoners here? Only the dangerous ones, and the ones who've committed blood crimes.
- Listen - You're right about me.
It was in a three-pronged raid.
With the UCO, Narcotics and Customs.
An informant told us where they kept a stash of heroin.
Castillo assigned the operation to me.
And well, you know what happens when different bodies collaborate.
If you hesitate, you write the report - More testosterone than brain.
- The UCO went in first, with smoke canisters, stun grenades When I arrived, there wasn't a soul.
You couldn't see or hear shit.
Then a drug dealer, totally high, pulled out a gun and started shooting.
And I shot too.
At a shadow.
Five foot six, athletic build She was called Selena.
She was 18 years old.
She'd arrived from Paraguay with her son a week before.
In the report, they wrote that I acted in an instinctive manner out of fear for my life.
So when Castillo offered me the undercover role, I thought: "This is a way of balancing things out.
" Doing something good.
There comes a moment when we all start balancing the scales.
What the fuck? Living is the accumulation of errors, isn't it? We're fucking monkeys.
Why become a prison officer? Me? Balancing my own scales.
According to Castillo, and I'm quoting word for word: "I'm looking after bitches, when what I'd really like is to hunt them.
" Son of a bitch.
What a sexist bastard.
But he's right.
You've always been more than just a hunt.
Wait, Helena Are you telling me we won't have a one-off shag? A one-time thing, no strings attached.
Can you show me your ID? Fabio Martínez León.
Is that you? There's someone else.
- Hello.
- Hello.
It's Maca.
What are you doing? Did I catch you in your striped pyjamas? Or are you having a packet soup? - Neither.
- We should go, shouldn't we? Is this a bad time? I was calling Well, I was calling to speak with you alone for a bit, but - I'll call you another time.
- Yes, another time would be better.
Ah, yes.
Yes, of course.
OK, but I'll leave you to it.
Are you going to take me to the hospital in handcuffs again? Look, there is a high risk of me escaping.
It's fine.
If you want to be with Saray, it's not something you can control.
I don't want to be with Saray.
I want to be with you.
I'm yours, I already told you.
I love you.
It was a massive fuck-up, it got out of control.
Maybe it wasn't a fuck-up.
Yes it was, because I know it was.
And that's it.
I don't see it that way.
I get the feeling that For you, Saray is like the animalistic side.
- Like the irrational side.
- Mate, it was a fucking mistake.
Or it wasn't a mistake.
Maybe it wasn't.
- Like be sincere as well, because - Fucking hell.
It's fine.
I'm telling you the truth.
I get the impression that I'm being rational.
Like the calm girlfriend who you think - is good for you.
And - No.
You're talking rubbish.
It's not like that.
Well, OK.
- I don't know - Babe, I love you.
Curly, I also prefer the animalistic side.
Someone had a big weekend, eh? What are you talking about? You went out yesterday.
- I had a few beers and went home.
- OK.
No, I'm not letting you have it.
You know what? I only have one call left, and I won't have credit until next week.
So get a life.
My SIM card is tapped though.
I'll get you another one.
All you have to do is call.
And when they answer, pass it to me.
Take the phone.
Come and find me when you want.
- Police station.
- Hello.
I need to speak with Lieutenant Lorenzo.
One minute, I'll put you through.
Be on lookout.
Warn me if anyone comes, prison officer or friend.
Lieutenant Lorenzo.
- Who is it? - Zulema Zahir.
Fuck, Zulema.
I've warned you about calling me here.
I told you I was calling.
I need to know how the missing girl investigation is going.
Can you give me a moment in private, please? It's a personal call.
What do you want? I need to know how the open investigation is going.
What do you have? Inspector Castillo is leading the case, isn't he? It appears so.
According to Forensics, everything points to the married couple Cesáreo and Susana Tamayo, as the perpetrators.
Forensics has analysed the couple's van thoroughly.
The vehicle was cleaned with chemical disinfectant in order to erase the evidence.
However, thanks to luminol technology, Forensics have found organic remains.
A sample of blood matches that of the missing girl.
Also, they've found organic traces belonging to a male.
Semen traces.
The strongest theory is that the husband kidnapped the girl in order to abuse her sexually, with the collusion of his wife.
Does that mean she knew? Yes.
According to the husband, she's an unstable woman, with a borderline retarded mental capacity.
Apparently he has complete control over her, and he'll use her to offload all culpability.
The husband is in talks with the police.
You mean, the guy wants to pass the buck onto her? That appears to be his line of defence.
Actually, at his face-to-face today, he'll hold his wife solely responsible.
Wow! Ms Ferreiro has just won an Oscar for the best actress.
- Bravo.
- OK, great.
Congratulations to me.
Now tell me, where's my money? Listen closely.
Yes, it's very simple.
It's not a honeymoon suite with a seafront view, let's not kid ourselves.
Here you have some sheets, a cover, two towels, a pack of tissues - and two condoms.
- We don't need that.
We'll only be speaking for a short while.
I don't care.
It's mandatory to lay the sheets when entering.
You remove them and throw them in the bin when you leave.
- Is that clear? - Yes, very clear.
Ignore her, the poor woman has sour grapes for breakfast everyday.
Look, this is going straight in the bin.
You don't like me much, do you? No no, no.
Yes, yes Oh Fernando.
You surpass the type of man I like.
- You look so uncomfortable.
- Uncomfortable? Me? - Not at all.
- Throwing the sheets in the bin OK, that's because I don't want them to notice that I'm like a bull on heat, all turned on.
Truthfully, it's been many years since I was with a man and I don't want to scare you.
- Really? - Honestly, I swear.
My legs are shaking, I don't know if it's the onset of Parkinson's, or if my horniness will fire me up like the Challenger.
Honestly, I want to make love to you.
Thanks a lot.
You flatter me.
Well then, let's make the bed.
Come on.
Take great care so that we don't have to call the Chief to bring more condoms.
When you're young, you think that life will work out, don't you? I was a rascal, I didn't want to try anything.
And then, as an adult, I wanted to try everything.
MDMA, cocaine, joints, LSD, I put everything in my mouth.
Now I think, how disgusting.
You're going to fly high to paradise and back, girl.
This is crushed.
This is good.
Come on, give me the money.
I've only got a tenner.
Can't you trust me? Does it say welfare on the door or do I look like a charity worker? Here, you trust no one and give out nothing.
Go on, keep moving.
Be careful.
Is that Maca? It's Maca! Girls, relax, it's Maca! - Are you stupid or what? - What's up with you? What are you doing? Relax.
Everything's under control here, OK? - Let's leave it for today, Antonia.
- What's up with you? Anabel tried perforating my eardrum because of a debt.
What she'll do when she discovers you're selling her shit? I don't care about that girl! This is a free market and she's holed up.
- Listen.
- What? - I forbid you to continue selling.
- Sorry, you forbid me? I know you're having a rough time, but you won't tell me what to do.
If you continue selling this shit, I'll tell the Chief.
- Let's cool off for a bit.
- You don't have the balls.
OK, this is over.
If you want to keep arguing about who has the biggest fanny, then go to the courtyard, OK? Come on, she hasn't got the balls.
Chief! - Chief! - Shut your mouth! I don't care about the drugs.
I want to fuck over Anabel! And for that whore to come out of solitary with nothing.
No business, no money, no bought inmates.
Her game is up.
We've won.
What's going on? What's going on? Curly's selling drugs.
They're in the last the penultimate bathroom.
Curly, listen to me.
I don't want to find your head in a locker because of that girl.
For fuck's sake.
Ferreiro, come here! There's nothing here.
Nothing behind, or inside, or in the bin.
Could someone confirm Ferreiro's accusation? - No.
- No, I can't.
Has anyone seen Estefanía selling drugs? Definitely not.
Chief, I need to go to the infirmary to take my methadone dose.
- Can I go? - Leave.
It was there.
Ferreiro, you're getting a write-up.
On the third one, you're going to the hole.
Don't go.
Even if you do away with Anabel, another will appear.
And then another and another and another.
That's how things work here, and you know it.
Yes Maca, but What? Nothing.
High ceilings, hot water It's really nice.
Star-shaped mirror, white, blue, new bathroom - All of the highest quality.
- OK.
I'm sure that my family will love it.
- I'll rent it for a week.
- Enjoy.
A peaceful house, the lamps are from Marrakech.
Very well.
Here you go.
- Many thanks.
- You're welcome.
So We should get naked, shouldn't we? Yes, of course.
As a warning, I'm wearing panty girdles.
Because if I wasn't, how would I fit this body in? Fernando.
I want you to know that I won't fake an orgasm.
If it comes, great.
But I won't be theatrical.
I'm warning you that I'm not a machine either.
In the last 15 years of marriage, my wife and I didn't share a bed or touch each other.
15 years? That woman must've grown a new hymen, right? I think committing murder would've worked out better.
Where's the Chief taking Susana Tamayo? To a face-to-face with her husband.
Poor thing.
At this point, when they reveal where she was kidnapped, she's going to be shocked.
- Hello? - To live, what do you prefer? The northern hemisphere or the southern one? I'm going for a coffee.
Macarena, what the hell are you doing with a mobile? We're off to a bad start if you're going to control my calls.
- Where are you? - In the controls room.
Are you alone? Yes, I'm alone.
You haven't answered my question.
Southern hemisphere, of course.
I like the sun, ceviche, bikinis that don't leave tan lines.
Listen to me for a minute.
Go and renew your passport and get a vaccination against malaria because in a couple of days my brother will bring 1.
5 million.
Unless everything you promised me the other day, about getting me out of here and escaping together, was just posturing.
- Look, Macarena - Are you playing both sides? - With that new girl? - Sorry? Yesterday when I called you, I thought I heard the voice of a woman.
And it seemed to be her.
Yes, of course.
I was taking her to the hospital - for a check-up.
- OK.
I was calling to to tell you that we now have our pension plans.
My brother is going to get the money.
- The ball's in your court.
- Listen for a second, Macarena.
We need time to plan this.
Time? Of course.
No, time we'll have.
I won't get out of here in 15 years.
But fine.
I don't know.
I thought that what you told me at the lake was true.
Sorry, it doesn't matter any more, you can say whatever.
Macarena! Can you cover me for a minute? Shit, it'll only be for a second.
I love you.
Can you repeat that for me? I love you.
No one's ever said that to me before making love.
They told me rotten things.
They mouthed profanities.
They drooled over me.
They humiliated me.
But no one ever spoke to me about love.
5 minutes.
What do you mean 5 minutes, Chief? The train hasn't even entered the tunnel! - Didn't you say you came to talk? - Yes, we've talked, but now my Fernando wants some action.
Stop talking and let's make the most of the 5 minutes we have left.
I'm on my way, Chief.
Get the firemen because Troy will burn down.
What? You just missed the lesbian assembly.
It was a sight There's an inmate who claims she'll suggest the Governor to celebrate Gay Pride at Cruz del Sur.
- No way.
- Can you imagine? However they do it, we should make a float.
- And both of us get on it, topless.
- The three of us, us three.
Well, us three.
The drug stuff is finished.
I've now stopped the drug business.
I told Antonia to keep my share, I don't want it.
It's done.
- OK? - Great.
Are you happy? Now we have to talk about sharing Curly, right? We said you'd get her every other day.
- You need to weigh in too.
- You're all quiet.
Is that true? Shit.
First you want to put me in the hole and now you want to share me.
Is that what they teach you at school? I don't know what they teach me at the school for nuns.
It was a joke.
Curly, this doesn't This doesn't make sense.
It doesn't, this whole lesbian thing just isn't It's not in my DNA, and I think that's why this isn't firming up at the speed it should.
Firming up? Like we're a sponge cake? Look, all relationships have rough patches.
Peaks, troughs, peaks, that's how it is, it's fine.
No, you don't understand.
I've never been with a girl.
I never even kissed a girl at school, which is the norm.
Well, it happens to people.
But I didn't even do that.
You checked out my hot body, face and hair in the shower, and you fell in love with me.
No? Only until I realised that this was going to be my world for 12 years and and And yes, I saw you, so pretty.
And And I grabbed onto you like a float, desperately.
But But no, Curly.
This was your idea, wasn't it? - It's one of your stunts.
- No.
This isn't going to be my fault too.
It's not my fault she doesn't know which team she's on.
It's not my fault.
I don't know what the fuck she's told you, but I don't give a shit.
All I'm saying is that I'll fight for you against all odds.
And I don't care about your DNA.
I'm going to show you that I'm the best thing that ever happened to you.
I'm going to show you that the stars alligned when I stole that fucking car and you cheated a guy, and they caught us, because if they hadn't, we'd never have met.
I don't care that you're like a fucking concrete wall.
I don't care.
If I have to smash through it over and over again, I will.
I don't care.
But Maca, I swear on my life you'll love me more than anyone else.
Fuck my life! Curly has a way with words, right? And she hasn't even studied at university.
- Hello.
- Hello.
The forensic report has come back.
- Do you think we'll get anything? - I've no fucking idea.
But I'm going to play this hand.
I hid the 3 million in the air-conditioning ducts in the house in Morocco.
You have to put your hand right to the bottom.
- Hello.
- Román, any update on the money? I think so.
There's something here.
Think about the best restaurant you'll invite me to.
The most expensive.
The bill alone will cost half the stash.
Consider it done.
You deserve it.
Maca? Help! Help! - Hello.
- Hello.
Hey! Let me see your eyes.
How are they? Good, they're only superficial injuries anyway.
- Just as well.
- Yes.
What's with you? You look so happy.
Tere, come on.
Come with me, come on.
Look at me.
Are you cold? Who am I? - Mummy.
- Very good, my love.
- Very good.
- Mummy It's incredible.
- Definitely.
- Ah, what peace Ah, what peace It's worth it.
It's worth worthwhile.
I've gone 22 days without heroin.
Congratulations, Tere! One day at a time.
Let's not celebrate yet.
Little by little, OK? How are you? Are they treating you well in prison? Yes, they're very nice.
- I've even made a friend.
- A friend? Pipiolo, come in, fuck! We're one short of a band.
11 days have passed.
Where the hell is Amaya? Zulema, I need credit.
I need to call my brother again.
He was getting the money.
What part of what we discussed did you not understand? The phone was for you to speak to Susana, and pretend to be a police lieutenant.
Not for your own personal use.
I just want to make sure everything's OK.
And then I'll pass it back to you as always.
We're partners, don't forget it.
You're not my boss.
We're equals.
You're equal to me.
Equal to me before you were born.
A novice, who hasn't had her fingers burnt yet.
Help! What are you waiting for? Your knight in shining armour, Fabio? Shut up, Zulema.
Once you've got the money he'll sweep you up.
- Shut up, Zulema.
- Naive.
He's got no balls, no courage.
He won't come to get you.
The only thing he'll do is screw you and tell his mates afterwards.
Shut up! Whilst you grasp at straws, the doors to freedom are opening for me.
30 police officers have combed the farm with georadars, looking for evidence, as you know.
I hope that they'll leave the garden how they found it.
My wife takes great care of her hydrangea.
I wouldn't worry about the garden, nor the herd of Vietnamese pigs.
However, I would worry about the bone remains of a baby found under the fucking hydrangea.
I'll have to speak to the previous tenants of the property.
We bought the house 18 years ago.
Yeah, and if you like tunnels so much, like a little mole, how have you not seen the bones lying below? Are you accusing me of something? Because this pleasant catch-up that we're having - is missing someone: my lawyer.
- I'm not accusing you of anything.
I'm telling you Forensics have confirmed that the remains belong to your baby, your daughter.
My baby Neither a lawyer, nor a prison officer, nor a guardian angel.
The only person who has a key to this shithole is me.
And this key is starting to turn.
Click, click, click.
The first lock open.
The baby died suddenly.
We put her to bed at night, and in the morning she was dead.
Do you corroborate this version, Susana? If it was a natural death, why have Forensics found strychnine in the bones? I regularly scatter it in the garden, because of the rats and moles.
- What is strychnine? - Nothing, darling.
A poison.
Why? Click, click, click.
Why was there poison in my daughter's body? You told me she'd died like a small bird, not poisoned.
- Sit down.
- You killed my baby? You didn't let me take her to the hospital.
You killed her because she was like me.
What did you do to those girls? - Which girls? - And the other one? You raped her in the van while I was driving next to you.
The police told me.
- Sit down and shut up.
- It's true, you killed her.
What are you doing to her? - You killed my baby girl.
- They're fooling you.
Tell Sandoval to bring a sedative.
- Click.
- You raped and killed my daughter! Clack.
Second lock open.
The doors are wide open.
The only person who can get you out of here is me.