Vis a vis (2015) s02e14 Episode Script

Sins and confusions

1 Fuck! Call security.
Call security! Take her away.
We need a surgical team.
No! Bring something to cover the wound.
- Saray, the medical kit.
- No, no, no! It's done.
Restrain her.
- Go, go! - Let go of me! Please! Enough, Susana.
Come on, fuck! Where the hell is the doctor? I need to talk to Cesareo - What happened to that woman? - OK.
That's it.
That's it.
Motherfucker! How could we have been so fucking stupid? Please Tell him, please - that I won't hurt him any more.
- It's over.
- I'm going to be good.
- It's over.
And he'll forgive me.
Yes, we'll tell him.
Stop fighting sleep.
LOCKED UP by minouhse My lawyer has refused to represent me because I don't currently have the money.
My family's accounts are frozen and - At the moment - OK, OK.
Let's see.
The thing is, Ms Ferreiro, for the defence of a murder case, after having committed premeditated murder, and considering the judge deems the victim to have been defenceless, any lawyer's office will demand a very high fee.
But don't worry, there are still good barristers in the business.
And I won't let a cutie like yourself wither away in prison.
If you get a bachelor's degree, I'll request that you get third grade along with other benefits.
They'll grant it with no problems.
What you've got here is the syllabus.
OK, it doesn't look too bad, does it? Literature Spanish - I'm good at languages.
- Estefanía, focus.
Third grade.
Third grade.
Third grade.
Third grade! It's hard to work out.
I think you could get between 10 and 12 years.
12 years? Look, that man shot my dad in the head right in front of me.
Miss, you could convince me of anything, but with a judge it's much more difficult.
I'm telling you.
Hello, Federico.
Are you going to save a prisoner with your legal skills or have you just come to touch your dick under the table while looking at her tits? This guy can't be your lawyer, you need to pay for a real one.
I can't! I can't.
My parents' bank accounts are frozen.
OK, what about your brother? My brother's away.
With this horny git, you'll only double your time behind bars.
Very well, keep me informed.
They're on their way to the forensics lab.
We must finish sharpish, the other officers are growing suspicious.
- Did anyone see you bringing her? - Very good, let's start.
Can anyone explain how that lunatic was able to kill her husband here? I don't know, maybe because she's a fucking nutter? All I know is that if we had any chance of saving that girl, it's now gone down by 50%.
Now, only one person knows her whereabouts.
There's no time.
Cesareo's dead, what other leads do you have? The phone was the fundamental lead, but it turned out to be fake.
The vet bought aluminium paper and etching, and designed a homemade hot-air balloon that emits gas.
That's how he flew Amaia's phone, which landed in Hungary, but it could've landed anywhere.
He said an Eastern mafia group had her.
- Exactly.
- Do you have anything else? Cameras, phone records, SIM cards She didn't even take out her phone, so there's no trail of her movements.
All we have are 3,911 pages regarding his clients.
He treated bulls, pets, horses.
We don't have time to speak to everyone, and anyway some have died.
In what state could we find the girl now? If she has the three bottles of water, as displayed on the supermarket receipt, then according to the doctors, she has a week to live.
OK, this is what we'll do.
First, we'll leave Helena with her alone in the cell.
It's the only way we'll get something out of her.
OK, I imagine that after the husband incident, it's logical that we assign an inmate to live with her and Helena is the most appropriate.
Secondly, I'm going to interrogate that scoundrel day and night until her eyes are wide open and she reveals Amaia's location.
I'll remind you that the Cold War and Cambodian torture practices are over, OK? Don't annoy me, Nosferatu.
Don't annoy me with that.
Oh, temper.
What's up? Don't you have a clear conscience? OK, enough! Castillo, if you want to torture her, take her down to the station, grab a phonebook and make her confess to anything you like, but Cruz del Sur will not implicate itself in an abuse case.
Sandoval, I want you to assist all interrogations, and also to ensure the physical well-being of that inmate.
Good afternoon.
The king of etiquette and morality strikes again.
Bring a clean shirt, please.
Yes, I was a slut, if you can call it that, because it's true that well, slutty, slutty.
I sucked dick for money.
Be careful, being a whore is one thing, but acting like a slut is very different, something that we have a lot of here, a lot.
Truthfully, I don't even remember it, because I think I was asleep half the time.
Because heroin makes you so tired, I remember I was like: "Fuck! Sorry.
" Thing is, here it isn't Being considered a slut isn't that bad.
If you weren't one on the outside, you become one on the inside.
We're all a bit slutty here.
Look, ladies, I'm talking about something serious.
I'm talking about doing this: getting naked and making money.
But that's the body of a fireman, not a group of sluts and druggies like us.
I don't know if I have the body for it.
Yes you do, Tere! And what would do you good now is having a laugh, and we're going to laugh, Antonia.
How can I show my beaver, when my man will lose it? You don't have to open your legs, just show a tit.
Well, if it's only that Here you go, Palacios! Cover up, I'm giving you a write-up.
What are you doing? I'm proposing that we do a naked calendar shoot to make money and get a lawyer for Maca.
Are you setting up camp? That's nonsense and we won't agree to it.
Come on, everyone out! You won't agree to what? To inmates having freedom of expression? All day, you sell us the fucking workshops, the reintegration, the rehabilitation courses, but when we have an idea, it's nonsense you won't agree to? What's wrong, Kabila? Well look, they're going to try Maca for killing a terrorist.
A fucking dickhead who sold children and took money off immigrants to smuggle them in containers.
And all I want is to make money to pay for a good lawyer who knows the fucking legal system.
They were organising a naked calendar shoot.
- And Antonia had a breast out.
- Here you go, Palacios, so you can wank over me.
I'm not going to approve any calendar.
Any activity not approved by management is prohibited.
Why won't you approve that, but you'll let Reme publish her poems while inside? This is the same: we want to publish our bodies, which we've cultivated here.
If you want, you can join us.
I won't allow you to market your body, nor those of your inmates.
So if I catch you trying to convince them to get naked again, you'll go straight to solitary.
- Is that clear? - Yes.
A reminder to inmates Soledad Nuñez and Miriam Lein, you'll be transferred to hospital for a heart check-up.
Why did you accuse your husband of sexually abusing Amaia? Why? Why? The patient doen't have an hearing problem, Inspector.
Why don't you calm down and relax? I'm quite certain that she'll understand you perfectly well.
Take this, Susana.
Drink some water.
Relax, come on.
You'll see, it'll do you good.
You definitely spoke about the sexual abuse for a reason, didn't you? You don't make things up.
There were traces of semen in the van.
The police told me.
The police? What police? Lieutenant Lorenzo.
I can't remember the station.
Did someone come to question you at the prison without my knowledge? How did you speak to her, Susana? With the lieutenant? On the phone.
But you don't have a SIM card, or permission to make calls.
It was Saray's SIM.
The lieutenant is a friend of Zulema.
But that's all I know, really.
Ask my husband.
I don't know anything else.
Ask your husband? Why don't you ask him yourself? Or even better, why don't you take the pen out of his throat and write it down on a piece of paper? - Let's get the phone register.
- You go, I'll deal with Zulema.
What do I get out of this? You get what I get, as always.
Up until now, I've kept you in the dark, because I didn't want to implicate you.
Now I need to know you're with me.
I need you.
Why? Blondie's not good enough any more? You were such good friends.
What happened? Did she lose you money? I'm talking about something more important and valuable than money.
Honestly, something that can change things.
The investigations, the expert reports, filing lawsuits, turning judges Something that you and I need.
To erase the past.
Well, since you don't have Harry Potter's wand I don't think so.
Are you with Curly? Are you with her or not? Have they taken her from you? Is it a yes? No, yes, no What I'm telling you is Well, if it's a no, I'm here.
If you don't have anything better to do, come with me.
I have to think about it.
Look, I'm not going to give in.
I'll upload a video online, so that everyone knows.
I'll get signatures and make noise until they're forced to allow the shoot.
I'll pay you back.
You know that, right? As soon as I can.
No one tells me when and where to do things.
Not even my dad.
Tere, what? Shall we do a strip tease? OK, Tere.
Yes, Tere.
You have a tasty arse, the arse of a teenager.
Do December with a Santa hat, naked.
Come on, you'll be tasty! You have to.
I'm too shy to strip off.
Guys, could you help me get over the embarrassment? Start with the help of some coke, a joint.
There's no way the calendar's happening.
- No.
Go on, throw.
- What? What's up, Blondie? You should thank Curly for risking missing out on third grade for you.
She deserves to get her pussy licked.
- What? - Yes.
My friend and I, we share a lawyer amongst other things, and he told me she's on the verge of getting third grade, if she behaves, of course.
- Well done, it's true.
So what? - Then the calendar's over.
- Why? - You're not going to risk that.
- Not for me, Curly.
No! - What? What are we going to do then? Wait until your brother pulls you out of the fire? - Do you want to call Spiderman? - There'll be no pussy licking.
What's your plan? Wait around to get fucked over? You're welcome to sit here with your arms crossed, but I'm also allowed to try and avoid you spending 12 years here.
- Come on, don't fuck about.
- You can't talk to her like that.
- You went too far.
- I want to help her.
Listen to me, you can't talk to her like that! You went too far.
How are you today, queen? I feel amazing.
Today I woke up with Bizet's opera "Carmen" in my head.
- Do you know it? - Yes.
Fuck! You're a music lover.
With lots of hobbies, many friends, even lieutenants, right? Police lieutenants.
Who exactly did you call with Saray's SIM? I've got nothing to hide, Fabio.
The phones are on the log.
And more importantly, you know that I love cooperating with the police.
Call: Call it.
You're a dirty son of a bitch.
I don't know what you've said to Susana Tamayo, but you made her stab her husband in the neck with a pen.
Who do you think I am, Hannibal Lecter? Like I can whisper in someone's ear and they automatically become ruthless killers? That poor woman should have been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, not to Cruz del Sur.
You should review your security protocols.
Get up! You're going straight to solitary.
Go, Zulema! Well done! Fabio.
What are you doing? Asking myself why the hell you impersonated a police lieutenant.
Whilst I'm up to my neck in shit, you're double-crossing me? You're the instigator of a murder and thanks to your phone number, there's a good chance of Castillo accusing you of having interfered in a kidnap investigation, and initiating legal proceedings against you.
- I did it for the money.
- I don't care why you did it.
Look, Macarena.
All I know is, with every decision you make, you make it all the more difficult.
Get rid of the bloody phone before they trace it under a court order.
What are you telling me? I remember celebrating a birthday, more or less.
With my mum.
Well, I was tied up in the end for moving too much.
If you want, I can tell you about my childhood.
I spent almost all my childhood with Karim, let's say, my uncle.
And just as well.
Especially when Mum was around, she's the crux of the matter.
You only get one mum.
No, no.
Who'd come and see me? No one has ever come to see me, nope.
My boyfriend, when he was around.
And now nobody.
What's wrong, aren't you going to answer my wife's call? No, well, I'll call her later.
We arranged to have a drink.
In fact, we've seen each other two or three times since.
Thing is, she was quite emotional and needed to vent.
And why didn't you tell me? I don't know, it didn't come up and I don't really need to explain myself.
No need to be defensive.
You're getting nervous, almost as if you fancy my ex-wife.
If I do, what of it? The only person here who doesn't like your wife is you.
Well, if you like her, you should tell her.
You know? There's nothing left between us.
And I'd rather she rebuilt her life with you than any old person.
I appreciate that, but I won't go there.
OK, I understand.
Look, do you know what you should do? Have a few Fantas with her, chat, and then walk her to the door.
You'll see.
What are you doing, mate? Those wouldn't be the pills we took to survive the night shifts? Something that turns your pee orange can't be good.
No These ones stop me from hurling myself off the watch tower.
Well Lieutenant Lorenzo doesn't exist.
The number pertains to a prepaid SIM bought with a fake ID.
The phone tower located the call to Cruz del Sur.
OK, that confirms our suspicion about Zulema, doesn't it? It confirms that that bitch did the Bert and Ernie to Susana, while I was playing guessing games with the husband.
I'm already a deadman, Fabio.
I don't think they'll let me finish this case.
What are you saying? If you save that girl, the rest won't matter.
No, not any more.
The police fuckups are going to take their toll and IA always has some bastard who thinks that you're the delinquent.
Or do you not remember how this works? Come on, Damián.
We're going to get the information out of that loony.
Yes, but since you don't have a pendulum to hypnotise her Come on, let's go over there.
How are you, Susana? How are things? I'm really tired.
I don't want to talk to this man any more.
Well look, since you don't want to talk to me, here's someone who will have a chat with you, and someone you have a lot in common with.
She's a devastated mother, like you.
Maria, I'm the Inspector's assistant You know what it's like to lose a daughter.
Well look, speak with her and see if you become friends.
Yes, I have the kidnapper here.
OK, here she is, I'll put you on hands-free.
Hello, Susana.
I'm Amaia's mother.
I just wanted to ask you, please, to help me find my daughter.
There's no doubt she must be very cold because she never covers herself up enough.
She told me she was going for a run and I told her to wear a jumper, but I started vacuuming and I don't know if she heard me.
I didn't see her leave, or give her a kiss goodbye.
They've asked me many times what she was wearing.
The thing is, I don't know.
I don't know.
Please, tell me where my daughter is.
Susana, tell me something.
Susana, tell me something.
Tell me where my daughter is.
If she was going for a run, she'd go without a jacket.
Please, tell me where my daughter is.
Yes, it's over.
This woman can't give any more.
She needs to rest.
- Fabio, why don't you take her back? - She needs to rest? And the mother, that woman who's had 2 sleepless weeks doesn't need to rest? Not knowing whether her daughter is dead or alive, doesn't she need rest? - OK, Fabio.
- OK what? There's a code of conduct and I won't break it tonight.
Nor will I, mate.
I was trying to be calm, but I'm going to fuck you up.
Or do you prefer to fall down the stairs? Shut up, Fabio.
And take her away.
Come on.
Let's go and get some rest, Susana.
Come on.
Antonio Palacios, everyone calls me Palacios.
I met Miranda at university and I looked her up to work together.
I'm a firm believer in her educational reforms regarding prisoners.
The Governor's just gone through a break-up and Sandoval has issues I won't even mention.
But I can't get into all that.
I think there's something, I'm not sure what, but I think there's some sort of energy, something positive, that makes us better people.
Anything else? See you later.
How are you dealing with the Fabio situation? Well, the last time I spoke with him he told me he'd call me, something he'll never do, so fine, I guess.
- Well, you never know.
- You're wrong, I do.
I've developed other senses.
- Carolina.
- Eh? Do you think I'm gay? Well I don't know, are you? For a while I thought I was.
I thought I was gay because I live around women and I didn't feel anything.
I see them change, get naked, masturbate and Honestly, I don't give a shit.
This morning, Antonia, who's very funny, got her tit out and said: "Palacios, you can wank over me.
" - That's crazy.
- Yes.
But in the last 2 weeks, I've realised that I really like women.
Oh yeah? Great.
Because I like you.
Has she said anything about the girl's whereabouts? Don't you feel we're torturing her? Fuck, she's crazy.
You think she's capable of posing a threat to the Criminal Intelligence Unit? Helena, are you OK? No.
No, shit.
I'm not OK, but I keep going because there's a teenager in trouble.
Even though that idiot knows nothing.
Don't doubt your work.
You're doing an amazing job.
You hear me? We'll see, I don't want any more stories, so back to bed now.
Antonio? Excuse me, I was with a man here a moment ago.
Do you know if he's left? Well, he left just a moment ago.
Hello, Antonio.
It's me.
Nothing, I just got to the bar, but it looks like you've left.
I imagine you don't feel like answering the phone to me, and I understand, I was only calling to to apologise for having left like that.
You kind of caught me by surprise, you know? And well, I got scared.
I didn't really know what to say.
When I fell in love with Fabio, he was eye-catching.
This is a bit unusual for me, you know? And afterwards, I fell in love with the rest, his personality, his Anyway, what I want to tell you is that since I've been blind, no one catches my eye any more.
And now, I pick up on other things: the voice, the smell, listening skills.
And, on the one hand, I almost prefer it.
I'm here.
Yeah? - I thought you'd already left.
- Not at all, I was getting a drink.
- OK, I'll hang up.
- No.
Finish the call.
Well What I wanted to ask from you was that you have a bit of patience with me.
I'll hang up now because I'm clogging up your mail box.
Patience? My mum makes me read the obituaries every morning.
Compared to me, Saint Job is a nervous guy.
Saint Job? - A beer? - Yes, please.
What I'd have liked is for Maca to ask me to marry her, in a crazy way from the top of the cell blocks.
Well, at first it would've shocked me.
But But then I'd have said "yes", of course.
I'd have started crying like a girl.
And we'd have got married right here, in the chapel, both dressed in white.
Then we'd have had a huge party.
And we'd have been very happy, even if it was here, inside.
And outside Outside would've been sick.
We'd have hired an apartment near a park and with a supermarket nearby where I could work the till.
And we'd have got a dog, a gigantic dog that would cover you in hair and drool.
But one night I realised that none of this was going to happen.
That at any moment, she'd start drifting away like a balloon in the sky.
But I decided that, until that day came, I would continue holding her, and enjoying her until the last minute.
- Could that be true? - Fuck, you scared me.
But the one who took your breath away was me.
- Yes.
- Yes.
But the person I wanted to marry was her.
But the one you wanted to escape with was surely me.
Anabel, what time would you say it is? Anabel.
I'm Fatima.
What do I know? At least 7am.
Time to eat.
Come on.
Mate, it's already been half an hour.
We're not asking for money, only support.
Signing the request online is enough for them to let us do a charity calendar.
And also to let them know that we won't be silenced.
They're our bodies, our decisions.
United naked.
Keep it down.
You keep it down.
I'm filming and you're fucking it up.
Curly, no one is going to pay a fucking euro to see your twat.
- She thinks she's Beyoncé.
- Enough.
Come on Curly, finish up.
I need to hand the phone back now.
- OK.
- You're going to get me in shit.
Is something wrong? No, nothing.
I'm waiting to go in.
Who's in there? Me, Curly.
- Open the door, Kabila.
- I'm shitting.
- It's going to take a while.
- Kabila, open the fucking door.
I'm taking a shit, jeez.
Kabila, open the door or I'll come in.
I'm wiping, goddammit.
- Kabila.
- Wait, I'm wiping.
Open the fucking door.
- Give me the phone.
- I'll give it to you in a second.
Kabila, give me the phone.
Give me the fucking phone.
- Son of a bitch.
- Give me the phone.
No! You motherfucker! I need backup in the changing room! - Come on.
- Kabila, I'll hurt you.
Can we talk? Ferreiro, the breakfast shift has finished, so beat it.
What are you doing? Parreño, finish cleaning in the kitchen.
Could you tell me what you're doing? I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the phone.
I didn't think it was important.
But you're keeping secrets too.
- Excuse me? - The other day, when I called you, you weren't in the hospital.
You were in a bar, with music, and you were with Helena.
- So what was that about? - I was in a waiting room.
Of course, with jazz music and glasses clinking.
- And last night? - What about last night? You were in her cell, touching her hair.
Can you tell me what that was about? - I was moving a prisoner.
- I'm not an idiot.
Acting like the Terminator when I catch you is something you've done many times.
Fabio, what I'm noticing I've been noticing since she arrived.
Are you messing? Are you messing with me? Because all of this is very important to me.
Are you fucking her? Is there any other explanation for why you were whispering? Look at me, Fabio.
Is there something you haven't told me? Look It was a bit of fun, OK? It didn't mean anything.
It's not like you and I have sworn eternal fidelity, is it? OK.
You're right, I have no reason to demand explanations from you or I'm not your woman or anything.
But I got a bit excited.
And I needed you to take a risk.
But it doesn't matter.
Loitering in cell block access corridors is prohibited.
- What happened? - This.
She was filming a video and trying to post it online.
What the hell have you done? You tasered her without my consent? - What did you want me to do? - I'm Head of Security! She bit my hand, the motherfucker.
Fuck off! Get out of here, you're going to asphyxiate her.
Get up, Kabila.
Let's go.
Come on.
Zahir, breakfast.
- What's wrong now? - Palacios, call a doctor.
What the hell have you done, Zahir? I've eaten half a kilo of clothes.
All this polyester It'll kill me in less than an hour.
Call a doctor Call a doctor Call a doctor! Can you all hear? I've just poisoned myself! A doctor!