Vis a vis (2015) s02e15 Episode Script

Neither with nor without you

1 Zulema has eaten her clothes.
- What clothes? - Her clothes! That lunatic has eaten her clothes.
We have to get her out of solitary.
The food's not great, but that's going a bit far.
- She's up to something.
- She's writhing in pain.
- She needs assistance.
- She can fuck off.
- She was fine when she went in.
- Calm down.
Can't you see she's after something? Why did she pretend to be Officer Lorenzo? Why is she sticking her nose in this? - She's testing you.
- Maybe, but her life's at risk.
She's the one putting her life at risk, but we're the ones who lose.
We're the fools.
All the prisoners have heard her.
I heard it myself, for God's sake.
She may be a bitch, but I'm not.
- I won't leave her to die like a dog.
- I'd leave her writhing, but I'm bound by the Hippocratic oath, especially if what Palacios says is true.
She may have a severe intestinal blockage, which could kill her.
Bring her to the infirmary, I'll examine her.
Hippocratic oath.
LOCKED UP by minouhse No one's going to sleep until you tell me why you wanted the ransom money.
- What money? - The money your husband demanded.
I don't remember any ransom.
I don't remember.
I don't remember.
I don't remember.
Turn down the bed and prepare a tube.
All right.
- Insert it now.
- Here it comes.
And again.
That's right.
Come on.
Vital signs? If her vitals are poor, it's bad news.
She'll have to be rushed to theatre urgently.
Why? Hasn't she brought it all up? No, the stomach pump wasn't enough.
Most of the polyester has moved down the intestinal tract.
- And? - And and if we don't operate urgently, all the fluids will accumulate in the abdominal abscess, causing peritonitis at best, or sepsis, if the colon's perforated.
Do it here, because she's not leaving the prison.
Gandhi himself wouldn't allow that, much less Castillo.
Perhaps you'd like to operate yourself? Or don't you feel up to the job, like me? Cut her intestines open in here, if you want to kill her quickly and negligently.
There's another, slower option: do nothing, knowing that we have to operate, come what may.
Something's happening to her.
I'll arrange a security convoy.
Don't take your eyes off her for a second, OK? Not for a second! Off we go.
Your punishment has been lifted.
- Why? - What's wrong? Do you want to extend your stay? - If you want, I'll leave.
- No, I'm going.
But I don't get it.
The Governor said I'd be in here for a week.
It must be the video.
You've really stirred things up.
Over 30,000 hits in under an hour.
I didn't upload the video.
I didn't have time.
I don't know, then.
Did you upload it? Did you upload the video? I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, let's go.
38,000 signatures to let them do that damn calendar? Has the world gone crazy? It's been picked up on quite a few websites.
Good God.
BETWEEN BARS AND NAKED - Can you believe this, Carlos? - Of course, why not? Naked prisoners, titillation, this will spread like wildfire.
- Initiating - About time.
I need a basic support unit for a transfer and an Internal Specialist.
Just a moment, please.
So why are they letting me out? Because you're going to let us do the calendar? If you think about it, it could be good publicity for Cruz del Sur.
Good publicity? To give the impression that we let inmates do as they please, just because some horny trolls support them? - That's precisely why it's good.
- Come on.
It's about the feeling of freedom, of being progressive.
It's about friendship, fraternity and solidarity.
All of which are positive values that don't really exist, but which you can champion.
I think it's quite a nice idea.
Why should nudity be seen as taboo, rather than something natural and fun? - You think it's taboo for me? - Come on, not at all.
I mean, it's not easy, trying to distinguish what's lewd and obscene, and someone overly modest, shall we say? Let's leave it there.
I'll check on Zulema Zahir.
Is that blood? I'm not crying blood, am I? - No, it isn't blood.
- Our Lord Jesus wept blood.
I know because my grandma had a picture in her lounge.
He wore a thorny crown and was crying tears of blood.
But not me.
I don't cry tears of blood.
Send someone for Susana, so she can have a shower.
Then she can get some sleep.
We've finished here.
- Hello? - Hello, this is Garrigues, the investment group's administrator.
What the hell is this on TV? What's this nonsense about naked inmates? You must be spiking their coffee.
This won't go down well with the Committee, Ms Aguirre.
We support any initiative led by our inmates, promoting values such as solidarity.
Indecorous? Not at all.
For us the calendar is an example, as valid as any other, of responsibility.
Besides, nudity is something natural, and it's a way of giving the prisoners a sense of freedom to do as they wish with their bodies.
All Cruz del Sur has done is facilitate the project with make-up, hairdressing, lingerie, but I reiterate that the women are the main feature.
- We're going to be a big hit.
- We're going to smash this.
Ladies, you're looking red hot, and this calendar is going to be a big success.
Curly, can I be January? Because it's Mum's birthday in January and I think she'd like that.
Yes, she'll be ecstatic when her birthday comes round and she sees you with your arse in the air! Don't say that! Of course you can have January.
Well, I want August.
And when I've finished with the razor, I'll have a fanny like Barbie's! You can't take your eyes off my arse.
I can't help it.
- Really? - It's lovely.
Here, Antonia, try going platinum instead! Very nice! - So, how's that? - Perfect.
So, stand astride, hands on your face, - and here, in a sexy way, and - Curly.
- Curly! - Hello.
- Can I talk to you? - Of course, my love.
- What month do you want? - I don't want any month.
- Why not? - Because I'm not doing it.
It's not me.
I don't want to do it.
- We're doing this for you.
- Exactly.
I don't want you to.
I'm really grateful, but this is a personal thing between Curly and me.
What kind of personal thing? What's the matter? It's just I don't know how to say that I don't need anything from you.
You don't need to defend me, do me favours, or risk your probation.
Whenever I say it's not right between us, it just goes over your head, you don't listen, as if it's nothing to do with you.
But it is.
I don't know how to make you leave me.
Do you know what I think? That I clung to you like a float, but you do the same, I think you cling to me to avoid Saray.
I clung to you because I was lonely, but that doesn't make a good love story.
Girls, I really do appreciate it.
And I'm very sorry.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Careful.
- I tripped.
- It just needs a little wipe.
- All right.
What's the matter? I've requested a card to call my brother.
Let's go and see if they've approved it.
- Did you get rid of the phone? - Yes.
I put my arm down the toilet up to my elbow, and it's gone.
Look, they've approved it.
Sign here.
I heard you're going to do that calendar.
What month will you be? You're interested in when I'm appearing naked? I'm interested because that "Calendar Girls Behind Bars" will be plastered everywhere, and it's cheap titillation.
So what? I was saving myself for you, but you don't seem that bothered.
There's nothing in the world I desire more than you.
I've decided to take the risk.
But how can I get you out of prison, this country, this continent, if your face is all over the news, service stations, and every lorry in Spain? So no more phone calls, and no more nonsense.
From now on, discretion.
Play by my rules, and be a good girl until I say so.
Do you agree? Fabio, the mobile ICU's about to arrive.
I'm on my way.
I'm taking my chances.
Now you have to do the same.
Look what I've got for you.
Don't ask where I got them from, I can't tell you.
I know you can keep a secret.
But so can I.
And if you tell me, all this will stop.
Susana, look at me.
Tell me you don't know anything.
Swear that you don't know where the girl is and I'll make them stop.
I only wanted to be a mother.
I tried everything.
That's what the ransom money was for.
For a surrogate.
I didn't want to hurt the girl.
It's not fair.
All I wanted was a child, someone who'll love you forever, who trusts only you, who only has you in their life, who doesn't see you as retarded, because you're their mum.
It's OK, Susana.
It's OK.
But Amaia has a mum too.
And it isn't fair on her.
I'm going to be sick.
OK, copy that.
Sandoval, the convoy is here.
I found this in solitary.
It's a piece of Zulema's clothing.
There's plenty more, so it's likely she didn't eat as much as we thought.
If I say where the girl is, will you help her? Of course I can help her, I promise.
She's in a place that Cesário knows.
Salaam Alaykum.
I'm here with you now, it's OK.
Security alert.
Lock down all cells.
Find Zulema.
Zulema has disappeared from the infirmary.
Zulema is missing.
Take her to solitary.
Hi, Palacios.
Why did you hit her? For being a bitch.
She was going to save the girl.
She's all alone.
She's alone in a stable in Santa María, in Santa María de la Alameda.
All activities are suspended.
All common areas are off limits.
Come on! Everyone inside! Now! All inmates: return to your cells immediately.
All inmates: return to your cells immediately.
Canteen clear.
We're heading for the yard.
I want every corner of this damned prison searched.
Attention all inmates: return to your cells immediately.
- Hurry! - Leave that, for fuck's sake.
to your cells immediately.
Attention all inmates: return to your cells immediately.
- Library? - Clear.
Gym? Clear.
- Yard? - Clear.
- Canteen? - Nothing.
Nothing, Fabio.
There's no sign of her anywhere.
Attention all inmates - Get to your cells! - All right! Inside, now! - Visitors room? - Clear.
- Phone booths? - Clear.
The fucking bitch! All inmates: return to your cells immediately.
All inmates She slipped in the shower, poor thing.
She's in the toilets, Zulema is in the toilets.
Attention, I need assistance to get inmate Helena Martín to the infirmary.
She's seriously injured.
Prepare the infirmary.
Inmate injured.
Repeat, prepare the infirmary.
You'd better pray she comes out of this alive, or you're fucked.
I'm as upset as you are.
We could have been good friends.
Shame she's an undercover, isn't it? Lock the cells.
No inmates on the gallery.
No inmates on the gallery.
Cells one, two, three clear.
Lock the doors.
Lock the doors.
Fucking hell.
Lock the cells! - Unit two gallery clear.
- Valbuena.
An inmate has hung herself from the upper gallery.
Behind you, up on the gangway.
What the hell? Help! - Call Sandoval quickly.
- It's no good, Valbuena.
Her neck's broken, it's too late.
We have a suicide.
An inmate has hung herself from the gallery.
- It's Susana Tamayo.
- Oh, dear God.
What a tragedy! Just as well she confessed to me where the girl is before hanging herself.
Every cloud has a silver lining, jailor.
What are you doing over there? I had a nightmare.
Tell me.
Is there any chance for us? OK, you don't have to answer.
Is there another woman? Another man? Is this lover's tiff going to go on all night? I swear I'd pay your fares to Havana if I thought you'd make it work.
Prison isn't the place for second chances.
I hate to see you like this.
If you like, I'll ask to be moved to another cell.
So it's over between us? Yes.
All right.
All right then, you ungrateful fucking bitch.
I want you out of my cell now.
Fucking hell! I never want to see your brattish face again.
- Get it? - Curly, please.
So, have your breakfast at the first sitting.
Avoid going out to the yard, and don't cross my path in the showers, because ungrateful cows like you make me sick.
When I get back, I don't expect to find you in my fucking cell.
- She'll get over it, won't she? - Of course.
Like you get over the menopause.
What's this holy card doing here? Curly has one as well.
What the hell does this mean? I don't have one.
Who the hell put these here? It says here that Saint Rita is the patron saint of impossible - and lost causes.
- What makes us lost causes? They have all the signs of being death cards.
Someone has marked you out, girls.
That's what they do in Colombia when the Don wants someone sentenced.
This is how they warn you that you're going to die.
What's all this, you witch? You can keep your evil spells to yourself.
No one else has them, right? Only us.
Maybe the chaplain left them for us, maybe he thinks we need to be saved.
The chaplain? What are you on? The chaplain, my foot! - It must have been the Mexican.
- It can't be the chaplain.
It's Anabel.
You stole her drugs and sold them.
Bambi betrayed her and I got her sent to solitary.
- It's her.
- She'll want revenge.
I wouldn't put any twisted punishment past her.
That bloody pigeon.
Curly, come here, please.
Did someone call me? Curly, stop fooling around and come here.
Tell her I don't want to speak to her.
I'm taking these books.
I need to study and get out of this dump.
This is serious.
Anabel has threatened us and we've got to do something.
If Anabel comes anywhere near me, I'll take her on and knock her out.
Curly, please listen to me.
- Christ.
- Maca, what are we going to do? Protect each other and stick together.
Maca, that's what you said about the calendar, - and then you let us down.
- This is different.
It's important.
Things are only important when they happen to you, are they? So come on.
What are you saying? This affects us all.
This is something Sole has cooked up to frighten us.
Isn't it, Sole? Or maybe Anabel warns before she strikes? No, she doesn't.
She's got another week in solitary.
Let's calm down a bit, OK girls? I'm going to take something, I'm feeling churned up - with all this shit.
- Wait.
Inspector, forgive me if I don't get up, but you can see my position.
They're afraid I'll bite myself.
I've changed.
Since Susana's death, I want to embrace goodness.
I don't know what to charge you with any more.
Is talking to a lunatic a crime? Because that's all I've done.
It's OK.
I've got something to tell you.
They found the girl.
She's dead.
I tried to get her to distrust her husband.
- Then I tried to give her some peace.
- What did Susana say? That she needed peace.
I've never seen anyone so upset, in so much pain.
They'll put you in a mental hospital.
You'll never get out.
I can't help you now.
You said you know where the girl is.
- That's right.
- Where? Do you think this is any way to have a conversation? Chained up like an animal? I'm not unchaining you.
I'm not even giving you water.
So either you tell me where Amaia is, or I'll gag you and you can sit staring at the ceiling.
Do you think losing your temper will help Amaia? Wouldn't you prefer a relaxed chat? You've injured a police officer.
And you can thank God she's OK, or by now they'd be sticking you back together with superglue.
Where is the girl? I'm not sure you're the person I should be opening up to.
Fucking hell, you fucking bitch! Calm down! - She has no idea where the girl is.
- You don't know that.
You don't know where she is.
You have no other suspects, no leads to follow.
I know plenty of things.
I know that good old Cesáreo dug a 600 metre tunnel, - to dodge you when he left the house.
- Big deal, I knew that.
What you don't know is what he did next.
You must have been combing the area, digging like fools, eh? Following the trail of a van that was always parked up, without thinking that Cesáreo emerged from the tunnel, crossed the forest, walked across town, and caught a bus.
And now, riddle-me-ree: where did that bus go? Well, we've got something.
The driver recognised the Tamayo couple, and said they were travelling with shopping bags.
But he doesn't recall when or where they got off the bus.
This bus has 23 stops.
It stops in 23 towns.
And they could have caught another bus in any of those towns.
It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
She knows, doesn't she? Yes.
Zulema knows where the girl is.
And she's sent us here to prove her point.
- Now the game begins.
- You have to do a deal with her.
We have no choice.
By the way, I won't be pressing assault charges against her.
She won.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey! She's won a couple of battles, you got a bump on the head, but she hasn't won the war, OK? OK.
Are you ready? Macarena Ferreiro, cell 234.
I request a transfer, and you put me with Zulema? Helena Martín was moved to another prison.
This is the only free bunk, along with Susana Tamayo's.
And there's nothing you can do? Valbuena does the allocations, so speak to him.
Now go inside.
But don't worry, Zahir and Vargas will be in solitary for a while yet.
Shouldn't you be in the workshop? Off you go then.
I heard Helena was working undercover.
That's right, that's why I couldn't say anything, I didn't want to put her at risk.
I'm sorry if I gave you a hard time.
A bit of jealousy isn't a bad thing.
But I'm glad you've told me, because I was going mad thinking about what you two might be doing.
And I don't want you to be jealous.
- That's thoughtful of you.
- I've finished with Curly.
We have to think about our plan.
When are we going? Look, Macarena.
This isn't like a walk in the park, OK? Listen.
We need time.
We need we need a strategy, don't we? First, your brother has to get back from his trip.
- Have you heard anything? - No, not yet.
All right.
When he contacts you, tell him not to call me, to come and see me, but he mustn't call.
- Do you understand? - He mustn't call.
And in the meantime, I want you to stay calm.
I don't know if I can do calm.
So don't ask me to stay calm.
Don't get into trouble or draw attention to yourself, OK? I can't wait for our time to come.
What the hell do you want? Firstly, I want to thank you for negotiating with me.
I think it's the right thing to do.
Secondly, get my gypsy out of solitary.
- She did it because I threatened her.
- Saray Vargas.
Prisoner 02587.
Your stint in solitary is over.
How's your dick? - Is it OK? - Fine.
In perfect order.
But I'm coming under pressure to press charges against you for assault.
What do you think? You could do that.
But then I'd have to say in court that there was a rape.
And they'd investigate, and you'd have to explain.
Saray is out.
Now tell me where that girl is.
I have some demands first.
For example, chocolate.
Christmas has come and gone, then Valentine's Day, and no one has brought me chocolates.
Tread your cards carefully and don't try to be too clever, or you may find things backfire on you.
You play yours carefully, I'm very clear about mine.
Go ahead.
My freedom in exchange for the girl's.
That's impossible.
You're serving sentences for escape, kidnap, extortion, assault.
You have two fixed sentences and a pending case for violent crimes.
I won't deny that I've made mistakes in the past.
No judge would sweep two fixed sentences under the carpet.
Of course, I wouldn't expect that.
But I've been here long enough for my good behaviour to bump me up to third grade.
In the trial for Casper's murder, everything went in our favour.
She shot herself in the head.
She should have had gunpowder on her hands, but as you know, she fell in the shower, and it was washed away.
The escape.
I was kidnapped and forced to flee, the same as Macarena.
The extortion.
Hanbal Hamadi wanted a million euro pay-off, and he used me inside jail to get it.
Do you expect me to lie for you? To convince the judges to release you, so you can mess with someone else? I sense your contempt, and I'm getting tired of it.
If you carry on like this, I'll demand to speak to another officer.
IA must be hoping for that.
Are you threatening me? No.
I'm saying that your grudge against me is stronger than your wish to save the girl.
If that girl dies, it won't be my fault.
There weren't any chocolates.
Thank you.
I love chocolate.
It's good for the memory, isn't it? And I need to take care of mine.
Because if you take your time arranging my future, I might forget where little Amaia is.
I'm doing this for my mother.
If they find me, I want to look OK.
To save her any more pain.
Catching a few rays, are we? You look bored.
I heard you broke up with Curly.
That's a shame.
What the fuck do you care? I heard they commuted Anabel's sentence, because of her depression.
She gets out of solitary this afternoon.
So don't worry, you'll have plenty to keep you busy.
- Pass the ball.
- Hey, what are you doing? Curly.
- Let go of the ball.
- No.
For God's sake! Anabel gets out of solitary today.
- I don't give a shit.
- Yes, you do.
- Give me the fucking ball! - Listen to me! She's threatened us.
She's after us.
- I'm not listening.
Fuck off.
- Don't be a fool.
- Christ! - Curly, this affects you too.
Look, I don't care if you shag in lifts, or if you're not a lesbian.
I can't help it if you fell for a bastard, just like I can't help it that I fell for a spoilt brat like you.
All I can do is screw myself up.
- Leave me in peace.
- Yes.
There's fuck all I can do if you won't listen.
Christ, Curly.
- Whore! - That's enough.
Calm down.
You think that's enough? - You had that holy card as well.
- I don't give a shit! What the hell's going on? - Fuck you! - Christ! Don't let me see you in another brawl, or I'll put you in solitary, in the fucking darkness.
- You'd be doing me a favour.
- What was that? - Say it again.
- Nothing.