Vis a vis (2015) s02e16 Episode Script

Patron of the helpless

1 Inspector, there's a call for you.
If it's IA, tell them I've gone for a dump.
It's a man who says he has information about the kidnapping.
Put him through.
Putting you through.
Inspector Castillo.
Who am I speaking to? Good morning, Inspector.
I'm calling from Frecuencia Radio about the kidnapping of Amaia Jiménez.
How did you respond to the deaths of the only two people - who knew the girl's whereabouts? - With great sadness.
Is it true that Cesáreo Tamayo was killed in front of you? - I'm not authorised to say.
- You're not authorised to say, I see.
And what about the death of his wife? Is it true you wouldn't admit her to a psychiatric ward, and that she committed suicide in her cell - after 48 hours of interrogation? - Will that be all? Or haven't you finished pissing me off? You should know that this conversation is being recorded.
Really? That's good, so you'll be able to replay me morning, noon and night.
You can fuck right off! You're scum! You have no respect for the feelings and dignity of others! Son of a bitch! Bastard! Arsehole! - How's it going, my friend? - Fucking marvellous.
Maybe I'll go down to Marbella, hang out with the IA lot.
So what? It helps me think.
Remember when we were on patrol together? We'd pick up some low life and give him the good cop, bad cop routine.
Well, I realise now that I was the bad cop.
The stooge, you might say.
And you were the good cop.
What the hell? Did you call me over here to wipe your nose? No, I called to ask if you'd come back into the police force with me.
The two of us.
Like before.
What do you say? I say: "why the hell are you drinking at this time of day?" I haven't slept for 2 days, so I've lost all sense of time.
For God's sake, Damián.
Give Zulema what she wants.
Amend the reports if necessary, do a deal with Judge Andrade, and you'll resolve this fucking case.
If you fail now, you're fucked.
And let that bitch walk free? - It wouldn't be the first time.
- I won't even have time for that.
They're about to take me off the case.
Christ, you're a real cry baby today.
I failed with Karim.
I failed with Hanbal.
I failed with the fucking escape, and it took you to tell me they were in Morocco.
I've had more let downs than Espinete with his inflatable doll.
We've had a call from Cruz del Sur.
Amaia's parents are there, and they're asking for a face-to-face with Zulema Zahir.
She was the one who called them.
- But she's in solitary.
- How the hell did she call them? LOCKED UP by minouhse Anabel will be out of solitary this afternoon.
That tart is a psychopath, in the scientific sense of the word.
She's incapable of feeling empathy or affection for anyone.
She only cares about doing deals.
And revenge is part of doing deals.
Give it a rest, we know she'll try and shaft us.
The question is: what do we do? What do we do? What the hell can we do? Get the most dangerous gang in the prison.
The biggest.
We have to face up to her and sink her.
How will we do that? The same way she does: by buying gang members.
With her money.
We just need to get her money, and she'll be easy game.
- It's madness.
- Why? For Christ's sake, Sole.
Do you want us to be her slaves - for the next 15 years? - No.
Anabel won't want me as a slave.
- She says I'm untidy.
- Listen to me.
How will you get her money? You don't know where she keeps it.
I think the carrier pigeons are moving it for her.
Shut your face, you bloody smackhead! She gives it to that bloke who brings her Iberian sausage on Thursdays.
- There's no other explanation! - It can't be in the cell.
No way.
Would she really give it to the guy she pays to shag her? She doesn't even trust her mother.
I'm sure the money is in here.
Are you? Come on, then.
Start looking.
There's only 25,000 metres of reinforced concrete between you and your treasure.
What are you waiting for? Listen, you lot need a reality check.
You've pissed her off enough over the drugs.
Now you want to get hold of her money? What do you think she'll do if you steal her money? Sit in her cell sobbing? Anabel is evil.
And this will be much worse.
So what do we do? Let her finish us off? Oh, Macarena! My lovely Macarena! I could eat you up whole.
- What do you want? - What do I want? To tell you I love you.
I should worship you at the altar of the sisterhood of lesbians.
- Thank you.
- What for? You've finished with Curly, haven't you? So that makes us sisters.
Macarena and I are sisters now! If anyone takes her on, they're taking me on.
Calling Macarena Ferreiro.
- Go to the visiting room.
- Fuck.
I repeat, Macarena Ferreiro to the visiting room.
See that? What's up with you? - Can I get you a drink? - No, thank you.
Inspector, the girl's parents are here.
Cruz del Sur's Governor is away, so I've asked the Inspector to authorise your visit with Zulema Zahir.
You need to know that she's a very dangerous prisoner.
- Why do you want to see her? - She told me on the phone that the woman told her where my daughter was before she died.
And that you wouldn't negotiate with her.
Is that true? There's a procedure for negotiating with a prisoner.
A procedure? And how long does that take? How long? Because the police medical advisors say that my daughter may have been dead for 2 days.
So if that prisoner knows something, you can't stop me from asking her.
We can do this.
But we'll do it my way.
The conversation will be in the yard, in the open air, under surveillance.
Zulema has made it clear that if any officer comes near, she won't say anything.
Very well, in that case her hands and feet will be tied, and she'll be in the cage.
- How was your trip? - Very good.
If not for you, I'd never have gone to Morocco.
- You prefer La Manga.
- Sort of.
And the money? Do you have it? Yes, I do.
Now find Fabio and give it to him.
- But don't call him.
- All right.
There's a mad woman after me.
She mutilates people, beats them, I gave evidence against her, and now she's after me.
I have to get out of here as soon as possible.
If Dad were here he'd be cooking up a plan to get you out.
I can't stop thinking about him, and Mum.
From the minute I wake up.
I haven't felt the grief I expected to feel.
It's so strange.
Days go by where I remember it all, like a dream.
As if it were a film or something.
I don't know whether prison dulls your senses.
I've done things I've done things that I'm turning into an animal.
- No.
- Yes.
Like the women I was afraid of when I came in here.
I suppose when I say goodbye to them at the funeral, then it'll hit me like a punch in the face, and I'll crumble.
But right now, I can't.
- I can't go there.
- I know.
I'm proud of you, Sis.
- No.
- Yes.
Because of your strength.
Because of our strength.
Listen to me.
When you get out of here, you're going to the Caribbean, and you're going to forget all this.
- I mean it.
- Yes.
- And you'll take me with you, I hope? - Of course.
All right.
- We'll start again.
- The two of us.
- And Fabio.
- Yes, of course.
And Fabio.
I won't forget that.
Come here.
Hey, keep away from the hand.
- What happened to you? - Nothing.
- What the hell happened, Román? - It's nothing, Maca.
Zulema's money, as usual, came with strings attached.
It was hidden behind a bear trap, - and I put my hand inside.
- Fuck.
I was trapped for 13 hours.
At first I thought I couldn't bear the pain, but gradually you get used to it.
I suppose that's what happens, when the nerve ends are completely severed.
I was bleeding for at least 2 hours and then it stopped.
Then, it started to turn purple.
I was about to cut off my own hand.
Come here.
Over here.
Come on.
Grab the screwdriver from the floor and stand on a chair.
They finally got me out of there.
I spent 3 days in hospital in Asilah.
I don't know if I'll regain the use of my hand, but I have the money, Maca.
I have the money.
- I'm sorry.
- It's going to be OK.
Look at me.
Take on a Ferreiro, and you take on all the Ferreiros.
Take on a Ferreiro, and you take on all the Ferreiros.
- The parents are coming out.
- Units 1 and 2 on the yard.
Watch every movement Zulema Zahir makes.
The parents are outside.
I repeat, the parents are outside.
Back up Unit 3, position yourself south.
Unit 3 in position.
My condolences for what you're going through.
I'm sorry I can't shake your hands, I'm not allowed to approach you.
It's a pleasure to meet you nonetheless.
I have to ask you a favour: would you take off your clothes? I know the police will have put mics on you, to protect your daughter and I, but our conversation mustn't be recorded.
Zulema's making them strip off.
- Watch for any suspicious movements.
- Roger.
Keep a visual on the target.
I repeat, keep a visual on Zulema.
Take off the mic.
Take off everything, including underwear, please.
And stand 30 metres away.
- It's OK, I've got her.
- Awaiting orders.
- What are they doing? - Moving aside the clothes and mics.
Awaiting orders.
What a bitch! When you speak, put your hands over your mouths.
Christ almighty! She's ten steps ahead of us.
How much can you give me for your daughter's freedom? An amount that seems fair, that won't ruin you.
I trust you.
- I don't know - The hand.
- We'd need a bit of time.
- Half a million's OK.
I promise you, I'll do what I can to get your daughter back.
I know this situation is very complicated, but I'll tell you one thing - Careful.
- The mother's approaching Zulema.
- Awaiting orders.
- She's crying.
- What did she say to them? - Get them out of there.
- I'm on my way.
- Remove them now.
They're about to be removed.
When your daughter is safe, I'll call you.
- You'll keep your side of the deal? - Of course.
You have my word.
It must be hidden somewhere.
Cut it open and look inside.
- Open it.
- Nothing.
I've seen her getting money out a thousand times, and I've seen her putting it in her bra.
The question is, what does she do with it then? It must be a clever place, one that no one else can get to.
Maybe she uses her fanny as a piggy bank.
Go and smoke a joint and sleep it off.
She gets on my bleeding nerves! Maybe she gives it to an officer for safekeeping.
Valbuena, maybe.
She's coming out of solitary today.
Your stint in solitary is over.
No, that's impossible.
Anabel wouldn't trust anyone.
Much less an officer who'd spend the money while she's rotting in here.
Let's think about this.
- What's a typical day for Anabel? - The same as the rest of us.
Eating, shitting, peeing.
There's not much choice in here.
She goes to the canteen, but not the kitchen or the gym.
They turned the laundry inside out after the escape.
My God, let's think.
Maca, it's not with her clothes.
It has to be somewhere she can access easily, that the rest of us can't.
- Christ! What else does she do? - Sod all! She spends all day in here reading magazines.
That's all she does.
She has no friends, and no vices.
She just orders books from the library, then reads magazines all day.
Get out of here.
What's the matter? What's up? Get a move on! - What the fuck! - I'm sorry.
Haven't you heard of knocking? Look, it's the most sought after brunette in the kingdom.
Do you like my drugs? - You get a good price for it, do you? - Yes.
It's an outstanding Afghan heroin.
Yes, it is.
Shut the door now, I'm trying to pee.
Off you go! - Shall I see you later? - Yes, just shut the fucking door, I'm trying to have a pee! Fucking pain in the arse! We've spoken with the judge.
In less than 24 hours, your sentence will be revoked, and the parole judge will promote you to third grade, - and you'll get your freedom.
- A wise man.
We'll have a police officer with us, so be very careful.
They know the territory very well.
Now keep your side of the pact and take us to Amaia.
I'm a woman of my word.
Anabel orders books from the library.
That's true, but then she doesn't read them.
Why does she order books, if she spends all day reading magazines? I know what she's doing.
Help! Help me! Get out of here! - What happened? - Curly! Fuck! What have they done to you? You were right.
They've broken my ankles.
Anabel! I'm going to kill you, you fucking bitch! You'd better hide, because I'm going to destroy you! Fucking bitch! What the hell happened? What is it? Dear God! Put that money back.
It's not yours.
It isn't yours either.
You hide money for a dealer.
For a pimp, a killer.
You're her treasurer, her accomplice.
I'm not hurting anyone.
I just collect the money she leaves in the books I lend her, and then I keep it here for her.
I'm Swiss.
Switzerland isn't responsible for the Jews who were burnt in the concentration camps.
Switzerland holds the money of thieves, and that allows them to go on stealing, killing and fucking people over.
This is a prison.
In here, we all survive as best we can.
Even in Switzerland, armoured boxes can be stolen.
If you take that money, they'll kill me.
I'm sorry, Sole.
I'm doing the same as you.
- We're following the M-538 route.
- Roger.
Where do we come off? It's straight ahead.
Airborne Unit.
No towns visible for 20 km.
This is fun.
We're like Bonnie and Clyde.
I'm Bonnie.
Well, sort of and you're Clyde, only lame and bald.
We make a nice couple.
We should run away, don't you think? Which way now? Take a right, towards the setting sun.
You're turning onto a dirt track.
Repeat, you're turning onto a dirt track.
You're not heading for Soria.
The track leads to wasteland.
There's nothing else.
- Where the hell are you going? - Awaiting orders.
It's not so hard to change sides, is it, Inspector? We all do it from time to time.
Depending on what's at stake.
The line gets blurred, and you get confused about what's right and wrong.
We're going straight ahead, there are no adjacent roads, or forks in the road.
- Roger.
- Don't you agree, Inspector? You must have done bad things sometimes.
It's only human to make a mistake and start again.
I know all about that.
Here we are, stop there.
Coming to a halt.
All Units on standby, coming to a halt.
It looks like you have a nice little gang there.
You and your gang make quite a pretty picture, don't you? If war is what you want, war is what you'll get.
Do we still make a pretty picture? Well.
I see you've made some new friends while I've been away.
I bought them, just like you do.
And I bought them with your money.
Almost 46,000 euros.
Not bad! But you'll have to find another hidey-hole now, darling.
You fucking bitch! Let go of me! You bitch! You have nothing now.
You have no money.
But come to think of it, you do have lots of debts to pay.
And in here, lots of enemies, and plenty of people who hate you.
But I can help you, if you'll be my slave.
OK, the show's over! Move along! Get out of here! - Zulema's getting out of the car.
- Where the hell are we? All units, take your positions and await orders.
- Roger.
- Roger.
Prepare the Medical Team, we don't know what condition Amaia will be found in.
Medical Team ready.
Airborne Search and Rescue, we're combing the area.
Look for any small shelter or building, anything that could be a hiding place.
They're approaching the bench.
- It's here.
- What? There's nothing here.
Here? I can't see any shepherd's hut.
But look at that sunset.
It's magnificent.
What the hell's going on here, Zulema? I used to come here with Hanbal to watch the sunset.
I wanted to see it one last time.
Sit down, please.
Police Units Castillo's walkie-talkie is off.
What the hell are they doing? Give them time.
Don't intervene.
Hold your positions.
They say you reach a point when you realise that all the good things in your life are behind you.
What little good is left for me, I'll owe to you.
So speak to the judge.
And stop trying to trick me.
I know you're an intelligent man.
Think about it.
If you do nothing, I'll be in the same place as I am now.
But you'll lose out, the girl's parents will lose out, the poor girl will lose out.
Everyone will lose out, except me.
Come back with a written pardon from the judge.
And some new shoes for me.
And then I'll tell you where the girl is.
What the hell is the Inspector playing at? - I don't know, he's sitting there.
- Airborne Unit combing the area.
There's no sign of any huts or shelters.
Precisely, Your Honour, we'd have to speak with the Public Presecutor.
We have enough proof that Zulema Zahir was not the ringleader of the escape.
That's right.
We also have new information about Hanbal Hamadi, the Egyptian.
Under those conditions, her lawyer could put in a request for her to be put on a semi-open regime.
That's right.
Very well.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Put that down, you won't need it now.
What the hell is this? I have to wash your dirty undies too? It's the money that Zulema hid in Morocco.
This will help clean up your record.