Vis a vis (2015) s02e17 Episode Script

Two guns for one monkey

1 One second.
No, you've already had plenty of time.
You could have made it a bit longer, Chief.
My man deserves 10 minutes more.
No, there's no need to dress.
Get up.
Macarena wants to see you.
How was your visit? Did you have fun? Honestly, I did.
Thanks for asking.
One orgasm can make up for a whole week of shit.
We're going to frisk you.
Up against the wall.
Now you owe me 46,000 euros.
I suggest you stop this nonsense.
Because sooner or later, the balance will shift, and you'll have to pay.
I'm not going to let you grow.
You're not going to bring in goods, so that over time, you become the prison's drug lord again.
I don't have anything.
They frisked me on my way out.
Yes, but I'm not that trusting.
Could you close your fist? It doesn't matter if you hurt me.
She doesn't have anything.
I told you I was clean.
Do you really think I'm that stupid? Down on your knees.
Let's see if what you say is true, if you're so clean.
Open your mouth, bitch.
Open it.
The fairytale's new evil stepmother.
No, thank you.
I don't want to be you.
I understand.
I don't want to be me either.
Open up! But people change, Maca.
Look at yourself.
You little bitch.
Open your mouth, slut.
Forcing a funnel down her throat, like Joe Pesci.
And I'm on the verge of being the model prisoner.
No way.
In a few hours, Castillo will be here with the judge to look over my case, in return for my information about where the girl is.
And tomorrow Tomorrow, I'll be out.
About to start a new life.
Does that piss you off? Given that all my pending lawsuits are your fault Yes, it pisses me off.
But not as much as you'd like.
Drop the hard feelings.
An army of orangutans isn't going to get you out of here.
And what will you do once you're out? Serve drinks? Fold shirts? I'd love to see you in a job interview to earn 800 euros a month.
My brother has your money.
He got it.
Román, my fucking hero.
He's my fucking hero.
I should have made better use of the visit I had with him.
Don't you worry about the money.
I don't give a shit about the three million.
It's from another life.
I have much more humble plans now.
And so should you.
She had 12 balls of heroin in her stomach.
Flush them down the toilet.
Remember one thing.
I stole the money.
Any reprisal against Sole will hit you a thousand times harder.
- Got it? - Yes.
Break her ankles.
Like she did to Curly.
No, wait, please! Give me another chance, Maca.
To show you that I can be your friend.
A good friend.
One chance.
Just one chance.
LOCKED UP by minouhse - How are you? - Good, really good.
This is inhuman.
Having to talk with glass between us, like chimpanzees at the zoo.
Well, you know, because we're not related, they only give us one conjugal visit a month.
Look on the bright side, with this much security, you don't need to worry that I'm cheating on you.
Now, you hear all sorts.
There must be all sorts going on inside the cells at night You have no idea.
They broke Curly's ankles and she's sleeping in the infirmary, and I have to sleep with crazy Anabel, who just had 46,000 euros stolen from her, and it was me hiding it.
Who knows what will happen between us tonight.
But not that.
Definitely not that.
You can't stay in there.
- I spoke to a criminal lawyer.
- A lawyer? - What for? - To appeal your case.
He says we can request a review of your sentence.
Fernando, I'm going to recite paragraph four of my sentence to you.
"Soledad Núñez Hurtado is convicted of homicide, "of having poured petrol over her husband and burning him alive, after finding him in bed with another woman.
" I don't want it revised.
I don't want compassion.
If you want some excitement in life, buy some fortune cookies.
But don't even think about stirring up my case or giving me false hope.
Sole, wait.
- Where are you going? - 4-2.
Sole! Navicular and cuboid bones broken, ankle bone fractured.
The heel's also broken.
The good thing is, the ligaments and tendons are undamaged.
It'll take up to 2 months for your ankles to bear your weight again.
Then we'll start rehabilitation, ultrasound therapy You'll have to use a wheelchair, and obviously, you'll sleep here in the infirmary.
- Excuse me.
- If it's any consolation, some years back, I had a similar injury.
In my case, while playing football.
- I imagine that doesn't apply to you? - No, I fell in the bathroom.
Look, Kabila.
I don't want to hear any more nonsense.
Tell me who did this to you.
- Was it Anabel? - It's the bathroom floor.
When they mop it, it's like a skating rink.
Why don't you want to help? We've gone over the CCTV and we saw Anabel came out a few seconds before you, with all her minions following, and no one else was there.
No, I'm not a fucking snitch! I'm not going to say anything or point the finger at anyone.
- Things don't work like that here.
- How do they work? Ah, I know.
An eye for an eye, an ankle for an ankle.
We're experiencing the rule of measure for measure.
Don't you see that this violence doesn't help anyone? However, we want to help you.
Oh? You want to help me? Fine.
Get me out of here so I can study.
Tomorrow there's an exam for the school diploma, and I need to pass it to get third grade.
Afternoon, Chief.
I've been calling you all day.
Could you tell me why you haven't answered? Sorry, it was off.
I need to concentrate.
The Government Delegation called me, and the Head of Security.
Amaia's kidnap has become common knowledge.
- They are very nervous.
- What exactly has emerged? Well, some details, such as the death of the kidnappers we had jailed.
Don't come to me with half measures.
Why are you here? To exonerate you from the case.
The Intelligence Service called me too.
They're investigating you.
you'll be able to replay me morning, noon and night.
You can fuck right off! You're scum.
You have no respect for the feelings and dignity of others! Son of a bitch! Bastard I don't know if that girl is dead or alive.
But I'll find her, today or tomorrow.
And if she's dead, you're going to need a scapegoat.
So fire me then, because if you do it now, it'll be you that has to resign.
We're seeing the judge in half an hour.
He won't negotiate with Zulema.
No judge will believe she's cooperating, - or that she's doing it in good faith.
- She will.
Because I'm going to protect Zulema's statement with irrefutable proof, to show she's cooperating.
She handed in the money that the Egyptian took from the Ferreiros.
Did she? Hell, no.
I found it in Morocco.
Are you sure that Zulema knows where Amaia is? Yes.
And we're going to let that murderer roam free? Would you prefer to punish the scumbag and let a teenager die? One the same age as your daughter Tatiana? Do it.
- How gross.
- Don't say that.
The food is disgusting.
And the tomato is so soft I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Make a complaint about the food.
That's fine, because the food is shit.
Seriously, this fucking bread is as hard as a stone.
The bread is fucking frozen! What is it, Ferreiro? I'm really sick of eating frozen bread and out-of-date yoghurt, that's what's wrong.
This yoghurt goes out of date today, so technically, it's fine.
Eat it.
Yeah? Why don't you eat it? Ferreiro, that's another warning.
Why? Because I don't want to eat this shit? - Another one! - Shut up, for fuck's sake! - Silence! - We're fed up! Sit down, be quiet! Ferreiro, you're heading to solitary, turn around.
For telling the truth? The food is shit! I told you to complain about the food, not to start a riot.
Did I go a bit too far? There's a brawl in the canteen, I need backup.
That's it! Sit the fuck down! Sit down right now! You did the right thing not reporting Anabel.
Because I'm going to get her - No.
- And I'm going to beat her I don't want revenge, what I want is us out of here, now.
I'll get out, if I pass my exam, and you'll get out if you behave.
Promise me you won't mess everything up, so that the two of us can get out of here together.
Promise me, Gypsy.
The two of us? Together? Yes.
- Together, together? - Yes, together.
They'll have me running Sunday school then! If that's the reason I get out, they'll send me to the Vatican to make me a saint, and I'll eat whatever it is that Adela spits into the soup.
I'd die for you, my love.
I would.
Tomorrow you have to go to court for the hearing on Karim's death.
I know.
But I don't know if I can, because I'll be locked in here.
I misbehaved, so you put me in here.
Don't laugh, the security cameras are recording.
Go in.
What's so important that you have to tell me? Your brother gave me the three million euros.
Really? That's great news.
Fabio, we need to celebrate that! I think our first fuck is going to be in solitary.
What's wrong? I gave it to Inspector Castillo.
What? I'm not going to help break you out, Macarena.
The Governor told me to take you to the library.
To study for tomorrow's exam.
- OK.
- Vargas.
Go to her cell and bring Kabila some socks.
Of course, sir, Head of Security.
Right now.
Whatever you want, I'm here to serve you.
I'll get them now.
It's easiest if I pick you up and place you in the chair.
- If you don't mind.
- OK.
Is that all right? OK.
What's wrong with you? Are you waiting for violins to play before you put me down? Come on.
I came in here knowing I was guilty.
22 years, not a minute more or less.
And the only way I've kept my spirits up is by not wasting my time thinking that I'm going to get out early, because that doesn't happen.
No white knight is coming to get me, no helicopter.
Well, the helicopter, that did happen to me.
22 years.
And I'm not going to let anyone build my hopes up, or get the idea into my head that I'll be leaving early, because you can't, that's a lie.
Ah, look at the weather, all cloudy.
Zulema Zahir, sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for kidnapping, extortion, possession of arms and robbery.
Pending judgement for her attempted escape and involvement in the death of María Prieto, AKA Casper.
Your Honour, in the case of María Prieto, Forensics could not determine the cause of suicide.
The victim fell in the shower, the water wiped any trace of gunpowder from her hands.
There are two witnesses confirming the suicide theory, and a psychiatric report that confirms Prieto was emotionally unstable.
And the escape? The accused was kidnapped and forced to escape.
Is that what she says, or do you know? Another inmate was also kidnapped, so it would not suprise me Your testimony indicates that you're defending Zulema Zahir as innocent of the charges made.
Yes, Your Honour.
Also, there's no conclusive proof.
And in your memo, you suggest holding a discussion with the accused, to request cooperation in the case of Amaia Jiménez.
Your Honour, my client, Zulema Zahir, has information about the location of Amaia Jiménez, and she is willing to cooperate.
In exchange, she requests the dismissal of the pending cases, given the lack of proof, and that she is granted third grade for health reasons.
- What is she afflicted by? - Grade 3 depression and chronic pain, due to second-degree burns on her abdomen.
These are the reports.
Let me remind you, the girl has been gone 19 days.
Bastard! - Son of a bitch! - Listen to me! That's what you are! Macarena, I told you about the escape, because I saw you were struggling, without any hope, and that you desperately needed a plan to cling onto.
You misled me! I didn't.
When I told you, I thought it was true.
It's absurd, think about it.
What were we going to do? Get a car and run? Where could we go if we can't stay anywhere for 2 consecutive days? We can't leave the country without being deported.
I don't care! I don't care! Macarena, what I'm offering you is a viable plan.
Don't tell me about your fucking plan! My brother almost lost a hand because of you! I'm really sorry.
But returning that money was vital for getting Castillo on our side.
Castillo is going to say it's thanks to you that he caught Zulema, and got the stolen money back.
And tomorrow, in the preliminary hearing for Karim's murder, we're going to say you shot in self-defence.
Fuck any psychologist will agree, you were experiencing traumatic shock.
Any jury will show compassion.
The only way to start from scratch is to put up with 3 years here, 3 and a half Then enjoy the rest of your life ahead of you, with no fear, in freedom.
I know you hate me right now and want to kill me, but think about it.
I'm doing it for you.
Well, no.
I'm doing it for both of us.
Ms Zahir, since you're asking, why haven't you requested a pardon instead of third grade? Firstly, thank you for looking at my case.
I'm not asking for a pardon because it would be impossible.
And I don't deserve it.
I did terrible things in the past, which I regret.
And I will never do them again.
I have changed, but prison is a bad place to be good.
That's why I need third grade.
Your Honour, I assure you I am acting in good faith.
As a gesture of good will, and through cooperation, Ms Zahir and another inmate have informed the police of the whereabouts of a sum of stolen money, which we have spent years looking for.
Yes, I already said I want to reintegrate into society.
Why is it you still haven't informed the inspector of Amaia's location, knowing her life is in danger? I do not want that girl to die, Your Honour.
As soon as you sign my request, I won't hesitate to tell you.
If you're acting in good faith, the life of that poor girl would be more important than yours, but what I see here is an attempt to blackmail the justice system and I won't consent to it.
I'm prepared to accept the risk of releasing a person based on their record, but I won't be subjected to blackmail.
I will not dismiss any of the cases, nor the third grade proceedings, until I receive your confession regarding the location of the girl.
And I urge you to hurry, time is running out for Amaia, and for you.
This unit is not suitable for disabled people.
There's no ramps, the bathrooms haven't been converted.
What? Disabled people don't rob banks? Or are there prisons just for them? What I'm trying to say is if you need me to lift you into bed or to go to the bathroom, or push you around outside, just tell me, OK? OK.
And when I need a shower, are you going to soap my back? It wouldn't be the first time.
Look, why haven't you told the director who broke your ankles? Why are dinosaurs extinct? Why did the Backstreet Boys split up? Questions with no answer.
I get that you don't want to say anything to Miranda because you're scared of retaliation.
But you can tell me.
Was it Anabel? It was Anabel.
And what are you going to do? - Get revenge for me? - Protect you.
I don't want you getting hurt.
Valbuena, boss.
The socks, sir.
Put them on.
And take her to the library, OK? - May I? - Yes, come in.
I'm here as a patient.
After what's happened these last few weeks, my defences are right down.
Give me an antibiotic or something.
- May I examine you? - Yes, of course.
Pop up there.
I'll just get the phonendoscope.
You didn't need to take off your clothes.
- I'm going to listen on your back.
- OK.
Let's see.
Breathe in through your mouth and breathe out.
Your lungs are a bit blocked up, eh? I've spent the whole week thinking about what you told me, about the girls' calendar.
What did I say? Something about me being a prude or That I was awkward about naked bodies and I don't know, like I'm going through life with the handbrake on, that's how I understood it.
Do you really think that? Yes.
Because I got the impression that it was you who was shocked to see me in my underwear.
Seriously? Shocked? Well a little.
It shocks me.
Seeing such a woman, in her underwear Of course it shocks me, it shakes me.
I think I was honest with you a while back.
I told you.
I don't know why.
But When I'm with you, I feel like the weaker sex.
And you You're an impossible dream.
Open your mouth.
The investors just called, they're coming tomorrow.
It's urgent.
The rocks that make up the topography of Spain are The rocks that came out of my cousin's kidney! You should have heard the guy scream every time he pissed! Can you stop messing around? Can't you see Curly wants to study? - So study.
- Let her! It's going to open a lot of doors for her.
Now, my dear Teresa, what opens more doors? Studying or giving head? I've done both but giving head, definitely.
Can you stop pissing me off? My exam is tomorrow.
- Shit, is it tomorrow, Curly? - Yes, it is.
Come on, in one night, you can't learn everything that you didn't pick up the rest of the year.
It's not learning, it's revising.
Because it's an exam on general culture, and I know it.
And if I get you something to help, and you spend the night awake, studying like an owl? - Have you got cash? - Stop badgering her, she wants to study, not be a junkie like you.
I'm so fed up of this woman.
Go on, get out.
Get back to your hut, I don't know how you got through nursery.
Ah, yeah yeah.
- Fuck, that's better.
- So annoying.
- She was doing my head in.
- Come on, I'll help you revise.
OK, come on.
This is the exam from last year.
- OK.
- Come on, go.
What is synonymy? Synonymy is that thing with the synonyms.
It's the science of studying synonyms.
Rocks that make up the topography of Spain.
I know that one.
That's Siliceous rock.
And one more.
Siliceous No, don't tell me.
Siliceous, limestone, volcanic Fuck.
- Next.
- OK.
- Capital of Switzerland.
- Berne.
- Yes.
- Yes! What's an algorithm? Algorithm.
Something with rhythm? An African dance.
An instrument.
Is it one word or two? - No, you can't look.
- Let me.
- You can't look.
- Why not? - What are you doing? - Every question you get wrong, you get a forfeit.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Who was Unamuno? Unamuno? A photographer.
- No? - No.
Ah, what a shame.
Come on, more.
What is E=mc with a little 2 above? - Eh? What? - That.
I don't know, honestly.
Curly, I don't know if you have no fucking clue about any of the questions, or if you want me for something else.
I really feel like putting your socks on properly Yes, come on Put my socks on properly, please.
- I'll fix them for you.
- Come on.
Wait OK.
Are you asleep, darling? - What's wrong, sweetie? - My stomach hurts.
That's no good.
Maybe if I give you a kiss, it'll get better.
Let's see.
- Mum, I don't want to go to school.
- Why not, darling? There's some girls.
They don't let me skip rope with them and they push me.
Well You know what? At school, one day might feel like the end of the world.
But then summer arrives, the school year is over, and you totally forget that day, don't you? And you know what you have to do to make it go faster? You have to go to school and go out in the yard, and be brave, sweetie.
Go and skip rope with them.
Don't give up, OK? Come here.
That's it.
I told them you were indisposed and that's why I'm allowed back.
Why did you run away? That's the last time you talk to me about reviews and lawyers.
- Is that clear? - OK.
All forgotten.
I'll explain what awaits us.
11 years of seeing each other once a week.
And most of the time, separated by this window.
And sex? Don't even think about it.
Because with just one conjugal visit a month, we don't even make half the Durex survey average.
I think you should mull it over.
There's an easier way.
There is? What are you going to do? Abduct me? Maybe you could get a sex change and spend the sentence with me.
I'd have to turn lesbian, of course, because if they give you a slash down there, there's no going back.
Coffee? Two sugars, isn't it? I don't know what to tell the investors.
My achievements in recent weeks while running this place are an inmates' riot, murders, suicides, broken ankles They're going to sack me.
Firstly, I think your management is excellent, bearing in mind the budgets and resources you're given.
When are you going to stop beating yourself up? Seriously, face them.
Be brave.
Don't let them knock you.
And secondly, if you don't mind me saying do you have any idea of how beautiful you are in that dress? I like it when you say that.
Why don't you take the next step? Because I'm not sure it would end well.
You see me in my white coat, impeccable, pure, with my stethoscope dangling, thinking he's a trustworthy guy, a professional.
I fly by night.
In my relationships I don't ask for walks in the park or candlelit dinners.
I want fantasy.
Sex, strength.
So? Do you think I'm a nun? No.
But I'm not sure you'd like the same games as me.
That's why it wouldn't work.
Take off your pants and put them on the table.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I tried to change shift, so that another guard would take you to court, and I could make my own statement, but I couldn't.
I'm fine.
Although I'm not joking when I say it wasn't very elegant of you to leave me in solitary, after telling me you'd lied to me.
But You're right.
Although with all the damp and despair, I've come undone a bit.
And I won't forgive you for that.
Well, I'll sweeten it for you later.
But now we have to go to your hearing.
I was forced to take drastic measures.
I banned free movement, established rigid control, with guards and punishment.
I treated them like scum.
And gentlemen, the results are appalling.
More suicides, more beatings, more violence.
So from now on, I'm going to act in the way I deem appropriate, based more on reintegration, and less on punishment.
And if you don't agree with my management, fire me, and that's the end of it.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Forgive her She didn't understand what you wanted, and won't be able to.
Here you don't need a heavy hand, you need an iron fist.
And no hesitation.
She's a housewife.
Castillo, the IA staff will have to wait to put someone else in your seat.
Zulema missed her chance.
We'll talk later.
This is the latest news here.
Amaia Jiménez has been freed.
The teen, kidnapped 19 days ago, has been found alive in a rural area between the cities of Ávila and Madrid.
How is the girl? Her parents left their home 45 minutes ago and headed to the local hospital, where it seems the girl has been taken in critical condition.
She was freed this morning by UPA troops from the Civil Guard, based on police inquiries, and information provided by a bus driver.
The sadness causes me pain.
When you've been out, felt the wind, and you see yourself free, suddenly your cards flip and you lose.
Sadness hurts, melancholy hurts.
Life fucking hurts.
I played my hand at poker I lost.
Now here I am.
My God! Eating ludo cards as if they were LSD tabs.
I got you! Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, up the bum, no harm done! It can't be! Starting from scratch all over again was just unbearable.
Your lawyer is waiting.