Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

Hole in the Sky

[ALARM BLARING] What's going on? Yeah, these have never gone off before.
Allura, what is it? Looks like you guys just saw a ghost.
That's just the thing.
It's an old Altean distress code.
One used by King Alfor's ships.
Could it be? Are we not the last Alteans alive? Wait.
What if someone's cloning the signal to try and lure us in? The signal is from an Altean ship, and we're going to find it.
[ALLURA] That looks like a Tel-Galax exploration shuttle.
One of my father's deep space vessels.
According to the ship's identification code, it's Commodore Trayling's ship.
But I don't see any records of its destination or mission.
- What happened to it? - Is it stuck in a wormhole? [CORAN] That's unlike any wormhole I've ever seen.
[PIDGE] There's a massive amount of energy emanating from it, centered right where the ship is stuck.
We have to see if anyone is aboard.
- They may need our help.
- We could send a probe over to it, see if we can get some kind of idea what this thing is? Do it.
The energy shows no signs of radioactive decay and it's not thermal.
[HUNK] It's not gravitational, our probe is steady on course, and the light is radiating out, not in, like it would in a black hole.
But out from where? That energy signature, I know it.
It's radiating quintessence! [HUNK] Ooh! That's weird.
Okay, well, let's not go anywhere near there.
We must.
Hold on.
Didn't you just see what happened? Voltron's compositional strength far exceeds anything else in this universe.
We received an Altean distress call, which must mean that someone is alive on the ship.
As Paladins of Voltron, it is our duty to help.
Princess, I still think there's a chance that this whole thing is a trap.
Even if it's not a trap, it's far too dangerous to go in there.
I'll do it myself if I have to.
All right, let's take it slow.
Pidge, any chance you can explain what I'm seeing right now? The Euclidian space around the ship is obviously some kind of anomaly.
But the energy source doesn't originate from anything that registers with my understanding of how reality works.
[KEITH] I'll take that as a "no.
" [HUNK] I'll scan the ship for biorhythms.
[ELECTRONIC BEEPING] That's strange.
I'm not showing any signs of life on the ship.
Maybe not on this half, but there is more to this ship than we are seeing.
We need to go through there.
[LANCE] The glowy, explode-y area? Pidge, keep an eye on Voltron's vitals.
Everyone, be prepared to abort if things get hairy.
Roger that.
Ready to abort immediately.
- [RAPID BEEPING] - Guys, my sensors are going crazy.
Technically, we should be torn apart the same way the probe was.
But somehow Voltron is completely unaffected by the stress of the spatial distortion.
Hello? What are you seeing? I'm losing visual.
Hello? No! We must have crossed through because - that's the front of the ship.
- Wait.
The back half of this ship, it's gone! Coran! Coran! We've lost sight of the Castle.
- Coran, are you there? - [KEITH] Where did he go? [LANCE] And where did that planet come from? According to my sensors, we're still in exactly the same place we were before.
Guys, this is gonna sound strange, but now I'm detecting multiple biorhythms aboard the ship.
[LANCE] It seems like we've only got one clue to help us figure out what's going on, and it's floating right over there.
[VOICE ECHOING] Hello? Is anyone here? [HEAVY BREATHING] [HUNK] Oh, man.
This place is totally freaking me out.
Does it feel like a haunted ghost ship to anybody else? Is it just me? [METAL GROANING] [KEITH] So, did the crew abandon ship? I don't know, but they couldn't have gotten far without their spacesu [SCREAMS] Those aren't empty! We located the second comet based on King Alfor's information.
We managed to get it aboard, but it seems to be causing massive disturbances.
We're heading back to Altea, but I don't know if we'll be able to make it that far.
At this rate [SCREAMING] What happened here? Something deadly.
This still doesn't explain the biorhythms I picked up in this area.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Look out! - [SCREAMING] - [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [ALL GASP] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] No way! Shiro? How? [WITH ACCENT] Stay back! If you've come for the comet, you'll never get it.
I'll die before I let it fall into Altean hands.
- Shiro, please.
- My name is not Shiro.
What the heck is happening right now? Did everyone get amnesia and then wake up with weird accents? - You know us? - Of course, we do! You're Shiro, our leader.
Paladin of the Black Lion? And you're Slav.
I rescued you from a space prison.
- You're also slightly crazy.
- I may be crazy, but you've never rescued me from anything before.
Unless - you're from an alternate reality.
- This is an alternate reality.
Uh, what's that now? I think, when we passed through that glowy, explode-y area, we entered an alternate reality.
You mean, like, what Slav was always talking about? Well, not you.
Well, you, yeah, but a different you.
One that talks about alternate realities a lot.
Oh, that's him.
Why did you attack the captain and his crew? - Stay back, Altean.
- We found the ship this way.
But I can't say I'm sorry they're gone.
- [BEEPING] - [GASPS] Oh, no! - More Alteans! - Wait! More Alteans? Their scanners must have picked up your arrival.
Sven, let's go! If I were you, I'd run.
[GRUNTING] What the heck just happened? Did he say we're being boarded by Alteans? [CLANGING] [CLANGING CONTINUES] Put down your weapons! [GASPS] - Alteans! - It can't be.
Empress! Uh, I'm confused.
What is going on? Are you Empress Allura? I am Princess Allura.
Please, stand.
I am Commander Hira, Empress.
How can you be here? You put down the Galra Uprising and established the Altean Empire 10,000 years ago.
Where we're from, all the Alteans were wiped out by Zarkon when he destroyed your planet.
Where did you come from? Amazing.
Your theory about Voltron was finally proven correct.
I was personally hoping to see some more fireworks when it hit that energy swirl.
I guess all of the previous attempts to get it out were just more enjoyable to watch.
For me, not for your pilots.
Voltron made it through because he is made of the same material as that comet that King Alfor tried to hide from my father.
Now, let's see if the new paladins bring it back out to us.
But what if Voltron is unable to escape the other dimension? It's another reality, Ezor.
[SIGHS] What if they aren't able to escape the other reality? [LOTOR] If Voltron disappears from our world, then we win.
If they make it out with the comet, we'll take it from them.
It's a win either way.
[PIDGE] This is the comet Commodore Trayling must've been talking about in his transmission.
It seems to be caught between two realities, just like the ship.
Could you obtain a sample for us with your lion? I can try.
It's Voltron.
What? [PIDGE] I mean, it's not Voltron, obviously, but the readings from this comet are the same ones Zarkon was searching for.
The same ones that led us to the Blue Lion.
That's how you were able to pass through to this reality.
Your vehicle was made from the same trans-reality material.
So, that's why Voltron's so powerful.
With this material, Altea can create their own trans-reality traveling ships.
We can spread our peace and stability to all realities.
General Hira, I have just stumbled across something in this ship's hold that will ensure Altea's rule for millennia to come.
So, the Alteans of this reality defeated the Galra? Led by you, My Empress.
Without your will to fight and avenge the loss of your father, Altea would not have been able to spread peace and stability throughout the universe.
That's the last of them.
Do you think this plan will work? Don't worry.
I'm 60 percent sure this is one of the .
15 percent of realities where this plan works 100 percent of the time.
Do you think the people from the other reality will join the Alteans? If they're really my friends from another reality, there's a 72 percent chance they'll figure out what's right.
Defeating Zarkon was the first step, but we refuse to give up until all worlds know the true peace Altea has achieved.
That is so wonderful! No struggle, no wars.
- That doesn't even sound possible.
- Is it not? Look at Moxilous.
For generations, his people have been in constant battle with the other planets in their system.
It was a barbaric, futile existence.
But look at him now.
So, what changed? The hoktril.
Our civilization's most advanced technological achievement.
[LANCE] What does that do? It saps the fighting force from our enemies.
Their will, you might say.
[ALL GASP] [HIRA] Advancements have been made.
Citizens that might have been casualties of war in Empress Allura's day can now be rehabilitated.
Entire races who warred for millennia can now know peace and help us to further our new world.
So, they become a part of the Altean peace movement? You mean, slave labor? Oh, no, no.
They're not slaves because they don't have will.
Slaves are always trying to escape or revolt.
The non-cogs are content doing what they're told.
Preservation of life is the Altean Empire's highest priority.
And with this material, we can do even more than we thought possible.
But you're taking away their free will.
The same will that would end your life with no remorse.
Thanks to us, no innocent will lose its life to the free will of an evil being.
Empress Allura, let me show you something.
This is our Altea.
Come with me.
Allow me to show you the magnificence it has achieved.
Is anyone else getting a strange vibe from these guys? Yeah, there's definitely something off about these Alteans.
I mean, is it me or did they pretty much scramble the big dude's brain? [ALL SCREAM] [SVEN] Yoo-hoo! Up here! [LANCE] Whoa! How'd you find us? I figured there was a high probability that [LANCE] Wait, stop.
Never mind.
We gotta get to Keith and Allura and figure out a way to stop the Alteans from getting that comet.
Already on it.
We just need to do one more thing and you guys can help.
- [WEAPONS WHIRRING] - [GASPS] Perfect! I had a feeling the Guns of Gamara were on this ship.
But I didn't know Empress Allura's friends would be working with them.
Returning to Altea It seemed like such an impossible dream, - I could never allow the thought.
- Allura, this might not be the Altea you remember.
You're right.
This Altea is home to a people who made sure that the Galra scourge was unable to spread across the universe, as it did in your reality.
Empress, I assure you, we will do everything in our power to help.
The comet in this ship's hold possesses the ability to travel between realities.
If you will activate this ancient ship's power, we can fly forward and remove the comet from the tear.
We can use it to travel to your universe and bring peace there, even to the Galra.
Maybe you should think about this, Allura.
It wasn't that long ago that we thought all Galra were bad.
Maybe things aren't as black and white as she's making them out to be.
Keith, these are my people, and they may be the strongest allies we have in this war.
[MOUSE SQUEAKING] I've tried every scan and test I can think of.
There's no sign of Voltron anywhere.
[SQUEAKING] How could I have stopped her? You know how she is.
[SQUEAKING] I can't understand anything that you're saying, but I'll assume by your tone that that was an insult.
Not good.
You've done it, Allura.
Soon, we'll use the comet to spread peace throughout every reality.
What is going on? Empress, the Guns of Gamara have infiltrated this ship.
These people were working with them.
Let our friends go! Hira, you and the rest of Altea have turned this universe into an army of slaves.
Peace at the sake of freedom! Slaves? Is this true? Non-cogs are not slaves! You're the ones who spread chaos and destruction! We're going to scan that little brain of yours and get every last rebel location.
Finally, our wars can end.
Allura, we cannot let this happen.
Hira, please.
We both want the same thing.
Do we? Your weakness has brought nothing but pain and suffering to your people at the hands of the Galra.
We have brought peace and order to ours.
And, with this comet, we will bring our peace to every reality.
You're no empress of mine.
And you're no Altean.
[SLAV LAUGHING] Why are you laughing? Because this is the reality where everything works out fine.
- [SCREAMS] - [RAPID BEEPING] - [ALL GRUNTING] - Just in time.
[SVEN] Dogpile! Let's go.
- Pidge, which way to the lions? - To the left! Huh? [GRUNTS, SCREAMS] Sven! Are you okay? You saved my life! [GROANS] I'll be fine.
Just get me to Space Hospital.
They're blocking our way to the lions! Everyone, hang on! [ALARM BLARING] [ALL GRUNTING] Does he do this in every reality? [SLAV] I'll take care of Sven.
You just get to your lions! This is all my fault.
I activated the ship.
They're going to dislodge the comet and have the power to terrorize every reality.
No, you can still get the comet away from them.
Pidge, scan for the comet.
Already picked up on its elemental signature.
Everyone, we're going back in to get it.
Form Voltron! [LION ROARS] [LANCE] Okay, now what? We need to find the exact spot we came in or else we might not make it home.
Take them down.
Engage thrusters.
Thrusters ready.
Huh? [HIRA] What's happening? We've lost thrusters! We're unable to pursue! I love this reality! Take them out! I found it! [ALL SCREAMING] No! [SCREAMS, GASPS] [CHEERS] You're back! Oh, thank the ancients! Paladins, can you hear me? Are you okay? [GRUNTS] Thank you for answering my distress signal, Voltron.
[CORAN] Paladins, can you hear me? Are you okay? Coran, we're here.
Allura, you did the right thing.
You couldn't let Hira get that ore.
But now, Lotor has it.
You didn't know.
That is the problem.
We never know.
And that is exactly why my father sent the lions away so many years ago.
To avoid this reality.
I finally understand.
We'll get it back.
But if we don't? Lotor is always one step ahead of us.
He has a plan for that ore, and if he succeeds, the Galra will finally have a weapon as powerful as Voltron.