Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

The Journey

Begin stage two.
Operation Kuron stage three is underway.
I serve in the name of Galra.
I fear Lotor's focus wavers since his return.
I knew there was a risk in bringing him back after such a long absence.
And I worry about the path he leads us down.
I need you to keep an eye on him.
Follow his battle cruiser and report any suspicious behavior to me.
Vrepit sa.
[SCREAMS] What killed you? [SNARLING] [GRUNTING] [SNARLING] [SNARLING] [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS, GRUNTS] [GROWLING] [WEAKLY] Help! [SNARLING] This must be the one that crashed the pod.
Subject Y0XT39 has normal response to optic stimuli.
Approved for use in Operation Kuron.
[MALE 1] Well, what's he saying? I can't tell, but he's coming out.
[GRUNTING] - [MALE 2] What's that noise? - [MALE 1] Let me check.
He wakes.
[MALE 2] Remember to put the clamp on him? - [MALE 1] Which clamp? - [MALE 2] The one that keeps his arm from turning into a weapon.
- [MALE 1] The red one? - It's the only clamp we have! Ugh! Where am I? Why am I tied up? I say we eat him.
- He doesn't look Galra.
- Does that mean we can't eat him? - We're not going to eat him.
- I'm not Galra.
Even worse.
He's a traitor.
I'm not a You're You're rebel fighters.
That's right.
We stand against the Galra.
We haven't thrown our lot in with them like you have! I'm not working with them.
I'm on your side.
My name is Shiro.
I'm a Paladin of Voltron, but I was captured I think.
- I was fighting Zarkon.
- Fighting Zarkon? [LAUGHS] Right, and I'm the Phloban of Gargalax.
Please, have you heard of Voltron? The lions.
I need to know What happened to them? How much time has passed? The Galra have been sending scouts to try and flush us out for years.
And now they send you to infiltrate us.
Hmm, a joke.
They didn't send me.
I escaped.
[SCOFFS] Escaped a Galra battle cruiser? [BOTH LAUGH] - I'm not buying it! - It's true.
I took a pod.
They fired at me.
My pod took a hit.
They wouldn't do that if I was friendly.
Please, contact the Blade of Marmora or Voltron to verify my identity.
And send a signal that can be tracked? Uh, no.
Look around you.
Our food and supplies are limited at this outpost.
We have no problem watching you starve until you start telling the truth.
Prince Lotor, that anomaly is registering on our scanners again.
Get the coordinates.
I want a visual.
There's nothing.
What are you expecting? I don't think three strange readings in a day are a coincidence.
- We're being followed? - We'd know.
Not if they had our scanner protocols.
They could counteract our measures.
Who would know our protocols other than the Galra? Bring up heat detectors and set blasters to fire around the anomaly.
Around it? I say we hit it! I want to know who's after me.
- [ALARM BLARING] - [YELLS] [ACXA] It is a Galra fighter.
Let's invite our guest aboard.
[GRUNTS] No! [STATIC] [FEMALE VOICE] Prince Lotor requires your assistance on planet Thayserix.
We expect you here immediately.
- Thayserix? Where is that? - Not far from here.
The fleet is passing through our quadrant.
- Log it on the klygarg.
- Oh, I hate the klygarg.
How do I get on it again? - [MALE 2] Enter your password.
- [MALE 1] Right.
- What's my password? - I don't know! It's your password! I'm intercepting another communication coming in now.
Log this one, too.
[MALE 1] I haven't logged the first one! - [MALE 2] Shh! - [DISTORTED CHATTER] [MALE VOICE] We've received orders from Prince Lotor.
We are to intercept Voltron.
[GASPS] Voltron? Uh See if he's ready to talk.
Huh? Ah! Vakala! Get in here! I told you we should have eaten him.
His leg is hurt.
He can't be far.
Let's split up.
I'll check outside.
You check the tunnels.
[GROWLS, GRUNTS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] Huh? [WEAPON FIRING] - [FIRING CONTINUES] - [YELLS, GROANS] I don't want to have to hurt you! Please stand down! [GROANING] [YELLING] You keep missing him! Let me shoot! Give me that! No, it's mine! - [GRUNTS] - [WHIMPERS] - [GRUNTS] - [WEAPON WHIRRING] Stop right there! I'll shoot! [WHIMPERING] [WHIMPERS] [GRUNTS] You're on the wrong side of this war.
[GROANS, GASPS] No, I'm not.
I'm on your side.
My name is Shiro, and like I said before, I'm a Paladin of Voltron.
I know that no matter what I say, you won't believe me, so [BOTH WHIMPERING] [BOTH] Huh? Hmm? I need to get to my team and I need your help.
There's Thayserix.
It's a giant gas planet.
According to the communications we intercepted, Voltron is there.
Or was.
I need to get there.
- Do you have a ship? - Just a shuttle.
It's designed to dock with low orbiting ships, not travel across the universe.
Sorry for hanging you up by your wrists.
Sorry for hitting you in the face with your friend's gun.
Wasn't the first time it happened.
Won't be the last.
Shiro, there just doesn't seem to be any way to get you to Thayserix.
What about the Galra cruiser heading there? What about it? Well, if it's passing close enough to this planet, maybe I can hitch a ride.
Hitch a ride on a Galra cruiser? You just escaped from a Galra ship, and now you're talking about breaking back onto one? You're crazier than me.
And I volunteered to live on an ice planet for five years.
Is it possible or not? The cruiser is currently within range, but it's gonna make a jump to hyper-drive any time now.
Then I'd better hurry.
Thank you for all your help.
Do you really think he'll be able to get to a fighter and make it to Voltron? If he's really who he says he is, then he's got a chance.
You know that was our only ship, right? [VAKALA] The battle cruiser's sensor will identify the shuttle once it gets within range.
The single shuttle is such a small object that the bridge won't be notified.
Its defense system is programmed to destroy on sight.
[ELECTRONIC BEEPING] At this point, the sensors will ID you as debris.
You must move quickly.
Make your way to the blasters.
That's where you'll get in.
These weapons retract just before hyper-drive.
[MALE VOICE] Exiting hyper-drive.
Shields up.
We're under attack! We have a visual on Voltron.
Voltron is within range.
Voltron? [LOUD RUMBLING] Prepare Fighter Squadron One for immediate deployment.
Come on.
Send the fighters.
Let's go! Voltron is out of range.
Fighters, abort launch.
I repeat, abort launch.
It's now or never.
Voltron! Come on, move! Oh, he's too fast for me! No! [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Stop sending your cronies after me.
I know many ideas float through your head, just like your father, but the Galra Empire needs your leadership in these troubling times.
I am the leader! But I am not my father.
Pilot log.
I am one day out of Thayserix.
I've lost visual and radar contact to Voltron.
I'm continuing course on the same heading.
I am four days out from Thayserix.
No food or water.
SOS ping is active.
No signs of anyone.
I am seven days out.
Oxygen levels are low.
And fuel is gone.
This will be my last entry.