Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s04e01 Episode Script

Code of Honor

[BEEPING] [ENGINE ROARING] This is Galra cruiser beta-nine.
We are within range and requesting permission to dock.
[OVER COMM] Proceed.
[BEEPING] [OVER PA] A priority-one shipment is en route.
Activate the docking station immediately.
I can't believe we're stuck here.
This base predates the Zaipirium Siege.
It's amazing this equipment remains operational.
We're lucky to have it since the rebels overran the Sigma-3 Quadrant.
It's all we have left in this system.
How are the Galra still producing such vast amounts of quintessence? Find out where it's coming from and where it's going.
Get a reading on that shipment.
Remember, this is purely intelligence gathering.
Do not engage.
[SNORING] [SIGHS] Impossible.
It's overloading my monitor.
I've never seen these kinds of readings before.
The op is compromised.
Abort! [OVER COMM] Extraction point in two doboshes.
This is a hard out.
- [ALARM BLARING] - [PANTING] [PANTING] - He's not back? - He's got 30 ticks.
Begin preparations for takeoff.
[POWERING ON] [BEEPING] [GRUNTING] [SIGHS] Will he be all right? You broke protocol.
I had to.
You didn't consider that something could've happened to you.
That would make two men down instead of one.
Every member of the Blade of Marmora understands that the mission is more important than the individual.
This isn't Voltron.
I understand that.
In Voltron, we would've gone back in to save Regris.
I went back to save the mission.
Regris had the Intel.
Getting him and it back on the ship was worth the risk.
Keith, good, you're back.
The team's on a mission.
You need to get to your lion and join them immediately.
I will, but I think we just discovered a new form of quintessence.
The readings are off the charts.
Kolivan says it could be linked to Lotor.
Okay, we'll discuss it when you return.
The team's escorting refugees out of the Fimm System.
This is Lotor I'm talking about.
He hasn't been seen in months.
This might be our chance to track him down.
I said, we'll discuss it later.
Right now, I need you to focus on the mission at hand.
- But - This isn't a request, Keith.
Get to the Fimm System.
That's an order.
[GROWLING] Well, look who decided to show up.
Yeah, are you even taking this seriously? Sorry I'm late.
Were you able to speak with Kolivan about the Intel? I did, and we need to find out all we can about that quintessence.
But more importantly, Voltron needs a strong leader.
I know they do and it should be you.
Keith, we've discussed this before.
Besides, we both know that the Black Lion has chosen you.
You only tried once.
You had a connection with the Black Lion and I know it's still there.
If you just give it another shot Keith, we all have a part to play.
This is mine now.
I've come to terms with that.
Now, you need to.
I support your decision to continue with your Marmora training but not at the expense of the team.
They need you, Keith.
They need you to be their leader.
Okay, everybody, today, we'll be heading to Reiphod, a planet recently liberated from Galra forces.
This is embarrassing.
We're basically the grand marshal of a parade.
Not a parade.
A show of arms! Whatever it is, this is the second one of these we've done just this week.
I know it's not exactly battling the Galra, but believe it or not, this helps us boost morale and strengthen alliances.
Right, right, strongholds, blah-Dy, blah-Dy, blah.
Now, I say we go over our lion choreography one more time.
I don't want a repeat of what happened last time, Hunk.
I thought my lion had more room.
Shiro, my apologies for interrupting, but this is an urgent matter.
A Galra supply ship has been spotted passing through Quadrant Omega-Raylar-Six.
What's it doing so far from the normal supply routes? We can't be certain, but taken together with the fact that Lotor hasn't been seen in quite some time and the emergence of this new form of quintessence, we feel compelled to investigate.
Normally, we would wait for better Intel, but I believe we should act on this now.
I'll send Voltron to intercept.
An infiltration mission makes more sense.
We can plant a tracker and see just how far the supply route extends.
With all the Galra activity as of late, my agents are spread thin.
Not anymore.
Count me in.
Hey, what about our performance? We can't razzle-dazzle the crowd with just four lions.
This mission is more important than a show of arms.
- Shiro? - How long will it take? Not long, but we must act fast, or we risk the ship jumping to hyperspace.
But when you're done, meet us on Reiphod.
[CORAN] Citizens of Reiphod, on this day, we honor you for your perseverance.
Your refusal to bow down in the face of such adversity is a testament to the fighting spirit of your people.
You've put aside your differences and united to dispel the oppressive Galra regime, bringing freedom to all! [CROWD CHEERING] We thank you for joining the coalition and continuing the fight against the Galra that began with the reemergence of the five Lions of Voltron.
Right, uh four lions.
[CHUCKLES] I thought Keith said he was gonna be here.
He's going to ruin our show! Lance, this isn't just about putting on a good show.
It's about uniting people and bringing them to the coalition to help in the fight against Zarkon.
[SIGHS] Fine.
I don't even know why I try.
Triangulate positions around the ship.
[GRUNTS] Not detecting any biorhythms.
Could be a crew of sentries.
Let's get in and find out.
I completed the sentry scan.
There are none on board.
The entire place is empty.
Have you ever seen this before? Something's not right here.
We should leave.
We came all this way.
We should at least plant the tracker and find out where this ship ends up.
Let's make it quick.
[RAPID BEEPING] I'll check the logs.
Planting the tracker.
I'm locked out of the system.
It's rigged to blow! The ship's a decoy! Everyone out! Attempting to override.
[GRUNTING] There's not enough time! Come on! Just a few more ticks.
[GRUNTING] Regris, no! [CORAN] By joining the Voltron Alliance, you are joining up with the Defenders of the Universe, who will do whatever it takes to spread peace and freedom to every galaxy.
- Hello? Kolivan? - [STATIC ON COMMUNICATOR] [AIR HISSING] Anyone? [GRUNTS] Communicator must be broken.
[GRUNTING] [CROWD CHEERING] They're loving us! Razzle-dazzle! - [BREATHING HEAVILY] - [BEEPING] The ship.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [DOOR OPENS] [CROWD CHEERING] And just as Voltron has shown what can be done when five individuals combine their powers together, so, too, can we combine our powers with those on Planet Reiphod and grow ever stronger.
For it is the individual willing to take up arms that strengthens the whole.
And with that strength, we will be unstoppable! [TO HIMSELF] And cue Voltron with the sword - [CHEERING STOPS] - [CLAPPING] [COUGHING] Oh, quiznak, only four lions! I keep forgetting that.
Uh, well, when he's together, he's like a big man.
Like this.
But you have to imagine it with a sword and a big laser cannon.
[IMITATES GUNFIRE] Look out, Zarkon! I'm Voltron, and I'm the biggest, baddest robot around! No, he doesn't actually talk like that, but I that's what I imagined him saying if he did.
Allura, I know you're mad at me, but I'm not in the mood for a lecture.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I heard what happened on your mission.
I know how important the work you've been doing with the Blades is.
They are incredible allies and have been instrumental in our victories over the Galra.
And while the news of a new quintessence supply line is deeply troubling, - I cannot help but feel - I said I didn't want a lecture.
Keith, since our battle with Zarkon, we've been able to bolster our forces by uniting those previously ruled by the Galra under a common symbol, Voltron.
It's so much more than a weapon.
It's become a symbol of freedom and hope for the oppressed to rally around.
I suppose what I'm trying to say is, the Marmora can go on without you.
They have for thousands of years.
Voltron cannot.
We cannot.
The fact that the Galra are using decoy ships proves that there is something larger going on.
We've been tracking shipments of this new quintessence.
It's running along a previously unknown route, which we partially identified here.
We believe the next stop could be in the Karthan-Sigma Quadrant.
Keith, you'll need to get onto the ship undetected and set a series of explosives.
[BEEPING] [GASPS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Prince Lotor, High Priestess Haggar requires your presence.
Lotor, while you distance yourself from central command, rebel forces have taken entire star systems from our hands.
You think clutching on to worthless outposts strengthens our empire? Your father knew those outposts would one day become strongholds.
My father is on his deathbed and I'm in control.
You say you rule, yet you stay hidden.
An emperor must be seen.
His absence diminishes his power.
I don't have to explain myself to you.
Now, do not bother me again.
[ELECTRONIC BEEPING] - What's going on? - We received a distress signal.
One of our convoys has been ambushed by a squadron of Galra cruisers.
Our medical supply ships.
We can't allow the Galra to get them.
We must leave immediately.
Voltron can keep those cruisers occupied long enough for the supply ships to make their escape.
Actually, Voltron can't.
Keith is gone.
They're probably on a mission.
I knew this would happen sooner or later.
You'll have to go without Keith.
The convoy needs you immediately.
I'll send him to help as soon as I find him.
- [ALARM BLARING] - [ALL GRUNTING] We gotta get that ship out of the tractor beam.
I'll try to ram it out.
Cover me! Uh [GRUNTING] Never mind! There's too many! I can't ram that many! [HUNK] Someone must've called for backup! [LANCE] They're everywhere! [PIDGE] There are more fighters than we've ever seen! [LANCE] Allura, I need your help! I got two on my tail! [ALLURA] I'm sorry, I can't get to you! They're all over me! What are you doing? Whatever I can.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] [HUNK] I take out one, but two more replace it! [ALLURA] The supply ship is almost captured.
- Can anyone get to it? - [LANCE] I'm trying! [HUNK] Where are they all coming from? [PIDGE] Watch out behind you! [ALLURA] Do the rebel ships have a shot? [LANCE] I have a visual on them.
They're dead in the water.
[ALLURA] We can't do this without Voltron! [LANCE] Where is Keith? Please, people's lives are at stake.
You trusted me once.
Trust me again.
[GASPS] [ROARS] There's no way we can beat all these fighters with only four lions! [SHIRO] You don't have to! - Shiro! - No way! Converge on me.
It's time to form Voltron! [ROARS] [GASPS] [SHIRO] Rebel craft, you're safe.
We'll escort you the rest of the way to Olkarion.
Guys, I I heard what happened.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to help.
You keep saying you're sorry, but your actions say otherwise.
Do you realize that your absence put the team in jeopardy? And not just the team, the refugees as well.
Matter of fact, the entire quadrant was in danger.
This is not the way I wanted this to happen, but, if there's a bright side to any of this, it's that my absence allowed Shiro to reestablish his bond with the Black Lion.
He can finally be the leader I was unable to be.
I'm not meant to pilot the Black Lion.
Is that why you've been pulling away from us? Yeah.
I suppose that's part of it.
Part of it? What's the other part? The Blades have been making headway tracking the source of this new quintessence.
They've been able to piece together a large network of hidden supply lines that have been secretly transporting it for who knows how long.
And there's good reason to believe it could lead us directly to Lotor.
A mission is being planned to infiltrate the supply line.
It could take weeks, maybe months to pull off, but if there is a chance We have I have to take it.
I need to be on that mission.
Shiro, you are the rightful leader of this team.
And you proved it today by reconnecting with the Black Lion.
It was always meant to be yours.
Keith If this is what you feel is right, then we won't try to stop you.
But just know that we're here for you whenever you need us.
I know you are.
And I can't tell you how much that means to me.
I can't be left out of this.
[SOBBING] We're really gonna miss you.
Yeah, who am I gonna make fun of? I know you'll make us proud.