Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s04e02 Episode Script


[WOMAN] Photons from the visible spectrum are manipulated, creating a quantum storage network.
It's the most advanced storage system available.
Actually, the Galaxy Garrison is performing tests using DNA helixes as storage.
That's the same way genetic information is stored in our bodies.
[STUDENTS LAUGHING] [PIDGE GRUNTS] Hey, Pidge? I hate it when you call me that.
Sorry, Katie.
Mom told me what happened today.
I know what it's like to be the nerd.
But you've got to keep studying hard.
What's the point? Well it was my brain that got me into the Galaxy Garrison.
[GASPS] You got in? Yes! I guess it was my brains.
Could have been my good looks or my big muscles.
[GIGGLES] That's amazing! Oh, man! I'm so excited.
What are you doing? Studying.
So I can get into the Garrison with you and Dad.
Pidge, I don't like the idea of you going alone.
- You sure you don't need backup? - I'm sure.
The Intel that shopkeeper gave me leads me to believe they could pull out of their current location at any time.
I need to act fast.
This may be my only chance.
Plus, you guys still have plenty to do on Olkarion.
You're right.
Good luck.
Hey, while you're out, will you look for some more fluuto beans? [LANCE] No, no, no! No more beans for Hunk! [GROANS] Gotta go.
[DISTANT CLANKING] Shop's closed.
I'm just looking for directions to a show.
I heard it's explosive.
So you're the one looking for the nano-thermite titanium-boron? Very expensive.
Difficult to procure, I assure you.
Keep it.
You're backing out of our agreement? Altering it, in your favor.
I'll still give you the money, but, in return, you tell me who is in this video and where to find them.
Why would I know those people? Because they used nano-thermite titanium-boron, and you're the only one in this section of the galaxy that seems to be selling it.
I've had some good luck selling things of value.
And I think the Galra would pay a lot to know how you got your hands on that security footage.
Really? This is how we're doing it? All I want is the information.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS, GASPS] [SIGHS] Had to do it the hard way.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks for the Intel.
[GROWLS] Te-osh.
Looks like I've got a positive ID.
Last known whereabouts Kraydah's moon.
- Where did he go? - I I don't know.
[WHIMPERS] He's looking for someone on Kraydah's moon.
But you don't want to mess with him.
The weapon he was packing I think he's a Paladin of Voltron.
[CHUCKLES] Even better.
Oh, no! It's a Galra attack! [GRUNTS] [YELLING] [GRUNTS] [LION GROWLING] Can it be? The Green Lion? What an auspicious occasion! That must be one of the freedom fighters.
I am Lieutenant Ozar.
You must be one of the paladins.
Yes, I'm Pidge.
What's going on? We defeated a wave of Galra forces.
More are coming, so we're evacuating.
But now that you're here, we might stand a chance.
Will the other lions be here soon? I'm sorry, Voltron isn't coming.
It's just me.
I'm looking for Te-osh.
Is she here? Te-osh is inside the base loading up the last of the medical supplies.
We were just about to leave.
Your timing is most fortunate.
Thank you.
I'll give you a hand loading up.
I just need to speak with her first.
Thank you, Paladin Pidge.
[GRUNTS] No! [GRUNTING] They're back! Te-osh! Wait! Get to cover! [GRUNTS] You're really, really gonna regret that.
Oh, no.
Is everyone okay? For now, thanks to you.
But our ship is damaged.
We are stranded and cannot help Te-osh.
Please, Paladin.
You must help her.
What about you? We know what it means to fight the Galra.
The supplies on that ship are more important than our lives.
Everyone aboard, now! Te-osh, I'm a Paladin of Voltron.
I'm here to help.
[TE-OSH] Please.
[GROANS] I've been hit.
Are you okay? [GROANS] [COUGHS] The ship Those supplies are needed immediately.
Not without you.
[COUGHING] That's not good.
I'm gonna get you some help.
[COUGHS] Matt? He's my brother.
I'm trying to find him.
You look so much like him.
It's the eyes.
Every rebel officer has one of these transponders.
It's how we find each other in the field.
[GROANS] [GROANS] He may not have his anymore, but this is his code.
[COUGHS] Now, please Please help get these supplies to my people.
This should be far enough, Paladin Pidge.
I've sent our coordinates to the rendezvous party and they will be here shortly.
Thank you for your help.
These supplies will save countless lives in our fight against the Galra.
I am sending you my transponder code.
May the Paladins of Voltron always be able to find me, if necessary.
Thank you.
[PIDGE] A message? Well, actually, it's a quantum frequency.
But I thought we weren't supposed to talk to Dad.
It's a secret mission.
What the Garrison doesn't know won't hurt 'em.
We're using a special two-step encryption.
See? Dad and I both have this book, right? - Totally.
- Well, that's the cypher.
We need it to read the messages.
So the quantum frequency tells us where in the book to look.
But that's not the best part.
Dad and I know a second requirement.
The real code.
We both memorize additions and subtractions to numbers we send so that even if someone intercepts our messages and has the same book, they still don't know what we're saying.
Seems a little low-tech.
Sure, but you can't rely too much on computers.
The most powerful processor you have is right here.
And it can never be hacked.
Well, what's it say? It says, "Bedtime is still ten, "even if I'm in space.
" Ten? Just like the Garrison, what Dad doesn't know won't hurt him.
[ELECTRONIC BEEPING] Matt's signal is getting stronger.
He must be around here somewhere.
There! Oh, no.
This This can't be right.
This place It's completely destroyed.
But it says he's here.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [ELECTRONIC BEEPING] [ELECTRONIC VOICE] In honor of the 127,098 brave warriors that stood against tyranny.
The quest for freedom is won through sacrifice.
0-0- 1-0-0-5 I'm so sorry.
I was too late.
[SOBBING] No! No! No! [SOBBING] Wait, what? Matt's birthday is wrong.
[GASPS] A quantum frequency.
It's It's a message! The code! But what What's the second encryption item? I have the book! Now, factor in Dad and Matt's additions and subtractions [GASPS] These are coordinates.
He's alive! This isn't good.
Two Galra cruisers and even more nearby.
I'm coming, Matt.
There doesn't seem to be anyone or anything here.
It's a dead end.
Gravity? Something must be generating gravity nearby.
This must be some kind of spy facility.
[GASPS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GROANS, GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] - What have you done with my brother? [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Pidge? Matt? Oh, my gosh! Ever since the Kerberos Mission, they said you were dead, but I knew in my heart that you weren't! I can't believe you found me.
It doesn't seem possible.
The thought of you and Dad kept me going, inspired me to do the impossible.
Okay, but seriously, how'd you get this far into space? It's a long story.
Is there any chance you've heard of Voltron? Of course, I've heard of Voltron.
Well, I'm one of the paladins.
No! No! Seriously? You're a Paladin of Voltron? That's so awesome! What a touching reunion.
Who are you? Who I am is not important.
I am here to collect a bounty on your brother Matt.
But a Paladin of Voltron and the Green Lion? What a day.
- Stand back, Matt.
- Stand back, Pidge.
Let's show this guy what the Holts are made of.
Looks to me like you're made of meat, just like everyone else! [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] Stay away from my sister! [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] You're both worth more to me alive, but I'll take something over nothing.
- [GRUNTS] - [SCREAMS] [CHUCKLES, GROANS] You'll have to do better than that! [GRUNTING] Pidge, the panel! [GRUNTS] - What? - Matt, now! [SCREAMING] - [SIGHS] - [BOTH GRUNTING] [GROANS] [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY] Good thinking, exposing that electric whip to the asteroid's magnetic field.
You're the one who recognized he was clearly using direct current and thought about completing the circuit.
- Tesla! - [BOTH LAUGH] I have the coolest little sister in the whole galaxy.
Now, all we have to do is find Dad.
You kept the glasses? Of course, I did.
No, call me Pidge.
I'm gonna miss that.
And you.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
But, you know, space! - I'm so excited! - I know! But I can't believe I have to go through middle school without you.
You can talk to me anytime.
I thought I wasn't allowed to bother you guys on your mission.
Of course, you're not.
But you know the code.
What the Garrison doesn't know - [CHUCKLES] - Hey, check this out.
- Don't you need these? - Not anymore.
The Garrison fixed my eyes.
- I look way cooler now, yeah? - No.
[CHUCKLES] [LAUGHS] I'll be back soon.
You better, or I'm coming up to space and getting you.