Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s04e03 Episode Script

Black Side

[BREATHING HEAVILY] High Priestess, you're needed.
[SCREAMING] [GROANING] Why hide the identity of those who attacked your base? Give us the information.
I'm telling you, it must have been Lotor.
[SCREAMING] He appears to have no ability to recall what happened.
No one can completely wipe a memory away.
There are always remnants deep within to claw out.
[SIGHS] Why would Prince Lotor attack a base when he could walk in and take whatever he desires? I don't know.
[SCREAMING] The prince was the one who banished him to the Ulippa System.
He must be trying to stain Prince Lotor's reputation.
Continue the interrogation.
[GRUNTING] Excuse me! Coming through! [YELLS] [GROANS] Just right in there.
They'll get you sorted out.
- Is that the last of them, Coran? - That's it.
A few hundred more souls looking for a new home.
A few hundred more soldiers in the fight against the Galra.
[LION ROARING] Hey, Pidge is back.
This is my brother, Matt.
Hey, everybody.
Matt, this is Hunk, Lance, and Coran.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
And this is Princess Allura of Altea.
Whoa! It is so wonderful to finally meet you, Matt.
- [HEART BEATING] - [GASPS] Whoa! Oh, my goodness! [LAUGHING] You are so beautiful! It is my honor to meet you, Princess.
[GROWLING] [GROANING] Shiro? It's so good to see you, um, sir.
Pidge never gave up on finding you.
Yeah, she can be pretty stubborn at times.
And I want you to know that all of us will help you find your father.
- Thanks.
- Matt, this is the Castle of Lions.
- Whoa.
Nice ship.
- Let me take you on a tour.
[HUFFING] [GROWLS] I am pleased to see you back on your throne again, sire.
I'm afraid that Lotor has not taken his duties as heir to your empire seriously, My Lord.
Vast stretches of territory have fallen to Voltron and a growing group of insurgents.
Your decision to place him on the throne was ill-advised.
But no matter.
I am returned.
It is time to relieve my wayward son of his duties.
[PIDGE] This is where all the magic happens.
[MATT] Whoa! Impressive! - This is where I sit.
- Awesome! And this opens up, and there's a zip line that takes me to a speeder, and that loads into my lion.
And this is where Allura stands.
And these little, glowy pillars rise up, and then she uses Altean magic that links her to that crystal, and the crystal powers the ship, and then she uses this thing called a teludav to create wormholes! - [SCREAMS] - This is our training room.
It has invisible walls, and you can fight robots! - [MOOING] - This is our cow.
How did you get? Whoa! This is our kitchen.
Here's where the food goo comes out.
[GRUNTING] [MOANING] Hey, this is pretty goo d.
Mm! [GRUNTING, LAUGHING] And this is the lounge, you know, where we just hang.
- Just Voltron Paladins hanging out.
- Hey, hey! I made celebratory milkshakes for you two! Just a little welcome gift to Matt from me and Kaltenecker.
No big deal.
Fun fact about Alteans, they don't get brain freeze.
Coran and Allura just totally hoovered up their shakes in one slurp.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, I've, uh, never seen anything like it before.
So, like, what have you been doing since you got busted out of Galra prison? I've been stationed at a listening outpost, monitoring Galra radio chatter.
Are you serious? Then you should totally check out the Galra finder Pidge built.
We used it to track down a Galra fleet and save a planet.
Hunk made the locator that led us to the first Voltron Lion, and we just built an upgraded version of it to track Lotor.
Wow, Pidge.
Dad would be so proud if he could see what you've done here.
My Lord, we just received a message from central command.
Emperor Zarkon requires your presence immediately.
Very well.
Prepare a ship.
Do you think he's onto us? No, my father is simply ready to return to the throne.
He can have it.
Our plans have not changed.
Narti, come with me.
The rest of you, continue to oversee construction.
I will return shortly.
- Hello.
- Hope we're not interrupting.
I don't believe we've been properly introduced.
I am Princess Allura, and this is Coran.
- Quite lovely in here.
- Rather.
Is this, uh? Well, how do you find living on the Castle with us? Pleasant, I hope.
[MOOING] Uh, if there's anything I can do to make your stay here more to your liking, please do not hesitate to ask.
[CORAN] It's her ship, so [CHUCKLES] Uh, we were actually just enjoying these milkshakes that you made for us.
Positively divine, really.
And, to be honest, we were wondering [CHUCKLES] I don't want to impose at all, of course, but if it wouldn't be too much bother [ALLURA] Could we have some more, please? Can he understand us? I think he's been insulted.
[MOOING LOUDLY] We best just back away.
Well, we'll be off now! Enjoy your, uh area! [CAT PURRING] Welcome, Prince Lotor.
Please, follow me.
Father, it gives me such pleasure that you've made a full recovery.
- You look stronger than I've ever - Silence.
I did not bring you here to waste time with your flattery.
You are relieved of your position, effective immediately.
Lord, I beg you, do not discard me.
Let me stay by your side.
Your short reign will be regarded as a black spot on the Galra Empire for years to come.
Of course, my efforts at ruling the universe seem feeble beside your inestimable accomplishments.
But, perhaps, if you were to train me, I could learn.
You are no longer needed.
As you wish.
Something is amiss with Lotor.
I sensed a powerful energy on him when he entered, something ancient.
He is no longer my concern.
[WHISPERING VOICES] Run the protocol to search for trackers.
[ELECTRONIC BEEPING] Transpose the dynamics and run that protocol again.
You think you can fool me, witch? Destroy the bug.
This is a pretty sweet algorithm for locating Galra targets within a statistically acceptable margin of error.
And I love that you color-coded it, because what are we, animals? [BOTH LAUGHING] Ugh, you two are definitely related.
Hunk, using the Fraunhofer lines to track Voltron, and then the comet I mean, that's genius.
Oh, well, yeah, I try.
They say Fraunhofer was the greatest glassmaker in Europe and that, when he died, he took all his greatest recipes to the grave with him.
I want a Fraunhofer glass.
So, check this out.
Huh? This has all the relevant data from my time with the rebels.
I think if we plug this info into the setup you guys have here, it might fill in the gaps.
Then, we just might have the best anti-Galra intelligence mining operation in this or any other reality.
This one time, we went to another reality.
It was pretty lame.
Wait, you what? You were in a different reality? No big deal.
My little sister.
Oh, no! [GRUNTING] Lance, could you assist us for a moment? - Not now! - Okay.
[VIDEO GAME MUSIC PLAYING] [WHIMPERS, GROANS] We were wondering if you could possibly assist us in getting a milkshake.
We tried to negotiate some on our own, but we've run into a bit of difficulty with Kaltenecker.
[GROANS] All right.
Let's go.
Well, first off, Kaltenecker is a girl.
Oh! I see.
Apologies, madam.
Right, and she's a cow, so she can't understand you.
Okay, communication issues.
Also, she doesn't make milkshakes.
She has to be milked.
Let me show you.
Watch and learn.
It's almost like a milkshake right now! [BOTH WHIMPERING] It's not your fault, Kaltenecker.
- You're a beautiful girl - [MOOING] and this is very natural.
How'd it go? Are you fired? I'm afraid I was relieved of my command, yes.
The second ship is complete and ready for testing.
The sentries are just making some final adjustments.
[WHISPERING VOICES] Sixty percent of the comet's material has been used in the production of the first two ships, My Lord.
We will have more than enough for the creation of the third.
Well done, Acxa.
My Lord, somehow Lotor has gotten his hands on a trans-reality comet.
What? And worse, it appears he is building ships from the ore.
The only reason to keep them secret is to use them against the empire.
But we will strike first.
Mobilize the fleet! Hunt down Prince Lotor.
I think we've just about got it.
- All right! - Yes! Wow! This is unbelievable.
We're tracking Galra fleet movements almost live.
I think I know a few tweaks we can make to extend our range.
- Hold on, Pidge.
- What's up? It's a scrambled message.
I've collected hundreds of 'em.
- I never crack 'em.
- Let me see.
I'm guessing this isn't just a simple number-for-letter swap.
I've run these through every kind of decryption technology I can think of, and I've spent days with just the numbers and a Galra language log.
- Nothing.
- Maybe they're not words.
Maybe they're just numbers.
Maybe they're a frequency.
A quantum signal that broadcasts other frequencies to go to? It's too high.
These are more than 3,000 gigahertz.
- Invert it.
- What? For every wave we receive, there's only partial transmittance, right? Oh, right, yeah.
So, we figure the transmission coefficient And tune for the frequency of the reflected waves.
- Members of the Seventh - [ALL CHEERING] 11th, 12th, and 14th Fleet, assemble to rally point trox-lyte immediately.
Engage targets at coordinates in next transmission by order of Emperor Zarkon.
- Members - Zarkon is alive? Guys, look at this.
I've never seen troop mobilization on this level before.
- What are they attacking? - That's just it.
As far as I can tell, nothing.
There are no planets, no rebel ships, no Blade of Marmora bases, nothing.
Engage targets at coordinates Whoever they're attacking, we have to help.
I don't like it.
We should be gathering intelligence, not diving into a fight without knowing why, especially now that we know Zarkon is alive.
[PIDGE] We could go check it out.
I think they'd probably notice us.
Not if we're cloaked.
You have cloaking? Who are you? I'm not sure it's safe for just the Green Lion.
I'm pretty sure I can upgrade Voltron with cloaking.
We could all go.
[GRUNTS] Were you just waiting for your big brother to show up before you rolled that one out? It's something I've been working on for a while, but I can't pilot the Green Lion and operate the cloaking at the same time.
- But if I had a co-pilot - Absolutely.
Let's get to the lions.
[WEAPON FIRING] - [RUMBLING] - [METAL GROANING] [ALARM BLARING] What's happening? A Galra fleet is attacking us.
- Return fire! - Wait, there's another fleet.
And another one.
We can't hold them all off.
Prepare the Sincline ships to takeoff.
Load the comet into mine.
[RUMBLING] - We're leaving.
- [METAL GROANING] We're getting close.
Everyone, get ready.
- Go ahead.
Run the cloaking subroutine.
- Got it.
Initializing cloak.
I'm not sure how long we can keep this up.
All right, let's take a look at who the Galra are attacking.
What the cheese? It's Galra-on-Galra violence, again.
Oh, these people just do not like each other.
Divert all power to defenses.
Hold the attack off until we're away.
- Then, scuttle the - [ALL GRUNTING] - [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] - [METAL GROANING] - How did they find us? - We must have been tracked.
[GRUNTS] [PIDGE] Whose ships are those? It's Lotor.
[SHIRO] Lotor and Zarkon must be fighting for control of the empire.
[HUNK] Guys, those ships are getting awfully close.
The trails from Lotor's ship drives messed with our cloaking spectrum.
Can you find a work-around? [SHIRO] It's too late.
Our cover's been blown.
We may have to engage.
- [GRUNTS] Hunk, use your bayard.
- You got it.
[SHIRO] All right, that'll hold them.
Let's get out of here.
[RHYTHMIC BEEPING] Sir, we're picking up a transmission.
Attention, citizens of the Galra Empire.
From this day forward, my son Lotor is to be regarded as a fugitive criminal of the empire.
All citizens are authorized to use deadly force to stop him or any of his soldiers.
I repeat, Prince Lotor is an enemy of the state.
Engage with extreme prejudice.
Kill on sight.