Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s04e05 Episode Script

Begin the Blitz

Entire Galra fleets have been mobilized.
Zarkon seems to be out looking for Lotor.
It's only a matter of time before he gets the empire back in order.
We need to take advantage of this moment.
What are you getting at, Shiro? Now is the time to assemble the coalition that Voltron has been building.
With intelligence gathered by the Blades and coalition observers, combined with Pidge's Galra tracking software, we now have a detailed map of the Galra Empire.
I've identified an intermittent line of coalition planets that runs through the territory.
If you look closely, there's only one Galra-occupied planet left on that line.
If we capture Naxzela and solidify that line, we can cut off all the Galra troops behind it from central command and use our position to defeat them.
Wow! We could take back a third of the Galra Empire in one fell swoop.
Do we have a plan? We attack several locations across the region, at once.
First, we'll have to cut off communications between the region and Galra Central Command by striking the satellite relay station orbiting Vantax Five.
Pidge and I can handle that.
The Blades have informed us of two Galra defense systems coming online called Zaiforge cannons.
Now, these cannons can strike any target within our combat theater.
The first, in high-orbit around the planet Teq, will be attacked by coalition air forces led by Matt and Captain Olia.
Kolivan will lead a Marmoran strike team against the second cannon, located on the surface of Senfama, which is vulnerable to a covert ground attack.
We intend to take control of these cannons and use Zarkon's own fire power against him.
Once the coalition forces and Blades neutralize these targets, Galra defenses will be weakened, allowing us to take down the remaining Galra-occupied planets in this area.
While our forces are taking control of the planets, Naxzela will already be under attack.
- By whom? - Voltron.
Aw, yeah! Team Voltron's gonna drop in Naxzela, form Hunk's giant laser cannon, and be all like, "Pow! Pow! Pow!" Easy-peasy.
Unfortunately, not that easy.
Naxzela will be tough.
It's heavily-fortified with Galra.
Our attack must be swift enough to neutralize the Galra forces before they have time to contact Galra Headquarters.
'Cause, if they call for reinforcements, we'll be caught in a fight on two fronts.
If this works, the Voltron Coalition will possess a third of the Galra Empire's territory.
It will be a massive victory.
And inspire a whole new wave of rebellions.
There's no time to waste.
Ezor, Acxa, set a course for the coordinates I'm sending you.
Where are we going? Just do as I say.
Ezor, what are you doing? Securing communications to make sure Lotor can't hear us.
Zarkon called him a criminal.
Lotor's on the run.
- As his generals, that means we - We must trust Lotor.
What about Narti? She trusted him.
You saw where that got her.
Lotor will protect us.
All right, Paladins, it's time to gather the coalition.
Friends and allies from across the universe must come together to take on the Galra.
With their help, we'll have a chance to turn the tides of this war.
We all knew this moment would come, and we are more prepared now that we've ever been.
Let's do this.
Sir, we're approaching the coordinates, but my scanners don't detect anything.
They're not supposed to.
Lotor, what is this? The ruins of planet Daibazaal.
What is that? Zarkon believed that Alfor's plan to blow up Daibazaal and destroy the rift between the realities actually worked.
No one comprehended that the experiments of my mother, Honerva, could never be undone.
I had a secret team construct this inter-reality gate on the rift, where her work began.
Just as Voltron was able to, I will pilot us through the rift, and we will harvest the unlimited quintessence that exists in the layer between realities.
I never doubted you, Lotor.
So, we can just fly right through this thing to another reality? I've not yet had a chance to test the gate.
My plans have been accelerated by our recent turn of events.
But if my calculations are correct, by infusing our ships with concentrated quintessence, we should be able to pierce the barrier between realities.
Sir, this is all the concentrated quintessence we have left.
And I will use it to reap an untold amount more.
Uh did it work? We heard about the Voltron Coalition against Zarkon.
Yeah, we heard about you, too.
Matt told us you've been helping with the coalition forces.
You guys really inspired all of us.
Huh? Oh, Beezer, I can't stay mad at you! All right, Princess, it's time to begin the broadcast.
Have we secured communications? Yes, Matt and I used the rebel's transponder encryption.
Always helps to have a pair of tech-genius siblings around.
Fellow members of the Voltron Coalition, if you are hearing me now, it is because you have pledged to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in our fight against Zarkon's enslavement of the free peoples of the universe.
But that enslavement is about to be dealt a crushing blow.
The time for a full-scale attack on the Galra Empire is now.
Far in the future, when they speak of this day, they will speak of our sacrifice, but they will also remember this as the day that freedom began to overtake tyranny.
You all have your missions.
You know what to do.
Good luck.
We'll see you on the other side.
When you finish knocking out the communications hub, meet us at the rendezvous point.
Copy that, Shiro.
According to its trajectory, it passes through the dark zone in five ticks.
No pressure.
- Four, three - Just the entire coalition rests on us - disabling this Galra comm station.
- two, one.
Huh? Pidge, we can't let them trip that alarm! Uh? Huh? Pidge, duck! Comm station hacked, ghost signal initiated.
Fully automated so Galra HQ thinks it's running.
We have about eight hours before they figure it out.
Until then, no calls get in or out.
Coran will monitor it from the Castle so we know when it's back online.
Great work, guys.
Commander, we detect an entire fleet of coalition ships entering the system.
Very good.
Arm defense systems and prepare the main cannon.
You guys ready for this? Ready as we'll ever be.
All right, then.
All ships form up and begin attack.
Here they come! We have to take out those defensive turrets! Roger.
Captain, there's no way we can get through those shields! All crafts, pull back! Commander, the main cannon is ready.
Commander, the attack was successful.
A third of the rebel forces have been decimated.
Prepare for a second attack.
Blades, we're in trouble! What's the status of your cannon? Blades! Copy, Olia.
We're en route.
Commander, I detect a large mass entering Planet Naxzela's atmosphere.
It's not one of ours.
Contact Galra HQ.
All communications seem to be down.
Our alerts aren't getting through.
Activate cannon.
We must defend Now, let's see how this thing works.
The Senfama Zaiforge cannon is ours.
Naxzela attack is under way.
Huh? All right, Paladins, we've only got one chance to take Naxzela, so let's make it count.
We can't take this fire for long! See if the Blades can use their cannon to take down the shield.
- Copy that! - We need to find cover, now! All ships form up and get behind that large asteroid! The remaining rebel forces are attempting to shield themselves behind that large asteroid.
It won't work.
Zaiforge cannon is in position.
Awaiting your orders.
Incoming cruiser, three o'clock! What was that? I didn't see any What's hitting us? We're in a minefield.
Somehow, the bombs were cloaked.
Shield! My systems are able to detect the mines, but there's just too many to safely maneuver through them.
And, with the cruisers covering all possible exits from this minefield, we have no way out! Wait a tick.
Perhaps I can freeze the mines.
Then we could fly out of here before they explode.
All right, that sounds like a plan.
Freeze 'em, Allura! Let's move! Form Voltron! Great work, team.
Let's secure Naxzela.
Told you so.
All Lotor's plans failed.
He's gonna turn on us as soon as it's in his best interest.
We have to strike first.
If we turn him over to Galra Headquarters now, maybe they'll show us mercy.
We gotta take him down.
It's our only chance.
For Narti.
Did you kill him? He's just stunned.
Now, help me secure him.
Let's make this quick.
Come on! Where is it? Found you.
Here goes nothin'.
Shield's down, Captain! All right, let's get control of that cannon! Huh? Zaiforge Cannon Base is ours! Ready to provide the Taujeerians with cover.
Cannon acquired.
Ready to provide backup.
Copy that.
Coalition, you are clear to begin.
We've almost taken the entire area! What are you doing? Where are you taking me? I'm sorry, sir.
Nothing personal.
This is our only way out.
You plan to give me up.
I understand, Zethrid.
You do what you must, and I'll do what I must.
What the? Well, there goes our bargaining chip.
We're as dead as Lotor.
What do we do now? There's still one option left.
Quiznak! The communications satellite is back online.
Galra distress calls are going through! It doesn't matter, Coran.
They're too late.
We've just about secured Naxzela.
Naxzela is under attack.
Voltron and the coalition just reclaimed an entire section of the empire.