Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s04e06 Episode Script

A New Defender

It appears that all of the planets we've engaged have been pacified, if not totally liberated.
There's another Galra battle cruiser approaching Naxzela.
Sector Zar Niomofor is clear.
Let me see if I can get a line on that battle cruiser.
Zaiforge cannon Senfama, are you still operational? Negative.
That incoming battle cruiser must have shut them down remotely.
Sorry, Shiro.
That's it for artillery support.
What should we do about that cruiser? That cruiser's gonna be too late.
Naxzela's almost secure.
We just need to take out the last of the heavy artillery.
On our left! Shield up! This is the most devastating attack on the empire in 10,000 years.
We left ourselves vulnerable.
Now, we face overwhelming resistance.
Do we attack now, or should we wait for orders from Emperor Zarkon? Lord Zarkon is busy leading the hunt for Lotor.
We can handle this on our own.
Stay on course for Naxzela.
Sire, one of our deep space beacons just registered some activity.
It's not far from our position.
I could send a scout.
It's Lotor.
All fleets head for that beacon.
He's headed for Nah-veer Five.
It's an unstable star.
He thinks we'll be scared off by a few solar flares.
Stay on him.
The radiation is wreaking havoc on our navigation systems.
We can navigate visually.
Stay on him.
Cruiser six is down.
Squadron Erto is down.
Sire, we're too close to the sun.
This cruiser cannot handle gravitation this strong.
Pull back.
Our engines have overheated.
We cannot pursue until they've stabilized.
It will be at least 12 doboshes.
Track his trajectory.
Stop the ship and hold this position.
We're close enough to Naxzela now.
Close enough for what? Voltron has captured the planet.
There's no way for us to attack from this distance.
We need to gather every available ship and get ready for the fight of our lives.
Make sure no one disturbs my ritual until Naxzela is destroyed.
Vrepit sa.
Let us begin.
Awake, Naxzela! Whoa! Did we cause that earthquake? I don't think so! Guys, look over there! Uh Guys, what are those? We've never seen anything like this from the Galra before.
Are they weapons? They look like some sort of generators.
- Stay alert.
- I say we get outta here.
Pidge, plot a course for our escape.
Hold on.
We should find out what these things are.
This can't be safe.
Do you feel that? That wave of darkness? I can't move Red! Yellow won't budge, either.
This energy field is holding us down! Gravity levels are spiking! We have to get outta here! If we stay here, we'll be crushed.
Everyone, we have to focus.
Give everything you've got, and maybe we can fight through this energy field.
- Ready? - Ready! Is Is anyone else able to move around? Barely, but the gravitational pull is worse on Voltron.
Maybe if we go down to the surface, Hunk and I can figure out a way to interrupt this energy field.
That sounds good, except for the zillion robot dudes still kickin' around down there.
We're gonna have to stay in tight formation.
Watch each other's backs.
Let's move! Pidge and Hunk, do your thing and do it fast.
This rod seems to go all the way down into the planet's core.
But I'm not detecting any kind of energy source on the planet that could be causing all of this.
Then we'll need to follow it down to the core.
It's open! Let's go! Whoa.
What is that? This is Zarkon's witch's doing.
The energy I felt This must be the source.
Allura, this facility It looks Altean.
I'm afraid you're correct, Shiro.
This is a decommissioned Altean terraforming plant.
Somehow, the witch has been able to reactivate it remotely.
Can you shut it down? I can try.
Allura! Are you okay? It's too powerful.
Huh? This soil is weird.
It's so white and powdery, like ground-up rocks or earth.
And heximite! What's heximite? Some of us may have slept through chemistry.
The whole planet is a bomb, one that's big enough to wipe out several solar systems.
It's under increasing pressure, and when the pressure reaches a certain point, it's going to explode.
- How long do we have? - Maybe 20 minutes.
We have to get off this planet and warn everyone! Anyone within ten solar systems of us is going to get blown to pieces.
They could take out Voltron, the rebels, and the Blade of Marmora in one fell swoop.
Coran, are there any targets that need support? I haven't heard of anyone needing help.
And that Galra fleet heading towards Naxzela stopped.
Stopped? Yes.
Quite a distance away, too.
Perhaps the Galra decided it's too well-fortified to attack.
"Victory or death" is the Galra way.
They never stop attacking.
Shiro, can you hear me? Shiro! Something's wrong.
Paladins? Allura? What's happened? It must be the magnetic distortion from Naxzela.
I'm gonna check it out.
I need a ship.
That'll work.
Matt, something's wrong.
I can't reach Voltron.
We can fly to Naxzela to check on 'em.
No, I need your help.
I can't explain why, but I know we need to attack that fleet.
- I thought the fleet had stopped.
- It has but we're afraid it has something to do with Voltron.
- We're with you.
- Copy that.
Good to have you along.
I'm coming, too.
It might take me a while.
I'm on the other side of the galaxy, and I don't have enough of Allura's energy left to work the teludav.
No, stay in position.
We might need you back there.
Fighter squadron Djalg 14, report in.
Djalg 14 here.
No sign of Lotor in this zone.
Moving to Zone Everall 71.
Fighter squadron Djalg 15, report in.
Djalg 15 here.
No sign of Lotor.
Moving to Zone Rebulon 55.
Negative, Djalg 15, that zone is restricted.
I repeat, Zones Rebulon 4 through 69 are off-limits.
We expect a massive detonation soon that will wipe out everything in the quadrant.
- Stay out of the area.
- Copy.
Coran! Keith! Do you copy? Anyone? Hello! We've lost communications.
Pidge, can you boost our signal? No, there's too much electrostatic repulsion! Seventeen minutes left.
We have to get off this planet immediately.
Oh, no! We've fallen even further down! Fifteen minutes! No, no! We can't die here! Not yet! Listen.
We've come through a lot as Voltron.
We just have to think.
Allura You felt the dark energy when it first started.
You have a connection to this magic.
I know you can get us out of this somehow.
We all saw what you did on the Balmera and how you power the Castle.
I I don't know.
I haven't been trained.
No one trained you to save the Balmera, but you did that.
I know you can do it.
There's a reason the Blue Lion chose you.
You're the one who brought everyone together.
You can do this.
Every moment we've had together, they've all led to this day.
This is your destiny.
You are the heart of Voltron.
Okay, I'll try.
Help me, Father.
It's working! - Thank you, Lance.
- That was all you.
We still need to defuse that bomb! Keith, can you hear me? Shiro! Where are you? Is everything okay? Not for long if we don't stop Zarkon's witch.
She must be aboard that battle cruiser.
I'm way ahead of you.
And I brought some backup.
Rebel Squad is en route.
Good to have Voltron back in the fight.
What the ruggle is that? It looks like some sort of weapon attached to the cruiser.
Evasive maneuvers! Coran, you need to get as far away from Naxzela as you can immediately.
Pick up any members of the coalition who are nearby, but go.
Wh-What's happening? Naxzela is a bomb, and it's about to go off.
But what about you? We'll stop it if we can, but we need you to do this.
Yes, Princess.
Thrusters are at max power! I sure hope we make it in time.
Follow my lead! We've gotto break through that shield! We're not gonna make it! Please hurry, Princess.
We'll never penetrate those shields! Maybe not with our weapons.
Wait! Keith, what are you doing? Keith, no! Naxzela is returning to normal! You did it! - Good work, Keith.
- It wasn't me.
Huh? It was Lotor.
The cannon on his ship was the only thing powerful enough to take down that shield.
Commander Ladnok, take us out of here now.
Vrepit sa.
Attention, Paladins of Voltron and rebel fighters.
I know we've had our differences in the past, but I think it is time we had a discussion.