Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s05e02 Episode Script

Blood Duel

1 -Are you sure this is the place? -This is the place.
So, where's Zarkon? Dad! [Zarkon] Bring me Lotor and the prisoner is yours.
Meet my demands if you want to see the Earthling alive.
He's alive! Our dad is alive! We have to get him back! We're going to.
What's the plan, Shiro? We can't rush into anything.
We have to think this through.
What's to think through? It's my dad! We're doing this! We need to operate under the assumption that Zarkon will try to double-cross us.
We have Voltron! We can do anything! -Pidge.
-No! We can't let this opportunity slip away! We're too close! Our father is too close! -[wind blowing] -Huh? There! [Lotor] My father has held the universe in a death grip for millennia, but he sees it slipping from his grasp because of your efforts and because of mine.
With our forces combined, we would provide the greatest threat Zarkon has ever faced.
He knows we could topple his empire, so this is his attempt to tear us apart.
But united, we could forge a new path, open doors to new worlds and crush the tyrannical ways of an old regime.
A regime you ran.
We can't listen to him.
He just wants to save his own skin.
It's true.
If you return me to my father, he would surely see to my demise.
And with his most legitimate threat to the throne removed, he would only grow stronger.
One less threat to Zarkon and one less threat to us.
Your father, King Alfor, once stood side by side with Zarkon and protected the universe from harm.
There was no foe the paladins of old couldn't defeat.
Sadly, that time of peace has been lost, but, together, we can find it once more.
Princess, imagine, a new generation that could lift the mantle of peace.
The children of King Alfor and Emperor Zarkon, you and I, a royal alliance between Altean and Galra -How 'bout we don't imagine that? -[Pidge] Lies! -Every word is a lie! -[Lotor] And what of Zarkon's words? You think he'll return your father as he says? You think the corrupted leader of a ruthless empire will be true to his word? He wants more than just me.
You think he'll double-cross us.
I think he'd do anything to rid himself of me and claim the Lions of Voltron.
An alliance with the heir to the Galra throne could end the war.
[Pidge] What? It's not ideal.
I don't like trusting the Galra, but it could be our best option.
-No! -Pidge, think of the lives we could save.
Think of the countless worlds we could free.
Think of my father! I'm with Pidge.
Let's get this guy out of here, pronto.
Right, Hunk? I don't know.
I mean, if this dude is on our side like he says he is-- You are saying you're on our side, right? [growling] [Hunk] Couldn't he lead the Galra toward peace from inside? We are turning him in and getting my dad back! We have Voltron to bring peace to the universe! -Don't play into Zarkon's hands! -That's enough! [Zarkon] Show me Lotor! Show us Commander Holt first! Dad! [grunting] Now, where is Lotor? [liquid sloshing] [screaming] [panting] [continues panting] [heart beating] -Can you save the child? -We will try, sire.
There are many complications.
-[baby crying] -[gasps] [continues crying] [crying] -[boy laughing] -[gasps] [laughter continues] [Haggar panting] My son Lotor.
[Hunk] Everything's going according to plan.
[Lance] I still don't like it.
This whole thing is like making a deal with the devil.
I hate being so far out of range! Zarkon's fleet is also out of range.
These are the terms we agreed on.
Send us Commander Holt! Release him.
[Ezor] Move.
Stay alert.
If Zarkon's going to try something, now would be the time.
Pidge! Dad! Dad! [grunting] [gasps, growls] No! [grunting] [sighs] Katie.
No! No, we had a deal! We had a deal! Give me my father! Lotor was right.
Zarkon double-crossed us.
Everyone, get to your lions! We're going in! Lance, we can't.
Zarkon still has Sam.
If we go in, we put his life in jeopardy.
[Coran] Allura's right.
If we move in, Zarkon's fleet moves in as well.
Yeah, but without Lotor as our prisoner, we don't hold any cards.
We're powerless.
What do we do? We hold our positions.
Where is Zarkon? The Si-Vim Quadrant on a hostage exchange mission to retrieve Lotor.
Retrieve Lotor? No! High Priestess Haggar, how may we be of assistance? Initiate Operation Kuron Stage 4, immediately.
If you want this Earthling returned alive, you will forfeit Voltron to me immediately! -No.
No! We have to get Dad! -Shiro? Hold your positions until the time is right.
Bring the lions, now! -[Acxa screams] -Hmm? [grunting] [grunting] [metal clanging] So, the time has come.
This ends today.
[panting] [grunting] [grunting] [both grunting] [grunting] [grunting] -We need to get Sam.
-[grunting] -[both grunt] -[grunting] [grunts] [both grunt] [Sam] Katie! [Hunk] Pidge, Shiro and Matt are moving in! [Coran] Zarkon's fleet's mobilizing as well! Everyone, get to your lions.
We need to protect our team and get Sam.
[beeping] [pants, grunts] [both grunt] [grunts, screams] [grunting] We can't let the shuttle dock with the cruiser! We need backup.
Lance! We could use a little help down here.
[Lance] We're already on our way! [metal slicing] [all] Huh? Hey! Let my dad go! [grunting] [grunting] [pants, grunts] [grunting] [both grunting] [grunting] [grunts] You want the throne? Even with the power of the black bayard, you're too weak.
You'll always be weak.
You have Altean blood running through your veins, poisoning your very being.
Finally, my darkest shame can be wiped from the universe forever.
You speak to me of weakness? You've become nothing more than one of the witch's monsters.
Does she control you as well? Tell me, what does it feel like to grow weaker and weaker? Does the memory of power haunt you? Is that why you strive for Voltron so desperately? All see it clearly.
Without that lion, without this bayard, you're nothing.
You want to see my power? The strength of the empire flows through my veins, and you will feel its wrath! [panting] [grunting] [groaning] [grunting] [grunting] [grunts] [grunting] [screams, groans] [gasps] [both grunting] [grunting] [groans, grunts] [grunting] [grunting] [panting] [whimpering] [metal squeaking] [both grunting] [grunting] [grunts] -[grunting] -[groans] -[alarm blaring] -Huh? [both grunting] Hold on, Dad.
[grunts] [sighs] Thanks, Katie.
[both screaming] [Sam] The ship's gonna crash! -[alarm blaring] -[grunts] -Huh? [screams] -[both grunt] -Dad, get the controls! -[grunts] [all grunt] -[both grunting] -Oh! A little help, guys.
Just a sec.
Kinda busy here, Dad.
[growling] -We can't let the Galra get that shuttle! -[both] Copy that! [grunts] [both grunting] [groaning] [groans, pants] [groaning] [grunting] [screaming] [groaning] [grunting] [gasps] -[all] Coran! -Thought you could use a little help.
-[Hunk] We did it! -[Allura] Nice work! Shiro, Pidge, the sky has been cleared of all Galra.
What's your status? [Pidge] Shuttle is not clear yet! [both panting] [both grunting] [groans, growls] [grunts] [both grunting] [groans] [both grunt] -[grunts] -[panting] -[all grunt] -[grunts] Hold on! [grunting] [all whimper, scream] [all grunting] [grunts] [all screaming] [sighs] [grunts] Dad! [chuckles] I missed you so much.
I missed you too, Katie.
The shuttle is clear.
-Nice job, team.
-Where are Lotor and Zarkon? [groaning] [groans] [Lotor] Your fleet has been destroyed.
[groans] It's over.
-It's over for you.
-[weapon whirring] [screams] No! [grunts] [weapon whirring] [panting, grunting] [Zarkon screams] [labored breathing] [groans]