Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s05e03 Episode Script


1 [engine whirring] [Ryner] Part of me misses my people's exile in the forest.
But since Olkarion became the hub for refugees in this quadrant, it made sense that we should return to the city and transform it into the Coalition's capital.
So much has changed so fast.
-For the better.
-Yeah, well, Zarkon may be dead, but the war's not over yet.
[Ryner] That is why the Olkari are grateful Voltron is here until our defense systems are fully operational.
I fear tumultuous times are upon us.
[Letch] Galra Central Command has confirmed the reports, General.
Emperor Zarkon is dead.
[Branko] And is the intel true that Voltron is on Olkarion? [Letch] Multiple intelligence reports say so, sir.
Set a course for Olkarion.
-They should be here any minute.
There is much to discuss.
Are you all right? I'll be fine.
What you did was for the greater good.
And for many of us, proof of your intentions for peace.
[keypad beeps] Look, it's Prince Lotor, just hangin' out on the bridge.
Guess this is a thing that's happening.
I suppose we'll have to get used to it-- like my Zarbloovian intestinal eel.
-[muffled screech] -Easy, fella.
What's going on, Lotor? The death of my father has created a power vacuum within the Galra Empire.
The most formidable Galra leaders will gather for what is called the Kral Zera sometime in the next two days to decide who will take the throne.
We must be there.
So, you want us to fly you into the middle of a meeting with all of the most powerful Galra leaders? Lotor, we appreciate all that you've sacrificed, but this sounds far too dangerous.
We've been in more dangerous situations with much less to gain.
Putting Lotor on the Galra throne is what we've been discussing.
Yeah, but no one told us that would mean flying into a war zone.
We can't plan an operation this important so quickly.
We don't have a choice.
I'm with Allura.
We need time to think this over.
Lance, this is not your call.
Allura, the Coalition wouldn't be where it is right now without Lotor.
We need to listen to him.
Well, I'm with Allura, too.
This is too dangerous to pull off at the last minute.
So, it looks like it's four-to-two, in the Princess's favor.
Look, this isn't a vote.
I'm the leader of Voltron.
I'm making this decision.
Like when you armed Lotor with your bayard without consulting the rest of us? That's right.
Making that decision resulted in the removal of Zarkon.
You put the entire operation in jeopardy.
I put an end to Zarkon's reign.
Now is the time to finish the job.
-Shiro, we're all on the same side here.
-I told you to stay out of this! [Lotor] While you all waste time squabbling, sinister forces are conspiring to fill the Galra power void.
If I do not return to claim the throne, there is no telling who will.
[Shiro] Good.
It's settled.
-[Pidge] How's that settled? -[Shiro] Our hands are tied.
The Kral Zera is happening.
If we want to stop the Galra, we need to put Lotor on the throne immediately.
My son.
Aah! [grunts] [cackling, echoing] [gasps] Hmm.
[yells] [Sniv] Is it done? With that witch out of the way, I'll be one step closer to taking power.
[Haggar] Wrong, Commander Sniv.
Huh? [sighs] What are they planning to do to us? We tried to help Emperor Zarkon, wasn't our fault he got killed.
[Acxa] It doesn't matter.
We won't live to see the new regime.
Whoever comes through that door will likely be our undertaker.
Whoever comes through that door next is gonna get a face full of fists! [door unlocks] Are you here to kill us? No.
I'm here to recruit you.
Prepare the payload.
The Olkari scientists were good for something after all.
[beeping] [whirring] [cannon blast] By the time this day is over, Galra High Command will realize I am the only one worthy of the throne.
[sonic boom] [whooshing] [explosion] Ryner hailing Castle of Lions.
Ryner, what was that? A meteor-like object struck the forest outside the city.
We're detecting high levels of an unknown toxin emanating from the impact site.
I'll check it out.
[sands sliding] [creaking and crackling] [Haggar] Until a new leader steps in, the Galra Empire weakens by the moment.
Are you planning to seize power? No.
The empire will only accept a ruler with Galra blood.
It needs a natural-born leader, with an iron will to match his iron fist.
Bring him to me, and I will pardon your past misdeeds.
[laser fire] [weapon cocking] [electricity crackling] [grunting] [groans] [grunting] [panting] Huh? [grunting] Whoa.
I haven't seen that for 10,000 years.
[stammers] Allura? It's an Altean broadsword.
My father used one just like it.
I have no idea how I did this.
I think your bayard has shown you what we've all been noticing.
You have greatness within.
I don't think Shiro has noticed.
Shiro has been quite difficult lately.
I'm not sure what to do, we seem to constantly be at odds.
You guys are under a lot of pressure.
Having Lotor around doesn't help.
Sometimes it feels like it was easier to fight the Galra rather than to try to work with them.
You both have the coalition's best interests at heart.
Don't forget that.
Shiro isn't your enemy.
You're right.
I need to stay focused on the big picture.
Thank you, Lance.
Speaking with you has actually made me feel better.
What do you mean "actually"? [both laughing] Oh, and, Lance, if you're going to try to control a sword this powerful -[Allura grunts] -[Lance groans] you're going to need to work on your stance.
[Pidge] I developed a cloaking device by reverse engineering technology from the invisible maze in the Castle and integrating it with the lion's shield system.
It's just amazing.
All this technology-- it used to exist only in my dreams.
I can't wait to tell your mother all about this.
Wait till she sees you two.
So grown up.
Well, the thing is, between the rebels and Voltron, Matt and I have a lot of work to do before we can go back home.
We need to stay, until the Galra are defeated and we can rest assured Earth will always be safe.
What? We can't go home with you, Dad.
[wind gusting, whistling] -[beeping] -[Shiro] I'm detecting movement up ahead.
Coran, I'm going in for a closer look.
[rumbling] [beeping] -Coran, we might have a big problem here.
- How big? [birds squawking] [Shiro] Coran! Send out the team! [Letch] The virus has reached the Olkarion City.
The Voltron Lions have been mobilized.
Shall we move in? Slowly.
So we can behold the dawn of a new age of warfare.
[yelling and clamoring] [Matt] What's happening out there? The forest appears to have come alive and is attacking the city.
Where are the lions? [Coran] I've already sent them to assist Shiro.
He's battling something in the forest.
[grunting] [photons blasting] [explosion] [snarling] Ryner, what are we looking at here? I don't understand.
That monster resembles one of our tree-mechs.
It's as if the forest is being corrupted.
[Shiro] Must have something to do with whatever is emanating from the impact site! [Pidge] It looks like some sort of invasive plasma.
Coran, have my dad and brother analyze the data I'm sending! [Coran] On it.
Hurry up, team.
Let's form Voltron! [roaring] [snarls] [photon cannon whirring, blasting] [Shiro] Shield up! [rustling] [monster growling] Let's finish him! I can't move my leg, I mean, my Voltron leg! [Allura grunts] Neither can I! These vines are restricting our movements! -[Shiro] Pidge, can you get free? -Negative.
They're everywhere.
[paladins grunting] [Lance] Red's stuck too! [Allura] Separate into lions! [Shiro] We can't! We're seized up! Trapped.
-[loud bang] -[rumbling] [rumbling] [Hunk] Wait.
What's that sound? It sounds like it's heading the other way.
And I think I know why.
Ryner, is that ion cannon of yours operational? No, it's still not finished.
At best it could manage perhaps one shot.
[Shiro] Make it count, 'cause that thing's headed right for you.
[cannon charge whirring] -[beeping] -[Ryner] Targeting.
Cannon charge at 30%.
-Power at 70%.
Target acquired! -[target lock beeps] Power at 95%, prepare to fire! [whirring slowing] No! We're losing power! What's happening? [rumbling, rustling] The ion cannon! All of our systems, they've been compromised.
[Pidge] Matt! Dad! These vines They're like a computer virus.
From data you sent, it appears the plasma substance is self-replicating organic wetware.
Which creates a single expanding system, giving it the ability to interface with nature the way the Olkari do.
[Pidge] It's like a computer and a virus rolled into one.
-[alert blares] -Quiznak! Now Voltron is offline.
If the plasma mass has the properties of a computer, there must be some way to hack into it and shut it down.
If we could just figure out how to interface with it.
What are we gonna do? I can't move! Listen! This virus is affecting Voltron on a sub-molecular level.
To drive it out, we have to tap into the quantum energy that bonds us all to Voltron! The bayards! They amplify each paladin's life force! They might provide enough power to drive out the virus! It's worth a shot.
[grunts] It's the Galra! This is all their doing.
I'm trying to interface with the vines to stop their growth, but I can't communicate with the nano-cellulose.
We don't need to stop it.
We just need to reroute it.
Grab a headpiece, show me.
All right.
Follow my lead.
[low hum] [grunting] Three, two, one! [gasps, exhales] Shiro! Shiro! [all] Shiro! Shiro! Shiro! Shiro! [Shiro] Lance! Lance, listen to me! What? [growling] Voltron's broken free of the tractor beam! Fire all cannons! -[Hunk] We're back! -[Shiro] Attack the cruiser! [Allura] What about that tree-beast? -[Pidge] Guys, we've got incoming! -[gasps] -[rumbling] -[low humming] [gasps] [yells] [humming fading] -Yes! We did it! -Now, Voltron! You must stop that beast! [Shiro] Let's finish this fight! [rumbling] [photon cannon whirring] [all yelling] -[metal creaking] -Pidge, what's it doing? The virus! It's trying to absorb Voltron! [Hunk] I can't see anything! -[Shiro] Any of the lions free? -[Pidge] It's got me! [Allura] Me, too! Lance! [yelling] [Sam] Kids, I need to talk to you again about returning to Earth.
Dad No, listen.
I understand now.
And I couldn't be more proud.
The whole universe is finding out what I've known all along.
You two are something special.
Oh, Dad And they need you.
But I'm needed back on Earth.
The Galaxy Garrison has to know what's going on out here.
They need to get ready.
There's a war coming.
So this is goodbye? [Sam] For now.
Hey, Shiro.
What were you trying to tell me in that void thing earlier? What do you mean? You were shouting at me, but I couldn't hear you.
I don't know.
Things went dark there for a second.
But good work today.
I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier.
-[keypad beeping] -[door unlocks and opens] Look who we found.