Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s05e04 Episode Script

Kral Zera

1 [Ilun] That's our target.
As soon as it docks, we go.
-Are you sure this is going to work? -[Keith] Trust me.
[metal scrapes] [Ilun] Good tip, earthling.
[weapons cocking] Follow me.
This shaft will take you directly above the bridge.
[Ilun] Thank you, brother.
[Ranveig] The Archivist is taking too long to start the ceremony.
[Keith] The Archivist? Hurry.
If he waits much longer, the empire will descend into chaos.
Make ready for takeoff.
[Lotor] I'm telling you, Branko's wanton attack was only the beginning.
Without an emperor, more and more high-ranking officials will start lashing out and consolidating their power at the Kral Zera.
Uh, just gonna jump in here.
What exactly is the Kral Zera? Is there food there? It sounds awful fancy.
It's the coronation ceremony for a new emperor or empress.
It is held on one of the first planets we, the Galra, conquered.
Planet Feyiv, a sacred land.
Okay, so who all will be at this Kral Zera? Allow me to show you.
-May I, Princess? -Go ahead.
[computer beeps] [Lotor] Warlord Ranveig is one of the fiercest Galra in the empire.
That's why my father sent him to the fringes of the universe.
He will already have several factions pledging their allegiance.
Warlord, huh? I'm guessing you don't get that title by being nice.
[Lotor] Commander Gnov was one of Zarkon's most trusted advisors.
She will be unifying Zarkon's inner circle of commanders.
They know what they'll get with her.
She's not as reckless as Warlord Ranveig, but she's just as cruel.
Quartermaster Janka.
He is responsible for overseeing supply routes throughout the empire.
Don't let his stature fool you.
His power is bureaucracy, and he should not be underestimated.
He keeps popping up in my database.
His supply chain management is incredible.
He definitely color codes.
So, organized evil.
And, finally, Zarkon's witch Haggar.
We've met.
[Lotor] She's most dangerous of them all.
Because she's not Galra, and therefore not eligible to rule, she probably has a puppet already.
Someone she can control and manipulate.
If the Galra were smart, they'd be working together against her.
If Haggar's puppet takes over, then stopping Zarkon's reign will all have been for naught.
[Shiro] Then we can't risk any of them assuming control.
We should help Lotor take command of the Galra Empire.
Shiro, we've already discussed this.
It's far too risky.
Yeah, why don't we let them fight amongst themselves a while before we do anything? You know what we went through on Olkarion, that was just one rogue commander vying for the throne.
When the Galra lash out, everyone in the universe suffers.
How would we even get Lotor there without stirring up a huge fight? I'll be bringing Voltron.
Yeah, because Voltron never gets in fights.
Shiro, we can't allow that to happen.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Uh, what's up with Shiro? [Ranveig] The Archivist has made the summons.
Set a course for planet Feyiv.
It is time for me to burn with the glory of the Kral Zera and take my place on the Galra throne.
[Keith] Kral Zera? Planet Feyiv? What's going on? [Ilun] This is our time to strike.
We will bring the Galra Empire down.
Avert your gaze.
The throne is for real fighters.
I've conquered more worlds than you've ever seen with just the swipe of my finger.
[wind gusting] [Ilun] All right, when we get down there, set one explosive on each load-bearing beam.
The Archivist.
Through 33 rulers, during times of peace and times of expanse, this flame has burned for over 13 millennia.
From our first, Brodar, to Vrig the Great, and longest and most powerful of all Zarkon.
But his time has passed.
Our next ruler must ascend the steps of destiny and relight the Kral Zera.
-[blade striking] -[grunts] [groaning] Fool! Only the strongest may lay their hands on the torches.
That is why I will assume command.
I have been on the frontlines of the expanse, where iron meets soul, spreading the glory of the empire, not huddled in the center overseeing already-conquered worlds, growing fat on the victories of our forefathers.
[Haggar] Warlord Ranveig speaks the truth.
That is why Sendak, the purest of the Galra, should light the flame.
He was Zarkon's right hand for millennia, and he will lead the empire for 10,000 more years.
The witch and Sendak.
Perhaps we should put our differences behind us.
The only way we can stop those two is by working together.
Why would I partner with the weak? [chuckles] Sendak, who disappeared while the empire crumbled? Sendak, who needs a witch to speak on his behalf? Enough! Victory or death! Now you will know why Zarkon put me in the most dangerous territory in the universe.
[both grunting] -[grunts] -[screaming] [clasps engaging] [clicking and beeping] Hunk, what are you doing? Why are you single-modulating the gendocam? Settle down, Pidge.
It's a gendocam, not a vlexagane, okay? Single-modulation is fine.
You should double-modulate everything.
Are you crazy? That's a waste of a button-press.
Sorry to interrupt.
Hey, Dad, real quick.
How do you reconfigure a gendocam? Oh, great question.
Well, you start off by double-modulating-- A-ha! I told you! -[slow beeping] -[Sam] Ah.
Modulating arguments.
That's how your mother and I met.
Anyway, have either of you seen Shiro? I wanna go over my report for the Galaxy Garrison one last time before I leave.
Haven't seen him since he stormed off the bridge.
I've never seen him like that.
That was weird.
It was almost as weird as double-modulating.
Hey, Princess, do you know where Shiro is? Let me check.
[beeping] He isn't on the ship.
His lion's gone, too.
Where's Lotor? [grunting] You are defeated.
The empire is mine.
[clasps engaging] [beeping] -[clasps engaging] -Activating timers on the explosives.
I will strengthen the empire, as no one else can.
[Trugg] Stop! You cannot light the torch without facing my blades.
[grunts] [weapon charge whirring] -[growls] -[target lock beeps] [yells] [weapon charge decelerates] [roaring] [wind gusting] [panting] [Keith] Shiro.
Ilun, Vrek, we have to stop! Shiro is out there! [Ilun] It's too late.
My bombs are armed and the timer is set.
The operation is a go.
Halt! Your true emperor has arrived.
[Sendak] You? Lead the Galra Empire? What could possibly make you think that you could be our emperor? [Lotor] My father's blood is not just in my veins.
It's also on my sword.
The emperor fell to me and so will anyone that stands in my way.
You think treachery makes you qualified to lead us? [Lotor] I will light the flame, not for defeating my father and not even for being the strongest Galra here.
But because I did something no one else could do.
I return the Black Lion to the Galra.
Stand aside, Sendak.
Time to prove yourself through honorable rite of combat.
-No, time to end this.
-[Haggar] Enough! Lotor, you cannot lead the Galra.
You think you can stop me, witch? The blood that so bolsters your claim is also what quells it.
You are not full Galra.
You are a half-breed.
Your mother was Honerva.
Everyone here knows my lineage, but that will not keep me from the throne.
[timer beeping] [timers beeping and humming] Now I'm taking what's rightfully mine.
I am lighting that flame, and my first act as emperor will be to reunite you with my late father! You're not getting to the top of these steps! [grunts] [weapons clanging] [timer stops] [Ilun] What are you doing? We have to go! [Keith] No! Shiro and Lotor are up there! [Ilun] Then you'll die with them.
[beeps] [grunting] [grunting] [Lotor] You don't even know what you are, Sendak.
So loyal, so brave, and yet so stupid.
I know exactly what I am.
I am a warrior! -[weapon charge whirs] -[grunting] You are nothing but Haggar's puppet! [grunting] [both grunting] [timer stops] [timers beeping, humming] [Keith] There's too many.
There's not enough time.
[grunting] [grunting] -[explosion] -[gasps] [grunting] [groaning] [grunts] Lotor has betrayed us to Voltron! Fire on the Black Lion! [weapons firing] I gotta draw their fire.
- [grunts] - [weapon charging] [groans] [charging, firing] [man] Commander Trugg's fleet has opened fire! Watch out for their left flank! -Return fire immediately! -Fire on Gnov! [blade shimmering] [distant, muted explosions] This is exactly what I wanted to avoid.
I knew they would all turn on each other.
[grunting] -[grunting] -[electricity crackling] [both grunting] Killing you would be too merciful.
Once I'm emperor, I'm going to keep you as my slave! [grunting] [groaning] [weapon cocking, whirring] -[metal clatters] -[grunts] [gasps] [grunts] -Should we get Sendak? -Leave him.
The empire has fallen.
-[grunts] -[alarm blaring] There's too many.
I can't handle them all myself.
-[portal boosting] -Huh? Looks like you could use some help! [Hunk] We got your back, Shiro! Okay, team.
Let's form Voltron! [roaring] [roaring] [target lock beeping] -Huh? -[Lotor] Sendak! [grunts] [distant weapons firing] [panting] [grunting] Sendak, I-- We could work together.
Brains and brawn.
A joint rulership.
Stronger than any the empire has ever seen.
Your fleet is mine.
-[weapon opens] -[Janka] No! [The Archivist] The flame is lit.
Bow to your emperor.