Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s07e10 Episode Script

Heart of the Lion

How are you feeling, Shiro? Good.
I'm good.
I'm happy to tell you we've successfully attached your new prosthetic arm.
We just need to power it on and make any final adjustments.
We've outfitted it with the most powerful energy source Earth has to offer.
It's the closest we could get to mimicking a Balmera crystal's energy.
It should generate enough power to operate most of it.
The remaining power will be drawn from your body's own electromagnetic field.
He's crashing! We have to shut it down! Sam, we need to remove the power source.
What What happened? I feel strange.
I feel great.
We've learned so much from Sendak's memories.
We discovered his methods for taking over planets like Earth.
Sendak constructs armaments at key strategic points around planets.
This gives him the ability to control enormous swaths of territory.
He uses the armaments as deterrents to prevent any uprisings and to control the conquered population.
Based on data from Commander Holt's micro-satellites, cross-referenced with resistance intel, we've ascertained that Sendak built six massive structures on Earth.
We never knew what they were being used for until now.
They're the weapons? So, what's stopping us from blowing them up? We simply don't have enough firepower to do the job.
And even if we did, there's a good chance those facilities contain civilians.
We can't just go in blind.
Admiral Sanda's right.
That's why we should infiltrate a base and gather intelligence first.
The nearest base is 52 klicks south of our position.
What's the terrain like? The region around what we'll call "Base One" is a complex urban environment.
Our route will take us through highly patrolled areas.
It'll be hard to keep proper surveillance of our surroundings due to all the structural damage.
Then I suggest we form two teams: a ground unit that will attempt to infiltrate Base One and get eyes on whatever's inside, and a sniper team that observes from a higher position, covering the ground unit and providing some visibility.
Use communications sparingly.
Stay on the move.
Keep an eye on the timing patterns of the patrol drones.
Pidge, Keith, Allura, and Griffin, you're the ground unit.
Hunk, Kinkade, Lance, and I will be sniper support.
You know, a map would've been just fine.
You didn't need to come along on this mission.
What are you talking about? I've been going on these missions for months now.
No one knows the terrain better than me.
Yeah, I just don't like to see you put yourself in danger.
First of all, that's very sweet, but knock it off.
You're an idiot if you think I'm not going to defend our home.
So, you excited about this mission? Yeah.
I feel the same.
No transmissions.
Varied radiation signatures.
Approaching target location.
Copy that, ground unit.
We've got eyes on you.
Drone patrol ahead.
This is as close as we're gonna get.
Pidge and I are going in.
Route's obstructed.
It's too well guarded.
Lance, you ready to cover us when we get inside? Ready to go.
It's a cosmic wolf.
I've got to get me one of those.
We need to find a port where I can hack in.
A control panel or substation.
Got it.
Got you, Keith.
Scanning for hostiles.
Sentries on the other side of the east wall.
Lance? You're clear.
You guys are gonna have to take the right tunnel.
But wait.
There are sentries approaching from both tunnels.
Hold position.
Coming up to you in three, two, one.
That thing pick up heat signatures? It actually locks on to their suits' sonar imaging and renders a 3-D map within a 20-foot perimeter.
It's cool Paladin stuff.
Got movement to the north.
Drones closing in on your positions from the adjacent alley.
- We've been spotted.
- Hang tight.
I think you guys made them angry.
I've got five hostiles.
- I'll take the three on the right.
- I got the other two.
No problem.
She's pretty.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Lance, Kinkade! More sentries incoming.
I'm in.
Downloading intel.
What is this? - It's a Zaiforge cannon.
- What? Each base must be building one.
Cover is definitely blown, guys! - Keith, Pidge, it's time to roll! - Copy that.
Veronica, detonate the chaff.
Rendezvous at your cruisers.
We only have a couple of minutes until the sentries gain vision again.
Let's move out.
Sendak has built Zaiforge cannons.
Our intel indicates the cannons were just completed.
They could launch at any time.
What exactly is a Zaiforge cannon? Planet killers.
If these cannons launch and are fully charged, Sendak will be able to destroy Earth in seconds.
So, what do we do? Ideally, we attack all six bases at once, allowing them no time to stage a counterattack.
That's not possible.
If we had our Lions, it could be.
We'll have to find another way to retrieve them since the ship we rode in on crashed.
Your Lions are orbiting another planet.
There's no way to get you to them.
Plus there are only five Lions.
The MFEs would need to attack the sixth cannon.
We'd love to, but they don't have that kind of range.
There should be enough faunatonium to boost the MFEs to the sixth base and back.
That's great and all, but Admiral Sanda has a point.
We can't get to our Lions.
You don't need to go to them.
They'll come to you.
As Paladins of Voltron, you can connect with your Lions.
They will come.
- From Saturn? - From anywhere.
You've been training for this since the very beginning.
Each of you has forged a bond with your Lion.
Tap into it.
Our Lions did come to us when we were lost in space.
And Red saved my life numerous times.
Yes, it's possible.
So we'll call the Lions to meet us here.
We'll need the element of surprise.
The Lions will have to rendezvous with us at the bases.
Yeah, that will really catch the Galra off guard.
I mean, assuming our Lions respond to our calls.
What if they don't come? They'll come.
And when they do, you will strike and destroy all six cannons simultaneously before they can be launched.
And when the job's done, you can form Voltron and finish off Sendak and the rest of his forces.
My pilots can transport four of you to the Galra bases before heading out to the sixth cannon.
I'll bring Lance to Base One.
It's the closest, so I can do it by ground.
It's settled, then.
While Veronica drops Lance at Base One, the MFEs will each fly a Paladin out to a base.
The Paladins should reach the drop zones at exactly the same time the Lions arrive.
Then the MFEs will head to the sixth base.
We'll launch a coordinated attack on all six locations at once.
- Lance.
- Huh? I, uh I just wanted to say I wanted to say stay safe out there.
You, too, Allura.
Looks like the princess likes you back.
What?! That's crazy! She just cares about everyone because she's awesome like that.
Paladins, our window of opportunity is razor thin.
With the element of surprise, we'll have the advantage.
Good luck.
We've been spotted! Watch out, okay.
Be careful! I know! Huh? Now let's see how this faunatonium works.
Four of the five Paladins have reached their drop zones.
Just waiting on Lance.
Lance, where are you? Can you hear me? Whoa! Veronica, look out! Oh, no! Lance! Lance, are you there? Lance, where are you, buddy? Lance, can you hear us? Lance? Lance, come in! Veronica? Veronica! No! Veronica! Lance.
Veronica, you're okay.
Red Lion, checking in! We have all Lions.
It worked! Ah! I'm taking heavy fire! Something's wrong! These aren't normal base defenses! I'm pinned down! Keith, what do we do? Do what you have to.
We can't let those cannons launch! They're everywhere! - Come on! - There's too many! - Watch out! - I'm coming! - We need backup! - They were ready for us.
Focus on the Zaiforge cannons.
Stop them from launching! Base Six is launching! I can't get near Base One's cannon.
- I can't stop the launch! - Me neither! How did this happen? Sendak must have known we were coming.
But how? Your intel was correct after all.
Prepare the cannons for launch.
We were too late.
The cannons have launched and we're exposed.
Sendak knows we're here with our Lions.
What do we do now? - MFEs, return to the garrison.
- Roger that.
Paladins, we need to cut the head off the snake.
Taking out Sendak is our last option.
Everyone, converge! Align the cannons.
Form Voltron! Fire Zaiforge cannons!