Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s07e11 Episode Script

Trial By Fire

[all grunting] [explosion] [monitor beeping] Where did those shots come from? The Zaiforge cannons.
Sendak was ready for the attack the entire time.
How? Where is Admiral Sanda? Sir, she's been gone since our mission briefing.
Paladins, are you there? [static crackling] [Shiro] Paladins, do you copy? Keith? Anyone? [static continues] Commander Holt, what weapons do we have available? Fusion cannons, but that fleet is out of range.
What about the MFEs? The mission depleted their power.
They're charging now.
Shiro, even with the MFEs, Sendak has an entire fleet.
We need to get them back! We have to do something.
What about the Atlas? We've had zero success launching it.
Veronica, monitor the fleet.
- Let us know of any changes.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, let's get that ship off the ground.
[grunts] [Sanda] I delivered you the Lions as you requested.
[grunts] [Sanda] Now it's time you uphold your end of the bargain.
Hand and over the Paladins to me and leave Earth.
That won't be happening.
We made a deal.
Throw her in the brig with the Paladins.
No! [grunts] Continue assault and move the Zaiforge cannons into position.
[display beeping] [Shiro] Anything? Not yet.
We can shut down all non-essential systems and use an external source to fire one engine.
We tried that.
It wasn't enough power.
What about crystals from the MFEs? You think that will work? Actually, no, scratch that.
Far too small.
You don't happen to have any Nunville, do you? Nunville? [engine fires] [monitor beeping] I'm detecting movement from the Zaiforge cannons.
Where are they headed? Based on our projections The cannons are converging above our location! Even with all the power we've allocated to it, the particle barrier will never hold against a Zaiforge cannon.
Wait, that's it! We can divert power from the shield generator to the Atlas.
The base would be unprotected, but it's possible.
And it just might work.
How much time do we have before the Zaiforge cannons arrive? [Veronica] By our calculations, less than two hours.
We have to hurry.
[Sam] Veronica, transfer all data from mission control to the Atlas.
Yes, sir! Commander Iverson, get all personnel aboard this ship immediately.
Yes, sir! [Iverson over PA] All personnel, report to Atlas bay immediately.
This is not a drill.
Commander Shirogane, the MFEs are almost at a hundred percent.
These birds are ready to fly.
[Shiro] We need you airborne.
We're shutting down the particle barrier, so we'll be exposed.
That means you'll be our last line of defense.
You can count on us.
No shield? It is our largest source of energy.
Losing it will put the garrison at a substantial calculated risk.
[indistinct chatter] [display beeping] Dynotherms connected.
[Rizavi] Megathrusters are go.
[platform whirring] [grunting] Hello? Lance! Hunk! Pidge! Allura! [power fluctuating] My bayard's not working.
I'm here.
Yeah, me, too.
How long we been out? It looks like we've lost about an hour.
What happened? We're on Sendak's ship.
Admiral Sanda She sold us out.
How could she? He said he'd leave Earth if he had the Lions, but he lied to me.
This is all my fault.
I wanted to protect my people, but now I've doomed them.
I've doomed them all.
I'm so sorry.
Admiral, what is Sendak's plan? Sendak is moving the Zaiforge cannons into position.
He's going to destroy Earth.
Please, you must know I wanted to save Earth.
[monitor beeping] [Sam] We're all set.
I'm ready to divert power from the barrier generator.
[Coran] Copy that.
We're ready to receive.
[beeping] [Hepta] Sir, it appears they have lowered their particle barrier.
[Sendak] How long until the cannons are charged and in position? [Hepta] One varga.
That base has been their only defense.
They must be up to something.
Send in the closest command.
Hit them with everything we've got.
- [cannon zaps] - [explosion] [metal thudding] - [alarm blaring] - [all grunting] - [cannon zaps] - [grunts] Comms tower is down! Rizavi, Kinkade, draw their fire away from the base.
Leifsdottir, you're with me.
Hit them hard and hit them quick! Roger that! Let's buy our team some time.
[monitor beeping] [Sam] We got it.
It's charged.
Is everyone aboard? The garrison's cleared.
We're all in.
Prepare for launch.
[bay doors whirring] - [engines power down] - [alarm blaring] No! [thudding] [all grunting] [Rizavi] Hoo-hoo! They can't keep up! [grunts] More fighters incoming! [Griffin] Kinkade, you've got two on your six! - [cannons blasting] - [explosions] [Griffin] Leifsdottir, what do you see? Two cruisers, 76 fighters, temperate weather patterns, blue skies.
- The perfect conditions for - No, Leif! Battle evaluation! A variation of a tactical circular formation.
They're protecting the cruisers to allow them more accurate shots.
[cannon zaps] [explosion] [cannon zaps] [explosion] I've built a ship that's useless! It would take the power of several supermassive black holes to get this hunk of metal off the ground.
That's it! Why didn't I think of this before? Of course! Black holes! Infinite mass! It was always right here! Commander Holt, you're going to want to see this.
Galra squadron launching from cruiser! Four o'clock high! [Griffin] Rizavi, Kinkade, divert their fire! Copy! [Griffin] Beginning assault on the inner ship.
- [cannons zapping] - [explosions] Leifsdottir, keep drawing their fire.
Our base can't take much more.
[Leifsdottir] Yeah, speaking of that, the Galra ship patterns are changing, which means they're either on the move or, more probable, they're reconfiguring to adjust for more cruisers.
- Yep, reconfiguring.
- [Griffin] How long can we hold them off? With the additional firepower and fighters Twelve minutes.
[Sam] The energy coming off this is incredible.
[Coran] The crystal was created after the destruction of the Castle of Lions.
It's an amalgamation of the Quintessence Field collapsing from infinite mass and Altean magic into this tiny thing.
We need to get it hooked up to the Atlas immediately.
This is where I had originally planned to place a Balmeran crystal.
It serves as the brains of the Atlas.
We're going to have to figure out some way to accommodate for the difference in size.
It will take a feat of engineering to [monitors beeping] I can't believe it.
It's amazing! Subsystems fully powered.
Megathrusters are go! Veronica, monitor the radars, let us know what you see.
Commander Iverson, I need you on weapons.
And, Coran, get the helm.
Yes, Captain! The bridge is yours, Shiro.
We could use an engineer.
Yes, sir.
Captain, the Galra fleet is directly over the launch pad.
MFE squadron, we need you to clear a path.
The Atlas is powered and ready for launch.
[explosion] Copy that, Atlas.
Pilots, on me! Their base should fall momentarily.
Sir, something appears to be launching.
Destroy it before it's airborne.
[explosion] Crew, prepare for launch! Welcome to the battle, IGF Atlas! Clearing a path for you now! MFEs, let's try these pulse projectiles we've been hanging on to.
[explosions] [explosion] [explosions] Sir, we've been hit with multiple electromagnetic pulses.
We seem to have lost all power.
[Sam] Nice work, pilots.
You've temporarily knocked out their systems.
[Hepta] Commander, the fleet is unresponsive, and the enemy vessel has gained tactical advantage.
What are your orders? Bring us around.
Charge the ion cannons.
[display beeping] Charging cannons.
Iverson, how are the weapons systems coming? Still working on them.
Sir, Sendak appears to be positioning to strike from above.
- Shields at the ready.
- Yes, sir.
- We have an ionic discharger online.
- [monitor beeping] Lock on to that cruiser.
Fire when ready.
[cannon charging] [zapping] [explosion] What was that? The garrison is mounting a counterattack.
My dad, he launched the Atlas! Jaxar Fleet, stay midrange.
Bombard with covering fire.
Battle Command Rall, keep them pinned in.
[monitor beeping] Galra cruisers are taking up positions around us.
We need to get out there.
- The Atlas can't win this fight alone.
- [rumbling] Guys, I have a thought.
Remember how we were able to call the Lions to us on Earth? Why can't we do that now? They might be able to break us out.
Calling the Lions to us and having the Lions break us out are two totally different things.
I'm not saying it'll be easy.
I'm not even saying that it's possible, but we have to at least be willing to try.
Think of our families.
Think of Earth.
Shiro said we're capable of more than we realize.
Maybe it's worth a shot.
Paladins, close your eyes.
Connect with your Lions.
- [cannons zapping] - [explosion] [Sam] We have a problem in the main engine! The dynotherm connections are weakening.
Commander? I'm hitting them with everything we've got, but there are just too many of them! [Lion roaring] [Lions roaring] It's working.
[Hepta] Commander, there's something happening with the Lions.
[Sendak] Where are the Paladins? [monitor beeping] [Hepta] They're still in their holding cells.
This is their doing.
Take them out.
[Hepta] Vrepit Sa! [Pidge] The Atlas! [Allura] It's under heavy fire.
They need our help! [Keith] Lions, on me.
Hello! Let me out of here, please! I know about the Earth ship.
It has a weakness.
What did you say? I helped build that ship.
If you were to take me to Sendak, I could tell him where to attack.
Take her to Commander Sendak.
[Sanda grunting] [grunts] [all grunting] Sam, what other weapons does this ship have? [Sam] I'm really not sure.
Once we added the crystal, this ship gained abilities I never imagined.
- [monitor beeping] - [Veronica] We've got incoming! Wait, they're friendly.
[Coran] The Lions! They escaped! - [Veronica] Yeah! - [all] Yes! [explosion] [explosion] Ah! Excellent! Paladins, welcome to the fight! Let's go take out Sendak's cruiser.
[Pidge] Wait! We're still on that ship! Well, our bodies are.
We got ourselves some breathing room.
Let's make it count.
[grunts] [panting] You've backed yourself into a corner.
Now you'll die along with the Paladins! [grunts] Ah! [grunts] [grunts] Destroy them! [cannon charging, zapping] [grunts] - [blaster powers down] - [gasps] [grunts] [gasps] [grunts] [groans] [groans, grunting] [panting] [blaster charging] [panting] - [crashing] - [Hepta yells] Admiral.
- [crashes, grunts] - [door thuds] Do what I couldn't.
[Sanda exhales] Save Earth.
[exhales] We will.