Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s07e12 Episode Script

Lions' Pride, Part 1

Welcome back to the fight, Paladins.
It's good to be back.
You know, in our bodies.
MFE pilots, what's your status? Power is dropping.
- Return to the Atlas and recharge.
- Copy that.
We're on our way.
The manifold in the left flaxum assembly felt loose.
See if you can tighten that down.
All right, let's get this fighter charged and ready to go.
Lieutenant Hepta is not responding.
Then you are now acting lieutenant.
Status report.
The cannons are fully charged and moving into position.
They should be ready to fire in 15 doboshes.
However, if the enemy ship continues to pursue us into the upper atmosphere, that could cause a problem.
Focus the entirety of the fleet's firepower on Voltron and their new ship.
Keep them occupied as long as possible.
Form sword! Coran, adjust our heading to narrow our surface area for incoming attacks.
Commander Holt, what's the status of the Zaiforge cannons? According to their projected trajectories, they've started moving together, but their convergent point is Sam? Sam? What is it? I know what Sendak is doing.
He's going to converge the beams to make one massive amplified emission of particle radiation.
Is that even possible? Yes.
I know because I gave them the technology.
When I was enslaved, the Galra had me working on particle emission amplification.
I'm sending you the Zaiforge cannons' movements.
This is a simulation I've run based on their current trajectory.
It leads to a single point in space.
Once they're in position, their individual beams will merge together, exponentially increasing their destructive force.
It will be powerful enough to completely vaporize Earth.
We can't let that happen.
What do we do? Should we go after the Zaiforge cannons? The Lions might not be able to defeat them all in time.
If even two of those beams connect, they have the power to destroy Earth.
We know they're being controlled by Sendak.
Let's take him out.
What the heck was that? We're under attack from one of those bases that launched a Zaiforge cannon! They must have been designed to defend the cannons after they launched.
Shield! - We're being attacked from all angles.
- Should we fall back? No, we're too close to retreat.
We can't take any more shots from those ground-based cannons.
Get in close to the cruisers.
They won't fire on their own ships.
Sendak's destroying his own ships to get to us.
Commander, Zaiforge cannons are nearing final position.
We can't get to Sendak! Voltron is pinned down! Griffin, what's your team's status? The MFEs are nearly charged.
Whatever's powering the Atlas is incredible.
We need you back in the fight.
Head to the coordinates I'm sending you and take out those surface-to-air cannons.
Yes, sir.
Leifsdottir, give me a battle stratagem.
We attack the base and try to destroy it before it destroys us.
Oh, I thought you might have some mathematically advanced insight or something.
Our options are limited.
Well, you heard Leifsdottir.
Let's move! We've sustained structural damage on our starboard bow! Aft cannons are recharging.
Holding tight at 45 percent.
Shiro, the Zaiforge cannons are almost in position.
By my calculations, we're not going to get to Sendak in time.
Paladins, you have to stop your attack.
What? Abort your attack or Earth will be destroyed.
What's going on? The Atlas will continue to attack Sendak while the MFEs attempt to take out the ground cannons.
But just in case that doesn't work, we'll need you to stop the Zaiforge cannons directly.
How are we gonna stop all these cannons? I'm not sure a Lion can take one down on its own.
We just have to think.
Is there any way we can block the beams? We would be annihilated.
Hey, what about those reflective plates they used to curve the beam around Earth? They could deflect the beams and keep them from merging.
It's the best plan we've got so far.
Let's go! Good luck, Paladins.
These plates are pretty far apart.
I'm sending flight paths I calculated with the fastest possible routes.
Keith and Lance, you'll take the furthest plates.
After you get your plate, head to the indicated cannon on the course I've sent you.
Got it.
Okay, we're going to strafe and burn.
- Watch for crossfire and - Destroy that base! And she's already engaging.
Everyone, follow Rizavi.
The base is highly fortified.
It's most vulnerable after it fires.
That's when we attack.
Atlas, cannon one is neutralized.
Moving on to next target.
We have a fire in the plasma alternator.
Activating fire suppressors.
Veronica, what's the status of the shielding system? I'm trying.
Keep working.
Coran, adjust our heading to 5.
Come on, come on - How much time do we have? - Two minutes, 15 seconds and counting.
It's gonna be tight! Full ordinance! Starboard side! Munitions to starboard.
Coran, bearings: 7.
Fire! Galra cruiser destroyed! More cruisers incoming.
We can't handle many more blasts.
- Wait, the shielding system - What is it? It's coming online! Shielding successful! How much time before the Zaiforge cannons fire? Any second now! We're almost in position.
The Lions have the plates in position, but those plates were designed to reflect a short burst.
They won't hold for long under the pressure of a sustained blast.
Then we need to take out Sendak now.
But we can't get through the cruiser blockade he's created.
We need a new plan.
Sam, what if someone were to infiltrate Sendak's ship and gain access to its crystal? Could the cannons be disrupted? - Infiltrate Sendak's ship? - Would it work? It could work, but you'd need a communication device to link to the Atlas so we can hack their system.
Then that's what we'll do.
I'm going in.
Coran, the ship is yours.
Get the Atlas to the impact site.
We need to be prepared for every outcome.
Commander, they're deflecting the beams.
Keep firing! They're gonna rupture soon! We don't have much longer! Keep holding, team.
We can do this! Atlas, what's happening? Hold a little longer! We have a plan! Whatever it is, we're running out of time! Atlas, I've arrived at Sendak's command ship.
We've intercepted the beam, but we need more power! Leifsdottir, draw their fire! Let's finish this.
Paladins! Paladins, are you there? Shiro, I can't reach the Paladins and the Atlas can't hold this beam much longer! Whatever you're gonna do, can you do it now? Sam, I've made it to the crystal.
Activating communication transponder.
Okay, Shiro.
I have to warn you, this might be a little strange.
I'm about to use your brain as a computer node.
Well, wouldn't be the first time.
I've got it! Disengaging the ventral thoron injector port.
It will overload the deuterium array, which should result in an explosion large enough to debilitate the beam generator.
I've lost my connection.
Shiro? Shiro? Shiro, are you there? Shiro? Shiro! One of the cannons is down.
That just bought us time, but we still can't withstand the blast from the other cannons much longer.
We've lost a cannon.
What happened to our power? The crystal has been damaged.
The ship cannot maintain altitude.
It's listing toward their planet.
We need to evacuate.
Victory or death, Lieutenant.
The shield is failing! Twenty-four percent and dropping! I'm diverting power from the infinite mass crystal.
Paladins, hurry! Lance! Oh, no.
Lance Hang on.
I'm coming to help.
What? The Lions have defeated all of the cannons.
Atlas, this is Griffin.
MFEs have successfully neutralized our final target.
The only remaining hostile is Sendak's ship.
It's free-falling towards Earth's surface.
It's already hit terminal velocity.
Shiro's still in there.
You! Sendak's ship is gonna crash into Earth! We have to guide it to an uninhabited area.
Follow me! Every ounce of my being will be directed toward the destruction of you and your pathetic planet! Hold it together.
We gotta make it past the city.
Victory or death.
Thank you.
- We did it! - Earth is safe!